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21 Oct




When we set off on a long journey the number of co travelers is big but by the time we reach our destination the number dwindles to the number of our fingers. Should this be called failure? Is it our ill fate? Is it destiny’s mockery? Should we blame that clay via which although the huge line of co travelers was set up but since it was so unruly that its designing strayed apart while walking ahead only a few steps and after getting deluded in the mad rush towards a mirage for appeasing one’s thirst it veered far away in a disillusioned manner.

This lowliness is such that it has become an obstruction when the role of a leader is enacted. Is this mental delusion that renders the powerful quite helpless, one to tie us painfully to this material world? Is it our vile psychic imprint? Is it our ill fate or a net woven by a spider? It is not being understood clearly. These times are meant for enterprise and powerful efforts it is for valor and daring. In these dire times why is the Gandiva bow slipping from the hands of otherwise valiant Arjuna’s of the world? Is sacred idealism some entertainment like reading novels that no opportunity comes our way to test its aptness? Our Prajna Family must not be compared as equals to other organizations, campaigns and institutions. It is a family like organization dripping with great inner qualities with leading talented personalities for harbingering in Era Neo Creation. They must think only about one thing that as an answer to the challenge of contemporary times for pulling up awakened soul personalities, are they ready to gird up their loins or scurry away like a frightened rat?

The number of co travelers is big. The road is quite lengthy. Midway seeing my fellowmen stray away evokes pain in my heart. By the time we reach our destination we can count the number of people by our side equaling the number of our fingers. In these days such a doubt lurking in my mind is palpitating heartbeats in a fearful way and my head is becoming dizzy.

The above inner agony of a spiritual seeker surrendered to an anguished human race was published in the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ (April 1982 AD) under the title ‘Apno se apni baat’. This is a plea to every member of our worldwide family wherein by imbibing high stature sacred ideals in day to day living they must play the role of great visionary leaders. This is because potentially great souls are becoming more and more indolent towards performing righteous duties that can uplift world human society to great heights of glory. Our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had burnt every drop of the oil of his divine soul in order to uplift human society and hence the above words gushing forth in anguish are but natural. He is pained ere such great awakened souls give up helping in this stupendous mission of Era Transformation and world neo creation.

The above sacredly sensitive speech of his rattled the souls of every member of every member of our worldwide family and forced them to think deeply as to why they have conjoined to this super divine existence? Is it merely to satiate their selfish interests? Is it for their lowly selfish aspirations or that some form of helplessness pulled them here rendering them demeaned and weak minded? If this is not true why is it that the great activities of a divine deep thinker of this era and founder of this worldwide mission is not being imbibed by its members in day to day transactions of life? Along with this divine exhortation Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya also gave the invitation of ‘cream must swim towards the upper region of milk’. It was that hour when after completing his travel for opening so many Shaktipithas he was returning with a mind full of anguish. He was deeply searching for people from this worldwide family set up by him who akin to great visionaries were ready to walk against the commonplace trend in society. He was deeply pondering over how to jolt them awake from their indolent sleepy mental state. This thought loomed large over his mind ceaselessly. He had written many letters to his holy consort Vandaniya Mataji (HH BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMA) wherein he wrote that a big task yet remains to be fulfilled regarding unearthing human crest jewels so that if anywhere in huge measure of even a small part of Prana Energy exists it can emerge up akin to cream coming up when milk is boiled properly. In this manner this cream (human crest jewels) shall swim on milk (world human society).

The above incident has been published purposely so that every member of our worldwide family is forced to self introspect deeply and understand as to what was the root aim of this editorial? Was Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya in despair regarding what was attained thus far or was he giving a final warning to members to be prepared for a fiery test? If we take a close look at the May 1982 AD issue of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ that was published 1 month after the above one the facts become clear. In the present issue it becomes clear as to why Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya who imbued everyone with so much life force suddenly became dazed. Why did he become silent when just previously he had given such great nectarine speeches in Shantikunj Camp? If someone has any doubt he must understand his new responsibilities. In it in order to perform his duty in a new way during very crucial perilous times Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had to act akin to the example of a mother roasting bread on a hot pan above fire, leaving it even though it has started burning so as to stop her child from trying to catch hold of a scorpion.

