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20 Feb

In the 20th Century, Mother Nature will be as wrathful as never before. A destructive state will set in wherein water will enter land and land will enter water. Only then a few pious men of the world will uplift world humanity.


“The energy that will transform this era will neither be political or that of any ‘ism’. This energy will be sentimental and will transform man’s psyche”.



This is regarding an incident in the city of Milan. In the year 1515 A.D. some priests were traveling in this city. A 12 year old boy approached them. Everyone was bowing down to the leader amongst this group of priests but this 12 year old boy prostrated at the feet of a young priest of this group. Everyone wondered why this boy bowed down to an ordinary young priest. One person asked this boy – “Son! What special quality did you perceive in this young, unknown priest which prompted you to bow down to him and not the other well-known priests?” The boy seriously replied – “You all are unaware that this young priest of today will become the Pope of Vatican Church in future.”


Everyone burst out laughing. This was because the young priest did not possess any special qualities that could make him a Pope. When in 1585 A.D. this young priest called Feli Peretti indeed became a Pope, people were amazed and wondered how a 12 year old boy could foresee this event well in advance?


But this boy was not an ordinary child. This child was none other than Nostradamus who became a great seer of France. In the 16th Century he made 1000 prophecies related even to the 20th Century. For the past 500 years the entire world has been amazed with his prophecies. Even today after having entered the 21st Century and after passing through the 20th Century, people are more avidly cogitating over Nostradamus’ prophecies. In the following paragraphs we will-throw light on his Extra Sensory Power (ESP).

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Nostradamus was born on 13th December, 1503 A.D. in a French region called Saint Remi. No doubt there are certain human beings who carry their spiritual powers of past life into their next birth. Despite this even they have to activate these spiritual powers in their subsequent birth. Nostradamus was a gifted child who could see past and future events. In his childhood he worshipped God and thus purified his mind. He augmented his spiritual powers via austerities, scriptural studies and other spiritual practices. He studied astrology and philosophy. He also studied world events so as to hone his skills. In that century he was said to be a great astrologer and seer saint.


Nostradamus had predicted that in the 20th Century, a dictator will take over Germany and terrorize entire Europe. He called this dictator “Hister” which was wrong merely by an alphabet. As predicted Hitler ruled over Germany as a harsh dictator. Another prophecy of Nostradamus was regarding a valiant soldier of France. He said “This soldier will become a great historian of the world. From a soldier, he will become an Emperor at the age of 25 years. His valour will induce terror in the English camp. But alas! One day he will be imprisoned and will thus go into oblivion.” Nostradamus had even predicted the name of this soldier as “Napoleon”. This was proved true later when Napoleon Bonaparte, a soldier rose to great political heights. Nostradamus’ prophecies have been written in a book called “Centuries and Prophecies of Michael D. Nostradamus”. Time and again a newspaper called “News Review” publishes these prophecies as and when they come true.


This great seer predominantly predicted events of the 20th Century and he writes – “At the end of the 20th Century, Modern Science will become so advanced, that majority of mankind will become atheists. Social behaviour will get tainted along with man’s character. People from the high strata of society will indulge in fashion and vanity. People will eat more in hotels than their homes. At that time a great soul of the world will be born in a religious nation of East (could be India). This great saint with the help of his aides, will create a great thought turbulence in the world. This historical saint will create such an intense agitation, that inner strife will manifest everywhere. This inner strife will take place between the end portion of the 20th Century and the earlier portion of the 21st Century. Later human values and ethics will be imbibed everywhere. World humanity will shed the cloak of taints and thus will usher in heaven on earth”.


The above prophecy of Nostradamus will indeed come true. Its proof is as follows-


1)      Once he had predicted that after 3 months, a terrible plague will spread in France wherein lakhs of people will die. For 3 months no plague was seen. On the 91st day, news of a few cases of plague came from Paris. Later this epidemic of plague became so nasty that entire France was trembling with fear. Hence forth Nostradamus became famous all over the world for his prophecies.


2)      When the plague epidemic ended, people asked Nostradamus as to which other important event would take place in future? He said – “Our king will die”. King Louis had ascended the throne only 3 years previously and was in excellent health. Within a month of this prophecy King Louis died due to a sudden attack of diabetes. Not one person had even imagined that their energetic King Louis would suddenly die thus.

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3)      Later his prediction that France’s Maginot Line will be destroyed, also came true.


4)      His prediction that Germany will be partitioned into 2 separate nations, also came true. Nostradamus had well in advance warned about the killings of a few Presidents of America.


Regarding the 20th Century he said – “At the end of the 20th Century Mother Nature will show Her ire as never before. A destructive phase will be seen wherein water will enter land and land will enter water. Some places will experience floods and at other places there will be dire droughts. Many volcanoes will erupt and an army revolution will be seen in many countries.


At that time a Divine Power will manifest so as to transform the world. This Power will neither be any nation’s potential clout nor any ‘ism’. This Divine Power will manifest as such a great saint who by the sheer force of his impeccable, pious character will induce World Peace and Unity. Thus the world will experience that kind of bliss which has never been experienced before.”


Nostradamus too has given his opinion regarding the above great saint of the world. He says that this saint will have a Moon on his head and a lotus on his feet. He will dress in a very simple manner. He will marry twice and will father 2 sons and 2 daughters. Twice will this saint change residence. Both these times he will move northwards.


Once in 1566 (July), this great prophesizer –seer was seated in his room in the evening and thinking deeply. Suddenly when a particular thought manifested in his mind, he called his family members and said – “Tonight is the last night of my life. I will not live to see tomorrow. Hence none of you should shed tears when I die. I am leaving this mortal coil so as to help God in his task. Later I will be reborn on earth. At that time you all may or may not be my relatives, aides etc. yet know for sure that the whole world is God’s home. Since I will be helping God, you must look upon my death as a festival”.

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When Nostradamus spoke thus, those around him did not believe what he said because health wise he was hale and hearty. As was his practice, Nostradamus went to sleep. How could the prophecy of a person go wrong about himself when prophecies about others always came true? That night when he was fast asleep, he continued sleeping and never woke up. That dawn of a new era visualized by Nostradamus is now in our midst today. We will never know in what capacity, Nostradamus is invisibly working to transform this world.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra Meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books ultra sound telepathy parapsychology metaphysics nirvikalpa Samadhi pollution yoga tantra movies internet hypnotism ecology astrology ayurveda kalki bioelectricity surgery lasers ozone radar stress creativity archeology Indus Valley Civilization fuel crisis food scarcity tsunamis biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


17 Feb

The investigation of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) commences with the discussion of the philosophy of Gayatri Mahaprajna.  Fundamentally Gayatri worship is an experiment of religious ideology and divine sentiments.  In it self-research is given chief importance and by generating devotion through meditation/ concentration the Brahmic consciousness is brought closer and one’s psyche gets interwoven in it.  Whether you throw a lighted matchstick on a pile of wood or you throw burning wood on petrol, both actions are identical.  The only difference is that via self-surrender, by undergoing Advait (union with God) one quickly sees miraculous results.  Instead of total self-surrender even if there is some desire involved then no doubt the car will slow down yet it will ultimately give us benefits.  Yet one fails to become capable of benefiting others in the world.  A swimmer may himself swim yet he is incapable of helping others cross the river like a boatman.  This is the difference between desire-based Gayatri worship and desireless Gayatri worship.  Through both type of effort, spiritual aspirants succeed in their own way.

If we dive deep into the philosophy of Gayatri worship then we realize that our entire consciousness is influenced by the “seed of knowledge of the brain”.  Its role is a major one with reference to bodily sustenance and social behaviour.  In a very elevated status this center is the fount of extrasensory potential and it is over here that the blissful activity of uniting a creature with Brahman (God) i.e. attainment of the true human goal is achieved.  Gayatri’s Brahmi-shakti (divine power) is also called Brahmarandhra, Brahmasansthan or Brahmaloka.  The area that it influences is wisdom consciousness.  In a symbolic manner Gayatri is also called Brahmani or the wife of Brahma.  Its power can be seen as Brahmadand (punishment) that overcomes the wicked and destroys pain and poverty in the material world.  In the spiritual field its form has taken the shape of Brahmavarchas.

Over and above Gayatri worship there is worship of Savitri.  Savitri worship is very much the material aspect of Gayatri.  Power evolves with the help of energy.  The 5 elements, the 5 vital forces of our body work as fuel and with its aid the inner fire is activated.  This fire activation is Savitri worship.  Despite there being a difference in Savitri and Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) worship they have equal stature.

According to Indian mythology Brahmaji had 2 wives.  The first was Gayatri and the second was Savitri.  Symbolically they are wisdom consciousness and material wealth.  One is Para Prakriti and the other is Apara Prakriti.  Para Prakriti encompasses mind, intellect, psyche, ego, Ritambhara Prajna etc. and all areas of knowledge.  The second wife Savitri is Apara Prakriti, material consciousness and inert nature.  All movements of matter are dependent on it.    The revolution of molecules, influence of chemicals, electricity, heat, light, magnetism, ether etc. are under its jurisdiction.  Material science by using all these apparatus comes out with infinite inventions so as to give us material comforts.  This Apara Prakriti is Savitri.  The Apara Prakriti of Savitri is responsible for the body functioning of all creatures and thus the world evolves.  It is this power that directs Sattva, Rajas, Tamas, 5 elements, Tanmatras etc. Sidhis (divine powers) and boons are attained via this power of Savitri.  Health, long life, might, enthusiasm, daring, beauty and other infinite special qualities are dependent on it.  On the one hand it is widespread yet its main focal point is on the poles of earth and the Mooladhar Chakra of the human spine.  While performing spiritual practices this is also called Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power).  All goals are attained by activating this power.  Thus we can generate energy.  On analyzing scriptural injunctions we understand that at certain places Savitri and Kundalini are said to be synonymous and wherever they are thought to be different their spiritual practice and goal is also thought to be different.  Yet one fact is eternal that the subtle creation of the body and the mode of awakening will always remain permanent.  The difference ensues only when the reasons of usage of the power are varied.

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Actually within Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga is superior.  All spiritual practices like Naadi Shodhan (nerve purification), Trinaadi Parimarjan (washing of the 3 nerves), Shatkarma Chakravedhan (traveling up the 6 chakras or plexuses), are such that along with meditation/concentration bodily exercises are also given importance.    One has to imbibe the strange cycle of the vital force exercises in Pranayam.  While activating the Kundalini power Bandha, Mudra, Aasan (posture) are given due importance.  But in pure Savitri worship one is limited to the periphery of the head region.  Sahasrar Kamal (1000-petalled lotus), Brahmarandhra(center on the inner scalp region), materials in the brain are activated.  The Brahmarandhra looks after the inner brain area and the external area is looked after by the third eye called the Ajna Chakra.  But when spiritual practices of both Savitri and Kundalini are combined then the method of both becomes an admixture and the results too change accordingly.  The spiritual practice which we are about to present here is of this variety.  Hence we have discussed stepwise the principles and use of Gayatri, Savitri and Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power).

Whenever in the scriptures Brahma’s wife is described as one of these spiritual practices then know for sure that it has to be taken symbolically.  How can the family of a conscious power be like that of human beings?  If anyone so wishes he can give the 2 special characteristics of the element fire viz. heat and light as the name of these wives.  If this is unpalatable then they can be called daughters.  This is what is seen in the scriptures.  At certain places Saraswati is called Brahma’s consort and at other places his daughter.  Hence instead of looking at it as a worldly fact it should be accepted in a symbolic manner.  Soul power is Gayatri, material power is Savitri.  The fruits of Gayatri worship involves advancement of soul consciousness, evolution of our character, working for great tasks, high thinking and endeavour for attaining liberation while yet living (Jeevanmukti).  Whereas Savitri worship involves awakening of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) so as to overcome the latent, distorted state of vital force in the body via its activation.  There are two streams of electricity i.e. positive and negative.  Only when both unite is there a flow of energy.  Only when Gayatri and Savitri conjoin can all the requirements of spiritual practices be realized.  With Savitri worship one benefits not only materially but that with its merging with Gayatri worship one’s soul power evolves.  This is the primary form of Kundalini worship.  If it is hazy in our psyche then all efforts in this direction are futile.

In the field of spirituality the path of wisdom is called the Dakshin Marg.  It is also called Nigam Rajyog, Ved Marg etc.  The path of action is called the Vaam Marg, Agam, Tantra, Hatha Yog etc.  All obstacles in its way are destructive.  As a result there is chaos and destruction.  None are happy to hear or read about the fights between demi-gods and demons.  In fact reading it really agitates us.  But when both parties together churned the ocean, all the latent wealth of the ocean was attained by them.  Everyone knows that as a result of churning of the ocean they got 14 jewels.  In the same way when Gayatri and Savitri worship are carried out together it is said to be of the level of cooperation between the demi-gods and demons.

When Shiva married Parvati, their loneliness was warded off.  Through their union 2 sons were born.  One was Sidhivinayak Ganesh and the other was Kartikeya, the destroyer of demons. One establishes righteousness and the other destroys unrighteousness.  Ganesh blesses us with a divine intellect and Kartikeya with power.  Kartikeya has 6 faces.  These are also called 6 Chakras (Plexuses).  This Skand manifestation should be looked upon as the influence of the 6 Chakras related to Kundalini power (Divine Serpent Power).

