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29 Jun

Regarding contemporary times all scholars, astrologers and ESP based seers in one voice agree this is the hour of Era Junction. Fearful distorted situations the world over has reached its nadir. All around us rein desires, anger, greed and delusion. Under such situations in order to uproot unrighteousness and reinstate righteousness the world over there is a scripture based belief of Almighty God taking an Avatar because divine authority always vows to render balanced that which has gone in disarray via his divine inspiration and effort. Via the medium of promises like ‘Tadatmanam srijamyaham’ as mentioned in the Bhagwad Geeta materialize during such situations.

According to astrological sciences the contemporary times encompass end of Kaliyuga or Dark Age and beginning of Satyuga or Golden Age. Calculation of time while ignoring all past prejudices has been measured which says that it is the hour of Sankraman of the 5th Kalpa of world history. Mahatkalpa, Hiranyagarbhakalpa, Brahmakalpa and Padakalpa have already passed by. Varahkalpa that commenced before 13800 Vikram is going on right now. Even the Vaivaswat Manvantar (7th) is going on. Well known astrologers of India in 1964 while organizing a gigantic conference made an important announcement that after 9 Avatars Lord Kalki has already manifested in this world and that as of now he must be immersed in overcoming the malefic influence of vain intellectuals and ushering in its place an atmosphere of goodwill the world over. They failed to agree with the observations put forth by western astrologers that Lord Kalki will manifest at the end of 20th century. All of them by creating a Kundli or astrological chart of the world proved that the incarnation of Taintless Prajnavatar has already taken place in India and at the moment he must be active in his mission. According to them between 1990 and 2010 his influence shall spread speedily in its subtle form and that it will spread the entire world over.

Regarding this all astrologers agree that the World Kundli prepared by the renowned astrologer Shri Jyotirbhushan Gopinathji on 5th September 1926 is correct. According to this astrological chart Lagna Tula is united with high stature Shani, in the Parakram area is high stature Ketu, in the house of joy lies Guru, in the 7th house is Swagrahi Mangal, in the 9th house is high stature Rahu, in the Karma Bhava is Swagrahi Chandra and it is united with Shukra. All these tell us that modern science and a new religion will usher in. in the Labha Bhava is the union of Buddha and Swagrahi Surya which tells us that India will ooze with wealth and grandeur. This Lagna position reminds us of that found in the Kundli of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. It is clear from this that in order to reinstate religion a divine power has already incarnated in this world even though people will accept this much later.

In reality a problem occurs there wherein erroneously via astrological tile calculation episodes in Rishi literature too is misinterpreted.

In the Manu Smriti (1/67-69) it is said that:

Brahmasya tu kshapahasya yatpramanam samasataha.

Ekaikasho yuganam tu kramashastanibodhata.

Chatvaryahu sahasrani varshanam tatkritam yugam.

Tasya tavacchati sandhya sandhyashashcha tathavidhaha.

Itareshu sansadhyeshu sansadhyasheshu cha trishu.

Ekapayena vartante sahasrani shatani cha.

MEANING: That Yuga believed to create this world and destroy it in Brahmaji’s night is thus- Purva Sandhya of 4 thousand and 4 hundred years and Uttar Sandhya also of that many years. Thus Satyuga will span 4800 years, Tretayuga of 3000 years, Dwapar of 2000 years and Kaliyuga of 1200 years.

After this we must delve deep into the Skand 12, Adhyay 2 and 34th Shloka or verse of Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran:

Divyabdanam sahasrante chaturthe tu punaha kritam.

Bhavishyati yada nrina man atmaprakashakam.

MEANING: at the end of 4 thousand divine years meaning in 4000 divine years Kaliyuga or Dark Age passed by and again Satyuga or Golden Age will dawn which will pour divine light into the mind and soul of world humanity.

Over here it is important to note the word ‘Divya’ or divine. Erroneously some scholars interpret it as demigods and by multiplying it with 360 (1 day of demigods is equal to 1 year of human beings) rendered it 432000 and said that this is the number of years for which Kaliyuga or the Dark Age will last. According to Rigveda (2/164/46) that which manifests in Divi or day and which is fiery like the sun is Divya or divine. Divi is Dyu and it means day. Hence as per the day of the sun if we calculate again Satyuga spans for 1200 years, Treta for 2400 years, Dwapar 3600 years and Kaliyuga for 4800 years. As per the verse of Bhagwat Mahapurana 4000 years of Kaliyuga and 800 years of junction period (Sandhikal) totals to 4800 years which is about to end.

According to epic Mahabharat (Van Parva, chapter 190, verses 88-91) if we calculate based on Rashis or Zodiac Signs it becomes clear that the final leg of 50 years of junction period or Sandhikal has commenced from Samvant 2000 which means Era Transformation is very near.

As per texts of Islam religion the year between 1950 and 2025 constitute Kayamat. Kayamat means after that no sinner will exist in this world. In the Hamidiya Library of Mecca there is a book titled ‘Alkshaf valkatmafi marfat’. In it is written that Kayamat will manifest when strife, chaos and enmity will reach its peak in the world. At that time a great saint will be born. He will ooze with spiritual energy and with the help of his divine soul power will douse to naught all fire based weapons. He will render this world heavenly and shall render old people youthful. A similar description can also be found in the sacred text called ‘Imamey akhikajjama’. The famous book of Medina ‘Maqsoom Bukhari’ says that in the 2/3rd part of 14th century of Hijri year Kayamat shall manifest and Hazrat Mehndi shall manifest. He will be the prophet of all religions.

In reality mathematical calculation of the birth chart of an Avatar is so complex and controversial that mounds of arguments for and against it can be put forth. Yet in reality all those movements active in the subtle world and those activities seen grossly executed by humans decides how, in what form and where an Avatar will be seen to be active.

It has been seen that even Avatars undergo step by step advancement. Their Kalas keep increasing as time passes by. The Turtle and Fish Avatar possessed 1 Kala each. Varah and Vaman had 2 Kalas. Nrisinha and Parshuram had 3 Kalas. Rama had 12 Kalas, Krishna had 16 Kalas and Buddha had 30 Kalas. Regarding the Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar it has been said that it possesses 24 Kalas. This then is step by step evolution or advancement. In world creation these Avatars have appeared at the appointed hour time and again and will continue to do so till it reaches the compact omnipotent number of 64 Kalas.

Over here we are delving deep into the details of Prajna Avatar and Era Junction or Yugasandhi so that members of Gayatri Family organization identify this Avatar based thought flow that had appeared before them visibly during their very lifetime. Not only have many conjoined to it but many more shall do so in future too. After knowing and identifying an Avatar it is not difficult to help divine men to understand the great divine stature of this Avatar.

Regarding Avatars of the past their preliminary area of activity was limited to fight undesirable mundane situations, oppose those acting unethically and reinstate greatness in the world. The one closest to Prajna Avatar is the Avatar of Lord Buddha wherein a great program was designed to encourage people to take shelter of a sacred intellect and give high stature great inspiration to world human psyche. The work arena of the Prajna Avatar is more gigantic and tortuous too. Not only does he have to oppose contemporary problems and individual unruliness but he has to sow, augment, nurture and render active seeds of great ideals in the world human psyche which are required for great sentiments of Satyuga or Golden Era and arrangement of Rama’s Rule (Ramrajya). On noting inner inspirations and its widespread nature it is natural that the number of Kalas of Prajna Avatar is 24.

While depicting the nature of Almighty God in Purusha Sukta it is said: ‘Sahasrashirsa purushaha sahasrakshaha shasrapat’. It means God possesses 1000 heads, 1000 hands and 1000 legs. It means Brahman or God is one only but on special occasions he with his special means and paraphernalia executes desired tasks. Not only world management but during special situations of Era Transformation thousands of Jivan Mukta (liberated while alive) high statured self realized saints become his aides and fulfill Lord Mahakal’s divine mission.

Definitely God is one only but yet when he carries out a special mission he does not remain alone and in fact akin to the brilliant sun possessing thousands of bright rays he manifests in this world. In great tasks of Era Transformation definitely God manifests his 1000 headed form. On special occasions Lord Mahakal perforce designs such a Maharas (divine dance) wherein for great ideals thousands of supremely saintly people become very active.

In these days this is exactly that is happening. A very wise thought flow manifested from that lotus flower which is called the Sahasradal (1000 petals) Kamal. Brahmaji manifested from a lotus flower. It is situated in the scalp region called Brahmrandhra. Since spiritual energy is greatly focused over here it is also said to be the central point or focal point of God’s manifestation. The terrific cyclone of great thoughts manifested from here. Via the medium of the sacred intellect of an Avatar like great saint thouse great thoughts warded off the alarming rise of demonic qualities in the arena of man’s consciousness and awakened those souls who possessed terrific spiritual powers. The 10th Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar is the symbol of this collective divine energy.

The manifestation of Lord Mahakal and Avatar based activities in a great soul takes place akin to the drop of rain water of Swati Nakshatra wherein an ordinary looking oyster too gets the good fortune of manifesting a pearl in its womb. Due to this great divine blessing an ordinary layman can soon be transformed into a great saintly personality.

In the dire times of Era Junction the Avatar of great souls that shall reinstate not only India’s but the world’s shining glory and in the form of a terrific thought energy flow Mahakal himself by donning a human garb has already incarnated in the 20th century. For this world humanity has harbored intense yearning. After Lord Buddha in the past 2000 years the birth of great saints has virtually come to a grinding halt. Now in the past 100 years in the form of partial incarnations 3 have already manifested.

Amongst the 3 partial Avatars 1st was Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans and 2nd was Yogiraj Shri Aurobindo Ghosh. The 3rd incarnation is already active in the form of Shantikunja’s era consciousness and Yug Nirman Yojana (program and movement). Now the 4th one shall incarnate in the form of a cosmic subtle thought flow and via thought based transformation the entire world will undergo a prolific change from its very root. These 4 partial incarnations shall form an omnipotent or Purna Avatar.