In reality the increased measure of agitation in the environment and a search for 1000 powerful sacred personalities for Era Neo Creation was rendering him agonized and restless. Thousands of people who had conjoined to him and members who were with him were being ‘churned’ by Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya for unearthing the rich butter layer on top. For this there was a need to heat them but this was not happening because he had to keep traveling for various programs and also give sacred discourses at Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family) time and again. No doubt a divine world family had been created, members were called for various camps but as of now he felt a strong need to carry out lone Tapas and spiritual austerities since it could create a terrific cyclone in the atmosphere. This in turn would awaken those who were sleeping at the soul level and hence sacred ideals could be showcased by them in day to day living. It is from here that commences Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s lone Tapas and spiritual austerities. Later after 1 year passed, by it took the form of Sookshmikaran Sadhana (rendering the psyche divinely subtle). The preliminary rebuke given to us all by him too manifested from his great Rishi thinking and while speaking to members in a divinely affectionate manner asked them to change their mode of thinking and action. This too was the immortal thinking of this great philosopher and deep thinker. Why was this procedure changed? When a heavy responsibility like Era Neo Creation has to be shouldered by him, being Lord Mahakal incarnate he takes up both methods: One is that of persuasion, cajoling etc in a divinely loving manner and if we do not pay heed to it he takes up harsh methods of rebukes, punishments etc in order that awakened souls that are part manifestations of divinity do not stray away from the mission’s goal by flowing away in the stream of materialism, by getting trapped in the net of cheap name-fame and hoarding wealth, such a type of harsh rebuke has always been required since time immemorial. Such rebukes have been given by Lord Shri Krishna to Arjun, Lord Rama to Hanuman and Sugriva and Lord Buddha verbally lashing out at Ananda. When this divine manifestation or Avatar saw this desired reaction manifesting he disengaged himself from public contact and took the important decision of creating 5 Virbhadras (divine subtle bodies), awakening the 5 Koshas or Sheaths and awakening the Kundalini of the world. This then would be the final Sadhana or penance of his life in this mortal frame.

Regarding this rebuke of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya and his decision not to meet anyone personally and that he would just keep the door of his room open for Darshan from far, at a local level an upsurge of activity manifested, all tasks and endeavors took place with swift zest and so many highly intellectual, talented and sacred minded people started joining his mission. After rebukes given by him as mentioned in the article of the magazine he gave many important directions as follows:

1)      In June 1982 AD he wrote about family neo creation so as to increase great glorious activities

2)      In October and November 1982 AD he wrote in order to invite this era’s great thinkers to work for Era Neo Creation

3)      He invited great intellectuals and brilliantly talented people for shouldering the Prajna Movement

4)      He also gave details of Kalpa Sadhana, Prajna Yoga and divine boons to be attained via practicing them

During that year all camps meant for spiritual practice were special in nature. In these seekers were made to execute Kayakalpa (bodily transformation) and transformation of spiritual sentiments. He put emphasis on sanctification of the soul. The mission was categorized thus:

1)      Research

2)      Teaching and training

3)      Public Relations

4)      Art

5)      Women’s Wing

6)      Youth Wing

7)      Religious Parliament

He then invited active people conjoined to various realms to take part in the Prajna Movement.

On the day of Vasant Parva via his writings an important direction in 1983 was given for congregating Swadhyaya Groups. In a certain sense this was an establishment akin to mobile temples and mobile Prajnapithas and Shaktipithas. Via these this era’s stupendous literature was to be taken to all lay public. By and by 24,000 Swadhyaya Groups were created and in their areas they started working actively. In an important editorial of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ (April 1983 AD) he had written: Prajna Family is being searched minutely from this standpoint that under the blanket some human crest jewel could be found hiding. If we can lay our hands on them our task can succeed that much more. For the entire year he gave up public contact kept jolting the mission members to donate more and more of their time. The Prajna Purashcharana too was rendered speedier in that very year.

From the year 1984 AD spring festival instead of giving Darshan of his gross body to people akin to babies climbing up on their father’s lap demanding frivolous toys he decided to subtly hand over divine gifts of soul power to seekers with powerful sacred personalities. This was a pre planned program of his to enter his subtle body from his gross visible one (Sookshmikaran Sadhana-rendering the psyche divinely subtle). It was methodically commenced in Chaitra Navratri in 1984 AD. In the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ (May 1984 AD) he had written: In order to design a farsighted plan lone living and one pointed deep mental reflection are mandatory. It should not be called asceticism or weakness but instead be termed deafening silence that marches ahead before a storm. The Sadhana of that time period was called Chaya Purusha by him wherein via 5 subtle bodies he desired to carry out various tasks of the subtle world. In this editorial his holy consort Vandaniya Mataji (HH BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMA) wrote: Let us all experience that Gurudeva has neither become tired nor is he taking recourse to escapism. Instead by imbibing Sookshmikaran Sadhana or rendering the psyche divinely subtle he is augmenting his present inner divine potential in a manifold manner. This consolation was for those who were a bit upset that henceforth they could not have a face to face meeting with Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya.

The ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ (June 1984 AD) was published as a special issue wherein he described the philosophical form of Sookshmikaran Sadhana or rendering the psyche divinely subtle and its deep import since they were the foundation of his sacred life’s journey. By 8th June (Gayatri Jayanti) this issue reached all those readers who were a bit upset that henceforth they could not have a face to face meeting with Revered Gurudeva since he was to suddenly leave them all. The July issue too continued with the above message. In it a clarification was given as to why exactly he was executing this Sookshmikaran Sadhana or rendering the psyche divinely subtle. He wrote: When a person of the stature of a spiritual seeker enters a special inner state he can make 5 subtle bodies of his carry out 5 fold more tasks. Amongst these 5 one was rendered more secure and was chosen so that it could wipe away the tears of weak, sorrowful, anguished people visiting me. It would lovingly massage their scalps and for assuaging their pain it would make them sit in its lap to affectionately caress them. The remaining bodies shall carry out tasks of awakening great souls to work for world neo creation and fulfill the task of overcoming fearful world situations.

The above mentioned thinking tells us that during the period of Sookshmikaran Sadhana or rendering the psyche divinely subtle he was weaving the future of the entire world. By limiting the activities of his gross physical body in order to become much more active in a subtle and widespread arena he was backing away so as to prepare his holy consort Vandaniya Mataji (HH BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMA) to play out his role especially once he shed his mortal coil. This well planned decision is possible only for that existence having incarnated on earth with a special divine mission. It had lived a life of total self surrender, it had executed 100 fold more tasks than any normal gross body can perform and after promising to guide all those walking on the path of sacred ideals as per his instructions had thus laid the foundation of Era Neo Creation. The Avatar form and nature of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya no doubt has manifested in various activities of his but it also can be glimpsed in various forms when time and again he has given divine utterances.

He writes that: I have been told to render my tasks multifaceted and augmented in a manifold way. For this end one method is to give up the gross body totally and whatever remains to be done must be carried out via one or many subtle bodies. Whenever my divine guide feels it apt it shall not take even a moment for my gross body to dissolve into dust. After this (post death) I shall become capable of carrying out many more tasks via my subtle and causal bodies. After making this speech Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya left for his Sookshmikaran Sadhana or rendering the psyche divinely subtle.



20 Oct




In the editorial section of Akhand Jyoti Magazine (June, 1960 AD) HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji (holy consort of Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya) writes that by the time this magazine’s current volume shall reach the hands of beloved readers Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya would have already left for his journey to reside incognito in the secret mysterious region of the Himalaya Mountains. After celebrating the festival of Gayatri Jayanti on 4th June 1960 AD he shall leave for fulfilling his sacred resolve and for 1 year shall immerse himself in special Sadhana or spiritual practices.



By itself the entire life of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has been nothing but penance personified. That time devoted daily by ordinary people to eke out an income was used by him for performing intense spiritual practices. In front of every lay person Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has showcased his life as an experiment and supplication wherein despite remaining a householder, despite eking out a living man can execute world welfare tasks along with performing spiritual practices. Thus it is very much possible to attain desired progress in the materially and spiritually beneficial mode of living. Ordinarily people believe that if one is a householder world welfare tasks and spiritual practices are nothing but obstacles and hindrances. They infer that only celibates (Brahmacharis) or Sanyasis (ocher robed ascetics) can succeed in spiritual way of life and that those trapped in the forest of a mundane family life this path is extremely difficult to succeed in. Such despair on the part of householders no doubt can be warded off by quoting examples from great scriptures, proof and sound logic (Tarka) but Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya felt it best to exhibit his own householder cum spiritual life as an example for others to follow suit. He remained a householder throughout his life and proved that for spiritual uplifting and advancement in no way can a householder’s way of life pose an obstacle in attaining success but in fact on manifesting a superb situation family way of life can prove very helpful for attaining the spiritual goal.



The question arises that since Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s spiritual practices were sailing smoothly and that his householder lifestyle was not posing any problems for it, what need was there for him to renounce hearth and home so as to dwell incognito in some far off region of profound solitude? It is very natural that this curiosity arises in the mind of every beloved member of the ‘Akhand Jyoti Family’. When Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya informed me about this journey to live in solitude my (his revered wife) mind too asked this question: Is it that householder way of living is posing obstacles for him? Am I as his consort putting obstacles on his path either knowingly or unknowingly? By itself the day I entered this house after getting married to him I have felt this to be a live sacred pilgrim spot. I felt that images of gods placed here talk, eat, walk etc and as a result my inner psyche got molded into a pristine pure devotee like sentiments. As per his sacred aspirations only I made efforts to mold myself and act accordingly. I rendered my family circumstances too in this mold so that no obstacles cam in the way of fulfilling his sacred mission. Yet humans are but humans. It is natural that they err. It is possible that some family oriented cause was such that he had to leave hearth and home and live incognito in solitude in some far off region.

