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28 Apr

Apart from immersing myself zealously in influencing and positively transforming the 4 classes of world intellectuals, viz. politicians, economists, scientists and deep thinkers or philosophers the 2nd important endeavor of mine shall be to search for great awakened soul personalities the world over. This class tends to hide akin to butter hiding in milk but if milk is heated properly cream jumps up and floats on the surface region of boiled milk. True Brahmins and sages are but its gift. These are called super great men and philosophers/Manishis. They are also remembered as great saints, reformers and patriots. In one word they are divine humans. Whenever and to whatever extent this great class of people remained powerful and active till then all round peace and joy reigned all around. It was their predominance in ancient times that had ushered in a Satyuga or Golden Era environment. The requirement is that this super great class again enters the arena of world neo awakening and shoulder great responsibilities of modern contemporary times.

Human potential is unlimited in measure and requirements are very few. Lest someone lives in the disciplinary limits of aptness mere working for a few hours daily can give enough to live a life of an average lay Indian. Families must be kept small. Those living with you must be imbued with great psychic qualities and told to become self dependent. Thus not much burden has to be shouldered by the family. One who uses finances and materials minimally and remains contented is called a true Brahmin. When he works at peak levels of his capacity so as to use a major chunk of it for shouldering righteous duties of this era he is called a true Sadhu or sage. It has always been Indian Brahmins and Sadhus that have raised India’s glory to peak levels and have shouldered the responsibility of maintaining world peace and happiness. It is possible only by them to uproot worldwide distortions in future and usher in a radiant world in times to come. Hence contemporary times demand that this great class becomes more and more active. I shall make efforts to see to it that wherever such seeds or their baby sprout forms lie hidden shall be egged on to advance further and become full grown trees. No stones shall remain unturned while I make such tireless efforts.

Amongst all gifts this is supremely great. My Revered Gurudeva (HH Swami Sarveshwaranandji of Himalayas) gave me this boon and I have attained untold measure of glorious fulfillment. If instead of this boon he had given me wealth, grandeur, high status in society etc no doubt I would have been proud of it and felt affluently rich but it was also definite that alongside the evil spirits of greed, deluded attachment and demonic ego would have lorded over my mind. The endless crater of selfish desire and egoistic behavior would have destroyed me. Bad addictions (alcohol, drugs etc) and bad inner qualities would have proliferated. Available means to fulfill selfish desires would appear very miniscule and hence I would have had to pursue tainted unethical activities.

Whatever my Revered Gurudeva (HH Swami Sarveshwaranandji of Himalayas) gave me was extraordinary and incomparable. It is this very boon that I wish to give to my beloved mission members that possess a powerful but pious inner personality. I wish to that they attain the very glorious fulfillment attained by me. From the mundane standpoint I have accrued no loss but that in comparison to others I have lived much better. Since I got the teaching of sense organ control my taste buds got fairly disciplined so as to stay away from tasty but unhealthy food. Although I ate very simple food the benefit was that my digestive system worked very well. My sexual passion diminished and its result was that my brain potential became such that people were mind boggled. A life full of lethargy and haywire lifestyle is called ‘pleasure’ by ordinary people. Hence although I was not given much sense pleasures the result was that my sense of time management got perfected. This led to me executing so many worthwhile tasks in 75 years that without this time management it would have taken me 750 years to do. Swami Vivekananda, Adi Guru Shankaracharya, Swami Ramtirtha, Jnaneshwarji Maharaj etc lived a life of hardly 30 odd years but they performed so many tasks that would take lay people 300 years. This is but the great result of using time in a disciplined optimal manner. In the preliminary stage Revered Gurudeva (HH Swami Sarveshwaranandji of Himalayas) had advised me to execute Upasana, Sadhana and Aradhana. All these 3 were superb. Amongst these 3 disciplines people remember only a very directly visible one viz. in 24 years the 24 Super Mantra Gayatri Mahapurashcharanas that I had performed. In reality what I attained was not merely due to chanting so many million Mantras but was in reality the result of imbibing spiritual ideals in my entire life in an all around manner. For this end Revered Gurudeva (HH Swami Sarveshwaranandji of Himalayas) not only gave me required guidance but pressurized me too for which I am grateful to him eternally. This divine grace on his part can never be understood by those who look upon fleeting wealth and high position in society as the be all and end all of life. Those who feel boons pertaining to material prosperity are just about everything they also feel blessings are those that fulfill useless selfish desires. Those who are hell bent on ‘pick pocketing’ the pockets of great saints oozing with divine energy attained after untold austerities for years together, only so as to fulfill their greed for material affluence can neither be called devotees nor can they be called disciples. By merely uttering a few words blessings do not fructify because along with this utterance a big portion of energy of austerities has to be handed over in a subtle unseen manner. If you wish to augment your fleeting sense titillating and vagabond lifestyle, using the energy of austerities of a great God Realized Saint know that you are miles away from the realm of true spirituality. For attaining true spiritual powers you have undergo a lot of inner baking and heating. It is only by awakening these latent divine energies within us via Tapas or spiritual austerities that man can attain real greatness.

