5 Jul

Human existence is partitioned into 2 classes: One is bodily and the other is mental. The body acts and the mind, thinks. From both, an electrical flow gushes forth of its own type. In the body a friction like activity takes place. Heart beats, blood circulation via arteries-veins, inhaling-exhaling air by the lungs and contraction-relaxation by our muscles creates a type of friction and the heat emerging due to these movements can be called bodily energy. On this basis the bodily machine can execute various types of functions and actions. This can be called frictional electricity.

From the brain magnetic thought waves emerge. When a stone is thrown in lake water waves emerge and slowly by flowing it reaches the other end of the lake. This cosmos too is a type of lake but it is round in shape. Hence its other end is that spot from where movement commences. From thebrain very much like heat-light electrical waves of thoughts emerge. They march ahead further and further. Finally after completing 1 full circumambulation akin to a ‘word arrow’ returns to it point of commencement.

This journey does not take place silently but that its magnetic force imbibes and evicts quite a few things. These waves influence those regions with which they establish a contact and it keeps getting influenced too. This process of influencing is based on similarity. Materials or creatures of same class get affected and attracted towards each other. If a tame bird is allowed to fly it shall go and join a group of birds of its own class. By ignoring birds of other classes it shall search for its own bird species and join that group. Our thoughts also are akin to a bird. It creates a bond with thought flow of its own type and thus give and take activities ensue amongst them.

A certain bird species in order to avail benefits of season changes fly very far away from their place of birth. Yet when the time is ripe they return to their old place. The measure of thoughts too is of this type. Its waves emerge from the brain. It sets off on a world tour. In this journey by showering good merits (Punya) and doing charity etc imbibes activities of a pilgrimage. Good or bad thoughts leave their home and accompanied by a huge army of similar quality thoughts in a comparatively stronger manner returns to its original place. As per this process man via his thought based wealth on the one hand benefits innumerable people there it also attains a lot from them. In this manner our thoughts in reality affects others less and ourself much more. Seeds sown in fertile soil sprout and then grow further. The benefit of this crop is availed by the farmer only. In the fertile soil of our brain we sow seeds of thoughts and we ourselves harvest it. No doubt vile tainted thoughts harm others but on returning to us its excessive deadly power pours much more harm on us only. This holds true for great glorious thoughts also. They too influence the entire environment. In whichever region they pass by they leave behind a nectarine fragrance of superb influence and finally on getting nourished manifold when it returns, it benefits the author of these good thoughts only. A cow goes to a nearby forest in order to graze and returns home at dusk. While returning along with filling up its tummy it fills milk in its udders. Thoughts are like a milk giving cow. From wherever they originate there merely thoughts reside but after journeying its condition becomes very firm. In tandem with this its result also is accrued by the region of its origin. Clouds emerge from the huge ocean. They pour rain in far off lands. Rain water after travelling in rivers, rivulets etc return to the ocean again. Yet in this return journey in it get mixed various minerals/ores etc dwelling in the womb of planet earth. It is because of these that the ocean waters sequentially become saltier and denser. The ocean called brain aids in the flying of clouds called thoughts in space. When these thoughts return they amass along the way same class experiences and gifts.

Along with words/sound energy latches on. Lest any light intensity sound like a whisper is ceaselessly sounded for 1 year continuously and that its energy is amassed from it so much heat manifests that can boil water in a vessel.

A gross depiction of the creation of sound in the body encompasses the fact that air from outside bangs into certain muscular networks in the body and from this banging sound emerges. In this creation also the movement of bodily organs do not manifest on their but that in it total mind’s controlling effect is involved. How pressure of external air on which bodily organ with which rise-fall is noted and from it what stature sound flow emerges because words are serene, wrathful poetic or prose in nature. This difference is well grasped by our mind. When we so wish, movements controlled by via our will power commence manifesting. These pull in external air, bang into internal air, induces movements in our muscles and thus sound flow from it manifests. This although seems a very long process yet it gets completed in a flash of a moment.

In sound bodily frictional electricity is included because it gets created from bodily organs’ movements. But along with this the mind’s help is fully given to it hence very easily a stream of electricity combines with it. Hence in sound a conjoined combined electricity circulation is noted. With a light push only bodily movements work yet if angrily someone is slapped even slightly its reaction shall be much more ireful because in a very slight push not much electricity flow manifested in comparison to it manifesting when someone is slapped slightly but with intense wrath. In it a combine role of bodily and mental electricity is at play hence the blow is felt not only by the body but that the mind gets terrifically agitated.

Within air is one more subtle principle called ether. Sound vibrations dwell in this ether. Ether based vibrations based on its subtlety are much more intense. Its speed also is intense in accordance with it the speed of light vibrations in 1 second is merely 186,000 whereas sound vibrations in ether in 1 second is up to 230,579,300,921,3693,952. Human ears cannot ‘catch’ and hence cannot hear such intensely fast vibrations. Human ear designing is such that it is capable of hearing only limited sounds. They can hear only those vibrations with a speed of 32,770. There are so many sound vibrations less or more in speed than those heard by human ears swirling in space. Yet because of its limited hearing capacity human ears cannot hear them.

Sound vibrations on reaching their peak state get converted to X-Rays. At that time its speed in 1 second is 10,000,000 miles.

