18 Apr

Our Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya is called this era’s Rishi Vishwamitra because by rejuvenating a virtually extinct Super Science of Gayatri he disallowed it to be accessed only by a special class in a limited manner by rendering it accessible worldwide without exception. Gayatri practices are devotion and worship of a pious brilliant intellect. Gayatri is called Vedmata or Mother of Vedas. Veda means knowledge and wisdom. This wisdom via the medium of well being (Rigveda), valor (Yajurveda), sporting (Samaveda) and wealth (Atharvaveda) becomes the root fount of the conscious activities of all creatures. It is the outpouring of that divine primordial power called Adishakti which manifested at the commencement of world creation. Thus Brahmaji created this world via the 4 Vedas. Gayatri is this very divine primordial power called Adishakti and hence is also called Vedmata or Mother of Vedas.

Super Mantra Gayatri is called the gist/essence of all Vedic scriptures. In great scriptures glorious Rishi seers have very loudly eulogized the deep import of Super Mantra Gayatri. In the Bhagwad Geeta very clearly it is proclaimed by Yogiraj Lord Shri Krishna that since Gayatri is supreme amongst all Cchandas (poetic meters) Almighty God’s divine existence definitely dwells in it. The Lord says: ‘Gayatri cchanda samaham’. Super Mantra Gayatri although is small yet it oozes with the gist of great wisdom and hence is an all encompassing scripture on its own. In each of the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri dwells the seed of root divine wisdom of the gigantic tree called Vedas. When this seed sprouts forth the amplified form of the 4 Vedas called Apaureshya (not authored by the limited human brain) of Vedic literature appears in front of us all as the wisdom based wealth of great Rishis of yore. It is not only the very substratum of creation of this cosmos but that it is called the fount from where world divine culture manifests.

In this present ebook such spiritual philosophy has been embedded in literature of Super Science of Gayatri penned by our Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya which proves that it is via the medium of this one sole Mantra that anything in this world can be attained whether it is material or spiritual in nature. In this section of Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya’s Vangmaya a detailed description has been given with reference to how Super Power Gayatri has been the icon goddess of demigods/Avatars/great Rishis and how it has proved itself to being a Sanjivani herb for overcoming stress and strife faced by world humans. Super Power Gayatri is immortal nectar, Paras or touchstone, wish fulfilling tree or Kalpavriksha, Kamadhenu or wish fulfilling cow etc.

Every letter of Super Mantra Gayatri is an imperishable fount of divine energy. It is the vault of infinite power and that Gayatri meditation executed in a correct manner manifest miraculous results in life. This definitely has been the experience of HH Gurudeva wherein by reading these lines we must learn how to imbibe information given in it and act accordingly in day to day living. HH Gurudeva by terming Super Science Gayatri as per Atharvaveda chiefly Brahmavarchas meaning an authority that bestows on us soul force has proved it to be the presiding power of Prana Energy. Today’s major hazard faced by the world is lack of will power and thus man has become weak in all ways. The human race suffering from distress requires that Sanjivani herb or root of life is present in the form of Super Mantra Gayatri. Lest if a person via meditation on this Mantra awakens his/her Brahmavarchas, regains his/her latent divine energy he/she can combat successfully all types of obstacles of life. Faith, steadfastness and worship of 3 legged Gayatri representing a divine intellect bestows on the devotee that very soul power which helps him/her march ahead in life while fighting battles against tainted sentiments, vile thinking and undesirable activities in a successful manner. While rendering his/her spiritual health fit and sound he/she augments his/her halo/divine aura prolifically. While leading one’s brain on the path of ethical greatness, one can render the divine creator’s wonderful garden called this world more divinely beautiful. The divine mother of all Para and Apara Science (spiritual and material oriented) Super Mantra Gayatri has many aspects that are known-unknown and visible-invisible. By placing these in front of every world human in order to transform entire humanity akin to Kayakalpa and in order to neo create this world this knowledge has played a major role. Gayatri meditation/worship is a supremely great, straightforward, facile and quick success bestowing path. On realizing this none needs to stray here and there listlessly. Via the Sanskrit language quote ‘Gayatri va idam sarvabhutam yadidam kincha’ it is said that whatever dwells in this world visibly or otherwise is but Super Energy Gayatri manifest. Our Revered Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya dedicated his entire life to Gayatri and his final breath while shedding his mortal coil in the loving lap of Mother Gayatri took place on Gayatri Jayanti day which is the birthday of Gayatri. May these sacred high stature nectarine literature penned by him, be dedicated to World Mother/Vishwamata-Divine Mother/Devmata-Mother of Vedas/Vedmata Gayatri. We present this particular section of Vangmaya written by Revered Gurudeva that shall render the complex path of life’s journey very facile and straightforward.

