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29 Feb

‘Where is the world headed towards?’ American Television journalist Kelvin Sanders while making a film with this title had interviewed Dr Margaret Mead, Herman Kohn and William Thomson a few years back. In this interview published in USIS’s ‘Spawn’ magazine the chief of American Museum of Natural History and Life Scientist Dr Margaret Mead and director of Hudson Futurology Institute Herman Kohn made optimistic prophecies that most definitely the future of 3rd world countries is bright. Ultimately it shall lead the entire world. They opined that after entering the 21st century that generation that shall design the future has already taken birth in India, Japan and China. These 3 countries shall be led by India who by saving world humanity from the tense and glamour based lifestyle of the western world shall guide all regarding a lifestyle that is decentralized, nature based and full of brotherhood. They say that our prophecy is not a mere shot in the dark but has its basis in statistics and analysis of contemporary situations. Herman Kohn opined that it is Gandhian Economics that shall prevail in the world in future. It is a definite possibility that in the next decade a total world culture shall usher in that will be a confluence of spirituality of the east and materialism of the west. This was given the name “Pythagorean Synthesis”.

Under the title (INDIA SHALL GUIDE THE WORLD) an article was published in newspapers in which an Indian economist Mr. Khibatra residing in USA had said that in the 21st century India shall lead the world. He opined that uncontrolled subscription of capital based wealth shall drown the economic system of western countries and in the next 2 years it shall manifest as the “Great depression of 1990’. Along with this he also says that as per the economic “Progressive Utilization Theory” India by making apt usage of its technology shall take over the reins of the control of the world’s financial markets and by the end of 2000 AD shall emerge as a Super Power. Its root foundation shall be India’s spiritual heritage and availability of well controlled intellect skills in gigantic measure. It is a well known fact that such prophecies of Mr. Batra are taken note of very seriously the world over because they have their basis in logical principles of statistics and economics.

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28 Feb

After executing terrific penance and well defined worship of Super Energy Gayatri Gurudeva who augmented Divine Aura has powerfully proclaimed that anyone who will execute spiritual practices as per his guidance shall definitely reap success. I have taught people Gayatri Meditation and method of enacting rites and rituals and have further said that only those will accrue full benefits that sanctify and render great their inner personalities via spiritual endeavors. Further he writes that I have given that message of scriptures and Rishis to every aide of mine wherein akin to myself they render service to world humanity as a major part of their daily living. This is ike making efforts to sustain one’s life. This then is true spirituality.

The method with which he conjoined meditation to service based spiritual practice was rare and it gave right direction to progress in spirituality. He inspired thousands of people renounce the mental tendency to aspire only for one’s own salvation, dispassion to the world and immersing in Samadhi or trance and instead selflessly work for world well being. This could have been achieved only by a revolutionary thinker. A very extraordinary portion of his personality gets showcased by the fact that he relentlessly opposed and combated like a valiant general against illusions that spread far and wide in the field of religion as also those who gave ‘discourses’ to nourish such blind deluded beliefs. Without faltering even a wee bit Gurudeva reaped rich success in this struggle.

In the past few times whatever he has written in a book called ‘Savitri Mahavijnan’ is a challenge for entire world humanity. We will place before the respected readers what he has originally written himself:

The chief goal of Gayatri Meditation is manifestation of a great wholesome intellect. It is called Ritambhara or Mahaprajna. This is its main benefit. Regarding this how much ever I have attained may not be worth priding about yet it is self satisfying. The chief aim of my life has been neo creation. A great sacred intellect incarnates only in pious gentlemanly people. All those people who came in my contact were made to walk, dragged and pushed too on this path. Its results too can be witnessed akin to a fresh green harvest and I have full faith that if the present 2.4 million devotees by rendering themselves as seeds get sown then akin to myself they too will new harvest blooming forth and in the future times of era junction this task shall gain such gigantic magnitude that maybe only a few amongst those possessing vile character shall exist and will not get imbued with Adishakti and Yugashakti Gayatri’s spiritual consciousness. I have full faith that my aides and followers will imbibe this potent divine energy. Even if amongst these a few lag behind my subtle body post death of my mortal coil too shall awaken them appropriately.

The above promise is so definite and so inspirational that despite a minor possibility of people becoming listless after his great death he has taken a vow of imbuing them with life force and activity via the medium of his powerful subtle and causal body.

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In this manner extraordinary divine existences and great saints of Avatar stature while they are alive by becoming a fount of sacred inspiration for untold number of people render successful their divine manifestation on earth. Gurudeva used to say that whatever is worth attaining in this world can be done by awakening one’s soul. He opined that understanding the power of the 5 senses of knowledge and utilizing it aptly is such an experiment via which the Food, Vital Force, Mental, Intellectual and Bliss Sheaths can be awakened and with their help one can accrue those benefits attained by great self realized masters. He would further say that the subtle body comprising of mind, intellect, psyche, ego and vital force is infinitely more powerful than our physical body (Akhand Jyoti Magazine-November 1971, page 54).

Gayatri can also be termed as a Super Energy that protects one’s Prana or vital force (Gaya means Prana Tri means protection). Not only was Gurudeva successful in activating the 5 sheaths but that by rendering the Prana Energy very potent and power of resolve or Sankalpa unwavering he became immortal, deathless and one who gained victory over death itself. He made the 5 sense organs work like his aides and they never became unruly. In order to render his taste buds sacred he ate Jowar and drank butter milk and in order to render his speech pious he always observed truth during his entire life time. In a tongue that is sinless and sacred Goddess Saraswati dwells. It was this reason that his blessings never failed, never did his advice go unheeded and with whom so ever he spoke that person became his very own. Whatever he spoke in his profound discourses was imbibed duly by listeners in their psyche.

The same must be understood for the nose, eyes, ears and touch sense organ which is the seed of sexual passion. Everywhere he smelled the fragrance of goodwill and greatness only, he saw only that which is supreme with his eyes, with the hears he heard only divine aspirations, he forgot how to speak bitterly and via the endeavor of Brahmacharya he became Urdhwareta wherein he awakened his Kundalini Shakti. When a person has sanctified his 5 sense organs of knowledge via affectionate faith, can he ever experience any sort of lack in life? Like his sense organs he scrupulously looked after the 5 deities too. By worshiping all the deities comprising mind, intellect, psyche, ego and vital force they were rendered sacred.

The 5 faces of Gayatri are called the 5 Koshas or Sheaths. This is the form of Savitri too. A symbolic description is given regarding the 10 arms. These are but the demigods related to 5 sense organs of knowledge 5 psychic principles which together form the 10 arms of this Super Power. In this manner revered Gurudeva by mastering the 5 sheaths and becoming one at the soul level with the 10 deities himself became Gayatri manifest. Not only did he become Gayatri manifest but that led innumerable others in this direction and by imbibing a sacred intellect also imbibed divinity in their soul. This then is the creation of a new world.

Over here one aspect is worth pondering over that if some other person was in place of Gurudeva could he have set rolling such an agitation of such stature in a country which is engulfed by deluded beliefs based on high-low, caste-creed, gender bias etc? Would he have inspired other thousands to meditate/worship Gayatri and ask them to give Ahutis in Yajnas? It is well nigh impossible. It is only an Avatar stature great saint that can shoulder the danger of taking revolutionary steps in that country where drip blind deluded beliefs like how can an ‘untouchable’ woman have the right to chant Gayatri Mantra. Possibly for this very task, for transformation from the very fount, this great saint had taken birth as an Avatar so as to oppose tooth and nail Karmakandi priests and so called intellectuals who increased atheism in laymen. For his entire life he fought against unethical behavior, trends lacking true discrimination and opinions that were totally unsound and illogical that had their roots in a tainted intellect. In the process he was wounded and bled profusely yet akin to Rana Sanga he kept at it. Say, where did he get the power to do so? Doubtlessly it was Mother Gayatri who was protecting her beloved son and ultimately at the time of death on Gayatri Jayanti by taking her precious son in her lap and by liberating him from the shackles of the gross body so as to render his body subtle and air like awakened manifested her form as a World Mother wherein now this great saint’s effort will have to be applied in order to awaken the Kundalini Energy of the world and harbinger a new era in the process. Does anyone need any more proof after reading these episodes of his life, his thoughts and extraordinary incidences with reference to his intense austerities?

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra Meditation_ESP, Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


27 Feb

In the creation of Almighty God the entire cosmos is mobile due to a single energy center. Just as in a garland you need only one string to weave many flowers in it in the same way the entire world is woven in that string of cosmic divine energy. Here akin to flowers of garland all are equal. In the creation of God all of us are equal. Just as a father is same sighted to all his children similarly we are all children of that same divine father or God. In the eyes of a father a girl and boy child are equal and so too all men and women of this world are equal.

It is only via all round progress that our body too can advance aptly. Lest the various organs of the body fail to evolve in unison or that certain parts remain totally unused the body will become ugly, its value will diminish and satisfying results will not be got. Suppose one leg of an individual is longer and the other is shorter, will that person attain progress in life? Certainly not! The same holds true for wealth. It is possible to buy material objects using wealth yet one can never buy one’s inner personality and character with it. Families are seen to amass wealth but along with this if bodily, mental and intellectual progress is not given due importance that wealth will remain a mere blob in your life and will hurl that family into a downfall.

Wealth no doubt has utility value. It is required in our daily living. We cannot progress without earning wealth. But wealth is just meant for sustain life and not for hoarding. Apart from this if you have excess wealth we must cogitate over its wholesome usage. It is said that earn with 100 hands and donate with 1000 hands. It is easy to earn wealth yet it is difficult to use it wholesomely. Rich people possess a lot of wealth yet live lives of grief since their heirs disallow them from leading peaceful lives. This is because although they learnt how to earn wealth they failed to understand its wholesome usage. It is required that the head of every wealthy family must not only earn wealth but must use it for uplifting troubled families. Merely by giving college education to the family members is not sufficient. Maybe their children after completing their education get lucrative jobs yet college studies do not teach you how to become a good useful citizen of the country. For human personality development there is a prime requirement of women’s uplifting only then is it possible to neo create the family institution and world society. If the family members are foolish then by not realizing the wholesome use of wealth will misuse it. Thus unknowingly they encourage diseases, ill fame, quarrels and sinful activities so as to face all sorts of painful punishments.

