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30 May

Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s entire life was an open book for all to peruse. Regarding himself he wrote a lot or we can say that via others as a medium his life sketch got penned. But as far as the biography of his holy consort Vandaniya Mataji (HH Bhagwati Devi Sharma) is concerned (Guruji-Shiva and Mataji-Shakti) it is a mystery for majority of mission members even though she had worked shoulder to shoulder with Revered Gurudeva in a selfless humble manner. Her external personality appearing ordinary was like an iceberg in the ocean. Only a little bit of the surface of her profound life gained exposure for the world to see. But the major great glorious personality got hidden below akin to this iceberg. Those who dwelled close by her side know that Mataji was an unlimited ocean of divine energy despite her external visibly form seeming commonplace. Our inner personality is made up of many units but what is the nature of its completeness (Purnata)? How does one live a spiritual life both from the thinking and day to day social standpoint? What characteristics does a mother possess that is imbued with a gigantic loving heart? In what way did our beloved Mataji shower love and affection on one and all without harboring any differentiation of any kind (caste, gender, high, low, rich, poor, religious differences, nationality etc)? All this can be clearly seen in the glorious divine life led by Vandaniya Mataji (HH Bhagwati Devi Sharma).

This was an incident in about mid 1945 AD. Here was Mataji that had never worn Khadi or coarse cotton ever before but later post marriage to Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya she wore thick rough cottin Saris. While doing so, never did her face show any dislike or aversion of any kind. Those residing nearby in Mathura City would taunt and rebuke her but her mind was cool and calm. Her inner courage was so potent that none could look eye to eye at her. It is not easy at all to live in close proximity to a respectful husband as Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya since he was also termed Aughaddani (never hesitates in giving anything to anyone). He would bring just about anyone and everyone home as their guest. He would not for a moment even ponder whether their house has necessary materials to look after guests or not. If anyone gave him donation for their Akhand Jyoti Magazine or someone gave something else in charity he would immediately hand it over to Revered Gurudeva. It was Mataji’s responsibility solely to see to it as to how she ran her household smoothly with bare minimum materials like one plate, one spoon etc only? How adept was she at collecting materials to look after guests and feed them with a hearty meal? No doubt Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya knew well that his own Revered Guruji (Swami Sarveshwaranandji-a subtly divine embodied Rishi of the Himalaya Mountains) had blessed him with such a life partner as Mataji who was no ordinary human but was Goddess Annapurna herself (This Goddess is known to feed innumerable people via her divine powers even though food may be very less in measure. Over here food means both our meals and spiritual food or soul advancement). Mataji must have cut her household budget so much, must have remained hungry many times for feeding guests lovingly but she never allowed anyone to get even a whiff of this. It was her resolve never to allow any guest to go away from their house on an empty stomach. It is this that is the occult aspect of such Lila Purushas (Avatars of Almighty God) although to the world their activities appear ordinary and simple.

It was Mataji who kept accounts of all household expenditure. She also had to look after the following responsibilities:

  • Make hand made paper for publishing the Akhand Jyoti Magazine.
  • Doing hand printing of the magazine
  • Publishing books
  • Sewing clothes etc
  • Looking after all near and far off relatives along with their children that had at first broken ties with them and later arrived at their home.
  • Focusing on children’s studies and education
  • When children had spare time giving them certain chores to carry out
  • Reading aloud innumerable letters posted to Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya daily by mission members, followers etc and reply to these letters (hand written) as dictated by him

Everyone remembers Dronacharya’s (epic Mahabharat) story wherein one day his small son insisted he wanted to drink milk. Since Dronacharya was a Brahmin that lived on Bhiksha (alms begged) he could not afford to buy milk. So his wife mixed flour with water and gave it to their child to drink in place of milk. The child Ashwatthama was happy since he thought he had been given pure milk. In this modern era too this incident repeated itself wherein when one day all guests left after being fed properly Mataji ate just ½ Roti (Indian bread) with water mixed in red chillies and salt. She then started making preparations for sleeping. Her sons and daughter were awake at that time.  They insisted they wished to eat an Indian pudding (Halwa) made from milk. At that late night hour where would she get the ingredients and make Indian pudding? But smilingly Mataji entered the kitchen and after making a ball of flour mixed it with jiggery. Thus both her daughter Shail and son Mrityunjaya ate it. Premvati who was residing with them saw all this. She said:

Mataji! I never even imagined that you and your children can be so self contented. Without roasting the flour, without adding butter, sugar etc I have for the 1st time seen Indian pudding being made like this.

After laughing Mataji made her children go to sleep. Even today both her children remember how tasty was that simple pudding? On eating it they slept contented.

If our own life is disciplined, economical and strict regarding self control renders us truly simple and this is the quality of a true Brahmin. Her individual life oozed with true Brahmin qualities both in her inner personality and outer actions. Hence she was a true Brahmin from the very core of her being. And this led to material grandeur also being showered on her unasked and never wished for at all by her. She started giving prizes of money to her children in return for honest hard work put in by them. It first started with gifting them 1 paisa. Any child would generally use this money to buy sweets, toys etc but Mataji’s disciplined training was undergone by them day after day. These children hence would buy good character building books and got clothes stitched to wear for marriage functions. It was this great training imparted by Mataji because of which that continued even after the gigantic organization at Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family-Haridwar-Uttarakhand-India) was set up. There this procedure continued without pause. It was hence that any visitor, guest etc coming here never went away with an empty stomach. The question was not that money was less and that they did not have means. Despite means being minimal with the help of true Brahmin qualities man can combat the most difficult obstacle successfully. In this manner creations for large scale world welfare tasks can be ushered in. Akin to Langars at Gurudwaras and the free lodging facilities at Virpur of the great saint Jalaram Bapa fame, at Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family-Haridwar-Uttarakhand-India) too just about everyone was fed sumptuously in a selflessly serving manner.

Vandaniya Mataji (HH Bhagwati Devi Sharma) the holy consort of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya was Goddess Annapurna incarnate herself. Possibly like Draupadi of epic Mahabharat fame she possessed an Akshaya Patra (food kept in it never got depleted). On thinking thus no doubt appears in the mind. This is because a true Brahmin left home with just an iron vessel in his hands since he wished to take part in India’s freedom struggle. He had handed it over to his respected wife post their marriage as a gift. Mataji had kept it with her right till the end of her life’s journey. Poverty taken up voluntarily finally gives one manifold measure of wealth, property etc. This happens only if our life is lived for spiritual well being not only for ourselves but for others in society too. Its visible example is Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family-Haridwar-Uttarakhand-India) where any cash, clothes, valuable materials etc given to Mataji as a gift is generously handed out to all and sundry. In return much more is gifted to Mataji by devotees, visitors etc.

Once Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya and his holy consort Vandaniya Mataji (HH Bhagwati Devi Sharma) went to attend a Yajna program at Bhavnagar, and Rajkot (Gujarat-India). In any house where Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya went it is natural that the crowd was gigantic since the year was 1967-68 AD and till then the mission had become extremely widespread. In one house Mataji herself saw in the kitchen that there was food enough to serve only 8-9 people. This was because this was the only amount of expenses that family could afford. But in the huge open ground in front of their house hordes of people had arrived to seek blessings of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya and Mataji. How could Mataji, Goddess Annapurna eat food without feeding each and every person gathered there? This was a very tricky situation. Mataji smilingly glanced at Revered Gurudeva and said:

Let everyone finish eating their meals first and then we both shall par take food.

Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya too smiled back in agreement. Mataji again entered the kitchen and lit a wick lamp where the household grocery was stored. Then she asked the lady of the house to commence making Rotis (Indian bread) and vegetables. The food was continuously cooked. From this miniscule food material available about 200 people ate a full meal. They all had Darshan or hallowed vision of Revered Gurudeva and Mataji. Only after that both divine duo ate their meal. Even after that food remaining in the vessels could feed all household members and 8 people more in addition.

Say what could this Lila or divine sport be called? Was it a miracle or protecting the honor of a poor family via their divine feat? There are innumerable such examples known to people dwelling close by to Revered Gurudeva and Mataji.  Volunteers residing at Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family-Haridwar-Uttarakhand-India) till the years (1983-84) know about those times until which total responsibilities had not yet been handed over to Mataji. She fed each one with Bajri Roti by seating them near her and satiating their hunger pangs lovingly. She would roast Papad on coal furnace. If she saw that her children desired salted Halwa of gram flour, she would do so lovingly. When we remember that awesome taste our minds wetted with the love of Mataji oozed in bliss. We asked ourselves:

What great fate of our past had we come here with that helped us come close to Goddess Annapurna herself? For us such memories are priceless and a treasure to protect. It is a glimpse given to all regarding the unknown form of Mataji’s divine existence. On seeing and reading it each one can understand the root method of succeeding in spirituality.