Kundalini is nothing but the fire power dwelling in our genitals.  Shiva in the form of Sahasrar Chakra (1000-petalled lotus at the top of our head) when activated results in the outpouring of pollen honey which is Shiva’s “Retas”(semen).  The fire power of Kundalini imbibed it.  Six Kritikas (Pleiades stars) ripened it.  These 6 Kritikas are the 6 Chakras.  Kartikeya with 6 faces nourished by the 6 Kritikas should be looked upon symbolically as the influential result of the 6 Chakras.

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What exactly are these 6 Chakras?  Where and why do they exist?  In which state do they exist?  What is its utility?  We will not go into great detail of all these questions.  The nature of its utility and scientific analysis will be detailed later.  Here we are delving into that Kundalini which is for those people who through the medium of material endeavour wish to attain higher states of soul consciousness.  Such people are worshippers of divine energy and think that energy is more important. In the battle between demi-gods and demons that energy attained by the demons was wasted by them in lowly activities and then by experimenting on Lord Vishnu or another higher soul power it was subjugated.  When Shakti (energy) worship unites with divinity only then does it succeed.  Such attainments are eternal and from the long term point of view it proves beneficial for all living beings.  The initial success of the demons was witnessed by all was like the proverbial illusory mustard seed on the palm.  Shukracharya was an expert of Kundalini science.  It was he who taught this science to his demon disciples.  Brihaspati has been the preceptor of the demi-gods.  By asking Yogis, men of penance and knowers of Brahman to worship Gayatri he made them pious in character which was akin to that of demi-gods.  He too taught them Kundalini science yet his only intention was to augment piousness.  Those knowers of the soul who had materialistic problems to overcome were asked to follow Savitri worship over and above primary education.  It was by taking recourse to Savitri worship that Dadhichi, Bhagirath, Lomharsh, Shringi, Vishwamitra etc. could solve material problems.  No doubt the ultimate goal was spirituality yet the path, rites etc.  of the spiritual practise was changed as per needs. Even the likes of Arjun, Hanuman etc. had to quieten wordly strifes.  Even they had to follow Savitri-Kundalini worship which was a materialistic endeavour under the aegis of spiritual science.  Even my own spiritual penance was for this very reason and because I walked on the right path I tasted success.

When Savitri and Kundalini worship are followed in unison then the results are miraculous.  Electricity works wonders in one flash of a second.  Even a dead body is burnt quickly on electronic pyres whereas rice, lentils etc. take a longer time to cook on wooden fire.  This path is best suited for one who does not want a spiritual downfall and yet quickly attains his goal due to a pious character.  Pure Kundalini worship comes under the flagship of Tantra and Vaam Marg.  When Gayatri, Savitri and Kundalini are combined then this Yoga Marg is predominantly the Dakshin Marg.

Predominantly the Lord as Varah, Nrisinh, Parshuram etc. has had to face troubled circumstances.  Shiva is called Shiva Bholey Baba (innocent God) or Aughaddani (easy to please) but he too created Veerbhadra out of ire against Daksha Prajapati and thus destroyed Daksha’s arrogance.  This is a very dire event and hence activities of calming and even killing are carried out.

Under specific circumstances incarnations of Goad and other highly advanced souls propel others to do this task so that their own power is not depleted.  Vishwamitra was capable of protecting his own Yajna but in order that his own soul force does not get destroyed while manifesting anger he chose to ask the Kshatriya boys Ram and Lakshman to combat demons like Tadka, Subahu, Mareech etc.  Vishwamitra taught Ram and Lakshman all skills of a true soldier and thus protected his Yajna with their help.  Samarth Ramdas and Chanakya asked Shivaji and Chandragupt respectively to perform those tasks which could have been executed by themselves.  The question here is that Brahman radiance is more valuable.  This divine power should be protected for higher endeavours and not wasted in warding off strifes.  Thus with the aid of a combined Savitri and Kundalini worship one’s own and alien strifes can be overcome and within limits of aptness one’s wealth power too can be augmented.

With the aid of the power generated by a man following the path of austerities one can change not only others but also churn the atmosphere so as to transform it for the better.  This is a fact.  Like other 2 divine powers it can be transmitted to others too.  One can ask for divine power from one who has attained it from austerities and thus use it for a higher purpose.  This is like taking interest from banks.  Just as a wealthy man always donates a part of his wealth to the needy so too a Yogi gives apart of his divine power to apt people who in turn overcome trying worldly circumstances and thus establish world peace.  In a family the breadwinner is one.  Other members keep performing small tasks in the house but it is not necessary that they must earn their own wealth to take care of their requirements.

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Awakening of Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) is very complicated.  It is like playing with lighting.  As a result there are chances of losing one’s life too.  While activating Kundalini if there is lack of proper guidance or capacity then we have seen people turning mad too.  Many were afflicted with palsy and many died too.  If a person tries to learn car driving merely by reading books then definitely he will land in deep trouble.  Even a person who has learnt car driving will be very careful while driving a car and thus help co-passengers reach their proper destination.  Over and above gaining knowledge of Kundalini awakening, attainment of Ridhi-Sidhi etc. one should not become hasty and think this endeavour to be very easy to follow.  One should never awaken the Kundalini without the help of a true spiritual guide, Guru or preceptor.  One may think himself to be very industrious in jumping the queue and marching ahead but know for sure that such an act is full of danger.

The reason why a very cautious discussion is made on the combined spiritual worship of Gayatri, Savitri and Kundalini is that today people are very much attracted to it.  Because it’s a secret science there is a veil covering it.  It is apt and very necessary to understand the principle, nature and social aspect of Kundalini Science.  Because when such sciences disappear an intelligent person attaining the rings of aphorism-directions will construct a chain according to his limited understanding.  But if there is no clue at all then rejuvenating such a science is very complicated.  Hence there is no problem in imbibing important aspects of this science.  The problem lies in experimentation.  If an arrow of words reverses and makes your own voice its target then the result is going to be death only.

By not accepting Kundalini worship as mere superficial rites one should understand that one should have proper credentials. There has to be a basic spiritual penance which has to be undergone and as far as its application is concerned, leave it in the hands of capable specialists.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra Meditation-ESP  Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance  Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies  Future Scientific Religion  Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP  Endocrinology  Anatomy  Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books ultra sound telepathy parapsychology metaphysics nirvikalpa Samadhi pollution yoga tantra movies internet hypnotism ecology astrology ayurveda kalki bioelectricity surgery lasers ozone radar stress creativity archeology Indus Valley Civilization fuel crisis food scarcity tsunamis biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


15 Feb

The inner divine personality of Revered Gurudeva, (reverently and affectionately called so) the founder of the All World Gayatri Family and one who spent his entire life akin to a Yajna for sanctifying world human psyche via the religious system, was a center of such multifaceted activities that in trying to write about his greatness is like taking a candle and trying to illumine the mighty brilliant sun in the sky. If ever it becomes possible to detail the activities of our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya who has bestowed on us all very sensitive sentiment based spiritual philosophy via such writings akin to Yugavyas after undergoing untold penance, world scholars shall only get mind boggled as to how via merely one person such humungous world tasks could succeed emphatically. His life span of 80 years via time management based discipline on expanding like a rubber band became so big or that it was the Sidhi or success of his Super Energy Gayatri spiritual austerities, that if anyone wishes to research into it shall take him so many years. 

It is well nigh a virtually impossible task to gather together at one place Revered Gurudeva’s entire life’s program, all literature penned by him, experiences related to him, letters written by him, aphorisms penned by him and his sacred nectarine speech. Lest from certain angles this effort has reaped a bit of success at the root of it is but his divine blessings because the efforts of all of us pale in front of his grace. If regarding that Avatar and divine personality who lived 5 lives at one go, more than 100 research papers are written detailing his inner personality and great mind boggling feats, know that they shall be only miniscule in measure. It is only the future that shall tell us that one super divine saint who from his birth in 1911 AD to his great divine departure in the year 1990 AD created a new world, how he succeeded in fulfilling a seemingly impossible task in the form of a Virat Purusha or Cosmic Divine Personality and an Avatar of Almighty God. Hence after reading this or any other part of his Vangmaya none should believe that he has fully understood or Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya. A huge ice boulder separating from a glacier swims about in the ocean. Its upper portion appears as an iceberg but within it is so heavy and deep that a superficial glance can never gauge it. Many small sized ships thinking it to be a small ice rock bangs into it, get overturned, it becomes a bit clear as to with what it has combated? The divine personality of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya too must be looked upon as the above humungous iceberg. Hence people shall get to know only the small visible upper portion of his life via his life sketch given in this Vangmaya or nectarine literature penned by Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya himself. A major portion of his divine personality is such that is unknown and invisible. In fact forget 70 but even if it is written in 108 volumes it is not possible to describe it fully. It is quite possible that in future days to come when in the year 2011 AD his Birth Centenary shall be celebrated all this subtle inner aspects shall become clearly visible.


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When we set off on a long journey the number of co travelers is big but by the time we reach our destination the number dwindles to the number of our fingers. Should this be called failure? Is it our ill fate? Is it destiny’s mockery? Should we blame that clay via which although the huge line of co travelers was set up but since it was so unruly that its designing strayed apart while walking ahead only a few steps and after getting deluded in the mad rush towards a mirage for appeasing one’s thirst it veered far away in a disillusioned manner.

This lowliness is such that it has become an obstruction when the role of a leader is enacted. Is this mental delusion that renders the powerful quite helpless, one to tie us painfully to this material world? Is it our vile psychic imprint? Is it our ill fate or a net woven by a spider? It is not being understood clearly. These times are meant for enterprise and powerful efforts it is for valor and daring. In these dire times why is the Gandiva bow slipping from the hands of otherwise valiant Arjuna’s of the world? Is sacred idealism some entertainment like reading novels that no opportunity comes our way to test its aptness? Our Prajna Family must not be compared as equals to other organizations, campaigns and institutions. It is a family like organization dripping with great inner qualities with leading talented personalities for harbingering in Era Neo Creation. They must think only about one thing that as an answer to the challenge of contemporary times for pulling up awakened soul personalities, are they ready to gird up their loins or scurry away like a frightened rat?

The number of co travelers is big. The road is quite lengthy. Midway seeing my fellowmen stray away evokes pain in my heart. By the time we reach our destination we can count the number of people by our side equaling the number of our fingers. In these days such a doubt lurking in my mind is palpitating heartbeats in a fearful way and my head is becoming dizzy.

The above inner agony of a spiritual seeker surrendered to an anguished human race was published in the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ (April 1982 AD) under the title ‘Apno se apni baat’. This is a plea to every member of our worldwide family wherein by imbibing high stature sacred ideals in day to day living they must play the role of great visionary leaders. This is because potentially great souls are becoming more and more indolent towards performing righteous duties that can uplift world human society to great heights of glory. Our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had burnt every drop of the oil of his divine soul in order to uplift human society and hence the above words gushing forth in anguish are but natural. He is pained ere such great awakened souls give up helping in this stupendous mission of Era Transformation and world neo creation.

The above sacredly sensitive speech of his rattled the souls of every member of every member of our worldwide family and forced them to think deeply as to why they have conjoined to this super divine existence? Is it merely to satiate their selfish interests? Is it for their lowly selfish aspirations or that some form of helplessness pulled them here rendering them demeaned and weak minded? If this is not true why is it that the great activities of a divine deep thinker of this era and founder of this worldwide mission is not being imbibed by its members in day to day transactions of life? Along with this divine exhortation Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya also gave the invitation of ‘cream must swim towards the upper region of milk’. It was that hour when after completing his travel for opening so many Shaktipithas he was returning with a mind full of anguish. He was deeply searching for people from this worldwide family set up by him who akin to great visionaries were ready to walk against the commonplace trend in society. He was deeply pondering over how to jolt them awake from their indolent sleepy mental state. This thought loomed large over his mind ceaselessly. He had written many letters to his holy consort Vandaniya Mataji (HH BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMA) wherein he wrote that a big task yet remains to be fulfilled regarding unearthing human crest jewels so that if anywhere in huge measure of even a small part of Prana Energy exists it can emerge up akin to cream coming up when milk is boiled properly. In this manner this cream (human crest jewels) shall swim on milk (world human society).

The above incident has been published purposely so that every member of our worldwide family is forced to self introspect deeply and understand as to what was the root aim of this editorial? Was Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya in despair regarding what was attained thus far or was he giving a final warning to members to be prepared for a fiery test? If we take a close look at the May 1982 AD issue of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ that was published 1 month after the above one the facts become clear. In the present issue it becomes clear as to why Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya who imbued everyone with so much life force suddenly became dazed. Why did he become silent when just previously he had given such great nectarine speeches in Shantikunj Camp? If someone has any doubt he must understand his new responsibilities. In it in order to perform his duty in a new way during very crucial perilous times Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had to act akin to the example of a mother roasting bread on a hot pan above fire, leaving it even though it has started burning so as to stop her child from trying to catch hold of a scorpion.