We must first realize the utility value of wealth. We earn wealth and use it to fulfill material needs of our family. Have we ever thought of aptly using our wealth to raise the ethical stature, intellectual transformation and augmenting of soul energy of our family members? If these great qualities proliferate it will be said that truly we have used our wealth wholesomely and know for sure that this is true selfless service and affection for our family.

We all are witness to the fact that a family without women is akin to a body made of 5 elements that has no life force. It means that a woman is the very life force of a family yet today we have relegated her stature that of a slave. By looking upon her as a vessel of sexual enjoyment her utility has hence been rendered limited. By looking upon her as an untouchable she has lost her stature in society. Say is there any heinous act left which has not been hurled at world women? By labeling her weak and incapable we have insulted her. We have rendered half our body useless and foolishly imagine joy. If we wish that well being showers on us and that we desire to render welfare of our family, society and the world at large, it can be done only by raising the stature of women akin to those of men. Only via uplifting of women can we even think of ushering in world welfare. This thinking definitely is our true imagination else the rest is a figment of wild mulling.

In ancient eras women had reached pinnacles of glory. The female class was equally responsible for ushering in world society well being as were their male counterparts. Women had put forth Vedic Mantras but today they are not allowed even to chant them? Isn’t this an irony and mockery? We must not go against God’s laws and by giving women equal rights as men both must march ahead. Previously in India male crest jewels manifested. There was Abhimanyu who in his mother’s womb itself had learnt the art of breaking a ‘Chakra Vyuha’. Today we even accept that it is because of the mother that the tiny babe in her womb survives. The fetus gets nourishment from the mother’s body and thus we give special attention to the way a pregnant mother eats, rests etc.

A child can be produced only by a mother. Just as food influences our psyche in the same way a mother can influence its child. If the mother is aptly advanced the baby too will grow up and become capable. Right from the time of dwelling in the womb to becoming self dependent the child by getting influenced by its mother’s brilliant skills creates psychic imprints so as to reach peaks of being the crest jewel of his/her country and the world. The more a mother is well cultured the child too will ooze with those great qualities. Any person who is honest and has a well developed personality will never allow his/her child to stray in erroneous directions. In the same way a woman will try her best to render her child capable with the help of her wise thinking. Wherever a woman is uncultured and illiterate there will rule wrath, agitation, discontent, censure and ill fame akin to the reign of ghosts.

Today if we think we require the help of Ram, Krishna, Abhimanyu, Hanuman etc then know for sure that we must simultaneously search for honorable mothers like Kaushalya, Devaki, Subhadra and Anjani too and this is possible only if we help world women progress greatly. Today’s females are incapable to mothering valiant children like Shravan Kumar, Lakshman and Bharat and the prime reason behind this is that we have failed to uplift world women. When a woman is not well advanced it remains a mere dream that she produces capable children which can never be realized.

It is most important that we give the 1st slot to women’s advancement because only I women get uplifted all problems will be overcome easily. Take the problem of beggars. People are not born beggars. If the mother is illiterate and uncultured, the child too will become tainted and may harbor the intention of hurting his/her own mother. We must delete blind traditions if we truly wish to give joy to our mother, sister and wife. Have we ever thought what will happen to our wife, mother, sister etc post our death keeping in mind that they have been imprisoned in the 4 walls of their homes? Wealth is a guest that dwells in your house only for a few days and later will go away. It is only apt that a hard working person sustains in this world. Hence the women class must not be forced to wear a veil. For all creatures this entire world is one single family and hence there is no reason why females should veil themselves. The female section must at least make an effort that as per contemporary times she becomes self sufficient and that she does not aspire for help from others.

The dowry system too is a kind of oppressive curse on women. Since women are illiterate and not self dependent the groom’s side demands huge dowry. Is this not very shameful? We must take gigantic steps towards women uplifting. Every male of the house must give security to its female members only then will the dowry system come to a grinding halt.

Thus we see that the importance of women’s development is a deep as the infinite ocean. Whatever we say regarding this will be miniscule yet what is predominant is that from today itself we commence the sacred task of world women awakening. Only after this can the dream of world well being be fructified.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Astrology and Futurology, Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


24 Feb


When monsoons arrive our roof tops are affected. Everywhere there is water. Houses etc become wet and those that are being constructed witness cracks in their walls. Ceilings have to be covered. The house walls have to be plastered aptly. When the roof tops are hampered repairs are needed. In summer too this happens. In summer hot air is experienced. Storms arise and roof tops are attacked. Roof tiles too go haywire. Before rains arrive farmers repair their tiles. Broken materials are mended properly. He who can repair that which is broken and appease those who are angry is a truly wise person. Broken objects need not necessarily be thrown away generally. Instead they are duly repaired. If this is not done and broken articles along with torn clothes are always thrown to the garbage bin, it can prove to be very expensive. Repairs are a must.


God who has created this world is known to ‘repair’ this world when required. In nature’s cycle things become tattered, dirty and aged. In the morning after our bath our body is fresh but by nightfall it becomes dirty and tired. Today the clothes are washed and clean but tomorrow they will become dirty. This then is the cycle of world creation. This cycle is so strange that everything gets old and tarnished. Breakage takes place. Distortions set in and they need mending time and again. It is as important to repair things as is important to create new materials. This entire world too required repairs. We do not know why this cycle of things getting distorted jumps up by leaps and bound. In order to control this world when it gets distorted and withered it creator has to take birth. Again and again Almighty God needs to participate in the world’s management and after repair is successfully executed God leaves this world.


In this world imbalance sets in again and again. When this happens the divine creator in order to bring in a semblance of balance in this world along with his divine powers and aides takes birth. In the Bhagwad Geeta Lord Krishna vows to manifest in this world and this vow of his is irreversible. Again and again this has actually happened:

Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharat.

Abhyuthanamadharmasya tadatmanam srijamayaham.

Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritam.

Dharmasansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge.


In every era Almighty Lord takes an Avatar. How does god manifest and for what aim? Maybe once I had told you that how an Avatar takes birth. The Lord takes birth in that very form in tandem with what type of things exist, what type of problems are there and what type of solutions are required in those contemporary times. Amongst you people, a few maybe aware of Homeopathy medicines. In this mode of therapy that very poison is administered into the body which the latter manifests on becoming ill. As a result of this poison being administered again a reaction takes place in the body which helps the patient regain good health. This is like ‘Vishasya vishamaushadham’ or medicine to overcome poison is poison itself. As per distortions manifesting in this world, their solutions also emerge. Medicines are unearthed based on the type of disease setting in the body. Depending on the type of war, weapons are designed accordingly. At the time of designing rifles, rifles were required. At the time of using sticks, sticks were required. During the era of swords, swords were used and the same holds true for arrows. Today in order to ward of atom bombs, hydrogen bombs are being used.

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As per materials and circumstances prevailing distortions that set in require solutions for which apt means emerge. Lord’s Avatars take place on this maxim. If you look at the chain of Avatars manifesting there was once a time when everywhere poverty reigned. In order to ward off poverty and reinstate grandeur demigods and demons cogitated together that instead of in fighting and leading indolent lives why not work hard in a cooperative manner? If we work hard and help each other all of us will become wealthy. When both parties decided that that would attain wealth of the ocean then Almighty God too mulled that in order to ward off poverty and sorrow of the world efforts are being made, I too should cooperate. In order to help God incarnated as Kacchap or turtle. Lest god had not incarnated as a turtle, lest he had not helped the Mandarachal Mountain via which the ocean was churned and which cannot stand erect in water would have entered Patala or hell and formed a gigantic crater. Thus it could not have been used as a churning rod to churn the ocean so as to get jewels etc from it. It required an axis. To solve this problem God incarnated as a turtle.


Later we see that time and again as per needs the Lord manifests in exactly that form. Over here I cannot detail all 24 Avatars of God but by giving examples of 2 of them I desire to prove that God manifests from this standpoint that in order to solve contemporary world problems he chooses an apt path. Once there existed a demon. He was called Hiranyaksha. What did he do? As per Indian Puranas or Mythology he gathered the wealth of the entire world and entered the ocean. Deep down in the ocean he dug up a gigantic crater and buried the looted wealth there. Wealth i.e. Goddess Lakshmi got depleted as a result. The Lord decided that Lakshmi should be brought out from the ocean. How should this be done? God took the form of Varah or boar that can walk in the ocean water and on land too. He went there in both ways and killed Hiranyaksha.  With the help of both his canine teeth God Varah by digging land got the buried wealth which the entire world required.


After Lord Varah many Avatars manifested. Who were they? One was called Lord Narsinha. What did he look like? There was a demon called Hiranyakashipu. He had attained a boon that no human can kill him in enclosed surroundings or in open ones. No human could kill him with weapons or things like knives etc. He could not be killed in day or night. He had shut all doors to various modes of killing him. Hence Almighty God incarnated in such a way that this problem could be solved. He took such a form which was neither fully human nor beastly. His name was Narsinha. Thus he incarnated as such an hour which was neither day nor night. What was this hour? It was dusk. Thus Lord Narsinha sat on the threshold which was neither closed nor fully open. He used neither weapons nor knives etc. instead he used his sharp nails. With his nails he tore apart the demon’s stomach and thus the problem was overcome.


As per the problem at hand God finds solutions accordingly. When in the world a large scale operation is required, when it was realized that the tumor of cancer cannot be cured without surgery, Almighty God manifested as Lord Parshuram. In this form he carried a knife with which he started cutting. This was the only cure for problems prevalent the world over then. Later times too appeared. Once, God took an Avatar. Which particular form was this? It was the highly ethical Lord Ram. At that time people were unruly and without discipline. They crossed all limits of good behavior. They mocked all human/ethical values and desisted from walking on the path of goodness. At that time Lord Ram incarnated with a very ethical character. Later people started imbibing discipline and human values. It in fact became a very part and parcel of their lives.


