7 May

Since Gayatri Mantra has been described as the 4 Vedas, it is called Vedmata or Mother of Vedas.  Despite being Mother of Vedas, Gayatri is a Vedic Mantra.  Each Mantra of the Vedas encompasses a Chand (Metre), Rishi and demi-god.  After reflecting and chanting it, Viniyoga (attainment of a goal) is executed.  The Chand of Gayatri Super Mantra is Gayatri, Rishi is Vishwamitra and demi-god is Savita.  In layman’s terms sun is called Savita.  Gayatri is also the presiding deity of Savita and hence it is also called Savitri.  Savita and Savitri are called a couple.  In preliminary meditation Gayatri which is Savitri’s divine energy is depicted as a female.  In a human form She is depicted as an idol of a Goddess.  This is indeed most appropriate.  By meditating on such a Goddess, a spiritual seeker imbibes the Goddess’s sacred motherly qualities such as purity, oneness of heart, greatness, goodwill, service and spiritual endeavour.  By worshipping the idol of this Goddess one develops respect for all women of the world.  In the Vedas, a pure intellect, Ritambhara Prajna, discrimination or Viveka, farsightedness etc. have been given a feminine gender.  Hence it is apt that symbolically this divine thought flow has been painted as a female.  No change accrues in the nature of Gayatri Super Power when it is depicted as a female idol in our preliminary spiritual practice.


Even in devotion based on name and form (Sakar), Mother Gayatri is visualized on the mental screen as a Super Power seated in the center of a radiant sun.  She is understood as one seated within the sun i.e. “Suryamandal Madhyastha” and this precept is taught to others too.  Spiritual seekers who worship God as having name, and form, meditate on a Goddess seated at the centre of a brilliant sun with a book, flower and waterpot in the hand.  Spiritual seekers meditating on a formless God (Nirvakar) visualize God on their mental screen as brilliant light in cosmic space.  Whether worship is Sakar (with name and form) or Nirvikar (nameless and formless), both meditate on the brilliant sun.  Without brilliant light one cannot meditate on Gayatri Super Power.


“An intelligent human being should meditate and do Mantra Japa on Goddess Gayatri represented by the sun at sunrise, noon and sunset (Trikal Sandhya).”




Alongwith Japa (Mantra chanting), a Nirakar (formless God) spiritual seeker meditates on solar aura as a representative of Gayatri’s image.  In Sakar (God with name and from) devotion one meditates on Gayatri’s female image within the radiant sun.  It is most required that a brilliant solar aura surrounds Mother Gayatri’s divine image.  It is indeed a mistake if Mother Gayatri’s image is not surrounded by a solar aura. At the end of Gayatri worship, Japa is completed via Arghyadan (offering) to the sun.  During worship rites it is a must to use a flame lamp, incense sticks and invocation of fire since these represent the sun.  A part of Purascharan involves offering Ahuti (sacred materials) to Yajna fire.  Fire is invoked since it is a nearby representative of the sun that resides billions of miles away.


Savita and Savitri are coupled together not on the basis of some vain imagination but on the basis of certain precepts.  The visible sun made up of fire element is merely a gross idol of the conscious demi-god Savita.  The very nature of idol worship involves manifestation of consciousness via inert material objects which are mediums.  Conscious divine light is Savita.  It is invisible.  It is widespread and present in all regions in the form of cosmic consciousness and divine radiance.  In order that soul consciousness deepens its bond with it, one meditates on its image represented by the sun (ball of fire).  In a different manner solar worship means manifestation of cosmic (divine) consciousness in the individual soul consciousness.  The soul can be compared to our planet Earth and divine cosmic consciousness as the sun.  It is due to the sun’s grace that life exists on Earth.  The Sun is the very soul of the world (Surya atma jagatsthuscha).  Just as there is a downpour of life on Earth from the sun, so too on the Earth of our soul there is a downpour of vital light from divine consciousness.  Thus in our inner being sways greenery in the form of glories and they bloom forth.  On this basis Gayatri is conjoined to its demi-god Savita.  Gayatri is also called Savitri which is Savita’s energy (divine energy).