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In reality the increased measure of agitation in the environment and a search for 1000 powerful sacred personalities for Era Neo Creation was rendering him agonized and restless. Thousands of people who had conjoined to him and members who were with him were being ‘churned’ by Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya for unearthing the rich butter layer on top. For this there was a need to heat them but this was not happening because he had to keep traveling for various programs and also give sacred discourses at Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family) time and again. No doubt a divine world family had been created, members were called for various camps but as of now he felt a strong need to carry out lone Tapas and spiritual austerities since it could create a terrific cyclone in the atmosphere. This in turn would awaken those who were sleeping at the soul level and hence sacred ideals could be showcased by them in day to day living. It is from here that commences Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s lone Tapas and spiritual austerities. Later after 1 year passed, by it took the form of Sookshmikaran Sadhana (rendering the psyche divinely subtle). The preliminary rebuke given to us all by him too manifested from his great Rishi thinking and while speaking to members in a divinely affectionate manner asked them to change their mode of thinking and action. This too was the immortal thinking of this great philosopher and deep thinker. Why was this procedure changed? When a heavy responsibility like Era Neo Creation has to be shouldered by him, being Lord Mahakal incarnate he takes up both methods: One is that of persuasion, cajoling etc in a divinely loving manner and if we do not pay heed to it he takes up harsh methods of rebukes, punishments etc in order that awakened souls that are part manifestations of divinity do not stray away from the mission’s goal by flowing away in the stream of materialism, by getting trapped in the net of cheap name-fame and hoarding wealth, such a type of harsh rebuke has always been required since time immemorial. Such rebukes have been given by Lord Shri Krishna to Arjun, Lord Rama to Hanuman and Sugriva and Lord Buddha verbally lashing out at Ananda. When this divine manifestation or Avatar saw this desired reaction manifesting he disengaged himself from public contact and took the important decision of creating 5 Virbhadras (divine subtle bodies), awakening the 5 Koshas or Sheaths and awakening the Kundalini of the world. This then would be the final Sadhana or penance of his life in this mortal frame.

Regarding this rebuke of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya and his decision not to meet anyone personally and that he would just keep the door of his room open for Darshan from far, at a local level an upsurge of activity manifested, all tasks and endeavors took place with swift zest and so many highly intellectual, talented and sacred minded people started joining his mission. After rebukes given by him as mentioned in the article of the magazine he gave many important directions as follows:

1)      In June 1982 AD he wrote about family neo creation so as to increase great glorious activities

2)      In October and November 1982 AD he wrote in order to invite this era’s great thinkers to work for Era Neo Creation

3)      He invited great intellectuals and brilliantly talented people for shouldering the Prajna Movement

4)      He also gave details of Kalpa Sadhana, Prajna Yoga and divine boons to be attained via practicing them

During that year all camps meant for spiritual practice were special in nature. In these seekers were made to execute Kayakalpa (bodily transformation) and transformation of spiritual sentiments. He put emphasis on sanctification of the soul. The mission was categorized thus:

1)      Research

2)      Teaching and training

3)      Public Relations

4)      Art

5)      Women’s Wing

6)      Youth Wing

7)      Religious Parliament

He then invited active people conjoined to various realms to take part in the Prajna Movement.

On the day of Vasant Parva via his writings an important direction in 1983 was given for congregating Swadhyaya Groups. In a certain sense this was an establishment akin to mobile temples and mobile Prajnapithas and Shaktipithas. Via these this era’s stupendous literature was to be taken to all lay public. By and by 24,000 Swadhyaya Groups were created and in their areas they started working actively. In an important editorial of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ (April 1983 AD) he had written: Prajna Family is being searched minutely from this standpoint that under the blanket some human crest jewel could be found hiding. If we can lay our hands on them our task can succeed that much more. For the entire year he gave up public contact kept jolting the mission members to donate more and more of their time. The Prajna Purashcharana too was rendered speedier in that very year.

From the year 1984 AD spring festival instead of giving Darshan of his gross body to people akin to babies climbing up on their father’s lap demanding frivolous toys he decided to subtly hand over divine gifts of soul power to seekers with powerful sacred personalities. This was a pre planned program of his to enter his subtle body from his gross visible one (Sookshmikaran Sadhana-rendering the psyche divinely subtle). It was methodically commenced in Chaitra Navratri in 1984 AD. In the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ (May 1984 AD) he had written: In order to design a farsighted plan lone living and one pointed deep mental reflection are mandatory. It should not be called asceticism or weakness but instead be termed deafening silence that marches ahead before a storm. The Sadhana of that time period was called Chaya Purusha by him wherein via 5 subtle bodies he desired to carry out various tasks of the subtle world. In this editorial his holy consort Vandaniya Mataji (HH BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMA) wrote: Let us all experience that Gurudeva has neither become tired nor is he taking recourse to escapism. Instead by imbibing Sookshmikaran Sadhana or rendering the psyche divinely subtle he is augmenting his present inner divine potential in a manifold manner. This consolation was for those who were a bit upset that henceforth they could not have a face to face meeting with Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya.

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The ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ (June 1984 AD) was published as a special issue wherein he described the philosophical form of Sookshmikaran Sadhana or rendering the psyche divinely subtle and its deep import since they were the foundation of his sacred life’s journey. By 8th June (Gayatri Jayanti) this issue reached all those readers who were a bit upset that henceforth they could not have a face to face meeting with Revered Gurudeva since he was to suddenly leave them all. The July issue too continued with the above message. In it a clarification was given as to why exactly he was executing this Sookshmikaran Sadhana or rendering the psyche divinely subtle. He wrote: When a person of the stature of a spiritual seeker enters a special inner state he can make 5 subtle bodies of his carry out 5 fold more tasks. Amongst these 5 one was rendered more secure and was chosen so that it could wipe away the tears of weak, sorrowful, anguished people visiting me. It would lovingly massage their scalps and for assuaging their pain it would make them sit in its lap to affectionately caress them. The remaining bodies shall carry out tasks of awakening great souls to work for world neo creation and fulfill the task of overcoming fearful world situations.

The above mentioned thinking tells us that during the period of Sookshmikaran Sadhana or rendering the psyche divinely subtle he was weaving the future of the entire world. By limiting the activities of his gross physical body in order to become much more active in a subtle and widespread arena he was backing away so as to prepare his holy consort Vandaniya Mataji (HH BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMA) to play out his role especially once he shed his mortal coil. This well planned decision is possible only for that existence having incarnated on earth with a special divine mission. It had lived a life of total self surrender, it had executed 100 fold more tasks than any normal gross body can perform and after promising to guide all those walking on the path of sacred ideals as per his instructions had thus laid the foundation of Era Neo Creation. The Avatar form and nature of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya no doubt has manifested in various activities of his but it also can be glimpsed in various forms when time and again he has given divine utterances.

He writes that: I have been told to render my tasks multifaceted and augmented in a manifold way. For this end one method is to give up the gross body totally and whatever remains to be done must be carried out via one or many subtle bodies. Whenever my divine guide feels it apt it shall not take even a moment for my gross body to dissolve into dust. After this (post death) I shall become capable of carrying out many more tasks via my subtle and causal bodies. After making this speech Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya left for his Sookshmikaran Sadhana or rendering the psyche divinely subtle.

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Just before Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya left for solitude living in a far off region he handed over the entire responsibility of ‘Akhand Jyoti’ to his holy consort HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji Sharma. It was she who was managing and editing it so far.

HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji Sharma writes that respected readers may find it amazing to see her name as editor on the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’. A majority of members of our worldwide family are such who come to Mathura city on and off and are well versed with my working arena. For a fair length of time the task of arranging spiritual practice sessions for our members was handed over to me. Those harboring merely a superficial vision are upset with the heavy nature of my activities and really sympathize with me yet only I know how blissful I become along with attaining self fulfillment, when I execute these tasks. In fact these tasks have become a very part and parcel of my innermost nature. Not only do I not get harassed a wee bit when I have to make arrangements for serving meals to the ever increasing number of visitors, devotees, our mission members etc but instead my joy overflows all the more while serving them. For quite a few years this has been my style of working. Hence respected readers definitely shall be more amazed to see me working as the editor of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ which is a very different task compared to cooking meals for so many people on a daily basis.

All our mission members are well aware of the circumstances and tasks pertaining to our small family consisting of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya, my mother in law, our 2 children and me. For sometime Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had asked me to take up duties pertaining to ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ but due to my busy schedule, miniscule capability and lack of experience I was very hesitant and by drawing his attention to my weaknesses I kept informing him that it is not possible for me to shoulder such a big important task. Hesitancy, fear and diffidence regarding taking up such a mammoth task lurked in my mind and I would humbly discuss this mental state with him. Of course! He too was aware of the situation at hand yet that final decision made by him had to be accepted by me as his sacred command. I hence decided to shoulder this duty of managing the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ based tasks. Thus a very friendly argument taking place between me and him for many months ended on a positive note. As a result very similar to the wonder harbored by readers of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ on seeing my name as its editor, I too am feeling diffident.

Right from the time I entered Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s home (post our marriage) I felt he was a divine personality and hence I worshiped him as Almighty God. In every wish and command of his I have experienced my good fortune and well being in humbly trying to fulfill it. Time and again he would put me into the fire of various difficult tests. In the last Narmedha Yajna conducted by him, he declared all wealth owned by us as public property. This included our ancestral and personal wealth, my jewelry, our printing press and all else that we possessed. While deciding to donate all that we owned for social well being he did consult with me. When he felt that my mental arena was a bit half baked he explained to me the importance of such a decision with due seriousness and hence in a heartfelt manner I accepted his decision as supremely great. I accepted this declaration of his with that inner joy as was his inner sacred wish. Similarly 6 years previously when he thought of observing Brahmacharya (sexual continence) for the remaining time span of his life and asked my opinion regarding it I again experienced my total well being in this sacred aspiration of his. A few days back he was thinking on the lines of giving away his children for social well being tasks so that myself and him could travel the length breadth of India for religious propagation tasks. At that time too I very joyously accepted his thinking. Hence when today he was advising me to continue publication of the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ as its editor so that he could focus his attention on another very important endeavor why would I object even a wee bit? Since my incapability could pose an obstacle I was quite hesitant initially yet knowing well that since his blessings and commands are there in front of me there was no need for me to refuse such an onerous responsibility. In this small life of mine I have witnessed so many incidences certain people on attaining his powerful blessings have been able to execute enormous great tasks. It is on this very basis that my diffidence and hesitating nature calms down and somehow I have imbibed the enterprise to take up this leading duty of publication of the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ as its editor.

Why did Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya bring about this change in functioning of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ has a detailed foundation. His life has been full oriented around spiritual austerities called Sadhana. If in true terms his inner personality is analyzed he is first a spiritual aspirant and then anything else. This has been his most beloved task and in it his mind gets immersed blissfully. He had completed 24 Super Gayatri Mahapurashcharans of 2.4 million Mantras each. Hence as Purnahuti (final phase of completion) he decided to carry out some religious propaganda. In it he was to spend 7 years. These 7 years get completed the next year and hence he wants to return to his arena of spiritual austerities called Sadhana. Thus the change in editorship of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ was very much a part of this plan.

After completing 24 Super Gayatri Mahapurashcharans of 2.4 million Mantras each he had made a 7 year plan of carrying out the Purnahuti (final phase of completion) program. Following are its aspects:

a)      Establishing Gayatri Tapobhumi via which worldwide propaganda of Super Power Gayatri practices can take place.

b)     Lighting the ceaseless burning flame lamp (Akhand Jyoti) wherein since Yajnas shall go on without pause the Power of Yajnas can get nourished.

c)      Establishing the All World Gayatri Parivar. In it within the 24,000 branches to be set up 0.125 million devotees resolving to perform Upasana or spiritual practices each day shall chant Super Mantra Gayatri at least 12,500,000 times daily.

d)     Performing 1000 Kundi-pyre Yajna wherein Gayatri devotees of entire India gathering at one spot can manifest potent congregational energy.

e)      For Era Neo Creation and Transformation commencing an ethical and cultural neo awakening campaign.

f)       By encouraging people to perform 24,000 Kundi-pyre Yajnas all over India executing widespread preaching of Super Science of Gayatri and Yajna and thus warding off future inauspicious times.

g)      By translating Vedas into Hindi language that is easy, full of wisdom and not expensive to buy propagating Vedic Divine Knowledge.

In 7 years Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya was to fulfill these 7 tasks successfully.

The tasks were very humungous. In those days when he successfully completed 24 Super Gayatri Mahapurashcharans of 2.4 million Mantras each and then spoke to me about this 7 point program of his I was astounded. To the extent means available were limited every part of the program was huge and thus on noting this forget all 7, even a small portion of it would not see completion. The reason being that for these tasks untold wealth, large number of volunteers, a lot of precious time and honest hard work were required. In that small house of ours in which we 5 small living beings resided, noting its limited means and periphery succeeding in this 7 point program seemed impossible. Very humbly I placed this doubt of mine to him but he smilingly said: Although both of us have lived together for so many years yet you wrongly infer that our success-failure was based on our mediocre individual capabilities? This resolve shall be fulfilled not by us but by that divine power in whose lap we both have surrendered our all. I became silent. I have seen so many attain success based on his subtle soul inspirations hence why would this resolve of his fail at all? Thinking thus I bowed down my head in self surrender.

Amongst the 7 point program taken up by Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya as Purnahuti (final phase of completion) of 24 Super Gayatri Mahapurashcharans of 2.4 million Mantras 5 got fully completed. Two of these remain and for them one year remains. They too may get completed in this time frame.

a)      Gayatri Tapobhumi was set up. This center of an ideal temple, hermitage to perform true penance and spread religious teachings is one of the most important areas of India’s religious places.

b)     Flame lamps were lit like those in hermitages of great Rishis that never got doused (Akhand Jyoti). It is worshiped daily in the form of a Yajna. In the entire country of India such Akhand Jyotis are barely found in 3-4 places. Such fire has extraordinary importance but this tradition is virtually becoming extinct. But such an Akhand Jyoti has been set up in Gayatri Tapobhumi and apt arrangements have been made so that it always remains alit and never gets doused.

c)      More than 2,400 branches of All World Gayatri Parivar have been established. 0.125 millions devotees have resolved to perform Upasana or spiritual practices each day shall chant Super Mantra Gayatri at least 12,500,000 times daily.

d)     The 1000 Kundi Super Yajna got successfully completed and with total peace. This is said to be this era’s greatest and incomparable Yajna ever performed by anyone.

e)      The Era Neo Creation based plan of neo awakening of ethics and culture has been propagated by branches of All World Gayatri Family. We hope that it shall reach every nook and corner of India and that in order to reinstate great traditions of ancient eras in India this program shall attain noteworthy success.