After Lord Ram, Lord Shri Krishna incarnated. What was the difference in the latter’s Avatar? The difference was of Purna Purusha. How can an Avatar be a Purna Purusha? Purna Purusha is known to see discipline in both ways. He sees the goal and not the means. He uses both good and bad means too. With bad people Shri Krishna used foul means and with good people he used good means. This then is a Purna Purusha who with right means too fulfills the goal and where required while dealing with tainted people he used wrong means too. This is the crux of politics and righteousness. This is the method used by Shri Krishna also called Purna Purusha.


Thus God incarnates again and again. In this era again there is a need of God’s Avatar. It is required to solve today’s existing world problems. Which then are problems of today? Can you enumerate them? Can you give the cause of mankind’s grief today? Circumstances of the past and today are totally different. In ancient times demons existed who would kill Rishis and gobble them up. A huge pile of bones were made. Today do we find any demon that eats humans and then piles up their bones? People eat beasts but no one eats humans. Situations of ancient times are not seen today. Where do we find Kansa today? Can we find the foul Duryodhan? In those days, man used to attack. Thus Almighty God too would incarnate and counter attack them. God used to incarnate with knives, swords, Sudershan Chakra etc. He came with arrows too. He came with sharp canine like teeth. In ancient times demonic attacks were visible. In those times those who attacked were in the form of arrogant unruly people. They were hoodlums, vile people and demons. In order to kill such visible demons God too incarnated accordingly.


Demons like Hiranyakashipu, Mahishasur, Madhu-Kaitabh, Shumbh-Nishumbh, Ravan, Kansa etc appeared visibly and challenged everyone. As a result Goddess Durga with a sword in her hand counter attacked them and seated on a lion would maul them. In ancient times they were visible hence Avatars of past times too were directly visible. They were known to kill demons too because those demonic powers that spread unruliness were visible. They were known to kill and hence God too incarnated in a gross visible manner. Even today an Avatar is required. Why is this so? The reason is that in comparison to ancient times modern situations are all the more worse. They are no good at all.


There are certain diseases in which a surgeon’s knife is used and the boil is healed. Now what exactly is about to happen? Our wound is bigger, blood is oozing from it and we are about to die. Then there is another type of complaint. In it the face is normal but in the lungs TB sets in because of bacterial attack. These germs slowly render the lungs useless and we are about to enter the jaws of death. Now you along with me shall die. Why are we dying? We are dying because we are wounded and see my leg has broken. It has become septic and there is tetanus. What is the difference between the 2? There is no difference. One is visible and the other is not. Today similar dire situations are being faced the world over. No doubt problems existed in ancient times but their form and nature were different. Externally we all appear hale and hearty. We visit malls wearing gorgeous clothes so that it appears that within our soul too we are happy. Our inner personality is too good. When we go to the bazaar or a movie theatre with a lit cigarette on our lips we appear very exotic. There is no greater or happy person than myself.


If only we open the box of the inner personality of modern man it becomes clear that he is burning within. He is like a ghost from the grave that has no love given to him or any kind of help. Man lives in the world of love and affection but today no one trusts each other. None has faith that he will get help from others. A father has no faith that the very son whom he reared by educating him etc will today help him (father) in getting his younger daughter married. No my child! Never hope that others will help you. A mother must not hope that since I have nurtured my son lovingly and today he is a young grown up adult he will marry so that his wife will bring with her joy and peace in the house. Henceforth never make such hopes. A smaller brother must not harbor hopes that his elder brother will help him in any way.


Today vain show of manners and etiquette are on the rise. Everyone learns the phrase ‘thank you very much’. We do not know that via lip service what fever and poison dwells in man’s psyche. In ancient times enemies faced us visibly and attacked us. They would fight and heap insults too. Today this is no longer the case. What takes place today? Today the enemy never confronts us face to face. Where does he come from? He comes from the side, from the back and of course puts on a façade of being our long lost friend. In your life you will not face much danger from visible enemies. If anyone harasses you get it reported to the police. He will not cause much damage to you yet if untold harassment is to creep into your lives it will be via one type of person only. The name of this person is your ‘friend’. I feel such friends should be called enemies. Can you tell me how majority of our children at homes undergo a downfall? The only reason we see vain unruly sense merriment is our ‘friend’. Say who tarnishes the lives of our daughters? Friend! In today’s modern times none can be a bigger enemy than our friend. It is best not to befriend anyone. Instead silently go to work, to the field etc and at home keep chanting your Mantra. It is best not to develop friendship.


Is it erroneous to befriend someone? O! How can I malign friendship? How can I cast aspersions on true love? How can I taint true friendship? Friendship in fact is a very good thing. Cooperation is excellent but in today’s modern times when today mankind is harassed and grieving there all friendship ends. Trust disappears into the thin air and man’s character gets demeaned. I cannot say anything about you but do you know to what low levels humanity’s character has stooped to? If you wish to know this, visit rest houses with 1 bag in hand. Tell the manager of the rest house that you want to spend 1 night there. The manager will stare at you from head to foot and when he sees that you hardly have any luggage he will say: Sir! Off late there is a big crowd here. The entire rest house is brimming to the full. Since we have no place here for you go to the neighboring rest house where you may get a room. If you visit that rest house there too you will be told: O brother! Over here there is no vacant room so please go elsewhere.


If you visit any rest house you will get only one answer that there is no room vacant. Please go away since we cannot help you. Why is this so sir? What is the reason? OK, do one thing. Take one mattress and one attaché. If you do not have it, ask the neighbor. Take this mattress and one attaché and go to the nearby rest house. There ask for a vacant room. Yes Sir! Our rest house is vacant. In these rains no one came. O bell boy! Please make arrangements for this customer to stay here. What does all this mean? Man’s stature depends on how much wealth you possess akin to owning a mattress and attaché as above. Man has no value per se and none trusts him. When a guest comes to our house we fear him since in the room’s cupboard we have stashed a lot of cash. We worry if this guest steals it. A precious watch is there on the table. I hope no one will steal it. I hope the articles in my wife’s bag are not stolen. One keeps suspecting these guests. We have to give shelter to the guest because there is no way we can ask them to leave. Now when we go outside the house for work we tell our children, wife etc that since guests are residing in our house, beware! See to it that they do not steal anything.


Today does man have any trust? Yes! Man’s trust has totally disappeared. One wonders who snatched away man’s trust and good character. Who has stole man’s true love? Today’s modern man is so downfallen and wily. He is educated, a graduate, a post graduate but yet I say that from the standpoint of trust and character he is so lowly, that what is generally written outside offices applies to him. What say is written there? ‘No entry without prior permission’. ‘No admission’. One more phrase is written. ‘No vacancy’. There is no place for anyone over here. For whom is it written? It is for such tainted people. What are they called? Lowly! Everywhere such vile people get insulted and kicked about like footballs. Such hoodlums wail aloud in agony the world over.  


Who is a hoodlum? He is one who does not want to make any effort and instead, by superficially appearing to be very good in character, wishes to lead a cool life. They do not want to perspire with hard work and wish to devour wealth illegally. He will sit in his office that has AC and boss over all and sundry. The answer of ‘no vacancy’ applies to such a one. Immediately remove him and shut doors on him. Everywhere one finds such stupid, indolent and criminal minded people. Shall I censure such people more? Will you hear me? Wherever you see you find such lethargic oafs. Where has the true human being disappeared? Today man is harassed by man himself. Over and above the man outside your home facing agony the people of your own family are harassed. The wife is harassed. Now since children have arrived, she no longer desires to remain married. There is hardship both ways. Her lap is filled with children. Lest there was no child she would have divorced her spouse. I assure you that if she had not divorced she would be begging on the streets and did something. Rest assured she would not live with you. No doubt the poor lady is dwelling with you but she is virtually standing under a guillotine. Why is this so? This is because he is a beastly human. Man is vile and in whose neck many girls have been tied by the knot of matrimony. These girls wail aloud in grief waiting to somehow enter the jaws of death.


Your wife gets no satisfaction from you. Your parents too experience dissatisfaction. Your brothers and sisters too undergo discontent. Your children live with dissatisfaction. O! Who say is this person? Is he human or a ghost? Friends! What is man getting converted into? Man is verily turning into a devilish ghost. What has happened to man? Man’s character and habits have become so tainted that with his own hand he attacks his limbs with an axe. How did he cut them? He has endangered his good health so direly that it appears till today in the entire world none experienced such ill health. The way in which diseases are spreading the world over in an alarming manner know for sure that ever since humans were created and till today such dire health conditions have never been witnessed. Toda man has become so weak, ill, listless, diseased and hollow that in world history of the past this has never been the case. Why sir? What is the cause? It is man’s vile intellect that is murdering him.


Once, I was telling you about a vile intellect. Man’s tainted thinking has destroyed his good health. Man himself is getting destroyed. It has destroyed the institution of family life. Man’s children are destroyed. You will sire children. The more you want to get entangled in problems the more children you must sire. If you want 100 tons of harassment sire 1 child and if you want 200 tons of it, produce 2 children. If you want 300 tons, sire 3 children. No sir! Due to this my lineage will continue. Child! Your linage will not continue and instead you will be hammered. Your children will cut off your moustache and shoes will be hurled at your head. No sir! I must sire children. Stupid man! As a result what will happen today? In this world as per our character and inner personality, as per the family environment those children that will be sired, what type will they be? Such children will appear like scorpions. Of what type are scorpions? Child! Scorpions are of such variety that when they manifest as eggs in their mother’s womb, they get broken in the womb itself and there they start growing. What do they do then? For food intake they start devouring their own mother’s tummy. What next takes place? When these babies dwell in the stomach they eat all the food present in it which was gathered when their mother ate it. When the mother becomes totally worn out and all her inner organs are battered they come out from the walls of the mother’s body. What are these? They are scorpions.