In this manner by meditating on a divine female form one gets established in higher states of devotion.  Savita is Gayatri’s very life.  After visualizing the physical body , one can gauge the true state of an individual only by understanding his inner character.  This is why we march ahead so as to establish contact with Savita.  Within its realm there is no disparity or imbalance.  It should be understood only as a stepwise progress.


Gayatri is called vital force and vital force is called Savita.  Thus one concludes that Gayatri is Savita incarnate.  Gayatri is pure intellect and Goddess of Ritambhara Prajna (divine intellect). Vital force and Savita fulfil this goal.  This triangle according to scriptures have corners that are conjoined to one another.  There are many quotes that say that Savita is Gayatri’s demi-god.  For example –


“O greatest among all Rishis!  Its (Gayatri’s) demi-god is Savita.  Gayatri is the Chand (metre) and Rishi is Vishwamitra.”


“Savita (Sun) is Savitri Mantra’s demi-god.  She is the presiding deity of Vedic Mantras and hence is called Savitri.”


“We worship the supreme light of Savita (demi-god) who inspires our intellect to walk on the path of spirituality.”


“The Lord Surya (Sun God) gives birth to the entire world and hence is called Savita.  Savita is the demi-god of Gayatri Mantra and hence its divine energy is called “Savitri.”



“Goddess Savita manifesting as the solar system inspires our intellect to imbibe sacred ideals and shun unrighteousness.  Hence we worship Her and it is appropriate that we yearn for Her supreme divine aura.”


         SHATPATH (3/1/13)



“Gayatri is said to be Prana (vital force) and Prana is sun.  The Shrutis say – This rising sun manifests as vital force (Prana) in all creatures (Pranis).”


         SHATPATH (1/3/5/15)


This sun is light.  Divine light is Savita.   Gayatri is said to be brilliant like light.  Savita is a symbol of light.  Hence Savita’s light is the same as supreme divine aura of Gayatri.  It is further said –


“There should be no illusion regarding Savita light.  In order that it should not be looked upon as material light, a clarification is made that this light is a divine principle in its pristine purity.  Not even one spiritual seeker should err by saying that Savita light is not divine light.”


         T.A. (10/5/3), GO.UP. (5/3); TA (13/7/2); KO (17/6); TA(12/1/2); GO, PU. (5/15); TA. VRA. (15/10/5); KAPI. SAM. (30/2)


“God is called Savita because He succeeds in creating elements and purifying our psyche.”


“Sun is God, it is the command of great Rishis, they teach us to believe that God dwells in the sun.”








-YAJURVEDA (40/15)


“God is equivalent to solar light.”


         YAJURVEDA (23/48)


“That Goddess Savita in Whom a scholar immerses his mind and intellect and also performs sacred deeds, is the One knower of all.  We eulogize that all-pervading Sun God.”




“That Lord is meditated upon in the solar system via one’s speech and mind.”


By giving many examples in the Gayatri Upanishad, we are being told that both are inseparably bound to one another like body and Prana (vital force).  Both are like 2 genital organs (male and female) which indulge in sexual intercourse.


When a spiritual seeker meditates on Gayatri’s divine light, he becomes radiant.  He who is radiant, indeed is powerful.  If a person merely develops his muscles without making his mind radiant and strong, he cannot be called powerful.


“He who has a brilliant aura indeed is powerful.  What does one gain by merely developing bodily muscles?”




In reality Gayatri worship is meditation on radiance, vital force and divine might.  Hence its higher spiritual endeavour is called Science of Brahmavarchas.  A person who executes these spiritual practices gets a great chance to walk on the path of all round progress.


“A person who knows the secret principles of Gayatri, attains the supreme goal along with good merits, glory, wealth etc.”




In various scriptures it has been further said that Gayatri’s demi god Savita- sun is the center of knowledge of world life and science too.  Whatever is written in the Vedas is but a description of Savita energy.  Great Yogis try to attain it via austerities, faith and Yogic practices.  We may look upon it variedly in accordance with its name, form etc., yet it is Goddess Savita who is our true idol.  Every spiritual seeker has to endeavour intensely so as to attain Savita.


“Fire, Sushumna (subtle spinal chord), Moon, Gandharva etc. dwell in the sun.”




“This sun belongs to Rig Veda in the morning, Yajur Veda at noon and Sama Veda in the evening.”




“Rig Veda is the sun’s aura and Yajur Veda and Sama Veda are its idols.  It is God as Time.”




