26 Jul

“Time and again humanity has astoundingly taken such gigantic leaps that accordingly the new spring of divine men, carrying along with them the wealth of new off shoots, new buds and new fruits-flowers are laughing aloud in all directions”.

……………….Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

(From Samasyayein Aaj ki-Samadhan Kal Ke: Page 25)

These new turns of revolution creates an intense flow of transformation wherein knowingly or unknowingly, as per our desire or devoid of it everyone is forced to swim alongside it. During the time period of freedom struggle such upheavals and flow were noted. Regarding this in those days Maharashtra’s Saint Gajanan Maharaj was asked by his devotee: Revered Sir! On seeing various upheavals everywhere it seems that a gigantic revolution is about to usher in.

Initially Gajanan Maharaj maintained a profound silence but later said: This is merely the foundation. The sowing of the seeds of a huge super revolution shall take place in 1911 AD when the birth of an Avatar like great saint shall take place. At that time in India and the world over these upheavals shall commence and reach their peak. Many dire world situations shall be witnessed and fears of wars of small and gigantic types shall take birth. Mother Nature too will incite many calamities. But along with this sprouts of neo creation too shall be noted. This sequence of transformation shall go on uninterrupted.

One scene of the turn taken by this revolution shall be seen as India attaining political freedom from alien rule yet along with this many other incidences too shall come into play. Seeds of revolution sown in the subtle consciousness of the world shall give birth to turning of mind boggling revolutions. The human brain and heart shall certainly not remain unmoved by the sparks and flames of this great revolution. In fact even mire and muck shall catch this fire. The winds shall carry the message of this stupendous world revolution to every world human. History shall receive new words and earth shall don a new shape. In the picture of our country and the world old lines shall be wiped off and new ones shall be etched there. All this shall occur due to the divine presence and terrific austerities of that Avatar Saint after whose birth centenary celebrations the nature and form of this Era Revolution shall become crystal clear whose director shall be Almighty Lord Mahakal himself.


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