Who is about to take birth in your family? A scorpion! Man is a scorpion. Families and homes which should have benefited from their younger generation fail to do so. Can’t you see all this? Sir! I can definitely see it. What are you noting? I can see that everywhere you are staring wide eyed at poverty and bankruptcy. Although wealth is on the rise man’s dissatisfaction like bankruptcy is too rising alarmingly. What can your financial status do under such situations? Guruji! I am facing bankruptcy. I am very tensed and harassed. Yes child! Definitely you will be tensed. Ok tell me, how much do you earn? Guruji! You very well know how much I earn. Totally I get Rs 650. How many members are there in your family? My family has myself, my wife and my 2 children. Child! Rs 650 mean a lot of cash. O revered sir! How can so much cash suffice? In the 1st day of each month all my household expenses are meted out but later I face a big financial crunch.


Please check my accounts. For 35 years I resided in Ghiyamandi’s office of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’. I have kept all the accounts of money spent in these 35 years. Every cent of these years can be accounted for by me. Very easily I could mete out expenses of myself, my wife, our 2 children and my mother using only Rs 200 per month. With Rs 200 so grandly did I run my household that none till today understood whether I lived in poverty or in bankruptcy. You know nothing about apt usage of money. Hence you face poverty and bankruptcy. Poverty cannot be overcome via honesty, looting, crime or taking loans. This poverty never ends. This poverty accompanies you today and will follow you right till death. Why is this so? This is so because you are unaware of apt money management. You know only how to spend wastefully. Have you realized this wastage? Man refuses to labor hard, perspire with due efforts, augment his capabilities. Instead he continues to spend lavishly. Hence will not poverty shoot up? Definitely it will! What else will happen? What more can I say?

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When fire erupts in a room it is rendered very hot. No doubt fire is limited to its fuel yet its heat and light spread far and wide. The sun despite dwelling high up in the sky sends its heat and light to earth. The thunderous sound of cloud can be heard in very far off regions. People imbued with a lot of vital force can transmit their intense personality in far off places and can not only transform other personalities but can change circumstances too. The atmosphere gets influenced by it. The potential that does the task of influencing is vital force even if it functions in varied forms. It can be of a demonic or divine stature. If it is misused terrible destructions can accrue. If used aptly sacred wholesome results are seen. The subtle reason why agitation takes place between divine and demonic energies is that their vital forces are at loggerheads with one another.

The gross law of heat is that regions that are hotter rush towards regions that are less hot. If one hot iron rod is placed near a cold one then the hot one becomes cooler and cold one is rendered hotter. They exchange the quality of heat and cold with one another and will try to reach a stage of equilibrium.

The same holds true for electricity. When a wire that is transmitting electricity is touched regions that contact it too experience electricity. Its potential will be shared in that arena. Even the influence of vital force electricity is like the closeness of heat and cold. A man imbued with immense vital force not only transmits power to a person with weak vital force but can gift his own inner stature too. The reason why in hermitages of Rishis cows and lions resided peacefully is that Rishis full of vital force along with their personality of goodwill could influence these animals thus. Electricity does not differentiate between iron, gold, saint or butcher. It will influence all these in an equal manner. In whatever way one desires to use electricity, it will help accordingly. Yet electricity spread out in the human body behaves differently. In it is present both principles viz. consciousness and sensitivity. It governs the entire body and the brain is its center. Despite this it cannot be called bodily power. Electricity functioning in tube light does not manifest from tube light but does so from elsewhere. In the tube light it merely shines. Electricity found in the human body in reality is consciousness based. It is called the image of vital force. It is not only energy but is sensitivity too. Its special quality is to think deeply. It experiences both principles of ethics and in-ethics and on its basis like material electricity does not remain same sighted but that it flows in the direction of ethics and opposes lack of ethics.

On seeing how such a gigantic factory has been constructed in such a tiny brain one is simply amazed at the engineering intellect of its creator. Ere we wish to design such a potent electronic brain we will need all that very space required to build all factories that are constructed for electricity paraphernalia.

Doubtlessly man is a live walking talking electric power house yet it cannot be compared to material electricity that gives us shock or helps light bulbs. Consciousness is infinitely greater than inertness. Similarly human electricity outshines material electricity. Vital force electricity of the human body is infinitely more purified and sensitive.

Nobel Laureates like Hodgkin, Huxley and Eckels have conducted research studies on electrical impulse that is at work in human nerve networks. According to the data put forth by them nerves are like wires that transmit electricity continuously. If this coiled nerve network is straightened and place in a single line it will measure more than 0.1 million miles. It is worth mulling over the fact that how gigantic a measure of electricity is required to function such a program that uses a machine which functions in such a widespread region.

If one bodily part like the brain is analyzed independently then it will possess 1 billion neurons. In it each one is in contact with about 25 thousand other nerve cells.

Regarding the light aura surrounding the human body a lady parapsychologist Eileen Garret in her book ‘Awareness’ writes about her research studies. In it she has described the presence of an electrical aura around the body. She believes that the changes taking place in colors and manifestations of this aura correspond to reactions of the rise and fall of one’s thinking. Soviet scientist Kirlian has photographed this aura and has said changes take place in it. These aura changes are looked upon not merely as thought oriented but as bodily health based changes too. On its basis the causes of diseases hidden in the recesses of the body too have been determined. In these types of experiments the chief of Moscow Medical Institute Pavlov Kone attained great renown and for diagnosing diseases he said study of one’s bodily aura is of great utility value.

This aura is said to be synonymous with the subtle body. Its scientific terminology is called ‘The Biological Plasma Body’. In the research studies of Kazakhstan’s Kirov University it has been mentioned that there should be no problem in looking upon the energy body of this aura as a mass of activated electrical atoms but what should be added to it is that along with them there is the existence of bacteria and microbes. When its existence is in the form of an admixture it becomes a self managed and well designed unit. In it is present its potential of creation, imbibing and transmission.

Once a Bolon’s material scientist during research studies saw that from the leg of a frog electricity was being emitted and as a result the muscles of the frog were getting excited. On the basis of this scientific data Forli resident Dr Matuchi has unearthed a lot of data wherein he says that when muscles contract and relax electrical flow is generated. As a result it was found that in the inner centers of the body reside hidden vault of electricity. Along these lines the English scientist Walter conducted deep research which benefitted the world of medical therapy and cure a great deal.

The human body definitely oozes with speedy waves of electricity. This fact appeared in our midst when at first in 1869 in the 1st volume of France’s ‘Medical Times and Gazette’ doctors put forth their research findings. In the household of Lyons a child was born. When the child turned 7 months old his family members complained that when they touched the baby’s body they got an electrical shock. Till the child turned 10 months old the situation worsened wherein it was becoming difficult to even go near the child. Many valiantly tried to look after the baby but alas they experienced an electric jolt. As a result of the shock they would fall down. Ultimately the child died. Ten seconds before dying from the child’s body manifested a light blue aura and although the doctors photographed it they failed to analyze it aptly. When the child died there was no heat in the body and no electric shock. This proves that there is energy similar to human vital electricity which may manifest as a result of the food we eat or due to some extra terrestrial space medium. Yet what is definite is that this electricity helps in life’s functioning and imbibes consciousness. As long as we do not understand it properly the true importance of human life cannot be unfolded despite the fact that science progresses by leaps and bound.

Prof. Heraldwar of Neuro Academy of Yale University has proved that every creature is surrounded by an ‘electro dynamic’ veil. It is because of this that its’ conscious potential can be sent outside and it can imbibe external influences within. Ahead of this within the field of research of this electrical covering a scientist Leonai Rovings proved that this is not an iron covering but that due to the influence of the brain it can be rendered light weight, heavy, deep, superficial etc. Its functional capacity can be increased or decreased.

Entire world’s knowledge is called ‘Universal Memory of Nature’. This has been discussed in the ‘Book of Life’. In it is elucidated the history of the commencement of world consciousness up till today. It can be understood akin to a gigantic library of micro films of the world. At a gross level it cannot be known where the writings are recorded but specialists can search as to in which area of which drawer of the cupboard’s collection what has been kept. In order to master this skill intellect based science has to be studied. This methodology in their own way can be evolved by a modern material scientists and a self realized person. It is possible to achieve this via meditation, concentration and austerities and the same can be attained via experiments of Parapsychology which are today imbibed by specialists in this field.

In the material arena the importance of various known and unknown streams of electricity are being understood after cogitation. We can definitely say that in comparison to the benefits accruing due to its influence in future time greater achievements will be got. In the same way there is a high possibility of understanding the varied utility value of human electricity. Modern science is alertly involved in this field and most definitely shall benefit a great deal too.

Biologists from Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Poland are taking special interest regarding man’s Extra Sensory Perception/Powers or ESP. in the past 30 years they have reaped astounding success. Now topics of research like seeing far off scenes, focus of thoughts and predicting future events have become the thing of the past. To it is conjoined a new chain called ‘psychokinesis’. This big word means the capacity of thought energy to influence and render mobile various objects. Just as with the help of fire or electricity the nature and mode of usage of objects can be changed i.e. they can also change places in the same way there is also the possibility that with the help of special stature electricity flow found in humans we can influence the level of consciousness. From this not only benefits related to advancement of ESP will accrue but that a lot of help will be available to overcome physical and mental diseases.

Russian parapsychologists Komenski and Karl Nikolayev while giving information unearthed after deep research say that there are those rare people who can feel far off experiences and yet if special efforts are made these experiences can become that much more clear and well advanced. Regarding this details of research were mentioned in a magazine called Consomals Kaya Pravada.

In comparison to other creatures of this world the designing of the human body is rare and extraordinary. The designing of hands amongst the organs of action is such with the aid of which many sculptors can amass great skills. The eyes do not merely see things but that the light emitted by it can influence and attract others.

The brain by itself is a rare electrical center. Up till now only powers of the intellect and psyche were praised yet today those flows are being unearthed that have the power to influence and gain knowledge of a very gigantic all pervasive area. If only the importance of soul existence is felt deeply and that we immerse ourselves in unfolding, creating and augmenting it then so much can be achieved which in comparison to attainments of the material arena to date is not superficial but is very profound.