“I bow down to Sun who is the supreme abode represented by Riga Veda, Yajur Veda and Sama Veda.”




“One does not undergo any more births if one discovers the soul via austerities, sexual continence, faith and wisdom and thus one attains Aditya (Sun God).  Aditya is Prana’s (vital force) abode.  It is salvation and the supreme state.  A living being gets shelter from it.”


“All those conscious and inert materials present in the cosmos at this very moment, which were there in the past and which will remain in the future, have manifested from the sun.  In fact they merge into the sun.  Sun is Prajapati (Creator).  It is the species of existence and non-existence.  It is the imperishable, undivided and eternal Lord.  He pervades the entire cosmos.  All the demi-gods are His rays.”




“It is called Aditya because it is the first ray of the entire world.  It is called Savita because it creates all beings / non-beings of the world.  It is called Surya (sun) because it destroys the darkness of the world.”




“The sun while rising in the east lights up the east, west, north, south, lower areas, upper areas and all the corners of the world with its rays.   In its rays dwells the vital force of the entire world.”




“I have seen and directly experienced the vital force.  This vital force protects all the sense organs.  It can never be destroyed.  It circulates in the body via subtle nerves.  It comes and leaves via the mouth and nostrils.  In the body it dwells as air and in the cosmos as the sun.”




Great Rishis/ Munis who follow the path of Savita worship merge the light of their soul into, God who is the Super Vital Force, via Yogic practices.  In the Mahabharat there is a description of Shukadevaji attaining a certain spiritual state after performing spiritual practices which is given below –


“Shukadevaji said – By giving up my body which is in a Yogic state, I will enter the radiant sun.”




Upanishad authors after directing us to meditate on Super Goddess Savita have also thrown light on Her importance.  It is said aptly that she wards off all taints of the soul.


“May the inspirer of the world viz. sun, protect me from all sins that emanate from thoughts of anger etc.  May all the sins committed by me at night via my mind, speech, hands, legs, stomach, anus and genitals be destroyed.  I myself give Ahutis (Sacred Yajna offerings) by saying ‘Svaha’, to God who is sun manifest in nectar.”


TAI.A.PR. 10(A).32


“You are the soul and inner witness of all beings.  All living / non-living beings of the world are dependent on you and it is you who inspire the otherwise inert mind, sense organs and vital force.”




In Trikal Sandhya i.e. worship offered at dawn, noon and dusk, there is a description of 3 symbols.  At dawn it is Brahmi, at noon it is Vaishnavi and in the evening it is Shambhavi.  Gayatri is said to be seated on a swan, eagle and bull.  In reality it is the 3 fold-form of the 3 Vedas.  Goddess Savita is Riga Veda at dawn, Yajur Veda at noon and Sama Veda at dusk.  It fills up the spiritual seeker’s psyche with the 3 vaults of wisdom found in the Vedas.  Riga Veda is related to Yoga of wisdom, Yajur Veda to Yoga of action and Sama Veda to Yoga of devotion.  Savita meditation induces receptivity in our psyche towards these 3 Yogas.  These 3 precepts are described as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.  Riga is Brahma, Yajur is Vishnu and Sama is Mahesh.  Via these 3, a person meditating on Gayatri by doing Trikal Sandhya attains wisdom, glory and pious qualities.  It is on this basis that God as Savita is depicted as 3 different images.


While describing Savita worship, Maharshi Yajnavalkya has given a compact gist of its importance, special features and its fruits as follows :


“I bow down to the Om manifest Lord! O Lord! You are the soul of the entire world and are “Time Manifest”.  You pervade in the hearts of all and also the external world right from Brahma (creator) to a blade of grass.  Despite this you are totally detached from all of them and hence You are the one without a second Almighty Lord.  You nurture all the living beings of the world via Samvatsaras made up of moments, ages, wink of an eye etc. and also by pulling water and then releasing it.”




Within Gayatri Meditation, whether a spiritual seeker worships God with name and form or without them, he must meditate on Goddess Savita’s radiant light.  In both formless light and meditation on Mother Gayatri’s image, one has to meditate on the radiant light of Savita.  Thus both Savitri and Savita are related to one another.  Both of them are like an inseparable couple.  Never forget this fact.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton

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