26 May

The creator of this world has handed over the responsibility of managing this world to human beings. Along with this man has been given such a powerful bodily system that not only can he work towards joy and peace for living creatures but that he can render conducive, invisible energies pervading the gigantic cosmos. When man ignores this responsibility so as to become unethical and unruly, the result is that the subtle world’s balance tarnishes and thus strife manifests. Divine wrath appears to us as though the invisible is acting as per its whims and fancies. But those who know the visible and invisible their clear cut opinion is that the responsibility of throwing stones in the lake that induce drops of water lashing out is with those children who sit on the edge of the lake for making mischief. Although it appears so yet it is not true that without any cause a lake sends out water and thus creates danger for creatures dwelling in it.

In future days to come the sequence of nature’s ire instead of diminishing shall definitely increase. Everyone is worried as a result. Whether this fear has a cause or not many facts emerge after analyzing it and they emphasize on inauspicious possibilities. There are so many reasons why in the inner layers of earth and in the external environment agitations are manifesting viz. rising radiations due to atomic explosions, air pollution due to toxic fuel usage, ozone layer getting depleted due to 4000 satellites moving in the vicinity of planet earth, increase use of energy resources leading to excess heating and thus snowy regions melting alarmingly and limitlessly carrying out mining activities rendering earth’s womb hollow and cold. We can call this unruly provocative behavior by mankind towards nature. Even an ant bites us when incited then why would nature keep quiet?

Spiritual Sciences proclaim that it is not as though material nature is the be all and end all because above it is a conscious existence whose mode of behavior with creatures is called destiny. Divine seers give more importance to this destiny and it is said to be responsible for nature attaining correct balance or taints as the case maybe. They say that by materially acting provocatively with nature no doubt divine wrath pouring down is one aspect yet this is not everything. Something bigger than this is reactions emerging due to human thinking and character that influence destiny which is the controlling power of nature. If vile acts are executed the inner soul of destiny becomes inert as a result of which its body pertaining to nature manifests a lot of wrath. At the root of divine anger if we compare the fault of provoking nature’s management in an unruly manner, it is clear that tainted thinking and vile behavior resorted to by vile human beings is much more responsible. Destiny gets very annoyed with this lowly behavior and thus visible and subtle hardships, complex problems and fearful situations harass world humanity.

These days astrophysicists are researching into the solar system and cosmic region beyond it and according to the data unearthed these situations are dire for planet earth. Everyone knows that in comparison to the amount of energy and other wealth resources possessed by earth, it takes much more from interstellar space to survive aptly. Solar energy is its very life force. Apart from this it gets a lot of cosmic gifts from other planets. Earth has attained glory due to wealth attained by it which gains entry from Polar Regions where these cosmic gifts are sieved optimally. If these circumstances were absent earth would remain in an ill fated state of a graveyard akin to other members of the solar system wherein Mercury is a ball of inferno, Pluto is a ball of freezing ice and Venus is surrounded by toxic clouds.

After deep research studies astrophysicists have noted that big obstacles and obstructions have appeared in the midst of give and take of boons between earth and cosmic space. In these days such sunspots shall emerge on the sun that not only shall tarnish the glory of demigods but that they shall harass earth denizens too. Insane, diseased and criminal people not only face agony themselves, but that their kith and kin too undergo stress. Since earth accrues a lot of benefits from the sun, it also has to face losses too. When a girl marries no doubt she gains access to her husband’s wealth, property etc but when the husband becomes ill she has to look after him, give him medicines and when he dies she has to face the pain of widowhood. Both, optimal and dire situations on the sun have time and again induced laughter or sorrow on earth. In future if due to that speed breaker noted earth’s materials and family of living beings undergo imbalance, harassment and tension it shall be least surprising. Regarding this, space scientists are warning mankind that they could face various hardships and in it dwells aptness and wisdom also.

Astronomers in their own way are analyzing sunspots manifesting in 1981 AD, Jupiter becoming more agitated and results of extraordinary solar eclipses emerging on 16th February. The causes of both are separate but the conclusion is one. Both are talking of fearful dangers appearing in future days. Since we are discussing prophecies we must understand over here that on this earth we sometimes come across such spiritual seers imbued with ESP that can ‘see’ the subtle and invisible world. The reason behind such divine experiences of theirs is not astrological calculations but their mind boggling divine penetrating vision. Only very rarely their prophecies falter. Amongst the chain of such divine visionaries some are alive in our midst and some have shed their mortal coil. In their prophecies they have chiefly exhibited 2 facts viz. in these days the undesirable and strife increasing and that some time after this heavenly joy created in this world. This according to them is era transformation pain akin to that faced by a pregnant mother during child birth wherein one faces both bitterness of pain and sweetness of sweet benefits. The gist of detailed commentary of authentic prophecies is this only.

What shall be the hour of sorrowful situations? When shall joyous situations manifest? With reference to this, the observation of spiritual seers centralizes their conclusions up to almost a single time phase. The years from 1980 to 2000 AD shall be more difficult to endure and after 2000 AD one can breathe easy with world situations and that the hope of a bright world future shall dawn brilliantly.

From the above analysis certain conclusions have to be drawn which opine that in the near future there shall rule inauspicious situations and gloomy possibilities. But none should get terrorized or harbor fear because of this. This is because fear can increase hardships by leaps and bounds. In hard times one must be full of patience and valor the will power must not weaken and along with this in order to nullify such strife efforts in an organized way must be made zealously. For us it is most apt that at the material and spiritual level such potent efforts be set rolling that wrathful nature and destiny can be duly appeased and rendered serene. Diseases have their own place and therapy too has its own import. Hardships carry out their task and in order to ward them off proper efforts have their own importance. In these hours of strife the highest wisdom is that the mind must abstain from getting terrorized and fearful and further that we imbibe a lot of daring and potent enterprise. Destruction can only be overcome via creative activities. Fire can be doused only by pouring cold water on it.

Who, how much and in what way shall be harassed by inauspicious possibilities and sorrowful situations? Instead of wailing aloud and creating hype regarding this it is best that we cogitate as to how we can nullify them. If it is possible to ward them off we must daringly make efforts instead of waiting for gigantic expensive means to do so. Examples of a tiny bird threatening the arrogant ocean to render it devoid of water, the vulture Jatayu challenging the ferocious demon Ravan and the tiny squirrel contributing to Lord Ram’s mission are such that powerful humans also can get inspiration full of vim and vigor from so called weak creatures. It is not necessary that only because of possibilities of hardships ensuing that we act for neo creation. The planning of a brilliant world future in itself is a great mission which even in the absence of possibilities of dark situations appearing, with the help of meritorious efforts under ordinary situations too can be commenced on a war footing. By taking recourse to Super Energy Gayatri in order to march ahead both our material requirements and spiritual goal can be attained.

All revered Rishis have separately written Bhashyas or commentary on Super Mantra Gayatri. There is no Muni or great thinker who as per their great thinking have failed to unearth precious jewels from this infinite ocean. The same holds true for activities of respected Rishis. They have chosen tasks as per their interests. Rishi Charak researched into forest herbs, Sushrut into medical surgery, Nagarjun into chemistry, Vishwakarma in civil engineering, Dronacharya into archery, Vyas into literature, Kanva on atomic science, Bhagirath on mineral science, Gautam on philosophy, Yajnavalkya on Yajna science etc. no doubt Vishwamitra is believed to be a master specialist of Super Science Gayatri yet in reality he is also the chief director of all the above sciences mentioned.

These days all sciences of the Rishi family by uniting have merged into Vishwamitra. It is called Prajna or Divine Intellect. The combination of science and divine wisdom of Rishi Methodology as per this era is called Prajna Institution. As per requirements of contemporary times this Prajna Institution is called Prajna Movement or Campaign. Its method of action can be termed Thought Revolution of Prajna Movement. Today it is being monitored and directed by Shantikunj (HQ All World Gayatri Family, Haridwar, India).

