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The above divine speech was uttered by HH Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji (Shakti incarnate) with reference to her Lord Shiva incarnate Yuga Rishi Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya.  Theirs is a divinely sporting duo of Shiva-Shakti. Shiva and Shakti are inseparably one. Their relationship eternally is unbroken and ceaseless. This Lila or divine sport of theirs is eternal and nonstop. Right since world creation it is that one supreme divine consciousness that is divine sporting as Shiva and Shakti. The manifest form of this supreme divine consciousness is called Shakti and its un-manifest form is Lord Shiva. While fully endorsing this divine truth the scriptures say:

Umarudratmikaha sarvaha prajaha sthavar jangamaha.

Vyaktam sarvamumarupamavyaktam tu maheshwaraha.

MEANING: This entire world creation of animate/inanimate etc creatures is but the form of Goddess Uma and Lord Rudra. In it the manifest form of this supreme divine consciousness is called Goddess Uma and its un-manifest form is Lord Maheshwara.

The Shrutis also say that whatever is seen, heard, remembered in this world is nothing but Shiva-Shakti. Rudra is male and Uma is female. Rudra is Brahma and Uma is Saraswati. Rudra is Vishnu and Uma is Lakshmi. Rudra is sun and Uma is shadow. Rudra is Soma and Uma is Tara. Rudra is day and Uma is night. Rudra is Yajna and Uma is Vedi. Rudra is Vahni and Uma is Swaha. Rudra is Vedas and Uma is Shastras. Rudra is tree and Uma is creeper. Rudra is fragrance and Uma is flower. Rudra is meaning and Uma is alphabet. Rudra is Linga and Uma is Peetha. Those who harbor such sacred sentiments can bow down everywhere. It is such people who realize the mysterious Lila or Divine Sport of Shiva-Shakti.

A Mantra Drishta Seer Rishi of a very ancient Vedic era was asked: Which deity should we worship and eulogize (Kasmai devaya havisha vidhema)? In 10 Richas or Vedic verses they gave the following answer. Within these 2 are very appealing:

Hiranyagarbhaha samavartatagne, bhutasya jataha patirek aseeta.

Sa dadhar prithivimut dyam, kasmai devaya havisha vidhema.

Ya atmada balada yasya vishva, upasate prashisham yasya devaha.

Yasyacchayamritam yasya mrityuhu, kasmai devaya havisha vidhema.

MEANING: Preliminarily Lord Hiranyagarbha Shiva incarnated who was the lord and ancestor of all beings. Later with his Divine Power he created earth and space. Thus we must worship and eulogize him only. We must worship and eulogize only him who bestows all our activities life force and energy, from whose austerities emerges newness akin to flames from fire, that sanctifies all creatures, whose commands are followed respectfully by all living beings and whose shadow is death and immortality.

The birth of Yug Nirman Mission is very much like the mystery of world creation. Our Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya in the form of an eternal representative of Lord Mahakal (Cosmic Divine Time) appeared in this world and immersed himself in ceaseless difficult spiritual austerities. After this in the form of his eternal Divine Energy HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji Sharma incarnated as an Avatar. It is HH Mataji who managed this mission deftly. Via the power of penance of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya many activities of the mission took birth. HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji Sharma continued to optimally manage and oversee all of these activities and amplified them. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya divine power of grace executes the humungous task of sanctifying all of us both within and without. It is his divine commands that are the root of all tasks we perform and if anyone amongst us all question great Rishis using the ancient language of Sanskrit viz. ‘kasmai devaya havisha vidhema’ definitely the answer shall be: ‘tasmai devaya havisha vidhema’ i.e. pointing towards Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya.

This divine duo of Shiva-Shakti can be seen clearly in the birth, life and activities of the Yug Nirman Mission. With reference to Shiva-Shakti, Gurudeva and HH Mataji who is senior and who is junior? This question shall arise only when both are separate. Since both are one single divine soul principle where can such a question arise with reference to seniority? Of course! It is true that where on the one hand Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s austerity based divine aura pulls us all magnetically towards it, there HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji Sharma’s divine affection satiates the very core of our bosom. We may not understand the unsolved puzzle of the mysterious life of Revered Gurudeva and HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji yet it is definite that lest HH Mataji were not in our midst our Yug Nirman Mission would not have become so widespread as is witnessed today. It means that if Shakti was absent maybe Shiva could not have spread his divine mission the world over.

Right since primordial times this truth has been accepted wholeheartedly. In his great literary masterpiece ‘Soundarya Lahiri’ Adi Guru Shankarcharyaji says:

Shivaha shaktya yukto yadi bhavati shaktaha prabhavitum.

Na chedevam devo naha khalu kushalaha sPunditumapi.

MEANING: Without Shakti, Shiva cannot manifest his true inner form because without Shakti it is impossible to create-propagate-annihilate this world. In fact without Shakti, Shiva is totally immobile and vibration less.

Devoted devotees in this energizing principle and in its entire activity based movements has said that the cause is but divine grace. Its existence itself oozes with grace and blessings. In its anger too grace lies hidden. It is hence that in the Devi Mahatmya it is said:

Chitte kripa samaranishthurta cha drishtva.

In fact scriptural scholars to this extent have said that: O Divine Mother! Lord Shiva resides in the hearts of all creatures and you dwell in his heart. But you dwell in the heart also as compassion personified and hence we seek your divine shelter.

This quote by scriptural scholars proves true for HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji 100%. Those who have attained her close proximity, know well that in her wrath too compassion oozed albeit subtly. If Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s inner personality the shining radiated gloriously like sun then HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji’s inner personality bloomed serenely like the cool, calm full moon. It was this praiseworthy inner personality of HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji that she could transform Revered Gurudeva’s radiant glorious nature into affectionate calmness for her children-devotees. Today although Shiva-Shakti that had incarnated as Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s and HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji for executing their world divine sports has merged into the divine cosmic principle called Almighty God (after shedding their mortal coil) yet in the form of deep faith and intense Prajna (Divine Intellect) placed as symbols in Shantikunj (HQ ALL WORLD GAYATRI FAMILY-HARIDWAR-INDIA) their subtle existence and vibrations of divine energy even today are clearly perceived by loving devotees imbued with deep faith).



We describe that cosmic personality in the form of ‘possessing the wealth of austerities, an infinite ocean of wisdom and deep thinker’ who for 80 years remained active in his physical mortal form. Lest we calculate as to  how much he served those innumerable people afflicted with tension, anguish, poverty, oppressed etc in a divinely untold compassionate manner, to what limits he shared the pain and sorrow of others and how he showed them the path of glorious uplifting from a very downfall state, an experience of pride is felt that we all are so fortunate that we associated with Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya while he was in our midst in his divine gross physical form.

The generous magnanimous nature of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya can be seen in all realms of life. When he entered the arena of God devotion and spirituality this saint’s compassionate heart melting like soft butter shared the divine power of his long term austerities with innumerable people. His Revered Gurudeva had told Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji: You must earn with 100 hands and share it with 1000 hands. The more you sow seeds in the tilled soil of world society you shall reap infinite more in return. You must harvest this crop of spiritual energy and share it with one and all the world over. If not Audhardani (one who gives with infinite hands) what can we call him who is none other than Lord Rudra incarnate? When butter and snow on mountain tops melt they do so on being harassed by heat. A saintly heart looks upon others’ anguish as his pain. Thus with such a compassionate heart saints very naturally share the spiritual energy of their difficult penance with others to ward off their sorrow.

On visualizing Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya living as a normal householder with his eating, dressing, resting etc habits like any lay person he appeared a very common personality. He neither was a Sanyasi wearing ochre robes, Tilak on forehead, Rudraksha rosary around his neck etc and neither did he get the title of ‘Mahamandaleshwar’. For his entire sojourn on earth he lived such a life that can be said to have the height of the King of Mountains Himalayas. Thus it is beyond the ken of a common lay person’s brain to gauge the glorious heights of life reached by our Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya. His chief great qualities were purity and innocence found in little children and generosity/magnanimity like huge rain clouds pouring rain. Yet his greatest quality super ceding all other qualities was his divine affection for all akin to a compassionate cosmic divine mother. Anyone who came in his contact became Revered Gurudeva’s beloved child and thus all devotees oozed with his affectionate selfless love. Any person coming to Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya for the very first time would feel Gurudeva loves him the most and none else however close to him.