In many great scriptures Goddess Gayatri is shown to possess 5 faces and 10 arms. Many such paintings, photographs and images can be found. The 5 faced Gayatri image/photo can be found in innumerable households. In reality this description is not some myth or figment of wild whimisical imagination but that it is the description of 5 faces of Goddess Gayatri as the 5 Koshas or 5 Sheaths (coverings) dwelling on human soul existence. These 5 Koshas or 5 Sheaths (coverings) are:

a) Annamaya Kosha or Food Sheath

b) Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath

c) Manomaya Kosha or Mental Sheath

d) Vijnanmaya Kosha or Intellectual Sheath

e) Anandmaya Kosha or Bliss Sheath

These 5 are doorways of the soul’s coming-going’s bondage and liberation akin to the nasal openings in man’s physical body that allows air to enter and then go out via exhaling. This is the most mysterious aspect of Yoga Science which by understanding deeply one can attain the supreme divine abode of Almighty God. The 10 arms of Goddess Gayatri are the 10 Super Divine Powers that uproot 10 types of pain and sorrow faced by human life. When this Divine Mother Gayatri places her 10 hands on the head of her devotee as blessings no amount of sorrow or strife can harass him.

Our glorious Rishi-Munis of yore via profound penance, introverted Yoga practices and Vratas-Anushthanas based on Super Mantra Gayatri amassed untold divine energy. Thus they deeply realized that our gross body is partitioned into the 3 bodies called gross, subtle and causal bodies. In these right from top to bottom reside the 3 psychological complexes (Granthis) called Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra. The gross body is made of the 5 elements and the soul has 5 Koshas or sheaths or covering layers. Via the admixture of earth, water, fire, air and space where on the one hand this gross visible body is created there the 5 faced Goddess Gayatri tells us that this physical body is merely the admixture of the inert atoms of the 5 elements. This living soul shut up in a fort that has 5 ramparts is surrounded by 5 Koshas or sheaths or covering layers. The moment these layers are unveiled the living being’s material bondage is cut asunder so as to attain Moksha or salvation.

In India in layman’s parlance Kosha is called a vault. The 5 Koshas are 5 infinite vaults of soul existence. In this priceless wealth is hidden. Wherever this priceless wealth of 5 sheaths is misused its distorted form inflicts on us varied types of sins, sorrow, anguish, tension, ill fate, worries, lack and poverty. But those who awaken this wealth for using it wholesomely become divine in nature. Regarding this, details are given in the Bhrigu Valli of Taitariya Upanishad, Shatpath Brahman (15/17/31) and Brihadaranyak Upanishad (4/3/32).

The 1st covering sheath or Kosha is Annamaya Kosha or Food Sheath. It predominates with earth element which gives man sperms, ovum etc to create the human physical body. As per the state and advancement of this Food Sheath the body gets its shape, color etc. the type of food devoured helps advance our Food Sheath. It is the subtle psychic imprints/Sanskars in the food we eat helps overcome a distorted state and attain optimal normalcy. Thus this sheath can advance further. So many roots of various bodily diseases are present in this Food Sheath. It is via fasting, mastering sitting posture called Asan Sidhi, purification of the 5 elements, austerities and calmly enduring pain of various sorts (Titiksha) this Food Sheath gets purged and sanctified. Thus the body attains good health in a disease free manner. Via Yoga practices by opening the knots-complexes of bondage in the Food Sheath one gets liberation from many complexities in life and that we start marching ahead on the path of Jivan Mukti or liberation while yet alive. Lest a Gayatri follower by imbibing the above detailed 4 processes purges and sanctifies the Food Sheath his divine aura increases, health becomes wonderfully good and all other doorways of progress are thrown open wide.

The Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath is a vault of Prana Energy residing in the gross physical body. In the form of ‘etheric double’ as per the terminology employed by Theosophists it surrounds each and every individual. Prana Energy dwells in us in the form of Ojas-Tejas or divine halo. Whosoever’s Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath is intensely potent his soul power rests in a very well advanced state. It is the lack of Prana Energy that becomes the cause of psychosomatic and physical diseases attacking one’s body. From the infinite ocean of consciousness of Prana Energy spread out in the entire cosmos via Gayatri practices (meditation, worship etc) with the energy of Pranayam (Yogic breathing exercise) Prana or vital force is attracted within and thus the devotee oozes with divine aura and Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers. The external benefits of sanctifying and rendering powerful the Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath includes attaining a long healthy life consciousness becomes potent, imbibing a lot of zest/wholesome activity/magnetically attractive aura etc. If Pranayam (Yogic breathing exercise) is done by meditating in a focused manner on the Surya Chakra or solar plexus the Yogic subtle nerves called Ida-Pingala-Sushumna can be rendered potently active. For attracting Prana Energy this section of Vangmaya literature enumerates many methods. The amassing of immense Ojas in the form of Super Prana Energy and Retas in the form of Minor Prana Energy render the body and soul existence very powerful. Such a person gains the credentials of manifesting Divine Powers. The Manomaya Kosha or Mental Sheath by rendering an otherwise scattered psyche well focused via the various methods of self control, meditation etc aids in the awakening of latent brain potentials and energy centers. When we sanctify and render potent this Manomaya Kosha or Mental Sheath our Japa, meditation, Tratak practices, spiritual practices of 5 Tanmatras, succeeding in creating the Chaya Purusha (shadow man) etc succeed wonderfully. Via the processes of Gandha or smelling practices and Swara or Sound Yoga ESP or Extra Sensory Perception can be awakened fully. In order to introvert our thought waves for focusing them in a one pointed manner, our Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has given details of practicing meditation-Japa or Mantra chanting-Tratak-Tanmatra practices for sanctifying and making powerful our Manomaya Kosha or Mental Sheath. Those who deeply understand these 4 methods become masters of this 3rd vault of untold measure of spiritual jewels.

The 4th covering is the Vijnanmaya Kosha or Intellectual Sheath. Vijnan means special knowledge. Such knowledge/wisdom that tells us that man in reality is the soul and not this inert body made of bone, flesh etc. man is beyond the body, mental qualities and inner nature since he is the prince of Almighty God. This wisdom is subtly experienced via the Soham spiritual practice (I am that). The various legs of the process of awakening of this Vijnanmaya Kosha or Intellectual Sheath encompasses Ajapa Japa (ceaseless Mantra chanting heard in the soul subtly), Yoga of Soul Experience, spiritual practices to awaken the soul deity and piercing the 3 knots or psychic complexes. As a resut via awakening of extra sensory consciousness and sound control in the process of management of our Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) it manifests as amassing of art of execelling in carrying out various actions.

The last 5th face of Gayatri called Mother of Vedas is depicted as Anandmaya Kosha or Bliss Sheath. On reaching this sheath the soul attains the divine cosmic soul called Almighty God in layman’s parlance. Such a devotee attains the state of Sthitaprajna Samadhi or trance state attained by God Realized Masters and Gurus. Hence this sheath is called Bliss Sheath wherein infinite divine ecstasy is experienced. This is the inner state of Sahaj Samadhi and pinnacle of divine joy. Our Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has described this as the awakening of the reticular activating system as being synonymous with awakening of Sahasrar Chakra’s 1000 petal subtle Yogic lotus in the brain region. In this section topics covered include spiritual practices of Naadyoga-Shabdabrahman-Suratiyoga-Binduyoga-principles of 5 elements, supreme ecstatic divine bliss of the Turiya state and so on.