Via this institution the lay public is being given training of spiritual discipline akin to a daily activity. They are encouraged to don the Shikha or pigtail akin to a religious injunction and daily chanting minimum 1 rosary of Gayatri Mantra (which can be done mentally) and Yajna trend in vogue is given names like Vaishwa Panchyajna, Go gras etc. Its regular nature is celebrated as yearly Holi, various festivals and 16 Sanskar rites. In religious rites like Jat Karma, Yajnopaveet or sacred thread, marriage, Antyeshti etc Yajnas must be performed. Thus in recent times also in some way or the other akin to symbolic worship Gayatri and Yajnas have come into vogue.

Today the above rites are done methodically. Within the All World Gayatri Family Campaign along with initiation, Yajnopaveet Gayatri Worship and Devotion have set up a trend the long forgotten Yajna Science in the form of a small compact Havan or fire ritual is being taught to every educated person. This is an introduction to the method of executing daily vows. This sort of training has been imparted to about 2,500,000 people by Gayatri Family after initiating them properly. A resolve has been made to increase this number 100 times. This means we wish to initiate 250,000,000 people in Gayatri Mantra. Yajna methods are very time consuming. Thus we are ordained to execute Yajnas methodically on the day of Holi festival, 2 Navratris, Durgashtami and Ramnavmi. This effort by Gayatri Family has attained zest augmenting success. The Sankalpa or resolve is gigantic. India has 700,000 villages. We aim that in every village at least 1 Yajna is performed with proper rites. We sincerely hope to succeed in this mission. If this actually happens it must be understood that for the ushering in of a Prajna Era a vow has been taken and that its 1st leg has been fulfilled duly.

In the above lines we have discussed spiritual daily activities. Now we shall talk of special occasion activities. Naimitik Karma means special actions carried out for special goals. These times are full of problems and hardships. In it so many dire situations have to be combated and so many decisions have to be taken for life’s neo creation. In order to nullify widespread problems gigantic widespread steps need to be taken. During the mythological battle between demons and demigods, the gathering of little bit of energy from all demigods took the form of manifestation of Goddess Durga. After gathering sacred blood of great Rishis it was filled in a pot which manifested as Goddess Seeta. Thus it was possible to overpower the demon King of Lanka called Ravan. At other times too such energy collection has taken place. The child worshipers of these Yajnas were bears and monkeys. Recently some time back Buddha’s wandering mendicants and Gandhi’s Satyagrahis have played such a role. Great goals are fulfilled only via great endeavors. In it, collective congregation has to be included. In the fulfillment of Freedom Struggle in India where on the one hand was at work the renunciation and sacrifice of freedom fighting soldiers there the spiritual austerities of Shantikunj (spiritual organization), Mahayogi Shri Aurobindo Ghosh, Maharshi Raman, Samarth Ramdas, Ramkrishna Paramhans etc too was no less a contribution. The importance of material enterprise and means is not any less important yet if we all congregate with one mindedness and soul so that akin to Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean) work with a self sacrificing attitude and execute that which is done by divine humans then its definite result shall be that blissful heaven shall descend on earth. In ancient times Buddha’s Sanghas and Chaitas did exactly this. Ancient hermitages and pilgrim spots were very much set up for this sacred purpose. By uniting together not only did they mentally reflect as per forest tradition but that locally and far off areas too they designed various programs for spiritual austerities.

In the future manifestation of the Prajna Era we must rejuvenate all these ancient traditions. At present contemporary problems are such that mere exchange of thoughts or speeches and hearing cannot solve them. In fact such energy shall have to be generated that can play the role of successfully combating the demon of yore called Vritrasur. Such spiritual penance could be lone or congregational. Both are most required. Not only must inner taints be overcome but that gentlemanly sacred qualities too must be reinstated within. For fulfilling this 2 pronged goal both Rishi men of austerities and Muni like deep thinkers are a must. The combined action of both these classes fulfills those goals that are most required today.

In recent years many a time such occasions of strife have cropped up that in order to troubleshoot them planned schemes of overcoming danger had to be put in place and they succeeded in a big way. Once, the problem of Bangladesh refugees had cropped up. About 10,000,000 Bangladesh refugees crossed India’s borders. A request to send them back to their mother land was rejected. In fact the Muslim Bengali Government threatened to attack India and as per their request for support US ships filled with atomic weapons came near India’s shores. The atmosphere of fear loomed large akin to terror. Even then India took up this challenge valiantly. They combated the situation well and with the help of the Indian Army Sheikh Mujibur Rehman tasted victory and thus by defeating Pakistan Government he could form his own government. The problem of refugees straightened out. US ships too were forced to return to their backyard. Thus India gained victory cent percent.

It is well known that in those times 2,400,000 All World Gayatri Family members had executed a congregational Purashcharan. In it a pre decided number of Gayatri Mantras was chanted and regularly Gayatri Yajnas too were performed. Subtle seers believed this to be a mind boggling miracle of Cosmic Super Energy generated via Gayatri practices.

Once, a straying American satellite called Sky Lab went beyond all control and at that time it was announced that it could fall on Indian soil. Everywhere there was an atmosphere of fear and terror. As a promise American Government accepted to fulfill the loss. This space craft was very gigantic and destruction due to it too could have been manifold. During that time period too Gayatri Family executed a gigantic Anushthan in a congregational manner. Inspired by their prayerful efforts many other temples, churches etc of various countries too commenced praying collectively. As a result of this that tattered satellite fell in such a lonely ruinous region of Australia that none had previously even imagined. No one was harmed. This also was looked upon as a miracle of spiritual power by entire Gayatri Family. In those days when India was undergoing trying times and an atmosphere of anarchy was setting in, many doubts cropped up as a result. At that time too Gayatri Family had performed a collective Anushthan. Thus the situation became normal.

Even more gigantic than the above 3 Purashcharan, one new Purashcharan is being planned by Gayatri Family. Its aim is to solve problems like Pakistan’s attacking strategy, reforming situation in Kashmir, overcoming Assam’s problems and warding off anarchy that has spread everywhere due to communal hatred and fights. All the above 4 problems can be compared to a huge hill of dynamite and gun powder. Even if one tiny spark of fire falls on the situation in the country shall turn very explosive. Neighboring countries in their own wily ways are designing secret plots in order to ‘warm their hands in fire of chaos of other countries’. Amongst these even if one of them start fighting or that a few countries get together so as to plot secretly one’s heart shall commence palpitating at the mere thought of their results. One can visualize the hour of Super Destruction. In order to overcome it, Gayatri Family’s Peace Invoking Purashcharan is being executed whose power is n fold more potent than all Anushthans carried out by it previously.

The Tamil problem of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh’s border problems and upheavals noted in state governments have become a source of headache for India. Those who read newspapers know that any time in the near future chaotic problems of Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, China and Vietnam could explode in a furious manner. Apart from this America’s preparations for a world war that could lead to total world annihilation is certainly not some toy to play with. They are blowing up millions of dollars daily only so as to uproot the very existence of each other from planet earth.

War which today seems afar is actually quite nearby and it is so tightly bonded to our country India the very lives of not only soldiers but innocent civilians in humungous numbers is at stake. Apart from future possible wars dangers like inflation, diseases, crime, famine and nature’s wrath in the form of ferocious calamities are so gigantic that despite being alive man feels he is dwelling very close to death and due to worrying doubts is getting mentally terrorized. Those who live such fearful lives are much worse off than those who actually die.

It is a million dollar question as to how to escape the noose of these dangers. In their own way politicians, economists high intellectual scientists are cogitating over this and are putting forth solutions yet virtually all of them are being rendered helpless. Our discrimination focuses on the fact that in order to nullify such a gigantic problem the solution and remedy too has to be large scale. And this sort of solution is one only and that is creation of spiritual power and using it for warding off all dangers. These days total attention of Gayatri Family is fixed on this and whatever is possible is being done with total life force. Gayatri’s Brahmastra (Divine weapon) has already aimed at its target. By itself contemporary times’ most venomous problem is toxicity entering the subtle world environment on a war footing. We all know how dire pollution is, due to radiations entering earth’s atmosphere. Not only this, lowliness in human thinking and tainted activities has rendered material nature also agitated and ireful. As a result for the past few decades it is spewing fiery venom on earth in the form of natural calamities. Wise seers are warning us all that in future too in this arena more fearful dangers could appear. Imbalance in weather, flooding, earthquakes, famines, epidemics, earth plates getting displaced, storms and tsunamis are nothing but calamities thrown at us by wrathful nature. Augmenting of incidences like crime, gang rapes and burning wives for dowry are but secret plots masterminded by people of vile lowly intellects. In order to uproot all these direct efforts at various levels must go on zealously.