I placed my doubt in front of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya because lest our home proved to be a reason of discomfort and an obstacle I would say it was failure as far as my life’s goal was concerned. Along with this these efforts of his too would fail wherein he wanted to set an example to the world that a householder way of life can never pose obstacles when we pursue spiritual goals and execute selfless world service. In fact according to him family life can aid in such endeavors immensely. Thus Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s proclamation of going away to dwell in solitude shall prove efforts of both of us as utter failure only. Under such circumstances when even before successfully executing his duty towards his 2 small children he was thinking of renouncing hearth and home and live incognito definitely it proves household way of life as mediocre and vain.



Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya is highly capable and powerful. Innumerable miraculous success has been witnessed in his long life span. Lest his experiment of proving householder way of life as a good help in attaining the spiritual goal and executing selfless world service goes down the drain in vain then although this failure cannot harm him in any way because remaining successes are enough to render his life radiantly illumined but since my entire life revolved around one experiment only viz. to mold myself in accordance with his sacred aspirations and create our family environment too on this great foundation, if this effort fails on my part it shall be a very sad time for me and can be a cause of bowing my head down in shame. I had no zest to live such a failure reaping life. I had informed Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya at that time itself when he had placed before me his intention to live incognito and in solitude far away from our home.I had also discussed with him that the reaction of his leaving home thus would affect thousands of his beloved devoted followers also. They too would ponder thus that if Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya could not fulfill his goal leading a householder life it shall be impossible for us all too to succeed. When he had to choose leaving hearth and home in order to carry out austerities and spiritual practices then this path shall be apt for us followers too. Thinking thus, thousands of householders following in his footsteps, in order to render a high stature family life as a beacon light for others shall all go in vain, despite the fact that they are tasting good measure of success in this glorious endeavor.

Today Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s life is not limited for him only but that innumerable people are getting light of wisdom from him. Hence if an erroneous step is taken it shall badly affect all those who were getting the getting light of wisdom from him. Hence with reference to the reaction of his decision to live incognito and in solitude far away from our home I very humbly tried to explain to him and requested him prayerfully to think over his decision again. Of course being a woman I did have inner weakness of attachment to him etc. Hence naturally along with faith and devotion towards him I was emotionally attached to him as any wife would be towards her husband. So again it was natural that physical proximity to him was heavenly and separation from him was hell like in nature. Despite this I promised him that all that I was discussing with him was not inspired by the above inner weaknesses of mine. In fact on many such occasions previously I did control my inner emotions. After reminding him of things like vowing to work hard daily, self sacrifice, remaining celibate for life etc I agreed that although I have many weaknesses yet they are not such that they would pose obstacles in the way of sacred ideals so dear to him and the glorious path of life chosen by him. Hence I prayed to him not to believe emotional attachment to him as the reason for my humbly opposing him leaving home for an incognito life of solitude. Apart from this whatever facts pertaining to it also must be taken into account.



So many devotees immersed in spiritual practices while regularly receiving guidance from Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya were walking ahead on the path of progress. Hence once he left for living in lone solitude will not this progress of theirs get obstructed? Shall not the sequence of attaining light of wisdom and peace from him by people afflicted with worldly strife and troubles break apart? A huge congregation of lay public had so far taken help of such a powerful personality as Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya for warding off their mundane and spiritual problems. Hence if he left them all will it not be a terrible shock for these devoted followers leading them to gloomy despair only? So many people feel him to be their very beloved soul being the head of such a gigantic world family. These devotees swarm around him like bees near sweet nectarine honey. Hence will not their innocent sacred emotions towards Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya experience unbearable pain of physical separation from him?

In order that programs conducted for Era Neo Creation and Transformation by Gayatri Tapobhumi and Akhand Jyoti offices run smoothly Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s holy presence too was most required. Both institutions are getting guidance today from him only. Hence if he dwells in solitude, far away from us these institutions’ smooth functioning shall go haywire. Without his active cooperation in the very gigantic endeavor of great character building after uprooting individual and world society based taints within the program of ethical and cultural uplifting the world over shall definitely falter. No doubt the 24,000 Kundi or pyre Gayatri Yajnas were conducted successfully yet the advancement of the Vedic tradition of living a Yajna oriented lifestyle in India yet remained to be executed. By leaving such great tasks half fulfilled by heading for an incognito lone living away from the hub of society a big requirement of our country India shall get harmed.



