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30 Apr


It all started with a bought of cough and common cold which ultimately was diagnosed as asthma. Despite adhering to Ayurvedic, Allopathy, Homeopathy and Naturopathy remedies my asthma remained uncured. Out of sheer helplessness I accepted that this was the dire fruit of my past unwholesome deeds and left it at that. One day I came in contact with revered Gurudeva and with his blessings I commenced Gayatri worship. It was mind blowing that my asthma which I thought would never leave me was cured in a relatively short time span. With Gayatri’s grace I got a second lease of life and today I am happy and mentally calm.


—————-Hemraj Sharma, Village Hardua, Reeva (M.P.,India)



An unbearable digestive disease created an intense fear of death in my mind. Gayatri devotion ensured that this disease and fear did not dare to even think of attacking me. Hence I firmly resolved to help make others aware in this world about the greatness of Gayatri Super Power which can give us total fearlessness. I commenced this sacred task in 1972 A.D. up till 1977 A.D. and every year this endeavor would take gigantic leaps forward. But a year later I faced such situations that my sacred mission virtually came to a grinding halt. Hence I again beseeched Mother Gayatri to pour her divine grace on my mission and thus my soul force augmented n-fold. My magazine too which spread the holy message of Gayatri meditation was now read by twice the number of people who previously subscribed to it.

—————Kanval Dhar Sahu, Madva (India)





This incident took place in Anvagadh Naikee village (India). Once I got the sacred opportunity of performing a Gayatri Anushthan (religious program). No doubt Mother Gayatri has pulled me out of very dire situations but this time I resolved not to pray for any personal gain. The problem was that among descendents of a royal family of past there was an unwholesome tradition of offering sacrifices to Mother Durga. During one such ritual I prayed intensely to the Goddess: O Mother! Why do you accept such heinous slaughters offered to you in the name of sacrifice (Bali)? Please end this terrible tradition. The 8th day (Durga Ashtami) dawned and amazingly everyone was witness to the fact that not only on that auspicious day but forever this sacrificial slaughter tradition was banned totally in this ex-royal family. My faith in Mother Gayatri became unswerving because clearly it was her potent energy that brought about the above desirable transformation.

—————-Ramdayal Yadav Anvagadh





Due to poverty I could not continue further studies after matriculation. I got a very minor job in one of the Tata companies with a meager salary of Rs 15 per month. At that time I met revered Gurudeva (author) and under his sacred guidance I commenced Gayatri practices. One day I was inspired by the thought of studying further. Hence during day time I worked hard in my job and at night I pursued my educational carrier. After 4 years of hard work I got my B.A. degree and in this same company I draw a handsome salary of more than Rs 700/month.

—————–Ganesh Datta Sharma, Tata Nagar





At a very young age I got into the bad habit of alcohol and drug addiction. I was in total despair and wondered whether there was even a remote chance of overcoming this dangerous addiction. One day I started Gayatri worship and immediately my psyche and intellect commenced self introspection. A day dawned when my will power became so strong that I succeeded in destroying the mesh of addiction that could have ruined my life absolutely. Today my mind dwells on sacred thoughts and it manifests divine sentiments in such intense measure that my limited speech fails to describe its sacred supremacy.

—————–Shyamsunder Mishra, Engineer, Devdhar (Bihar,India)





None of my ancestors in the family which I was born were literate. Somehow I managed to clear the 4th standard. But since I was in the agricultural profession education was of no use or importance for me. Following is an incident that took place in 1957 A.D. I came in contact with the International Gayatri Family during a 1000 pyre Gayatri Yajna held in Mathura (U.P., India). My faith in Gayatri deepened tremendously and hence I started worshiping Gayatri on a regular footing.


A year later on the day exactly I had commenced Gayatri devotion, I got a very inspiring thought i.e. instead of wasting my precious human life in merely amassing transient material pleasures and procreating children I should aspire to transform and elevate my character and intellectual capabilities via higher education. Thus I started studying regularly on a daily basis for 2 hours in the morning and evening. My village neighbors mocked my sincere efforts and taunted thus: Look at that aged parrot! He has commenced ‘studies’! And yet this old parrot succeeded in his educational endeavor. First I passed primary school and then high school where I secured a top rank in a privately held exam. In that very year village elections were held and those very people who previously mocked at me now elected me as their chief unanimously devoid of any opposition candidate. As a result others too commenced Gayatri devotion with faith. I humbly feel all this was possible only because of Holy Mother Gayatri’s blessings.


I then resolved to educate each and every member of my village. As a result for the past 5 years a school for the aged is running with great success. Up till now thousands of people have been inspired to aspire for the divine wisdom of Gayatri. I am all the time striving for paying off my holy debt to compassionate Gayatri in this very life time by spreading her divine wisdom to one and all.

——————–Shyam Sunder, Baijalpur (India)





It is only after I commenced Gayatri devotion that I got help while encountering family and personal problems. Despite this for me all these attainments are minor. During that period when I performed Gayatri practices I felt the presence of such divine light in my soul which is not possible to see with our limited gross eye sight. When my meditative state ended my gross body experienced a fair bit of heat. Later this heat would be transformed into zest, zeal, joy and nectarine love for all. All these experiences give untold bliss and serenity of mind.

——————Jagdish Prasad Vishwakarma, Durg (India)





I shudder to even reminisce my past 17 years which were full of straying in the direction of fleeting sense pleasures which resulted in nothing but strife in the long run. After this when I commenced Gayatri meditation no doubt I did not come across any ‘miracles’ yet my soul exuded with so much energy, valor and fearlessness that in comparison all material gains seem naught and useless in the absolute sense. All my material selfishness has been converted into spiritual selflessness. Now my ultimate goal is to humbly draw others too to this sacred wisdom of Gayatri and thus attain the true goal of life.

——————-M.R.Bharadwaj, Guna (M.P., India)





When even after 10 years of married life I failed to beget a child my family members started ignoring me. One day in anguish I cried to Mother Gayatri and said: I don’t mind even if you give me just one daughter because that is better than remaining childless which is a taint in my life. Exactly after 9 months I gave birth to a daughter and thus my family life became more peaceful. No doubt problems of various kinds do raise their hood now and then but due to Mother Gayatri’s blessings we get enough energy to ward them off.

—————–Mr. & Mrs. Dr. S.V.Garg, Bhopal (India)





About 2 years had elapsed since I commenced Gayatri devotion and I experienced mysterious movements in my soul. Despite being married I abstained from conjugal bliss (Brahmacharya) for 1 year. During this 1 year my spiritual experiences were that much more blissful. In the waking state I heard divine sound, divine scenes in the dream state and all this became a part and parcel of my life. As a result 2 precious jewels became mine viz. faith in immortality of our soul and soul bliss. I feel that divine truth has merged into my life totally. If only I could ‘show’ my inner divine state to others at a gross level maybe hundreds would seek Gayatri’s holy grace.

—————Advocate Badeelal Swarnakar, Narsinha Gadha (India)





Many may have read or heard about Gayatri meditation helping its devotee create a bond with Savita’s Prana (vital force). As far as I am concerned I have actually experienced this sacred bond within. In those days I clearly visualized a divine Purusha which manifested untold divine ecstasy in my soul (Ahlaad). But alas! I misused this divine energy due to some hidden unwholesome desires present in my psyche. One day I realized my serious folly but all was lost. And yet what does one gain by mere lip service repentance?

Hence I have again commenced to walk towards my true goal. Now I am focusing on mental control so that in future I do not misuse divine light that manifests in the psyche of a true devotee.

——————–Gokul Prasad Tripathi, Narsinha Gadha (M.P., India)





I experience divine bliss and ecstasy while undergoing Gayatri practices. While performing practices to strengthen and sanctify the Pranas I actually feel Gurudeva (author) to be by my side albeit subtly.

——————Ramswarup Tiwari, Kota (India)





I am a doctor by profession and yet because of regular Gayatri meditation my life is slowly but surely being subtly guided towards sainthood. Once in my dream Mother Gayatri commanded me to remove one person who was working for me from his job. This command hounded me a lot and ultimately I acted accordingly. Later I came to know that this person was planning cunningly to ruin my family life. Truly the compassionate Mother rescued me from dire consequences.

——————Dr. N.G.Chaudhari, Kansaa Bel (M.P., India)





My revered husband off and on visited Shantikunj, Haridwar, India. As a result doubts cropped up in my mind that lest he gave up his family life and donned the ochre robe our marital bliss would end. Inwardly I experienced anguish because of this serious doubt. And yet one day when I too visited Shantikunj all my doubts disappeared and I realized that it was I who was erring and not my beloved husband. I felt very bad that it was I who was the cause of my mental agony. Today agony has been totally replaced by firm faith in Mother Gayatri and I humbly try and inspire others too to seek her compassionate grace.

——————Mrs. Vinay Chaturvedi, Lucknow (India)





A Gayatri Family member called Mr. Bhagirath Prasad Gaur (Balagav village) was very much keen on setting up a branch of Gayatri Family in his village. Hence a Gayatri Yajna (fire sacrifice) and spiritual discourse program was planned. But I was worried whether the speaker was capable enough or not because if not then the villagers would shy away from this program. At that time I got a letter from an organizer from Sirali village saying Mr. Vasudev would be the speaker. To an extent my worry diminished.


Mr. Vasudev arrived and throughout the day we discussed important matters. At night in my dreams I visualized something extraordinary wherein in a very clean and white house our Gurudeva was standing. I asked him: Sir, how come you are here? He answered: I desire that you yourself take over the reins of this program. Do not worry because I am by your side. Immediately I awoke and woke up Vasudevji too. We both left for Balagav village and what we saw there left us dumbstruck. It was the same house which I saw in my dream where the program was planned to take place. Deep faith manifested in my mind. In a short while 2 more helpers arrived from villages called Harda and Pirli. The program was so successful that those who were scheming to spoil it culd not even take one step in that direction. Today this region has 5 branches of the International Gayatri Family. We have already conducted a 9-pyre Yajna and worship of Dev Kanyas. Should one be wonderstruck that Holy Mother can even pursue a lame man to climb a mountain?