The inner nature of Great Divine Intellect or 3 legged Gayatri is in the form of Era Power. Coined with minimum alphabets in the form of crux of deep religious philosophy import, it has been chanted since time immemorial. It is a Mantra filled with yearning for a divine intellect. When it goes deep into the psyche of an individual its 3 fold energies influence the gross, subtle and causal bodies. Thus the devotee becomes strong in will power and full of brilliant aura. It contributes in a major way towards maturity of farsighted thinking and idealism based faith. When this very sacred teaching is applied to the arena of world management, it fills up world human emotions with the thought of ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ or ‘world united peacefully as a family’. With reference to this great scriptures and visionaries of yore not only opine thus but that this is being endorsed by modern day thinkers and philosophers of renown also.

Arthur Koestler in his controversial form was a famed physicist. In the middle age of his life he was talked a lot about because of his criticism of Bolshevism but in his final years he was greatly inclined towards eastern mysterious spirituality. Especially he commented on the energy of Gayatri Mantra from the standpoint of scientific thinker and philosopher and opined that it was a limitless fount of power. This thinker attaining renown due to penning books like ‘The Yogi and Commissar’, ‘Roots of Coincidence’, ‘Insight and Outlook’, ‘God that Failed’, ‘Darkness at Noon’ etc had executed special studies on Gayatri Mantra and had made due efforts to hand over information to the western world regarding limitless energy embedded in chanting this Mantra.

While placing forth the possibility of rising worldwide tensions due to war frenzy he had said that he would abhor witnessing this super annihilation and that before this happens he would shed his mortal coil. Regarding India he said that this nation being very wealthy due to possession of spiritual grandeur it should run far away from production and insane hoarding of weapons. This is because it owns a scientifically endorsed energy fount in the form of Super Mantra Gayatri. Lest all Indians commence chanting it congregationally its mind boggling power can render naught all fears pertaining to nuclear weapons. The specialty of this Mantra’s meaning conjoined to collective energy and the weaving of sound energy in the form of Cchand (poetic meter) can liberate the entire world from possible dire situations.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini  correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books ultra sound telepathy parapsychology metaphysics nirvikalpa Samadhi pollution yoga tantra movies internet hypnotism ecology astrology ayurveda kalki bioelectricity surgery lasers ozone radar stress creativity archeology Indus Valley Civilization fuel crisis food scarcity tsunamis biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


20 May

The Yogi looking at the future spiritual heir in front of him with the viewpoint of a disciple said: with the help of nature and solar rays one class of objects can be converted to that of another class. In this manner Patanjali Yoga Sutras (aphorisms) viz. ‘jatyantaraparinamaha prakritya purat’ can be proved true. On inferring thus that possibly this student was skeptical about this statement he took a rose from his preceptorial seat in his hand and asked his student: Alright! Tell me. Can this flower change its species on its own? No, is that right? But via Solar Science its class can be changed. The student said: Then do change it to a flower called China rose. The yogi taking the flower in his left hand and with his right hand through the lens glass gathered the rays of the sun which had previously spread out on it. Slowly the rose flower disappeared and only its aura remained. And then in its place appeared a freshly grown China rose flower. That yogi well known as Paramhans Swami Vishudhanand through solar energy and his own spiritual power induced a change in the law of nature and thus transformed the very root nature of a visible object. He said to his disciple Gopinath Kaviraj: This entire world is based on the play of nature’s laws. This deep wisdom can be fathomed by a Yogi only and just as Patanjali has said ‘bhuvanam jnanam surye sanyamat’ (Yogadarshan, Vibhutipaad-26) right in ones own life and the sun after accumulating all the knowledge of the world can be obtained.


For Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj personally it was an amazing incident. He was overawed not only by the miracle but by the transformation made in inert nature via will power making solar rays a medium to do so. Swamiji spoke in great detail that day saying; by using will power or Sankalpa Shakti and scientific prowess a divine creation ensues. Sun is the world’s creator, nourisher etc. Yoga means uniting 2 things together. A Solar yogi who is well versed with solar science is aware of light spectrum; after purifying these colors (Varnas) they are mixed and thus matter integrates or disintegrates as the case may be. In this manner a transformation takes place in matter’s inner nature. That which is imperishable and invisible dwells in the womb of a void; this too can be made perceptible/tangible via Solar Science. He was telling his disciple: Mind’s thoughts, emotions and agitations are directly influenced by solar rays. A knower of Solar Science at a subtle level via rays induces changes in mental impressions or Sanskars and by giving an upper impetus to an individual’s thought process can influence him/her to progress further spiritually. In this manner Solar science intervenes not only within inert nature but also within the conscious universe and right from visible gross changes to human conscious movements can be influenced by it and thus increases those thoughts which destroy sins in human psyche/soul.


The Gurudeeksha (preceptor initiation) of Mahamahopadhyaya Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj took place with this initial talk and this scholar cum learned one of Tantra Science became not merely a student of Solar Science but started research studies too. By surrendering to his preceptor he put down on paper many incidences related to the transcendental nature of Solar Science. On reading it that knowledge which is extraordinary is found which is a very important treasure of ancient Divine Culture and which is controlled and managed by the Rishi-conscious center of Himalayan and Tibetan regions.


In the inaccessible Himalayan mountains constant research activities are conducted in the fields of Lunar Science, Astronomy, Wind science, Time Science, Sound Science and Solar Science which are all affiliated to Indian Culture. For those with mere superficial curiosity and shallow thinking these Sciences will remain a mystery and a veiled secret. But those with a profound spiritual approach or with the aim of awakening their soul power carry out deep studies. For these people the path is always wide open. Thus spoke Paramhans Vishudhanand also well known as Sugandhi Baba to his disciples and through their medium to the entire world of erudite humans.


Solar Science or Savita Study is said to be the basic pillar of Vedic worship methodology. Shri Aurobindo Ghosh has said that the icon of Aryans has been one only; it is self illumining, one without a second, the sun (tad ekam tad satyam). Savita, creator sun is the lord of truth, giver of splendor, is an inventor and the nourishing Pusha (Sun God). Those who meditate on it are given revelation, inspiration, intuition and luminous discernment which gives life through light inspiration to the mental creation and its 3 worlds.


Bhulok with a material consciousness, Bhuvalok with the active vital force consciousness and the radiant mind (pure psychological consciousness0 Swahalok are inspired by that very Savita whose rays have created this universe. Through them it is possible for a Yogi to bring about a change, uniting/separating creation of any inert or conscious part of the cosmos.


The famous indologist and a rare scientist of his times, Paul Brunton during his Indian tour reached Varanasi (Benares) while trying to understand the secret wisdom of Tibet, Egypt etc. he has detailed a few incidences of that tour in his book ‘A search in secret India’. In an essay devoted to Solar Science via the medium of Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj in Vishudhanand Kanan Ashram, Maldhiya, Banaras, UP, India who held discussions with Paramhans Vishudhanandji were detailed therein. Because Brunton’s mentality was that of curiosity, the Paramhans first gave him a handkerchief with various fragrances gathered through a medium of crystal quartz. Apart from this, he also saw that from a void, fresh grape and from air, sweet food items could be produced and also how a withered flower could bloom afresh. By understanding the scientific basis of all this, he said that solar rays are the continuous source of vital force. By understanding its deep import, its unity and separation is called Solar Science. Due to this secret science, the power of creation or Sidhi (Divine Power) of the universe with great difficulty is obtained. Possibly the creation of a new universe by Rishi Vishwamitra was successful due to the aid of this science because Gayatri Mantra is a prayer of the worship of Savita God and he is the Rishi of Gayatri.