Our Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya knew well that after getting immersed in Gayatri based practices/Sadhana world public would yearn to dive deeper into its profundities much more. Keeping this fact in mind Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya in 3 sections of his Vangmaya literature pertaining to Super Science of Gayatri has given guidance as to how much an ordinary Gayatri devotee should know regarding it and imbibe the same in day to day living. Regarding this in this section of the Vangmaya literature some secret aspects and their deep import have been discussed.

In actuality the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri are seeds of divine energy. As per the description given in Sankhya Philosophy those 24 principles that are apart from the 5 elements Rishi seers while inter weaving them exhibited subtle spiritual energies in the form of Super Mantra Gayatri and placed the same before world humans. These 24 alphabets that are symbols of the super divine powers of 24 Matrukas (24 goddesses of Tantra worshipers or Tantriks) have been interwoven very scientifically in Cchanda (poetic meter) form. Hence by merely chanting this Super Mantra Gayatri, innumerable latent divine energies in it awaken fully. In the inner Prana fire very swift intense vibrations occur and this transformation plays an important role in augmenting Varchas or divine aura in the devotee’s inner personality. The descriptions of every alphabet of Super Mantra Gayatri have been detailed in this section of the Vangmaya titled ‘Gayatri rahasyaparak guhya vivechan’. A person on knowing and truly understanding every inspiration emerging from each of these 24 alphabets that positively influences every aspect of life, can execute spiritual practices of meditation, Japa etc in tandem with it and thus benefit more and more.

In this section of the Vangmaya after analyzing the Vyahvrittis of the 3 Lokas Bhuha, Bhuvaha, Swaha and Brahma conjoined to it, the description of Tat right up to Prachodayat’s last alphabet ‘Ta’ has been given properly revolving within the periphery of scriptires and social-spiritual standpoint. For example the full meaning of the term Prachodayat is: To perforce inspire someone to walk in that direction that renders our intellect pious yet if every alphabet of this term is described then the inspiration of Pra involves being generous to all and being harsh with oneself. Instead of thinking only our opinion as correct we must imbibe generosity and open mindedness in life. Thus respect all equally, stop being obstinate about your own views and by first self introspecting to gauge one’s own faults we must follow it up by correcting them. The term Cho inspires us to associate with great saintly pious people. We must reflect deeply over good great thoughts, cogitating over these deeply and if possible associate as much as possible with great saintly pious people. This then is the inspiration embedded in Cho. The term Da makes man deeply realize the glory of his soul existence and thus teaches him to walk the path of glorious advancement. Soul wealth is the supreme wealth. By protecting it man lives his life with head held high in glorious pride. The Ya term, by establishing a glorious bond between father-son, big-small people etc gives them inspiration to respect each other and thus execute their righteous duties. The final term Ta gives one inspiration viz. ‘Atmanaha pratikulani paresham na samacharet’. It means do not behave with others in that way which you yourself do not like when they behave in the same way with you. Nowhere else can you find such details given in such a sacred sensitive manner, wherein the mysterious import of the word Prachodayat has been given here!

Similarly the Gayatri group’s 9 divine powers, the details of energies in Gayatri Sahasranam (1000 names), along with the meaning of Super Mantra Gayatri it sacred sensitive connotation have been given in an in depth manner by Gurudeva in this section of the Vangmaya. Let us imbibe in the deep recesses of our soul the Prana augmenting divine light of Almighty God who is Prana energy in form, eternal bliss, destroyer of our sorrow, supremely great, divinely radiant and divinity manifest and we pray to that God who is widespread in the form of solar consciousness to lead us in the direction of supreme glory. With this sensitive sentiment a straightforward, easy to understand commentary on Gayatri’s mysterious deep import has been given by this era’s Veda Vyas viz. our Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharyaji. This then is the miraculous writing specialty of his.

It is said that this world was created via Sound Energy. Super Mantra Gayatri manifested from Pranav Naad or Om divine sound and is said to be the primordial Richa (Vedic Mantra) of this cosmos from which Vedas manifested. The knowledge-wisdom aspect of Super Mantra Gayatri is so much more important that without understanding it properly we cannot know that how and why one benefits from Gayatri spiritual practices. There exist innumerable Mantras. In many other religious sects so many such Mantras are found wherein the methodology of doing their Japa or chanting is detailed and all religious scriptures are filled with details of their deep import. Yet the author of the Bhagwad Geeta has made it clear that ‘Gayatri Chandasamaham’ which means amongst Cchandas (poetic meters) I am Gayatri Mantra and in the Mantra energy dwells Almighty Lord’s divine existence. What is the scientific basis behind the special nature of this Super Mantra Gayatri? This can be understood best by reading the present Khand of the Vangmaya written by HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya.