—————-Narmada Prasad Gaur, Deepgav Khurd (Hoshangabad, India)





For a long time I had to be hospitalized and visit clinics and yet instead of overcoming ill health I got entwined in them more and more. No one could tell me what exactly, was the nature of my disease. I was thus mentally sinking in gloom and depression. Up till the year 1965 this illness persisted and I spent a few thousand rupees for its cure. In despair I wondered whether I was attacked by ghosts and evil spirits. Ultimately I came in contact with Gayatri Tapobhumi in Mathura, India. There I commenced Gayatri meditation and lo behold, my illness was cured. I am indeed blessed to contact this Divine Super Power called Gayatri. Now I have joint this mission and am selflessly working for its noble cause.

——————Gopal Lal Somani, Mandalgadh (U.P., India)





After undergoing a spiritual program of Brahmavarchas Chandrayan my disarrayed mental state got transformed into equanimity and poise. Further so much zeal and zest manifested in my soul that today I am encouraging other rural women to perform Gayatri rituals. Even if I have to go for a few miles away from my residence no fear exists in my psyche. Every moment I feel protected by Divine Mother Gayatri.

—————–Lakshmibai, Bhatgav (M.P., India)





It is my great fortune that from the very beginning Mother Gayatri came compassionately in my life and blessing it. It is her divine grace that helped me pass exams with flying colors. Although I played an important role in student welfare organizations I was saved from dirty politics by Gayatri’s grace. I yearn to place such examples of integrity and ethics that others too are motivated to follow suit.

—————–C. Lal Nema, Khandwa (India)





My spiritual vow of Chanrayan Vrata gave me untold gains. I cannot forget those days. Initially I became physically weak because this vow involved decreasing food intake on a daily basis. But on the final day not only did this weakness disappear but other bodily problems too were overcome. Apart from this the most important benefits of divine soul experiences and mental focus came my way.

——————-Narayan Gulab Chand, Banswal (India)





Some of my professional colleagues connived and slapped a law suit on me. They did so because these officers could not act according to their whims and fancies since I opposed such misdeeds. I spoke to Gurudeva and he said: Son! Have faith in that divinity which made you a man of good character. I too am by your side.


A stage came during court proceedings when the arguments of my opponents were so shrewd and cunning that things seemed totally against my favor. And yet in the final stage my attorney gave some wonderful arguments which now totally tilted the case in my favor. Thus the court set me free from those malicious allegations. There have been many other such incidences where Divine Mother has protected me fully.

—————–Jai Narandra Gopal Namla Ram Sunder, Itawa (U.P., India)





I suffered from intense Asthma for 20 years despite taking regular medical treatment. My life became a huge burden for me and was sure that any moment death would engulf me. At that time an acquaintance introduced me to revered Gurudeva who asked me to perform Gayatri worship. I regularly meditated on Gayatri and performed weekly Gayatri Yajnas. I experienced so much bliss while meditating that I completely forgot the pain of Asthma. It was sheer grace of Gayatri that I ultimately was cured of Asthma and attained mental peace and contentment.

—————–Shivkumar Khare, Kanikot (India)





The world over human life is such that every individual faces some problem or the other. Some face hardships with calmness and smilingly and the rest with loud wails of anguish. A Gayatri devotee manifests such a strong will power that it is relatively easy for him/her to overcome trying times. In many cases such solutions come their way which can be labeled nothing short of a miracle.





I had lost my job. I had no other income to take care of my expenses. All my friends turned away from me and thus I was faced with a gloomy situation. Hence life was nothing but depression for me. Under such dire straits I came in contact with Gurudeva and he helped my boat of hardships reach the shore of peace and joy. This shore was none other than blessings of mother Gayatri. Thus my withered life was transformed into lush greenery of peace and bliss. I got back my job and thus my family life too attained joy.

—————-Hari Krishna Sharma Mau, Bhind (M.P., India)

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Even after completing studies I was jobless. My family income was very meager. Other Gayatri devotees urged me to worship Gayatri. I commenced Gayatri meditation and also had holy Darshan of Gurudeva. Gurudeva heard my problem and gave me solace. As per his sage counsel I commenced Gayatri devotion and within 8 days I witnessed its positive result. I landed a job in Kathlal and my worries were dispelled. Today I worship Gayatri steadfastly and also have volunteered my services for this sacred mission. I have succeeded in inspiring many to worship Gayatri for both material and spiritual prosperity.

—————Bhanuprasad Chimanlal Dave, Kathlal kheda (Gujarat,India)





Due to some government changes both me and my son simultaneously lost our jobs. There was no income to meet our family expenses. It was Gurudeva’s inspiration that made me commence Gayatri meditation and thus I started re-applying for the lost job. If Gayatri’s holy grace is on us everyone one in the world too will rush to our aid. Government authorities accepted my fresh application and thus I regained my lost job.

————–Lekharam Khare, Dhangwa Hamirpur (U.P.,India)





My son Narayan sat for an exam set by the government for rural people. There were very faint chances of passing this exam yet because of Gayatri’s grace my son succeeded.

————-Renudharrai, Paudainyahat (Bihar,India)





I was working for Indian Railways. I had complained to the concerned officials about harassment faced while on duty. This case was later heard in the Patna High Court. The plea of senior officials against me was dismissed by the court and thus the judgment came in my favor. Further I was also promoted. Initially I was unsure of winning the court case but who can oppose a devotee who has surrendered to Mother Gayatri? And that too a devotee who unswervingly adhered to integrity and work ethics? I have firm faith that Mother Gayatri will always protect followers of truth and honesty. There maybe delay but ultimately the darkness of falsehood definitely gets destroyed.

————–Janardansingh Begumpur (Bihar,India)





One day during Holi festival celebrations a young man erred which led to mob fighting. All villagers in rage came at my doorstep with sticks in their hands. This terror like situation instilled untold fear in my mind and I rushed blindly to my worship altar. With tears rolling down my cheeks I begged Holy Mother to help me. I heard Mother’s divine voice in my conscience: Go outside fearlessly and know for sure that everyone will calm down. With faith I went outside my house. Amazingly everyone was quiet and thus the terrible situation ended. From that day my faith in mother Gayatri has grown by leaps and bound. I have volunteered to help others avail the divine light of mother Gayatri by devoting themselves to her.

——————M.P.Tiwari, Chatpara (M.P.,India)





I was traveling from Ambikapur by bus when we got involved in a terrible road accident. The bus overturned completely and it dragged for a few meters away. Thus it was almost impossible to escape alive. The entire bus was broken into pieces and many were injured very seriously and others died on the spot. Hence it was simply amazing that I was the only traveler who escaped with very minor injuries. At that time I clearly perceived a subtle powerful force as though it was carefully carrying me in its safe arms. Hence my faith is firm that it was Mother Gayatri that saved me from the jaws of imminent death.

————-Vishnudatt Gupt Adhivakta, Baikunthapur (M.P.,India)





Once when I was eating my lunch unknowingly I ate small glass pieces too along with the food. Of course when I actually realized that my meal had more tiny glass pieces I stopped eating food. All my family members were really worried at what happened. No one slept that night and instead they all meditated on Gayatri. As a result it was amazing to note that these glass pieces in my tummy did not harm me at all and thus everyone regained composure. Others who heard about this miracle too were wonderstruck.

—————–Murlidhar Chaturvedi, Jabalpur (M.P.,India)





I was totally incapable of getting my daughter Sushma married. I just could not find a groom for her and in addition I was not very wealthy. And yet one day her marriage was arranged very easily. At that time Sushma and her brother-in-law were to travel from Bijnor station. While climbing on to the train compartment the brother-in-law failed to clasp the door handle. The train left and he fell on the railway track. In this manner, 5 bogies of the train passed by while he was dangerously lying on the tracks. Suddenly someone in the train noticed his plight and thus pulled the emergency chain of the train. Initially everyone assumed that he was crushed mercilessly by the passing train. But lo behold! When they pulled him out of the tracks he was totally uninjured.

—————Vedprakash Agrawal, Bijnor (U.P.,India)





It was only after commencing Gayatri devotion that joy and peace manifested in my life. Firstly I completed an Anushthaan of .125 million Gayatri Mantra chanting. As a result I directly witnessed a miracle. I got a job as a compounder in a govt. hospital. My faith in Mother Gayatri intensified. I continued my spiritual endeavor with more vigor and deep faith. Within a year I got a major job promotion. One day a very close friend of mine became very angry despite the issue being very minor. He angrily flung a heavy brick at me which hit my head. Those nearby were sure that my brain would have been ripped apart. And yet all were astonished to see me uninjured and calm. Thus how can I even dream of leaving Mother Gayatri’s protective holy feet? I have unswerving faith that no other force other than divinity is omnipotent.

————-Chedilal Sharma Vaidya, Baikuthashram Khaddi (M.P.,India)





I was returning from college. Behind and ahead of me were 2 tempos. My cycle came along side a bullock cart. Accidentally my tyre (back one) banged against the bullock cart’s wheel. Since my cycle’s balance got lost I fell on to the ground. The cycle was flung at a short distance and the tempo’s tyre ran over my leg. Thus my vision became very blurred. I could not even shout for help. My life force within, silently prayed for Mother Gayatri’s grace. I prayed fervently: Beloved Mother! If you accept that I have even an iota of faith in your divinity may my injury be very minor. The terrible nature of the accident made me unconscious. After I recovered I was told that an unknown person picked me up and took me home along with my cycle. I was immediately hospitalized. An X-ray was taken of my injured leg and thankfully the bone was not fractured. Of course there was some swelling but amazingly it was warded off in 3-4 days. This accident seems like a dream for me. If Mother Gayatri had not lovingly blessed me I would have definitely entered the jaws of death on that ill fated day.

—————-Kumari Sudha Vaishya, Ratlam (M.P.,India)





On certain technical grounds I was relieved from my job and was re-appointed later by the management. This event of re-appointment had been foreseen by me in a dream seen previously. Of course when I was fired from my job I was worried and hence prayed fervently for Gayatri’s grace. Later as per my dream I regained my lost job.

—————-Prabhakar Krishna Thokay, Bhilai (M.P.,India)





This is a miraculous incident of Panduka Motor Stand. Suddenly one day a 5 year old girl came running on the road. From the opposite end a speeding car was approaching in her direction. The driver failed to apply brakes of the car so suddenly. It was sheer ill fate that the girl fell on the road while the car ran over her frail body. Only at a distance of 25 feet did the car stop finally. The driver was shaken by this accident and people around were also very agitated. For a moment it appeared as though the child was pounded to pulp. And yet, what a mind boggling sight it was! Because the child not only got up but started running again. Someone picked up the girl affectionately to check for injuries but amazingly none were found. Later it was known that this child was the daughter of a very great devotee of Gayatri. Ever since, I too have started regularly worshipping Gayatri.