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These 5 programs have seen successful completion. Arrangements have been made so that they continue to function smoothly in future too. As per the 6th resolve 24,000 Kundi-pyre Yajnas were to be performed. 1000 Kundi-pyre Yajna were to be performed in Gayatri Tapobhumi and the remaining 23,000 all over India. Till today more than half this number has been completed. The other half remaining definitely shall get fulfilled in the next year on noting the progress reaped so far. Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya is now immersed in translating Vedas in easy to understand language and selling it at very low cost for the benefit of lay public. The commentary of 3 Vedas has already been completed. Only 1 remains to be completed. Now they have to be published and propagated. He has thought of completing this task by this year end. By this time the time frame of 7 years in order to fulfill his resolve too shall end.

After completing this 7 point program Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya shall again immerse himself in his spiritual austerities. Of course he has not clarified this matter fully but it appears that he has made plans to dwell in some special place in close proximity to special soul personalities far away from Mathura City. In order to manifest special energy for our country he has made a special austerities based plan. Hence within the next year along with successfully completing the remaining part of the 7 point program he is liberating himself from all his present responsibilities and handing them over to capable hands. This change in editorship of Akhand Jyoti Magazine also is part of this plan.

Now what remains is his own and my future program. Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya shall immerse himself in his new spiritual austerities. His plans always have a spiritual foundation. In it rests some divine message. Hence I do not possess that bravery to request him to make changes in them. In the absence of his physical presence as far as my personal life is concerned inner mental and external hardships do sadden me. They may no doubt do so in future also yet I shall never do anything that veers him away from his glorious goal. Till today I have never obstructed the great path taken up by him and I would never want to do this in future too. Whatever he thinks is apt, definitely in it dwells wholesomeness.

He has handed over only one task to me: Never should this terrific fount of spiritual austerities dry up on the basis of which depends stupendous success of the activities of All World Gayatri Parivar. Since this family has become humungous its program too is gigantic. In order to complete it successfully self sacrificing residents of Gayatri Tapobhumi and people of powerful resolve spread out the world over accompanied by devotees are executing their appointed tasks zealously. But behind their bodily and mental process is a requirement of a spiritual inspiration imbued with subtle potent energy. It is on its basis that in the program of Era Neo Creation required steadfast faith and zeal does not dissipate in selfless volunteers even a wee bit. Next year Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya is to take up spiritual practices of an extraordinarily high stature. He has handed over to me the responsibility of seeing to it that the spiritual principle embedded in all tasks of All World Gayatri Family never diminishes and for that I (HH Bhagwati Deviji Sharma) too must take up special spiritual practices.

In a major way he has given me the following important duties:

1)      The Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) lit here was meant for the 24 Super Gayatri Mahapurashcharans. When this task gets completed it should not be doused but ceaselessly remain alit. It must remain lit for at least next 10 years. Just as in 40 days 1 Gayatri Anushthan gets completed successfully similarly if this Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) remains lit without pause for the next 40 years it shall become a Siddha flame lamp (imbued with sacred divine power). When this lamp remained lit for 30 years the entire family remained awake throughout the night to keep it lit ceaselessly. Hence why douse it when to complete total number of 40 years only 10 years remain to render it a Siddha flame lamp (imbued with sacred divine power). Hence by keeping this flame lamp lit for 10 more years ceaselessly it can be rendered a Siddha Jyoti or flame lamp.

2)      In front of this Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) ceaseless Japa or Mantra chanting should be done and in 10 years I (HH Bhagwati Deviji Sharma) must execute 24 Anushthans of 2.4 million Japa.

He had placed before me this 10 year phase program that I had to execute. After completing this program in 10 years and after handing over these duties to other capable devotees I must head in a direction which I cannot divulge details about at this stage since it shall be out of place for me to do so.

I have reverently taken up his commands. Till today in a major way it was my duty to keep alit the Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) placed in the office of the Akhand Jyoti Magazine. My respected mother in law too would help me out. Even so Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya too would spare a fair bit of time to look after it and protect it from getting doused. But henceforth I had to take up sole responsibility of keeping it brilliantly alit.

How was the Akhand Japa or ceaseless Mantra chanting to be commenced? For it many devotee volunteers would be required. How to fulfill it has to be deeply mulled over? Maybe 3-4 months shall be required to make optimal arrangements for it. After full arrangements are made I shall commence this Akhand Japa or ceaseless Mantra chanting. Hence for 10 years I shall immerse myself in completing 24 Anushthans of 2.4 million Japa in the sacred shade of this Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp).

3)      I have commenced editing responsibilities of the Akhand Jyoti Magazine publication. I shall make efforts that along with articles sent for publishing in the magazine that sacred inspiration too gets conjoined which positively influences the very inner soul of respected readers.

The aim of this publication is to augment soul development and peace-joy of members of All World Gayatri Family. On the basis of this Sankalpa or mental resolve this 3 pronged program has been initiated.

The 10 year program planned for me has been commenced by me as a divine command of Almighty God. I have always looked upon Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya and his orders in this sacred light yet because of my weaknesses my womanly heart dithers again and again.

I have only one request to make to each and every respected reader, member, soul friends, adopted sacred children etc that whenever my weak legs falter when I walk with such a heavy onerous responsibility on my shoulders please do express at least one word of encouragement, good wishes and sympathy. I yearn for these words of affection from you in the same way as I yearn for the sacred blessings of divinity personified Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya.



The holy consort of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya viz. HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji Sharma writes that in the previous volume of Akhand Jyoti Magazine discussions were made regarding Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s future program and arrangements for optimal management of Gayatri Tapobhumi and Akhand Jyoti Magazine’s publication. Whatever Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya thinks or plans drips with some subtle divine inspiration. Hence I never argue with commands he gives me to execute. Suddenly early in the morning he proclaimed regarding the last 1000 pyre Gayatri Super Yajna. Previous to this sudden declaration he did not ask anyone, did not make any plans for it, did not etch out a budget for it and did not ponder over the fact as to how such a gigantic program can be successfully executed. As soon as he declared this I placed before him my doubt of completing this program simply due to lack of various means required to execute it successfully. On hearing my doubt he smiled and said: The one who wishes to execute this task (ALMIGHTY GOD) and the one who shall actually enact this task shall make all due arrangements. All of us are mere instruments/mediums and hence instead of getting worried let us carry out our duties like cogs in the wheel without desiring any fruits from our actions. I had no other option but to keep quiet. Doubts yet lurked in my mind along with fear, worry and tension. Yet with these very eyes of mine I saw this super gigantic task getting fulfilled with total success I repented for vainly harboring doubts, worry etc that rendered my mind anguished. That divine power working behind Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s wishes and plans never ever misguides him.

The program he has designed at present he shall be leaving Mathura City to execute spiritual austerities and other research tasks. He has not told anyone as to after what time frame he shall return from this lone journey of his. This time span has not been decided as yet. By itself many responsibilities rest on his shoulders yet 2 programs of his are directly visible viz. Gayatri Tapobhumi and Akhand Jyoti Magazine office work. He has made arrangements for both these important tasks.

Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya wishes that his earnings (spiritual) of 30 years symbolized as the Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) must be kept alit for the following 10 years and that the Anushthan of 40 years must be executed. Just as at the time of reinstating an Akhand Agni (ceaseless fire) the food of that fire must be done daily in the form of a Yajna so too in front of this Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) at least 60 rounds of rosary (Japa) must be executed as its food. In the Gayatri Tapobhumi an Akhand Agni (ceaseless fire) is lit. Over here 1000 Ahuti based Havan or fire ritual is carried out. In the Akhand Jyoti Magazine office an Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) is lit and in front of it both of us do at least 60 rounds of rosary (Japa). In this manner in 1 year we carry out at least 2.4 million Purashcharan even today. Till 6 years previously, Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya alone would complete 1 Mahapurashcharan in 1 year. When these Purashcharans were complete successfully and he got immersed in executing his 7 point spiritual program since then both of us together have been completing 1 Purashcharan in 1 year. From this whatever amount of soul power and austerity based divine energy is amassed is shared with members of our world family as Punya Prasad. Thus these members attain material and spiritual advancement and also their difficulties get warded off.

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Hence the question arose that if Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya left us all for dwelling in solitude how was this Purashcharan etc to be completed? Hence to solve this problem he designed a program of doing Akhand Japa or ceaseless Mantra chanting in front of this Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp). Via his body, so much power of penance would manifest on daily doing 60 rounds of rosary (Japa). Hence this measure of power could only be generated, after he left for his journey, by keeping doing this Akhand Japa or ceaseless Mantra chanting. This Japa was to be done by unmarried young virgin girls. At the Purnahuti (closing ceremony) of Gayatri Anushthans scriptural injunctions are very clear that unmarried young virgin girls must be fed a sumptuous meal. In this mode of God devotion unmarried young virgin girls are given supreme importance and honor. In Hindu Religion too this sort of sacred sentiment is harbored towards such unmarried young virgin girls and that hence they are worshiped with devotion. Akin to cows unmarried young virgin girls too are offered worship. This is because they ooze with righteous thinking. If in the absence of great men of austerities and steadfast Brahmins anyone is given a seat of honor for offering worship it is unmarried young virgin girls. Since today true steadfast Brahmins are very difficult to find it was apt that in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine office in front of the Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) unmarried young virgin girls execute the sacred program of doing Akhand Japa or ceaseless Mantra chanting.

For the next 10 years Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had commanded me to continue with this Anushthan. In this manner if Akhand Japa or ceaseless Mantra chanting continued thus 24 Purashcharans of 2.4 million Japa could be completed. As of now the plan is this much only. When 12 unmarried young virgin girls execute each day do Japa for 2 hours each (total 24 hours) then the task of Akhand Japa or ceaseless Mantra chanting can succeed. As per this arrangement in 10 years 24 Purashcharans can easily be completed. This much has to be done but my wish is that in order to help the increasing number of members of our All World Gayatri Family much more and that religious volunteers get more sacred inspiration for this 24 Purashcharans is not enough. Hence its number should increase to 108 Purashcharans. Since this burden will become heavier and gigantic, as of now in order to complete 24 Purashcharans a program has been set up for 12 unmarried young virgin girls to execute each day Japa for 2 hours each (total 24 hours).

Regarding taking up editing of Akhand Jyoti Magazine I am well aware of my miniscule capability and no doubt am worried about it. Yet this task handed over to me shall be reverently shouldered by me as Almighty Lord’s divine command. An All World Gayatri Magazine is being published regularly for social service regarding Era Neo Creation, a Religious Revolution, for Life’s Yajna and organization of this Gayatri Family. This task is very zestfully being shouldered by selfless children of our family. The aim of Akhand Jyoti Magazine is spiritual in nature and highlights various spiritual practices or Sadhana. This responsibility rests on my shoulders and I have accepted it by imbuing total faith in Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s holy blessings and respected readers’ goodwill.

By itself today also, Akhand Jyoti is spiritual. Spirituality can many a times become dry. Not everyone is inclined to pursue it. As per future plans it shall become all the more spiritual. Under such situations those whose interest in it is miniscule or those who buy and read literature for entertainment it shall become all the more dry. Under such situations the number of subscribers to our magazine shall dwindle that much more. It shall be very good and conducive that in future subscribers to our magazine shall be only those who are true followers of spirituality. Thus people immersed in sense titillation must give up its membership. In fact because of them management over here does go awry. Every year piles of extra magazines get published and they become useless. Sometimes certain editions/volumes published are less in number than ones in demand and thus our subscribers complain to us.

Akhand Jyoti Magazine’s great mission has done immense work in the last 20 years. It can be called successful. There is nothing surprising that Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s tasks have succeeded. Now the epilogue of this mission due to my meager capability and lack of experience can go haywire. It may fail to succeed. In this hour of difficulty, I pray for affection goodwill and cooperation of our worldwide family. Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has always looked upon our mission members as his comrades, very souls and affectionate kin. Barring a few Gurus, others he looks upon as his revered father. Naturally I too shall harbor motherly affection for all our members. In this hour of change offering unlimited motherly affection to all our members I hope to attain love and affection from them too. The basis of my shouldering this heavy responsibility shall be Goddess Mother Gayatri’s blessings, Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s grace and goodwill of my very own beloved people. I have full faith that this foundation shall never weaken.