All these doubts of mine were heard by Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya very attentively. By itself, he is very subtle sighted he very cautiously thinks about various matters in a farsighted manner and only after deep cogitation does he draw any conclusion. For quite a few days regarding this decision of living incognito in solitude his subtle vision was fully at work and only after mulling over its good-bad repercussions that he had placed before us his intentions. Yet when I also placed before him my logic he again started rethinking over his decision for quite a bit of time. But he felt that his previous decision was correct and hence repeated his thinking again. He also answered and clarified doubts of mine. Many a times his arguments could not be properly understood by me and many a times those doubts persisted in my mind. Yet since I have lived by his side for such a long time period I know well that behind his thinking, decisions and conclusions some Extra Sensory Power (ESP) is at work and their results on an average are exactly as per his great thinking. At the time of commencing the establishment of Gayatri Tapobhumi, organizing the All World Gayatri Family, 1000 Kundi or pyre Gayatri Yajnas, 24,000 Yajnas conducted all over India, publishing the 4 voluminous Vedas, the worldwide program of Era Neo Creation and Transformation etc considering the minuscule means available forgetting succeeding in these tasks one could not hope even to progress a few steps forward. Yet all of were mind boggled to witness that these tasks appearing impossible to succeed in previously later became easy to taste success. All these are well known episodes that actually took place. Apart from these there are innumerable other facts that not everyone is aware of but that a few of them know well that Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s inner sacred inspirations were astounding and behind them definite precepts are at work.

When he again insisted that he planned to head for an incognito solitude living I had no difficulty in accepting its utility value and a dire need to do so. My prime duty was to render his thinking easy and facile. I am doing exactly this. Any task given to me by him I would devotedly take up with eyes closed without caring for the fact that my capability was not all that great and that my power to succeed in it too was weak. Even today I am executing these duties. In future too I shall continue to do so. All doubts in my mind were clarified at the personal level and that his decision was akin to Vedic Injunctions. But very much like me many readers of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ could harbor doubts like I did since very much akin to me they looked up to Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya with profound faith, respect and a sense of soul oneness. All of them had a loving right over him since they looked upon him as their divine father. All of them can place forth their mind’s anguish everyone could experience a lot of mental stress because of separation from him. Everyone would feel that if he left for a life of solitude only harm would come their way. Hence all these devoted followers would like to pose these questions to him directly in the manner I myself did. All the answers given by him regarding the above doubts discussed are worth deeply mulling over. Hence these are being penned in this particular article.


Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya opines that spiritual practice/Sadhana and austerities or Tapasya are 2 different aspects. The power and limits of both are different. Spiritual practices can be done in a congregational manner wherein the Food and Mental Sheaths dwelling in the devotee’s subtle body can get purified, nourished and become well advanced. Thus the qualities, actions, inner nature etc can undergo a sanctifying transformation (Sattvik). Due to inner purity resulting from this sanctifying transformation the divine light of Almighty God enters the inner realm of the devotee and thus it gets divinely illumined. He marches ahead on the path of soul uplifting and attains peace too. When the Food Sheath is nourished well via spiritual practice the body becomes disease free, attains a healthy long life span, imbibes immense power of endurance and can face untold hardships with calmness and serenity. Its radiance intensifies and while fighting difficulties steadfastly creates apt efforts to reap success. Via spiritual practices based on the Mental Sheath mental distortions, bad thoughts and tainted inner qualities get uprooted. One’s memory power and intellectual powers augment n fold. Mental restlessness is warded off and the psyche becomes focused in a one pointed manner. One’s enterprise, valor, patience, fearlessness, faith etc increase a lot in measure. Greed for amassing and enjoying sense titillating objects and selfish desires come under one’s apt control. By obstructing the mind from treading the tainted path veering it towards the path of truth and greatness vile psychic imprints (Kusanskars) gathered from innumerable previous lifetimes can be sanctified. The supreme director of the body and the chief creator of mental thoughts is the psyche. By undergoing spiritual practices for purifying the Mental Sheath when the mind comes under one’s optimal control the task of soul neo creation becomes straightforward and easy. After this, man can mold himself in tandem with desired apt situations. He can create within him desired specialties. In this manner man can become the author and creator of his destiny.



Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya also said that meditation, worship etc and spiritual practices that can be done even while living a life of congregation, via it by mastering our Food and Mental Sheaths, by creating many Sattvik (sacred) specialties in our personal lives in order to attain life’s true goal progress can definitely be attained. Thus by treading this path slowly but surely God or Self Realization also can be attained. For ordinary lay public and pious householders this very path of meditation, worship etc and spiritual practices are easy and apt. The 3 Yogas of Action, Wisdom and Devotion come under the aegis of Upsana or path of meditation, worship etc but in comparison to Upasana the path of Tapasya or austerities is higher in stature and more powerful. Within the jurisdiction of the subtle realm of the soul innumerable Energy Centers reside. Amongst these within the realm of Kundalini Yoga (Divine Serpent Power) the 6 Chakras (subtle plexus) are well known. But the matter is not limited to this only because subtler than these 6 Chakras (subtle plexus) dwell many ‘Energy Glands’ (knots, complexes or Granthis) in the gross and subtle bodies of human beings. In these lie hidden many specialties of their own types. By rendering these latent centers awakened and optimally active man creates such magnetic energy centers within his inner subtle nature that possess the capacity to attract nature’s and Almighty God’s innumerable divine glories (Vibhootis) spread out in the infinite cosmos, towards itself. The goal of Tapas or intense austerities is to attain these spiritual energies that not only aid in augmenting of one’s individual well being of great import but that of innumerous other people too.

