22 Mar

According to a worldwide inspection conducted by UNESCO a few years previously certain facts that were unearthed opined that the male viewpoint regarding women the world over is speedily changing. These changes encompass increasing educational capabilities of women and give them opportunity to show case their radiant skills so that both their country and the world at large benefit in a manifold manner. In the past few decades it has been seen that in the arena of higher specialized education the number of women has leapt immensely. Those countries who have taken help from talented women in the areas of education, medical therapy, business and technology have found that their economic status has risen amazingly.

In the form of hard work and inner strength women are well known. In Britain their number is indeed great. 15% women in the form of laborers are working in various fields. Where previously they had to remain satisfied with small jobs as clerks there in the past few decades an awakening has taken place within them and today in every arena the radiant talent of women workers can be seen. Hence despite predominating in agriculture she is in an all round advanced state.

In France women were relegated to living a life of household chores only. Despite women labor tradition existing when a new conscious force entered their psyche and that they were more alert towards their basic human rights then perforce the French government in the year 1964 conferred equal rights to both men and women. In comparison to other western countries French women no longer experience much bondage. Principally in all arenas the doors of progress have opened up for world women. French women are known to earn 40% of their household expenses and the rest is eked out by men. Over there, more than 7.5 million women work hard in various fields. In University education women teachers comprise 45%. 25% women work in factories and in agricultural pursuits.

The state of American women is different from those of men. Over there, 40% women work in the Labor Force. In comparison to male laborers American women laborers get half the pay given to males. As a result the financial condition of these women is regressive. In 1960 the annual income of USA women was 2000 dollars which was very less in comparison to that of males. In 1975 some reforms in this direction were noted and now the annual income enjoyed by women was 5000 dollars. Amongst those laborers who collected an annual pay of 1500 to 3000 dollars, 63% were women workers. Majority of women had to remain satisfied with minor jobs of clerical posts.

In the Islamic world Indonesian women are well known for their independent nature. Apart from Sumatra the women of the entire country are said to work shoulder to shoulder in all fields along with men. They have renounced the diehard Islamic tradition of wearing Burkhas or veils. In South Sumatra for many centuries it is women who led society. Even children are said to be the wealth of their mothers and women have complete right over their kids. Majority of tasks are accomplished under the watchful eyes of their women leaders. In matters pertaining to social, financial and Talak or Islamic divorce women enjoy equal rights as men.

In backward countries even today the condition of women indeed is downtrodden. Wherever the arrogant pressure of males has not diminished there even today women live slave like lives yet since with speed the wheel of change is on the move and an extraordinary awakening is seen in the world of women, there is great hope that henceforth world women will not be relegated to demeaned, downtrodden conditions and will usher in yet again ancient world history that oozed with women’s glory the world over. This hope strengthens even more so after seeing very recently that a very small country like Nicaragua elected a woman President.

Various world survey reports too give assent to all this. The ratio of women students taking up science subjects is seen to be rising at a fast pace in the past few decades. According to a report of UNESCO in 1980 the percentage of female students taking up higher education in various countries was as follows: Egypt 40%, East Europe (Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia) 50% and in Netherland, Norway, West Germany and Greece it was 40%, in countries of South America it was 45%. Amongst certain Asian nations the percentage of female students taking up higher education is much more. In Korea and Indonesia female students have doubled.

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Today in arenas of modern science and various industries no longer are women lagging behind. The famous French research institute called ‘Sensther National de lo Research Scientific’ has 31% female scientists. Many laboratories related to it have women chiefs. From the standpoint of scientific advancement America leads other world nations. Over here the percentage of women medical therapists is 10% and material scientists is 11%.

Even communist countries after amending their laws have accepted equal rights for women as men in every field and are giving them equal rights to serve there. In Soviet Russia there are 40%, in Poland 30% and in Hungary 13% women researchers. In a report of UNESCO it has been said that the reason why within important service sectors of various progressing countries the ration of women is rising speedily is that women in comparison to men are more adept at their tasks, honest, disciplined and highly responsible towards their duties. The conclusion of these survey reports opine that in the past few decades women have exhibited greater integrity and alertness towards duties handed over to them.

In various countries within tasks of hard work in agricultural endeavors the participation of women is very laudable. The International Labor Union while presenting its report says that in the food production of amongst advanced and non advanced nations the contribution of women is 50%. In Africa 60% contribution is seen by women in agricultural tasks. In animal breeding women contribute 50% and 100% in food processing. A recent survey report put forth by Tanzania says that women on an average work 2600 hours annually for agriculture whereas men work so for 1800 hours. In another report it is said that about 6 billion women directly work in economic tasks. In Denmark as far as animal breeding profession is concerned along with agriculture women are much more active than men.

In West Germany and West Berlin a few decades back an alarming increase was seen in transport based accidents. When a survey was conducted there it was noted that men drivers in comparison to women drivers are responsible for road accidents three times more. Over there the government is cogitating over these lines that in order to obstruct such accidents women should be handed over the task of driving various vehicles. According to leading psychiatrists the reason why males are more prone to be responsible for such accidents is their mental imbalance. Via research studies they found that as far as optimal mental balance is concerned women lead over men by miles.

Valor, enterprise and physical might is most required in army pursuits. Till a certain time as per traditional beliefs women were not allowed to get enlisted in the army. In this field men enjoyed a monopoly. The reason behind this was not incapability of women but the fact that they were labeled weak in a prejudiced manner. But slowly this bias was warded off. In responsibilities related to security and good management by itself the contribution of women has been below average right from the beginning but no longer is she stopped from enlisting in the army. The entry of women in the army of USA has commenced in the form of a worldwide movement. Women are being given high stature posts in the Army Academy. She is being given leadership duties in various combined units.

In the American Navy women are given entry without any obstruction yet she faces problems when she wishes to enlist in the army. Especially while sending her directly to fight wars a lot of psychological problems are faced and yet women zealously carry out various duties given to them by the navy and air force. As per certain statistics in these 3 parts of the army more than 1.5 million women have been enlisted. Due to public awakening in developing countries there it is cogitated that women be given all opportunities else their progress is impossible. If cooperation is not got from half the world’s population the progress of society and countries will come to a standstill. By veering away from traditional beliefs today women are being given opportunities and required means in every field of life so as to show case their skills. These results are seen as extraordinary advancement materially the world over. In this era of progress if the half the population of our country is limited to the 4 walls of the houses merely to cook food etc then know for sure that there is nothing more agonizing than this. Now the hour has arrived wherein every thinking class of society must design ways for women’s advancement so that their latent skills get a chance to unveil.

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