By itself Gayatri possesses innumerable divine power, divine onrushes etc yet the root basis of its supremacy lies in the fact that it super cedes all known Mantras in the realm of Mantra Sciences. This Mantra has been chanted many trillions of times on planet earth. Its vibrations even now dwell in the subtle world. Merely along with meditation on Savita (sun) by chanting it with loving devotion all the vibrations from the subtle world gather around the aura of the devotee and by uprooting all unwanted elements in the devotee’s psyche renders him/her balanced and potent mentally. In the designing of Gayatri Mantra the manner in which various energy seeds are interwoven, is actually based on ‘science of Acoustics’. Each letter by influencing every letter of the microcosm and macrocosm creates most desirable results. In Mantra Japa chanting is done by the tongue yet in this process the entire nerve and muscular network is at work. In the brain one notes a major representation of palate of the mouth etc related to the voice system in the body and fingers of the hands too. This certainly is not a coincidence or ‘chance’ that 60% of the cerebral cortex is within the jurisdiction of this area and Japa continues. In a rosary of 108 beads along with implementation of various Mudras the fingers of the hands are at work. In the electrical nervous center a ‘neuronal cycle’ manifests and renders the entire brain consciousness oriented. This verily is the basis of Gayatri Mantra’s miraculous energy that on getting influenced immediately all Chakra (subtle plexus) based subtle nerve networks start awakening, many types of hormones start getting secreted that are the foundation of the process aiding in attaining a long life span and sound health dripping incessantly with divine nectarine bliss.

What influence is emitted by ‘Science of Harmony of Symbols’ within the realm of Mantra Science? That is, what is the influence noted when the Mantras are chanted in various tunes that adhere to alto soprano (rise and fall) type of singing? On knowing this aspect it becomes clear why Gayatri Mantra is called very special. It is a well known fact that mere chanting by the mouth and tongue devoid of any inner devotional sentiments or with no sense of oneness with the icon deity fails to give any beneficial results. The root energy enters the Mantra from such inner devotional sentiments wherein we merge our very existence with that of Almighty God’s cosmic divine existence. It is most required for us to realize that since Gayatri is a Mantra affiliated to solar based spiritual practices, since the sun is the very life force of all creatures, Japa chanted by focusing the mind on the sun’s golden rising form creates explosive energy in the Mantra words. Thus Super Mantra Gayatri has been given the supreme status of a miraculous one based on scientific principles.

Spirituality is a science wherein always dwell mathematical basis. In it never can 2 x 2 = 3.9 or 4.1. In fact the answer can only be 4. In the same way the stupendous result of Gayatri chanting if done in a scientific manner definitely shall be ours for keeps. Lest by watering and rendering fertile the soil (fertilizer of inner devotional sentiments) the seed Mantra is chanted definitely extraordinary results shall accrue. Only a high stature Rishi authority can solemnly declare thus!


The energy and potential of various Mantras is infinite more in measure than all powers and forces of the material world put together. This important information had been unfolded by Indian spiritual seers, way back in ancient eras. By itself whatever we speak/utter its effect is noted both at the individual (microcosm) and world (macrocosm) level. Water waves erupting in a lake when we throw a pebble in it travel quite afar. Similarly every word uttered by our mouth creates vibrations in the subtle molecules of space. Due to these vibrations unseen inspirations manifest in people. Via this potential of sound in the gross world terrific explosions can be created in materials and also in masses present in space. Not only this subtle Prana Energy, light, heat, etc found in planets, stars, galaxies etc too can be magnetically attracted and tapped. The requirement only is regarding its methodology and proper application. On this very basis Mantras and Vedic Richas were created. On the face of it Mantras and Richas that appear to be merely words and prayers are in a way Yantras. Lest someone applies this methodically he can attain mastery and lordship over the entire cosmos.