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Yuga Drishta Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji despite the plea of his followers refrained from allowing the unfolding of the inner core aspects of his life right up till the year 1970-71 AD. His life was so straightforward and transparent that each one of us would look upon him as an inseparable kin of ours and that we felt our soul was one with his divine cosmic soul. Who exactly was he? What exactly is he? With what huge measure of a Sankalpa or mental resolve did he appear in our midst? All this was understood only by those who had deeply mentally reflected over literature penned by him. This included deep self study or Swadhyaya of the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ which was Yuga Drishta Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji’s very life force or Prana. He casted his holy consort HH Vandaniya Bhagwati Devi Sharma Mataji in his own divine mold and hence each sacred breath of this divine couple was surrendered only for world welfare and well being. Both united reinstated a divine mission akin to sowing seeds of the huge banyan tree that today has grown in a huge form that is there for entire world human society to see. By living a true Brahminhood way of life and spiritual penance revolving around the axis of Super Energy Gayatri and Yajnas he showcased how to transform the present day withered demeaned state of world society into a new refreshing form. Its example shall be easily understood when respected readers read the following pages of this e book. At each place via incidences of his life detailed here one gets a glimpse of his sacred psyche oozing with compassion for the entire world. At certain places we get a glimpse of his warrior like nature to manfully and valiantly combat vile activities and indolent blind beliefs prevalent the world over. We have classified his entire life sketch in various chapters. Amongst these many episodes at many places can be found described as words used varied ways. This does not mean that this is but ‘boring’ and ‘useless’ repetition. The reason is that we are forced to do this because otherwise incidences detailed cannot be deeply understood clearly by readers. For example description of the Sahasra Kundi or 1000 pyre Gayatri Yajna held in Mathura city (1958), meeting his Revered Gurudeva Swami Sarveshwaranandji, proclamations regarding Era Transformation, our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Drishta Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji’s 3 journeys to the lofty Himalaya Mountains, mysterious episodes with reference to his Sookshmikaran Sadhana (rendering the psyche divine subtle) etc have been detailed in many places using varied terminology. We request that these incidences be read and deeply understood by respected readers with reference to the context. Biography of only those people can be written in chronological form whose lives are not conjoined to so many multifaceted specialties. Over here when a person has lived 5 lives one at a time, in 80 years carried out tasks that generally take 800 years to execute, subtly made his holy consort HH Vandaniya Mataji Bhagwati Devi Sharma execute those tasks successfully that are otherwise impossible to carry out, both despite being 2 bodies yet akin to one soul after giving birth to ‘psyche children’ (Manasputras) that can be called a huge organization of creative sculptors induce them to carry out extraordinary tasks wherein it is going on today also despite both great divine personages have shed their mortal coils, their group of disciples is just increasing day after day into a gigantic world organization etc at such times it is just not possible to sketch their biography and relate incidences of their divine lives in chronological order. Hence if respected readers read this life sketch as a nectarine story by breaking sunder the bondage of time limitation at various places they in reality shall only benefit a lot. This shall be that very benefit attained on sincerely and devotedly listening to Bhagwatkatha or immortal nectar of divine discourses.

At the hour of bidding adieu in the years 1970-71 our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Drishta Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji (when he left Gayatri Tapobhumi in Mathura to head towards the lofty Himalaya Mountains) he had manifested his inner anguish in his editorial (in Akhand Jyoti Magazine) under the title ‘Apno se apni baat’. For the very first time in his life he started a series of articles under the title ‘Hamari jeevan sadhana ke antarang paksha-pehlu’ that predominated with his autobiography in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1971 AD). With this title he wrote ‘Apno se apni baat’ and in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine (February 1971 AD) he wrote its epilogue under the title ‘Hamare drishya jivan ki adrishya anoobhutiyan’. We are compiling both these articles and after due editing we are placing it in front of respected readers in the form of this book. Hence anyone reading it can deeply realize the inner anguish and agony of this great saint, God Realized Guru and Siddha Purusha. During his Sookshmikaran Sadhana (rendering the psyche divine subtle) he wrote about his entire life in a philosophic manner in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine (first in June 1984 AD and then April 1985 AD) as a special volume. All this was then compiled and edited and placed before respected readers in the form of a book titled ‘Hamari vasiyat aur virasat’. But we found an article written by him much before the above titled ‘Chamatkaro bhara jivankram evam uska marma’ it was written in the time span of February and March 1985 AD. Respected devotees and readers were insisting that Revered Gurudeva Yuga Drishta Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji’s childhood and life after that spanning till today be penned. Hence he wrote it in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine (April 1985 AD).

Before we understand the life of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Drishta Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji in totality it is best that we first read the above mentioned 4 articles so that it’s all round form can be truly understood by us all. Before commencing his life sketch in a proper sequence we are purposely first quoting his articles regarding his life in that very form so that we can place before everyone the directions given by that divine existence (Almighty God) hidden in the deep core of his inner cosmic personality. Via this we can also deeply understand his inner sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana and his deep rooted divine thinking which is the very foundation of our mission called All World Gayatri Family.










So many members of our All World Gayatri Family yearn to know more about my spiritual practices and attainments accrued from them. This is quite natural. In the eyes of people all those aspects of my gross visible life are stupendous. In it one gets visions of Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers, miracles and extraordinary feats enacted. It is natural hence that behind this curiosity of theirs lies hidden a yearning to know the mystery behind all this. Hence if people wish to know my life sketch and biography these days spent by me in lone solitude far away in mountains tough terrain are much more important for knowing their details. This cannot be without reason.

On its own I have never wished to veil anything and never have my habits strayed in the direction of fraud, wiliness, hypocrisy etc. But as far as these days are concerned I am helpless in not giving much details because if as long as I am yet alive in my physical mortal body I reveal the truth the attention of the devotees shall veer away in another direction and thus my mission of awakening a sense of righteous duty in the hearts of my followers shall remain undone and incomplete. People shall vainly get lost in the forest of mystery and my personality too shall become a matter of debate. Hence obstacles shall definitely come in the way of all that I was to do and make others do which is my Revered Gurudeva’s divine command. Without doubt my life’s trend is filled with extraordinary incidences. The veils of mystery are so great in number that if I open them when the time and place is not conducive to do so it shall inflict only harm on one and all. Hence I leave it to those remaining behind post my bidding adieu to this mortal world that they examine this reality with the test of integrity and authenticity and whatever comes true after being examined minutely from all angles make inferences from them as to how Soul Sciences or Science of Spirituality oozes with power and profound absolute truth. By touching this Paras or touchstone a very ordinary person like me attained the capacity of transforming his mediocre iron like body into priceless 24 carat gold. From this standpoint at the right hour research can be conducted on innumerable mysterious facts showcased in my life while I was in my mortal physical coil. At that time in future very close aides and followers of mine can help contribute in this task. But today while I am alive this endeavor cannot be taken up and hence shall remain veiled. Hence that very curtain shall be drawn on it as it has been done till today.

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The request of people that I write my autobiography can be fulfilled only to this extent as to how I conducted my spiritual practices. In reality all my attainments have been based on a spiritual practice oriented lifestyle that has been surrendered fully at the hallowed divine feet of Almighty God. By knowing it every person interested in this subject can find that pathway which when walked on the nectarine bliss of soul advancement and divine glories attached to them can be fully attained. Respected readers shall get only this much information given so far with my pen and hence they must rest content with that much.

Till today in my life span of 60 years 16 years of my preliminary childhood days is not of much special importance. The remaining 5 years I have exhibited how to conjoin spirituality to daily mundane routine. In this application following of worship-meditation methods has been less. That much importance should not be given to 6 hours of daily Super Power Gayatri worship-meditation executed for 24 years at a stretch as should be given to sanctifying the psyche and attaining high stature sacred sentiments (Bhavasamvedana). This should be accepted that lest the thought process and mode of working had not been sanctified in a sacred manner then that Karmakanda or rites of worship would gone as vain as those people who remain hollow within and without despite chanting a few Mantras and using ritual materials on a regular basis. Ere my life’s endeavor is considered successful and lest the extraordinary nature in it is searched out its chief reason must be looked upon as both my inner and outer nature, life etc being rendered pure and sanctified. Worship and rituals must be looked upon as secondary in importance. While bravely trying to pen down one portion of my autobiography I shall place forth only one fact that my entire will and mental power and honest hard labor has been directed towards soul purification. Whatever I could do as far as worship and rituals are concerned I have fully conjoined it to efforts for sanctifying my inner sacred sentiments (Bhavasamvedana). Now a few comments that throw light on the spiritual practices leading to Self/God Realization are being penned here for information of my beloved readers:

Spiritual practices have 2 steps of a ladder:

1)      Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)

2)      Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but useless stones for me)

By climbing this ladder a very long road had been traversed. The road of ‘others’ wealth is but stones for me’ was quite easy to imbibe because it was related to me at the individual level. I had to fight with myself. I had to gather my wits myself. The combination of good psychic imprints or Sanskars of past lifetimes and the help of my divinely powerful Gurudeva helped me achieve all this quite easily. No doubt that my mind was not so biased and wicked that it would dare drag me towards the path of vileness. In a few stray incidences it tried to veer me away from truth but only in its wild figment of imagination. But when the stick of self control fell on its head heavily it stopped this nonsensical imagination and very quietly started walking on the correct path of truth. Thus by fighting and lambasting my mind I saved myself from sins and a downfall. Now since major perilous situations have been warded off I can breathe easily with contentment. Saint Kabirdas had worn a shawl (representing his mind) woven with utmost caution and thus without even an iota of dirt or taint on it had returned it to Almighty God. I am eternall grateful to Almighty God that he led me on this very path of truth and while trying to find these very great illustrious footprints I caught hold of this truth based foundation very firmly. Thus I reached that destination where never again can one fall down in life.

The ritual based process of spirituality is never much difficult to follow. If one’s power of resolve (Sankalpa) is very strong and our faith and steadfastness for truth is unswerving our mind does not get agitated. Thus our mind peacefully goes about its spiritual practices and our rites/ritual practices without going haywire go on smoothly. An ordinary shopkeeper with great interest for his business sits in his shop daily for virtually his entire life. His mind never despairs and no dislike enters his mind. Shopkeepers that sell cigarettes, betel leaves etc for their entire life work daily at their shops for 14 hours at a stretch that too with zest and serenity. Hence there was no need for me to break my daily vow of doing Super Power Gayatri worship-meditation executed daily for 6 hours for 24 years ceaselessly. While doing spiritual practices only those people get bored who look upon spirituality as less important and less required than business of cigarettes, growing crops like farmers, shops of sweet meats etc. In tasks that are useless and not liked by the mind, no mental focus is achieved.

Only those people get bored in worship-meditation and experience restlessness if their inner desires run madly after material comforts since they think that it is the be all and end all of life. Those who feel that rites-rituals are but means to fulfill material selfish desires, due to lack of much effort and destiny not being conducive they get angry when their desire does not get fulfilled. In the preliminary stage itself they are not keen on making due efforts. Hence they complain that their mind is not interested and lacks focus. But my inner state was different. I believed the body to be an instrument wherein materials were but fuel like that helped run this engine called the physical body. My yearning never harbored any desire to make it big in life, earn name-fame and never did I run after hypocrisy based praise from others. Since I always told myself I am the soul why not live only for soul uplifting, soul peace, soul welfare and merging my micro soul with the divine cosmic soul of Almighty God? I separated myself and my body into 2 portions. My needs and those of the body were separated. Hence that heavy wall dissuading me from entering the sacrosanct portals of the unknown subtle world fell down and thus I entered brilliant light from dark gloom.

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Those who think themselves to be the body, limit their joy to satiating their sense tillating pleasures, whose life’s goal is only to fulfill selfish desires and goals, for them the be all and end all of life is to attain a fat bank balance, richness, wealth, big status, eulogies and titles. They fail to even think about soul well being and get attracted to wearing the golden chains of greed and deluded inner attachment to wealth, family etc. For them, the excuse of not getting a proper opportunity for walking on the path of Shreya or soul well being could be true. It is the psyche’s aspirations that amass various material means if the goal of life is to only attain sense tillating pleasures. Hence their consciousness makes efforts only in this direction. Thus for them worship-meditation, rites etc are mere superficial games to play around with. Whether they are performed or not is not a concern at all for them. From a curiosity standpoint people do all this so that others may look at them in appreciation and awe. Their aim in doing these rituals etc in a wayward haphazard manner is to find out if some miracles manifest and if they do not manifest then faith disappears and these worship etc methods are given up once and for all. This had to be their lot. Due to lack of faith and trust, in the absence of deep yearning to attain life’s true goal none can progress on the spiritual path. All these facts were known to me well before hand. Hence I focused the bare minimum attention to my bodily needs and maintaining my family. This I did akin to paying rent for using this machine called the body. I always focused chiefly on sanctifying my psyche and hence never felt the need to veer away towards material enticements and allurements.

When I started experiencing that I am the soul and not this gross body made of flesh, blood etc. and that it appeared to be the supremely hallowed residence of Almighty God my psyche got introverted. My thinking process got limited as to what my soul being the prince of Almighty God should do and walk in which apt direction? The questions were easy and answers followed suit. We must live only a great high stature life and act with high sacred ideals as their foundation. Those who do not tread this path fear that is they imbibe high sacred ideals in life many dangers shall have to be endured and face a fair measure of poverty, lack, censure from others and difficulties. Friends shall become foes and family members shall oppose tooth and nail. Initially I too felt the same and got such experiences. Preliminarily I had to endure mockery and scoldings showered on me by others. In fact my own family members opposed me the most. Their thinking was that a lot of material benefits that could be accrued via me and those benefits to be got in future too shall diminish a lot. Hence whatever was a loss for them was labeled as my foolishness yet this situation did not last long. If our faith heads high with firmness then falsehood and opposition cannot last long. It is only insults and censure showered on those walking the path of vileness that lasts for very long. Honesty and integrity is a glory on its own and it not only benefits us but others too. Hence it always remains unswervingly steadfast. Those who oppose us and insult us realize their error quite fast and instead of placing more obstacles on the path of truth become our aides. The more our faith is high stature and strong opposition gets converted into conduciveness much faster. I did not face family opposition for much long and their doubts dissolved on understanding reality. In actuality a life of true spirituality never inflicts losses. A person appearing poor from a superficial external standpoint remains joyous because of inner soul peace and contentment. This contentment and joy positively influences so many others and proves very useful in converting opposing people into comrades on the path of truth. It was in this very manner that my problem got solved.