————–Narayanprasad Sahu, Rajim (India)





It was only after I commenced Gayatri meditation that my life transformed for the better. Further many problems in life got solved miraculously. Due to a job promotion I left Hoshangabad. This is solely due to Mother Gayatri’s blessings.

————–Virendra Parihar, Hoshangabad (M.P.,India)






From the day I came in contact with Gurudeva Shriram Sharma I started regularly performing spiritual practices. I am very blessed because my life has been positively transformed. Initially I got a job in a farm based organization (Dhanva, India) for Rupees 65 a month. I also worked hard to get a promotion. In a short time span I got a job in State Bank of Indore, as a cashier. There I earned a salary of Rupees 650 per month. It is sheer Gayatri’s grace that gave me such a big promotion within 2 years. I can never repay this debt I owe to Gayatri and yet I show my gratitude by spreading Gayatri’s holy precepts to others bereft of them.

—————-Gopal Paliwal, Bhikangav (M.P.,India)





Certain incidents in my life egged me to pursue Gayatri worship. Once it so happened that my skirt caught fire and it was almost as though I was about to die. In another accident the rickshaw in which I was traveling banged into another car. In another incident some pick pockets robbed some cash I was carrying in my purse but to my great relief some sort of fear prompted them to drop the cash on the ground while fleeing. In all these dire situations it was Mother Gayatri who affectionately saved me. My heart oozes with ecstasy at the very thought of how much the Divine Mother loves me.

——————Pramila, Lucknow (U.P., India)





Some of the villagers where I dwelt made secret plans to kill me. It was virtually impossible to escape their demonic ploy. Under such dire circumstances I latched on to Mother Gayatri’s grace. Even Gurudeva assured protection to me. He sent me an amulet to wear for protection. Truly Mother’s grace saw to it that these villagers’ evil intention was foiled completely. I also was blessed when my wife’s deadly illness was warded off and when my lost child returned home safely. How can we think of straying away from Gayatri whose divine grace protects us each moment of our life? She is my one and only idol.

————–B.D.Kukreti, Varanasi (India)





A true Gayatri devotee actually experiences Mother Gayatri’s grace every moment in his/her life. Many have experienced this. Following are some experiences of true Gayatri devotees and Sadhaks:





I was unaware of even the course that contained the English questionnaire. Next day was the examination and I was in a quandary whether to study or attend the Gayatri Yajna scheduled for that day. Ultimately my heart voted in Gayatri’s favor and without worrying for my exam I attended the yajna whole heartedly. After returning home at night I fell into a deep slumber.


In the first quarter of the night I actually saw the question paper in my dreams. When I woke up I remembered all the questions. Early in the morning I studied all these questions and memorized the answers. When later I reached the exam venue I was amazed because 2 of the 5 questions were the ones seen by me in my dream the previous night. Thus this dream based premonition helped me clear my exam.

—————-Shyamsunder Saini, Sakeer (India)





Before I met Gurudeva my mind never concentrated on serious studying. As per his advice I commenced Gayatri meditation and I was astonished by the fact that my intellectual capacity augmented by leaps and bounds. Thus in virtually all exams I passed with flying colors. I had just completed my M.Com exams and despite the fact that results had yet to be declared I got a call for a good job. Apart from a written test I had given a viva test too which I felt was very tough. Despite this the examiners gave me a letter of appointment and I realized that it was my Gurudeva and Gayatri that had come to my aid. My M.Com results too were very good which made doubly sure that the job was definitely mine.

—————Ashok Jani, Gondal (Gujarat, India)





On that fateful day the river Ganga was very crowded. Enthusiastically I too descended down the river steps but the moment I dived into the river I got caught in a deadly whirlpool. When I thought I was going to get drowned I felt someone catching my hand tightly. I felt I was led to the river edge where my hand caught a chain of iron. Thus I came out of the river safely. I was totally unaware about these chains and yet Mother Gayatri in her divine way led me to one and thus saved me from an otherwise imminent death.

——————Kishorekumar Motilal Parmar, Sabarmati (Gujarat,India)





Whenever I prayed to Holy Gayatri and revered Gurudeva I asked for only one thing and that is: Give me my own home instead of the rented house that I lived in. Despite my weak financial status Gayatri blessed me in such a way that I gave up my rented house and shifted into a house within 1 year which was on ownership basis in my name. This was possible only because by their grace I got financial aid without paying any interest.

—————-Dr.Sukhsagarlal Gupt, Pilibhit (India)



After I commenced Gayatri meditation steadfastly my previous addiction to alcohol was now totally destroyed due to Mother Gayatri’s divine grace.

————–Shivnarayan Singh Gaap Bojh (Pilibhit,India)


Mother Gayatri helped me overcome my 10 year old habit of chain smoking just as a snake gives up its old skin hook, line and sinker.

—————Hiralal, Gram Sevak (Pilibhit,India)





Without doubt it is not apt to conjoin Gayatri’s divine power with some frail human conditions. And yet with faith whenever I have laid down certain conditions Mother Gayatri always executed them in my favor. With her grace I have seen some creatures which were declared come back to life.

————–Omprakash Pandeya Balli Nagar (Pilibhit,India)





Once, I experienced intense pain in my stomach and chest and it seemed as though death was about to engulf me. At that time when I came to know about Gayatri’s omnipotent divinity I commenced worship. And lo behold, that pain which no medical specialist could cure was overcome via gayatri’s grace.

————-Shivdayal Jaysava, Birsa (India)





My wife was operated in a Medical College of Jabalpur. Although it was a major operation my wife who too was a Gayatri devotee like me was not worrying at all. Midway during the operation her heart beats suddenly stopped. The doctors were about to declare her dead when suddenly her heart commenced beating. Later my wife told me: When the heart beats stopped and I was about to die revered Gurudeva in his subtle form was visualized by me near my bedside. Gurudeva firmly said: I will not let you die since you have yet to rear your small children. He then led me to a divine light which then subtly entered my body. Thus it appeared as though I was now awakening from deep sleep. The doctors treating her too were astounded with what had happened in front of their eyes.

————–Ram Sevak Khangar, Jabalpur (India)





There are 2 incidences in my life which made me a firm devotee of Gayatri. The first was when my husband became very ill and the second was when the doctors said that my elder married daughter would have to undergo a major operation while delivering her baby. Both times I fervently prayed to Mother Gayatri and she certainly helped me. It is her grace that has given my family both material and spiritual bliss.

—————–Malti Sinha, Gaya (India)





Before I commenced Gayatri meditation my mind was always swimming in vile, dirty and unwholesome thinking. This tainted mind manifested as a weak and diseased body (psycho-somatic). But from the day I met Gurudeva and commenced Gayatri meditation God alone knows how but all my lowly thinking disappeared into the thin air. Now my mind dwells on self advancement and other world beings too. I experience so much divine bliss while meditating that all material pleasures in comparison seem null and void.

—————–Navinbhai Jani, Gondal (Saurashtra, India)





After I commenced Gayatri devotion on a daily footing all my life’s problems and imbalances got corrected. If ever I misuse wealth, time etc my mind strongly reprimands me. Now that my life has gained optimum balance it oozes with peace and contentment.

—————Vala Prasad, Depalpur (India)





Faith, trust etc not only transforms our mind but also our body (psychosomatic). We humans try all available means to overcome sorrow. And yet when this endeavor proves futile we pray with faith to God (Mother Gayatri in this case). And lo behold, slowly but surely our problems get dissolved to naught. Following are some examples to prove this point:





My son Salikram fell ill. For 8 days in succession he went without food and did not speak one word. Many doctors examined him but it was all in vain. When my son was breathing his last I requested a Gayatri devotee in my neighborhood to pray for his life. Although this devotee refused saying that he did not have the necessary divine potential to do so yet he tried praying for Gayatri’s divine intervention. Further we arranged a Gayatri Yajna and the sacred ash of the fire, was lightly applied on my dying son’s scalp. Immediately my ill son got up in his bed and asked for a glass of milk. This was the first words he spoke after an 8 day gap of silence. On my part I was very much ashamed because previously a few people had asked me to commence Gayatri worship and I had refused to do so. And today that very Gayatri whom I had turned my face away from was compassionately pouring her loving grace on my beloved son. Now my inner eyes opened and have become an unswerving devotee of Holy Gayatri.

—————Maniram Thakray Khairalojee (M.P.,India)





As per the dream of Mrs. Kapila Devi an accident occurred and as per that very dream my life was saved. On that fateful day I was supposed to travel from New Delhi to Jalandhar by Janta Express train and I was waiting on the platform. At that time an unknown person advised me to travel by Kashmir Mail because one could not depend on Janta Express. He felt that the latter would take a long time in reaching my destination. As per his advice I traveled by Kashmir Mail train. Next day to my wonderment I was told that Janta Express train had met with an accident while running from Delhi to Jalandhar. Six compartments of this train were powdered to pulp. And I realized that Mother Gayatri had lovingly saved my life. Today all my family members are staunch devotees of Gayatri after undergoing this hair raising incident.

—————-Madanmohan Saraswat (Jodhpur, India)





My elder brother was having hernia problems. As a result of this illness he was in great pain. Doctors had decided to operate my brother. Since all our relatives were very anxious I was called. I gave them solace only due to Mother Gayatri’s blessings. Slowly the fear factor was overcome and the doctors were given consent by us for the operation. At that time all the doctors were very experienced and skillful. Hence the operation was very successful. My brother regained good health very swiftly. Of course even those highly experienced medical team were worried about the operation’s outcome but after it was over they too were astonished with such positive results.