 Paramhans Vishudhanandji by exhibiting these Divine Powers of Solar Science only to pure characters and pure hearted people inspired to undergo deep worship of Savita God, Gayatri ceremony and Yoga studies. Never was his exhibition for transient name and fame nor for ‘showing off’ vainly miracles and Sidhis. This was the very reason that after lonely deep research by bringing Solar Science from the inaccessible caves of Tibet was able to establish it in the holy city of Varanasi. The act of producing diamonds, gold, pearls etc via solar rays and returning them to the cosmos was seen by many individuals with their very eyes. Apart from this everyone has a subtle lotus in the navel region; Paramhansji produced a lotus along with its stalk from his navel and showed it to his disciple. He researched in his own body just as modern scientist research in laboratories and thus helped wisdom seeking aspirants to undergo Savita studies. One day on finding a pure hearted student called Jagesh Vasu he transformed 2 flowers of wood apple into a crystal of quartz with the help of solar rays. With his Yogic power, one quartz crystal entered his own body and the other into the body of his preceptor brother Kedar Bhowmik. As a result of this the body remains healthy and molecules of high quality are created. Round shaped quartz crystal entered the body and not even one drop of blood oozed out. Both brothers served Dharma Kshetra and for a long time lived healthy lives. (This excerpt is taken from ‘The Life of Swami Vishudhanand’ by Nandlal Gupta; Published by Vishwavidyalaya prakashan, Varanasi).


On unveiling the curtain that lies on Solar Science Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj writes: this process is dependent on the knowledge of pure solar rays. Due to the unity and separation of its various types many types of matter are known to manifest. The mutually directed union of various rays is the secret of Solar Science. From this there can either be creation of the universe or its destruction. Hence it is of great importance to understand its process. He further elaborates that one should clearly understand the difference between the creating of the universe scientifically and that via Yogic power. According to him Yogic creating is the result of desire power or Iccha Shakti. The main materials required are the soul of the creator and his omnipotent soul force. Yoga creating is external illumination of the form present in the soul through ones strong will power or desire. Within the Savitri mode this according to Tantra parlance is separating of a drop.


Adi Shankaracharya says that the divine sport of the entire world is taking place within ones own soul. Just as the reflection of a city seen in a mirror, exists within the mirror itself and not apart from it, so too the reflected scenes rest in the illumined soul only and are not separate from it. A realized soul or Jnani looks at the world in this very form because in his vision there exists nothing apart from the soul. By taking help from the illusory power called Maya a Jnani illumines outwardly the power of the soul.


A Yogi’s scientific creation is that in which via the medium of quartz etc the basic materials of objects found in nature can be created or destroyed. According to the requirements in natural creation those qualities can be projected which the author or doer desires. That which we call a rose flower is surely a rose at the gross level but in it one finds all the basic materials of a lotus etc too. A lotus can thus be transmuted to a rose and vice versa. Not only a flower but which ever object we desire it can be created from a rose or any other object. Although the external appearance changes the rose does not turn into a void. It merely becomes non manifest or that it remains in seed form. The rose remained in a subtle form and the lotus manifested in its gross form. Solar Science believes that this principle of scientific creation is applicable to all materials found in this world and its other conscious arenas. In the back ground of every object the basic nature is found in the non manifest and manifest/gross form too. Only a Yogi can bring about such transformations and transmutations in nature.


The above incident of Solar Science is super natural and transcendental in nature and along with many miracles is filled with many possibilities. It shows that the sun’s subtle and causal form is of the nature of a creator and nurturer and via the narrow wisdom of the solar ray spectrum in the form of quartz lens etc or via Yogic power by making changes which are more or less in its systemic arrangement the forms of various regions of the cosmos can be transformed. This methodology is filled with many potentials and possibilities that can lead to world well being. Great seer of Indian culture viz. the scientific and revolutionary Rishis of yore excelling in these modes and precepts succeeded in executing various such applications with the help of Mantras and other spiritual techniques. If today an apt usage of available materials and wisdom can be made infinite people the world over can benefit from this secret application of ancient sciences.  

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini  correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books ultra sound telepathy parapsychology metaphysics nirvikalpa Samadhi pollution yoga tantra movies internet hypnotism ecology astrology ayurveda kalki bioelectricity surgery lasers ozone radar stress creativity archeology Indus Valley Civilization fuel crisis food scarcity tsunamis biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


13 May

Some of my professional colleagues connived and slapped a law suit on me. They did so because these officers could not act according to their whims and fancies since I opposed such misdeeds. I spoke to Gurudeva and he said: Son! Have faith in that divinity which made you a man of good character. I too am by your side.


A stage came during court proceedings when the arguments of my opponents were so shrewd and cunning that things seemed totally against my favor. And yet in the final stage my attorney gave some wonderful arguments which now totally tilted the case in my favor. Thus the court set me free from those malicious allegations. There have been many other such incidences where Divine Mother has protected me fully.

—————–Jai Narandra Gopal Namla Ram Sunder, Itawa (U.P., India)





I suffered from intense Asthma for 20 years despite taking regular medical treatment. My life became a huge burden for me and was sure that any moment death would engulf me. At that time an acquaintance introduced me to revered Gurudeva who asked me to perform Gayatri worship. I regularly meditated on Gayatri and performed weekly Gayatri Yajnas. I experienced so much bliss while meditating that I completely forgot the pain of Asthma. It was sheer grace of Gayatri that I ultimately was cured of Asthma and attained mental peace and contentment.

—————–Shivkumar Khare, Kanikot (India)





The world over human life is such that every individual faces some problem or the other. Some face hardships with calmness and smilingly and the rest with loud wails of anguish. A Gayatri devotee manifests such a strong will power that it is relatively easy for him/her to overcome trying times. In many cases such solutions come their way which can be labeled nothing short of a miracle.





I had lost my job. I had no other income to take care of my expenses. All my friends turned away from me and thus I was faced with a gloomy situation. Hence life was nothing but depression for me. Under such dire straits I came in contact with Gurudeva and he helped my boat of hardships reach the shore of peace and joy. This shore was none other than blessings of mother Gayatri. Thus my withered life was transformed into lush greenery of peace and bliss. I got back my job and thus my family life too attained joy.

—————-Hari Krishna Sharma Mau, Bhind (M.P., India)





Even after completing studies I was jobless. My family income was very meager. Other Gayatri devotees urged me to worship Gayatri. I commenced Gayatri meditation and also had holy Darshan of Gurudeva. Gurudeva heard my problem and gave me solace. As per his sage counsel I commenced Gayatri devotion and within 8 days I witnessed its positive result. I landed a job in Kathlal and my worries were dispelled. Today I worship Gayatri steadfastly and also have volunteered my services for this sacred mission. I have succeeded in inspiring many to worship Gayatri for both material and spiritual prosperity.

—————Bhanuprasad Chimanlal Dave, Kathlal kheda (Gujarat,India)





Due to some government changes both me and my son simultaneously lost our jobs. There was no income to meet our family expenses. It was Gurudeva’s inspiration that made me commence Gayatri meditation and thus I started re-applying for the lost job. If Gayatri’s holy grace is on us everyone one in the world too will rush to our aid. Government authorities accepted my fresh application and thus I regained my lost job.

————–Lekharam Khare, Dhangwa Hamirpur (U.P.,India)





My son Narayan sat for an exam set by the government for rural people. There were very faint chances of passing this exam yet because of Gayatri’s grace my son succeeded.

————-Renudharrai, Paudainyahat (Bihar,India)





I was working for Indian Railways. I had complained to the concerned officials about harassment faced while on duty. This case was later heard in the Patna High Court. The plea of senior officials against me was dismissed by the court and thus the judgment came in my favor. Further I was also promoted. Initially I was unsure of winning the court case but who can oppose a devotee who has surrendered to Mother Gayatri? And that too a devotee who unswervingly adhered to integrity and work ethics? I have firm faith that Mother Gayatri will always protect followers of truth and honesty. There maybe delay but ultimately the darkness of falsehood definitely gets destroyed.

————–Janardansingh Begumpur (Bihar,India)





One day during Holi festival celebrations a young man erred which led to mob fighting. All villagers in rage came at my doorstep with sticks in their hands. This terror like situation instilled untold fear in my mind and I rushed blindly to my worship altar. With tears rolling down my cheeks I begged Holy Mother to help me. I heard Mother’s divine voice in my conscience: Go outside fearlessly and know for sure that everyone will calm down. With faith I went outside my house. Amazingly everyone was quiet and thus the terrible situation ended. From that day my faith in mother Gayatri has grown by leaps and bound. I have volunteered to help others avail the divine light of mother Gayatri by devoting themselves to her.

——————M.P.Tiwari, Chatpara (M.P.,India)





I was traveling from Ambikapur by bus when we got involved in a terrible road accident. The bus overturned completely and it dragged for a few meters away. Thus it was almost impossible to escape alive. The entire bus was broken into pieces and many were injured very seriously and others died on the spot. Hence it was simply amazing that I was the only traveler who escaped with very minor injuries. At that time I clearly perceived a subtle powerful force as though it was carefully carrying me in its safe arms. Hence my faith is firm that it was Mother Gayatri that saved me from the jaws of imminent death.