It is very difficult for people who keep discussing merely Sidhis and miracles perceived by the 5 sense organs, to understand that amongst the innumerable Sidhis and divine glories possessed by Revered Gurudeva a major one was that of making everyone his own beloved child. This was because Revered Gurudeva brimmed forth with an advanced divine sensitive psyche and natural leaning towards compassion and generosity. This can be called a quality imbued within at birth itself and an attainment due to executing 2.4 million Super Mantra Gayatri Purashcharan also successfully completed by him. Regarding wind everyone feels that it is blowing cool air on him only. Regarding the brilliant sun everyone believes that it is only in their home that light and heat are entering. Yet the fact of the matter is that wind and sun both are so widespread that they can bestow benefits on innumerable people the world over in an equal manner. A psyche dripping with compassion, divine affection, love etc pours its sense of soul oneness on all and sundry. To the extent that violent creatures like lions, cobras etc get spell bound by it and renounce their violent animosity. The reason is that such divinely great saints as Revered Gurudeva are representatives of the cosmic divine soul called Almighty God in layman’s parlance. Thus such saints know only how to pour divine compassion and love on just about anyone and everyone. In the sacrosanct presence of the great sage Raman Maharshiji (Tiruvannamalai-India) all creatures including human beings lived with a sense of loving brotherhood. A mere glance from this great sage Raman Maharshiji would induce violent creatures to give up their enmity and vicious nature. This is but the miracle of a gigantic compassionate divine psyche oozing with a sense of soul oneness with all, whether they are animate or inanimate beings.

Anyone who came to Revered Gurudeva was given so many boons. Never did anyone leave in despair. Leaving aside those rare cases whose destiny was very dire, all others were helped so much although they had come there for only a little bit of help. Always he would say that he did not possess anything but promised he would pray to his Divine Goddess Mother Gayatri. Whatever Mother gave him would be given to devotees approaching Revered Gurudeva. Never would he say: I shall give you a boon. This is because he felt he was merely a medium through which Divine Goddess Mother Gayatri blessed all devotees. This was hence Revered Gurudeva’s supreme greatness.

The Himalayan resident Trikaldarshi (seer of past/present/future) Saint Vishudhananda spoke regarding Revered Gurudeva thus in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1957):

“Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya is not made of unbaked clay. Every nerve of his is steely. In the past 30 years he has heated himself in the fire of extremely difficult spiritual austerities and thus is now made of Ashtadhatu (8 tough metals). Since enemies attract one’s weaknesses, he has hammered them so much that these weaknesses have turned into tough strength. Those entities that lead man towards a downfall are desires, avarice for wealth and sexual lust. Every cent earned by him and inherited ancestral property was used for spreading his divine mission of world well being. His holy consort HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji Sharma donated all her priceless ornaments at the feet of Goddess Mother Gayatri so as to set an example on how to usher in a Satyuga or Golden Era. This divine couple placed at a huge distance the greed for wealth by eating only barley bread and butter milk for meals and wearing inexpensive Khadi clothes to cover their bodies for their entire lifetime. Both of them converted their household into a hermitage of penance (Tapovan) and harbored an attitude of mother and father towards each other. This was the spiritual endeavor of life on their part. Their souls were so generous like the lofty Himalaya Mountains and purity of Manasarovar Lake that no seeds of poison dwelled in their psyche responsible for creating the downfall of anyone who take up such an onerous mission of world well being. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma is that captain of a ship who helps thousands to reach the destination of eternal divine bliss. He took birth as a great personality, lived a life of supreme glory and his shedding of his mortal coil in future too shall ooze with greatness”.

How true was the above observation by Swami Vishudhanandji (divine seer) who while blessing Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya when he was to commence a Sahasrakundi Gayatri Yajna (1000 pyre) had ‘read’ his inner supreme greatness. It was the miracle of Revered Gurudeva’s Super Power Gayatri practices that in one voice all great saints of India accepted him as an experienced adept master of Super Science Gayatri and its mode of spiritual practice or Sadhana. One high stature official, a member of All World Gayatri Family had visited Late HH Shri Devraha Baba Sarkar in Allahabad Kumbh Mela a few decades back. He asked Mahayogi HH Shri Devraha Baba Sarkar as to what was his opinion regarding Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya? Late HH Shri Devraha Baba Sarkar had replied facing the east: That form of Savita or the brilliant shining sun oozes in this great Avatar as divine light. Hence my obeisance to this great saint Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya. He is a Sidha-Sadhak of Goddess Mother Gayatri and definitely this era shall transform based on the divine directions given by him. When Mahayogi HH Shri Devraha Baba Sarkar was asked as to what type of direct connection he had with Yug Nirman Mission (Era Transformation) founded by Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya? Late HH Shri Devraha Baba Sarkar who had lived a very long life (about 2000 years) had replied: All divine existences have taken birth on planet earth in order to usher in Satyuga or Golden Era. Visibly Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has carried out great tasks with his mortal coil. This very task shall be fulfilled in a more gigantic manner by other Rishi existences conjoining to this mission. In this I too shall participate in a subtle form after I shed my mortal coil. From the inaccessible secret regions of the loft Himalaya Mountains we all shall perform collective spiritual austerities that shall manifest terrific untold measure of Prana Energy. Thus it shall bestow on India the highest spot in the world with reference to establishing a World Culture. Over here what we need to remember is that in June 1990 AD itself both these great Super Divine Personalities (Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji and Mahayogi HH Shri Devraha Baba Sarkar) had shed their mortal coil so as to activate their subtle unseen divine body. This mysterious event was no mere ‘chance’ but that it was a very important part of Almighty God’s divine mission.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya became this era’s Maharshi Vishwamitra because he executed Gayatri practices with zeal and one pointed devotion and encouraged innumerable other devotees to follow suit. He gave wisdom to each individual that life’s sanctification is good health and Karmakanda or worship rites are external beauty aids. It is only when both combine, that all round benefits accrue in great measure. This he proclaimed when in the minds of all this illusion had taken roots that in order to imbibe Brahmin qualities there was no need to raise our inner personality to sacred heights of glory and externally live a life of high ideals, ethics etc. Brahmins at that time deluded thought you may life in any manner you wish while carrying out various Karmakanda or worship rites. They felt that doing this much shall give them the title of ‘Brahmins’. Hence when Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya uprooted this erroneous thinking he had in effect set rolling in a worldwide Thought Revolution.

Gayatri is said to be such a Mantra that on chanting it in an Anushthan dangerous situations are warded off and joyous comforts increase. But know well that this information is half baked. Super Power Gayatri is called Mahaprajna (great divine intellect). Mahaprajna means that mode of thinking that liberates such an intelligent creature as man from straying recklessly in life and overcoming complex problems faced.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya would say off and on that if we think deeply over the meanings embedded in the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri it can be called the tiniest yet a great Mantra that overflows with divine light based inspirations. In the final leg of Super Mantra Gayatri Almighty Lord is prayed for a sacred brilliant intellect. This is not merely a plea but that Super Mantra Gayatri’s chanting is of the stature of those very potentials and inspirations. Those who with deep devotion oozing in their psyche drink the milk of Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow) definitely attains super glory due to the boon of a accrued sacred brilliant intellect and good will based sentiments accrued. In true terms Super Mantra Gayatri possesses the capacity to render normal laymen into great saintly super personalities. This was proved by Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya when after rendering his life an experimental laboratory and encouraging others to perform intense spiritual practices paved the way for their stupendous soul uplifting to heights of great glory. In order to attain grace of other deities people are known to stray here and there aimlessly. For such deluded people Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya has only one message that no other Mantra the world over can compete with the greatness of Super Mantra Gayatri. All Avatars the world over including great saintly super personalities and Rishi centers have worshiped Super Mantra Gayatri. Hence why carry out the stupid act of digging wells just about everywhere? In this era of intellectualism a greater need exists for propagating great divine intellects just about everywhere. In the true sense of the term only this can usher in a New Era called Satyuga or Golden Era.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya exhibited the multifaceted form of Super Power Gayatri practices by authoring in 3 volumes the Super Science of Gayatri. This is said to be a world dictionary in a certain sense. In it he writes that apart from Mantra worship a steadfast serious Sadhak/devotee must compulsorily include devotion, meditation, spiritual practices etc in their day to day living. In the 3 legs of Tripada Gayatri these 3 specialties must be rendered widespread and blooming i.e. in every iota of our mental plane.

Worship, meditation etc is related to our causal body (Karan Sharira) that includes the very deep recesses of our psyche. Spiritual austerities are related to our subtle body (Sookshma Sharir) and rites and rituals to selfless service to society, via generous magnanimous activities. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya via all 3 bodies executed long term Super Power Gayatri practices in a steadfast manner. Thus he became the blessed divine son of Mother Goddess Gayatri. Anything less than this cannot aid in amassing Brahmavarchas or Divine Aura that helps innumerable laymen both materially and spiritually. Lest such alertness was not harbored in order to render advanced his inner personality akin to rich fertile soil, maybe his 24 Gayatri Purashcharanas carried out for 24 long years and other Japa, austerities etc executed would not have been as effective as was witnessed and experienced deeply.

When Revered Gurudeva was 60 years old, a highly intellectual leader met him at the Tapobhumi and asked him: Revered Sir! I am aware of the details of benefits attained by innumerable people due to your grace. Please do tell us the mystery behind this Sidhi or divine capacity of yours. Revered Gurudeva replied: I have shut closed all results of long term Gayatri worship-meditation carried out by me in a vault for some very special task. This mystery shall unfold only when I shed my mortal coil and leave planet earth. Whatever results you have heard of and know are but the results of living a true pious life of a Brahmin. True Brahmin-hood and its glorious qualities are a penance on its own. Till now I have used only its benefits and in future also these results shall be accrued.