Man’s own desires and plans are usually badly managed. In them generally lie hidden lowly aims like fame, benefits at all costs etc. What exactly shall usher in my true well being? Does a diseased person know it? He must hence take guidance of a qualified doctor. Children can follow a correct daily routine when they act as per their teacher’s guidance. I too imbibed this discipline. My Revered Gurudeva (HH Swami Sarveshwaranandji of Himalayas) said only this much: Do keep examining my advice on the basis of test of ideals. If you think it passes this test disallow obstacles and obstructions to come in the way of following this tried and tested advice of mine. He called this self surrender the gist and essence of Bhakti or devotion to Almighty God. Thus he convinced me to imbibe it eternally.

Today I realize that while following his well defined advice all through my life I have taken the right steps in the correct direction of life. In the meantime so many plans zoomed about in my mind, friends gave me strange advice etc but I refused to pay any heed to it. Instead I kept walking on the path advised by Revered Gurudeva (HH Swami Sarveshwaranandji of Himalayas) that finally reaped great success.

These days my inner being is restless to search for such aides that after imbibing a lifestyle of true Brahmins and sages make an auspicious beginning via Tapas or spiritual austerities and self control. They must not stray way by in a deluded manner towards mere execution of some worship rites etc. They must fulfill all 3 conditions of Upasana, Sadhana and Aradhana that are most required for attaining spiritual glories called Vibhootis. Such people must imbibe a lifestyle akin to an average Indian family and must resolve firmly that potential that now remains with them shall be bravely used to sow only in Almighty God’s farm called this world. It is beyond doubt that this sowing in a valiant manner shall reap 100-1000 fold more harvest.

I have sown all the seeds of my honest efforts, time, mental powers, influence and wealth for Almighty God, society and great world welfare tasks. It is the result of this sowing that people witness it as my grandeur and miracles. Lest I had acted in a miserly manner and had believed spirituality to be some magic show and a business of sleight of hand I would have ultimately been rendered indolent moving about aimlessly without anything worthwhile coming in my grasp. Those who yearn for various attainments and spiritual glories called Vibhootis must have deep faith in the above method of sowing seeds first.

Advice is generally given by many so called friends-relatives but true advice can be given only by one who has a sanctified focused psyche. Further to imbibe such great advice is possible only for that rare advanced soul personality. Naradji had given sacred teachings to many but only a few could actually imbibe them deep within. Such rare ones attained untold glorious fulfillment in life. The discourses and writings of Mahatma Gandhi may have been heard-read by innumerable people but very few could actually imbibe them aptly. Those rare souls who imbibed them attained glory like Vinoba, Nehru, Patel, Rajendrababu, Rajgopalacharya etc. Mere lip service or hearing superficially cannot do the needful. One has to take that important step forward and march forth valiantly. Those who actually do this profit manifold. The path of sacred ideals is such that in the preliminary stage it is difficult but finally it definitely reaps contentment and honor from world society. My life has treaded this path assiduously. If past history is mulled over each great saint and leader has had to walk on this royal path of high stature sacred ideals unswervingly. None of these have attained stars of silver-gold from the sky above (that is without putting sincere efforts).