—————-Jayantilal Pandya, Gandhidham (Gujarat,India)





For 20 years continuously I suffered from stomach aches. At that time I was given various forms of treatments. A major portion of my income was used for buying medicines, tests etc. One day my friend named Sukhram spoke to me about the Gayatri Mission and thus I got inspired to commence Gayatri devotion. Divine Mother’s grace manifested and my stomach problem was warded off without any medical aid. Slowly I started saving more money because there was no need of expensive medication and thus my life became joyous and peaceful. Ever since then I am inspiring others too to surrender to Divine Gayatri. Sometimes I feel sad that some people refuse to accept divine grace’s existence despite the fact that God loves all his creatures impartially. Obviously they refuse due to the veil of spiritual ignorance in their soul.

————-Sevakram Master Khairagad, Durg (M.P.,India)





My wife suffered from a psychiatric problem. When despite good medical aid she did not improve we started praying devotedly to Holy Gayatri. How could I return empty handed from Gayatri’s abode when none have so far been disappointed by her? With Gayatri’s divine grace the medical treatment now started giving positive results and finally my wife was cured.

—————Banshidhar Panda (M.P.,India)





For quite a few years I was a patient of allergy. I was given many forms of medical aid but none gave relief. So I surrendered to Mother Gayatri. Daily with deep faith I meditated on her. Previously to my amazement the allergy became more intense after taking medicines but after commencing spiritual practices my allergy condition improved a lot despite taking very minor dosage of medicine. The attending doctor too was wonderstruck with this event. Hence my faith in the Mother of the Universe grew manifold as days passed by. How could I keep this divine grace limited only to my well being? Therefore I started inspiring others too to devote themselves to Gayatri for both material and spiritual well being.

—————-Jayant C. Patel, Baroda (Gujarat, India


AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra Meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton



29 Apr

One more energy stream of Gayatri is Kundalini.  Kundalini is material energy and it lies entwined in our souls. Kundalini is inseparably bound to all living beings. Kundalini is also called vital electricity, life force, inner energy, Fire of Yoga etc. A conscious electrical stream flows in our nerves. Its 2 ends are called poles. These poles are akin to the North and South Poles on earth. The North Pole is present in the centre of the brain called Brahmarandhra. This area has the Sahasrar Chakra which directly contacts cosmic consciousness. The magnetic force of the North Pole on earth attracts energies of the cosmos towards itself. Similarly the Sahasrar Chakra of our brain attracts divine energies of cosmic consciousness.  One end of Kundalini lies in the Brahmarandhra (scalp region) and is called the Great Serpent. It is in a coiled state. It is also called Sheshanag, Shiva’s serpent etc. Gayatri Meditation helps awaken this otherwise sleeping serpent. In turn its terrific potent power helps attract infinite divine glories of the cosmic soul.


The other end of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) is Mooladhar Chakra. It is a small energy whirlpool that lies in the centre of the excretory organs and is called the South Pole. Creation and distribution of material energy of a human body takes place over here. It is also called reproductive energy. From here manifest zest and enthusiasm. Many forces that work in the human body manifest from this region. The brain and heart are said to be the most important organs of the human body. The brain of the subtle body is the Sahasrar Chakra and is called the Great Serpent. The heart of the subtle body is the Mooladhar Chakra and it is the South Pole of Kundalini Super Power. The stream that flows between the North and South Poles is latent or “sleeping”. As a result man lives the life of a beast i.e. eat, drink and be merry. Just like animals, man too begets children. Kundalini awakening leads to manifestation of divine energy and hence man attains extraordinary power. A give and take relationship between the Great Serpent of Sahasrar Chakra (North Pole) and the Great Serpentess of the Mooladhar Chakra (South Pole) is established. This is the result of Kundalini awakening. The confluence of material and spiritual potentials too manifests miracles. It is like the meeting of 2 electrical wires that creates an intense flow of electricity.


Yogic practices help purify our brain energy. Tantra Sciences induces intensity in vital energy and with its help one can make one’s material and spiritual potential more powerful. Kundalini is the presiding deity of Tantra Sciences. Mooladhar Chakra represents Bhuloka. Sahasrar represent Brahmaloka. They come and go via the Devyan Marg i.e. the Merudand (subtle spine). This path has 6 Chakras. The 7th target is Sahasrar Chakra. It is represented by the 7 Lokas, 7 oceans, 7 mountains, 7 Rishis, 7 Puris, 7 pilgrim spots, 7 notes, 7 islands, 7 days etc. Kundalini awakening activates all these 7 milestones. Thus a spiritual seeker becomes powerful both materially and spiritually.


In the human body an intense stream of vital energy dwells in the Mooladhar Chakra. This energy is then circulated in the entire body which helps fulfill many tasks in our daily life. It has an extraordinary potential wherein via our genital organs, it transforms man. Man’s valor, daring, enterprise, zest, zeal etc. manifests from this region. Sexual passion contains all these movements. When one uses sexual passion merely for begetting children, a lot of energy is wasted.


The aim of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) awakening is to transform the ordinary vital force into the cosmic vital force. It is then raised to the level of the Brahmarandhra in the brain which activates many supernatural powers. Thus man becomes divine. Fourteen jewels appeared when the ocean was churned (Indian Mythology). Kundalini awakening too helps manifest an infinite vault of divine powers. Kundalini awakening means upliftment of an individual both materially and spiritually. In this spiritual endeavour the seeds of sexual passion are converted to seeds of divine power. The union of Kali and Mahakal, Shiva and Shakti and vital force with cosmic vital force manifests miraculous results. It is called Kundalini awakening. One stream of Gayatri is called Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power). Kundalini awakening is a part of Gayatri’s Tantra Science.

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The method of Kundalini awakening is found in Gayatri based spiritual practices. To a certain extent it can be activated via Hathayoga, Pranayoga, Tantrayoga etc. Despite this a total awakening is possible only via Gayatri Meditation. The serene Gayatri spiritual practice helps a spiritual seeker awaken his Kundalini without any danger.



One more stream of Gayatri Super Power is Durga. Kali is also Durga. Kali is Mahakal’s consort. Mahakal is the God of cosmic time. Kali devotees always accept the importance of time and hence they never misuse it.




Lethargy destroys the body and indolence, one’s mental energy. If both these are overcome an ordinary man reaches pinnacles of greatness. Time is nothing but Lord’s grace. Apt use of time helps man attain all that he desires. The Lord is subtle in nature. Human Birth has many benefits.  Amongst them is the wealth of time. We should not misuse time via lethargy and indolence. If we use time for sacred tasks, we can progress both materially and spiritually. This precept applies to Gayatri’s Kali image worship.




In order to attain a particular goal, one should make a daily schedule and follow it implicitly with a focused mind. One is indeed worshipping greatness if faith is being imbibed in one’s daily task. Thus it becomes the very basis of attaining greatness.




Kali has many other names like Durga, Chandi, Amba, Shiva, Parvati etc. Loneliness is always incomplete even if it is powerful. The more one gets help, the more one succeeds in life. The importance of congregations and association is manifold. Congregation and cooperation is the foundation stone of progress, prosperity and power as far as an individual and society is concerned. Until today whatever man has attained has been due to a cooperative effort. In future too this will be the basis of world progress.






In the story of Durga’s incarnation, the demons defeated the demi-gods in a battle and thus there was terror everywhere. In order to evade this terror, Prajapati gathered the aura of the demi-gods. With the help of which he created Kali. Thus Kali was an intense storehouse of energy. Kali or Chandi destroyed the demons and thus the demi-gods retained their heavenly abode. From this story it is very clear that collective energy is very powerful. It can be used for any sacred task so as to attain success.




Durga’s vehicle is a lion which is a symbol of daring. Durga’s activities are full of struggles. In order to gain victory in the battle of life, one has to combat one’s mental taints and weaknesses. In one’s external life, one is daily attacked by undesirable elements. Thus there is no option but to fight them. No doubt we all desire to live in peace yet it is very difficult to stay away from obstacles in life. Hence one has to perforce combat then. The Durga principle of Gayatri Super Power gives us daring, valour and enterprise which is most required for overcoming obstacles in life.


AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra Meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton



28 Apr


“A light is rising high up.  It will purify the atmosphere and destroy the mental taints and sins of world humanity.  The world will be united as a single nation and joy and peace will be established eternally in the entire world.”








“Your interest in flaunting of miracles is waning and you believe that Extra Sensory Powers (ESP) and divine energy should be utilized only for world welfare.  Hence you can definitely tell us whether any transformation is possible in the materialistic attitude of the world which is spreading dangerously in the entire world?  When will political frauds die an eternal death?  Is it possible that all nations will agree with the disarmament proposal?  Will the world unite as a single nation?  Will communism spread in the entire world?  Will all these changes take place in a very short time?”




A great political leader of Holland once requested a famous seer of his country, Gerard Chrisey, to answer the above questions.  In India it is quite common that people believe in prophecies but Holland is may be that rare country of the world which takes help of respected seers / futurists of their country to advise them regarding tasks pertaining to police stations, parliaments and other governmental activities.  In our country (India) anyone can attain Extra Sensory Potential (ESP) via high leveled austerities and spiritual practices.  This method is not found in any other nation of the world.  Despite this, due to God’s grace, such souls embody in various countries whose prophecies generally come true.  In this century (20th), not only in Holland but virtually in entire Europe, Gerard Chrisey was said to be the greatest foreteller of the future.   Very rarely were his prophecies proved wrong.  Gerard Chrisey was born in a Jewish family of Holland.




Once an American professor telephonically questioned Chrisey – “My daughter is suddenly missing.  You very well know that children are the apple of their parent’s eyes.  My mind is tensed because my daughter is not by my side.  Her education too has been affected.  Will you please tell me about her whereabouts?”




“Many a times our mind becomes wayward and agitated.  Thus it is difficult to understand even common situations.  Your problem requires that I focus all my sentiments at one point and dive deep into my psyche.  It is only then that my soul will contact subtle vibrations.  At present I myself am involved in one problematic situation.  Tomorrow at this very time I will answer your question.”  After replying thus Chrisey disconnected the phone.




On the next day at that very hour, the American Professor seated 5,000 miles away from Holland picked up the telephone and he realized that it was Gerard Chrisey ringing him up from Holland.  Gerard said – “Your daughter was at a clinic and from there she came to the edge of a stream.  This stream must be close to a clinic.  She sat in a boat and reached the other end of the stream.  There she saw a big red car.  Your daughter sat in that car and went away.  Do not worry, your daughter is fine and within 6 days she will return to your home.”