When the golden chain of greed for becoming wealthy and a big shot, yearning for others’ hypocrite praises etc got cut asunder I felt I got liberated from the noose of this material world reeking with pain and sorrow. Creatures noosed in these meshes rushes insanely into this material world reeking with pain and sorrow and wails aloud while enduring stress, restlessness and discontent. If the lowly nature of all these 3 is understood and greed for sense pleasures is converted to deep faith know that the bondage of Maya or power of illusion has been overcome. Thus the goal of attaining salvation, while yet alive (Jeevan Mukti) can be achieved. As per the quote of ‘Nazaren teri badly to nazara badal gaya’ our undesirable sentiments get warded off the moment Self Realization is attained. Thus the goal on being reached, wards off all lack and dissatisfaction in life. By teaching myself that just sustain the body with minimal needs and keep your family happy too with this very attitude the desire for wealth, sense pleasures etc dissipated to naught. The mind then stops veering in that direction and as a result so much energy becomes available that our life oozes with untold zest. This fact can be experienced by anyone by living as detailed above. But people are people and hence set about to douse fire by pouring oil in it. They want to satiate desires with wealth and sense titillating material pleasures. Who can teach them that this sort of an effort can only help blaze forth a forest fire? Anyone walking this path can only keep running after an illusory mirage in a dessert for appeasing their thirst for water. Akin to ghosts of a graveyard they can only remain agitated and stressed. They can carry out only vile deeds. Thus who can make understand whom? This is because the one explaining and the one listening both are but immersed in mockery. They have heard many spiritual discourses and associated with many saints yet they did not find a God Realized Guru who could dive deep into their psyche so as to inspire them to walk the path of spirituality in true earnestness. If on an average one opens the book of the life of religious preachers it is filled with much more dirt and taint than those listening to them. Hence one harbors aversion for religion and spirituality.

Big programs for religious discourses were no doubt arranged yet my mind did not do it to boast off my knowledge. In fact whatever knowledge I got was from within my soul only. It is only my soul that became valiant and bravely started cutting asunder the bondage all around me within. It is only then that I tasted success. If I had merely depended on others then maybe other so called wise people would have rendered me ignorant only. It seems that if anyone gets divine light of wisdom it shall manifest from deep within one’s soul only. At least as far as I was concerned this fact proved to be very true in my life. Huge mountains of obstacles are known to stand in the way of spiritual practices. These can only be shattered to naught if we have unswerving faith to our spiritual goal and valiantly taking up the path of Shreya or soul upliftment instead of Preya that gives only transient sense pleasures. Hence it is my brave hearted nature that helped me succeed. Now that I am totally on the spiritual path there is no dearth of people helping me. My Revered Gurudeva and Almighty God ceaselessly were by my side to see to it that I reached my spiritual goal with relative ease. Thus my steps on this path marched ahead slowly yet very surely. The destination till now was reached as per this method.

People keep saying that the path of true religion and spirituality is very tough to tread on yet my own experience has been bang opposite to this. It is only a life surrounded by selfish desires that becomes complex and tortuous. A person who imbibes such a lifestyle reeks with stress, tension, anguish, problems etc despite putting in so much hard work. Hence if you compare this with a life of true spirituality then the hardships faced in it are much less in measure than a life of selfish materialism. A materialist amassing so much wealth by putting in immense labor ultimately reaps only worries in life without breathing easy even for a few moments. If you harbor one selfish desire it multiplies into many more. And hence even if a lot of success accrues while pursuing selfish ends man remains dissatisfied and insatiated. For reaping even minor success so much effort had to be made resulting in tiredness only. Despite knowing this man tries to make n fold more efforts for amassing material wealth by hook or by crook. The more one’s efforts intensify the more problems crop up and become more and more complex to solve. In order to solve them the body, soul and mind get pounded to pulp. Ordinary stature bodily and mental labor is not capable of fulfilling desires of the gigantic size of that mythological ogress Sursa. Hence the only recourse is the path of illegal and unethical activities. Yet even if you carry out untold sins yet your selfish desires shall never get fulfilled. The amount of harm and loss faced while harboring an agitated mind and facing a dark gloomy future on noting it attainments of such type can be called lowly and tainted only.

On an average people bear the burden of life akin to a living corpse crying, complaining and in some wayward manner or the other. In reality they should be called ‘ascetics’. Lest instead of selfish material gains hardships are endured, self sacrifice is imbibed and restlessness to attain the goal enters the psyche while treading the path of soul progress man could have become a Yogi, Sidha saint, superman, deity and Almighty God himself. But material pursuits for selfish end, gives man nothing and instead takes away everything. Hence these are true Yogis, renunciates, philanthropists, self sacrificing people etc who made such daring efforts to shoulder the burden of untold sins. Hence whatever was earned was left behind posthumously for in laws, children, nieces, nephews etc and in this manner went away from this world empty handed. These are ‘saints’ and of ‘charitable’ disposition who endured such hardships of sinning for ‘benefitting’ others. If they call themselves deluded by Maya or downfallen it is their opinion.

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When I witness first hand the reactions and results of the inner and external life of so many people in contact with me I feel I have lived a much more joyous life full of comforts. The only harm at the most I endured was less material facilities and less material wealth to boast of. I got very little honor and lived a poor life and hence seeing lack of material prosperity in my life people felt I was of low status. Hence they ignored me a lot. But not much more harm or loss than this can be faced by a spiritual person like me. This is because despite material lack I remained contented and all tasks taken up by me like public welfare and well being went on uninterrupted and smoothly. No doubt others ate tasty expensive food and I merely ate saltless barley grain bread, gram etc. Those who ate exotic sumptuous meals later faced diseases of various types and since my diet was very light it got digested well and thus no major illness was faced by me. Hence say! Did I face any harm or loss in the final analysis? Since I had given up the desire to eat food known to titillate taste buds only although in a temporary manner I remained satiated even with food that was tasteless. In fact there were times when I went hungry too when even this minimal food was unavailable. As far as the question of taste is concerned even though I ate only barley bread without salt it was much more tasty than those people immersed in eating exotic food items to titillate their taste buds. People amassing wealth by wearing gorgeous clothes, living in expensive houses and decorating their faces and bodies are actually immersed only to boss over others with their superficial ‘superority’ and thus just fanning their arrogant ego. No doubt with limted means I could not amass such material grandeur yet simplicity of living and high stature thinking gave me so much self contentment and joy that no doubt superficial vain people mocked my very simple lifestyle but those whose thinking was profound and high stature could easily perceive greatness behind this kind of simplicity. Hence not only did they eulogize it but that they bowed down their heads in reverence too. Now say! Who reaped profits and who became targets of mockery?

After testing myself very thoroughly I can only say this that from the standpoint of the body for which I used only minimum labor, risk and responsibility I remained very happy mentally. I received no lesser honor too from society. I have no issue if lunatic people do not praise me and I have no complaints towards my own self. Right from the soul to Almighty God and right from true gentlemanly and farsighted thinkers I reaceived only eulogies for my way of living and thinking. I had taken much lesser risk and more profits were accrued in comparison. A life based on untold expenditure, full of vain external glitter and pomp, hypocrisy etc can only be shouldered on wheels of sins and a huge downfall. But my life was very lightweight and by taking my mattress under my armpit I set off happily. I faced no tiredness, no worries and hence my experience is that a life based on high sacred ideals is easier to live and reap untold benefits in the ultimately analysis. In it oozes light of wisdom, self contentment, zest for life etc. No doubt wicked people after attacking others seen to live a simple life of truth can harm them a bit yet this sort of heinous attack is faced much more by those who sin a lot and lead despicable tainted lives. No doubt true great saints and honest people working for social well being are seen to get harassed yet know for sure that others who live a life of arch rivalry, hatred, envy and take revenge every now and then on innocent people face a life of much more peril and danger. Day in and day out we hear of incidences related to dacoity, frauds, scams, murders, terror etc. In such episodes it is those who lead greedy selfish material lives who get killed and harmed much more. Lest so many people voluntarily give up their lives for establishing truth and righteousness they would have been called gods and world history would have reached pinnacles of true glory.

Amongst the class of true great divine personalities like Lord Jesus Christ, Socrates, Mahatma Gandhi etc very few have died while treading the path of truth. Yet know that a 1000 fold more have died when their vile lives were veering towards a devastating downfall. The great philanthropist of India called Bhamashah became poor after donated all his riches and wealth. Yet such examples are very few in number. But hordes of people who led lives reeking with fraud, scams, addictions, adultery, attacking innocents etc faced so many court cases, illnesses etc that ultimately they lost all their ill earned tainted wealth and became roadside beggars. In the true spiritual arena loss, attacks, court cases are fewer in number but in selfish materialism these cases run in hordes. Lest this fact had been understood deeply people would not have foolishly given up a spiritual way of living and instead insanely rushed after material wealth in a greedy manner. My individual experience has been that while trying to satiate material greed profits are miniscule and loss faced is tremendous in the final run. What I had to give up was very little yet what I attained as a result was so much in measure that again and again I ponder deep within to encourage as many people as possible to lead lives of true spirituality and imbibe the tradition of glorious high stature ideals. Yet this indeed is a difficult task. For years together I have lived such a lifestyle of glorious high stature ideals, simplicity and great thinking in order to set an example to others. But alas! How many heard what I said and how many actually imbibed this great glorious thinking?

It would have been difficult for me to climb the ladder of “Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)” and “Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but stones for me)” lest I had not harbored valor and bravery to walk on that path which ushers in true overall well being and had failed to truly realize the nature of life, its correct goal and optimal usage. Those who think themselves to be the physical body merely and aspired only to fulfill selfish greed and desires never attain the untold benefits of true spiritual living. If the boat of life merely uses the oars of superficial worship rites done daily it can never reach the other shore of safety. For 24 years continuously I carried out Gayatri Purashcharans so as to complete an important chapter of worship, meditation etc. In it total success in worship rites called Karmakand only accrued after I fully conjoined my sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) to it. Lest akin to innumerable other people in order to ‘boss’ over demigods or else cunningly fool them I had executed worship rites called Karmakand based on Tantra-Mentra etc for fulfilling selfish desires only I would have accrued nothing from that which is called eternal divine wealth. I know many people immersed in spiritual practices and executing worship rites called Karmakand for decades together. When I myself analyzed these worship rites called Karmakand minutely I found out that only superficial fleeting gains can be availed. No doubt false praise is got from it and a false promise is given to such people that although not in this birth at least post death they shall certainly enter heaven. Hence my conclusion and prophecy is this that not even one of such people shall enter heaven and that no Sidhi or miracle shall be witnessed by them.

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Life force or Prana Energy enters worship rites called Karmakand only when when the daily routine of a devotee marches ahead with sureity towards true human glory and greatness. Such a one’s vision of life must reform day after day positively and in his activities, such methods get included that are availed by true spiritual aspirants. People who are wicked, selfish to the core, stingy and live only to aggrandize the lives of their children by hook or by crook fail to reform their actions and thinking process for the better they shall avail no benefits pertaining to pilgrimages, religious vows, fasting, listening to religious discourses, singing hymns, bathing in holy rivers, meditating etc. I strongly believe in this fact. No doubt all this is useful yet its utility value is as important as a pen required to write a great essay etc. How can you write anything on a paper if you do not have a pen? How can soul progress be attained without worship rites called Karmakand, meditation etc? Yet along with this you must also know that without fulfilling the requirement of maintaining good bodily mental health, deep study of spiritual tenets, imbibing true greatness in thinking and brain skills merely using a pen cannot reap great writing on paper. How can lovely soulful poems be written? Inner greatness is akin to intellectual development and worship rites called Karmakand, meditation etc are like a good pen to write with. Only when both combine can true benefits and success accrue. If one is removed the task remains incomplete. I paid due attention to the fact that the cart of spiritual practices cannot function on one wheel only. Hence arrangements must be made for both wheels that function smoothly. There is no hidden in secret as to how I carried out my worship, meditation etc. As per injunctions of Super Science of Gayatri I did Gayatri Mantra chanting in an ordinary manner. Yes! As long as I was doing my spiritual practices I definitely harbored sacred thoughts that the divine aura of the supreme divine authority i.e. Goddess Mother Gayatri is oozing in every pore of my being and akin to becoming red hot iron that falls into terrific fire my inner and outer existence became of that very high in stature as was that of my chosen deity (Ishtadevata). Since the divine light of Goddess Mother Gayatri entered every atom of my body and soul every iota of my body dripped forth with radiant divinity and the fire of this divine light burnt to ashes my desire for sense pleasures and other taints like lethargy, indolence etc got destroyed to naught. This divine fire also burnt to naught all my bodily and mental illnesses.

Although the body is mine yet deep within it terrific divine aura sways about and in my speech now resides only Goddess Saraswati. The demons of desire for eating exotic food in order to please the taste buds, leanings towards falsehood and behaving and acting fraudulently left that divine temple and ran away. Now I visualize only great qualities everywhere and beauty of Almighty God in all animate-inanimate beings of the world. Now my eyes are totally devoid of just finding falts of others in an egoistic fashion and no sexual lust dwells in my mind. My ears hear only that which is auspicious and full of good merits. The rest is mere noise which after banging into my eardrums returns empty handed.