On attaining the benefit of awakening of my subtle body I shall make efforts that wherever awakened souls reside they listen to my speech, advice, plea and insistence. They must try and understand deeply that these contemporary times are of great historical importance. It is on such occasions in the past that Hanuman, Angad, Nal, Neel, Kevat, Shabari, Geedh, Gilhari etc by giving a helping hand in Lord Rama’s divine mission attained glory and honor. If we lose this golden opportunity it is like the benefit of heavy rain pour becoming miniscule in measure. When we miss 1 train we have to wait for the next one to take us to our desired destination. If a person’s inner psyche is sacredly imbued with era consciousness, his sole responsibility lies in sustaining his life with minimal expenses and materials and deeply cogitating over giving away the remaining wealth and time for selfless world well being tasks. Lest our valor is by our side we must actually execute the above. Never wait even for a moment to get the ‘permission’ of friends, relatives, kith etc

What exactly must be done? These days the lone answer for this question is that in order to execute sincerely this era’s righteous duty related to Thought Revolution develop a focused steadfast mind. Today’s world problems are innumerable. Its nature and dire reactions too are of varied types but we must accept that the basic cause of all these are one and that is tainted distortions flourishing in world human psyche. It is this lack of faith and sense of despair that is this era’s biggest destructive cause. Apart from there cannot be a bigger misfortune. The solution is one only. That which is lopsided, needs to be straightened optimally. Lest world human psyche is sanctified and transformed into greatness, each problem can get solved easily. Without cleaning muck in open drainage pipes warding off attacks of flies-mosquitoes is impossible. We must give due importance only to Thought Revolution in the form of this era’s righteous duty and instead of wasting our precious time and energy in small time tasks this major important task must be executed in a focused manner. We must keep humming this Mantra: Ekahi sadhe, sab sadhe. Sab sadhe, sab jaye. It means if you focus on one important task all other related tasks too shall succeed. But if you keep carrying out small time scattered tasks without doing this one important task none of your actions shall succeed. Those who give weight age merely to earning cheap name and fame yearn to build their tombstone with 2.5 bricks. No doubt they cook gruel with 1.5 rice grains but none can eat a hearty meal. Only superficial bloating and boasting occurs. Those who just wish to cheaply boast about plan strange schemes and in the name of ‘service’ create curious scenes. But those who wish to open many locks with one key only look upon the task of great thought transformation as supreme. This then becomes their sole goal and they execute only those tasks in relation to it.

Due to the disastrous effect of modern times no one takes even one step away from the periphery of avarice and deluded mental attachment. Right from worship rites to business and even crime greed etc is the main aim for them to be fulfilled. It is from here that the visible signs of transformation of modern times must manifest wherein if not all at least those imbued with active Prana Energy amongst awakened soul personalities try and understand contemporary times and by tearing themselves away from the limits of deluded mental attachment etc come out of it fully. It is the lack of such great people that the chariot of world all round development has come to a grinding halt.

Whether in my area of contact or outside it wherever I come across awakened soul personalities I shall latch on to them. If not via my gross speech but at least subtly I shall make only one lone request to them: Please give up all your deluded mental attachments. My Revered Gurudeva (HH Swami Sarveshwaranandji of Himalayas) truly convinced me to march ahead in this direction. As a result I am truly glorified by his divine grace.


16 Apr

The 1st foundation pillar of Mantra Energy is that its sound flow must be apt. sound in reality is like a vibratory wave. In the brain this information and training is etched that on executing which type of movement in which type of Swara Machines in the external world which type of words/sounds and thoughts shall get dispatched or transmitted. By getting inspired via a person’s will power as per premonitions in Mantra chanting an onrush gets created. Due to this onrush air filled in the mouth and the external air experiences a ‘blow’ with the result tha sound waves emerge. The ears of the listener on hearing these sound waves based on his intellectual information and practice an analysis is done. Thus the meaning and reason for which words are uttered is decided. In this manner via will mobility and via mobility waves get created. These sound vibrations emerge from ether that is a very subtle principle residing within air. The atoms of ether principle are very subtle and sensitive. In 1 second they can create about 34,000,000,000 vibrations. Yet our ears can hear and understand sound vibrations between 32 and 68 only. We cannot hear anything below 32 and more than 68 with the help of our ears. When vibrations emerging from atoms of ether principle reach peaks which means that they reach somewhere around 34,000,000,000 per second, then from them rays of light manifest ceaselessly. These are called X-Rays. These rays have stupendous mobility and in 1 second on an average travel about 10,000,000 miles. It is on this scientific basis that radios and TV have been invented. The vibrations of air get destroyed but those of ether principle never get destroyed. No doubt when they age and become old they go to the surface of gravity on earth and rest there. There they on becoming very powerful attract towards themselves other vibrations of their own type of functioning. When they weaken they themselves get pulled towards other same class but powerful vibrations. In this manner on the basis of congregational power they can create a type of magnetic field. This magnetism is like conscious power that affects humans possessing consciousness of similar class. The consciousness of this magnetic force shall directly influence those humans whose brain state is similar to the vibratory power of those ancient well congregated words and their sounds. If this state of both is dissimilar no doubt the utterance of same type of words can showcase the presence of that influence yet no profound and intense effect can be perceived. Hence it is compulsory that sanctification of the inner consciousness of the Mantra Japa chanting devotee is religiously adhered to. Only then can the sensitive psyche of such a Mantra devotee conjoin to the consciousness of great Rishi seers of yore.