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Even after 6 days the Professor’s daughter did not return.  The Professor entered the room where his telephone was placed and thought of phoning Chrisey.  As he raised the telephone receiver and simultaneously raised his head, he saw his daughter seated on the sofa in front of him.  He asked his daughter as to how she managed to disappear?  His daughter’s reply exactly matched the prophetic description given by Chrisey earlier on.  The American Professor amazingly wondered as to whether a human being can see and hear things taking place in any corner of the world without the help of scientific apparatus?  If only he had read Indian philosophy, he would have known that each individual has a latent soul force within his being.  The Lord has compassionately given us humans, a multifaceted machine i.e. our body which if aptly used, can help us see not only far off objects but also the subtle world.  In fact man can become God too, which is the true goal of human life.




Chrisey is proof of this fact.  Innumerable times he gave prophecies which were proved to be true later on.  Once a certain gentleman’s son was missing.  He showed his son’s photograph to Chrisey.  Chrisey said – “ I see water surrounding this son of yours from all directions.  It seems as though your son is drowning in water.”  Chrisey was proved right because on the following day the gentleman’s son’s dead body was found floating in a river situated close by.




One day a lady asked Chrisey – “Tell me something about a very distant past event in my life when you were just a small boy.”  Chrisey replied – “One day in the past you had gone to the fields with your friends.  While walking, you came across a plant that had thorns. One friend of yours pushed you and you fell on this plant.  One thorny stem pierced your abdomen.  This wound on your abdomen left a mark which can be seen even today.”




That lady agreed that the above incident had occurred 27 years back.  At that time she was a 12 year old girl.  On 13th September 1960 A.D. an important incident took place in Gerard Chrisey’s life.  A priest came to meet Chrisey and asked him about a missing boy.  There was nothing new about it yet Chrisey said, “This boy is cycling speedily in a jungle.”  Immediately after saying this Chrisey kept quiet.  It seemed as though he was deep in thought and hence the priest asked – “Why did you stop speaking?  Do tell me more about this boy.”




After breathing deeply, Chrisey said – “There is nothing more to add. A tall, hefty man is chasing this boy.  His hair is black.  At a short distance from that area he has murdered the boy and has buried the boy’s dead body there itself.”  Chrisey gave an exact description of the location in which the boy was buried.  When people visited that place, they saw that Chrisey’s prophecy was true cent percent.  Even the post mortem report agreed with Chrisey and said that indeed the boy was murdered.




Dr. Tanfay, a researcher in the field of Parapsychology, was in those days studying the causes of Extra Sensory Power (ESP).  He called Chrisey one day and led him to a place where a meeting was to take place the following day.  The stage had been set up and chairs arranged neatly for the audience to sit on.  Dr. Tanfay stood beside one chair and asked – “Chrisey, can you tell me who will be sitting on this chair in tomorrow’s meeting?”




Chrisey replied – “A lady will sit on this chair.”  Then he described that lady which was simultaneously recorded on a tape recorder.  Next day it so happened that a lady did sit on that chair.  When the lady was questioned about what Chrisey had earlier said about her, she agreed totally with it.  Dr. Tanfay was deeply influenced by this incidence.  In reality Dr. Tanfay was largely responsible for the name and fame Chrisey achieved in the entire world.




Chrisey now began solving many complicated political, social and educational problems.  To the extent that the Archeological Department too asked for Gerard’s help.  Dr. Walcot Utecher, a Geologist of Johannesburg University, found a piece of bone in a cave of South Africa called Cannibal.  The bone seemed very ancient but none of the scientists could decipher as to which era / age it belonged to. Dr. Tanfay advised these researchers to take Chrisey’s help.  Chrisey, after touching that piece of bone described an era and tribal organization of South Africa which sacrificed human beings as an offer of worship to their deity.  Chrisey said that this particular bone was that of a dead human being who was sacrificed by his tribe in the past.  The name of the tribe given by him matched perfectly with findings of the Archeological Department.




Day by day Chrisey achieved more fame and glory.  Despite this he realized that by describing the past and future of anybody and everybody, he was loosing his Extra Sensory Power( ESP).  Chrisey asked himself as to why he was experiencing discontent after describing someone’s past or future!  The answer he got was that Extra Sensory Power should only be used for cosmic welfare and never for selfish gain, name, fame, etc.




In the first paragraph of this article, Chrisey was asked a question regarding politics.  His reply was – “I clearly see a radiant light emerging from an extremely ancient country of Asia (India), where sages and serpents are worshipped, whose women are very pure and who never divorce their husbands and whose citizens are straightforward, simple and honest.  Over here such a great saint has taken birth who will design programs for world peace, prosperity and unity.  During these times the world will experience a lot of turbulence, terrible wars will be fought and a few countries will be destroyed totally.  So many plane crashes will occur that people will travel less by air.  This great saint will have innumerable followers wherein women will predominate.  These followers will be residents of various regions of that country.  They will light pyres and offer fragrant materials to that scared fire (Yajnas).  The smoke emitted as a result will purify and sanctify the atmosphere.  World humanity will pay more and more attention to the above followers.  When all world political leaders will realize the importance of the sagely advice of this saint, they will have to unite and confer with one another on one dais.  The proof of my prophecy will be witnessed at the end of the 20th century.  At that time the world will be united as a single nation and only peace and prosperity will reign in the world.  There will be no place for violence, terrorism, riots, falsehood etc.  Capital punishment will be meted out to vile men and those, who harass women sexually or otherwise.  People will drink more milk.  The world will beautifully bloom like fragrant flowers.”


AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra Meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton



27 Apr

Generally a downfall connotes a bad meaning and to rise up means good.  This principle is also applicable to the body especially as far as the vital force of the genital organs is concerned.  By terming the Mooladhar Chakra as the female genital organ and the Sahasrar as the male genital organ no doubt only a symbolic analysis has been made but it is not so as far as actions are concerned.  Instead of not wasting the Mooladhar energy in sexual passion it should be raised to the head region so that via proper meditation the eye of divine wisdom can be opened up.  The sleeping Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) wound around the Shivaling dwells there like a sleeping female snake.  But when it evolves and rises up towards the head region she dwells in the grey matter of the brain i.e. in the subtle nerve network of Sahasrar Kamal.  After a rise the small Shivling takes the form of a gigantic mount Kailash.  It evolves further in the blooming 1000 – petalled lotus called the Sahasradal Kamal.  Thus one by one all the latent centers of the brain get activated.  This is the magnification of the microcosm to the  macrocosm.


In this sort of a control it is very much required that support of the Merudand be taken.  If thus the conscious energy flow of the Sushumna can be used for higher sacred goals then the bliss of Brahman that one experiences in n-fold more than the joy of sense pleasures.  Yogic exercises like Bandah, Mudra, Pranayam, Asan etc.  are carried out for this very purpose.  Via Sidhasan, Vajrasan, Shaktichalini Mudra, Bandhas, Prana Yoga etc. the energy of Mooladhar is activated /awakened and raised upwards so as to unite it with self fulfilled centers.  But all these Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga practices are but the first step in Kundalini activation.  Never should these be taken as the ultimate step in Kundalini activation and in fact it can be compared to merely the choke action of heating up a cold motor engine.


This topic definitely needs clarification because Kundalini is also called Kaamabeej (seed of all desires and sexual passion).  As a symbol the Shivling is reinstated.  When the Shivling is bathed then the water vessel is placed on the tripod stand and one by one drops of water bathe the Shivling.  In the woman’s genitals there is sexual passion.  In the lower half of the male genitals is the female genital.  When both these opposites are activated then there are incidence of sex conversion.  The male becomes a female and vice versa.  The reason is this that energy enters these latent areas.  Sexual passion too manifests because of the above reasons.  In order that this undesirable act does not manifest nectar needs to be dripped in these regions from the head area.  This nectar is called Soma Rasa.  In he Soham spiritual practise of Khechri Mudra one gets to sip this Soma Rasa.


When a tripod stand is sued to bathe the Shivling then its 3 legs represent the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Naadis (subtle nerves).  The bathing of a Shivling symbolizes Kundalini awakening.  This symbolic description tells us that Kundalini’s Lord is the powerful Lord Shiva.  Its place of residence should be looked upon as pure as the Kailash mountain and the Manasarovar.  It should not be lewdly looked upon as the genital organs of males and females.  In fact by harbouring sacred sentiments of its importance and purity one should perform spiritual practices so as to utilize it for higher spiritual goals.  The endeavour of enterprise and artistic skills and actions and sentiments of beauty should not be dried up only in protection.  Instead the Shiva energy of the Mooladhar Chakra present near the genital organs should be utilized for higher spiritual goals.


Certain people full of lewd imagination regarding the spiritual practise of Hatha Yoga discuss about “From sexual union to trance”.  That is from “Sambhog say Samadhi Ki Ore.”  They correlate it to the male’s phallus and the female’s vagina.  This is just not correct and is in fact very vulgar, absurd and devoid of a proper sense of direction.  In reality such lewd, vulgar observations should never touch such sacred areas like the head and the heart.  By keeping it holy one should try and observe celibacy and thus raise it for higher goals.  This should be observed both by males and females.  The scriptural authors while discussing the nature of Kundalini have correlated it to artistic sexual skills.  But its meaning is not sexual lust and in fact it means manifestation of vim and vigour in the body.  Mooladhar Chakra is also called the seed of sexual passion and Sahasrar Kamal is the seed of divine wisdom.  The purification-coordination of both results in discriminative activities.  This divine power aids us in all round advancement of life, purification of one’s character and high idealistic thinking.  Kundalini Yoga is that spiritual practise which helps in attaining spiritual ideals.


In the Shwetashwatar Upanishad Kundalini is called “Fire of Yoga” or “Nachiketa’s Fire” and it is synonymous with the pure fire of a Yajna.  It is said that in whosoever’s body this fire of divinity is lit, there the body is diseaseless and the mind is absolutely serene.  In “Chainik Yoga Pradeepika” I. Lohen has called it as “spirit fire” and ahs correlated it to the blazing fire of the soul.

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The great scholar of the Western School of Yoga, Sir John Woodroffe has called it “serpent fire”.  The founder of Theosophical Society, Madam Blavatsky calls it “cosmic electricity” and says that its speed is 3,45,000 miles /sec.  Whereas the speed of light is 1,95,000 miles/sec.  The electrical waves have a speed of 2,99,000 miles/ sec.  According to great scientists the speed of thought waves is 7 times more than  electrical waves i.e. it is 22,65,120 miles /sec.  In the flash moment of a thought one can circumambulate the earth 40 times.


