26 Jan

Very recently 3 activities of interstellar space manifested in such a way which being farsighted from the standpoint of an incident could be called ordinary yet its subtle reactions were such that it influenced world denizen life in a malefic manner.

One amongst these is sunspots seen on the sun. The 2nd is the Yuti (confluence) based imbalance created due to many other planets filing up in one straight line. The 3rdis the well known eclipse cycle full of extraordinary special qualities which has proved that earth’s water/air is controlled by the sun. Thus these sunspots too seriously affect life on earth. As per the opinion of scientists every 11th year due to sunspots manifesting in the solar aura so swiftly electromagnetic waves manifest that it greatly influences the earth’s atmosphere. In this manner since the earth’s atmospheric layers get affected greater winds tend to start blowing on it. Seasons cool off, terrible snowfall is noted, hail storms manifest, storms and cyclones too appear and atmospheric pressure augments a lot.

When the number of sunspots augments on the sun, under such circumstances the level of ozone gas that renders balanced earth’s temperature diminishes. As per the 11 year cycle during the hour of highest activity of the sun, one sees an appearance of magnetic storms, a cut in radio communication, water areas created in the Ionosphere and light on the Polar region of earth. According to scientists in the past 50 years in 1936, 1937, 1947-48, 1958 and 1969 the sun’s mobility and activity had reached its pinnacle. After 11 years again in 1980 the sun again reached its state of highest activity. In 1982 when the 9 planets came in one single line alongside the sun, even then this highest activity remained. In these days natural calamities are spewing terror everywhere, but along with this man’s inner nature too is being influenced extraordinarily.

According to astronomers these sunspots manifest in regions on the sun where atomic explosions take place. On 24th February 1952 a study was conducted on an extraordinary explosion taking place on the sun’s surface and after that it was noted that a gigantic army of ultraviolet rays marched towards planet earth. Due to attack of these rays for 2 weeks a cycle of speedy storms was seen in Greenland, Canada, Atlantic and Berlin. In 1955 American scientists Dr Walter and Dr Roberts too studied a rare solar explosion and found that on the 13th day of this explosion the cycle of seasonal changes became extraordinary from its previous ordinary state. For a certain time span a lot of disturbance was felt in radio communications, flooding rains were seen, storms etc appeared and for many days scenes of a minor world annihilation condition was noted.

Due to explosions taking place on the sun’s surface those sunspots that are created spew a lot of radiations with powerful speed and they all rush towards earth. Definitely they target other planets too yet no studies regarding this have been conducted. These radiations after piercing the Ionosphere of earth enter the womb of earth at a depth of many miles and it interferes in the magnetic field arrangement prevalent there. Apart from this from the surrounding regions of sunspots too, many types of particles either slowly or swiftly manifest that are known to interfere with planet earth.

The renowned Russian scientist Schizowsky after studying all epidemics that have taken place for the past 400 years has concluded that after 3 years of manifestation of sunspots epidemics appear with full speed and every 11th year its manifestation is with great intensity.

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11th year its manifestation is with great intensity.


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