Vibrations never get destroyed because they too are immortal. For sometime they do fly in space but slowly on getting attracted by earth’s gravitational pull travel downwards and akin to a layer settles down on earth’s surface. Over here also they do not die but that its mobility continues. In this state too it influences and gets influenced also. Whether this potential weakens or intensifies depends on how electrified was the inner personality of the thought creator and in it what stature of Sankalpa Shakti or power of resolve was at work.

It is a law of nature to unify same class materials. Mines in the womb of earth are formed and get enhanced on this principle that minerals collected in a certain place create a united magnetic field. Its influence is noted in a certain measure of area and from there scattered particles of same class minerals get magnetically pulled there. They hence join that same class group of minerals. In this manner the form and hence area of the mine augments and simultaneously its magnetism too increases. The bigger the mine greater is the magnetic force there and then in that same measure of area far off the effect of its magnetic pull is felt. This is that very basis with the help of which the mines of metals etc slowly increase the size of its form and hence area.

Akin to sound, heat etc thought too is a material. That thing conjoining to vibration and movement becomes matter. The difference of grossness and subtlety shall remain. Due to it no change occurs in its state of existence. Akin to mines very intense and widespread thoughts on becoming dense, advance in the form of a powerful grid. These are highly influencing. Religions and their sects have their own thought trend network. In the political arena communism, capitalism, democracy, colonialism etc have very terrific thought trend networks and in those brains where they can create conducive situations there they gush into. In spiritual parlance these are called Adhidevata.

Every Mantra has an Adhidevata. There is a description of the shape, form and inner nature of each of these. In Mantras energy emerges from these and when the Mantra becomes Sidha or successful the devotee gets boons from them. For conduciveness in meditation practices these Adhidevatas have been given a human form and are adorned with scriptural books, jewelery and vehicles. From this it appears that they must be some humans of demigods/demon stature and that they must be eating, sleeping, talking, getting angry, pleased etc very much like human beings. From the symbolic standpoint in this depiction no doubt the ease of understanding and teaching others exists yet if we wish to know the bare reality we must understand and deeply imbibe facts and precepts lying hidden behind these symbols.

From the philosophical standpoint some special type of thought networks are called Adhidevatas. Here special means the encouragement, combination of firm steadfast faith, putting all this into action etc types of foundation pillars found in very strong willed people. For example Super Mantra Gayatri is very ancient. Its word designing has been done keeping in mind its specialty of creating energy vibrations of a particular level. The word meaning of Mantras is less important than its capacity to create energy. Behind Super Mantra Gayatri dwells the inner faith energy of innumerable strong willed people. Innumerable branches of techniques of spiritual practices and Gayatri Purascharanas merge into it. Due to this the potential of its Divine Power since many eons has increased ceaselessly and and this Adhidevata has become stronger and more nourished in tandem. The Energy of Super Mantra Gayatri is much more potent than that of other Mantras. The reason for this clear fact is that its Adhidevata is imbued with untold more power. Gayatri is an Adhidevata also. By worshiping its image deity aids the devotee to subtly conjoin to its energy flow. Over here it is very important to keep in mind that the shape and form given to Adhidevatas is but a symbolic description of the potential of a certain level of thought network. If we aver from falling into the complexities of accepting the reality of these images or rejecting them then both devotees who worship God with name-form (Sakarvadi) and those devotees who worship God without name-form (Nirakarvadi) can equally experience the existence of conscious energy based networks in this world.

Every Vedic Mantra has a deity or demigod. In every Mantra its details of identification (Viniyog) is conjoined. Every Mantra has a Cchanda, Rishi and demigod. Its description can be given in the form of its sound flow, upholding, tradition and conscious energy based network. Cchanda means the stature of vibratory flow created from Mantras’ word and sound chain of sequence. Rishi means that belief and sacred sensitive sentiment that has conjoined to it traditionally since primordial times. Demigod is a full grown tree from the Mantra Seed nourished by fertility and water of Rishi principles and Cchanda. These many foundation pillars are conjoined to every Mantra. Hence during the time phase of meditation, worship etc all these are reinstated as symbols for offering worship. Its image is meditated upon via ritual materials worship rites are offered to it. This is a factual psychological technique of proximity to deities’ divinity. With a gross intellect this can be called blind faith yet in reality it is not so. Generally images get printed of atoms along with their electron units and in it forms like balls and round shaped figures are seen bobbing about. In reality nothing of this actually is witnessed. The units of atoms are merely electrical particles. They can never be sen with a shape and form akin to a sand particle. On noting their results such inferences have been made akin to images of various units of atoms. If a complexity has to be created then the shapes-forms of atoms printed in modern scientific literature can be falsified. On this basis no doubt the shapes-forms of demigods-deities can be called a figment of wild imagination yet no benefit accrues from the denial or acceptance of its existence. What needs to be seen is that a reaction of Mantra Power manifests or not? Lest a reaction manifests then there is no problem in establishing a gross image of its subtle form. Such a gross image is easy to understand help others understand also. There is nothing wrong in drawing images of atoms flying as round objects etc. When we come in close proximity to the energy network oozing with soul power an effect emerges and if with its aid a form is decided regarding the Mantra existence there is certainly no harm in it. The fact of demigod conjoining to Mantra Energy must be understood on this basis only.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e-books visit: and KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world.


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