Sound is a tangible energy. Very much like atomic energy, electric power, heat energy etc usage and application of sound energy is very much possible.

Via word and sound vibrations emerge. When energy is used in the mouth or any special material a sound flow emerges. In this manner sound on its own is a special state of vibrational flow. When external air bangs into air within the body this vibrational flow of sound commences.

An image manifesting from the Mantra’s word and sound flow on its basis the shape and form of its presiding deity has been designed.

The sentiment stimulating potential of words and sounds is known to all and sundry. Along with this it has one more potential that has the capacity to influence itself and others also i.e. the entire subtle world. In Mantra Science this very capacity is made use of.

Just as when in a well defined manner strings of a guitar are twanged by an adept trained guitarist a well defined musical tune emerges so too a rhythmic utterance of words creates special types of vibrations. These vibrations are known to be specially powerful and influential.

Hence in Mantras weight age is not given merely to word meanings. The strings of our mouth are conjoined to the 6 Yogic Chakras, divine glands/complexes and other bodily subtle centers. When we keep tapping keys of a typewriter alphabets get printed on paper attached to the typewriter. Very much like this Mantra words woven in a special scientific manner directly affect the subtle bodily centers of human beings. Hence over here an extra energy flow emerges. Mantra vibrations resounding within benefit the Mantra chanting devotee immensely. When they travel outside the body they positively influence the environment. They create possibilities of desired situations in the subtle world and when so desired can influence any particular person also.

The mental reflection and deep cogitation of Sound Energy aids in our remembering its deep import and glory. In every nook and corner of the world people are stressed and worried about the rising noise decibel levels leading to noise pollution. This noise pollution is said to be a major cause of world humans becoming tensed, stressed, agitated and mentally distorted. Ceaselessly we are gaining information regarding the amazing results of sounds. Everyone knows that the present day noise due to technology culture is throwing on entire world human society a very dire hazardous effect.

Over here research has been done on the effect of music. The great effect of music therapy for increase milk output in animals, optimal growth of crops/plants, advancement of discipline in children, creation of special onrush of sacred sentiments in huge congregations etc is well known everywhere. Music in reality is merely a special sequence of sound flow. Its energy is but that of word and sound only.

Mantra too is an infinite vault of this energy. When the combination of choice of alphabets of Mantra’s in a sequential manner and a disciplined procedure of its chanting is observed its effect renders the devotee imbued with extra specialties. The devotee’s soul power becomes intensely radiant, intensely potent and it lays down the path of fulfillment of a desired goal. The choice and weaving of words in Mantras is always special. This weaving is based on a special disciplined pattern of Sound Science. As a result when these Mantras are chanted for a long time span in one rhythmic flow special stature energy manifests. When this energy matures further definitely the devotee gets its special experience in a natural manner. These can be of varied types. Zest, enterprise and faith increase in our mind and body. Certain devotees get a divine vision of the Mantra deity and they hear celestial voices blessing them with success in Mantra Japa chanting. These experiences are perceived by our subtle sense organs only yet in the state of potency and lots of intensity many a times an experience akin to gross vision (Darshan) and hearing can occur. No doubt this does not happen with all Mantra Japa chanting devotees yet definitely they attain maturity of faith and steadfastness and their zest and will power attain the basis of experience. These spiritual experiences themselves are called Sphota or onrush of Mantras. The sacred sentiments of Mantras create magnetic pull and Sphota renders this magnetic attraction manifold more widespread and powerful. A steadfast devotee imbued with profound faith after attaining these benefits marches ahead further on the path of divine glory.