All the above shows that Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya had no pride of any sort, no arrogance of being a great Sidha-saint etc. He was very straightforward and simplicity personified. This is that facet of his glorious life not gauged by people harboring a very superficial vision. They look upon only the physical body as the be all and end all of life.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya carried out very profound Gayatri worship-meditation practices and penance and with its aid fulfilled the process of sanctifying world human psyche. Along with this he carried out Savitri practices for sanctifying external material nature. Even now after shedding his mortal coil he is continuing this onerous task albeit in his subtle body (Sookshmikaran). It is only by becoming akin to the brilliant sun that an Avatar type of divine existence can usher in Era Transformation comparable to Bhagiratha bringing down River Ganges from heaven after performing harsh painstaking penance for so many years at a stretch. Anything less than this cannot harbinger in Era Transformation. Super Power Gayatri and sun are the very life force of Indian Culture. As long as divine humans of India executed worship-meditation via Super Mantra Gayatri till then in the field of wisdom-knowledge-science India was a world leader, healthy both mentally and physically and attained happiness due to all round development. Whenever atrocities and demonic behavior increased, Avatar stature saints taking help of solar practices rendered a great transformation in human nature on a worldwide scale. The sun has intense brilliance, mobility, capacity to render our thinking highly uplifted and by liberating our thinking from all distortions it gets the strength to sanctify our sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana). It is for this reason that divine transforming existence of great Gurus decides what is apt and optimal for world humans in those contemporary times.

In the Kapil Tantra the following is mentioned:

Guravo yoga nishnataha prakritim panchadha gatam.

Parikshya kuryuhu shishyanamadhikar vinirnyam.

MEANING: Gurus who are adept Yogis must examine the nature and activities of their disciples based on 5 fold Tattvas (elements) decide what icon deity must they worship and meditate upon. Shrutis say that their icon deity could be anyone as follows:

1)      Deity of space is Lord Vishnu

2)      Deity of fire is Goddess Maheshwari

3)      Deity of wind is Lord Surya

4)      Deity of earth is Lord Shiva

5)      Deity of water is Lord Ganesh

In Gayatri and sun all the above elements get included and one’s spiritual practice becomes multidimensional. On noting the circumstances of this era Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya spoke to us thus. He says: It is definite that Era Transformation shall usher in and its root axis shall be India. The spirituality of entire planet earth has got focused here and the sunrise of a New Era shall be witnessed here with its golden aura. In order to fructify this quote of his possibly in the past 250 years in order to reinstate Satyuga or Golden Era and destroy darkness of the past 2000 years majority of great realized saints have taken birth in India. That task executed in the past 250 years never has it been witnessed in the annals of world history as getting fulfilled with such speed. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya writes: In the past 8-9 years the task that shall be executed shall be that much more extraordinary. In it human nature, thinking process and worldwide subtle atmosphere shall witness stupendous mind boggling positive transformation. How shall all this take place? The mysterious import of all this was explained to us by Revered Gurudeva who had rendered himself divinely radiant as the sun. He had also prophesized that 21st century shall be very bright and glorious.

In order to ward off suspicion and doubts of all types in order to augment purity in world humanity in a manifold way that power required today is none other than Savita deity (sun god).

In the Taiteriya Samhita its Rishi seer says:

Suryo vipashchinmanasa punatu.

MEANING: O Omniscient Sun God! Do bless me by purifying my mind.


Possibly hence Rishis of yore collectively have prayed right since primordial times to sun god in its conscious existence form:

Yosavaditye purushaha sosavaham.

……………Yajurveda (40/17)


In the Shukla Yajurveda (31/18) Rishis opine:

Vedahametam purusham mahantamadityavarnam…………nanyaha pantha vidyateyanaya.

MEANING: I know that Great God situated in the sun in its primordial form. He is totally beyond all darkness, bestowing of full light and who is Almighty God himself. On knowing him man goes beyond birth and death. For mankind there is no other path to attain Self Realization.

The above eulogy is not reason less. Great Rishis termed the brilliant sun as protector of our Prana Energy, creator, one bestowing nourishment and said:

Jyogeva drishem suryam.

……………Atharvaveda (1/31/4)

MEANING: We pray that for a very long time frame we get ceaseless Darshan (vision) of Sun God possessing cosmic light.


Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya right from March 1977 to May 1977 had ceaselessly thrown profound light on spiritual practices or Sadhana pertaining to Gayatri-Surya-Savita-Kundalini via articles in special editions of Akhand Jyoti Magazine published by him. In the April 1977 edition he writes: On noting contemporary times there is an increased need of creating an optimal environment for executing high stature spiritual practices or Sadhana. By constructing Shantikunj as a Gayatri Tirth (pilgrim spot) and a forest hermitage represented by Brahmavarchas Research Institute efforts were made to imbue them with that very energy. In an article titled ‘s’ (Savitri Energy’s Super Life Force) by opining that a brilliant sacred intellect is today’s most potent energy said major importance must be given to the Divine Aura of Savita. He writes that it must now be rendered our icon deity for worship-meditation the world over so that for sanctification in the subtle world divine existence can avail a golden opportunity. In a special edition of January 1987 of Akhand Jyoti Magazine while giving neo thinking with reference to Kundalini Super Energy he writes: The Great Awakening of the world’s divine Kundalini Super Energy shall become possible via spiritual practices of sun-Savita in future times and in a jiffy the destiny of entire planet earth shall change positively.

Who can change the destiny of entire planet earth? The answer is only one who is of the stupendously high stature of Maharshi Vishwamitra, creator of this world and one that represents Vedic Rishis. In its formless aspect looking upon God existence as the brilliantly illumined, sin destroying and divine aura (Bharga) of Savita by imbibing energies of sun god via it one becomes imbued with potent will power. Thus one can combat and fight against world dire situations. This is what Revered Gurudeva has mentioned time and again via mammoth literature penned by him. He has said that it is solar movements that shall usher in a new era. These days earth in order to change the course of its present dire destiny has immersed itself in the womb of the sun. Via this symbolic description he exhibited that that earth coming out transformed and well sanctified shall be absolutely new and thus entire world creation shall also appear new. Solar flames and reactions of sunspots flying into earth shall prove ghastly for demonic and unethical behavior. Further it shall aid immensely those energies responsible for ushering in divinity on earth. All this was told to us by Revered Gurudeva. During discussions he would tell us all: I have asked you all to wear yellow colored clothes chiefly because it shall become greatly possible for all of you to imbibe a lot of energy from the Sun and Jupiter and Gayatri and Guru. The inner bond between the Sun and Jupiter gives rise to the color yellow. Today it is not the ocher robe that shall prevail known to induce people to run away from social responsibilities in the name of Vairagya (detachment from the material world). This is because the need of the hour is yellow hue clothed people although mentally detached yet can combat valiantly in all realms of life afflicted with various types of taints and distortions. They shall ceaselessly get boons from the radiance of the sun. In reality without imbibing Guru principle (Jupiter) Gayatri-Savitri principle (Sun-Savita) cannot be imbibed.

Knowing quite well that Tantra knowledge can harm my disciples a lot Revered Gurudeva designed a methodical Anushthan of Super Mantra Gayatri chanting. In this Super Mantra Gayatri by ‘injecting’ his Tantra practice energy, austerity based power and along with Savitri imbued it with Jupiter also rendered it cool and serene. In this manner it can become this era’s spiritual practice causing no harm at all to anyone practicing it diligently. Time and again he made it crystal clear that none should take up the dangerous risky act of switching on the switch of Tantra for immediate quick benefits. Instead all his devotees should regularly chant Super Mantra Gayatri, do Naadi Shodhan Pranayam and meditate on the rising golden sun at dawn. The remaining requirements both material and more so spiritual shall be fulfilled by Revered Gurudeva himself. In reality it is the Guru who renders a Mantra conscious in nature. After Sidhi is attained via 10 Sanskar rites, from word and its sound Mantra gets created. That Gayatri practice termed secret previously has been given certain subtle changes by Revered Gurudeva so that it is accessible to entire world lay humanity. That social based tenet explained to us by him conjoined to meditation on sun combined with Japa is outstandingly extraordinary.

That divine existence proclaiming uplifting low stature Prana Energy into a high stature one and Kayakalpa (bodily-mental transformation/rejuvenation) of entire human race had become one with the brilliant sun. In addition to this it had made a powerful resolve or Sankalpa during the hour of Vasant Parva (spring festival) in 1990 AD. This resolve encompassed imbibing a subtle invisible body so as to positively change the psyche of world humanity albeit at a subtle level and thus usher in a New Era. In a book penned by him ‘For the 21st century what should we all do?’ (page number 17) he writes: The basis, paraphernalia, means and tools for neo creation is that very congregation of people that the Great Eagle of Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family-Haridwar-India) has hidden akin to eggs in its gigantic wings. The process of rendering them powerfully capable and well nourished is going on within the realm of this institute. This is that promise and proclamation meant for us all made by the part and parcel divine authority of Lord Mahakal (Divine Cosmic Time).