The influence of all these partial Avatars has been that the large number of great men imbued with potent conscious power born in India has remain unparalleled as far as this time period is concerned. Shri Ramkrishna enacted the role of Yoga of Bhakti or devotion and Shri Aurobindo opted for Yoga of Jnana or Divine wisdom. Both divine messengers heated up the subtle atmosphere and via terrific austerities created such an environment wherein glorious personalities full of extraordinary effort were born viz. Bankimchandra, Mahamana Malviyaji, Gopal Krishna Gokhle. Justice Ranade, Dada Navroji, Keshavchandra Sen, Tatya Tope, Lakshmibai, Swami Vivekananda, Mother Sharada, Sister Nivedita, Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Vallabhbhai Patel, Maulana Azad, Chittaranjandas, Rajendra Babu, Annie Besant, Sarojini Naidu, Shachichandra Sanyal, Chandrashekhar Azad, Rasbehari Bose, Bhagat Singh, Durgadevi, Mother of Pondicherry, Nirodbaran etc. The visage of Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans/Mother Sharada and Shri Aurobindo/Revered Mother can be seen as a duo of Lord Mahakal and Goddess Mahakali full of great divine intellect and deep faith.

Over here we must note that no individual is a messenger of God from birth itself. In fact on special occasion Lord Mahakal and Mahakali make these their vehicle/medium and via embodied people subtle powers execute their divine tasks. Invisible powers and subtle divine existences carry out their mission via visible mediums only. At such times ordinary people are seen to execute extraordinary feats. Just as at the time of manifestation of River Ganges, Goddess Ganga had chosen Lord Shiva’s matted hair locks as a medium. Time and again so many male females in this world too become mediums like these matted hair locks.

In present times in the year 1911 in the form of our revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya a messenger of God incarnated. Lord Mahakal made him his medium/vehicle and till the age of 60 years built a large organization called Yuga Nirman Yojana which had so many highly cultured awakened souls as its members. At the appointed hour in order to awaken them our revered Guru who was born as the Taintless or Nishkalank Prajna Avatar gave up his mortal coil. Before accepting death revered Gurudeva by portioning his soul into 5 via rendering the psyche divinely subtle made his soul widespread and multi faceted. Now this very divine authority from the subtle world is rendering active his subtle body to carry out the remaining tasks of the partial incarnations mentioned above. It is now we who must make a choice whether to join the Kaurava Army full of vile activities that will surely result in painful death or we wish to join Dharmaraj Yudhisthira so as to reinstate righteousness in this world and thus attain immortality.

Those who believe true only that which is gross and visible opine that how can such a great person play the role of the 3rd and 4th partial incarnation and that of Nishkalank Prajna Avatar whom we seen as an ordinary human being? For such people who thought revered Gurudeva laughed, talked etc like a frail human only we place before the respected readers his astrological birth chart and its analysis. This was made by a blind but scholarly astrologer in 1983 who was adept at astrology based mathematical calculations and even now is there to give us proof if it.


Astrologer Pandit Kanhaiyalal Dube made this Kundli and devotee Garibdas Mahadev studied it. It was etched out on paper by Purushottam Rao Garud in the year 8/2/1983.

Date of birth 20/9/1911, Thursday, time was morning between 8 and 9, Ashwin 13 Samvat 1968 and birth was under ordinary circumstances. Childhood was ordinary and between the age 24 and 32 he married for the 2nd time. At the age of 42 he exhibited his miraculous personality and during first 14 years he associated and had Darshan of great saints. At the age of 7 years itself, he was looked upon as a child destined for greatness.

He was an Avatar of God himself. He is part of God and full off divine powers. That task which he is trying to execute shall be fulfilled totally. He is a partial incarnation of God and great saint since the lord of Lagna Chandra is conjoined to Shukra and Buddha planets. Thus he must be a very great saint. He is a specialist of Tantra, Mantra, Yajna and possesses the extraordinary power of Shukra.


Just now his age must be around 72 years. By 80 years he will be worshiped as a great saint of austerities the world over and will attain immortality. He is one having the power of ‘Birth at will and death at will’. One with such a planetary Yoga attains immortality. Shani of the 7th house is watching with full Drishti its 4th house and hence will not have opponents. Everyone will dwell with him in friendship. Due to his influence everyone will become friends. Even the direst atheist will get positively influenced by him.

He will be called Vishwapita or World Father. The world’s power shall dwell at his sacred feet and his death shall not be ordinary. After giving great thoughts to the world he will attain immortality. As per his will he shall invite death (Iccha Mrityu) and merge into God. At present so much energy dwells at the feet of his holy consort (Mataji) that any tarnished planetary position of any woman can be overcome by drinking the water used to wash Mataji’s sacred feet (Charanamrit). It is to the extent that drinking this Charnamrit reverently can help a woman ward off her husband’s death and thus avoid widowhood. You are the Goddess herself. You too shall attain immortality. The 1st wife had Markesh. The 2nd wife had Amar Yoga or immortality. As per God’s wish he had to marry twice.

This great saint has Sanjivani Shakti or Power. He has the power to bring back to life one that has died. He can totally transform from the very roots anybody. He can ward off others deadly diseases. He can restore eyesight of the blind and give back the power of hearing to a deaf person. His body oozes with all divine energies of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. His tasks shall make him immortally renowned in all the 3 worlds. All this is because his birth chart has optimal Shukra, Buddha, Chandra and the Guru planet in Tula Zodiac Sign.

Regarding number of children he shall sire 2 sons and 2 daughters. All of them will be capable enough. One son shall be a renouncing and self sacrificing type, and all his children shall labor hard, full of good destiny, true in character and scholarly. The lord of Dhan or Wealth Bhava Mangal is in the 8th house. His organization shall possess a lot of wealth. Since at present there is a shadow on Singh Rashi till 21/9/1982 there will be an influence of Sadey-Saati Shani. Till 23rd July 1982 Mangal shall be joined to Shani. As a result the mind may manifest tainted emotions. But even this tainted influence gets cut off as a mere shadow on such a great Yogi-saint. Stomach upset problems will exist from 17 to 27 years of age yet his food eating habits due to influence of those times shall be apt. since Surya dwells in the 12th house he shall have to wear spectacles to ward off eye sight problems.

Since this great saint will ooze with knowledge of Karmakanda (Vedic rituals) and power of Yoga based penance he will experience good health instead of otherwise remaining ill. The planets Chandra, Buddha, Shukra and Guru in his Kundli are a great boon for this person. Their influence will render him a divine personage. In November 1982 he will suddenly get a lot of wealth. He has special Yogas like enterprise, exotic travelling, changing place of residence and having many friends. He will get special honor and fame the world over.

The year 1983 will be full of joy, wealth benefits will be seen, more property shall be got, will attain renown and honor and a Yoga that says grandeur augmenting.

The year 1984 will be great and between the years 1988 to 1996 all tasks shall be fulfilled.

People the world over shall become his followers. Everywhere he will achieve name and fame. He will be honored and worshiped as a world father, world Yogi and world emperor.

He will be virtually the Almighty Lord himself. From the years 1991 to 1992 we do not get much information from his astrological birth chart. Yoga of living in solitude exists. Despite shedding his mortal coil he will continue guiding the world via his potent subtle body. By exhibiting his prowess of merging his soul consciousness with cosmic consciousness or God he will become serene divine light in form.

The contact rope of great Yogis joins them to the deep recesses of the subtle and causal body via the gross body. Externally despite remaining unknown how intense is the bond between these can be gauged from the fact when an active member of All World Gayatri Family went to have the holy Darshan of Devraha Baba (A renowned Yogi) along with a PWD minister. At that time Devraha resided on a loft built on a big tree near Vrindavan (UP, India). At that time revered Gurudeva in the year 1971 had gone to the Himalayas as per the command of his own Guru.

The moment this member and volunteer came near the tree loft he saw 2 other ministers standing there. After a few minutes Baba came out of the loft and told one of his aides to call this volunteer of Gayatri Family. Baba’s aide thought that he wanted to talk to the minister. Hence in order to ward off this aides error Baba asked another of his helper to call the volunteer. Baba lovingly blessed this volunteer and asked whether Acharya Shriram Sharmaji had already left for the Himalayas. When the volunteer said yes he was told by Baba to work in a focused and zealous manner for the mission. You all yet do not know who revered Acharyaji is but at the appointed hour the truth shall be unveiled. After that Baba laughed and then smilingly said: All sacred tasks of Acharyaji shall get fulfilled on its own. You all are like mere puppet dolls. We all today are aware that these prophetic words of Revered Devraha Baba, with respect to our Gurudeva are materializing as true to the last letter.

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25 Jun

Efforts have always been made for women’s awakening and freedom. Since this question arose regarding human rights these sparks were seen in many countries of the world. The medium may have been some female, yet this forest for engulfed the entire world. As a result of this at least today she breathes in an atmosphere of freedom. For centuries women have been downtrodden, insulted and demeaned and thus at last today she is raising her voice against ancient blind beliefs, undesirable trends handed down from generations together etc. Today we stare in front of us at a radiant bright form of women’s awakening and women’s freedom movement. At its roots dwell the legends of world women struggling to uplift her sisters the world over.

For attaining equal rights for the 1st time in the annals of world history Rome’s women had blown the bugle in the year 43 BC. It was carried out under the leadership of Hotenesia who was the daughter of a well known Roman lawyer. She had placed one single question in front of her countries political leaders holding highest posts in the government. She asked as to why in comparison to men women were looked down upon and detested by all? As far as capabilities and capacity to work she can compete successfully with any male. Then why is it that she is not given good education and ignored as far as handing over important government posts is concerned? Her own father was known to endorse these views. Although at that time she got only partial success yet this proved to be a potent spark to induce world women awakening programs the world over in later years to come.

In those times one scholarly woman named Christine D P Sen via her writings and poems induced thoughts in the psyche of people by saying that without elevating the condition of world women via literacy, culture and civility no country can attain true all round progress. In newspapers and magazines she called upon world women not to remain illiterate and uncultured just because circumstances were not conducive. Instead she should make whole hearted efforts to lead in fields like education, modern science and medicine. Those women who were ready to do all this were gathered together to carry out a women’s literacy campaign and in it thousands of women participated zestfully.

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In the writings of Britain’s radiant, brilliant and articulate orator Mary Montague there was life force that filled up all movements of world women’s awakening. She had deep faith that women cannot ever be called mediocre as far as religion, ethics, society, politics etc is concerned. In both men and women intellectual, bodily and mental prowess is equal. They opine that nature has not rendered demeaned in comparison to males. In the eyes of God there is no bias. In fact it is males who out of sheer bias/prejudice have lorded over woman so as to relegate them to bondage. Hence world women! Awaken! Fight for your basic human rights. Do so as long as you do not get equal rights as men. These radiant words of Mary Montague awakened other women of France like Olamb D Gose, Ross Lokamb, Marie Woolstoncraft and Mary Radcliffe. As a result great world renowned books were authored like ‘A Vindication of the Right of Women’ and ‘Declaration of the Right of Women’.