Along with Mantra Sadhana or spiritual practices many types of Vratas or religious vows and disciplines have to be observed. The devotee has to put disciplinary tabs on his eating, resting and other lifestyle trends so as to optimally control them. He has to observe Brahmacharya or celibacy and has to observe such disciplinary injunctions (Maryadas) that they bestow a great glorious character, gentlemanly behavior and thinking and great sacred qualities on the devotee. Anger, hatred, greed etc vile qualities have to be renounced totally because the body and mind that creates Mantra Energy has to be rendered taint and distortion free. We can never dye dirty clothes with new colors. Before dyeing any cloth the latter has to be washed properly so as to remove all dirt sticking to it. In order to create the influence of Mantra Power it is mandatory that the devotee’s group of 5 sense organs and psyche (Antahkaran Chatusht) are rendered extremely sanctified and sacred. It has been witnessed that a devotee oozing with a piously radiant character undergoing mniscule measure of austerities and Mantra chanting attains astounding success whereas those devotees whose character and mind reek with taints and distortions despite executing long term difficult spiritual practices face nothing but miserable failure.

In Mantra Science along with the tongue there is a description of inclusion of the energy of the heart too. It has been said already that the fount of Mantras’ intense potency manifest from the heart also. Over here the term ‘heart’ does not mean the fleshy bag in our body that aids in blood circulation, beats continuously and transports nourishment to all bodily organs. By itself energy used in managing aptly various functioning of the body in our life is availed from this very power house and its effect is noted in the spiritual realm also. Hence we are advised to do Yogic breathing exercises called Pranayam that influence the heart via the lungs and this is said to be a compulsory part of spiritual practices and goals. Despite this in rendering Mantra Power very potent where the usage of heart is discussed there its requirement is that of power of our sacred sensitive sentiments. In anatomy science heart is called a fleshy bag of the size ogf our tightly closed fist dwelling in our rib cage so as to perform the function of blood circulation in our body. Yet in spiritual parlance ‘heart’ is said to be the center of our Bhava or sacred sensitive sentiments. The more we include high stature faith and Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments in our Mantra practices they shall definitely reap great beneficial success. As against this if we lack faith, we ignore methodology prescribed for Mantra chanting and in a whimsical wayward manner parrot like chant Mantras then not only are we wasting the energy of our tongue futilely but that we shall make zero beneficial usage of our Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments.

When we say that forcefully the energy of our tongue is being thrown into interstellar space it points at our Vak Energy. This Vak Energy manifests when Mantras are chanted with proper Swara and imbued with Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments. When we use the term imbuing sacredness it means renouncing food that obstructs success in Mantra chanting (non veg, garlic, onion, alcohol etc), eating sacredness inducing food earned by ethical hones means, not uttering harsh bitter speech, not uttering falsehood and renouncing ‘advice’ given by others that creates a massive down fall in our life. When a devotee renounces prohibited food (non veg, garlic, onion, alcohol etc) that evoke beastly demonic tendencies in us, his speech is called Vak. This Vak on being rendered Saraswati (Goddess of wisdom) attains the capacity to render Mantra Power terrifically powerful.

A procedure has been designed wherein we must meditate on brilliant light in our heart/bosom area, there the Nyasa process has to be performed, faith has to be rendered firm and immovable and via Pranayam our body-mind have to be strengthened optimally. This must not be looked upon as a local solution but that it must be looked upon as a direction for rendering our Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments of very high stature. ‘Oneness of heart’ does not pertain to the fleshy bag of blood in our body’s anatomy. This heart dwells in the body of each and every human being. Hence if we call this ‘heart’ everyone can be said to be imbued with ‘oneness of heart’. Similarly the word ‘heartless’ means one who is hard hearted and wicked in nature. There is no person in this world whose body within does not possess a heart made of flesh and blood in the chest region. Hence here the word ‘heart’ means the focal point and center of Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments. In tandem with authentic high stature Swara Science piously sanctified Mantra practices executed via a psyche imbued with goodwill based emotions to all animate/inanimate beings in the cosmos and a tongue that is sanctified definitely succeeds in fulfilling the desired goal for which Mantra practices have been taken up. This is doubtlessly is a spiritual law.