Regarding contemporary times all scholars, astrologers and ESP based seers in one voice agree this is the hour of Era Junction. Fearful distorted situations the world over has reached its nadir. All around us rein desires, anger, greed and delusion. Under such situations in order to uproot unrighteousness and reinstate righteousness the world over there is a scripture based belief of Almighty God taking an Avatar because divine authority always vows to render balanced that which has gone in disarray via his divine inspiration and effort. Via the medium of promises like ‘Tadatmanam srijamyaham’ as mentioned in the Bhagwad Geeta materialize during such situations.

According to astrological sciences the contemporary times encompass end of Kaliyuga or Dark Age and beginning of Satyuga or Golden Age. Calculation of time while ignoring all past prejudices has been measured which says that it is the hour of Sankraman of the 5th Kalpa of world history. Mahatkalpa, Hiranyagarbhakalpa, Brahmakalpa and Padakalpa have already passed by. Varahkalpa that commenced before 13800 Vikram is going on right now. Even the Vaivaswat Manvantar (7th) is going on. Well known astrologers of India in 1964 while organizing a gigantic conference made an important announcement that after 9 Avatars Lord Kalki has already manifested in this world and that as of now he must be immersed in overcoming the malefic influence of vain intellectuals and ushering in its place an atmosphere of goodwill the world over. They failed to agree with the observations put forth by western astrologers that Lord Kalki will manifest at the end of 20th century. All of them by creating a Kundli or astrological chart of the world proved that the incarnation of Taintless Prajnavatar has already taken place in India and at the moment he must be active in his mission. According to them between 1990 and 2010 his influence shall spread speedily in its subtle form and that it will spread the entire world over.

Regarding this all astrologers agree that the World Kundli prepared by the renowned astrologer Shri Jyotirbhushan Gopinathji on 5th September 1926 is correct. According to this astrological chart Lagna Tula is united with high stature Shani, in the Parakram area is high stature Ketu, in the house of joy lies Guru, in the 7th house is Swagrahi Mangal, in the 9th house is high stature Rahu, in the Karma Bhava is Swagrahi Chandra and it is united with Shukra. All these tell us that modern science and a new religion will usher in. in the Labha Bhava is the union of Buddha and Swagrahi Surya which tells us that India will ooze with wealth and grandeur. This Lagna position reminds us of that found in the Kundli of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. It is clear from this that in order to reinstate religion a divine power has already incarnated in this world even though people will accept this much later.

In reality a problem occurs there wherein erroneously via astrological tile calculation episodes in Rishi literature too is misinterpreted.

In the Manu Smriti (1/67-69) it is said that:

Brahmasya tu kshapahasya yatpramanam samasataha.

Ekaikasho yuganam tu kramashastanibodhata.

Chatvaryahu sahasrani varshanam tatkritam yugam.

Tasya tavacchati sandhya sandhyashashcha tathavidhaha.

Itareshu sansadhyeshu sansadhyasheshu cha trishu.

Ekapayena vartante sahasrani shatani cha.

MEANING: That Yuga believed to create this world and destroy it in Brahmaji’s night is thus- Purva Sandhya of 4 thousand and 4 hundred years and Uttar Sandhya also of that many years. Thus Satyuga will span 4800 years, Tretayuga of 3000 years, Dwapar of 2000 years and Kaliyuga of 1200 years.

After this we must delve deep into the Skand 12, Adhyay 2 and 34th Shloka or verse of Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran:

Divyabdanam sahasrante chaturthe tu punaha kritam.

Bhavishyati yada nrina man atmaprakashakam.

MEANING: At the end of 4 thousand divine years meaning in 4000 divine years Kaliyuga or Dark Age passed by and again Satyuga or Golden Age will dawn which will pour divine light into the mind and soul of world humanity.

Over here it is important to note the word ‘Divya’ or divine. Erroneously some scholars interpret it as demigods and by multiplying it with 360 (1 day of demigods is equal to 1 year of human beings) rendered it 432000 and said that this is the number of years for which Kaliyuga or the Dark Age will last. According to Rigveda (2/164/46) that which manifests in Divi or day and which is fiery like the sun is Divya or divine. Divi is Dyu and it means day. Hence as per the day of the sun if we calculate again Satyuga spans for 1200 years, Treta for 2400 years, Dwapar 3600 years and Kaliyuga for 4800 years. As per the verse of Bhagwat Mahapurana 4000 years of Kaliyuga and 800 years of junction period (Sandhikal) totals to 4800 years which is about to end.

According to epic Mahabharat (Van Parva, chapter 190, verses 88-91) if we calculate based on Rashis or Zodiac Signs it becomes clear that the final leg of 50 years of junction period or Sandhikal has commenced from Samvant 2000 which means Era Transformation is very near.

As per texts of Islam religion the year between 1950 and 2025 constitute Kayamat. Kayamat means after that no sinner will exist in this world. In the Hamidiya Library of Mecca there is a book titled ‘Alkshaf valkatmafi marfat’. In it is written that Kayamat will manifest when strife, chaos and enmity will reach its peak in the world. At that time a great saint will be born. He will ooze with spiritual energy and with the help of his divine soul power will douse to naught all fire based weapons. He will render this world heavenly and shall render old people youthful. A similar description can also be found in the sacred text called ‘Imamey akhikajjama’. The famous book of Medina ‘Maqsoom Bukhari’ says that in the 2/3rd part of 14th century of Hijri year Kayamat shall manifest and Hazrat Mehndi shall manifest. He will be the prophet of all religions.

In reality mathematical calculation of the birth chart of an Avatar is so complex and controversial that mounds of arguments for and against it can be put forth. Yet in reality all those movements active in the subtle world and those activities seen grossly executed by humans decides how, in what form and where an Avatar will be seen to be active.

It has been seen that even Avatars undergo step by step advancement. Their Kalas keep increasing as time passes by. The Turtle and Fish Avatar possessed 1 Kala each. Varah and Vaman had 2 Kalas. Nrisinha and Parshuram had 3 Kalas. Rama had 12 Kalas, Krishna had 16 Kalas and Buddha had 30 Kalas. Regarding the Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar it has been said that it possesses 24 Kalas. This then is step by step evolution or advancement. In world creation these Avatars have appeared at the appointed hour time and again and will continue to do so till it reaches the compact omnipotent number of 64 Kalas.

Over here we are delving deep into the details of Prajna Avatar and Era Junction or Yugasandhi so that members of Gayatri Family organization identify this Avatar based thought flow that had appeared before them visibly during their very lifetime. Not only have many conjoined to it but many more shall do so in future too. After knowing and identifying an Avatar it is not difficult to help divine men to understand the great divine stature of this Avatar.

Regarding Avatars of the past their preliminary area of activity was limited to fight undesirable mundane situations, oppose those acting unethically and reinstate greatness in the world. The one closest to Prajna Avatar is the Avatar of Lord Buddha wherein a great program was designed to encourage people to take shelter of a sacred intellect and give high stature great inspiration to world human psyche. The work arena of the Prajna Avatar is more gigantic and tortuous too. Not only does he have to oppose contemporary problems and individual unruliness but he has to sow, augment, nurture and render active seeds of great ideals in the world human psyche which are required for great sentiments of Satyuga or Golden Era and arrangement of Rama’s Rule (Ramrajya). On noting inner inspirations and its widespread nature it is natural that the number of Kalas of Prajna Avatar is 24.

While depicting the nature of Almighty God in Purusha Sukta it is said: ‘Sahasrashirsa purushaha sahasrakshaha shasrapat’. It means God possesses 1000 heads, 1000 hands and 1000 legs. It means Brahman or God is one only but on special occasions he with his special means and paraphernalia executes desired tasks. Not only world management but during special situations of Era Transformation thousands of Jivan Mukta (liberated while alive) high statured self realized saints become his aides and fulfill Lord Mahakal’s divine mission.

Definitely God is one only but yet when he carries out a special mission he does not remain alone and in fact akin to the brilliant sun possessing thousands of bright rays he manifests in this world. In great tasks of Era Transformation definitely God manifests his 1000 headed form. On special occasions Lord Mahakal perforce designs such a Maharas (divine dance) wherein for great ideals thousands of supremely saintly people become very active.

In these days this is exactly that is happening. A very wise thought flow manifested from that lotus flower which is called the Sahasradal (1000 petals) Kamal. Brahmaji manifested from a lotus flower. It is situated in the scalp region called Brahmrandhra. Since spiritual energy is greatly focused over here it is also said to be the central point or focal point of God’s manifestation. The terrific cyclone of great thoughts manifested from here. Via the medium of the sacred intellect of an Avatar like great saint thouse great thoughts warded off the alarming rise of demonic qualities in the arena of man’s consciousness and awakened those souls who possessed terrific spiritual powers. The 10th Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar is the symbol of this collective divine energy.