I saw the supremely bright divine aura of Goddess Mother Gayatri enter my body, psyche, mind, intellect, ego called Antahkaran Chatushtaya and thus they got divinely illumined. I further experienced that Brahmavarchas or supremely bright divine aura is perforce taking me in that direction where beastly instincts and selfish desires turn into naught. It is that realm where divinity amplifies manifold. The brain decides that the precious human body must not get wasted in vain pursuits of fleeting pleasures and lowly allurements. In fact each moment of human life must imbibe sacred high stature ideals so that they get reinstated in our inner being forever. A zest must be harbored to reinstate steadfast faith in our psyche and march ahead towards Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram or Divine Truth-Wellbeing-Beauty. By inducing the entry of Savita deity (solar) in the inner being the ego can be fully sanctified. The aura of Savita deity (solar) leads us far away from the world of mortality and takes us instead to Almighty God who is omniscient-omnipotent-omnipresent. He is also Sat-Chit-Anand or Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.

At the time of my executing the Gayatri Purashcharans I did not merely chant Mantras or do Japa but that my mind also imbibed untold measure of sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana. In the form of an inner divine aura I experienced self knowledge in the sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana arena of the causal body, soul vision, soul experience and my individual soul merging into the cosmic divine soul called Almighty God by us. It seemed as though my soul akin to a moth yearning to surrender itself to a flame lamp merged into the divine light of Savita deity (solar). My individual ego existence ended and now I was that supreme divine cosmic light. ‘I’ ended and Sat or divine cosmic existence took over. In the experience of Advaita/non duality where the individual soul merges into the cosmic divine soul called Almighty God such a divinely ecstatic bliss was experienced each moment called Brahmanand that all the fleeting sense pleasures of the world put together pales miserably in its presence. Along with chanting Mantras or doing Japa reinstating divine light in the gross, subtle and causal body was commenced with due efforts. Later this became very natural to imbibe i.e. effortlessly and ultimately it became an inner tangible divine experience. To the extent I sat down for worship etc within my soul existence the ocean of the divine light of supremely radiant Savita deity (solar) bloomed forth. Apart from this divine light nothing else exists both within and without me. In every onrush of Prana Energy apart from the flame of divine light nothing else remains. This experience at least has rendered the divine vision during the daily time span of spiritual practice as it is. On an average, the entire time of Sadhana or spiritual practice passed by, in this divine experience.

The 6 hours of my daily worship-Puja etc routine would lend lots of sacred inspiration to the rest of my 18 hours. During hours of my work schedule it seemed as though it is the Tejas or divine aura of the deity is my spiritual guide. Every act of mine was based as per its directions and is going on even now. Never have I felt that any of my tasks have been done in tandem with my selfish desires, greed etc. Just as a mother catches hold of its small child while walking similarly that divine power or God catching hold of my intellect forced me to think in a high stature great manner and make my body act in a high stature fashion accordingly. Apart from daily worship-Puja etc routine all those hours remaining in my waking state in them right from executing ablution chores to eking out an income and making arrangements for self study, deep reflection over great scriptures and family upkeep ran with the experience within as though not me but Almighty God was subtly and behind the scenes doing all this. At night I slept deeply for 6 hours as though I was in Nirvikalpa Samadhi or thought free trance. It was a feeling like me sleeping in the affectionate lap of my divine mother and that I hence was supremely at peace. The feeling of merging into the divine soul existence gave me untold self contentment. When I would wake up from sleep it seemed that a new life, zest, light etc was standing before me much beforehand in order to guide me.

During my 24 years of doing 24 Gayatri Purashcharans I did not have any social of family duties to fulfill hence this spiritual penance of mine conjoined to Japa and meditation went on with more zeal and alertness. My steadfast faith towards the sacred tenets of “Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)” and “Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but stones for me)” my body obstructed me to execute sinful acts, the fact that I ate healthy sacred food it stopped my mind from any kind of downfall. My daily meals of jowar Roti (Indian bread) and plain buttermilk made from cow’s milk not only pleased my taste buds but it was digested by my tummy very easily. There is a saying: What you eat your mind imbibes qualities accordingly. This was experienced by me in my entire life at every step. Lest I had not been strict in controlling my bodily and mental activities to the point of harshness I would have progressed on the spiritual path in only a miniscule measure.

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Social culture and civilization stands in fro not of us all in a much more harassing state than political slavery. Soldiers of India’s Poltical Freedom Fight dwelling in heaven after sacrificing their very lives for this great cause are asking us all as to why our caravan has stopped at a guesthouse on the way for so long a time? The next stop was to uproot social uncultured behavior. This campaign was to gather momentum at that stop. Hence the question is why have these soldiers thrown their weapons away midway itself? The soul of our present era wants an answer to this question. We perforce must answer it. Lest we just wish to do nothing to uproot social uncultured behavior or that we are incapable of uprooting it then the manner in which historians bow down to sacrificing soldiers of India’s long drawn  Poltical Freedom Fight shall also leave no stone unturned in censuring us and our apathy.

On the shoulders of God devoted people like us all marching ahead for realizing the spiritual goal rests also duties pertaining to our mundane life and world. Let us worship God and sacredly love his children (all creatures of the world). Let us offer rituals at God’s sacred feet and render his garden, this world extremely beautiful. Only then can we become true heirs of his divine love.

The 1st step on the ladder of fulfilling our spiritual goal is a well managed life. Its 3 foundation pillars are a healthy body, pure pious mind and a cultured civilized society. In order to render these pillars optimally balanced, in order to make them powerful and capable we have to do something. We must gird up our loins for it with a powerful resolve. The basis of this great task of Era Neo Creation rests on our acting prowess. No longer can we afford to ignore it and neither can we shut our eyes like a frightened pigeon on seeing a cat glaring at it ferociously. Almighty Lord yearns that we execute our appointed duties for ushering in Era Neo Creation and we shall perforce have to do so.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1962; Page 36)



Henceforth the responsibility of leading world public shall rest on the shoulders of religious and spiritual systems. People working in the realm of religion/spirituality shall play the real role of neo creation. The credit of liberating the human race from limitless sorrow/pain shall be given to people waging this type of ‘war’. Hence our era calls aloud to all wise awakened souls to come forward. They must reform the present form of religion and spirituality. By removing the dirt of uselessness gathered on it an environment of cleanliness and purity must be reinstated. It is this ‘weapon’ only that can troubleshoot all dire world problems endured today. Hence this knife must be kept polished and rendered sharp. Knives that rust or are not sharp at all fail to cut up anything. No hope can be harbored from the nature and form of religious and spiritual institutions seen today. Hence it is compulsory that we reform and change it positively.

If wise awakened souls endowed with a radiantly transformed psyche make apt use of sanctified and positively transformed religious and spiritual institutions world dire problems can be overcome, heaven can be ushered in on planet earth and the aspiration to become divine from human beings shall definitely get fulfilled. In order to bring down from heaven the River Ganga of reformed world conditions today innumerable Bhagiratha’s are required. Say, who shall fulfill this mandatory requirement? Mother India is looking in our directions with hope lit in her brilliant eyes. Her aspiration resounds in interstellar space with these words:

“That day, for which a lioness sires children!

Please tell my lioness-that day has arrived!”

We must decide as to what apt answer are we going to give to this era’s call and this is that apt hour of making a proper decision.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (May 1965; Page 52)



The glorious task of Era Neo Creation can never be executed by people possessing a commonplace mental plain, full of selfish interests, lowly thinking/activities, cowards and weak minded. For this goal powerful and radiant soul personalities shall incarnate and they shall successfully attain this goal. Those who look here and there in a jittery fashion during times that demand a bit of self sacrifice and renunciation certainly are incapable of handling and succeeding in such a great humungous task. The soil from which such people are created is sandy and infertile. From it how can any object be made that can last longer. Those who harbor hopes of attaining all Divine Powers or Ridhi-Sidhis of all the 3 worlds just because they chant God’s name for about 10-15 minutes daily but shy away when it comes to sanctifying their lives and working selflessly for world well being, certainly such lowly people are blissfully ignorant of even the basic a-b-c of spirituality. Thus how can they possess a strong soul force? Those lacking potent soul force can never contribute in any major way in the great glorious task of Era Neo Creation.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (May 1966; Page 44)



Today’s times require that gentlemanly pious people must come forward they must enter the ‘war’ front and protect downfallen world humanity from the attack of distortions, vile activities and hard heartedness. Today the war between demons-demigods representing good-bad qualities must commence in full throttle. Divinity like pious people in their respective realm of life must handle their appointed campaigns. By carrying with them the torch of great glorious tasks, gentlemanly behavior and good will based actions they must head towards regions of darkness and ward it off once and for ever. Social distortions have reached such depths of nadir that lest it is not stopped from sliding downwards even further life shall become extinct in our world.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1967; Page 30)

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The process of Era Neo Creation under the flagship of Era Transformation shall be successfully fulfilled by such people in whom the light of divinity in apt measure is becoming more and more radiant. On the basis of means at hand authors, orators, leaders, actors, artists, campaigners etc and talented people for some time can exhibit miracle like feats yet no permanency or steadfastness can be noted in it. Akin to a wall of sand their actions merge into dust in a jiffy and those who are eulogized highly today their very existence becomes difficult to find as time lapses by.

Steadiness rests in the profound depths of truth and soul force. Great tasks like Era Neo Creation can be established only on a firm foundation. The potential to shoulder its heavy responsibility can be noted only in great men oozing with divine tendencies. Hence captains of the ship of Era Neo Creation, its managers and army chiefs must compulsorily become illumined with the aura of divinity.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1967; Page 14)



A sunrise of such world public power must usher in that by rising above commonplace mundane activities like filling the tummy with yummy food, siring children etc can think deeply in a refreshingly new manner. Further by going much beyond daily dying for fulfilling fleeting sense pleasure based desires one must start pondering deeply about selfless world service, cooperation, renunciation and self sacrifice. Without the manifestation of such world public power all thinking of hardworking social service volunteers shall be rendered merely an imaginary entertainment program. Prana Energy or life force dwells in sheer honest hard work. Neo creation required effort. Hence in all human beasts living all around us we must create the light of true humane sentiments, glorious pride and valor. Thus they shall come out of the noose like periphery of selfish interests and narrow minded thinking and activities and shall execute such acts that are comparable to those ones enacted by wise awakened souls while simultaneously focusing mentally on their true divine nature, divine cosmic principle and righteous duty of harbingering in world well being.



The aim of my future austerities involves creation of Bhagirathas in every nation the world over and in every realm of human living.

For this goal required energy, means of great capability etc require to be garnered. Without apt means and weapons any army cannot wage wars. For Era Neo Creation, for radiant leadership etc while hiding behind the curtain, I shall generate required energy and a conducive world situation. Via my future terrific penance this shall definitely be possible to achieve and in a few days itself in every realm of human life and in every direction highly capable pious selfless workers the world over shall exhibit mind blowing skills resulting in sweet success for keeps. Thus it is they who shall rightfully get credit.

The Yug Nirman Mission is not any institution but is a great direction of life and sacred wholesome thinking. Hence for this end many organizations and processes shall dawn brightly. The credit for this future world transformation shall not necessarily be given to our Yug Nirman Mission. There can be many types of names-forms and no doubt they shall come into being. This shall make no difference to the mission at hand. The fundamental aim is establishing farsighted discrimination or Viveka in world human psyche and augmenting great world welfare tasks in a manifold manner.

Hence every country, every society, every religion and in every walk of life in order to include this principle it is mandatory that a new leadership rises like the brilliant sun post dawn. In order to fulfill this very important need I shall take recourse to very terrific austerities for the remaining years of my life. It is only my Revered Gurudeva who shall decide as to where it shall be executed and what shall be its nature/form. But amongst the 2 reasons one is mentioned above for which I shall perforce have to give up intense contact with people visiting me and in its place take steps of solitude in a lone manner.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1969; Page 61-62)



The vile activities of wicked people can be so fearfully terrible that in order to destroy it undergoing intense struggle is the only way. Those that are hard core fundamentalists, prejudiced, indolent, deluded in thinking, egoistic, unruly, selfish and anti social elements, they are just not ready to listen to deep positive thinking and justice. Forget imbibing reformative ideas and attaining glorious goals in life instead they tooth and nail obstruct the path of true progress and advancement. In order to uproot such beastliness and ghost mindedness opposition and struggle become compulsory.

Today world society reeks with blind traditions and beliefs. On the basis of caste-communities categories of high class-low class prevails, women face inhuman atrocities, insane expenditure for marriage ceremonies that lead to poverty and criminal acts, untold expenses for feeding hordes of people as post death rites, taking wily advantage of innocent people’s faith in the name of religion etc are such causes that have led to India’s economic/financial erosion and this in turn has led to the birth of innumerable distortions. In each realm of daily life crime, fraud, adulteration, bribery and corruption rule the roost. In the absence of congregational opposition to all this, hoodlum thug elements are strengthening their hold on society day after day. Thus day and day out criminal acts are rising alarmingly. Political leaders and government officials are executing such tainted acts that the ground below our feet is sliding. All this cannot be uprooted merely via legislations and flowery speeches. Those who have tasted blood or else those whose ego is touching the sky way above are never going to change their fraudulent corrupt activities in a hurry. They shall be forced to listen to good advice via the process of long term struggle and opposition. Only then they shall give up their unethical tendencies and walk the path of honesty and ethics.



For this end while keeping in mind Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha, laborers surrounding their bosses in huge numbers demanding higher wages etc and the bitter-sweet experiences of the Communist Cultural Revolution in China I have designed such an all round plan that anarchy shall not spread out and that undesirable trends and elements shall perforce change their ways in a positive manner. For achieving this goal local, individual and collective struggle based programs shall set rolling in. A huge organization of volunteers called Era Army shall have to be set up that by making huge sacrifices in a selfless manner shall combat inapt undesirable trends and elements in society extremely powerfully.