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1 Apr

Yoga means the union of the individual soul with the cosmic soul who is otherwise called God.  When numbers are added up its value increases manifold.  Man is a descendent of apes.  In the Adam Age he was like this only.  In New Guinea even today there are some Adivasis (Aborigines) who have the culture of Adam’s era.  The males/females are stark naked.  For food they depend on animal flesh, roots, fruits etc.  They run miles away from so called civilized men and hence their language too is not evolved.  They can utter only a few words and they mainly communicate by sign language and gestures.  But from the bodily viewpoint they are more powerful because they can tolerate intense heat, cold rain etc.  In a certain manner even man follows the culture of Adam’s era.  He is well versed in eating, procreating and manifesting greed, attachment etc.  He detests imbibing human values that augment the glory of all mankind.

The glories of greatness and ethics is always conjoined to God.  When man unites with God via faith he definitely rises above the culture of Adam’s era.  Just as when husband-wife cooperate with one another so as to make their home heavenly in the same way when man unites with God he becomes divine.  Hence greatness of Yogic practise is eulogized and those understanding the importance of soul upliftment walk on this path.

Yoga is classified in 2 ways.  The first is external Yoga and the second internal Yoga.  External Yoga is that in which bodily exercises are given importance.  This external Yoga encompasses posture, breathing exercises, Bandha, Mudras, chanting of Mantras, Yajna, worship of God, pilgrimages, singing God’s name etc.  Another name for this external Yoga is Kriya Yoga.  One of its branches is called Hatha Yoga.  Here external bodily activities are emphasized upon.  Emphasis is laid on its mode and rules.  Its results depend on how aptly it was made use of.  Kriya Yoga influences our health, radiance, intellectual sharpness etc.  Some control of the mind also takes place.

The second class is internal Yoga.  Here the scattered mind and vital force are concentrated and focused.  Vile psychic imprints have to be purified and our thinking has to be made high.  There are many types of meditations.  All of them come under the flagship of internal Yoga.

Generally in meditation one pours one’s loving devotion towards an imaginary image of God and one tries to experience it as very close to oneself.  Further experiences involve Naad Yoga (sound), Soham (that I am) spiritual practise, drinking of Soma juice via Khechri Mudra etc.  Internal Yoga also involves Chakravedhan (journey through the 6 Chakras), Kundalini awakening, Granthi Vedhan etc. because over here one’s thought waves are given a proper focused direction.  In it there is no need of Kriya Yoga which involves bodily exercises.

Kriya Yoga is limited to the energy and ordinary extrasensory potential of the gross body.  The sense organs are gross in nature.  It is counted as a bodily part.  Its power too is gross only.  The subtilization of sensory potentials does only this much that without any other paraphernalia and with the help of any other sense organ the intellectual nerves of the brain solve certain gross problems.  For eg. If one is blind one can utilize the sense organ of touch and with the fingers know of the presence of objects, letters etc. (i.e. in Braille).  Within Suprapsycho Sciences, hearing distant sounds, seeing distant objects, telepathy are looked upon as extrasensory perception (ESP).  All this is a play of the intellect.  The difference only is this that in comparison to direct mediums one attains the potential of identifying and catching waves of heat, sound and light.  This can come under material benefit and success.  Although this is looked upon as spiritual yet it is not true.  The activities of God are very extraordinary and mysterious.  God cannot be understood by our material apparatus.  According to the great scientist Albert Einstein, Particle Physics is yet very crippled and lame.  It cannot give us information of the cosmic divine power i.e. God.  There is a cosmic consciousness that rules over our entire cosmos.  This consciousness can be called God, Brahman, all pervasive cosmic soul etc.  The entire family of Ridhi-Sidhi (divine powers) is a mere glimpse of God.