The manifestation of Lord Mahakal and Avatar based activities in a great soul takes place akin to the drop of rain water of Swati Nakshatra wherein an ordinary looking oyster too gets the good fortune of manifesting a pearl in its womb. Due to this great divine blessing an ordinary layman can soon be transformed into a great saintly personality.

In the dire times of Era Junction the Avatar of great souls that shall reinstate not only India’s but the world’s shining glory and in the form of a terrific thought energy flow Mahakal himself by donning a human garb has already incarnated in the 20th century. For this world humanity has harbored intense yearning. After Lord Buddha in the past 2000 years the birth of great saints has virtually come to a grinding halt. Now in the past 100 years in the form of partial incarnations 3 have already manifested.

Amongst the 3 partial Avatars 1st was Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans and 2nd was Yogiraj Shri Aurobindo Ghosh. The 3rd incarnation is already active in the form of Shantikunja’s era consciousness and Yug Nirman Yojana (program and movement). Now the 4th one shall incarnate in the form of a cosmic subtle thought flow and via thought based transformation the entire world will undergo a prolific change from its very root. These 4 partial incarnations shall form an omnipotent or Purna Avatar.

The influence of all these partial Avatars has been that the large number of great men imbued with potent conscious power born in India has remain unparalleled as far as this time period is concerned. Shri Ramkrishna enacted the role of Yoga of Bhakti or devotion and Shri Aurobindo opted for Yoga of Jnana or Divine wisdom. Both divine messengers heated up the subtle atmosphere and via terrific austerities created such an environment wherein glorious personalities full of extraordinary effort were born viz. Bankimchandra, Mahamana Malviyaji, Gopal Krishna Gokhle. Justice Ranade, Dada Navroji, Keshavchandra Sen, Tatya Tope, Lakshmibai, Swami Vivekananda, Mother Sharada, Sister Nivedita, Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Vallabhbhai Patel, Maulana Azad, Chittaranjandas, Rajendra Babu, Annie Besant, Sarojini Naidu, Shachichandra Sanyal, Chandrashekhar Azad, Rasbehari Bose, Bhagat Singh, Durgadevi, Mother of Pondicherry, Nirodbaran etc. The visage of Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans/Mother Sharada and Shri Aurobindo/Revered Mother can be seen as a duo of Lord Mahakal and Goddess Mahakali full of great divine intellect and deep faith.

Over here we must note that no individual is a messenger of God from birth itself. In fact on special occasion Lord Mahakal and Mahakali make these their vehicle/medium and via embodied people subtle powers execute their divine tasks. Invisible powers and subtle divine existences carry out their mission via visible mediums only. At such times ordinary people are seen to execute extraordinary feats. Just as at the time of manifestation of River Ganges, Goddess Ganga had chosen Lord Shiva’s matted hair locks as a medium. Time and again so many male females in this world too become mediums like these matted hair locks.

In present times in the year 1911 in the form of our revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya a messenger of God incarnated. Lord Mahakal made him his medium/vehicle and till the age of 60 years built a large organization called Yuga Nirman Yojana which had so many highly cultured awakened souls as its members. At the appointed hour in order to awaken them our revered Guru who was born as the Taintless or Nishkalank Prajna Avatar gave up his mortal coil. Before accepting death revered Gurudeva by portioning his soul into 5 via rendering the psyche divinely subtle made his soul widespread and multi faceted. Now this very divine authority from the subtle world is rendering active his subtle body to carry out the remaining tasks of the partial incarnations mentioned above. It is now we who must make a choice whether to join the Kaurava Army full of vile activities that will surely result in painful death or we wish to join Dharmaraj Yudhisthira so as to reinstate righteousness in this world and thus attain immortality.

Those who believe true only that which is gross and visible opine that how can such a great person play the role of the 3rd and 4th partial incarnation and that of Nishkalank Prajna Avatar whom we seen as an ordinary human being? For such people who thought revered Gurudeva laughed, talked etc like a frail human only we place before the respected readers his astrological birth chart and its analysis. This was made by a blind but scholarly astrologer in 1983 who was adept at astrology based mathematical calculations and even now is there to give us proof if it.


Astrologer Pundit Kanhaiyalal Dube made this Kundli and devotee Garibdas Mahadev studied it. It was etched out on paper by Purushottam Rao Garud in the year 8/2/1983.

Date of birth 20/9/1911, Thursday, time was morning between 8 and 9, Ashwin 13 Samvat 1968 and birth was under ordinary circumstances. Childhood was ordinary and between the age 24 and 32 he married for the 2nd time. At the age of 42 he exhibited his miraculous personality and during first 14 years he associated and had Darshan of great saints. At the age of 7 years itself, he was looked upon as a child destined for greatness.

He was an Avatar of God himself. He is part of God and full off divine powers. That task which he is trying to execute shall be fulfilled totally. He is a partial incarnation of God and great saint since the lord of Lagna Chandra is conjoined to Shukra and Buddha planets. Thus he must be a very great saint. He is a specialist of Tantra, Mantra, Yajna and possesses the extraordinary power of Shukra.


Just now his age must be around 72 years. By 80 years he will be worshiped as a great saint of austerities the world over and will attain immortality. He is one having the power of ‘Birth at will and death at will’. One with such a planetary Yoga attains immortality. Shani of the 7th house is watching with full Drishti its 4th house and hence will not have opponents. Everyone will dwell with him in friendship. Due to his influence everyone will become friends. Even the direst atheist will get positively influenced by him.

He will be called Vishwapita or World Father. The world’s power shall dwell at his sacred feet and his death shall not be ordinary. After giving great thoughts to the world he will attain immortality. As per his will he shall invite death (Iccha Mrityu) and merge into God. At present so much energy dwells at the feet of his holy consort (Mataji) that any tarnished planetary position of any woman can be overcome by drinking the water used to wash Mataji’s sacred feet (Charanamrit). It is to the extent that drinking this Charnamrit reverently can help a woman ward off her husband’s death and thus avoid widowhood. You are the Goddess herself. You too shall attain immortality. The 1st wife had Markesh. The 2nd wife had Amar Yoga or immortality. As per God’s wish he had to marry twice.

This great saint has Sanjivani Shakti or Power. He has the power to bring back to life one that has died. He can totally transform from the very roots anybody. He can ward off others deadly diseases. He can restore eyesight of the blind and give back the power of hearing to a deaf person. His body oozes with all divine energies of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. His tasks shall make him immortally renowned in all the 3 worlds. All this is because his birth chart has optimal Shukra, Buddha, Chandra and the Guru planet in Tula Zodiac Sign.

Regarding number of children he shall sire 2 sons and 2 daughters. All of them will be capable enough. One son shall be a renouncing and self sacrificing type, and all his children shall labor hard, full of good destiny, true in character and scholarly. The lord of Dhan or Wealth Bhava Mangal is in the 8th house. His organization shall possess a lot of wealth. Since at present there is a shadow on Singh Rashi till 21/9/1982 there will be an influence of Sadey-Saati Shani. Till 23rd July 1982 Mangal shall be joined to Shani. As a result the mind may manifest tainted emotions. But even this tainted influence gets cut off as a mere shadow on such a great Yogi-saint. Stomach upset problems will exist from 17 to 27 years of age yet his food eating habits due to influence of those times shall be apt. since Surya dwells in the 12th house he shall have to wear spectacles to ward off eye sight problems.

Since this great saint will ooze with knowledge of Karmakanda (Vedic rituals) and power of Yoga based penance he will experience good health instead of otherwise remaining ill. The planets Chandra, Buddha, Shukra and Guru in his Kundli are a great boon for this person. Their influence will render him a divine personage. In November 1982 he will suddenly get a lot of wealth. He has special Yogas like enterprise, exotic travelling, changing place of residence and having many friends. He will get special honor and fame the world over.

The year 1983 will be full of joy, wealth benefits will be seen, more property shall be got, will attain renown and honor and a Yoga that says grandeur augmenting.

The year 1984 will be great and between the years 1988 to 1996 all tasks shall be fulfilled.

People the world over shall become his followers. Everywhere he will achieve name and fame. He will be honored and worshiped as a world father, world Yogi and world emperor.

He will be virtually the Almighty Lord himself. From the years 1991 to 1992 we do not get much information from his astrological birth chart. Yoga of living in solitude exists. Despite shedding his mortal coil he will continue guiding the world via his potent subtle body. By exhibiting his prowess of merging his soul consciousness with cosmic consciousness or God he will become serene divine light in form.

The contact rope of great Yogis joins them to the deep recesses of the subtle and causal body via the gross body. Externally despite remaining unknown how intense is the bond between these can be gauged from the fact when an active member of All World Gayatri Family went to have the holy Darshan of Devraha Baba (A renowned Yogi) along with a PWD minister. At that time Devraha resided on a loft built on a big tree near Vrindavan (UP, India). At that time revered Gurudeva in the year 1971 had gone to the Himalayas as per the command of his own Guru.