Despite being a spiritual power Kundalini definitely gets correlated to bodily electricity.  Dr. Vasantji Rele in his book “The Mysterious Kundalini” calls it a nerve force.  The introduction of this book has been written by Sir John Woodroffe.  According to him where Rele correlates Kundalini with the right vagus nerve there he himself calls it a greater force.  According to him Kundalini is a dynamic reality.  It is a latent energy which by evolving (raising higher) instead of the usual involution of matter one can radiate one’s character with divine glory.  According to Vasant Rele Kundalini in a steady state is ordinary but when it takes up the kinetic form it becomes the vital force.  According to him texts like Hathayoga Pradeepika, Shiva Samhita and Shatchakra Niroopan say that Kundalini is an individualistic form of cosmos in which pervade great conscious power.


The Western scientist Hudson who is also a scholar of Hathayoga says in his famous book “Science of Seership” that the magical power Kundalini should be activated only under the guidance of a great saintly preceptor and that the mind should be pure i.e. devoid of any desire.  Else if the Kundalini moves downwards, it will lead to lust and attachment to sense objects.  And then this power will be misused in activities like satisfying lowly desires and selfish needs.


Jain Yogic teachers have named Kundalini as “Tejoleshya” and have given 2 ways of attaining it.  The first method is to perform penance while taking very limited quantities of food and water.  The second mode is to heat up one’s body with rays of the sun i.e. imbibing solar energy while meditating on the sun.  The root source of Tejoleshya is said to be the subtle body.  That center also belongs to Kundalini.  Tejoleshya can also be said to be a form of Savitri worship.


While discussing Kundalini Shakti, Yogic scientists say it is the “Voice of silence.”  People know the influence of fire and electricity and make apt use of it.  If they truly understand the use of spiritual and metaphysical fire then one can attain innumerable Sidhis (divine powers) of the region of the soul.


Dr. Scott says that this is a crystal with whose aid the transistor of our life functions.  Anatomists describe it in their own way and they call the spinal cord and Mooladhar Chakra as “Ganglion Impar.”  It is compared to a generator, dynamo, battery, magnet etc.  Everyone accepts that it is a blazing pyre of the arena of sexual passion and that if it is raised higher, it gives that person extraordinary powers.


Dr. Henry Lindal along with a description of the root source of cosmic conscious electricity and the electricity of the material world has also elucidated the electricity working in the human body.  All round the earth present in the cosmos is spread the net of electromagnetic waves and this positive electricity has a force of 3 lakh volts.  Every living being bears a pressure of 5 volts/metre.  The micro part of this cosmic electricity dwells in the human body as Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power).  Dr. Lindal has said that in the activities of human cells and nerves a great amount of electrical energy gets utilized.  Its source is the brain and not the heart.  It is the basis of commencement and end of our life.  But this source is not unilateral.  The brain grey matter situated at the top of the Merudand and the lower half of the Sushumna that corresponds to cada equina, produces vital force electricity.  In the brain grey matter i.e. the reticular activating system there is a continuous overflow of electrical flames.  A bigger part of this electricity is found in the southern pole which is also the center of sexual passion.  Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama with the help of his AMI machine has found a dense proportion of this electricity in this point of focus.  The reason why scientists have conducted a detailed research study on this center of sexual passion is because Kundalini is an important area of life’s movements.  Because a new living being is full of means of producing new material, its power and importance in comparison to all organs is most sensitive and very potent.  The make up of sacral plexus and cada equina is very intricate and important from the physiological viewpoint just like the brain.  This fact has been presented variedly by Mr. Lee Sanela in his book “Kundalini – Psychosis and Transcedence”, Dr. C. Naranjo – R. Arnsteer in “Psychology of Meditation.”


Dr. Carrington in his book “Modern Psychology and Indian Philosophy” has written that there are so many examples wherein it is witnessed that whether the body made up of vital force and molecules remains or nor yet its subtle existence continues.  Despite being united to its body the authority center of the vital force units remain intact in that area.  Correlated to this find there is another discovery of Yogis wherein there is an emergence of ideoplasm or psychoplasm when the Yogi is in the highest states of mediation called Samadhi or trance.  Scientists opine that it keeps getting emitted from the body in a steam state and it is most found in the scalp area, tips of the fingers, lips, face, Naadi Chakra and around the genital organs.  After the study and depiction (Kirlean photography of the “Biological Plasma Body” by the Russian scientist Semian Kirlean) this research activity with reference to the vital force of the subtle body – Kundalini has attained a great deal of fame.  Emanueal Swedenborg calls it the visible cloud of ether wherein after usage of special filters it can be photographed with the aid of high voltage projection.  Scientists opine that its appearance is akin to the net of a wasp and the smell of ozone.  Its density increases/ decreases due to corresponding increase /decrease of the life force.  Sentiments can also increase/decrease its influence.  Its proof of existence has been elucidated by Lyell Watson in his book “Super Nature” wherein even if a part of a person’s body is cut off yet this person experiences its presence in the form of pain, burning, scratching etc.  In this incidence called “Phantom Limb Effect” it is proved that the subtle body exists as ectoplasm and it is this that gives a person the experience of sensation despite the gross nerves being absent.


According to the books “Tibetan Book of the Dead” and “Chinese Book of the Soul” the gross body and vital body exist separately.  No doubt both coexist side by side but sometimes the vital body gets separated so as to dwell elsewhere and that a new vital body comes into existence.  Hence many a time man’s existence is experienced doubly.


Dr. Seel and J. Taylor in their book “The Positive Sciences of Ancient Hindus” write that the rituals and spiritual practices of the Hindu religion utilizes the vital body a great deal and hence are very potent.  This vital body can be seen with divine eyes.  Some years back an article on this topic was published in the magazine “Theosophist” under the title of “Anatomy of Tantras”.


The Theosophist scientist C. W. Leadbeater has elaborated furthers on the 6 Chakras situated on the Merudand in his book “The Chakras.”  He opines that the vital body is created out of a special type of electrical force and is present in the body just as a bird cuddles in its nest.  Many other scientists call the Prana (vital force) as “Fire of Life”.  The more this fire is present in a person’s body the more that person is conscious, enthusiastic, daring and radiant.  But when there is a lack of it then even if the body is very well built yet this person will be a scare booby, lethargic and full of despair.  This electrical force can be augmented with effort too.  This is the reason why Yogic practices are encouraged.  Kundalini Yoga is based on vital force science.


The gist of Kundalini awakening involves attracting vital consciousness from the entire cosmos so as to unite this great consciousness with one’s own vital force and thus attain higher divine powers.  Hence Yogic practices are encouraged so as to utilize these divine powers for higher sacred goals.  This capacity increases in proportion to one’s mental control and with wastage of this force this capacity decreases and ultimately gets destroyed.


Jacob Boham is very well known amongst European Tantriks.  The book “Theosophist Practica” authored by his German disciple George Michel advises that Kundalini awakening and the 6 Chakras should be kept a closely guarded secret.  Because if it gets into wrong hands then it can lead to the downfall of such a person.  Because when such incapable people learn about Kundalini science they “preach” it to others like blind men leading other blind men.  Thus the so called preacher also falls like his so called “disciples.”


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26 Apr

The Shrutis (Vedas) say:

Devi vachamjanayanta devastam

Vishwaroopaha pashavo vadanti.

Sa no mandreshvamurgam duhana


MEANING: Subtle speech is Goddess. It is the entire world manifest. She is the mother of demigods. Demigods are Mantra in nature. This by itself is science. Via the energy of this speech manifested Kamadhenu (or wish fulfilling cow) we are all alive. Because of it we speak and understand.

Words have 2 forms. The 1st is which is uttered by the tongue. It can be heard by the ears. With it one can know its meaning. Further a form or incident conjoined to these words get painted or photographed on the mental screen. Words uttered aloud are called Vaikhari. In day to day mundane tasks this speech is used a lot.

The 2nd form of words is called Paravak or subtle speech. It dwells in our psyche in the form of sentiments, wisdom and aspiration. It is energy in form. It oozes with inspiration. The intellect is its follower, the mind is its servant and psyche is its aide. In order to render sentiments emerging from inner sensitive centers with name and form, in order to generate means the mind and intellect have to work. The body is the follower of these two. Hence the body too has to go in their prescribed direction. In it via the inspiration of Paravak or subtle speech dwelling in the inner personality the mind and body get a direction. Whatever man thinks, does becomes and attains is but the grace of Paravak.

The eating resting and other routine habits of the body are rendered well developed and healthy. This development takes place on the basis of the mind, brain, studies, proximity, thinking and experience. In order to render Paravak which is the manifestation of the deep cave of the psyche, healthy, well advanced, sacred and potent we need to execute spiritual practices. Spiritual practices can be for making the body powerful and also to develop the brain region. Exercising, studying can be called spiritual practices of the body and mind. If these are not taken recourse to both shall remain underdeveloped. God has given us a body full of varied potentials and also a mind full of various possibilities yet if efforts are not made to render them well managed and highly developed then they by heading in undesirable directions can become distorted, fallen and demeaned. They can get engulfed with diseases and anguish. Similarly Paravak which is the energy of one’s psyche is not sanctified appropriately it can become downfallen in a demonic fashion. Just indolent lethargic people render their psyche and body diseased in the same way if efforts to render the psyche well cultured, sanctified and highly advanced are given up man enters the state akin to a beast and a ghost. A psyche covered by demonic qualities reeks of bad sentiments, tainted intellect and vile activities. Such a person himself/herself is agitated and harasses others too without any rhyme or reason.

In order to make the body and mind well advanced certain efforts are made yet more important than this is to sanctify the psyche piously. This goal is attained via Paravak (subtle speech) spiritual practice. This also is the aim of Mantra Sciences. With its aid the sensitive centers of Paravak are contacted and means of sanctification are thus made available.

The Shrutis or Vedas say:

Pakka naha saraswati vajbhir

Vajinivati dhonamavitrayavatu.