The future Mahabharat War shall be of this type. It shall be fought by great leaders, selfless workers and era creators and certainly not by armies wielding guns, missiles etc. Before Satyuga or Golden Era harbingers in this new Mahabharat War shall perforce have to be waged tooth and nail. The lineage of Avatars along with neo creation, also execute programs of intense struggle. The Nishkalank Avatar (Taintless Avatar) of the red torch lit by Yug Nirman Mission (Era Neo Creation) in the days to come shall play out this role and hence none should get amazed with it.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (June 1971; Page 60-61)



Awakened self introspective souls must watch the fierce battle between demigods-demons going on within their psyche. For solving it by using their goodwill based discrimination and sacred valor they must humbly invite Almighty God to enter their psyche. Lest this happens innumerable talented members of this divine family can place at the feet of this Era’s deity their sacred sentiment based self sacrifice. Humanity that is today languishing in the deep crater of a huge downfall and sorrow based anguish has wailed aloud pitiably for this only. Lord Mahakal too wishes this. Regarding this amongst awakened self introspective soul personalities each one can shoulder an extraordinary role. The problem only is one and that is how to get liberated from the eclipse of Rahu-Ketu (dragon’s head and tail) in the form of greed and deluded attachment to the material world that engulfs a person’s soul aura?

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Those who shall take sides with divinity in the gory battle between demigods-demons only they shall successfully play this all important role of a divine human in this hour of Era Transformation. Awakened souls must seriously think with reference to this and thus put into action more intense efforts. In whatever way one can contribute one must do so in as great a measure as possible. This then is the biggest demand of our present era and it is also the biggest call of our inner soul.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1978; Page 56-57)



That time has lapsed by wherein we merely keep designing schemes for the meritorious task of Era Neo Creation. What remains now is to put great glorious thoughts into action the world over on a war footing. Our great thinking has to be put into action. We are waiting for our goodwill sentiments to ripen and become active. We must not waste precious time in the state of dithering indecision.

Our goal is gigantic and very widespread. It is just not enough that we merely keep lit ceaselessly the red flame torch representing Wisdom Yajnas and Thought Revolution for sanctification of world human psyche. That oil required to keep its flame brilliantly illumined can be attained in the form of sacred sentiment based self sacrifice of awakened souls. In comparison to all types of production the world over the sunrise of divinity in the human soul is supremely important. Without worrying about heat, cold, rain etc in this agriculture like task we must conjoin to it akin to an honestly hard working farmer. Ushering in heaven on earth is like creating a heavenly garden. Akin to a steadfast zealous gardener our actions should be so deft and skillful that we get the credit of ushering in blooming spring season in the garden called the world created by Almighty God.

In order to achieve such stupendous success it is just not enough to amass fertilizers, water etc. In it gardeners have to utilize their brilliant skills. Akin to farmers showcasing their talent in the realm of tilling soil and harvesting good quality crops in the ushering in of heaven on earth and divinity in mankind awakened soul personages shall have to contribute their deep faith and skillful potential.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1978; Page 61)



In the ushering of a political revolution enterprise and weapon power is enough. Economic revolution requires means and proper understanding. This is but mundane material transformation wherein availability of material means is sufficient. But we have to confluence 3 revolutions viz. intellectual, ethical and social. For this end the descendents of the lord of character, faith and talent viz. Rishi Dadhichi have to voluntarily come forward and shoulder this mammoth revolution. A civil engineer based on the training he gets in institutes and colleges succeeds in building houses, factories, bridges etc. we have to neo create individuals, society and an entire era. It is only the goodwill based contribution of talented awakened souls that this goal can be attained.

Those who totally lack sacred sentiments, those who are enmeshed in the mire of miserly selfishness, how can one hope anything from such poor demeaned people? It is only super generous people like Karna (epic Mahabharat fame) who even on his death bed uprooted his golden tooth to give it in charity. King Harishchandra sold off his wife and child as laborers when tested by his Revered Guru Maharshi Vishwamitra. Greedy selfish people cannot think beyond fulfilling fleeting selfish desires. When it comes to giving something, their hearts experience pain.



For neo creation of individuals, family and society neither are means required nor is it that situations must be apt. for it instead such radiantly talented people are required in whose veins flow the blood of great Rishis of yore oozing with pious sentiments. From the shrewdness standpoint the crow is said to excel all creatures. The wily cunningness of a jackal is well known. In digging out corpses tomcats are very adept. A snake, protecting a vault of jewels is quite focused while doing so. In sacred sentiment based creations weapons molded from other types of metals are used. It is only in the blazing pyre of unswerving faith towards sacred ideals that such Ashtadhatus (amalgamation of 8 precious metals) that are prepared. A requirement exists of such people who are created from these Ashtadhatus (amalgamation of 8 precious metals). The arena of selfless service is gigantic. In it so many thugs and goons garbed as ‘gentlemen and saints’ conjoin and are ever ready to pounce, yet none of these actually execute great selfless tasks. It is only a lit burning flame lamp that can emit brilliant light.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1978; Page 61-62)



Those who have to enact small-big roles in Era Neo Creation shall be termed ‘soldiers of neo creation’. Their main weapon shall be their own inner personality. If it oozes with radiance then whatever task it takes up be it for preaching, creativity, reformative etc they shall no doubt succeed. For people without an inner radiant personality leading this era becomes sheer mockery. It is one thing to fight as a soldier in a drama on a stage and it is totally different when it comes to wielding sharp swords actually in a bloody battlefield. Even a joker can enact the role of an orator, leader etc in a movie as an actor but to attain a very effective result is possible only for valiant daring people. The only means for Era Neo Creation can only be those inner radiant personalities that take up such meritorious deeds. In these days these people are most required.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (July 1978; Page 60)



Wherever the Rivers Ganga and Yamuna confluence, representing soul welfare and world welfare, it shall have only one form encompassing donation of a portion of one’s wealth, hard work and time. In this they shall ooze with goodwill based enthusiasm. When it becomes full of deep yearning whether there are thousand difficulties, opposition or total lack of help from anyone they dare to march ahead in a lone manner. No external force can obstruct this inner inspiration and no external enticement akin to a juicy carrot can render them subjugated. No amount of flowery cunning words or attachment to family, wealth etc can lure them away from such great glorious tasks. An arrow emerging from a bow definitely pierces its target. Awakened souls energized with Era Consciousness on becoming aides of the Prajna Avatar (Divine Intellect) they visualize only one goal whether awake or asleep.

The most important task of the current era is sanctification of world human psyche. The rejuvenation of faith and aspiration too is this. It is this process that is also called Divine Wisdom Yajna and Thought Revolution. What exactly can be done regarding this? Our brain tries to infer as to how fast and to what distance can our present state march ahead in this direction. Via deep reflection and mental mulling every person of every type of situation based on his capability and circumstances succeeds in searching work.

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After the Kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling tree) of faith and aspiration matures the wealth of its flowers, fruits etc shall increase so much that on its basis no obstacles shall remain that can obstruct our successful troubleshooting of various difficulties faced at present.

Uplifting of the stature of our faith and aspiration, sanctification of our thinking process and augmenting of great glorious activities appear 3 different entities yet in reality these are 3 facets of one single fact. In actuality great glorious activities and sacred knowledge are but creations of goodwill based emotions. This then is that great super effort executed by the Prajna Avatar (Divine Intellect) using awakened soul personalities as its medium. Each awakened soul personality shall in times to come focus all their zeal and attention on sanctification of purification of world human psyche.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1979; Page 38)



Assenting to blind faith is full of dire risk. If someone is accompanied by a group of people full of immaturity and half baked thinking, we must not err by calling it public power. There is only one way in which to measure how profound is someone’s faith and soul oneness and that is this person calm and well balanced when dire problems and difficulties are faced by him? Those who get agitated merely on hearing gossips are in effect hollow minded and weak. If you conjoin with such people no major task can be successfully accomplished. Such people can be rendered stressed and restless by anyone at any point in time. In order to uproot such people via allegations by those who design scams and frauds proves quite useful.

In the group of warriors it is only the high stature of valiant people that help in a big way. A big reason for tasting defeat is soldiers in large numbers reeking with suspicion, distrust and cowardice. This indolent minded people must be separated just as bran is removed from food grains. Since public ire awakens towards tainted illegal activities the endorsement of cooperative people augments n fold. Thus the aspect of reformative campaigns strengthens intensely. It is only during bad times faced by us that we can infer as to who actually our friend is and who is not. None can accomplish this task as well as done so by oppressive sadistic people. It is because of opposing that we can get liberated from ‘friends’ who are imbalanced intellect and nature wise and that help and cooperation from those who are full of farsighted discrimination or Viveka increases. The reason is that opposition and attacks creates agitation that in turn executes the above.

 …………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1979; Page 53-54)



On the one hand destructive world situations are roaring ferociously and at the other end energies of creativity are immersed in efforts of security and neo creation. Under such a situation it is the duty of every awakened soul not to get immersed merely in beastly activities like procreating more and more children and filling their tummies with mouth watering food. Instead they must introspect and ask themselves as to how can they contribute towards solving dire problems of this era. In this hour of peril in order to defeat destruction and render neo creation potent understanding one’s special responsibility and duty is very much required by farsighted seers. The call of this era is shaking us up for this reason and are inspiring serious devotees of this era to stand in the front row. Such devotees possess the capacity to witnessing the invisible and understanding facts wisely.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1979; Page 35)



The movement of Thought Revolution is not limited to the boundary of uprooting tainted social trends, communal agitations and blind beliefs. If this were the case it would have been enough for a few reformers to work in those arenas. Yet the dire situation is deeper, widespread and very important to tackle. A bigger and stranger difficulty than this is that even valiant self sacrificing people cannot fulfill this goal. For it aspirations oozing with goodwill based sentiments for the world are required. Desire on its own is always available and it can be made to do just about anything be it apt or otherwise. If we use it for our mission it goes against our glorious pride. Further to attain it is difficult. If desires that are bought are faithless it cannot go down much deeper for desired goals. Such hordes of people that are lame, handicapped etc may go ahead to some short distance yet since it is lifeless it proves useless and a sheer failure in trying to attain the desired goal.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1979; Page 40)



Majority of highly intellectual people are deceitful. If we take a close look at so called intellectual people it seems that no doubt their special prowess have rendered them shrewd, deft and adept but in imbibing sacred ideals they are totally incapable. Experts like authors, poets, orators, lawyers, leaders etc are less in number yet lest their brilliant talent had been put into use for advancement of great world welfare activities, then its effect and result would have been positively beneficial yet today’s situation is quite hopeless. The bare reality is that in comparison to benefits accrued from so called high intellects harm and losses faced are much more.

Over here when we are discussing all this our intention certainly is not to decrease the importance of expert brain skills but that our aim is to awaken alongside it sacred sensitive sentiments also (Bhavasamvedana). This is rejuvenation and re awakening of the principle of devotion to God called Bhakti. It is this that is called immortal nectar or Amrit. In order that brain skills augment others are making untold efforts. But what we aspire is that we immerse ourselves in augmenting greatness of thinking and sacred faith in our psyche’s deep recesses.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1979; Page 40)

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Today in order to transform this era so many varieties of talent and skills shall be required. Scholars are required who via their logical brain and necessary proof can teach the public a new mode of thinking. Artists are required who very much like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Meerabai, Surdas and Kabir sway their sacred sentiments in such a way just as a snake charmer induces swaying dancing in a snake. Wealthy rich people are required who instead of burning their humungous bank balances in vain sense titillation akin to Emperor Ashok use up their all to fufill contemporary world requirements. Politicians are required who akin to Mahatma Gandhi, Rousseau, Karl Marx and Lenin urge those in their contact, to walk that path that was never even hoped for previously.

What to say of people oozing with sacred sensitive sentiments also (Bhavasamvedana)? If great divinely powerful saints comparable to touchstones transform people who are iron like into gold imagine how much world well being can be harbingered in on a war footing?

My Virbhadras shall do exactly this. I too have done this. I have ushered in a transformation in the thinking and mode of carrying out tasks from their very root and akin to Satyagraha Movement followers of Gandhi, akin to followers of Vinobaji Bhave in his Bhoodan Movement and akin to Lord Buddhas ascetic travelers the world over egged them on to surrender their all for it. This gigantic army of Prajnaputras is playing the role of monkeys following Lord Hanumanji.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (April 1985; Page 61)



At the root of all movements/campaigns the world over, even if they were great and widespread yet it was the feat of merely a few individuals at work. They with their cyclonic wind like power took so many with them high in the sky. These were neither super powerful warriors and nor extremely rich billionaires. Mahatma Gandhi set rolling a cyclonic storm in which thousands of people like leaves and stems played roles touching the sky. Such movements time and again have taken place in India and all corners of the world. They were rendered quite widespread. At their root was at work, the powerful resolve and efforts of a couple of strong will power people. Hence in this world the biggest principle is said to be our will power. Powerful resolves and decisions are made by many people but to remain steadfast to it and see it to successful completion is not easy for all and sundry. As soon as opposition and obstacles are faced so many lose valor and citing some excuse or the other they flee from the scene. But he who combats each and every situation with this own force, carving his own path and rows his boat himself so as to reach safe shores, such strong will people are rare to find. Strong will power people are those valiant ones who take each step with proper wisdom and understanding and fulfill their task even if it means laying down their lives for a great cause.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1987; Page 22)



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