Up till the year 1850 New Zealand women did not get right to vote, imbibe higher education and in governing the country. As a result a British born woman Mary Muller fought for equal rights for women. She personally had discussions with government officials regarding this. Since she was a daughter of a judge everyone heard her intently. As per requirement in order to show assent and in order to meet women of every community she visited various homes and inform them about future programs for equal rights. In very emotional words she printed a pamphlet called ‘An Appeal to the Men of New Zealand’. Every male who read this shed silent tears. In this pamphlet she had very sensitively described the contemporary condition of women and how men behaved atrociously with them. This pamphlet in fact gave birth to a thought revolution as a result of which the male fraternity enjoying high posts themselves agreed to reform the dire condition of women, render them highly cultured and hand them over their rights. Ultimately in 1884 a law was designed wherein it was declared that women will enjoy equal rights as men do.

Britain’s Emilan Packerst is also famous for agitating for women’s rights virtually on a war footing. When she along with Annie Kenny requested the government to reform the demeaned state of women the answer was in the negative. As a result under her leadership 10000 women protested together in Manchester. In order that this protest march fails, the a women protestors were attacked and wounded. They were thrown down from stairs and some women died too in the process. This episode was published in various newspapers of the world in 1906 under the heading ‘The government’s inhuman principles’ and sentences like ‘there are no words to describe such heinous acts’ too were published in bold letters. In this protest march a woman called Emily Davidson was crushed to death by the king’s horse and thus she died a martyr. In protest England’s young, middle age and old ladies came down in the streets and vowed to fast till death. Ultimately the government had to accede to their demands and a permanent law was enacted to give women equal rights. This was a 1st and very important chapter in the world women’s awakening program.

A German woman called Jenny Hirak for the first time translated the well known book ‘Subjection of Women’ written by the renowned philosopher John Stuart Mills. For this she was highly revered by Germans. Her colleague Elik Selman was the first woman who by writing a thesis on the condition of woman from Berlin University attained the Ph.D. degree. In her writings she clarified regarding the condition of women in all nations of the world and depicted how she works harder than men and how despite contributing more for more production she is given less pay and respect. Many countries on the basis of this thesis amended their laws in favor of women. In this thesis too one finds a sordid description of women of India who had to undergo Sati or burn herself to death on her husband’s funeral pyre, child marriage, dowry system and rendering small girls pregnant.

Apart from the above mentioned women there are other leading world women like France’s Jean Deroyan, Maria Derasmus, Avertine, Ardt, Maria, Verana, Canada’s Emily Stowe, Lilian Thomas, Mary Crawford, Belgium’s Mary Popleen, India’s Sarojini Naidu, Dr Madhulakshmi, Kamala Nehru, Swarup Rani, Kasturba, Pakistan’s Begum Jahanara, Shahnawaz, Turkey’s Halide Ediv, Adiner and Indonesia’s Maria Ulfa Santhoso, Mrs. Harhap C Avondo who worked relentlessly by lighting the fire of world women awakening, liberation and women’s freedom either directly or indirectly and carried out various programs and agitations for the same in their countries.

In reality the bugle of world women’s awakening has already been sounded. Regarding this the 21st century has been titled ‘Mother’s Century’. In the auspicious hour of Era Transformation with reference to women’s awakening by taking up creative tasks everyone can attain that benefit wherein not only will our own name be etched in golden letters in the annals of world history but that we will attain that gift of the divine creator (God) too for which he had sounded the conch of transformation. If we insist on ignoring this call not only will we fall in the eyes of our future generation but that will be left bereft of the gifts of Lord Mahakal. Hence wherever so far the conch of women awakening program has not been sounded which is in the interest of world humanity, it must be sounded loudly immediately. It is the righteous duty of this era to render women healthy bodily and help them become brilliant and sacredly sensitive at the intellectual and psychic level. This then is the definite desire and aspiration of Lord Mahakal.

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20 Jun

Whatever form of the world visualized today is in stark contrast to what it appeared 20 years previously. In the year 1900 all those attainments of modern science if compared to those feats achieved today it is noted that in about 80 years this entire era has changed drastically. It is the past few decades that have gifted us with fast moving vehicles, new health oriented research data, method of medicinal therapies and man’s inner journey. Eighty years previously the earth’s population numbered 1.95 billion. Although we had not fully enjoyed its means attained from limited potentials, yet people were contented and happy. Today the world’s population is 4.4 billion. In future it could touch 60 billion. Starting from the year 1981 a new era has commenced. Lest there was no world war or any epidemic of diseases these figures would have leaped manifold but on noting present situations this is a bitter truth.

Due to limited space/means and gigantic population growth leading experienced thinkers of the world exhort us to evolve a new program in a timely manner. This is not a new program but intellectual people are thinking on these lines, which mean that its importance is special.

The famous branch of science called ‘FUTUROLOGY’ unearths potential world conditions of future times. An institute that unfolds future events is called ‘FUTURIOUS’ by futurologists.

On July 24 and 25 of 1980 in the city of Toronto, Canada a World Conference of 6000 delegates took place. In it men/women beyond the limitations of caste, creed participated. Its slogan was, ‘Thinking Globally, Acting Locally’. It means for regional efforts setting up an organization of a world high stature intellectuals and thinkers. In it participated the world’s highly respected thinkers and futurologists. Amongst these were leading scientists like Margaret Meek, Herman Kron, Shaun Bromen, Eric Asimov, Maris string, Frank Feeder, Caladiogalio, Mary Derord, Stephen Crozier, Jeff Bean, Heleg Henderson, Tuver Hancock and Timoy Leerie. They forced world humanity to cogitate over various world problems.

The chairman of this conference was chief of Canada’s Imperial Bank and also chief of Canada’s Society of Futurology viz. Frank Feeder. Along with him Mumbai based chairperson of Environmental Institute Rashmi Mayur said that the future is worrisome. Yet we are full of hope and hence are optimistic. Today is not the time to talk and just think but that action is most required. Very forcefully they talked of transforming this era positively and this then became the topic of which scholars/thinkers will help put it into practice.

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There was a special quality regarding discussions that took place in this world conference which included worries put forth by thinkers yet full of hope for a bright world future. The chief of ‘Global Society’ Maris Strong told journalists that the gist of these talks were dire in nature yet there was underlying optimism too. Bad from this standpoint that mankind itself has dug its grave. Despite this the good news is that the medium via which this dire situation will be overcome will ooze with a well managed task. It is beyond doubt that with well managed focused efforts a bright world future can be ushered in. in reality it is a fact that although we are passing through dire times yet they will not persist for long.

In global understanding a rational cogitation took place over a cosmic unpolluted environment. At the very onset the world public’s representatives of various organizations vowed to adhere to the slogan ‘world united peacefully as a family’ by giving up selfish thinking. Today is not that hour wherein anyone will benefit harboring selfish considerations. Now is that time wherein people will prefer to die harboring sentiments of world brotherhood and sense of oneness. If developed countries insist on thinking that due to advanced industrialization and technical development they will become wealthy even if it means that the rest of the world faces dire poverty, know for sure they are erring. They will perforce have to live with friendship with all. According to futurologists any scientific discovery/invention by any nation does not merely belong to it only. If there is any imbalance then however much it affects large regions like USA and Europe, it will similarly affect small regions like Cuba, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea and others. What we are trying to say is that nature based discoveries and vaults of nuclear energy cannot belong to a few powerful nations. In fact looking upon the entire world as a family all world humanity will coexist under one world flag. This is the desire of Almighty God and is a beautiful path for human existence.

The chief of World Bank Maqbool ul haq regarding this says that the hour has arrived for rich nations to help poor countries. For this he proclaimed an all world encompassing guideline wherein the wealth of all rich nations be taxed. This tax must then be used to uplift and develop underdeveloped countries. As per statistics quoted by him it is clear that by gaining tax from various rich countries economic development of poor nations can be successfully executed.

A 2nd important set of guidelines put forth by Maqbool ul haq included centralized well managed nature based discoveries, energy program devoid of pollution, international organization to overcome poverty, obstructing world population explosion especially in poor nations, deleting borders that partition various countries and not only controlling production of war based weapons but obstructing its misuse.

These imaginations may appear unattainable today yet they show that in contemporary times what are the causes of world problems?

The beliefs of Future Society and other similar organizations are in tandem with present world conditions. From its unanimous warnings it is clear that these problems will influence a few decades. Those who are deluded, their numbers are large. Despite the day of death nearing and being insulted by family members, majority of senior citizens vainly get ensnared by material illusory pursuits. There are many humans in this world who fail to imbibe the light of wisdom and discrimination. If they refuse to mend their ways Lord Mahakal will get ready to kick their mode of lifestyle. The gist is this that in these important times of era junction the class of world humanity inspired by goodwill must shoulder special responsibilities. Today’s time in world history is just not ordinary but is that hour which ushers in pain and strife. Ordinary speeds under such situations are obstructed from marching ahead and rational awakened people are expected to manifest special efforts for world welfare tasks. Time demands that a bright future of the world must be ushered in by such great awakened souls. No doubt such efforts are being executed. We must hope that such tasks full of goodwill by keeping in mind the previously mentioned goals full of sacredness and all inclusive sentiments and devoid of differences that are caste, community and race based will stand on a common world podium gushing forth with a sense of world brotherhood and friendship. Yet this is certainly not happening. After a lapse of many years this information is transferred through other languages. And yet what happens is that by the time this happens this information has become old and that many changes have already occurred in them.

Today in the entire world there exist around 3000 languages. In only 13 chief languages world transactions and communication takes place. The world’s well known languages are Danish, Swedish, Norse, German, Italian, Icelandic, Portuguese, Welsh, Bulgarian, Irish, Spanish, Hindi, Persian, Czech, Finnish, Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Berber, Somali, Tibetan, Turkish, Burmese, Siamese, Mongolian, Korean, Japanese, Swahili etc.