Speech that is sanctified via austerities bestows us with purity, nourishment, brilliant talent, divine intellect and inspiration. It is the penance based goal of Paravak that is called Mantra chanting and practices. Mantras chanted by the gross Vaikhari speech and meditated upon by subtle Madhyama speech awaken subtler speeches called Para and Pashyanti. Thus when all 4 types of speeches get activated and get raised to higher levels, the creature or living being becomes Almighty God.  Deity Brahma has 4 faces. He created the 4 Vedas. This 4 fold manifestation is but the uprising of the 4 speeches called Vaikhari, Madhyama, Para and Pashyanti. This is possible both for Brahma deity and soul deity. In Puranas or Indian Mythology there is a story that Brahmaji the creator many times climbed up and down the stem of the lotus appearing from the navel of Lord Vishnu. This is exactly what happens in Mantra chanting too. After a gross word is uttered it enters the depth of sensitive centers of the psyche and after imbibing energy from that power fount it comes up again. While it rises up Pashyanti speech influences Vaikhari speech very similar to a metal wire getting affected by electricity which it comes in contact with. This sanctified Mantra word creates upheavals in entire creation, vibrates the subtle world and by not allowing the individual to remain merely an individual, renders him/her divine energy manifest.

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We all chant Super Mantra Gayatri yet it is relegated merely to vibrating of this gross Vaikhari speech. As a result those effects that should be seen normally are not noted. Maharshi Vishwamitra had executed these very Gayatri Mantra spiritual practices. He attained that divine energy and became as powerful as has been described in the Mahatmya (deep import) of Super power Gayatri. Mantra practices are austerities of speech. Gross over here gets converted to subtle. One has to enter the arena of inner vision. To throw a pot into a well, fill it with water and pull it up with a rope is equivalent to austerities. When this pot filled with water comes in our hands it is Sidhi (success). This then is the mutually beneficial bond between spiritual practice and Sidhi. Those who know the secret of the extraordinary process of Mantra practice into Mantra Sidhi attain mundane paraphernalia and means of material comforts via Mantra Japa chanting. Their austerities of spiritual practices return in the form of vault of Sidhis or various types of powers.

Word is called Brahman or cosmic consciousness (God). This Word Brahman is the sensitive center of Paravak or subtle speech. Generally it remains latent in Ksheer Ocean but when it awakens then due its vibrations the entire world is rendered active. The Shrutis say that speech touches our hearts. It can be experienced as touch and sight. This heart touching nature is heaven, salvation and Nirvana. This touch experience is an infinite vault of Ridhi-Sidhis or divine powers. This sight experience is contacting, grace and boon of demigods. All this is but the result and echo of speech power.

Speech experiences sight, taste and smell. It is from space manifest sound/word that air, fire, water and earth elements have appeared. Hence speech is called world manifest, multifaceted in form and presiding goddess of divine energies. Agni or fire is Bhuloka. Vayu or air is Bhuvahaloka and Varuna or water is Swahaloka. Vaikhari speech when rendered subtle via Mantra chanting commences its authority on all 3 worlds. Whatever is present in all the Lokas or worlds is influenced, managed and controlled by sanctified Paravak or subtle speech. When the process of the tongue that induces futile chatter is instead used for Mantra chanting, it becomes energy manifest. This energy is such that within its periphery is included all that is stupendous and mind boggling.

When this sanctified speech conjoins to Yajna fire its terrific energy can be witnessed. As soon as Ghee or clarified butter is added to fire, it gets converted to flames. When subtle speech conjoins to Yajna tasks its divine brilliance helps this world wallowing in darkness attain a divine aura and by getting liberated from strife and anguish it heads in the direction of divine grandeur, prosperity, peace and progress. The subtle form of Yajna is spirituality and world well being. When speech sanctified via spiritual practices is used for world welfare mission in its truest sense it can be called a Brahman or Divine Yajna. Regarding this in the Bhagwad Geeta a mention has been made of offering divine materials to divine fire. Via such Divine Yajnas clouds of joy and peace rain down. Material goals are fulfilled by carrying out Yajnas in which food materials are offered. No doubt over here clouds of material grandeur pour down but Shrutis talk of such rain shower which is synonymous with world peace and well being.

Worldwide gross material energy can be seen in the form of electricity, magnetism, heat, light and so on. Vibrations of energy influence atoms and as a result various movements of the gross visible world are executed. Cells too are influenced by divine electrical energy. The illumined portion of human consciousness can be called a vibration of divine existence. Due to this vibration both divine and soul existence commences flowing. Everything in this world happens as per the wishes of Almighty God. While speaking thus we must also understand that the sanctified form of individual soul existence is divine existence or God. In reality whatever the taintless witness Brahman (divine cosmic consciousness or God) does in this world by becoming ‘desire’ is actually the flow of the soul existence similar to it. Subtle speech or Paravak attained via Mantra chanting penance due to its purity and radiant intensity becomes desire of Almighty God. Its vibrations vibrate cells of all creatures. Accordingly the direction of world flow changes. This is executed by Messengers of God and great Avatars. Their duties can be seen conjoined to God’s divine wishes or their desires are synonymous with God’s divine commands. This then is the state of Sidhas and saints of penance. Their Paravak or subtle speech not only fulfills the goal of uttering something but also executes the functions of world management and control.

Just as the seed of macrocosm is the microcosm similarly the gigantic form of an individual is the all pervasive cosmos. An individual’s existence is said to be created from the situations of the cosmos. Along with this it has been said that the micro akin to a seed in its advanced form becomes the cosmos. Both have a relationship akin to the seed and its tree. No doubt a tree grows from a seed but it cannot be erroneous to say that seeds are formed on a tree. Circumstances of the cosmos created an individual yet the pinnacle of development/evolution of an individual also is the humungous cosmos. A small balloon on bloating becomes very big. Paravak is the name of that very air which by bloating a small balloon called an individual renders him/her gigantic and can now be comparable to Brahman or Almighty God. No doubt energy of the atom is gigantic yet the energy of cells is even infinitely greater. An engine is big but the driver is bigger. An atom vibrates due to certain forces and this capacity to vibrate is present in conscious energy which can be called the cosmic existence of a cell.

The Shrutis say:

Vishnumukha vai devaicchandobhi rimanlokanan pajapyamabhyajapan.

Demigods are mouth of Vishnu. They are Cchand (poetic meter) in form. They have removed that which cannot be removed and won that which was invincible. This is a tenet that showcases the unity of Mantratma (devotee) and Vishwatma (God).

Importance of Mantras cannot be based on mere meaning of words embedded in them. A very powerful Mantra from the standpoint of word meaning could be very ordinary. In Mantras you may not see language or poetry embedded in them. Yet this just does decrease the importance of Mantras. Mantras’ importance in fact is directly related to its energy designing. Mantras should be looked upon as Tone or Sound Sciences. Its importance dwells in the vibrations that become active due to its chanting. In various religions of the world have traditional Mantras that have methodologies based on worship, meditation and rituals. In it predominate, assemblage of words. From the meaning standpoint these words may appear ordinary and with a very miniscule gist.

Mantras possess 4 types of energies:

1)      Validity energy

2)      Fruit or result bestowing energy

3)      Amplifying energy

4)      Importing-exporting energy

The above has been detailed by Maharshi Jaimini in Purva Mimansa literature. According to him the validity energy of Mantras is that which encompasses teaching, addressing and commands. These can be said to be related to word meaning.

By sanctifying Kund Samigh, Patra Pith, Ajyacharu, Havi, Pith etc using Mantras, method of rendering their subtle Prana radiant, Mantra chanting, rituals, Nyas, resolve or Ritwijas or Yajna priests, austerity based on sexual continence, food and via other methods and do’s and don’ts Mantra’s fruit or result bestowing energy gets activated. Within actions for fulfillment of desires this very energy of Mantras with the help of various methods awakens and fulfills desired goals.

The 3rd energy is that regarding amplification or rendering that which is less into more. Even miniscule materials offered to Yajna fire by becoming gaseous spreads out in the entire environment. If a little oil is placed on water it spreads on the entire surface of water. Similarly the body, Mantra chanting and organs used for it maybe little yet energy emerging from friction akin to sparks emanating from a matchstick despite appearing miniscule ooze with the capability of becoming a blazing forest inferno. Mantra practices done by one lone individual can influence many other people, materials, atoms and cells. Hence know that over here it is the amplifying energy that is at work.

The 4th energy capable of importing-exporting can produce special power if done by a person of extraordinary potential, in a special place, with the help of special people, using special apparatus along with special methods of Mantra chanting. Vishwamitra and Parshuram had executed Gayatri Mantra practice for a special mission, along with usage of special methods and thus they attained desired results. Since Vasishtha could not fulfill Dashratha’s Putreshti Yajna (to sire children) it was Shringi Rishi who did the needful. This was the energy of importing-exporting in Shringi Rishi.

The body of a Mantra devotee must be disciplined and mind must be focused. A devotee whose energy scatters here and there is hollow and he/she cannot imbibe Mantra aura in the soul. A diseases woman undergoes miscarriages and cannot give birth to healthy babies. This is the same story for a devotee devoid of self control. In a story of Mahabharat Ashwatthama and Arjun let loose a Sandhan Weapon that worked on Mantra Energy. On noting its terrible form Vyasji stood in their midst and asked both of them to recall their weapons. Arjun being a Brahmachari (sexually continent) could recall it but ashwatthama failed to do so because he was devoid of self control.

In Shatpath there is description wherein an argument took place between Nrumegh and Yarucchep as to who was successful in Mantra chanting. Although from Nrumegh’s throat smoke appeared but Yarucchep on chanting Mantras induced fire in wet wooden sticks. Hence Yarucchep told Nrumegh: You merely know Mantra chanting at the surface level whereas I have realized its very soul.

Kautsa Muni maintains that Mantras are meaningless. Over here what is being said is that importance should be given to sound flow and weaving of words in Mantras and not its word meaning. Goals are fulfilled not via meaning of seed Mantras like Hreem, Shreem, Kleem, Aime etc but via their sound flow. This mystery has been unfolded with greater clarity by the author of Naishadh Charitra in the 13th Sarga. The entire scientific world is well versed with the extraordinary influence of music on bodily and mental health. If sound is let loose near a glass tumbler with uniform speed, the tumbler shall break apart. Soldiers are asked not to march in uniform tandem on bridges. This is because the sound force emitted by this marching shatters the bridge. When medium tone music is played, ancient ruins of Stone Hives of Inden start trembling. Hence over there not only music but singing too is disallowed because rhythmic music/drums can induce falling of these archeological remains. It is the basis of this very Sound Science that Mantras have been designed and created. Their meaning is not all that important. Hence Kautsa Muni calls Mantras ‘Anarthak’ or devoid of meaning.