Lest the environment of one’s home is sacred/Sattvik the program of Upsana or path of meditation, worship etc can go on joyously devoid of hindrances but Tapas or intense austerities is a special type of scientific process. For its success an environment of lone solitude is most required. In a congregative lifestyle varied types of thoughts, emotions, effects etc emerge. Via these the reaction noted in the mind may not pose obstacles in the way of Upsana or path of meditation, worship etc yet they create hurdles on the path of Tapas or intense austerities. For Tapas or intense austerities each one has to dwell in lone solitude. Demigods, humans and demons for various aims have executed Tapas or intense austerities many a times. As a result of it in exchange of those spiritual efforts attained desired boons from Mother Nature and beloved Almighty God who is our Divine Father. Yet all this took place far away from home in mountains, jungles etc oozing with lone solitude. Hence while staying at home Upsana or path of meditation, worship etc can go on joyously devoid of hindrances but Tapas or intense austerities cannot be done at home.



Tapas or intense austerities do not mean Sanyas. Sanyasis are known to leave their home, they wear ocher robes and travel everywhere in the world. They cannot re enter a householder way of life after taking Sanyas Deeksha or initiation. But as far as Tapas or intense austerities is concerned you can again take up a householder way of life. There are many examples of householders who after attaining required spiritual powers on executing Tapas or intense austerities away from home in solitude returned to worldly family way of living. In ancient eras so many Rishis would do difficult Tapas or intense austerities and a major number of them were householders. Maharshis like Vasishtha, Vishwamitra, Lomus, Jamadagni, Atri, Gautam, Yajnavalkya etc had sired many children and along with their pious wives although leading a sacred householder’s life made arrangements for executing difficult Tapas or intense austerities in dense lonely forest regions. Bhagiratha in order to bring down River Ganga from heaven executed terrific difficult Tapas or intense austerities. When the goal of these austerities was fulfilled Bhagiratha re entered the householder way of life. Demons like Ravan, Kumbhkarana, Meghnad, Bhasmasur, Sahasrarjun etc had performed terrific austerities. They too attained desired powers and then returned to their ordinary family way of living. Goddess Parvati in order to attain a husband, child Dhruva in order to attain grandeur and Swayambhu Manu and his Queen Shatrupa in order to sire a divine son performed difficult Tapas or intense austerities. After successfully attaining desired boons they returned to family life.

Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya also said that difficult Tapas or intense austerities and Sanyas are 2 different matters. He was neither taking Sanyas wherein the question of turning away from responsibility of children sired by him crops up and neither was he permanently ‘shying’ away from social living. Thus the question of obstacles coming in the way of getting guidance from him did not arise. Due to difficult Tapas or intense austerities the energies of the devotee becomes more intense, subtle and sanctified. Hence despite living far away in solitude Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya could give inner sacred inspirations to one and all when required (akin to telepathy). In mundane tasks speech and materials are required but in spiritual tasks no special need of these arises. On the basis of subtle consciousness this task can be executed despite staying far away physically. Despite living incognito in a lone manner the task of giving inner inspiration to people as and when required shall go on unabated.

Tantra based austerities cannot be done at home and hence are carried out in lonely spots like graveyards etc. that too at night. In it too is the aim of avoiding noisy crowded areas. In ancient eras too people leading quite busy lives on getting due facilities would travel to some lone pilgrim spot oozing with sanctity for a small time span. In close proximity to sages, saints etc carrying out difficult Tapas or intense austerities they too would do some penance. Today the atmosphere of pilgrim spots is no longer serene and pure because there urbanization has caught up in a big way. But in ancient times pilgrim spots were set up with the aim of creating an atmosphere of purity, serenity and sacredness. Today this tradition is heading towards extinction yet the importance of penance as was noted since primordial times is the same even today and in future also this shall go on unabated.