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In Sanskrit language ‘Gaya’ means Prana or vital force and ‘Tri’ means to liberate. ‘Gayate pranaha iti gayatri’ which means that which liberates Prana is called Gayatri. Trana means to liberate or free. Prana is a bound conscious principle to the body, senses and their objects. By liberating Prana from this bondage one realizes one’s divine conscious state. In this manner the entire science of Prana dwells within Super Energy Gayatri. Previously those Extrasensory Potentials or ESP discussed can be attained via Gayatri Meditation and Worship.

The word Prana has its root in ‘Pra’ prefix and ‘An’ Dhatu. ‘Ana’ Dhatu connotes life force and consciousness. Hence the word Prana means conscious energy. It is also called ‘latent heat’ and ‘psychic force’. In Tandya Jaimini (12-1-2) and Shatpath Brahman texts it is said: Gayatriprano vai gayatri. It is also said ‘daviyanutati gayatri’ which means this electricity is Gayatri. Thus we can see that Gayatri, Prana, electricity is one principle and with its aid all daily life’s activities are executed. Vashishthaji by conducting deep research on Prane-electricity present in air unearthed those norms of Pranayam (Yogic breathing exercises) which not only greatly augment human potentials but that it helps man contact subtle powers of other worlds or Lokas. Detailed explanation is given in Prana Vidya Prakaran, 6th chapter, 24th Sukta and 20-31 Mantras. Over here it is said that just as an engineer uses technology/machines in the same way this Prana Energy helps transact all of life’s daily activities.

During Gayatri Meditation in what manner can Prana Energy be attracted, imbibed and evolved in great measure? Regarding this Indian seers and philosophers have conducted deep scientific experiments. Spiritual seers have categorized Prana into 2 parts: Microcosm and Macrocosm. Microcosm encompasses which is seen functioning in the material world. Macrocosm includes which sways as life in the conscious world. Both these are called Adhidaivik, cosmic and spiritual, microcosmic or Hiranyagarbha.

Adhi daivikena samashti vyashti rupena hairanya garbhena.

Pranatmanaivaitad vibhutva magnayate nadhyatmikena.

………………..Brahma Sutra-Shankar Bhashya

The cosmic form is Hiranya Garbha macrocosm. The individual form is Adhidaivik microcosm.

Atomic energy related to microcosm is the very basis on which modern material science functions. Varied forces and energies of electricity, heat, light, radiations etc function in this very fount. The activity noted in atoms is that of the sun. Ere solar light did not reach earth it would be rendered withered and arid. No movement of any sort would be noted. One would fail to note atom’s mobility, production of matter, their augmentation and transformation. Modern material science has unearthed atomic energy given to earth by the sun and via various inventions after using them the world’s material comforts have been increased dramatically. Science has unfolded many terrific sources of various forces and energies. Yet never must we fall under an illusion that the cosmic infinite vault of energy is limited to the material potency of nuclear energy.

Prana can be said to be all pervasive activity of energy waves of this inert material world. In the conscious world Prana can be called sensitivity and emotions. Sensitivity would encompass will, wisdom and action. Living beings sustain themselves because of it. With its aid they desire, think and make due efforts. The more one possesses this life force the more one’s Prana is rendered potent. Thus with greater Prana power one can become a great saint, divine personality and Almighty God from an ordinary lay person. The cosmic existence of consciousness which pervades the entire cosmos is called conscious Prana. A creature who to a certain extent with due effort imbibes this cosmic conscious Prana becomes Great or Super Prana in nature.

In the Prashnopanishad (1-7) sun is said to be the root center of Prana-

Sa esha vaishwanaro vishwa rupaha pranogtirud yate.

This is a mundane description. Everyone knows that on earth for the creation of life the credit goes to solar rays.

The center of the life force of the gross world is the sun. It has 5 Prana principles.

 Adityau havai vahyaha prana udayatyesha hyenam chakshasham prana.

In the Prashnopanishad it is said-

Manu gruhananaha prithivyam ya devata saisha purushsyapan.

Mavashtabhyantara yadakashaha sa samano vayu dhwanihi tejo havai udanaha.

This sun itself is external Prana or life force. By rising at dawn it renders active all movements of the visible world. The Super of Great Prana of the sun helps the body called this world to remain alive. It pervades the 5 elements or Tattva in the form of 5 Pranas.

A scientist of Soviet Russia Dr Ushakov while detailing his research on the Polar Region has put forth a new precept. He opines that oxygen or air which is the substratum of life is not the creation or wealth of earth. It in fact flows in the Prana stream of sun and here on earth by uniting the principle activity in the earth’s atmosphere ‘oxygen’ is generated. Ere the sun were to obstruct sending this Prana flow or else for some reason planet earth fails to absorb it then due to diminishing levels of oxygen life on earth would be difficult to sustain. At a height of 62 miles from earth this Prana commences to get converted to oxygen. This oxygen does not get showered like rain clouds anywhere and everywhere but that it first gets focused on North Pole. And then via the medium of the South Pole it is shared with the entire earth. The fact that we see twinkling colors in the Polar region aura is proof of presence of oxygen with electrical zone.

The goal of Pranayam or Prana Science is to attract apt measure of this Solar Prana and imbibe it in the body. In order to radiate electromagnetic force that augmentation of Prana required is attained via special Pranayams (Yogic breathing exercises) that have their roots in Prana based spiritual practices. Via the well designed methods of Swara Yoga and Prana science Kundalini or Divine Serpent Energy fire is lit in such a manner akin to an ironsmith intensifies fire of a furnace using a hollow pipe into which he blows air. By attracting Prana principle from infinite space via the nostrils the magnetic flow inspired by solar principle is rendered very speedy and potent.

Thus because of this created light al of one’s Prana which was sleeping and latent awakens. As soon as the sun rises at dawn birds, beasts etc on giving up their sleep zestfully start their daily chores. Buds bloom into flowers and the influence of air intensifies. In the same way via Prana spiritual practices both our poles get filled up with energy flow movements akin to one seen at sunrise are noted. Not only the gross physical body but that our subtle and causal bodies too, along with their visible/invisible units exhibit their functional activities. A devotee feels as though like a snake shedding its old skin becomes new and radiantly energized.

Sometimes due to special outbursts seen on the sun a stream emitted by it enters earth and thus manifest magnetic storms on earth’s Polar Regions. Its reactions are not limited to this region only but that it influences the entire world. Many times this magnetic storm creates very joyous and useful results and many times from them come such principles which induce danger in the entire world. Once, in the year 1938 a magnetic storm emerged in the Polar Regions and its terrific brilliance was seen right up to Africa and Crimea. It influenced not only material objects but also various living beings. Such electric storms manifested Ice Age on earth. For so long a major chunk of earth was covered with freezing ice. Oceans were flooded and land became ocean and ocean got converted into a desert. It is said that somewhere air, water and fire Pralaya (world annihilation) can take place and these magnetic storms are capable of totally changing the map of the world.

Nature based magnetic storms appear due to changes in 5 elements or due to laws of destiny. But via Yoga practices such magnetic storms can be induced in the subtle world which will not only influence sky based stars, galaxies etc but divine existence centers and demigods too. The conscious center Savita that influences our world can in turn be jolted by men of terrific austerities. Great intensity in Polar Light and Aura is seen in March and September (in Chaitra and Ashwin Navratri as per Hindu calendar). The reason being that the earth’s axis lies at an apt angle in relation to the sun. This is said to be the most appropriate time to sow seeds. Even pregnancies occur most during these times. This is the time flowers bloom. It is during these times that devotees attain greatest fruit of penance. When we conjoin earth’s magnetic attraction to solar light magnetism only then this brilliance intensifies gigantically and its reaction elicits astounding results in human daily living. Not only this, but even the environment can be influenced.

Alexander Marshek has ‘heard’ energy influences manifesting in the solar system and galaxies in the form of light and sound that has been measured by scientific technology. These sounds are like well designed music and their tones. By itself with the ears a general sound is merely heard and its special import cannot be understood. Yet latest scientific studies in the field of Astronomy clarifies that this sound flow is very powerful which flows from the sun to the Polar Regions and via it such influences are seen on the bodies and psyche of man and other creatures which is not possible to manifest even by individual intense human effort. These influences could be both wholesome and unwholesome.

Within Yoga practices, Sadhana or practices related to sound waves predominate. Within Kundalini Yoga practices Bindu and Kala methods helps us understand unknown energy streams so as to establish a strong bond with them. In Naad Sadhana or sound waves based spiritual endeavor we can hear conch, bell, whistle, thundering clouds etc. These are meant not merely to focus our psyche but are executed so that one can imbibe and benefit from those gifts showered by various worlds-Lokas, galaxies and subtle divine centers akin to ones given by sun to earth. Kundalini aspirants/devotees have to execute such methodologies. As a result they can experience within their inner core personality very rare and mind boggling principles similar to divine boons.

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The nature and form of Polar Aura is like a search light. In comparison to the north it is more intense in the southern region. From this it seems that this aura brilliance is running speedily from the North Pole to the South Pole. Divine brilliance incarnating in our brain region too rushes towards our genitals and center of Kundalini Shakti. In the South Pole region birds called penguins are found. They are very serene in nature they behave very lovingly towards guests that come to see them. In reality South Pole is a center of Kala or Cupid. From here flows the radiant stream of love’s softness, sweetness and straightforwardness. Like the penguin bird in the recesses of our genitals ooze bliss and zest. If it is activated, then in life will spring forth the fount of cupid like joy and enthusiasm. The South Pole is at a height of 19000 feet from the ocean shore. It can be called the upsurge of world body’s genitals. In Indian Puranas it is called the Shiva Linga. This upsurge is also seen in female genital organs albeit in a minute form.

As a result of the strange picture of solar rays on the Polar Regions everything appears to be like a magical city. Generally ones shadow over here appears double in form. A realized spiritual seer too sees his 2 friends Para and Apara Prakriti roaming alongside him/her and believes him-self or her-self to be the imperishable soul (Atman) that is separate from its 2 shadows called gross and subtle bodies.

The aim of Indian Prana Science is that by attracting in optimal measure Prana stream present within solar energy that gets rained on the 2 Poles so as to nourish in an all round manner gross and subtle consciousness with its help.

By attracting with the help of the brain light particles of some unknown founts of light the subtle body of light can be greatly advanced. Although this is a bit difficult yet science is proving this too. For unearthing this scientific proof a Russian astronomer Chizovski had to put penance like intense efforts.

Initially for hours together either he would sit under the hot blazing sun or else under the cool soothing rays of moonlight. Alongside he would note down all mental changes/thoughts taking place within. Then he studied history of 400 years related to the rise-fall of human personality and yearly statistics of various types of diseases. As a result he realized that the brilliance of sun etc and its 11 years sunspots had a strong relationship with man’s psychic state. Regarding this we will make a detailed discussion later but here it is utmost important to understand one’s mode of thinking related to those glands like thyroid, adrenal and pituitary of the brain are all ductless. It means that they are not influenced by any chemical materials. The subtle units of light or Prana flow exactly like electrical particles flow in a wire. One’s sentiments are exactly of the type of light particles present in us. Under hot sunlight lethargy, anger etc emotions gush forth and under moonlight one feels serene, romantic and blissful. If a person were to focus his mind on the source of light it would mean that our ductless glands is establishing an electromagnetic bond with that fount and those particles get filled in us speedily. The more meditation is profound and focused we can clearly to that extent experience the speed of evolution of the subtle body towards that attraction and thus one day we actually merge into that infinite eternal fount so as to attain Sidhi or self realization.

For example along with Gayatri Meditation one has to meditate on the sun too. During the meditative state a bond is established between the electromagnetic stream of the sun and ductless glands situated in the pigtail region of the brain. Thus particles of solar brilliance commence entering our body. In this manner while our Prana Body advances manifold it becomes feather weight, divine and radiant like sun light.



Once, King Divodas’ son Pratardan wished to see heaven. Taking commands from his father Pratardan went to heaven. Indra was greatly impressed by Pratardan’s enterprise and war oriented skills. He respectfully welcomed Pratardan and said: How can I serve you? Pratardan replied: Lord! I have enough wealth, food, children, fame etc. What more can I ask from you? I do not want anything.

Indra laughingly said: Child! I know a man of enterprise and hard work lacks nothing in this world. Yet even though he is capable of earning enough wealth, joyous comforts etc he must yearn for world welfare and well being. There is no greater glory to be attained on earth apart from the good merits of service to the world. As a result in fact you shall attain God or Self realization. Hence I will teach you the science of Prana that aids in selflessly and devotedly serving the world.

After this Indra instructed Pratardan on the subject of Prana principle. He said: Prana very is Brahman or God. Via spiritual endeavor, great Yogis and Rishi-Munis imbibe Prana in their soul and with its aid usher in world well being.

In the 2nd chapter of Kaushitaki Upanishad Lord Indra taught this Prana Science to Pratardan and in it is a very important elucidation of it. Indra further unfolds the mystery of how with the help of Prana Science an individual oozing with Prana Energy transmit it to others and how via it one can elicit inner inspirations and thoughts in others individuals. Adding further on this topic Indra says:

Atha khalu tasmadetamevoktha mupasit. Yo vai pranaha sa prajna ya va prajna sa prana…… yada pratibudhyate yathagnervisfulling. Vipratisthante pranebhyo deva devebhyo loka………

MEANING: When the mind thinks, other Pranas by becoming its allies become powerful thinkers. When the eyes see an object other Pranas mimic them. When the speech utters words other Pranas follow in its footsteps. In the function of the chief Prana other Pranas cooperate wholly.

In other verses it is detailed that by inactivating the mind along with all sense organs the power of resolve or Sankalpa Shakti is united with Pranas. Such a person becomes a knower of divine wisdom. He/she via Prana Energy can influence and inspire just about anyone. Their message and teachings can be heard and imbibed anywhere. By merging our Prana with their Prana people of weak potential can potently awaken their Prana in a manifold way. Even an inert mountain cannot ignore the commands of those people oozing with divine wisdom. Those who harbor hatred towards such divine personalities get destroyed wholly.

In this very Upanishad there is guidance that when a father realizes he is the door of death he must establish his Prana energy in his son (Guru, disciple or disciples). He must gift speech, Prana, nose, eyes, ears, power of mobility, intellect etc and his son must imbibe it. After this the father or Guru by becoming a Sanyasi must leave that place and that the son or disciple must be asked to take over, meaning that the tradition or lineage of spirituality must not get obstructed in any way.

In ancient times this tradition was very much in vogue like today’s powerful technology. A knower Guru of Prana Science by giving up his very life enhanced the personality and potentials of his/her disciple. As a result with humble faith people regularly visited hermitages/Ashrams of great Rishis. The Rishis by giving their Prana would render people radiant, intelligent and full of enterprise. Maharshi Dhaumya had led Aruni, Gautam led Jabali, Indra led Arjun, Yama led Nachiketa and Shukracharya led Kaccha to a high stature inner state. Even today via true God realized masters and Gurus the torch of this tradition continues to shine forth. Paramhans Ramkrishna did Shaktipat (transmission of Divine Energy) on Swami Vivekananda. The latter in turn imbued Prana in Sister Nivedita. Via Prana Energy Yogi Aurobindo sent a message to call Mother Yajnashikha to Pondicherry Ashram from Paris who managed the ashram and edited its magazine. By giving her the Science of Yoga rendered her a master of Indian Spiritual Philosophy.

It is said that when Lord Rama was in exile in the forest at that time Lakshman by controlling his radiant Prana sent news of their daily life everyday to his wife residing far off Ayodhya. Urmila in turn broadcasted this news via paintings to Raghuvansh family and like a wireless wire everyone duly got this latest news.

Anasuya dwelled alone in a hermitage. Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh disguising themselves, visited her so as to test her. Muni Atri had gone out somewhere. It was he who had identified God’s 3 fold form and this hidden message was transmitted to his wife Anasuya via Prana Energy. Hindu scriptures are full of such stories.

Today’s modern science based world society, argue about these stories. People suspect and doubt and say that is it possible for one man to send a message to another person at a far off distance without any technology and apparatus?

If we try to cogitate deeply even modern science has proof for the above. Who does not know about wireless transmission (and cell phones today)? Sound is converted to electric waves. These waves in turn flow in ether principle by becoming streams. The more a transmitter is powerful, to that extent electrical waves will flow speedily towards far off areas. Other wirelesses or radio set up with the same frequency will catch these sound waves and reconvert them to sound which can be heard by people sitting nearby. Now none can distrust such crystal clear scientific proof.

Whatever we utter first manifests as thoughts in our mind and thus thoughts do exist in this world. In the above verses it has been said that when mental or thought energy unites with Prana other Pranas cooperate. This means that via the medium of Prana consciousness which includes actions, thinking, emotions etc dwelling in our body can be sent to any person in a far off region.

Egypt’s medical science specialist Papirus had given a scientific form of medical therapy which involved the doctor caressing the head of the patient. Emperor Pirus and Vaise Pasiyan via such therapy were cured of a dangerous disease. In the medical therapy administered to France’s royal family members, right from Francis I to Charles 10 magnet was used in powerful cure methods. Especially was used touch of hand and special focused vision.

In the year 1600 the great scholar Scotchman Maxwell put forth the precept that there exists a life force that pervades the entire cosmos. Via effort more or less of it can be filled in ourselves and can be used to uplift ourselves both materially and spiritually.

Previous to Maxwell a great thinker Goklonium via sound logic and proof had proved that the chief basis of soul power in mankind is this life force which was understood to be of the stature of ‘living magnet’. Von Helmont by using this energy had gained fame for curing very painful dire illnesses and diseases. Due to such capacity Mahaprabhu during his lifetime was called a Siddha saint.

Sataneli, an Italian scientist in the early part of 18th century via many experiments had proved that within the human reside intense electrical radiations.

Right from the year 1734 to 1815 for most of his life span Dr Frederic Mesmer conducted research on the existence and utility value of Prana Energy. He systematically wrote down the conclusions of his long research and gave it the name-Mesmerism. Later his student Constant Usigar added a new chain of mesmerism science to the above and gave the name hypnotism to inducing of sleep artificially. Other scholars of France too unearthed new data after due research in this area. La Fontaine and Dr Brad while continuing research in this subject rendered it so apt that in medical therapy it could be used credibly.

In the past few years in New Orleans USA is constructing such a center for research studies. USA scientist Darlene and French one Dr Durand de Gras’ research studies imbued faith in the modern scientific world that use of Prana Energy use in comparison to other well established medical therapies is no less beneficial. This methodology was called Electro Biological. Lee Vault’s book on medical therapy based on human electricity received credibility and was praised too. Regarding this the names of 3 major institutions that conducted deep research into it are:

1)      The School of Nancy

2)      The School of Charkot

3)      The School of Mesmerist

Apart from these there are other big minor research centers that encourage both individual and collective experimentation.

Research of scientist Modavyuz and Count Puligar proved that medical cure via Prana energy is merely child’s play. In reality it can be used for much higher stature. On its basis man can manifest multifaceted radiance in his personality. He can become skillfully brilliant. He can cross over many stages of self belief. By influencing material objects experiments can be conducted to render them more useful and via this influence the nature of living beings can be transformed. German electric scientist called Richen Bach believes it to be a special type of fire. He opines that this fire chiefly is found around one’s face and gave it the name-aura. He found this fire to dwell in greater measure in the genitals rather than one’s face periphery. Other researchers opined that greater measure of it dwells in one’s eyes and finger tips.

Hong Kong’s American Dr Arnold Fast conducted many small operations on patients by inducing sleep in them via hypnotic methods. Later dental surgeons too used this method and found that instead of using anesthesia based chemicals to render the teeth/gums temporarily painless hypnotic methods were more useful. In South Africa, Johannesburg’s Taro Hospital Dr Bernard Lebinson without administering chloroform to patients while using hypnotic methods for anesthesia during surgery proved that this method is not some flimsy magic but is truly scientific in nature. The English scientist James Bride opined that instead of limiting the potential of electrical energy found in nerve centers for body nourishment only other useful activities too can be executed with its aid.

During the 2nd world war people in order to decipher war secrets dwelling in the psyche of others used mysteries techniques of Prana Electricity based applications. The psychologist J H Atsbrook had unearthed many new principles regarding this and its application was taught to detective officers. For this Germany had designated a totally separate department called Hypnotized Intelligence. With its help, so much amazing success came their way.

There is no limit to the potential and miracles pertaining to Prana Energy. Just as those countries which have access to nuclear energy technology etc are considered leaders of the world similarly the potency of men imbued with intense Prana Energy are not only no less in comparison but in fact exceed them by miles.

As long as our nation was aware of this science our stature too was very high in the world. Via Gayatri Meditation by conjoining our individual Prana to cosmic Prana we fill up infinite vault of divine energy in ourselves and with its aid not only do we benefit but that hundreds others coming in our contact too experience well being in a multifaceted manner. Atomic energy can be destructive yet if used wholesomely can be used to fulfill the problem of lack of electricity the world over which in turn strengthen areas of agriculture, health etc. The same holds true with Prana Energy and that if used optimally can lead to world welfare both materially and spiritually. Today’s demeaned state of the world can be warded off.

Realized Gurus who have mastered Gayatri Science are akin to the sun. They ooze with the capacity to usher in well being of world denizens. Yet when we see that they do not help some people the reason is that they may misuse this energy. A father will never give money to an alcoholic son and similarly spiritual energy cannot be given to just anyone and everyone. The person receiving it must be full of pious credibility. Yet even the might sun gives heat and light to just about everybody. The same ethics should be imbibed by great saints with relation to Gayatri devotees who are children of divine wisdom. By giving Prana Energy to people maybe they may not do good but by inspiring them to walk on the path of greatness so much welfare can usher in that in comparison to this even the most gigantic mundane aid will pale into insignificance.

Where does Prana come from? What is its source from which one can imbibe it? While searching the same we have to conclude that this priceless wealth can be got from pure air, sacred water, good wholesome (Satvik) food and contact with the sun, sound deep sleep and self satisfied mental state. The more we ignore these energy founts, the more we abstain from them, the more our personality will weaken and wither away. When we earn less and spend more no business will succeed and in the same way how can worldly transactions run smoothly in one’s daily living?

Every activity and desire has limitations. By observing discipline and self control only one gets divine potential. By working more than one’s capacity, harboring desire to augment comforts, by immersing in sense merriment utilizing sense organ potential way beyond their capacity, not observing discipline in one’s daily routine etc do not appear to be very erroneous yet despite these seeming minor like a spark of fire can burn to ashes the blissful garden of our family life. One who ignores ethical and social discipline norms loses his/her credibility and fails to get cooperation and help from other people. One who ignores discipline in his/her individual life loses that very priceless wealth on the basis of which the foundation stones of multifaceted progress are laid down.

Who and for how long can one protect another who drinks poison so as to commit suicide? How long can the Prana Energy of a person remain optimally balanced if he/she continues to drink alcohol, indulge in drug addictions etc? Even hot spices used in food are poison from a certain viewpoint. By ceaselessly agitating the psyche via desire based titillation we ourselves dissipate to naught our life’s wealth and grandeur. Further in order to face the fruits of sins committed by us we enter the hell of diseases, weakness and accident based death.

The great philosopher Confucius rightly proclaims: Those who break the law of spending less will have to face death full of crisis and strife. This sacred utterance of his with reference to wastage of Prana Energy is cent-percent true. Such people play dangerously with their very lives and in the most un-required manner fritter away their potential. Under such circumstances is there any wonder that they thus face dire results like getting shocks at every step of life along with total agitation of mind?

If only we learn to use our Prana Energy very sparingly our life span will increase in a disease free manner. And in fact this saved Prana Energy can be used for wholesome goals like service to world creatures and humanity.

We tend to waste our Prana Energy by gluttonously eating food even when our body does not require it. For protection of the body there is need of minimal and health augmenting food. Instead we heat such food which induces indigestion. We erroneously think that by eating expensive, tasty and more food we will become strong. Yet the results are bang opposite wherein the strength that manifests from its eating does not reach the body simply because it is used in digesting the eaten rich food. As a result from the bodily health a vigor standpoint we daily reap nothing but losses and by declaring ourselves ‘bankrupt’ from the health standpoint we enter the jaws of death. Opposite to this those who with effort imbibe a lot of Prana Energy without frittering it away not only glorifies human life but also generates in his/her life a great deal of material wealth and prosperity.







AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra Meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


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Whatever man perceives in this external material cosmos is but the manifestation of the invisible subtle world. In fact not even a billionth aspect of the subtle world manifests as the gross world. Whatever man perceives and experiences with his 5 sense organs (eye, ear, nose, skin and taste bud) is but a very infinitesimal portion which is a manifestation of the subtle world. The sun’s fire element is but a very infinitesimal fraction of the fire element that pervades the entire cosmos. The heat in turn experienced by us emitted from solar rays too is an extremely minor portion of the total heat/light of the sun.


When a patient gets fever the body becomes hot. And yet it is but a miniscule glimpse of the billions of germs, bacteria, viruses etc in our body which are responsible for illnesses once they go on ‘rampage’. These germs invisible to our eye create a lot of havoc in our body but its manifestation is but a little bit if heat on our body labeled fever by us. As against this the heat within our body (in organs, cells etc) due to illness is not known at all by the patient. Take for example the human body. Despite being so tall and heavy in weight it is but the manifestation of an embryo (sperm + ovum) that has genes made up of DNA in its nucleus. In fact great scientists and geneticists opine that a very minor portion of the total DNA present manifests various characteristics in our body. Thus the gene has infinite potential and characteristics but a very miniscule portion actually manifests in the physical body of bones, blood etc. Those major potentials of the gene that do not manifest exist in our DNA albeit in a latent state.


The visible gigantic cosmos is but a partial manifestation of a Subtle Conscious Principle and they are called Para and Apara Prakriti (gross and subtle nature). In a very natural manner our mind grasps the knowledge of this subtle principle but in an extremely miniscule form. In the close vicinity of whatever is visible an invisible limitless flow of energy streams exist. This is applicable to forests, mountains, oceans, rivers etc., that are seen everywhere in the world. Man’s physical body is even more ‘strange’. Its sensitive nature and magnetic aura is very gigantic. Despite this a layman’s grasping power or the capacity to imbibe subtle energy is so weak that he fails to make apt and optimum use of these infinite powers of the subtle world. Ere man augments this power of grasping by leaps and bounds he can make apt use of these divine powers and transform both his material and spiritual life. Ultimately he/she can become an instrument for the advent of a bright future in the 21st century.


Modern scientists especially anatomists and physiologists have unearthed a great deal of information of the external and internal physical body. And yet it is most required that they now focus their research on the subtle and causal body that has infinitely more potential than our gross body. No doubt in ancient times a lot of information was unfolded regarding the subtle/causal bodies and yet for unfathomable reasons this research petered away to naught. Hence it is most required that modern scientists continue these research studies preferably on a war footing. This is because knowledge and wisdom are like a vast infinite ocean and hence it knows no limit (One great scientist said: Knowledge is like the vast ocean and I am yet counting pebbles on the shore). If man’s prowess/potential is compared to the cosmos’ limitlessness it is only apt that we do not rest content with knowledge made available so far. Instead we must strive to research more and more into the mysteries of the gross and subtle universe.


We must indeed take appropriate help of ancient seer-scientists in order to research into the state, energy principles, potentials and utility of the subtle and causal bodies. We must continue with our research studies especially keeping in mind the changes noted in the subtle flow of interstellar space and transformations in the human physical body.


The activities of the visible gross body are limited to this material world (Bhu Loka). The subtle bodily activities are limited to the subtle world (Bhuvaha Loka). The causal bodily activities are limited to the causal world (Svaha Loka). Generally people wrongly conclude that these Lokas are nothing but galaxies, planets etc. It is important to note that Lokas and planets are 2 different entities. Planets are gross whereas Lokas are subtle & invisible in nature. This material world harbors within it 2 subtle Lokas i.e. Bhu Loka and Bhuvaha Loka. These subtle worlds are very much different in nature than the gross material world. The gross visible world is predominantly material in nature. The joys/sorrows experienced by us are due to these materials enjoyed by human beings. Whatever we desire or attain is nothing but materials. Since our physical body is made up of various materials it can ‘grasp’ only that which related to this material world. Bhuvaha Loka or subtle world encompasses experiences, energies, capabilities, potentials etc since it is ‘thought’ predominant. Hence its state of progress is dependent on the level of our psyche and intellect. The more sacred and focused is ones psyche/intellect the more advanced and potent is ones subtle body.


Savaha Loka is the emotional/sentimental world. Sentiments ooze with affectionate love. We all are aware how a mother is emotionally attached to her baby, a husband to his wife, one friend to another etc. But over here union is joyful and separation is very painful. It is only a person who is inwardly one with others who can gauge the joy of union and pain of separation in the lives of his fellow beings. This nature of sentiments/sensitivity is so intense that it can ‘drag’ the body and mind in any special direction. With faith and self belief demigods manifest and desired boons can be availed of. All these are miracles of the emotional/sentimental world called Bhava Loka. A question maybe asked: Do demigods exist and if so do they have the capacity to bless us with boons? In order to understand the principle underlying this one will have to understand the intense potential of man’s sensitive and emotional (Bhava) nature. Man’s potential of faith is endless and hence deeper his faith, deeper ones true belief, the more intense ones will power/ power of resolve (Sankalpa Shakti) and the more profound ones devotion to God, demigods definitely manifest as per ones inner belief. It is only to that extent that the demigod will possess Divine Powers and will give us desired boons.


It goes without saying that the more anything is subtle the more powerful it becomes. Mud is not as powerful as the energy present in its atom which in turn is so subtle in nature. Air is not as powerful as ether. Steam is more powerful than water. We are all aware of the characteristics and nature of the gross body. Like other creatures the human gross body too performs only limited functions. Hence all those extraordinary qualities like radiance, divine potential and zeal can manifest only in the subtle and causal body of mankind. Externally each individual looks similar (i.e. they have hands, legs, eyes etc) and yet because each ones mental make up varies greatly they differ inwardly a great deal. The difference is not with reference to flesh, blood etc of the gross body but it is due to the different levels of power of lack of it in the inner conscious state of the subtle body. Our gross body made up of 5 elements (space, air, fire, water and earth) and flesh, bones, blood etc is made more potent via good food habits, exercise, medical aid etc. Similarly Yoga practices (Sadhana) help make more potent and powerful our subtle body. It is because of a potent will power and mental resolve that many brilliant people are seen in various professions like medicine, engineering, art, sport etc. All this manifests because of their powerful subtle body. Spiritual practices aim at augmenting this power by leaps and bounds.


Today man devotes a major chunk of his time in beautifying his body, attaining mental satiation and material advancement. It is most required that we human beings realize the folly and dire consequences of not paying due heed to the nourishment of our subtle body. Hence if we make optimum efforts in this direction we can attain both material and spiritual prosperity which in turn will glorify our lives. We all are aware of the material advancement and material pleasures of this gross material world. Hence our entire life is spent in chasing them relentlessly. If only we realize that even infinite more bliss lie in our subtle and causal worlds we would make great efforts in attaining them. Yoga practices aim at making mankind both materially and spiritually powerful.




The fundamental unit of man’s physical body is called a cell by anatomists. We can say that our body is a network of various types of cells. These cells can be divided into 2 sections: 1) Cytoplasm 2) Nucleus. Cytoplasm is the cell’s chemical aspect and nucleus is its imprint aspect. Life’s major consciousness is present in the nucleus as light, heat, magnetism, electricity, sound and mobility. Thus this second network of group of units spread out in the body as gross atoms is called subtle body in spiritual parlance. In Indian Yogic Science this principle is called Prana (vital force) and the subtle body made from it is called Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath. In the previous chapter that Biological Plasma Body discussed is indeed this Vital Force Sheath.

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 In the human body mind’s consciousness is said to be the conscious aspect of the group of 5 elements (earth, water, fire, wind and space). Despite obtaining light from the soul it is said to be a part of the material body and not that of the soul. In the same way the collective consciousness of cosmic 5 elements and great elements is called Prana. Prana is life force or vital force. Although it pervades wind and space yet it is separate from them. What we call material nature is actually not inert. This is because a miniscule aspect of vital force pervades it. An object totally devoid of vital force is not only totally useless but gets destroyed too. Without vital force no object can maintain its form and nature and that their natural qualities too cannot remain steady.


 Vital force or Prana can be called a type of living electrical force and is present like wind, space, heat and ether in the cosmos. The more this force exists in a creature the more it is zestful, full of aura, daring and mighty. This force spread out in our body is called life force and Ojas too. When this very principle manifests in the psyche we call it a radiant/brilliant personality. When this electrical force is in excess in the sperm Brahmacharis become divinely radiant and brilliant in character. In its absence even if the skin is fair, body is beautiful/handsome man remains dull, sad, wilted and virtually lifeless. That radiance and loveliness of beauty which attracts the mind is nothing but the radiance of Prana (vital force). It is Prana which gives us joy when we see lovely trees, plants, babies, youth etc. This power can be seen in the beauty of the face, sweet voice, talent, intellect, artistry, devotion and other forms.


In the spiritual world this principle is worshipped as Goddess Durga. This is that very energy. In the Durga Saptashati in the verses ‘Ya devi sarvabhuteshu shakti rupena tishthati’ etc this very principle in various forms is eulogized by saying ‘Namastasye namastasye namastasye namo namaha’. In the form of Vijayadashmi’s Shakti Puja this vital principle is eulogized and imbibed. This Prana embedded in the cosmos on becoming weak in potency initiates a lowly/downfallen era. All creatures including mankind become weak, with short life spans, with weak intellects and lowly in emotions. But when Prana is potent everything in this cosmos is rendered great. The difference between the Golden age and Dark Age depends on the youthfulness or withered nature of Prana. When in this cosmos the vital force nears its death stage the world enters the state of Pralaya or annihilation. Two atoms are joined by the force of attraction which is vital force. If this vital force perishes atoms also get scattered like dust. All names and forms of the world get destroyed. It is called world annihilation. After a long time span when this vital force wakes up from long ‘sleep’, so as to attain a new life the creation of the world commences again. Creatures get a chance to imbibe the covering of spiritual and material nature and again they are seen as mobile living beings.


Some creatures attain more of this Prana principle because of past lives’ positive psychic imprints (Sanskars) and good merits (Punya). This is ofcourse their good fortune, but those who have less of it should not despair. Via intense efforts of wholesome stature this vital principle can be imbibed in great measure. Those who have less of it can imbibe in any measure without obstruction from the Cosmic Prana that pervades the entire world. Those who have lots of it too can imbibe that much more to augment their inner radiance and skills.


Indian Yogis with reference to the above have conducted experiments of deep import. All miracles of Yogic Sciences have their roots in the activities of this Prana (vital force) principle. This world is divided into Para (subtle) and Apara (gross) creation. One is inert and the other is conscious in nature. The subtle form of inert world is atoms which unite to form gross objects. Conscious world is Prana from which the subtle body is created. In the body this vital force is present as the subtle body. As a result movement and activity manifest and various creatures move about due to this. In its absence the intellectual consciousness cannot be perceived. Great scriptural scholars talk of Prana in a varied manner as follows:


I am Prana as Prajna (divine intellect). By looking upon me as life span and nectar, meditate on me. As long as vital force exists life too exists. In this world the basis of attaining immortality is Prana only.



The fire aspect of Prana is depiced as follows:


Verily this vital force of the body gets heated by imbibing the fire aspect. It is sun, moon, clouds, wind, earth and beings. It is also existence/non-existence and immortal Brahman (God).

………………………PRASHNOPANISHAD (2/5)



Before creation of this world there was ‘non-existence’. What is ‘non-existence’? As an answer it is said they were Rishis. Who were these Rishis? As an answer it was said they were vital force. Vital Force is Rishi.

………………….SHATPATH (6/1/11)


Over here non-existence does not mean absence but means unmanifested. Before creation Prana existed. When visible objects were created Prana was seen active. This seeing is ‘manifest’.


Prana is called elder and great as follows:


Before creation Prana existed and hence is called elder. It is great because in all bodies and objects its varied activities are noted. In actuality Prana term is used as life.

…………………..CHANDOGYA (5/1/1)


When Prana leaves any body or object they wither away.

…………………….BRIHADARANYAKA (13/16)


The ten senses and the 11th mind that dwell in human beings are all vital force or Prana.

…………………….BRIHADARANYAKA (3/6/4)


Despite this it cannot be called wind, sense organs or psyche. In reality it is a life force that works in all these.


This vital force is neither wind nor sense organs. In scriptures it is described variedly.

…………………..BRAHMASUTRAS (2/4,6)


In the following lines greater clarity is given:


That mature vital force told the mind and sense organs: Do not get deluded. I have taken 5 forms and imbibed this body.



This vital force is neither wind nor is it the activity of sense organs.



This vital force is different from mind and wind.

…………………..MUNDAKOPANISHAD (2/1/3)


We bow down to that vital force which controls everything. It is the substratum of all beings (Pranis). It exists in everything and everything exists in it.

…………………….ATHARVAVEDA (11/6/1)


In Sanskrit language the word Prani is made from ‘Pra’ and ‘Un’. ‘Un’ means life force or consciousness. Thus Prana means life force or vital force. It is hence that creatures are called Pranis. The words Prana and life are used synonymously. Prana is a characteristic of Atman or soul. It comes from Paramatman or God. The soul is an inseparable part of Almighty God. Although it is a part of God yet all qualities of God are present in it. When a creature who imbibes individual vital force matures it becomes all encompassing just as a drop of water on entering the ocean becomes the ocean itself.


Energy in the inert world is spread out as waves and from activity standpoint it is as vital force principle. In the conscious world it is called thought process and sensitivity. In living beings it works as desire, knowledge and activity. All living beings remain alive because of it. The more one possesses this vital force the more one is energetic. The all pervasive existence of consciousness exists in the entire cosmos. Consciousness is called Prana or vital force. When with effort a part of it is imbibed by a living being it is called Great Prana. It is seen as mobility in material inert objects and alertness in conscious beings. Since it is the supreme energy of the animate/inanimate world it is called ‘elder’ and ‘great’.


This principle is timeless and infinite. Creation merges and manifests from it.

…………………….CHANDOGYA UPANISHAD (5/1/1)


What was there before creation of this world? The answer is:


That Brahman (cosmic consciousness or God) created Prana. From Prana manifested faith, intellect, mind and space, wind, light, water and earth (5 elements). Only then food was created.


In Vedic parlance the term ‘wind’ is added to Prana or vital force. At many places it is called Pranavayu. It does not mean oxygen, nitrogen etc but it means that stream which is analyzed and discussed by modern material scientists in the form of mobile electric waves. At the root of atomic radiations, heat, sound etc energy streams it is called the all pervasive substratum. If it is to be described spiritually it can be called Latent Light or divine Light wherein one finds divine light in it.


Swami Vivekananda calls Prana as ‘Psychic Force’. Grossly it can be called mental power. At a gross level it becomes a brain like activity. And yet Prana is cosmic in nature. If macrocosm is called mind’s power/energy or given the name cosmic conscious force only then its meaning is apt. The potential of the primary mental power of individual brain cannot be in the form of Prana. Possibly Swamiji meant the cosmic potential of the cosmic psyche/mind.


In the form of mental and bodily potential one can visualize/experience vital force manifesting and becoming intense. And yet deep down it is much more subtle than all the descriptions given so far.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra Meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


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Due to the solar system’s energy flow almost all of life’s activities are influenced by it. And yet it is deeply connected to human health. Due to this knowledge Ayurveda form of Indian medical healing in ancient times was very effective in curing illnesses. Unlike today there was no illness that did not have a cure. In Ayurveda one not only finds descriptions of disease cures/therapies and health based advancement but also techniques like ‘Kayakalpa’ which could convert old age to prime youth.




Even today one finds Ayurvedic healing methods, diagnosis, cures and therapies. Important literature with reference to this is available. One is not unaware of various herbs meant for healing various diseases. Then say, what is the reason that leaving aside Kayakalpa and cures for rare illnesses there is no success as far as healing even ordinary illnesses is concerned? On deep reflection we conclude that in Ayurveda of bygone eras the energy flow and deep wisdom of solar system were connected to each other. The success in Ayurveda of those times was due to this knowledge.




Amongst Ayurveda intellectual scholars the names of Charak and Vaghbhatta come to mind. They were not only specialists of healing but were wise followers of astrology and astronomy too. There is a rumor that when Charak went to the forest and mountains to collect plants and herbs the latter would them selves reveal their special curing capabilities. Along with this in which surroundings and when should they be sown so that special herbs can be produced and what benefits were obtained by what kind of people with their individual psyche and illnesses, all this information was given to Charak (in a deep meditative state) by the plants. While ignoring the fact whether this rumor is true or false and instead by imbibing the basic precept one understands that in eradicating illnesses it is not as if that only the medicine per se plays a major role. It is important to know when these plants have been grown, under what astrological influence and in what kind of atmosphere?




Human health is influenced by inter stellar movements and changes therein. One finds many phrases in Ayurveda literature that throws light on these tenets. According to Astrology ‘Ashtami vyadhinashini’ which means that the 8th day of the moon destroys all calamities. It also says that medicine taken on this day is highly beneficial. On Ashtami the sun and moon are 90 units apart. Hence both decrease their force of attraction to all saps of earth. The excess force of attraction of sun and moon are less on the blood and water present in man’s body. Thus medicines par taken on this day proves highly beneficial from the healing standpoint.




According to ‘Bhaishajik Jyotish’ many illnesses especially skin diseases, madness, epilepsy and psychic distortions are more violent in the bright half of the lunar month (Shukla Paksha or waxing moon). Modern Science has yet not unfolded the reason as to why this happens. According to Astrology during the bright half of the lunar month the sun and moon are closer to one another. Both of them attract the gas particles present in the earth’s atmosphere in a major way. This in turn influences the health of humans and other life forms. Generally it has been seen that on Chaturdashi (fourteenth day of the lunar month) when the sun and moon make an angle of 160 degrees the intensity of illnesses and emotional agitation reach their peak.




Even Ayurveda’s well known ‘Tridosha Sidhanta’ accepts deep imports of the energy flow of the solar system which if one could understand thoroughly many illnesses can get cured. The word ‘Vata’ originates from the ‘Va’ Dhatu or root word. The word ‘Pita’ originates from ‘Tapas’. It means ‘Tapasam tamay pittam’ or natural evolution, stimulation and a symbol of power. The word ‘Kuf Shleshma’ means to unite or attract magnetically. A well known commentator called Chakrapani has given subtle meanings of all three of them. According to him Vata is a symbol of speed, Pita that of power and Kuf is force of attraction. But it is not just enough to understand that these 3 are the 3 basic chemical forms of the body. Instead it is more important to know its subtle special characteristics.


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Sushrut a well known Ayurvedic scholar opines that just as the energies of the sun, moon and air are important for the activities of the world, similarly the apt balance of air, bile and phlegm are important for bodily and mental health. It is also important to understand the influence of the speed, position and changes of the planets of the solar system at various times. Proper diagnosis and cure of illnesses is possible only as a result of the above mentioned data and observations.




According to Astrology there exist 3 classes of galaxies which are conjoined to Ayurveda’s ‘Tridosha Sidhanta’. These 3 at appointed times affect the condition of air, bile and phlegm. In the same way planets also influence these 3. For example in a major way moon influences bodily wind or Vata and sun influences bile. Due to waxing/waning of the moon and solar activities these elements too get influenced. According to Astrology the moon influences the mind, the sun the soul and Mercury the conscious subtle nerves mentioned in Yogic scriptures. In which ever new born babe’s horoscope the sun and moon are placed in the fire sign galaxies (Kritikas) people staying in dry, hot, water oriented regions experience that in their subtle nerves many types of distortions manifest. Today’s Ayurveda doctors are not well versed with these causes. As a result they do not succeed all that much in diagnosing and curing various diseases.




Which ever mysterious import of bodily science and medicine are affected by the energy flow of the solar system are being researched into by various nations of the world. The inter-planetary conditions too influence the bodily and mental states in the birth and cure of illnesses. This verily has been experienced by modern day doctors of high repute. Over and above many of his research based experiments Dr Edison has concluded that incidences related to 82% of blood hemorrhage take place in the 1st and 3rd week of the moon. According to Prof Rivis on the full moon night there exists, excess electrical energy in the human body. These electrical changes perplex man’s psychic state and inner personality. According to Dr Baker these days the incidences of crime are on the rise because of these distortions. The famous Russian scientist Nichel Susiuj opines that due to rise in Sun Spots there is a corresponding decrease in the soldier like WBC in human blood. As a result there are high chances of contracting various illnesses.




In ancient Astrology not only is there a description of causes of illnesses/diseases but it also throws light on its diagnosis and cure. In Medical astrology a description is given regarding the diagnosis of illnesses. In that not only a description of medical cure is elucidated but along with it how inter-planetary changes transform our eating drinking habits and that one should imbibe experiments of fasting and Mantra healing. In ‘Arishta Yoga’ it has been said that the energy lost via illnesses and cells that are destroyed too can be regained via Mantra healing powers.




The sun itself is the root of various energy streams of the solar systems. All others are influenced by its power. Hence it is called the leader of all planets. Solar worship gives apt balance to all these inter-planetary energy streams in human beings and destroys the bad influence of all planets. In Atharva Veda (6/83/1) it is said:


Just as a vulture runs away from a crowd so too indigestion and other such diseases too are warded off. For this allow the sun to make medicines and the moon with its light, destroy those diseases.




In this Mantra it is clear that the sun makes medicines. It is in the form of a universal vital force and with its rays induces good health. In the Padma Purana (Srishti Khanda 79/17) it is said:


All illnesses can be warded off by meditating on Sun God.




Via solar worship diseases are overcome, cosmic energies attain optimum balance and we overcome malefic influences of inter planetary energy streams. Regarding the origin of diseases importance is given a lot to gross visible causes (symptoms). If invisible but important divine knowledge of solar system which plays a vital role is given due importance during diagnosis and cure one can come across amazing precepts regarding the origin and cure of diseases.


AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra Meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton



8 Jun

Life is a Yajna. Every breath of it is an Aahuti or sacrificial offering. He who lives such a life wards of diseased conditions and attains a long healthy life span. In the Chhandogya Upanishad a great deal of light has been thrown on its precepts and deep import.


The Upanishad author has divided man’s life into 4 stages based on Varna-Aashrama. A life of activity is said to span 96 years. The last 4 years of a 100 year life span is spent in tiredness, weakness etc. Hence a human life is said to be 96 years and not 100 years. Every stage amongst 4 are said to be of 24 years. This is also because Gayatri Super Mantra has 24 alphabets in Sanskrit language. Youth which is the 2nd stage is compared to the blazing sun of the noon. The remaining 2 stages are Vaanaprastha and Sanyaasa in that order. Both are clubbed under one category because it signifies activities that help us attain our spiritual goal in life. In this manner the 3-legged Gayatri represents the 3 stages of optimal human living. Life’s Yajna is divided into 3 stages that are synonymous with self/sense control, enterprise/valor, radiant skills and spirituality. Thus Gayatri too is a Yajna of the highest order.


These 3 stages have 3 demigods-the first is Vasu, second is Rudra and 3rd is Aaditya. Vasu connotes self control, Rudra enterprise and Aaditya is the substratum of radiance. Life should be wholesomely used in this manner. If this wheel of life moves optimally there is no need to undergo diseases, sorrow and downfall in life.


According to the Upanishads if midway some distortions/hardships do appear avoid erring by looking upon it as manifestation of past actions or destiny and endure them calmly. Search for these distortions within the psyche and correct those flaws accordingly. We must pray to the demigod to make our contemporary circumstances optimal so that our future is full of radiance. We must alertly not walk on that path which will create our downfall in future.

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When our flaws get corrected distortions and strife which are its fruits too are warded off. The diseased condition of the psyche now gets reformed. Ill fate that creates obstacles in the arena of the body, mind and social life can now no longer continue to harass us and thus with tail between legs vanish into the thin air.


This verily is the royal path of eternal joy and peace. We must first understand life’s various stages, its goal and usage and then act accordingly. We must overcome our errors and pray to God that we move forward on the path of truth. Thus our strife and stress will be destroyed and if we don’t do this our minds will remain diseased and life full of dire situations.


As mentioned before life is a Yajna. Gayatri is its icon. Time is its offering or Havishya. Vasu, Rudra and Aaditya or self control, enterprise and spirituality is the discipline it must observe. Those who deeply understand this spiritual mystery never get enmeshed in the net of diseases, strife, sorrow etc. Assuming that in those rare cases we do get enmeshed even then ward off your mistakes and pray to Almighty God that you get inspired to walk on the path of truth/integrity. This is that royal path which gives man permanent all round good health.


The Chhandogya Upanishad (3/16/1-2) writes:

“Human life is a Yajna. The first 24 years of man is life is the Yajna of dawn. Gayatri Chhand (meter) is of 24 alphabets and in the Yajna of dawn this meter is used. In this Yajna Vasu demigod too is associated and it is none other than our Prana or Vital Force (because all energies dwell in it). If in these 24 years anyone afflicted with bodily or psychological diseases should pray thus: O lord Vasu (Vital Force)! Please conjoin my morning Yajna to that of noon. It means conjoin my 24 years to the rest of my life span so that my life progresses optimally. Pray fervently that this Yajna of Vasus, does not fizzle away to naught midway. This request will give you the path of acquiring good health. Thus the first 24 years of man’s life chugs ahead”.


It is elaborated further:

The next 44 years of a human being (corresponding to youth) is akin to noon time. The Trishtupa Cchand has 44 letters and at noon time it is made use of. This Yajna is related to Rudra demigod. Rudra is verily Prana or Vital Force. If anyone is afflicted with a disease he/she must pray: O lord Rudra as my Vital Force! Please do conjoin this noon time Yajna of mine to the 3rd stage Yajna (Vanaprastha and Sanyaasa). We pray that this noon time Yajna predominating with Rudra as Vital Force never fizzle away to naught.


The remaining 48 years too are Yajna manifest and is depicted as follows in the Chhandogya Upanishad (3/16/5,6):

The remaining 48 years of man’s life span corresponds to the dusk Yajna. The Jagati Cchand has 48 letters and this Yajna uses Jagati Cchand. This dusk Yajna is associated with a Vital Force called Aaditya demigod. Aaditya demigod is a Vital Force because it imbibes everything. If anyone is afflicted with a disease he/she must pray: O lord as Aaditya my Vital Force! This life span of mine has entered the third stage and hence we pray that it lives a full life. We pray that this dusk time Yajna predominating with Aaditya as Vital Force never fizzle away to naught.


The Upanishads (Chhandogya 4/46/7) while ending the above precept and depicting its results writes thus while giving example of Rishi Aitereya who could ward off his disease:

Once Rishi Maheedaas Aitereya who understood the Yajna of Life deeply fell ill and in that state he said to the disease: O disease! Why are you harassing me? Why are you giving me agony? I definitely will not die because of this. When he questioned firmly thus his disease vanished and lived a full life. Those who truly understand the spiritual philosophy of this Yajna of Life live a full life span.

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