In the hermitages of men/women of great penance it has been seen that violent and non violent creatures like lion, cows etc coexist peacefully. In great leaders this quality is seen. Their magnetic personality influences the lay public and hence the latter follow in their footsteps. If this influence is superficial the mesmerized person in a very short time gets liberated from that influence so as to regain his/her original mental state. Yet is there is profundity in the influence the inner state will become that much more permanent. Such radiantly talented people are found in every field of life and are known to influence their fellow men. Even dacoits get such allies and when they are opposed they pound the opposition to pulp. In beauty and handsomeness the body appears well shaped and alluring and others naturally experience a magnetic pull towards it. Such attraction is found in dancers, right up to innocent children which perforce attracts the psyche of those who come in contact with them. Behind this magnetism there is no deep cause because that influential energy of the aura of a person is at work so that the person coming in contact it with perforce gets attracted.

The aura of a person surrounds the entire body of a person. Its functioning is less intense near the feet and as its covering rises upwards in our body it is rendered that much more widespread. When it reaches the brain region its power is most intense. Just as a plum fruit’s lower part is thin and the upper region is fat similarly is spread out the aura in our body. Its measure of thickness is about 3-7 feet.

Astronomers know that there are various stars in interstellar space whose light takes thousands of years to reach our planet earth. It could be that there is a star that died thousands of years previously and yet if its light had already started traveling towards earth it will appear that it will continue to shine for the next certain thousands of years despite the fact that it had died quite a while back. Light travels with the speed of 0.1 million 86 thousand miles per second. Its speed is not faster than this yet man’s mind runs even faster than this. It takes quite a few days for rockets to reach the moon yet the mind can reach there in a second. It must be noted that mind is not mere imagination but that since it is conjoined to conscious energy it becomes a powerful principle like light and carries out those very tasks which are executed by heat, magnetism and other such forces of interstellar space.

If one goes beyond the speed of light so that one’s conscious energy defeats the former and reaches that area where light waves that have been emitted 1000 years previously have not reached then doubtlessly all incidents of contemporary times can be seen tangibly as though they have taken place in the present times. Ere our powerful unconscious electrical center renders our meditative consciousness so potent that speed of light lags behind then there is no reason to doubt that we can visualize events and people of the distant past. Not only this those great people who thousands of years previously have shed their mortal coil, with their ethereal body full of divine aura that is present in interstellar space we can establish a bond and we can accrue those very benefits attained by contacting them in their live physical bodies. A person successful as mentioned above can listen to the Bhagwad Gita uttered by Lord Shri Krishna just as Arjun had heard it 5000 years ago directly from the hallowed lips of Shri Krishna. That very Shrimad Bhagwat discourse given to King Parikshit by Shukdevji can be heard by us today after thousands of years. It will be least difficult to hear Yoga Vasishtha as told to Lord Ram by Vasishthaji. All Lilas or divine sports of Shri Krishna and Lord Ram can today be seen exactly as it was visualized previously. Rishis who knew the past, present and future had mastered this science and they could unearth and know so many things. Not only this but these revered seers had the power to change events that were to take place later in future. The proof of all this can be found in various religious/spiritual texts and Puranas or mythology. These attainments can be accrued I future times too.

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A divine sighted person can see and understand various incidents taking place today in various parts of the world. They can hold dialogues and communicate various messages too. Not only this if such a person has some inspirational and useful potential he/she can help benefit others by inspiring them. But for this, what is most required is that a person must undergo intense spiritual practice and austerities so as to amass terrific soul force and energy. If we so desire like the wealth pertaining to the body, mind etc we can manifest glories pertaining to soul power too and on its basis we can render our human magnetic pull and divine aura so potent that in desired measure we can influence other people and objects and that we can thus succeed in every field of life.



By itself, the human body can be called a statue of blood, flesh etc, a toy of clay or an admixture of the 5 great elements. The gist of all this is that when the body faces strife it can be destroyed too yet if we cogitate over its underlying existence it can be proved that it is very powerful like atomic energy. Its potentials are infinite. This human body possesses the seed of the entire cosmos. The seeds of all energies unfolded in the cosmos or those that shall be unearthed in future are present in the human body (microcosm) in such a way if anyone can attract and imbibe it can be easily converted to a full blown tree.

Shining energy present in blood, flesh of cells maybe tiny like a lit match stick but is it is lit aptly and is utilized for desired wholesome ends it can be seen manifesting akin to a terrific forest fire. When a tiny atom gets an opportunity to exhibit its power it can shatter planet earth and that the skies start trembling. The human body does not simply possess energy that is at work in the material world but that it also possesses conscious divine light and that its potency is n times infinitely greater. If only it is generated and manifested, one can visualize its miraculous results. Man’s body oozes with Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers.

Let us seriously take a look at the layers of skin present on our body. It’s designing and functioning is so sensitive, subtle, intricate and powerful. In 1 square feet of the skin dwells about 72 feet long network of nerves. In this very area can dwell 12 feet long blood vessels. When it is required that bodily heat be emitted outside they spread out and when cold is experienced the inner heat is not allowed to go outside as a result of these contracting and thus the body is kept warm.

In the skin of the entire body reside about 0.2 million sweat glands. From this is emitted perspiration of the body which contains dangerous elements of the body. If we avoid taking a bath sweat dries up on the skin forming a layer and due to its poisonous nature not only is foul smell emitted but that skin diseases like boils, itching, allergy etc manifest. Chief amongst skin diseases is leprosy. In this world there are about 0.5 million lepers and amongst these 0.26 millions are in India itself.

The skin superficially appears to exist in a straight line but within it are so many separate units that one is amazed as to how so many things dwell in it. In 1 square centimeter of skin dwell 5 oil glands, 10 hair, 0.3 million cells, 4 heat sensitive organs, 200 muscles that identify pain, 25 touch cells, 4 bald muscles, 3 thousand touch cells, 100 sweat glands and 3 feet blood carrying vessels. All these have their specific functions and they are so wondrous that in comparison to this designing of the skin all man-made technology appears pale.

Look at the muscles oozing from the skin. They appear disgusting yet every iota of it oozes with power/energy. One simply is mind boggled by all this. Ones strength is measured via sports, wars, competitions and so on. The measure of how one is strong or weak is thus unfolded. Where does this strength dwell? From where does it manifest?

Our muscles which are the fount of bodily energy are involved in functions like relaxation, contraction, giving strength etc. When it is powerful man too is labeled strong in many ways. When in wrestling, running, swimming etc various feats are exhibited by the body it must be called the miracle of healthy muscular network. If muscles are loose they lose their potency and thus it becomes difficult to walk, stand up, digest food etc.

Muscles can be classified in 3 ways: a) these are made of very fine thin fibers and it carries out functions of walking, eating laughing etc. These become active only when it receives commands from the brain. b) These carry out tasks on their own volition. These execute functions like digestion, inhalation, exhalation, blood circulation, opening-shutting eyelids, perspiring etc. c) these muscles have both qualities and get influenced by bio-chemical functions of the body. All three have equal utility value. As a result of the combined action of these 3 we look healthy and strong. If these become weak we get pain. The legs becoming stiff, back ache and pain in the waist region occur because stiffness in the muscles increases alarmingly.

It appears as though the functioning of muscles is very easy and facile. Yet the reality is that the designing and method of functioning of muscles is so intricate that one who conducts research in this field is spell bound. Atomic science, its functioning and nuclear technology is said to be very intricate. While researching into how intricate a method of functioning is imbibed by voluntary and involuntary muscular activities one can only be amazed at the deftness and engineering skills of its creator.

Everyone possesses hands and legs. Then why is that some have more potential and others possess less of it? It is believed that it augments or diminishes based on ones practice. No doubt will power and practice help yet it is the powerful nature of muscles or lack of it that make man strong or weak.

Similar to the function of a stove in the kitchen, boiler or electric motor in a factory is the function of muscles in the body. Due to this heat other organs get the capacity to function. Muscles keep the entire body warm and it itself remains warm. It can be called a heater. It plays an extraordinary role in maintain a bond between the body and mind. The nervous network of the body is found over here too. The body can express laughter, crying, dancing, running, waking and other mental emotions only when our muscles act aptly. When one is attacked by high/low blood pressure or heart diseases know for sure that one of the causes are muscles weakening in those regions. The more this weakness increases the more one is attacked by diseases and maybe death too.

The Nobel Laureate Akar J Jyogi has said that behind the functioning of muscles are at work 2 chemical principles which they have discovered successfully. They are protein sarcton and myosin. They say that the combined action of the 2 help muscles function properly. These protein do not come from outside. They are self produced and will power works a great deal in their production.

From the standpoint of science of nutrition apt measure of protein and carbohydrate is most required for nourishment and nurturing of muscular region. And yet the muscles themselves must initially possess the capacity to imbibe this nourishment. If this is absent such nutrition cannot do much.

When muscles carry out extra tasks they get tired. If apt rest is not got then like a horse who runs more than its capacity they fall off and in the haste to carry out excess work one reaps only losses like a greedy person who prematurely cuts up the tummy of a hen that lays golden eggs. Muscles will remain optimally healthy and mobile only if they are made to work after giving due rest to them.

Some muscles never take rest. The functioning of the heart, brain, digestive tract etc goes on day and night ceaselessly. Right from birth to death they get no holiday even for a minute. This tiredness too is a cause of death. If in between they were to get rest then the life span of a person can increase since the muscles can generate more power and energy.

Why should one dive deep? Why should one contact the conscious level of energy? Even if we analyze only the combined power of skin and muscles it will be crystal clear that its combined form is no less potent than an electric power station.

The root fount of power is energy. Electricity is generated from energy. It is generated by steam, burning coal, via oil/petrol, hydro based power plants etc. These are various results of energy.

One basis of electricity generation is chemical reactions too. Batteries are designed on this basis. Many scientists like Volta, Ampere, Arstead, Faraday and others have made important inventions in this field.

The potential for any technological apparatus and machine to function is called energy. Energy has many levels and stature. Mobile energy manifests due to speed of movement in matter, chemical energy manifests from various chemical reactions and state energy manifests due to the state of objects. There are some materials which possess excess of energy and are called fuels. Energy gets transformed from one type to another yet it can never be destroyed. Transformation of energy is tangibly visible. When chemical materials are ignited electricity in batteries is generated. A cycle moves when we pedal it which means the energy of legs gets transformed into speed and movement of a cycle. When atoms explode nuclear energy manifests. When coal below a boiler is lit energy manifests as heat from fire. Due to steam various trains and locomotives function. With the help of gas various bulbs etc can give light. In the function of steam turbines, fluorescent lamps, heater, generators etc the energy potential of fuel for various ends is rendered active in varied manner. Today heat produced from propane gas, light generators that produce electricity, television etc are applied for small tasks.