A need was felt to give up incomplete tasks in order to execute difficult Tapas or intense austerities in some far off lonely region because the problems faced at that time required untold measure of spiritual powers to solve them once and for all. All World Gayatri Family (HQ-Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) had commenced the program of neo awakening of ethics and culture the world over via Era Neo Creation and Transformation based tasks. These were required to be rendered gigantic and worldwide. Our country India after crossing many eras of dark gloom was now witnessing the dawn of political freedom from alien British Rule. On this very auspicious occasion in order to render India well governed many efforts in many directions were taking place. Yet for the development of our biggest wealth called spirituality not much effort was being made and thus it remained ignored. That spiritualism known to aid advancement of great glorious inner qualities that in turn rendered any community, sect etc truly great had entered the crater of total downfall. Hence only after rendering spirituality a leader, that the true greatness of humanity can be witnessed. Our land India is that of great divine saints. Its advancement can be said to be true only when Indian citizens by putting into action their great bright character and sacred ideals imbibed within not only establish true peace and joy in India but that they must guide and solve problems of the entire world harassed by unethical behavior and activities. In order to create such optimal positive circumstances All World Gayatri Family is making due efforts along with other mediums too. In these efforts a lot of zest, energy, honesty, self sacrifice and honest hard work are most required. The fulfillment of this need can take place only via inspiration given to workers in a subtle manner. In order that this inner inspiration is attained by all in a compact manner the only solution is terrific difficult austerities. In this solitude incognito life of mine efforts shall be made to attain this very energy in untold measure.

So many devotees in order to augment their will power and attain their life’s goal are making due efforts at the individual level yet these lone efforts of theirs are not sufficient and that mere vocal guidance cannot reap success. Hence the requirement is that apart from these individual spiritual practices an external energy and help must render their progress swifter in an active manner. Only then can their spiritual practices reap satisfactory success. Hence this type of external help and energy can be amassed only via terrific difficult austerities done in solitude.



Just as someone can ward off another’s financial lack by donating his own wealth, just as by donating one’s blood some wounded or sick person’s life can be saved similarly a person by subtly giving a portion of energy gathered from austerities can render that person’s difficulties easy to ward off. On the basis of blessings of a great saint of penance so many incidences are reported wherein big problems of people afflicted with strife and sorrow have been solved. These blessings are not mere uttering a few words via the tongue but that in order to render it successful a required measure of one’s austerities and Punya (good deeds) have to be handed over subtly. In this world the Law of Karma is irrevocable. As a result of his good-bad deeds man faces either joy or sorrow. Lest someone is to be given more joy than what his destiny ordains or that some pain and sorrow in his destiny has to be lessened in measure then for that very potent blessings have to be showered on them. This can only happen when the vault of power of penance in the one giving blessings has been amassed in great measure and that from it he gives a certain portion of it to the one whom he blesses. There are so many people immersed in tasks of righteousness that require such help in order that the path chosen by them becomes easier to tread on. In this penance of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya while dwelling in lone solitude, one of the goals is to gather a huge vault of spiritual help.

In the future in the year 1962 AD as per Indian Astrology 8 planets are going to dwell together in 1 single Zodiac Sign. At the time of the bloody Mahabharat War 7 planets had dwelled together in 1 single Zodiac Sign. The dire result of this was that 18 Akshauni Army, lay public etc died and both financial and social destruction was noted on a war footing. Hence when 8 planets dwell together in 1 single Zodiac Sign the results shall be much worse. Thus to calm down these horrific reactions so many high stature saints of penance are immersing themselves in difficult austerities. One aim of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya taking up difficult lone austerities is the above also.



Apart from this so many world problems confront Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya. At a personal level he has never aspired for heaven, salvation or Moksha and Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers. In fact his only aspiration in life was to lead a pure Brahmin way of life oozing with selfless service, righteousness and sacred ideals put into practice in day to day transactions. Hence whatever he thinks and acts drips with sentiments of selfless world service so as to usher in true well being of all and sundry. At this hour of doing difficult Tapas or intense austerities these very questions stare at him. India’s ancient spiritual sciences are becoming extinct one by one and hence it is required that due research and protection be given to it. Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has placed before us all the ordinary teachings of Vedas but what remained was to highlight the scientific and spiritual connotations of Vedic Mantras. This task is possible only if a subtle Yoga based vision is imbibed. And this vision can never be imbibed without Tapas or intense austerities. There is no other option apart from penance.

Regarding Gayatri Tapobhumi and Akhand Jyoti Magazine a worry exists that they may go haywire anytime in future yet Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya harbors no such tension. Those self sacrificing people had shouldered the duties of Gayatri Tapobhumi and Akhand Jyoti Magazine is very trustworthy and honest hard workers. They realize their responsibilities properly and shall continue to shoulder them diligently in future also. Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya also promised to contribute literature penned by him for the Akhand Jyoti Magazine while he lived an incognito life in solitude far away. In fact henceforth he resolved to egg on readers on the path of spirituality via guidance given by him in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine. Thus very much like Gayatri Tapobhumi the flame lamp of Akhand Jyoti Magazine shall continue to burn brightly.



Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya shall not be in our midst at least for 1 year due to this journey of his. This time frame may be increased in future. Where exactly was he going? This he did not declare publicly but definitely it shall be the lofty Himalaya Mountains. The ancient traditions of Tapas or intense austerities have attained fulfillment from Himalaya Mountains only. Hence for conducting penance this region is apt. After the decided time frame he shall start dwelling in known regions by leaving unknown places but these days on noting the thought flow going on in his mind it seems that instead of making writings, speeches etc as the foundation of selfless public service he shall rise much higher than that and perform Tapas or intense austerities. His future program shall focus mainly on difficult Tapas or intense austerities.