The moment this member and volunteer came near the tree loft he saw 2 other ministers standing there. After a few minutes Baba came out of the loft and told one of his aides to call this volunteer of Gayatri Family. Baba’s aide thought that he wanted to talk to the minister. Hence in order to ward off this aides error Baba asked another of his helper to call the volunteer. Baba lovingly blessed this volunteer and asked whether Acharya Shriram Sharmaji had already left for the Himalayas. When the volunteer said yes he was told by Baba to work in a focused and zealous manner for the mission. You all yet do not know who revered Acharyaji is but at the appointed hour the truth shall be unveiled. After that Baba laughed and then smilingly said: All sacred tasks of Acharyaji shall get fulfilled on its own. You all are like mere puppet dolls. We all today are aware that these prophetic words of Revered Devraha Baba, with respect to our Gurudeva are materializing as true to the last letter.



The work arena of the Avatar existence of Almighty Lord is the subtle world. Those people imbued with divine energies gathered for a great length of time are induced to carry out tasks like era balance, managing and reforming world public and uprooting those elements that act unethically.

Whenever a particular type of problem erupts in this world, at that time in order to induce apt balance a divine consciousness manifests from the subtle world in our mortal world. The biography of Avatars encompasses Lilas or divine sports like repairing a drowning boat called this world and saving it from terrible gigantic eddies via their divine skills and enterprise.

At the commencement of world creation when only water existed everywhere and only waterborne creature existed, at that time the Matsya or Fish Avatar manifested to overcome mismanagement. It first manifested in Brahma’s Kamandalu or water pot as a very tiny fish. Later it started magnifying its girth so as to become a gigantic fish which gave Brahma inspiration to render widespread world creation. As per this command Brahma commenced this task and created divine men.

When both on land and water creatures proliferated at that time balance was generated by Kacchap or Turtle Avatar. Under its leadership tasks of churning the ocean or Samudra Manthan and also transformation of nature or Prakriti were enacted. Innumerable glorious people and materials that arose from this churning played a major role in advancement of this world.

It was only the Varah or Boar Avatar that could have unearthed wealth hidden in the ocean floors by the demon Hiranyaksha symbolizing narrow minded selfishness and further uprooting demonic elements of the world. This was exactly done and thus the mission was accomplished.

Whenever demonic elements cross all limits of unruliness and arrogance at such times gentlemanly behavior with them never works. At such times Lord Nirsingha or Half Man and Half Lion manifests and his enterprise leads. The Lord saw the situation and realizing the need of a half man half lion form, fulfilled his promise of uprooting demonic elements in the world and protecting gentlemanliness.

When there was a need of converting beastly behavior like selfishness, hoarding of excess wealth and sense titillation activities into large hearted generosity, under the leadership of Lord Vaman the voice of tiny, small and pigmy like world laymen spoke boomingly which forced a wealthy demon like Bali to utilize his untold wealth for world welfare tasks. This then was the Avatar of Lord Vaman.

After this the goal of all Avatars like Parshuram, Rama, Krishna and Buddha was one i.e. opposing the alarming rise of unruliness and demonic attacks and instead nurture goodwill and gentlemanly behavior the world over. The leadership of colonialism was uprooted by Parshuram by using weapons. The meaning of chopping off heads was uprooting arrogant egoistic use of various powers wielded by various leaders. Thus that task was executed by the Parshu or axe which no other human power could execute. Rama reinstated discipline in life in an all round manner and rendered earth devoid of demons so that none could cross boundaries laid down by law. Krishna believed in ethics. He in order to root out lowly situations that result due to man’s vile thinking imbibed the principle of ‘Shathey shathyam’ of ‘Vishasya vishamaushadham’ by showing farsightedness regarding diplomacy and hatched plots by enemies. As a result he walked ‘lopsidedly’ so as to remove one thorn from the body using another thorn. Thus his task got fulfilled. He was an extraordinary Avatar of his era.

In those days when taints entered the institution of religion unethical behavior in the form of alcohol intake/eating flesh etc under the garb of religion rendered the world mismanaged and religious vanity gave grief to world humanity, Lord Buddha in order to establish true religion, organizing gentlemanly people into a congregation and to give a supreme spot to Viveka or true discrimination, incarnated in this world. It was the Lila of Lord Buddha to blow the bugle of ‘Dhamam sharanam gacchami, sangham sharanam gacchami, buddham sharanam gacchami’. Due to his divine call of awakening right from the small Supriya to Ambapali, Anand, Rahul, Ashok and others came forward enthusiastically. Thousands of his followers left for various regions to spread the message of true religion, they established Sanghas and spread the divine light of thought revolution in every nook and corner of the globe.

Today’s situations are much different than those situations mentioned above. Since situations changed the Lord too had to change the basis. The stature and work arena of an Avatar widens as per arrangements for world progress. In a world led by means and actions, weapon usage is enough. But today everywhere rules the intellectual principle. Everywhere we see tainted intellects misuse wealth, talent and authority of all kinds. The advancement of modern science has rendered the world a tiny global village, world humanity has been rendered closer to each other and mobility has improved astoundingly. Under such circumstances the Lord’s Avatar can only be in the form of Era Consciousness. It has to be so cosmic and widespread that every world human psyche is transformed, the mind oozes with goodwill towards all and only then atheism can be combated successfully.

The root frame of intellectualism of Lord Buddha was that of thought revolution. In the first half moved the Wheel of True Religion. Thousands of followers imbued with true religious sentiments not only spread Buddha’s mission in India but much beyond its borders so as to sanctify religion the world over. Buddha’s mission was not totally fulfilled and the final task yet it is to be executed. Prajna Avatar is doing exactly this. In an era that predominates with intellect and logic its problems too are thought oriented. The entire society flows in the stream of belief and thinking. At such times the working method of an Avatar by finding solutions to problems of this era via a thought revolution that uproots undesirable elements, unethical thinking and blind beliefs so as to harbinger a Golden Era or Satyuga.

When revered Gurudeva manifested in this world, the great requirement at that time was overcoming undesirable thoughts in world human psyche and establish a wholesome taintless intellect. Hence the Mahabharat War of this era was fought in the arena of human consciousness and via the inspiration of Super Mantra Gayatri the goal of creation of faith based on goodwill along with its augmenting was attained. An individual’s character/thinking and what is the mode of trend of society? Its definite analysis was achieved via the gigantic widespread nature of this Super Mantra. The giver of birth of divine culture i.e. Devmata and Vedmata after many great efforts is about to become the World Mother which shall be seen in the near future. It is on the basis of this thought flow that a cultured well advanced world shall be neo created.

On the day of Gayatri Jayanti wherein Prajapati Brahma uttered the Richas of Gayatri Mantra and Mantras were written as Vedas, our revered Gurudeva shed his mortal coil. For that humanly embodied great Avatar who had imbued a divine intellect in thousands of humans was there any other supreme day wherein order to render his psyche subtle (Sookshmikaran) straight landed in the lap of Mother Gayatri who bestows salvation or Moksha on all?

Our revered Gurudeva imbued Ritambhara Prajna or discrimination and faith in the psyche of world public and led them to portals of greatness from the pit of lowliness. Viveka or discrimination is that which includes logic, facts and farsightedness. Shraddha or theism is the name of that deep faith that teaches us to adore supreme ideals. Where Viveka is the highest stature of the intellect there faith is the supreme attainment of the psyche.

At the surface level the stream of terrific energy flowing in the subtle world appears calm and ordinary. Yet within in actuality, it possesses a hidden explosive potential, akin to a fiery volcano. When it explodes then straightening that which is lopsided and overcoming the undesirable it transforms everything positively. This rare extraordinary potential that is mobile in the subtle world is called an Avatar. The chief mission of an Avatar is to fill up high stature divine zest in its own Lila body and also in messengers of God and great men possessing divine energies. Great seers can actually visualize these invisible movements in awakened souls and hence they say that this terrific onrush of an Avatar converts an imbalanced word into a balanced one. In these days all this is taking place.

Under the guidance of his subtle bodied preceptor our revered Gurudeva played the role of a Nishkalank or Taintless Prajna Avatar and created such a terrific thought flow that the confluence of faith and discrimination manifested in the form of era consciousness and divine energy while he was yet alive. The present Avatar manifested as a divine thought flow hence instead of limiting it to the physical body we must understand that this divine existence by becoming very subtly focused spread out the world over. It corrects erroneous intellects and forces an awakening in highly intellectual world humans to take recourse to true faith and farsighted discrimination. The proof of this is rise in number of awakened souls and thought based consciousness which is enveloping the entire world. This then is the Taintless Avatar which is the 10th Avatar.



In Naimisharanya (UP, INDIA) a dialogue was going on between Suta and Shaunak Rishi. After hearing the stories of divine sports of all Avatars Shaunak Muni yearning to know more about Jnana or Divine Wisdom asked a question to Maharshi Lomharshak’s son Shri Sutaji: O Lord! You have so far discourse on Dwaparyuga and Buddha’s Avatar. Now please do tell me that when Kaliyuga or the Dark Age shall reach its peak in what form will Almighty God manifest in this world. At that time which demonic souls shall exist that will later be killed by God in his Avatar form? Please tell us this episode in detail.