————-Vishnudatt Gupt Adhivakta, Baikunthapur (M.P.,India)





Once when I was eating my lunch unknowingly I ate small glass pieces too along with the food. Of course when I actually realized that my meal had more tiny glass pieces I stopped eating food. All my family members were really worried at what happened. No one slept that night and instead they all meditated on Gayatri. As a result it was amazing to note that these glass pieces in my tummy did not harm me at all and thus everyone regained composure. Others who heard about this miracle too were wonderstruck.

—————–Murlidhar Chaturvedi, Jabalpur (M.P.,India)





I was totally incapable of getting my daughter Sushma married. I just could not find a groom for her and in addition I was not very wealthy. And yet one day her marriage was arranged very easily. At that time Sushma and her brother-in-law were to travel from Bijnor station. While climbing on to the train compartment the brother-in-law failed to clasp the door handle. The train left and he fell on the railway track. In this manner, 5 bogies of the train passed by while he was dangerously lying on the tracks. Suddenly someone in the train noticed his plight and thus pulled the emergency chain of the train. Initially everyone assumed that he was crushed mercilessly by the passing train. But lo behold! When they pulled him out of the tracks he was totally uninjured.

—————Vedprakash Agrawal, Bijnor (U.P.,India)





It was only after commencing Gayatri devotion that joy and peace manifested in my life. Firstly I completed an Anushthaan of .125 million Gayatri Mantra chanting. As a result I directly witnessed a miracle. I got a job as a compounder in a govt. hospital. My faith in Mother Gayatri intensified. I continued my spiritual endeavor with more vigor and deep faith. Within a year I got a major job promotion. One day a very close friend of mine became very angry despite the issue being very minor. He angrily flung a heavy brick at me which hit my head. Those nearby were sure that my brain would have been ripped apart. And yet all were astonished to see me uninjured and calm. Thus how can I even dream of leaving Mother Gayatri’s protective holy feet? I have unswerving faith that no other force other than divinity is omnipotent.

————-Chedilal Sharma Vaidya, Baikuthashram Khaddi (M.P.,India)





I was returning from college. Behind and ahead of me were 2 tempos. My cycle came along side a bullock cart. Accidentally my tyre (back one) banged against the bullock cart’s wheel. Since my cycle’s balance got lost I fell on to the ground. The cycle was flung at a short distance and the tempo’s tyre ran over my leg. Thus my vision became very blurred. I could not even shout for help. My life force within, silently prayed for Mother Gayatri’s grace. I prayed fervently: Beloved Mother! If you accept that I have even an iota of faith in your divinity may my injury be very minor. The terrible nature of the accident made me unconscious. After I recovered I was told that an unknown person picked me up and took me home along with my cycle. I was immediately hospitalized. An X-ray was taken of my injured leg and thankfully the bone was not fractured. Of course there was some swelling but amazingly it was warded off in 3-4 days. This accident seems like a dream for me. If Mother Gayatri had not lovingly blessed me I would have definitely entered the jaws of death on that ill fated day.

—————-Kumari Sudha Vaishya, Ratlam (M.P.,India)





On certain technical grounds I was relieved from my job and was re-appointed later by the management. This event of re-appointment had been foreseen by me in a dream seen previously. Of course when I was fired from my job I was worried and hence prayed fervently for Gayatri’s grace. Later as per my dream I regained my lost job.

—————-Prabhakar Krishna Thokay, Bhilai (M.P.,India)





This is a miraculous incident of Panduka Motor Stand. Suddenly one day a 5 year old girl came running on the road. From the opposite end a speeding car was approaching in her direction. The driver failed to apply brakes of the car so suddenly. It was sheer ill fate that the girl fell on the road while the car ran over her frail body. Only at a distance of 25 feet did the car stop finally. The driver was shaken by this accident and people around were also very agitated. For a moment it appeared as though the child was pounded to pulp. And yet, what a mind boggling sight it was! Because the child not only got up but started running again. Someone picked up the girl affectionately to check for injuries but amazingly none were found. Later it was known that this child was the daughter of a very great devotee of Gayatri. Ever since, I too have started regularly worshipping Gayatri.

————–Narayanprasad Sahu, Rajim (India)





It was only after I commenced Gayatri meditation that my life transformed for the better. Further many problems in life got solved miraculously. Due to a job promotion I left Hoshangabad. This is solely due to Mother Gayatri’s blessings.

————–Virendra Parihar, Hoshangabad (M.P.,India)






From the day I came in contact with Gurudeva Shriram Sharma I started regularly performing spiritual practices. I am very blessed because my life has been positively transformed. Initially I got a job in a farm based organization (Dhanva, India) for Rupees 65 a month. I also worked hard to get a promotion. In a short time span I got a job in State Bank of Indore, as a cashier. There I earned a salary of Rupees 650 per month. It is sheer Gayatri’s grace that gave me such a big promotion within 2 years. I can never repay this debt I owe to Gayatri and yet I show my gratitude by spreading Gayatri’s holy precepts to others bereft of them.

—————-Gopal Paliwal, Bhikangav (M.P.,India)





Certain incidents in my life egged me to pursue Gayatri worship. Once it so happened that my skirt caught fire and it was almost as though I was about to die. In another accident the rickshaw in which I was traveling banged into another car. In another incident some pick pockets robbed some cash I was carrying in my purse but to my great relief some sort of fear prompted them to drop the cash on the ground while fleeing. In all these dire situations it was Mother Gayatri who affectionately saved me. My heart oozes with ecstasy at the very thought of how much the Divine Mother loves me.

——————Pramila, Lucknow (U.P., India)





Some of the villagers where I dwelt made secret plans to kill me. It was virtually impossible to escape their demonic ploy. Under such dire circumstances I latched on to Mother Gayatri’s grace. Even Gurudeva assured protection to me. He sent me an amulet to wear for protection. Truly Mother’s grace saw to it that these villagers’ evil intention was foiled completely. I also was blessed when my wife’s deadly illness was warded off and when my lost child returned home safely. How can we think of straying away from Gayatri whose divine grace protects us each moment of our life? She is my one and only idol.

————–B.D.Kukreti, Varanasi (India)





A true Gayatri devotee actually experiences Mother Gayatri’s grace every moment in his/her life. Many have experienced this. Following are some experiences of true Gayatri devotees and Sadhaks:





I was unaware of even the course that contained the English questionnaire. Next day was the examination and I was in a quandary whether to study or attend the Gayatri Yajna scheduled for that day. Ultimately my heart voted in Gayatri’s favor and without worrying for my exam I attended the yajna whole heartedly. After returning home at night I fell into a deep slumber.


In the first quarter of the night I actually saw the question paper in my dreams. When I woke up I remembered all the questions. Early in the morning I studied all these questions and memorized the answers. When later I reached the exam venue I was amazed because 2 of the 5 questions were the ones seen by me in my dream the previous night. Thus this dream based premonition helped me clear my exam.

—————-Shyamsunder Saini, Sakeer (India)





Before I met Gurudeva my mind never concentrated on serious studying. As per his advice I commenced Gayatri meditation and I was astonished by the fact that my intellectual capacity augmented by leaps and bounds. Thus in virtually all exams I passed with flying colors. I had just completed my M.Com exams and despite the fact that results had yet to be declared I got a call for a good job. Apart from a written test I had given a viva test too which I felt was very tough. Despite this the examiners gave me a letter of appointment and I realized that it was my Gurudeva and Gayatri that had come to my aid. My M.Com results too were very good which made doubly sure that the job was definitely mine.

—————Ashok Jani, Gondal (Gujarat, India)





On that fateful day the river Ganga was very crowded. Enthusiastically I too descended down the river steps but the moment I dived into the river I got caught in a deadly whirlpool. When I thought I was going to get drowned I felt someone catching my hand tightly. I felt I was led to the river edge where my hand caught a chain of iron. Thus I came out of the river safely. I was totally unaware about these chains and yet Mother Gayatri in her divine way led me to one and thus saved me from an otherwise imminent death.