When the tips of wires of 2 different types of metal or of an admixture of metals are melted and rejoined or fused and that their ends are placed in different temperatures of heat electrical flow is emitted by them.

When some metals are heated they manifest electrons. If close by there is a cold object these electrons stick to it. Due to this displacement electricity is generated. The central region of displacement is filled with a gas that has positive ions which is called plasma. Plasma is most required to render optimal balance during the onrush of electrons.

Electricity is generated mainly via magnetic hydro dynamics. Its basis is that by rotating metal based movers in a magnetic field electromotive force is produced. If in its place another application is used even then force and power is generated. If in place of metal movers gas based movers or plasma is used and this gas is introduced into a magnetic field then again that very aim of generating electricity is achieved.

If a wire of zinc and that of copper is placed in lemon juice a separation is generated in them and in its paraphernalia electricity manifests. Chemical batteries are known to function on this basis.

The designing of fuel based cells can be called that which never gets depleted. When the energy produced from cells gets depleted the battery too stops functioning. Yet the flow in fuel cells never ends. When hydrogen combines with oxygen water is formed. If these 2 gases continuously combine water formation too will be ceaseless. Over here no external fuel is required. On this basis research is being carried out as to just akin to combining of hydrogen and oxygen or with the mixing of coal, air and petroleum can fuel cells be designed?

In interstellar space travel only fuel cells can be used. Heavy objects cannot be taken in space. Another fount of fuel cell that is being invented is solar heat. Ordinarily we get heat and light from the sun. No doubt it is of utility value but in it on noting those future potentials that dwell one feels instead of falling into tedious tasks like making expensive and dangerous atomic reactors and chemicals one should after attaining energy from the sun look easily after the world’s electricity requirements. In 1 square kilometer of area on earth the sun sheds energy of the value of 1400 watts of electricity. The day man unearths the means to utilize this energy that very day he will generate untold amounts of energy.

In the arena of batteries very soon a new application in the form of nuclear batteries will come into vogue. A hollow spindle will exist all around. In the center will be a pole. On this pole will be raised radio isotopes that emit beta radiations. On the spindle electrons will gather. The pole and spindle will be joined by a wire and electricity flow will manifest.

In principle it has been accepted that both iron electricity and heat-magnetic electricity can be transformed. Today methods are being tried to simplify it. If barium titanate is heated more than 120 degrees centigrade then a transformation is seen in its inner designing. Via machines and technology this method of transformation can be converted into electricity. This is also the basis of magnetic transformation.

The body can be rendered akin to a battery that has been designed with a chemical basis. Its units can be called fuel cells and right till death they remain subtle. As long as life exists the potential of this battery never gets depleted. For space travelers this very fuel is most required. Man is also a space traveler. Leaving his father’s (God) house he has come to this mortal world to carry out important research so as to attain the supreme goal of human life. For sustaining life he requires fuel and gets it clearly from the muscles and skin. Not only this, he has more and more profound founts of energy. In every gross form of this energy this body of the admixture of skin and muscles should be given due importance.

By transferring this bodily energy to conscious creatures they can be benefitted. A small experiment in this field has been carried out by the German scientist Dr Mesmer which was called mesmerism.

The discoverer of mesmerism is Germany’s Dr Frasilkum Antonium Mesmer. He studied medical science in Vienna and attained a degree. He had written a very important paper of his research studies wherein he says that from unknown galaxies a fluid like magnetic material comes to planet earth and we all get influenced by it. If this material’s balance in our body gets shaken then mental and bodily diseases manifest. Only if this balance is made optimal in some way or the other our bad health can be warded off.

This experiment he conducted on some patients and attained success and fame as a result. He would influence an iron magnet with the electricity of his own body and then by touching this magnet to the body of a patient that lack was fulfilled which was the cause of the illness. For this end via the practice of the power of resolve or Sankalpa Shakti he augmented the measure of his will power and required magnetic electricity. In his medical therapy even sweet and blissful music coming from a distance was made use of. This was done so that the patient benefitted from a focused psyche and emotional healing. His therapy and healing method involved augmenting of the measure of electricity in his body and then via the medium of that iron magnet benefit the diseased patient. When it was seen that after this therapy the patients returned smiling many ill people came to Dr Mesmer for a cure of their illness.

Today in USA 17 highly renowned surgeons are using the above magnetic therapy and on the basis of hypnotic science are serving various patients successfully. In order to decrease the pain of giving birth to babies in mothers this therapy has succeeded cent percent. Instead of giving injections of anesthesia it is best to ward off pain via hypnotic methods which is considered best for the patients. For mothers giving birth to babies this therapy is indeed the very best.

Dr Hearthson while operating on his patients uses half anesthesia and half hypnotic methods to render his patients anesthetized. During surgery thus he has decreased the need of anesthesia based injections by 50%. Thus the patients remain semi conscious. Due to the influence of hypnotism the patient remains pain free.

In Cheddar’s Hospital a 4 year old girl was to undergo an operation of the ear. This operation was to last for 5 hours. Under such circumstances giving medicines of anesthesia for 5 long hours could prove dire. Hence they decided to operate her using hypnotic methods. This operation was done successfully. Thus the science of hypnotism as a result of such delicate operations has doubtlessly proved to be of immense value in the field of medicinal cure.

The heart breaking of cancer based pain cannot be overcome by medicines. In cancer our cells multiply abnormally. Those new cells formed cannot function aptly with other cells. Cancer is treated via surgery and radiation therapy. But since there is hardly any therapy to overcome pain that ensue, this lack can be fulfilled via hypnotic science and patients experience a fair bit of relief.

Hypnotism has proved very useful in cases of brain damage, blood pressure, angina, mental illnesses etc. if chloroform is administered to a person with a weak heart it proves to be very dangerous hence in such operations hypnotic methods are applied.

With such therapy Dr Hearthman has not only successfully treated patients but that he has helped people hooked to addictions and bad habits overcome them. Those who thought that since they are drug addicts they will remain so for life have also been cured with such therapy. Bigger children who passed urine in bed while sleeping too were cured.

When the heart contracts the blood pressure is more than 160 mm and while relaxing it is more than 90 mm the blood pressure increases. Under such circumstances more pressure is felt by air protecting cells and more energy is needed to pump and circulate blood. How can this be overcome? Regarding this no other therapy has been proved as useful as hypnotic methods.

Mesmerism’s most renowned therapy involves focusing via power of resolve, of bodily energy produced by muscles and transported by skin nerves or Sankalpa Shakti and with its help overcoming the patient’s pain. But this is just the beginning and certainly not the end. This is merely a minor therapy. In Yoga Tantra branches one finds various methods of application and high stature production of bodily energy. If only we can benefit from this basis or energy fount then man not only himself benefits but can limitlessly benefit many others too.

Life sustains because various bodily organs function smoothly. Everyone knows this obvious fact. Students/research fellows of anatomy even know that in nervous network centers a subtle functioning of unconscious brain too is at work. On its basis and on its own blood circulation, breathing, contraction/relaxation takes place. We are not even aware and in a jiffy digestion and other bodily functions ensue.

Under the waking state the conscious center of the brain gives important directions/commands when the need arises else it is immersed in past memories and future based imaginations and projections. Generally as far as knowledge, intellectual prowess and brilliance is concerned the conscious brain situated in the front part of the brain is at work but with reference to all functions of the body right up to working of the brain the unconscious part is at work.

That method of functioning of the unconscious which in the form of self management renders mobile the body and brain- is called vital energy. It is a mystery that where is the fount of that divine energy which renders active this body? The conscious and unconscious brain is merely its vehicle-medium-instrument. In order to aid functioning of these paraphernalia a potential is used. Hence where is the fount of this infinite storehouse? Today neither anatomists nor physiologists have been able to solve this question. They have so far unearthed only vital energy. Where does it come from, how does it function and why does it increase/decrease? They believe that answers to this question lie well beyond the periphery of their research. IN REALITY WHERE THE BOUNDARY OF MODERN MATERIAL SCIENCE ENDS THERE ITSELF COMMENCES THE SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY.

By itself life force seems to pervade the entire body and on its very basis it is possible to remain alive but yet this life force is not the creation of the gross body. It is an invisible extraordinary energy and the human body attracts from it useful and required measure from interstellar space. This life principle that pervades the entire cosmos is called Prana.

Prana or vital force is present within an individual but it is only a portion of Cosmic Prana. Air dwelling in a closed bottle can be measured appropriately and on the basis of a gross vision it can be accepted that it has an independent existence. Yet it is but part and parcel of cosmic air. In the same way a small portion of Cosmic Prana dwells in each human body and is called life force. When it decreases a person in all respects gets shattered but when it is optimally balanced all bodily functions goes on smoothly. When life force is in excess it can be viewed as strength, power, radiance, will power and brilliant aura. Such people are called Maha Prana. They possess the capacity to transmit their life force into innumerous other people and thus guide world humanity on the path of wholesomeness. Prana must be looked upon as the very substratum of life. Anatomists label this energy fount as nerve network based force which actually is but a small wave or upsurge of Prana Principle.

It is because of vital force or Prana present in the human body that all inner functions take place and the nervous system too is imbued with this Prana. If we wish to unfold the creation, increase and management of forces of the brain like imagination, focus, will, decision, control, memory, intellect etc we must take recourse to Kundalini Science. The unconscious mind is the biggest wonder of this infinite cosmos and it is said to be the central point of all Sidhis and achievements of Yoga.

When Cosmic Prana enters the body it does so via 2 openings called Mooladhar and Sahasrar. When solar energy touches earth its medium of entry are the 2 pole regions. When the vault of electricity has to be transmitted in small machines then in 2 holes of a plug 2 hooks have to be fitted. In order that Cosmic Electric Prana enters to unite with the Human Electric Prana it has to be done via the 2 openings mentioned above viz. Mooladhar and Sahasrar. This energy balance is called Kundalini. Soul science in order to increase-decrease the measure of this Prana as per requirements uses these openings. By understanding this science not only one unearths the root source of life force but that by increasing-decreasing its measure one benefits by apt balance that ensues.