Shri Sutaji answered: O great Munis! Brahmaji created dire sin from his back whose name was unrighteousness. When unrighteousness grew it was married to Mithya or illusion. As a result of their union a wrathful son called hypocrisy and a daughter called Maya were born. Due to the union of hypocrisy and Maya a son called greed and a daughter called distortion were born. Both gave birth to anger. Anger resulted in violence and the union of both gave birth to the terrible Kali possessing a dark body. The sister of Kali residing in this fickle, fearful and smelly body and also dwelling in gambling, flesh eating, gold and prostitutes and children in the form of foul speech, fear, death, defeat and hardships were born whose thousands of sons and daughters by dwelling in disease, mental strife, old age, grief, downfall and sense titillation destroyed Yajnas, penance, donation, self study, meditation etc. (Kalki Purana verses 1-22).

The above discrimination is not given for entertaining respected readers. Shrutis go beyond time and space hence it describes all that which could take place in future times. Kaliyuga or Dark Age which we are all living in at the time of ripening is waiting for such an Avatar that shall destroy irrationality, vile intellect, hard heartedness and unrighteousness and reinstate righteousness and great activities the world over.

While throwing light on the sensitive emotions of Lord Kalki, Sutaji writes: Demigods with earth as its leader approached Brahmaji and earth described the atrocities and hardships of this world. Brahmaji took all of them to the world of Lord Vishnu. After hearing what they said Vishnuji promised them that in order to uproot all hardships he will incarnate as an Avatar in this world. Then he told the demigods: In order to help me you all must incarnate as awakened souls and Prajna members.

The gist of the above description is that when ignorance, lack of ethics and unrighteousness encompassed earth Brahmaji manifested an authority that oozed with all round human prowess that by taking help of organization power challenged tainted intellects the world over and re established Satyuga or Golden Era in the world.

In the Kalki Purana it is written: Lord Kalki shall take birth in the house of Vishnuyash Sharma residing in Sambhal Gram or village. He will be a Savitri worshiper. Lord Parshuram of Mountain Mahendra shall be his Guru and after giving the kingdom of Mathura to Suryaketu will dwell in Haridwar (Uttarakhand, India) with his wife. By challenging intellectuals, he shall overpower them and will fulfill the mission of establishing righteousness in this world. He will establish true Brahmin hood and will be called Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar.

This energy that uproots all vile thoughts shall first take birth as an institution predominating in faith based thinking and it shall usher in a thought revolution the world over.

From the above symbolic analysis and proclamations it is clear that in order to fulfill the promise of ‘Yada yada hi dharmasya…..’ this is the hour (present times) of God full of a powerful resolve (Sankalpa) to manifest as an Avatar. In reality by manifesting as an avatar he has fulfilled all those tasks via his gross body which an Avatar must execute. Now by making himself widespread in his subtle form post death he is inspiring divine men to head towards the desired goal.

In the epic Mahabharat Bhishmapitamaha says: I have already told you the nature and goal of Krishna’s Avatar and now I shall give details about Kaliyuga. When righteousness shall falter at the end of Kaliyuga, vanity and hypocrisy shall raise its hoods at that time for augmenting righteousness and establishment of true Brahmin qualities God will re incarnate. He will be ‘Vishnuyasha’ or one having glory akin to Almighty God. Indian mythology or Puranas proclaim that along with an Avatar many demigods along with their divine energies manifest on earth as his aides.

Today’s world situations are very much similar to the time when an Avatar manifests in this world. When wholesome behavior is totally ignored, all religious arrangements of the world are in disarray know that Kaliyuga has reached its nadir and at such times like a lotus blooming in muck there is a high possibility of an Avatar’s manifestation. Avatars have manifested previously, they shall appear now and will do so in future too. Even if the world does not recognize him the Avatar via his terrific activities and responsibilities exhibits his Avatar identity. Leaving behind many directions and world management methods he leaves it to various awakened souls to fulfill his mission. Majority of the time it is only after an Avatar departs from the world that his true divine identity is recognized.

Although the style of scriptural scholars and those authoring the Shrutis is symbolic yet if we make that extra bit intellectual effort, we can understand its deep import. The Kalki Purana says that the divine existence despite entering the human body is totally beyond lineage, clan, Gotra, action, thought based sentiments, profession, character etc. Sins, greed and deluded attachment can never even touch their psyche. Falsehood and unrighteousness can never dare approach them. An Avatar is always a man of total divine wisdom, a total true saint and as pure and innocent as a child. All these qualities can be found in the life of our revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya despite the fact that he always disagreed when he was called an Avatar by his followers the world over.

In the holy text it is written that his father will be famous (Vishnuyasha) and his mother will possess a lovely intellect (Sumati). By purifying his psyche via the Ganges of divine wisdom he will master Savitri based spiritual practices and this too has been mentioned. After donning the Yajnopaveet or sacred thread there are incidences of initiation into divinity, Gayatri Meditation/Worship and studies of Vedas. From verses 35 to 40 in the Kalki Purana a description has been given regarding of studying Vedas from his father, Savitri, Brahmin hood, Yajnopaveet, Gayatri Science of Divinity etc. What is true Brahmin hood and how can it be worshiped? All this has been elucidated. At the time when the Brahmin boy is ready to go to Gurukul for studies he gets Darshan of Lord Parshuram (meaning a subtly embodied preceptor). Not only does this preceptor give Darshan but that he takes the boy with him to the Himalayas for performing austerities so as to attain Self Realization. After imbibing full wisdom of the Vedas he sets off to uplift the world by taking with him Lord Shiva’s ashes representing Divine Wisdom and the Parshu weapon or axe symbolizing sharpness full of true thinking.

Kalki on his return exhibits his divine grandeur and thus all Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras executing Yajnas, charity, penance and religious vows become his instruments of grace. All these aides come from every region of India, from every religion and community and from every nook and corner of the globe. Due to the influence of the process of Era Neo Creation everyone’s intellect is rendered sacred and divine. Lord Kalki after performing the Rajsuya and ashwamedha Yajnas renders widespread a positive mental attitude and saying that pure hearted people are a part of his very own soul after death Lord Kalki promises his aides that they will become one with his cosmic divine soul. Not mundane but a society that desires only spiritual matters is set up via his subtle thinking. He gives inspiration of a neo awakening to world women and renders them world leaders. Intellectuals full of argumentativeness, arrogance, literate but selfish dwelling in Kikatpur or narrow minded thinking are fought against by Lord Kalki. While opposing lack of theism cuts off their heads via the Parshu weapon or pick axe representing Divine Wisdom. It means via a thought revolution Lord Kalki positively transforms their very seedy thinking so as to perforce make them undergo self surrender and by renouncing a lowly intellect work for world being tasks.

Regarding Spiritual philosophy he puts forth such a scientific description that every atheist intellectual who reads it gets transformed for the better. By cutting thoughts with thoughts he is devising a sort of Jnana or Divine Wisdom Yajna. By opposing rank materialism reeking in every household the religious institute gets sanctified via his divine existence. Respect readers must please note that our revered Gurudeva all his lifetime set rolling all that is mentioned above. He lived a revolutionary life attacked blind undesirable traditions and in order to reinstate spiritual philosophy successfully correlated spirituality to modern science. By writing loads of literature via the medium of Jnana or Divine Wisdom Yajna he positively changed the thinking of thousands of people. By helping people veer away from a narrow minded selfish lifestyle encouraged them to life oozing with generosity, joy and laughter.

Gurudeva’s stream of Jnana and Vajpeya Yajna lasted for a fairly long time span. Via the 1000 Kundi or pyre Yajna first he executed Ashwamedha Yajna in Mathura (UP, India) and later he did the same in 5 places stretching across India in the year 1971. By handing over Mathura’s management to Suryaketu (members of Gayatri Family of hidh stature character) he along with his wife landed in Haridwar’s (India) Ganges shores called Saptasarovar region so as to perform intense penance (Ganga teeray haridwarey nivasam samakalpayat).

In Himalayas after having the sacred Darshan of his Guru and performing penance met those souls in Haridwar that were created from portions of great Rishis and by encouraging them to perform spiritual practice for sanctifying their inner personalities took the vow of furthering his mission via the medium of his aides. He after building a gigantic family like organization which had made the powerful resolve of only rendering widespread great activities handed over its management to his respected wife. Later he himself by rendering his psyche potent and very divinely subtle accepts the call of death of his mortal coil.