——————Kishorekumar Motilal Parmar, Sabarmati (Gujarat,India)





Whenever I prayed to Holy Gayatri and revered Gurudeva I asked for only one thing and that is: Give me my own home instead of the rented house that I lived in. Despite my weak financial status Gayatri blessed me in such a way that I gave up my rented house and shifted into a house within 1 year which was on ownership basis in my name. This was possible only because by their grace I got financial aid without paying any interest.

—————-Dr.Sukhsagarlal Gupt, Pilibhit (India)





It all started with a bought of cough and common cold which ultimately was diagnosed as asthma. Despite adhering to Ayurvedic, Allopathy, Homeopathy and Naturopathy remedies my asthma remained uncured. Out of sheer helplessness I accepted that this was the dire fruit of my past unwholesome deeds and left it at that. One day I came in contact with revered Gurudeva and with his blessings I commenced Gayatri worship. It was mind blowing that my asthma which I thought would never leave me was cured in a relatively short time span. With Gayatri’s grace I got a second lease of life and today I am happy and mentally calm.

—————-Hemraj Sharma, Village Hardua, Reeva (M.P.,India)





After I commenced Gayatri meditation steadfastly my previous addiction to alcohol was now totally destroyed due to Mother Gayatri’s divine grace.

————–Shivnarayan Singh Gaap Bojh (Pilibhit,India)


Mother Gayatri helped me overcome my 10 year old habit of chain smoking just as a snake gives up its old skin hook, line and sinker.

—————Hiralal, Gram Sevak (Pilibhit,India)

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini  correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books ultra sound telepathy parapsychology metaphysics nirvikalpa Samadhi pollution yoga tantra movies internet hypnotism ecology astrology ayurveda kalki bioelectricity surgery lasers ozone radar stress creativity archeology Indus Valley Civilization fuel crisis food scarcity tsunamis biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


8 May

Man fearfully surrounded by chaotic noise, pollution, dirt, squalor, illnesses and other hardships is losing his very life force/Prana energy day after day. Bodily and mental ailments are rendering him old and decrepit. In order to hide ugliness based on weakness of all sorts, man sees only one solution and that is to decorate and adorn his gross body in a superficial vain manner. The storm of beauty aids used to hide bodily and mental distortions by rendering man sense titillated, wanton, extravagant in handling cash and demonically egoistic is setting up a new type of hazard.

If we open up shiny jazzy coverings, it shall be noted that whatever man has attained in these centuries in comparison to it he has lost a lot more. No doubt material comforts and facilities are rising frenetically but in return right from man’s life force to his gentle ethical nature is being depleted in a very downfallen manner. Human beings are living in such a state that it is akin to that of ghosts/devils. Man lives amidst dire solitude of a graveyard reeking with fear and inflicting fear in the psyche of others.

These days in order to amass material wealth everyone is restless yet even though for this capability, integrity and hard honest effort is required people opt to amass the same free of cost, quickly, twiddling thumbs in their homes in a hook or by crook manner. Thus for such people there is no option but to pursue dishonest, illegal and fraudulent means. These days in the name of progress and development, the avarice to become stinking rich is reaching sky rocketing heights. People spend extravagantly at any cost and are imbibing so many bad habits like alcohol, drug and other intoxicants abuse. The result of this gory mentality can only be one and that is man is being engulfed by more and more bad tainted qualities. Since mutual trust and goodwill based sentiments are fast diminishing, it is a million dollar question as to whether humanity can live carefree happy lives of love and cooperation between one another.

Since haywire unruliness has cropped up like weeds everywhere it seems that progressive attainments have been taken possession of or else in the name of new achievements excess zest manifesting by becoming a devilish ego has blatantly flouted eternal human and spiritual values in a scoffing manner. Amongst these 2 whichever may be the root cause, yet know for sure both are a source of deep worry.

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4 May

The trend of 5-faced photographs and images of Gayatri is seen, so that those who take recourse to the spiritual practice of this MahaMantra, ask a pertinent question as to what we should do in future? Mantra chanting, meditation, eulogies to God, reading religious texts, sacrificial fire rites etc. are preliminary practices. As a result of this, the preliminary goal of purification of the body and concentration of the mind is achieved.  Yet there are more milestones to be reached.  For its attainment spiritual seekers should look out for necessary information and then imbibe alertness, steadfastness and capability, to walk on that path.  If a spiritual seeker remembers all this always, then know for sure that the aim behind creating photos/images of a 5-faced Gayatri has been duly achieved.

In reality Gayatri is the worldwide Super Power of the Almighty Lord. It has no particular form.  If one desires to have a glimpse of God’s form, it can be in the form of light only. Wisdom is compared to light. The god of Gayatri is Savita. Savita means the sun – a gigantic ball of brilliant light. When Gayatri Super Power manifests in a spiritual seeker, he gets a glimpse of a pinpoint of light, when he meditates.  A spiritual seeker sees a small/ big ball of light either in his heart, head, navel or eyes.  Sometimes it augments and at other times it diminishes.  Many types of shapes, colours of light rays are seen in it. In the beginning stages it keeps oscillating, sometimes it is visible and at other times it disappears.  But slowly a state comes when all the different shapes, movement and colours are warded off and only a point of light remains.  In the initial stages, this light is of a small shape and with lesser radiance but when one’s soul state advances, this point of light starts enlarging, becomes more dazzling and manifests a lot of bliss.  Just as a lotus blooms forth when the early morning sunlight caresses its bud, so too when our inner soul is touched by this divine light, it experiences bliss of Brahman, absolute bliss and bliss of one’s very existence and consciousness. Just as the Indian red-legged partridge (bird) keeps gazing at the moon for the whole night, in the same way a spiritual seeker yearns to experience untold bliss by gazing at this inner light.  Sometimes one desires that just as a moth lays down his life for the flame lamp i.e. it gives up its ordinary existence for the glorious flame, so too I must merge my lowly individual ego into this cosmic light of God.

This is a minor glimpse of meditation on the formless Brahman (God). From the standpoint of experience, a spiritual seeker feels he is experiencing Brahman and spiritual wisdom.  The gift of wisdom i.e. imbibing great idealistic activities in our daily lives should awaken within us, inspirations and yearnings. Not only awakening but that it is taking the form of a firm resolve, inner state and as truth.  This is the symbol of experience of divine light. Because when the ignorance of power of illusion (Maya) and selfishness is overcome, man starts thinking with a generous viewpoint and imbibes acts of great men. Such a person never hesitates to step daringly on the path of spirituality, unlike people full of avarice, selfishness, delusion and narrow worldly attachments.  In order to execute appropriate acts, he marches ahead speedily on the path of spiritual well-being with great valour and enterprise.

So far we have dealt with the nature of high statured wisdom and meditation on the divine power in the form of ‘Gayatri’.  In the preliminary stages, it is not possible to get such high statured experiences. One must first imbibe preliminary, spiritual practices like Mantra chanting, worship, meditation, eulogies, fire sacrifices etc.  At such times it is a must that one takes help of photographs and images.  Meditation in the preliminary stages is possible only via name and form. The stage of formless meditation is very much higher up on the scale.  Even in that state there is no need to give up image worship and instead by including it in one’s daily chores, one controls one’s accumulated psychic imprints. When a huge building is constructed, its foundation is in the form of pebbles and stones. Once a firm foundation is laid down, one can build a building of various hues and designs. Later one fails to notice the pebbles / stones in the foundation, yet there is no need to renounce or mock at them. One should realize that the basis and firm foundation of that gigantic building are these pebbles, stones etc.  The spiritual progress of meditation with form too can be called a foundation stone.  In the preliminary stages its requirement is a must.  Thus the commencement of spirituality right from ancient times has taken place with the help of image worship and steadily it marches ahead.  It is with reference to this that the shape of Gayatri Super Power has been moulded.  Just like other images of God, its image too right from ancient times has been used in mediation and worship of God.

Ordinarily only the image of a human face with one face and 2 arms are apt.  This is the best from for meditation and worship. Gayatri too should have those kinds of hands and legs just like a spiritual seeker’s beloved mother has.  Hence in meditation and worship, one uses the image of Gayatri Mother having 2 arms and one face seated on a white swan and having a book and water pot in her hands.  But in some regions one sees images with 5 faces. Maybe its meditation and worship is not apt, yet it has one important message and direction in it.  We must see that minutely.