Fire is a center of energy. It is only by learning application of fire that man has become so powerful. Due to fear of fire violent beasts like lion and tiger run miles away. With the help of fire rail engine works, planes fly high, factories are at work, weapons are used, food is cooked and electricity is generated. If fire were not to exist life too could not sustain. A synonym of fire is life. Hence in Mantra practices fire rites are conjoined to it. There is a scriptural command to keep an imperishable fire in the Yajna hall, an imperishable flame lamp while chanting Mantras and after an Anushthan or worship program is completed an Anupatik Yajna must be performed. During occasions of various festivals and religious programs Agnihotra must be performed because mantra Energy used with reference to this can exhibit its miracle in totality.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra Meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


25 Apr

“In the 21st century such technology shall be designed which by focusing scattered solar rays shall distribute the same like electricity. Waves of the sea along with its ebb and flow tides too can contribute towards this. In the same way the energy shower of nature too shall be concentrated and the same shall be used as fuel resources”.

…………….Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Bhavi parivartan ki prishtabhumi

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, February 1987, Page 42


The new founts of energy/fuel shall not be atomic but nature based so that there will be no danger of imbalance setting into nature. The new era of 21st century shall be given life, activity and light by solar energy, wind energy, hydro electric energy, energy got from ebb/flow of tides, biomass, bio fuels or very similar founts of resources. Ashok Thakur owner of a shop in Mina Bazaar, Motihari Sheher, Bihar that sells handmade stoves spoke about his products to a team of specialists from Germany they were amazed and astounded. Today when the world is immersed in the vain pomp of nuclear energy ordinary lay folks in India are well aware of its dire consequences. As a result of Fukushima Nuclear Reactor getting damaged beyond control when a massive earthquake and tsunami attacked Japan recently, specialists and high stature world leaders’ attraction of nuclear energy has paled significantly.

And then this is certainly not the very 1st accident because before this there was disaster seen in Russia’s Chernobyl Reactor. Before this in India too such big small accidents have occurred as a result of which nuclear energy is not totally secure and safe. It is no hidden reality that how much pollution occurs due to fuel burning like coal, oil, petrol etc. Further its stock the world over is quite less. Under such circumstances for the fulfillment of energy requirements man will have to think and act anew. Germany’s Paul Wisden and Wilheim Colbrook were listening to what Ashok Thakur had to say. More than Ashok’s talk they were impressed greatly by the smoke free stove made by him. In it was used rice chaff. Recently President Pratibha Patil too eulogized this stove technology when Ashok was invited to showcase it in an exhibition at Rashtrapati Bhavan. The exhibition host team had also highly praised the electricity generation technique based on biomass initiated in Memda and Baharwadi in Jokohit region of Bihar’s Arariya district.

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German team was more astounded by the efforts made to unfold new founts of energy fuel because they are not limited to the Indian Government. Even ordinary folks of India’s villages are alert about this and hence are making due efforts. They were surprised by the fact that when they were told that ordinary mechanics of villages had succeeded in charging mobiles/cell phones using a cycle. Similarly in West Bengal (Bhuvannagar) Chandan Maji has a charging center for solar lanterns and household batteries. In his center 18 solar lanterns and 2 household batteries can be charged simultaneously. Regarding this in Vyasinivaripalli village (Chittoor district, Tirupati) has established an extraordinary example. Over here amongst 36 families, 25 use biogas and 11 uses solar energy.

The German team found out that in India the father of solar energy is Prof HP Garg. At present he is working in IIT-Delhi. Much previously his efforts were greatly eulogized by Prof MS Swaminathan. He was so pleased with Prof Garg’s efforts that he immediately scheduled a meeting between Prof Garg and the then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi and short listed him for CSIR’s Bhatnagar Award. From him the German team found out that today India gives a lot of importance to energy resources that are nature based. Prof Garg calls natural resources as imperishable energy.

He said that imperishable energy means solar energy, wind energy, hydro power and biogas. From this imperishable energy India has tapped totally 8000 mega watt electricity. At present in India it is at 2nd spot for energy resources. If we discuss about the world we are 2nd spot for generating biogas, 4th in wind energy, 5th in hydro power, 7th for getting energy from solar cells and 9th spot in the world for heating water using solar energy. Prof Garg giving more information regarding this says that India has the capacity to generate 70,000 mega watt electricity from wind energy 150000 mega watt electricity is generated from hydro based energy and 5,000,000,000,000 mega watt electricity is generated from solar energy.

What Prof Garg was saying was being studiously heard by the German team. Wilheim Colbrook found this information more attractive when he said that it was their good fortune that in a year India got sunlight for around 300 to 320 days which amounts to 5,000,000,000,000,000 kilo watt energy per hour for the entire year. Every day depending on a particular region on an average 4-7 kilo watt per square meter solar energy in the form of sunlight is got. Most sunlight is seen in the state of Rajasthan and very less in North East region. Now our capacity to generate electricity from all types of sources is 30,000 mega watts which till 2030 AD will augment to 400,000 mega watts.

This German team after journeying to many parts of India experienced truth in what Prof Garg was saying. The team members knew that on the one hand oil and electricity are scarce the world over, added to this is due to global warming the entire world is worried about dire consequences of all types of pollution. Thus it is quite expected that everyone’s eyes are now focused on secure resources of imperishable nature based energy. Under such situations the infinite vault of solar power attained free of charge from sunlight is proving to be a great boon given to mankind by Mother Nature.

Along with India other world nations too have considered this fact very seriously. Regarding this all specialists agree that demand for electricity witnessed the world over can to a great extent be supplied via solar energy. In California’s dessert there are talks of setting up the biggest solar energy production center. Recently in order to tap a great lot of solar energy in Portugal and Germany humungous multi mega watt photovoltaic technology is being set up. What is to be seriously noted is that if by setting up a jungle of solar panels in only 4% dessert regions of the world via such technology solar power is distributed the demand of electricity of the entire world can be fulfilled.

Wilheim who was well aware of these facts was also reminded of what the famous journalist RK Karanjia had said. The latter had proclaimed that India was a country of sun worshipers. In future other countries too after realizing the great importance of the sun shall fulfill their life’s requirement. Further Super Mantra Gayatri too was discussed wherein Karanjia while speaking to specialists had said: The capacity to face dangers of nuclear energy dwells in correct applications of solar power and congregational chanting-Purashcharan of Gayatri Mantra. Via this application the gross-subtle layers of nature can be sanctified and the environment can be rendered friendlier.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra Meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


24 Apr

Almighty God has certainly not given man so many comforts and specialties so that he selfishly enjoys them and involves himself in ensnaring puzzles of creating and then dousing the fire of selfish desires and lust. Ere God had given these comforts merely for sense merriment that has not been given to other creatures, God could be called partial. Why would God unjustly be biased in favor of humans and ignore other creatures. If this were the case how can God be called neutral, father of the cosmos, same sighted and full of justice?

In comparison to other living beings mankind possesses collective treasure of glories like intellect, radiance, capabilities, sacred sentiments, speech, knowledge, wealth, art, beauty, scientific brain, power etc. The key of a nation’s vault lies with the finance minister yet it certainly does not mean that this national wealth can be used by the finance minister for personal use and fattening his/her own bank balance. The General of an army distributes bombs/weapons to his soldiers and also gives commends yet it does not mean that the General can use all this for personal benefits. Is it proper that a person working in a mint that makes new coins and notes of money uses it for personal aggrandizement? Many high stature officers are appointed as government administrators. They are given certain powers and authority to run this administration smoothly and for their personal benefit they can use only the salary handed over to them by the government. Since amongst all creatures created by God he is considered the eldest son, man is also looked upon as a prince, minister, treasurer, Army General etc of Almighty Lord’s creation. He has been given more powers/authority by almighty God in comparison to what is handed over to other creatures. This power is meant to carry out God’s commands to the last letter and is not meant for selfish aims.

No doubt man should provide food. Material comforts etc to his family yet whatever time, energy, money remains after doing this must be used by him for welfare of world creatures, for their overall well being and eliciting sacred sentiments of world brotherhood in their psyche. This is his prime duty. Those who ignore this duty shall be labeled criminals and shall be duly meted out punishments. Government servants are prohibited from executing personal tasks while on duty. The reason being that if people, dissatisfied by the salary they get will do extra jobs while on government duty, so as to eke out an extra income. Thus government servants are warned not to take up work other than that handed over to them by the government for which they get payment. They must use all their time, energy and skills for this purpose. If any government official ignores this prohibition and instead works for personal aggrandizement he may be punished or rusticated from his job.

In the Yug Nirman Mission’s Satsankalpa or oath world humans are exhorted not to restrict their time, talent and income for selfish gains and sense titillation but that it is meant to take up the path of spirituality and working selflessly for world welfare. In the Bhagwad Gita it is said that those who earn and cook food only for themselves without sharing it with others are called criminals. Thus we are commended by Almighty Lord to earn wealth with a hundred hands and donate the same with a thousand hands.

We must share whatever we earn with society. In comparison to other creatures man possesses extra great qualities which he has not earned himself but is the gift of immense honest labor put in by great saintly leaders the world over. If this were not the case man like other beasts would have been twiddling his thumbs and whiling away time. This sacred activity of great saints like self sacrifice and benevolence can be called true religion, culture and humaneness. Based on this we can march ahead on the path of all round development. If such sacred activities dwindle away to naught, if man insists on thinking about selfish sense gratification only no doubt human culture shall get destroyed. As a result of this by overlooking Almighty Lord’s divine commands man will face untold hardship and vile situations. If we ignore spiritual tenets we are cutting off our own legs with an axe. It is sheer foolhardiness to live life selfishly and thus destroy a spiritual environment that springs forth in our inner being based on the edifice of peace and harmony. Imbibing such stupidity leads to multifaceted hardships akin to what we are staring at today the world over. Ultimately the whirlpool of world problems shall ignore us.

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