The most modern attainments of Sound Sciences tell us that the power of well sequenced sound vibrations is extraordinary and mind boggling. When electrical onrush is bestowed on ultrasound waves not heard by human ears, its capacity to pierce increases so much that by piercing the most solid and hard material it’s designing can be clearly photographed. Similarly via applications of ultrasound waves in the world of modern medical therapy it has already been proved that when such ordinary mundane sound vibrations can be so powerful, how infinitely more powerful shall be Mantra sound vibrations since great Rishis of yore have woven them in a special manner. Via Mantra Energy warding off diseases, overcoming poison effect like snake bites, magnetically attracting unseen forces, executing Maran (Tantrik method of killing) via mental resolve or Sankalpa Shakti, Mohan, Ucchatan etc are successfully accomplished. In the epics Ramayan and Mahabharat weapons working with Mantra power killed many. These Mantra power weapons had energy that was infinitely more potent than nuclear bombs also. Hence these weapons in those eras carried out gigantic tasks. With its potent power huge battalions of soldiers were destroyed and what was mind boggling that if you wished to kill only one person in a huge crowd of people, this too was possible via Mantra power weapons. This was but the miracle of that Sound Science whose very miniscule information has been unfolded by contemporary modern scientists.

Via Mantra Energy all types of benefits that are material and spiritual in nature can be accrued. Rishis, Yogis and spiritual seers of ancient times, via Mantra Power, attained victory over infinite energies of planet earth heaven and the entire cosmos. Due to the influence of Mantra Energy they became so powerful that by mere will power they could transport objects to other far off or nearby places, convert energy to matter and matter into energy. Curses and boons are but the effect of Mantra Energy. It is this potent energy that aids in warding off someone’s disease in a jiffy, in a flash know what is taking place millions of miles away, information of various galaxies and knowledge of each network comprising of 72 thousand subtle nerves. Hence in Indian Philosophy the measure of research executed on Mantra Energy has not been done anything else. Since great Rishis of yore were discoverers of Mantras, they were called Drishtas or seers. Vedas are nothing but is a type of Mantra Science wherein mysterious imports of establishing a bond with extraordinary subtle conscious existences and energies of this infinite gigantic cosmos has been elucidated. Modern material scientists have so far attained very ordinary miniscule information in this realm.

Mantras are directly related to uttering and sound emanating from it and hence it is called Sound Science. Till date research carried out in this field and data unearthed tells us that maybe intellectuals of the world do not harbor faith in the Power of Mantras yet modern material scientists are marching ahead in this very direction. A renowned modern science researcher of New York-USA, Dr Lawrence Castro using scientific technology like spectrograph made graphs of thousands of people of various age classes and then analyzed these graphs in a scientific manner. The conclusion drawn from these was that lines on the graph of each person created due to sound vibrations are of varied patterns and types. Yet only one sentence uttered by one person created lines on the graph that remained unchanged pattern wise when measured in different states of the person being healthy, sick, in heat, cold, under pressure etc. This means that sound vibrations possess such power no nature based changes like windy storms, rains, high-low temperatures etc can affect them. In every state the lines of the graph of every individual remain unchanged. In the same way the amplification of sound waves of each Mantra remains of 1 type only. The lines of graphs, shape, nature etc of different individuals could be different which means if a person utters 1 sentence or 1 particular Mantra then lines that move forward or regress backwards could be long or short yet its repetition or frequency remains the same pattern wise.

Sound waves of words uttered in any ordinary mundane manner by marching a bit ahead spreads out in the entire cosmos and in a few seconds accompanied by its reaction returns. In reflected (those that return) sound vibrations those very types of innumerable sentiments and thoughts return swiftly and they in turn increase such very principles in the psyche the one uttering these words. In fact they also increase the measure of such principles a great deal. Hence it is said that any word uttered is akin to a Mantra and hence mankind should utter words with great caution and alertness. Words uttered should be sweetly nectarine and ooze with wisdom.