According to the materialistic scholar and philosopher Sir Jams Jeans all materialistic events in the world are apt.  That which we call an accident is actually the above mentioned.  Its creator is definitely a great calculator, very powerful and an invisible power.  It should be called God.  This world cannot be an inert machine because every object, creature, living being etc. of the world has consciousness inherent in them and that they are always active.  When the individual consciousness works in tandem with the cosmic consciousness (God) it is called Yoga.

There is a description in the Ashwamedha Parva of Mahabharat that there are divine saints (Sidhas) who with their divine eye can see the giving up of the body, its taking up a fresh new body and entering the body of another species.  People with strong will power are capable of establishing goodwill and cooperation of subtle bodied souls with human beings.  One of the characteristics of realized-seer saints is that they can contact the subtle world. 

It is a divine power to “tie up” time which is a result of Kundalini awakening.  Yogi Changdev during the times of Saint Janneshwar was 400 years old due to the power of Yogic penance.  Later as per the advice of Saint Jnaneshwar he gave up his mortal coil.  Our subtle bodied revered preceptor who lives in the tough terrain of the lofty Himalayas is beyond the limits of time and space.

The great saint Tailang Swami at the age of 280 years had given up his mortal coil in Varanasi according to the Indian calendar on Paush Shukla Ekadashi Vikram Samvat 1944.  He was born in Vikram Samvat 1644 in the household of a Brahmin landlord.  In the Pushkar region he had taken Sanyas initiation from Bhagirath Swami.  His preceptor had named him Ganapati Swami but he was well known as Tailang Swami.  He was a great spiritual aspirant, Yogi and server of all beings.  Many miraculous events are associated with him.  Even Swami Vivekanand had mentioned his name and he was alive during Swami Dayanandji’s life too.  By attaining the highest spiritual goal of Yoga he attained many divine powers too.  Once Tailang Swami performed austerities in the jungles of Nepal.  The King of Nepal had come hunting there along with his army.  A tiger saved its life when attacked by the King.  But the army chief followed the tiger.  The tiger entered the hermitage of Tailang Swami.  It placed its head at the feet of the Swamiji and sat down quietly.  Swamiji started fondling the tiger.  When the army chief and the King saw this scene they were wonderstruck.

This incidence is related not for idle curiosity but for the fact that via spiritual powers generated from austerities one can actually change the direction of the flow of the subtle world.  Also one can to a an extent ward off one’s ill fate and become a medium for letting those events occur which were otherwise not destined to take place.  It is said that the demi-gods have the power to bless and cure.  But in fact a Yogi, saint etc. of high spiritual stature too can accomplish this. If you connect an inactive wire to another wire in which electric current flows the former too will become active.  Hence if one conjoins to the divine power of demi-gods then that person too attains those powers and thus enters the storehouse of divine powers that belongs to God.  This entrance into the region of divine powers is not superficial but is a kind of partnership.  If there is a shop with many business partners each one can take goods from it. Definitely partnership gives you this right but if you are just a lay devotee and have not merged deeply into God, he only has the right to beg for things from God.

External Yoga or Kriya Yoga involves only the external world that is visible.  It can grow, shift, raise or decrease things.  It can also sometimes hide or manifest things but does not have the power to enter the recesses of another’s psyche.  It is easy to lead anyone to his downfall.  This is easily accomplished by criminals, gamblers, looters etc.  But it is a totally different story when it involves materially and spiritually uplifting others.  It is the word arrows that reach the target on dot.  If you throw a pile of mud it can go anywhere and that too at a long distance.  There is no control over it.  Only apt hands can measure true control of things.  It is entirely their decision as to in what direction and how high someone is to be uplifted.  Such a person knows exactly how to dive deep into an oil well and measure it according to their capability.  A small jump can be executed by anybody but it is possible only for gigantic rockets to rise high into the sky and even cross over the atmospheric covering of the earth so as to enter interstellar space.  The relationship of the individual soul uniting with God via Yoga is proof of all the divine powers that manifest (like Ridhi-Sidhi).  Great Sidhas are no doubt divine men.  Their grace full of discrimination (Viveka) can either spiritually uplift someone or even bestow the blessing of material well being.  Only such divine saints can reach great heights of divine powers.