The nature of Avatars is akin to a thought flow. Those having Darshan of Avatars in their human form must see that after being imbued with thought based consciousness of a great saint have they in actuality seen large groups of great people work for rendering others character great and helping render widespread great tasks the world over? If something of this is witnessed it must be said to be the inspiration of an Avatar. Revered Gurudeva used to say that if we start looking out for an Avatar, innumerable people will come forward labeling themselves as Avatars. He used to say that whenever saints, reformers and patriots augmented in society know for sure that invisibly and subtly they are being directed by an Avatar’s divine existence. Saints are those who ooze with gentlemanly sentiments and by living like true Brahmins live like beacon lights in society. They imbue life force in those who live in despair. A saint smilingly opposing all obstacles in life establishes great ideals the world over. Reformers are higher in stature than saints. A reformer not only has to render brilliant his own soul but that but has to generate potent Prana or vital force in order to reform others. Their character is great, possess a lot of valor, personality is powerful and hard work is intense. They carry scriptures in one hand and weapons in the other to fulfill their mission. They light the torch of worldwide thought revolution.

After saints and reformers is the class of patriots. Patriots are those who give up their very self for welfare of others. This indeed is self or soul surrender. Instead of listening to their kith and kin they carry out tasks inspired in their souls by an Avatar’s divine consciousness. True patriotism emerges from the psyche and soul wherein predominates, sentiments of world welfare and that selfishness is renounced from its very roots.

As per the terminology of revered Gurudeva’s Avatar consciousness we can experience all round us in a widespread manner these days the flow of formless Prajna Avatar. That Yugapurusha who executed such gigantic tasks is no more in our midst and instead is active in the subtle world through the medium of his subtle psyche (Sookshmikaran). We embodied beings as his followers can measure his true stature. “This era’s Kalki Avatar shall be a lord of a powerful organization, one who will author code of conduct, a man of ethics, scientist, thinker and a great saint who by warding off atheism will awaken sacred sentiments in world human psyche”. This conclusion was made in 1939 in a meeting held by Uttarakhand’s saints and was published in a book called ‘Kalganana va Kalki Avatar’. In it is written: At the point between his eyebrows shall be a moon. He will wear clothing of Indian style he will be child like he will be valiant like daring soldiers and a great scholar of Vedas. 24 alphabets will play a predominant role in his life. By chanting a Mantra of 24 alphabets he will perform austerities for 24 years and shall be the 24th Avatar. He will positively influence the entire world.

Generally an avatar is never recognized as one during his lifetime. Ram was censured and Krishna too had to face allegations. We must all be proud that a divine messenger appeared in our midst and left after enacting his divine sports or Lilas. Everyone will now walk the path of ethics laid down by him. Let us not be labeled listless and we must not give people the chance to say that we who lived under the guidance of this great divine personage did not recognize his true divine identity. His great mission and glorious fame is in front of us all. What only remains to be done is that we who are his disciples and those who shall join his mission in future must spread his deep profound thoughts in every nook and corner of the world.




In the well managed, beautiful and artistic world creation of God although we see dualities like downfall-uplifting and destruction-creation yet creation and uplifting predominate. Despite seasonal influences killing many birds, animals, worms etc one truth is imperishable that after this process we can witness flowers, fruits and lush greenery sprouting forth and it lasts for a greater length of time. In order that the process of advancement continues it is most required that both the processes of creation and destruction go on unimpeded. The fact that the sun rises and then sets, the fact that creatures are born and later die are a proof of all this.

On noting the history of progress wherein elements of downfall and defeat too are at work and that uplifting and progress too goes on, man should hence never despair when he sees these situations enacted before his eyes. Wheels of a chariot go down and then come up. A new born babe will first undergo stages of childhood, youth old age and then death yet on that very day the process of taking a new birth commences. Despite seeing the dark gloomy night of hopelessness every man of faith finds a promise that later dawn will usher in a golden sunrise.

In world history we have noted time and again that dangerous situations have cropped up wherein one asked: Is this the hour of total world annihilation? Yet each time the divine creator or God has promised us that never will he allow total destruction of this wondrous creation of his called the world along with human existence. An Avatar’s manifestation encompasses showcasing of miracles by straightening lopsided world situations. Something of this sort is about to happen wherein despite us noting situations full of despair surrounding us and that because of unethical behavior a possibility of world destruction exists, we find our faith in God faltering. Today’s times are the hour of extraordinary strife. Under such circumstances every person imbued with a sacred divine intellect must harbor faith that in the next 5-10 years whatever takes place shall be extraordinary.

In these days in order to render the consciousness of creation in everyone’s daily life high in stature a great responsibility rests on the shoulders of institute of religion’s spiritual philosophy. It is by laying the foundation of sensitive sacred sentiments an apt creative application be made of world human theism. By overcoming the inertia like state of inaction seeds of theism must be sown in every home. By exhibiting talented enterprise in order to uproot taints give proof of one’s valor for this endeavor. This is a well known fact that whenever elements of creativity weaken, in the soul arena ignorance and in the mundane arena poverty and fear based situations will dangerously raise their hoods and will make full efforts to set rolling in destructive activities. Under such situations skills that oppose downfall forgets its supremacy and falls instead in the pit of lust and lowly desires. Lowly taints gets an open field to showcase is destructive tendencies. Today’s times are somewhat like this wherein the imbalanced nature of weakness in creativity and unruliness of destruction ushers in communal fights, caste based hatred, lowly behavior, fall in ethical activities and from the standpoint of ideals of social and political leaders a downfall, opposition amongst them fears of atheism are seen widespread. On seeing that divinity is weakening a lot and demons who move about arrogantly getting ‘respect’ it is natural about a doubt emerging as to what will happen to planet earth?

We all are very fortunate to take birth in the divine land of India. Although we have seen a Dark Age spanning 1500 years but somewhere down the line our cultural foundation in the form of a seed exists akin to seeds protected like Fish Avatar. The priceless wealth of Gayatri and Yajna Philosophy akin to Paras or touchstone is with us and even now we have not lost hope. This is indeed a very good sign. In comparison to great saints taking birth in India for the past 600 years right from Saint Kabir to others, possibly this has never been witnessed in the annals of world history. Some helped flow the stream of devotion, some organized programs of reform, some encouraged hard work in the form of Karma Yoga, some spoke of uprooting poverty and weakness via imbibing a life of enterprise and valor and yet others by performing lone austerities imbued the subtle world with terrific divine energy. Within this very flow took birth our revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya in the 1st decade of 20th century, in the North region of India, in Anvalkheda village near Agra. By becoming a great devotee and Yuga Rishi and after completing the onerous task akin to Bhagiratha bringing down on earth from heaven River Ganges of Divine Wisdom became a ball of Divine Light after eliciting hope in the lives of millions of people the world over.

Super Energy Gayatri had virtually got doused. Possibly because of extremist views only males and that too Brahmins were allowed to chant Gayatri Mantra. But the great divine efforts of Yuga Rishi HH Gurudeva Gayatri reached every household without any bias of any sort. Today millions of people chant it and take recourse to mental reflection on its divine aspect. In her formless nature Super Energy Gayatri by sanctifying people’s mental state and very thinking in order to transform them from the very foundation has incarnated on earth and the credit of making this Bhagiratha like effort to usher in this River Ganges of Divine Wisdom goes to that divine existence who be becoming cosmic from miniscule established an International Gayatri Family (Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India), created thousands of wholesome nature families and commenced the program of sowing seeds of divinity in them. Amongst the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri each one can be looked upon as a ray of art. In seed form within these divine streams all that is present which is required to render human glory steady and advanced. Sun that is the deity of Gayatri possesses 7 faces, 7 horses, 7 weapons and 7 light rays which are well known. And yet within it predominate, energy streams of Savita and Prana Power Gayatri. Within the 24 alphabets of Gayatri reside Sidhis or Divine Powers manifesting after spiritual practices are undergone along with Ridhis based on ones personality. By categorizing it into 24 parts it becomes easier to understand its widespread nature. When 2 precepts meet in the form of sanctification of the psyche and widespread nature of means potentials of divinity dawning in man and more and more Golden Era based situations manifest. This then is the work arena of the Prajna Avatar. It manifested in the form of divine energy and not as an individual. The more this Prajna or Divine Intellect manifests in a person they will be counted as companions of Avatar oriented divine sports or Lilas carried out by Divine Era Creators.

How does a nameless formless divine existence execute the task of Era Transformation? In the coming days the world public will actually witness it’s unfolding. It is the miracle of formless conscious divine power that in today’s hour theism that has weakened direly thousands of people from the standpoint of their psychic imprints are conjoining to the stream of sacred thinking after renouncing a life reeking with lowliness, unrest, apprehension, sense titillation and lowly allurements. The proof of it is 26 Ashwamedh Yajnas performed so far. The vile activities of thousands of people were uprooted and by renouncing tainted habits/addictions, on an average .6 to 1 billion people vowed to conjoin to divinity. By taking up great resolves they after transforming their lives positively accepted that the era religion of today is to imbibe sacred psychic qualities and this then became the foundation stone of Satyuga or Golden Era. Whether anyone trusts this or not yet when the history of transformations taking place in the next 10 years shall be written everyone will witness this truth wherein that behind whatever that is being written now which stream of consciousness is at work.


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