The five faces of Gayatri are the 5 sheaths covering a Jeeva (living being).  They are the 5 manifestations and the ten arms of the 10 Sidhis(divine powers) and experiences.  Five arms are on the left hand side and the other 5 are on the right hand side. It points out to the 5 material and 5 spiritual powers and Sidhis that are conjoined to Gayatri Super Power. Whenever this Super Power manifests, there one will definitely see the 10 experiences, special qualities and wealth. The meaning of executing spiritual practices is not merely sitting in one particular spot daily so as to perform some scientific rite.  In fact it means that by making our entire life a form of spiritual endeavour one should raise the stature of one’s qualities, actions and nature so high, that one sees those divine glories in them, which are found in a symbolic form in the image of the 5-faced Gayatri.  The aim of spiritual practices is to generate divine energy.  When 10 energies and 10 Sidhis are attained, know for sure that some spiritual seeker is successfully marching ahead on the path of high leveled spiritual practices.

The 5 faces of Gayatri tell us that the 5 demi gods of a living being’s very existence are conjoined to it, so as to fulfill its goal.  Because they are under the influence of sleep, they look dead and hence are of no use.  As a result a living being exists like a weakling.  But if these powerful aides are activated, if their power is aptly utilized, then man instead of leading an ordinary run-of-the-mill life, actually attains extraordinary material and spiritual heights. Man will get a golden chance of renouncing his demeaned state and in its place, lead a life of exalted glory.  The 5 elements of the body have been depicted as the 5 demi-gods as follows –

The Lord of space is Vishnu.  The goddess of fire is Maheshwari power.  The Lord of wind is Sun.  The Lord of earth is Shiva and the Lord of water is Ganapati Ganesh.  In this manner the 5 gods of our body are the Lords (existence) of the 5 elements (KAPILTANTRA).  The 5 Pranas (vital force) too are called 5 demi-gods.

All living beings have 5 demi-gods.  Because they are imbibed with vital force, they are Shiva.  This group manifests Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power).  Its shape is like that of dazzling lightning. (TANTRARNAV)

Kundalini is awakened when the 5 sheaths of our body are activated. When the Kundalini is activated the 5 sheaths of the body of a spiritual seeker radiates brilliance (MAHAYOG-VIGNAN)

The human body is made up of 5 elements.  Its Sattva Guna is seen as the 5 radiations of consciousness. (1) Mind (2) Intellect (3) Will (4) Mind stuff or psyche (5) Ego.

From the Rajas principle of the 5 elements arise, the 5 Pranas or Vital Forces.  On this basis the 5 sense organs carry out the functions of the 5 sense objects.

From the Tamas principle of the 5 elements is created the gross/physical body.  They form 1) Juice 2) Blood 3) Flesh 4) Bones 5) Marrow. The 5 special organs viz. brain, heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and the 5 sense organs of action are a creation of this area.

The 5 demi-gods given to us, in order to help the living body, are also called the 5 sheaths.  Superficially the body looks single yet its power augments more and more.  Despite being invisible, it is so powerful that if it is activated, man can become great from lowly and also the cosmic soul (God) from his present status of an individual soul.  These 5 coverings of a living being are called the 5 sheaths 1) Food Sheath 2) Vital Force Sheath 3) Mental Sheath 4) Intellectual Sheath 5) Bliss Sheath.

Taitariya Unpanishad proclaims that the Vital Force Sheath is in the Food Sheath, the Mental Sheath is in the Vital Force Sheath, the Intellectual Sheath is in the Mental Sheath and that the Bliss Sheath is in the Intellectual Sheath.  Over here there is some parity and at some places there are differences.  Its discussion is as follows –

Man is full of food and juice.  This is its head. This is its southern aspect.  This is its northern aspect.  It is the soul. The hind tail is situated on the Merudand (subtle spine).

         TAITARIYA UPANISHAD ( 2/ 1/ 1)

The soul which is within the Food Sheath made up of food, juice etc. is yet separate from it and is the vital force.  It is omnipotent.  It is of the same shape.  Its activities too are similar.  The vital force of the Vital Force Sheath is the head.  Its Vyan vital force is the Southern aspect and the Apan vital force is the northern aspect.  Space is its soul.  Its status in earth is tail-like.

         TAITARIYA UPANISHAD ( 2/ 2/ 1)

Separate from the Vital Force Sheath is the Mental Sheath. The Vital Force Sheath overflows with the Mental Sheath.  It is very similar to it. The Vital Force Sheath is very similar to the Mental Sheath. Yaju is its head.  Rig is the southern aspect and Sam is its northern aspect.  Its soul is command.

         TAITARIYA UPANISHAD ( 2/ 3/ 1)

Why are the Vedas correlated to the Mental Sheath? This answer is given in the Shankar Bhashya (commentary) in SankalpaManthan and the sentiments are depicted in the form of Yaju, Rig, Sam Vedas.

Different from the Mental Sheath is the Intellectual Sheath. The Mental Sheath is covered by the Intellectual Sheath. This is the Intellectual Sheath and is similar to Purusha.  It is like the Mental Sheath.  Faith is its head.  Relative truth is its southern aspect and divine truth its northern aspect. Yoga is its soul. Its hind status is in importance.

         TAITARIYA UPANISHAD ( 2/ 4/ 1)

The Bliss Sheath despite dwelling within the Intellectual Sheath is separate from it.  The Intellectual Sheath overflows with Bliss Sheath. This too is similar to Purusha (God).  It is like the Intellectual Sheath.  Beloved is its head.  Inner bliss is its southern aspect and external joy is its northern aspect. Bliss is its soul. Its hind status is in Brahman.

         TAITARIYA UPANISHAD ( 2/5/ 1)

In the PANCHDASHI religious text the verses 3,5,6,7,8 of chapter three, depict the 5 sheaths as follows :

The body of a creation of the father’s sperm, which in turn is made from the food that he partakes, is situated in the Food Sheath. Because the body undergoes birth and death, it cannot be the soul.  The conscious soul is different from it.

         PANCHDASHI (3/3)

The Vital Force Sheath which is an inspirer of the senses which give power, abound within the body.  But this too being unconscious like the body, cannot be the soul.  It is separate.

         PANCHDASHI 3/5

What exactly are the 5 sheaths?  The Upanishads while describing them say –

The group of sheaths created by food; this visible body is called the Food Sheath.  The group of 14 elements along with the vital force (Prana) is called the Vital Force Sheath.  The group of sense organs and mind, embedded in these 2 sheaths, is called the Mental Sheath.  The Intellectual Sheath plays the roles of discrimination (Viveka) and intellect.  The natural form and place of the soul, present within these bodies is called the Bliss Sheath.

In this manner human consciousness has been partitioned in 5 ways. This partitioning is called 5 sheaths. The Food Sheath means sense organ consciousness.  The Vital Force Sheath means our very life force. The Mental Sheath means thought process. The Intellectual Sheath means the unconscious center and flow of sentiments. The Bliss Sheath means soul wisdom and activation of the soul.

The state of living beings evolves on the basis of these conscious layers.

The high statured spiritual practice of Gayatri is carried out so as to unveil the 5 sheaths and activate them. In order to point at this high statured spiritual practice, the symbolic form of the 5-faced Gayatri is depicted. This depiction points at the activation of this chief potential of the 5 sheaths of the subtle body and thus attains supreme benefits of this great science.

Via these sheaths one can attain that divine potential which can decorate our personality with wealth and glory. The conscious arena can be made as wealthy as the Lord of Wealth called Kubera. Sheath means a veil or a covering. When these veils are removed one after another, you ultimately come face to face with the absolute truth / reality.  Those obstructions in the form of mental taints are removed due to activation / unveiling of the 5 sheaths which are the root cause of the living being failing to attain those powers given by the Lord and as a result of which, he leads a demeaned life.

The partitioning of the 5 sheaths has been presented in the categorization of the three bodies.  These 3 are the gross, subtle and casual bodies.  It is called Tripada Gayatri (3-legged). The gross body is made up of the food and Vital Force Sheath.  The 5 elements and 5 Vital Forces ( Pranas) are embedded in it.  The subtle body is made up of the mental and Intellectual Sheath. These 2 can be called conscious intellect and unconscious mind.  The casual body is made up of the Bliss Sheath. Certain scholars differ on this subject, yet the reality is this only.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini  correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books ultra sound telepathy parapsychology metaphysics nirvikalpa Samadhi pollution yoga tantra movies internet hypnotism ecology astrology ayurveda kalki bioelectricity surgery lasers ozone radar stress creativity archeology Indus Valley Civilization fuel crisis food scarcity tsunamis biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton