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Three deities are very well known. They are Brahma (creation), Vishnu (propagation) and Mahesh (transformation). Brahmi Shakti (divine energy) dwells in them and it is given a male gender name i.e. Brahma. Brahma is a special quality of this world which is its creator. This energy is present in Brahmi and Divine Mother too. Mother Earth and a human mother are glorified because during creation they give joy to others and thus themselves become happy. This is the blessing of Brahmi Shakti. The more one attains it, the more one becomes great. Destruction is the principle of demons and creation is that of demi-gods. Men involved in beneficial creative endeavours are akin to divine men. By meditating on Gayatri’s Brahmi Shakti, the divine principle called Brahmavarchas augments in the soul of that spiritual seeker. Brahmins are deities of Mother Earth and hence are called Bhudevas. Within Sattva/Rajas/Tamas and within Satyam / Shivam / Sundaram, the first aspect is Sat (existence) and it is nothing but Brahmi Shakti. When it is imbibed deeply, one’s character becomes pure and sacred. One’s social life too manifests sacredness and one lives a life of “simple living, high thinking”.


Brahmi Shakti’s vehicle is a swan. Brahmi has a book in one hand and a water pot in another hand. She is very young. This symbolic form of Brahmi Shakti helps us understand Her better and it is easy to attain Her compassion and grace. Gayatri’s Vehicle is not an ordinary swan (Hansa). In fact it is a Rajhansa seen in men and is called Paramhansa. The characteristics of a Rajhansa are purity, gentlemanliness, greatness and love for high ideals. The characteristics of a Paramhansa are love for spiritual knowledge, austerities and the desire for Moksha (liberation) while yet alive. As a result of Gayatri devotion man no longer remains ordinary and instead becomes a Rajhansa. When he persists with higher spiritual practices, he becomes a Paramhansa. He is seen as a divine soul and a Sidha.


A swan can separate milk from water. It is said to have a diet of pearls. It never touches another being and hence this is a sign of inner purity. Thus a Hansa (swan) is more inclined towards Viveka (discrimination) in thinking, carrying out apt tasks, staying away from excesses etc. The nature of divine consciousness (Brahmi) too is of this type. Gayatri’s vehicle is Hansa. In other words this Super Divine Power keeps those individuals closer to it, who have a swan’s character as mentioned above. It means that due to diligent spiritual practices, purity of character (Sattva) augments in the psyche of a spiritual seeker.

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The book symbolizes pious knowledge and water pot indicates pious actions. These 2 boons rest in the hands of Mother Gayatri. Brahmi spiritual practices induce waves of great thinking in our psyche. Zest and zeal for sacred tasks augments in our hearts. Gayatri is said to be a Brahmin’s Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow). A spiritual seeker who partakes Brahmi Shakti’s Kamadhenu’s milk becomes a true Brahmin.  He is indeed blessed with self contentment, respect from others and divine grace.


Rishis and Sidhas are totally devoted to God. One’s Mantra chanting gives desired results only if one’s external life and inner being is extremely pure.  These characteristics are attained by contacting Gayatri’s divine energy.


In the story of Savitri and Satyavan, Savitri had chosen Satyavan as her husband. She had seeked Yama’s blessings so as to free Satyavan from the jaws of death.  It is only when Satyavan who attained a spiritual seeker like Savitri could go beyond death via the medium of Brahmi Shakti.




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Vishnu’s energy is Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi helps in propagation of the world and managing it properly. Creation is at the beginning and propagation is in the middle stage. The former is like childhood and the latter like youth. A youth is more mature and has the capacity to manage his life more capably. He is full of zest and enterprise. It is called Rajoguna (activity). The sacred stream of 3-legged Gayatri is Vaishnavi. Via such spiritual practices a spiritual seeker attains those divine glories and spiritual achievements which gives him a well-managed, happy life.


Vaishnavi is also called Lakshmi. In the material arena it means wealth. In the spiritual arena it means sacred glories. On its basis one attains benefits of different levels.