The Science of Mantras is different from the above. Those sound waves discussed above its shape-type has definitely been utilized via electrical energy. Yet in Mantras no type of external power or force cannot transform and change those sound waves. In the Yoga scientific technique sound emerging from Mantra chanting is bestowed with electricity by sound energy itself whereas human will power called Sankalpa Shakti by putting controls over it gets the capacity to execute just about any task. Japa or Mantra chanting is a combined form of Naad or sound vibrations and Bindu spiritual practices. With its aid even the most gigantic form and also a smallest particle can be pierced. Hence Mantra Power is called unlimited and it is inferred that none can go beyond the limits and laws of this energy be it Brahma the creator, Vishnu who propagates this world, Mahesh who destroys and transforms it or just about any other deity. It is hence that Goswami Tulsidasji in Ram Charit Manas writes: ‘Mantra param laghu jasuvash, vidhi harihar sur sarva’.

According to modern material scientists opine that human ears can hear sound that has 20 as minimum and 20,000 maximum sound vibrations. No doubt rare exceptions could exists else sound vibrations beyond these limits called Ultra Sound cannot be heard by human ears. Despite this it’s existence is so powerful that very much akin to nature’s molecules vibrating due to thunder of rain clouds, similarly wherever these sound vibrations pass by the create intense movements and upheavals. Depending on the intensity of Ultra Sound waves living beings can get destroyed, molecules can be induced to fly high to great heights and then convert them into energy form. In Mantras too this very scientific theory and principle is at work. Via Mantra chanting also Ultra Sound waves manifest. The more it receives electrical energy of a psyche brimming with sacred sensitive sentiments/faith the more intensely it vibrates molecules in space so as to run towards the area of meditation. It is a fact that space is not a void or Shunya. Akin to water filled in a bucket billions of molecules fill up space in a mobile manner. Ordinarily sound spreads out in all 4 directions yet words in Mantras are interwoven in such a manner that its sound waves become of a special type. The sound waves of Super Mantra Gayatri arises upwards like rings of wire and via the medium of molecules of the deep recesses of the subtle reaches the brilliant shining sun in the sky. When this sound returns from the sun’s deep recesses, as a resounding echo returns. Along with this it aids the Mantra chanting devotee’s body to imbibe warmth of sunlight atoms, light and electricity. Thus not only the physical body but that the psyche and soul of the Mantra chanting devotee becomes highly advanced due to these potent atoms and many a times attains those benefits not attainable by the most laborious efforts executed in a mundane manner.

Every Mantra mentioned in the sacred Vedas has some icon deity or the other. Super Energy Gayatri’s deity is Savita. It means all those benefits accrued via Gayatri meditation-worship like good health, potent Prana Energy and life force, bodily/mental strength, wealth, property, siring children and other aspirations attain energy and inspiration from the solar system. Whenever any Mantra is uttered at that time by marching ahead amidst molecules of space, ether etc with special mobility/speed reaches that deity or energy center that has a bond with that Mantra uttered. At the time of doing Mantra Japa or chanting required energy is got from the mind’s power. Via this energy the sound waves at the time of doing Mantra Japa or chanting is viewed as electrical waves. While moving ahead with frenzied speed it crashes into divine powers. As a result of this invisible subtle atoms with slow speed start getting transformed. Its direction is totally opposite. Both gross and subtle molecules start running and they bestow bodily benefits and mental inspiration to the Mantra chanting devotee. It is this transformed and n fold amplified energy of Mantras that bestow on mankind material success/Sidhis and in a sequential manner leads it towards soul based glories called Vibhootis.

Via Super Mantra Gayatri practices the devotee by piercing the deep cave of the sun creates upheavals in molecules residing there. As a result light energy or consciousness and inspirations’ intense waves pour down on the devotee. In the preliminary phase this process of give-take and moving ahead-returning is a bit slow in pace yet when mental focus keeps increasing the results and reactions intensify also. Thus the subtle soul existence speedily gets adorned with these light molecules that get attracted by divine powers. The more these light molecules become highly advanced in the devotee’s inner personality the more he becomes a clear seer of future events, successfully interprets various dreams and attains miraculous inspirations. When faith and trust become very profound benefits accrue swiftly yet if this does not happen, even so the devotee never is denied these miraculous benefits of Mantra chanting.


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