Prana is the collective term used for the union of all visible and invisible objects and energies of the cosmos. It can be called a very subtle and great existence of the world (vital force or energy). Inhalation/exhalation is merely its vehicle and by sitting on it, it enters all our bodily organs and functions so as to render them powerful, well managed and controlled. Heat, light, electricity, magnet etc of the material world can be called manifestation of this vital force. By conjoining to the external and inner psyche gets transformed to will, from will to emotions, from emotions to the soul. Ultimately on uniting with God or Cosmic Soul it becomes the world’s most powerful existence. In a certain sense it can be looked upon as God’s medium or instrument of dutiful tasks.


AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


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At the dawn of a Golden Era every great thinker of the world yearns that it passes the test of great ideals. People should imbibe greatness and must mature to such an extent that its glory influences one and all. Further it should be followed by all that the world’s atmosphere becomes heavenly and divine.


Now the question of return of Satyuga remains and when its time arrives we must see how it begins and progresses.


On the basis of Shrutis and Smriti texts of pre historical era Satyuga manifested due to intervention of Rishi tradition and it spread out like a huge oak tree. World humanity took shelter under its cool shade. It is not necessary that seeds of a tree must remain on that tree and not travel to other far off places. In fact they zestfully travel to other regions and follows particular trends.


Not only avarice–delusion conjoin to narrow mindedness but that one tends to live in a very small realm and earn and die only for those who are ones relatives. A selfish person gets satiation akin to a frog living in a small well. He/she does not wish to roam the earth like clouds in the sky. They have no valor or yearning to spread their talent in the entire world like sun rays. This sort of attitude befits only those who are generous at heart. Great Rishis proved their mettle by taking responsibility of world well being. They always chose widespread regions to pour their skills. The lifestyle of Rishis was of this stature. Wherever they saw backwardness there they worked hard enough to overcome it. Wherever hardships were seen due to famine, floods, epidemics, vile people, infernos, earthquakes, tsunamis etc there in order to ward it off generous Rishis without any invitation arrived. Rishis looked upon the entire world as their arena of selfless service. Of course they were born in the divine land of India. Royal swans born in Manasarovar fly in the sky to far off lands.


Rishi lineage can be classified into two. One is Purohit and the second Parivrajak. Purohits are those who stay in one place and run hermitages. They take up the duty of awakening people who live in nearby areas in the realm of spirituality. Students are educated on the basis of the Gurukul System. They build laboratories for spiritual research. Purohits were required to get married so that with the help of their wives they could make arrangements of lodging/boarding in their hermitages. On the other hand Parivrajaks were those who travelled a lot. They would contact people in every nook and corner of the world. They helped people radiate their talent and walk on the path of spirituality. Like clouds they had to pour down whereas Brahmins would live in a particular region and help it get uplifted. There seems a bit of difference in both their lifestyles yet the goal was only one. Both should be looked upon as mutually beneficial to each other.


In the Golden Era people moved about in the entire world without any hindrance. No doubt small republic states existed, they did have borders but this did not cause any obstruction in travelling to any far off region. People could even transport goods to any place in the world. Citizenship of a country did not mean that if one chose to settle in any other land obstructions were created. Since travel and transport were without any hindrance people would set up communities in even barren regions.

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Preliminary human manifestation and advancement took place like the Rivers Ganga and Yamuna. It was called Aryavarta and Brahmavarta. Just as colonialists of middle eras wanted to augment their kingdoms in the same way in the initial days wherever a huge group of humans settled there a yearning awakened that they should go to other desolate places and aid their progress. There by helping forest tribal’s become civilized their production capacity was augmented so as to ward off any lack. They were rendered literate and highly cultured. Apart from agriculture, industry, business, animal husbandry etc making arrangements of ethical living and social designing, it was established as a lineage. This was that very task for which people renounced their homes and went to certain definite areas so as to aid its progress. In fact many a time their family members too would come there and help them and later some of them stayed there forever. Thus over there a progressive group of people would dwell. Jungle areas were rendered useful for agriculture. Animal husbandry was encouraged over there and mineral ores were dug which were then used to make various apparatus. Thus scattered forest tribal’s started living in a focused area and would categorize their age and working mode. In order to execute their prime duties they attained such skills that within their fields they were respected as specialists. This was called Varna-Ashrama Dharma. It should not be looked upon as a categorization but as skill of a certain stature. As a result no difference was seen in mutual contact. Man belongs to one race only and hence why should sectarian differences exist? One can have partitions only for the sake of evolving talent in professional differences and art of acting. But such partitions should never be encouraged which brings about social and other differentiation of high-low. In those days based on one’s profession very naturally various classes or Varnas came into being. In those days unlike today none even envisaged sectarian differences based on differences of taking birth in some particular caste etc. No doubt due to differences of air, water etc of various regions some facial and other differences in those people were noted but none thought of disparity as a result. In hot countries people are dark skinned and fair ones are found in cold countries. These are nature based differences. Such differences are found even in birds, animals etc. Since certain creatures dwell in certain lands such bodily differences are noted. On this basis form/texture of flowers and taste of fruits too are seen to be differing. All this then is but nature or Prakriti based differentiation. As a result castes do not emerge. Horses, monkeys etc have their own different species. No doubt due to water, air of particular regions their natures may differ a bit. Those who understand this clearly do not encourage poison like differences of high-low, respect-insult etc. Right from the beginning to the end of Satyuga there was oneness of soul between all humans and it advanced further as cooperation in various daily transactions.


In those days powerful and cultured people had only one aspiration and that was how to render advanced very far off barren and desolate places? How could those who were scattered in various ways be encouraged to harbor oneness of soul and cooperation? For this it was most required that one leave old established regions without harming them in any way and instead go to other new lands so as to render them well evolved. This challenging task/mission was taken up by a vast cultured majority in those times.


Competition was there in the above context. The goal of everyone was singular that not one nook or corner of mother earth remains devoid of the light of progress. Not one region should be devoid of glory and greatness. Man’s efforts remain challenged if earth’s areas remain barren and desolate. For this forest areas were not cut down. Not only were jungles widespread but were full of trees and greenery. In certain pockets of forests dwelled colonies of people which added beauty to earth. Roads were built to travel from one region to another. Water areas were wholesomely utilized for agriculture and animal breeding. Since paths were constructed for travelling/transport, if certain regions lacked things they were fulfilled by transporting from other areas. Thus lack was fulfilled and business/professions flourished. All this took place simply due to the fact that the amount of time taken by a group of individuals to help advance the entire earth it took very much less time to succeed in the Golden Era.


In those days the apt management of every aspect of life took place due to religion/spirituality. Within this was included earning, production, usage, health, education, medicine, tradition, ethics, justice etc. the focal point of all this was accepted to be theism. Within its widespread boundary were encompassed all topics related to human glory. Hence whatever decisions took place in any realm religion was the ultimate authority. Whatever was said that was put forth with faith in religion as its foundation. This was straightforward and influential too. On this basis were people revered and helped and decisions were taken for attain good merits in heaven. Since fear of hell, vicious cycle of birth/death, taking birth as animals etc, diseases, strife etc existed people out of faith stayed away from vile activities and lived a life of all round progress. Thus on the basis of religion/spirituality materialism was aptly managed.


Great thinkers of Rishi Era created religious literature. Since political discipline was of an educated stature invisible demigods disciplined earth denizens. Demigods either gave boons or instilled the fear of bestowing curses. This was that very basis for which there was no major need of police, army, law courts, prisons etc. a truly religious/spiritual never acted vilely as a result of which he/she never harbored fear of being jailed etc. Religious literature was conjoined to the Golden Era which was faithfully imbibed in every aspect of one’s day to day transactions. Thus rolled in, the red carpet of Satyuga or Golden Era.


The sun rises in the east. It has one predefined direction. Dawn manifestation and sunrise take place in one area only. The same holds true for manifestation of a large group of divine people, their advancing and becoming divinely potent. India can be said to be the east of the world. The special quality of its mud is that within it many heavenly gardens grow and bloom forth. The Mount Malayanil has many fragrant sandalwood trees. Sandalwood adds fragrance to even ordinary trees growing in its vicinity. Human gods born in India too have done this and via their mission have added glory to earth.


In Satyuga the world was not overly populated yet its goal was to render the entire world cultured and advanced. They made apt arrangements for well managed multifaceted progress. They looked upon this as Almighty God’s command and were ready to give up their very lives for it. In order to imbibe this it was required that those amongst them who were to don the mantle of leadership had to render their souls that much more cultured and that intense hard work had to be undergone. If the cast is aptly designed only then toys, engineering parts etc can be properly molded. If leadership via its setting an example via action and imbibing a great character helps others to follow in their footsteps then their teaching manifests a positive influence on others and world public too will start walking on the path of true greatness.


This is because on inert earth conscious elements of highly cultured stature were grown, propagated and rendered all pervasive. This responsibility was taken up by human gods and divine personages. They had to play the role of a creator, producer and director. Hence it was required that those who took up this great responsibility first evolve and transform their psyche into great thinking. This was attained via austerities and regular unswerving spiritual practices. They were required to pass all kinds of tests. The gist of spiritual philosophy is self creation and soul transformation. Rishis and great thinkers who understood this fact and its deep import evolved their faculty of discrimination or Viveka. They cogitated and reflected a lot on spiritual philosophy. In order to render the psyche divine they merged sacred ideals into aspirations, sentiments, beliefs, thoughts and various activities. They walked in the direction of self control and spirituality. For this they imbibed devotion, rituals, vows, spiritual disciplines etc. Rishis were those who shone like real diamonds because of their extremely sacred character/personality. They made intense efforts and thus passed the acid test of ushering in the Golden Era on earth.




AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Energy Psychology-ESP, Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton



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When despite undergoing spiritual practice ones psyche does not manifest inspiration and brilliance that leads to a bondage free life, a devotee starts despairing and feels that it’s a waste to do spiritual practices. While stepping on this ladder those who desire soul well being must know that they too do not have the capacity to ignore eternal laws put forth by Divine Powers and Almighty God.


It is the law of stepwise evolution via which we are bound to the fruits of our actions and the world. One gets a salary only after working for one month. An engine functions only after imbibing optimum measure of steam and heat. In hot summer when via sun’s heat the sea water gets converted to clouds only then do we get rains. Even man’s birth is bound by the law of stepwise evolution. It is only after resting in the mother’s womb for about 9 months that he/she is born in this world.


The middle times are meant for effort and necessary arrangements. Those who use up more and more of their brains for this effort manifest more zeal and alertness. The results attained by them are healthy and mature. Those who are impatient agitated and desire results before the appointed hour, not only do not attain the fruits but that many a times are seen to face dire danger.


Regarding the above scriptural seers give an example of a farmer:


Kshetre bina prayatnena vanyatrina samudbhavaha.

Bhuyo bhuyoho krishe pakshe mahandhya jayate.


MEANING: A farmer sows seeds in his field. Saplings grow. In between wild weeds, grass etc grow without effort. These prove to be dangerous to the farmer.


The worship of soul evolution too is like this. Seeds of vile taints and thoughts of past lifetimes dwelling in the psyche grow on their own. Many a times the state of mind is so doubt ridden that when a tainted thought manifests in the devotee’s psyche he/she feels it could never have been thought by him/her. But know for sure that it is the psychic imprint (Sanskar) of previous life times which we do not know directly but it sure does agitate and confound us. Under such circumstances what should one do? Scriptural subtle seers give us the following method:


Krishakasya prayatnena savadhanasya nityashaha.

Varanam kriyate tesham krishe raksha cha jayate.


MEANING: Shrewd farmers know that this grass, weeds etc that grow on their own are dangerous. Hence regularly and diligently these are uprooted by the farmer.


Evam chitte swabhavena nana durvasanodayaha.

Jayamano manushasya klesha santatikaranam.

Kevalam tatra yatnena bhuyobhuyaha kritena vai.

Nirodhaha shakyate kartum tasamunmulanam tatha.


MEANING: In the same way in the psyche of man infinite weeds in the form of bad desires crop up. As a result one experiences pain and strife. In order to oppose this state success is attained only if intense efforts are made again and again. These taints can be uprooted only via cautious sustained efforts.


Scriptural seers call efforts as shrewdness. They have not merely said that only those who with great effort ward off bad desires attain the goal. In fact they have added:


Dhirairutsahsampannaiha shradhavishwas dharibhihi.

Kartum tatparyate naiva rashavishta manasai.


MEANING: Only a person full of faith, trust, zest, patience and valor can obstruct and uproot bad desires and tainted thoughts. Those whose psyche is full of doubts and who are not sure whether they will reap success lag far away from the goal. They give up efforts mid way itself.


One can learn the art of imbibing faith and trust from a farmer. The farmer knows that on sowing seeds saplings will definitely grow. This then is trust and faith means showing enthusiasm for that trust. Only trust won’t work because faith too should manifest deeply. If we harbor hope and zest, the time taken for the fruit to mature and trust to intensify will pass quite smoothely. Then one enthusiastically makes apt efforts. If suppose when the plants are midway in their growing stage and the farmer starts doubting whether he will succeed or not he will give up making sustained effort and thus the hope of reaping success too weakens. Thus all his previous efforts go in vain. Now to succeed again one will have to restart the entire process of making fresh efforts and the previous time will thus be wasted.


There is no doubt that desires and bad thoughts are transient. Wholesome resolves and healthy thinking that give joy and bliss are that much more long lasting. So although definitely we must realize that since bad thoughts are transient they can be overcome yet like a shrewd farmer a devotee who is alert for life ultimately tastes eternal success.


Tasya devasya savitahaprasavanam ya ishita.

Prakash prernam labdhva vastuto jivan pradam.

Nashta ye dushta sanskarastesham khadyena nityashaha.

Sadvicharaha prarohanti shubh sankalpa varina.


Ultimately scriptural seers say that Almighty Lord who is radiant Savita incarnate renders blissful by bestowing his inspiring divine light on those who worship him. But for this, intense sustained effort is most required. This then is called spiritual practice. It means those who augment their sacred resolves and ceaselessly throw in it fertilizer in the form of tainted desires/sins reap success ultimately like a shrewd farmer. Thus Savita soul imbibes their intellect. It means that Savita renders such devotees/seekers divinely radiant and brilliant like itself.

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All around us we visualize a widespread world whose chief substratum is Sun God. Via Gayatri Mantra we worship this sun which bestows life and can meditate on it too. Soul is verily sun, by imbibing this sentiment if we chant Gayatri we attain divine wisdom. In the last portion of the Mantra a devotee asks god to give him/her a sacred intellect. Gayatri worship verily is prayer to the very first rays of light in this world. When we desire to hear the radio, initially a light has to be lit in it. Thus when it aptly gets warm in that light we can hear whatever we desire to do so. In the same way when the psyche or mind is optimally focused/concentrated we experience soul light. With the help of that light we can attain whatever we desire.


As soon as God’s illumining existence enters this dark gloomy nature its very subtle and pious portion gets separated from the gross and impure portion. From the gross and impure portion the lower worlds are created and via the very subtle and pious portion the upper world is created. Since in the gross and impure portion there is grossness and impurity light does not enter it optimally but in the very subtle and pious portion light enters aptly. Light and fire carry out various tasks due to their characteristic of heat. Gayatri is called ‘Agnimukhi’ in scriptures. Heat creates 2 qualities which are opposites. One by separating the subtle watery material from gross earthy material renders it that much more subtle and makes the earthy material more gross and hard. Thus heat separates opposing elements and unites those that are similar in characteristic.


Thus on the basis of lesser or more light three classifications can be made viz. higher world, middle world and lower world. The higher world is only of knowledge. It is conscious, immortal and imperishable and in this cosmos it is the only most sacred land.


The middle world can be called heaven oriented. Its topic is very mytserious and a secret. It is a fact that the laws of nature are very straightforward and facile and none should find difficulty in understanding them. But very few walk on this path and out of those few who do walk on this path do so with the aim that those who do not have the necessary credentials should not find out these mysteries. Hence very cautiously while treading on this path these few people hide their footprints. Those who walk on this path without the guidance of a masterly true Guru stray away thousands of times from the path. This middle land is below the ‘knowledge’ land and where the ‘knowledge’ land has only light, the middle land has a bit of earthly portion too.


When this world is created initially there are 2 root elements. One is a very subtle illumining principle and the other gross, dark and gloomy principle. The first principle has light, mobility and warmth. The second principle cannot give light, inspiration and performing actions. It is female or nature in form (Prakriti). Our world is created via the first principle.


It is via heat that materials become subtle. All types of creation, augmentation and union take place via these 2 elements. Since it is subtle, light aptly enters it and if it is gross less light enters it. For example when clarified butter or Ghee is hard and gross light does not enter it and if anothet material enters it we will not know. But when via heat we boil it then even if a small blade of grass lies at the bottom of the vessel we will clearly see it.


It is because of heat and cold that materials take up various forms. The subtlest form of matter is air in form, less subtle form is water and very gross form is earth in nature. From this analysis it can be understood that adept Yogis via powers like Anima, Laghima, Mahima etc transform themselves into gross or subtler forms. But as long as an aspirant does not imbibe subtle elements till then it is not possible to make them understand or experience these powers.


In order that this entire world becomes conscious, light must enter it both within and without. Whatever we see being created in this world is due to light. God decided that sun would be the place where this light and its influence will dwell but yet we cannot say that apart from the sun light does not exist anywhere else.


Sun God who is the very soul of animate/inanimate beings has risen. This Mantra of worship is chanted at Sandhya (dawn, noon and dusk). The sun is the soul of the world. Just as a woman without a male remains barren, in the same way earth without the sun too is barren. Via the existence of the sun not only do plants grow on earth but that all conscious beings are created and nurtured via it.


Every human being is a cosmos. Its soul is like the sun, surrounding which planets, molecules etc revolve. Atoms and cells that move in the human body manifest a special type of electricity. On getting influenced by this very electricity the brain, senses and other bodily parts function. The medium that manifests consciousness in inert materials is this. Ordinarily atoms harbor movement. They do not manifest thinking and experience of any kind. But human electricity which is called vital force or Prana creates consciousness, thinking and experience in the group of inert atoms and thus commences active life. Lifeless life without experience exists in stones, rocks etc.


Surrounding the polar regions of earth, magnetic storms roam about. It is like unsteady coloring in the form of Aurora Borealis. This polar region brings radiations, light and influence from other planets on earth and sends earth’s special qualities to other cosmic worlds. We can call this polar region as the point of contact of the cosmos. Via the medium of this polar region, reflection of interplanetary influence takes place and thus earth maintains a certain balance. Not only this, but in the current situations of other planets, a great gift comes from this polar region reflections. Ere this give and take were to stop such a dangerous change will come about on earth that life would find it difficult to sustain itself. Along with this because there will be a change as far as the class and state of planets in the functioning of the solar system, a great change will be noted. Reflection from earth based polar region maintains the present state of the solar system. A minor functioning in a minor area is contributing so much to the circumambulation of planets around the great sun. The more one deeply cogitates over this reality more important mysteries can be unfolded.


Man’s psyche too is such a conscious polar center. Within it are many known and unknown potentials like desire power, emotional power, power of resolve or Sankalpa, magnetic power etc. If only these are awakened and one learns how to make wholesome use of it then the flow of all energies of the cosmos will manifest in human existence. Human psyche that helps in the functioning of the solar system is limitless like the sky and whatever exists in it is infinitely more powerful than interstellar space. Despite all this, one fails to understand how we are blissfully unaware of this great divine wealth present, albeit latently in our soul. Ere somehow we contact this root fount of divine energy then like the great ocean of the nucleus we can by conjining to conscious energy carry out the most impossible task at the individual level. Sun or Savita is man’s icon and deity. The goal of a living being is to merge into ones icon.

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