Vaishnavi’s vehicle is an eagle, which has special qualities. The eagle’s eye sight is much more sharp than that of other birds. When an eagle flies high in the sky, it jumps down to the ground with great speed so as to swoop on its prey. The eagle flies much more speedily than other birds. Lethargy and indolence stay miles away from it. An eagle is a symbol of alertness and awakening. An eagle is that attitude which strives hard to ward off undesirable thinking and darkness. Farsighted people are compared to eagles. An eagle is a bird who is devoid of lethargy and indolence. Vaishnavi’s grace and love flows towards those people who lead enterprising lives. Vaishnavi worship and meditation augments spiritual and material wealth. The inner poverty of a seeker’s mind is destroyed. Their psyche now starts overflowing with sacred qualities. Indeed such people attain glory. Further their material poverty too is destroyed totally.


Vishnu’s female form is Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi has 4 weapons viz; conch, disc, mace and lotus. The 4 hands of Vaishnavi holds these 4 weapons. Whenever Vaishnavi’s image portrays 2 hands, the hands will hold the conch and disc. Conch symbolizes mental resolve and disc means mobility. Mace means energy and lotus means tenderness. All these are divine qualities.


All the weapons of Vishnu are owned by Vaishnavi too. Those who are attracted by these 4 weapons are blessed by Vaishnavi. In other words when Vaishnavi pours Her grace on an individual, his psyche will manifest the above 4 sacred qualities that are symbolically depicted as 4 weapons.





The third stream of the 3-legged Gayatri is Shambhavi. It is an energy that brings about desired transformation.  It is like converting old age into youth i.e. oldness into newness.  Indolence is transformed into activity and death into life.  It is akin to re-birth and neo-creation. Gayatri’s Shambhavi Energy transforms a weak person into a powerful one and an ugly person into one of radiant beauty. In a certain sense it is called Shiva-Shakti.


Shambhavi has 2 weapons. 1) Trishul 2) Hand drum.  Trishul with its razor edge overcomes the devotees’ material, spiritual and natural hardships.  There are 3 characteristics that induce sorrow in man’s life viz 1) Ignorance 2) Lack 3) Weakness. These 3 are overcome via 1) Wisdom 2) Spiritual Practices 3) Intense endeavour.  The 3 weapons of self-control have to be used. Trishul is a congregation of all 3 of them.  He who meditates on Shambhavi is said to be the owner of a Trishul.  If Gayatri worship is carried out with great devotion, one’s personality starts blooming wherein after changing one’s mental state, one attains a progressive and prosperous life.

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The hand drum means awakening of sound which is a symbol of zest.  The hand drum of Shambhavi means that any one who contacts this energy stream will get the necessary zest and zeal for neo-creation.


Shambhavi’s vehicle is a bull. As per Lord Shiva’s character, all living beings are under the influence of Maya (power of illusion) A bull is powerful and works very hard.  It has a serene nature and makes intense efforts. Its energy is utilized for creative purposes. Despite being very powerful, it uses its potential for creativity.  Very rarely is its energy used for destructive purposes. A bull represents qualities like hard work, enterprise, patience, serenity etc. Shambhavi helps those who augment the above characteristics. Shambhavi is worshipped so as to augment one’s sacred endeavour.


Shambhavi is the third eye that lies between our eyebrows. The third eye represents farsightedness. This source of intuitive wisdom is called divine vision too. With reference to Extra Sensory Potential (Neurobiology – ESP) it is said to be the centre of far sightedness, future knowledge, indirect knowledge etc. It is the centre of spiritual practices of spiritual seers. It is also called Ajna Chakra and when it opens (awakens) one overcomes lowly and undesirable elements. Lord Shiva had opened his third eye and burnt Kamadeva (deity of sexual passion) to ashes. Damayanti too had activated it and burnt a tiger to death. She knew that the power to curse others resided in the Ajna Chakra. In other words activation of the Ajna Chakra evolves one’s farsighted qualities. With its help one can realize how lowly psychic qualities destroy us both materially and spiritually. A layman destroys his future merely for fleeting gains in the present. As against this a far sighted person weighs all pros and cons with reference to the present and far off future too, only then will he make necessary plans of action. Such an attitude converts a common man into a great human being. Shambhavi meditation opens the third eye or the Ajna Chakra. Thus like Arjun of the epic Mahabharat we can have God vision, God realization etc. This thinking lies far away from the minds and imagination of ordinary men.

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