Like the visible world there is a hidden subtle world and we sometimes get a glimpse of it in the dream state or in Nirvikalpa Samadhi (thought free trance).  Scriptural scholars call it the other world.  They are subtle in nature.  They are invisible.  There is no world of this sort in our stars and galaxies.  That means that there is no Shiv Loka, heaven, hell, Brhama Loka over there as described in our scriptures.  Because all the 7 worlds are invisible in the cosmos.  They cannot be seen by our gross eyes.  In these subtle invisible worlds one finds demi-gods, Pitrus, Sidhas, spiritually liberated ones etc.  These worlds are not materialistic but are at the divine emotional level.  Those living in these worlds are full of bliss, enthusiasm, peace, vigour etc.   Those divine aides (Parshads) of God dwell in these subtle worlds.  At an appropriate time these aides manifest on earth when God himself incarnates as a great saint, prophet, uplifter of all etc.  Their invisible body remains only as long as their specific task is to be executed and they later become invisible and subtle as before.  This group of aides is not small.  In comparison to the number of creatures living in this gross material world, the number of beings residing in these subtle, invisible worlds is not less.  Just as amongst worldly men there are very capable and radiant people so too in the subtle, invisible world there are classes of souls with divine glories.  These divine glories are not just stored by these great souls but that they generously donate it to other souls who are imbued with apt credentials.

Narsinh Mehta wanted wealth for spiritual purposes.  Some mendicants approached him and said that some village folks had asked them (mendicants) to approach Narsinh.  We are going to Dwarka.  Please keep Rs. 700/00 with you and give us a bill of exchange so that we do not face danger of getting looted on the way and that in the city of Dwarka we can get back our cash.  Narsinh thinking that this was some sort of help from God accepted the cash.  He wrote the bill of exchange in the name of his beloved friend Lord Shri Krishna.  In Dwarka Lord Krishna disguised as a businessman accepted the bill of exchange and gave the mendicants Rs. 700/00.  In reality it is God who propels great spiritual aspirants via their pure hearts to overcome the sorrow of those in need.

Yogiraj Maharshi Aurobindo said that the departed soul of Swami Vivekanand gave him many inspiring thoughts.  In 1901 the soul of Paramhans Ramkrishna inspired him to perform spiritual practices for cosmic welfare.  The Divine Mother too had come to reside in Pondicherry with him due to a divine inspiration of God.  Socrates always maintained that a Dayman dwelt in his psyche and inspired him to carry out various tasks.  He always gave credit to the Dayman for all the tasks carried out by him.

The great Theosophist C.W. Leadbeater always researched into the movements of the invisible world.  He said that ancestral souls protected innocent children and pious souls and bestows many beneficial blessings on them.  Once there was a great inferno in a room.  Hence the room got totally burnt.  But one particular child continually slept in it and yet was saved.  A divine power kept protecting him and thus the fire could not burn the child.  In 1959 a well known journalist and writer called Bernard Hutton wrote about a particular incident in his book called “Holding Hands”.  He had lost his eyesight and the doctors could not help him.  Hutton had heard that Dr. Lang’s departing soul making Mr. Chapman a medium performed eye operations and thus many blind people had regained their eyesight.  So Hutton went there.  Dr. Lang by entering the psyche of Chapman operated Hutton and thus Hutton regained his eyesight.

The above description shows us that a spiritual aspirant of internal Yoga makes his soul so light, clean and penetrative that he easily enters the invisible world.  Despite having a gross body a master of internal Yoga can keep in touch with the invisible world via his subtle and casual bodies.  As per their needs they contact divine powers.  They make this contact very deep and easily imbibe those divine blessings.  The first leg of Yoga practise is purification of the soul.  As a result very easily such a person gets the blessings of Sidhas which further helps him to uplift himself and work for cosmic welfare.  When water becomes steam it can move freely in the atmosphere.  Later it can condense as clouds and pour down as rain in any area of earth.  Similarly Yogis never stray away from God.  They walk in the footsteps of great saints who have experienced Yoga (union with God).  Thus it is not that they themselves only become self fulfilled but that they can bestow this extraordinary experience to others too.  The fruits of Kundalini awakening has its basis in this.  Instead of divine powers (Ridhi-Sidhi) just activating our idle curiousity it should inspire us to fulfil the supreme goal of human life.

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