All those doubts harbored by me previously were also spoken about by many readers in their letters to Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya but after he discussed these doubts I became doubt free. Now I had full faith that not only is his future austerities not detrimental to our country, any community etc but instead shall reap nothing but benefits.

So far he has ceaselessly immersed himself in selfless service to society and lay public. After he completes these difficult austerities in lone solitude he shall be able to execute much more such services so as to immensely benefit one and all. It is apt that he gets as much solitude for this Tapas or intense austerities. As a result he shall become that much more powerfully capable than he already is today. Thus not only the members of Akhand Jyoti Family but that he shall be able to serve Indian Religion and Culture much more potently.

No doubt Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya shall have to undergo immense difficulties, he shall stay far away from us in a lone manner and hence self pity emerging in our soft natured bosom is quite natural. Just thinking about us bidding him adieu wells tears in our eyes yet we are satisfied that only when the plant of righteousness is watered with such sacred tears that it blooms forth in a lush green manner. Vedmurti Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has sacrificed every iota of his Prana Energy for keeping alit the Light of Divine Wisdom. All of us can attain contentment by offering our tears of faith and devotion at his hallowed feet. We hence humbly pray that Goddess Mother Gayatri fulfills the sacred mission of this super great saint.


17 Oct



The 2 goals of my spiritual practices were completed in 24 years. It is chiefly in youth that we fail to imbibe the sacred ideals of “Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)” and “Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but stones for me)”. It is prime youth that we get allured towards sexual passion and greed for wealth etc. Hence right from the age of 15 years to 40 years i.e. for 24 years I labored hard to overcome sexual passion and greed for wealth. It is in youth that we get trapped in the mesh of desires, sexual passion, aspirations etc. But my youth got involved in self and scriptural studies, mental reflection on great truths, self instrospection, self control, Japa and meditation. In youth mental distortions raise their hood alarmingly hence on an average for spiritual goals people advancing in age go in for spirituality.

During youth people get immersed in amassing wealth, education, health management etc and no doubt all this must be done. For fulfilling material life aspirations many opportunities can be availed in these arenas. The youth class of the world can contribute a lot in world welfare tasks yet it is not in youth stage that leaders are found for this end. There are only a few exceptions like Adi Guru Shankaracharya, Swami Dayanandji, Swami Vivekanand, Swami Ramdas, Saint Mirabai, Sister Nivedita etc that in prime youth executed the role of leaders for world welfare tasks successfully. On an average it is in youth especially when it manifests immaturity that spreads unruliness and problems. Since there is lure for name-fame-status in society and sexual desire enticement those who enter the public arena produce only distortion and haywire situations there. Great institutions are known to get destroyed because of such immature unruly youths. Of course bad habits etc do not get limited to any particular age class yet the tradition of nature is such that youth is said to be the peak of aspirations manifesting for fulfillment. When man starts aging his inner nature becomes more docile and at that time his material desires and greed too diminish to a certain extent. In old age one is constantly fearing death much more and thus people start treading the path of spirituality, world well being tasks etc. Hence spiritual seers have opined that the latter half of life must be lived as a Vanaprastha (post retirement) and as a Sanyasi.

I do not know the hidden mystery as to why my Revered Gurudeva (preceptor) asked me to perform harsh austerities in prime youth itself and bye and bye I turned 40 years in age. It could be that my Revered Gurudeva was well versed with the fact that in youth I would get enmeshed by the ego of becoming a leader and other alluring desires. He must have felt that in order to carry out great tasks on a gigantic scale without becoming mature within and attaining potent soul power success in them would never be accrued. For great tasks it is mandatory that we possess a strong will power or Sankalpa, steadfast patience, valor and inner mental balance. Hence my youth was immersed in attaining these great qualities and I have already discussed all this quite in detail.

In that youth phase everything was ordinary and what only was extraordinary is that the flame lamp I lit using Ghee or clarified butter made from cow’s milk never got doused. In my worship room it remained ever lit. What was its scientific and spiritual meaning? One cannot answer this question very clearly. Since he was my Guru and he had commanded me I surrendered to him in a well disciplined manner. When after examining thoroughly and understood that sitting in the boat of my Revered Gurudeva was not perilous at all and never would I drown. Hence I sat in it eyes closed. A soldier of any army loves discipline much more than his life. Call it blind faith, love for discipline or that the direction of my life had been decided whatever method of task execution was explained to me I took it up with full faith and zeal. The fact that the imperishable flame lamp was lit in my worship room was a part of this procedure. I put full faith in my Revered Guru, I surrendered my entire being at his hallowed feet and hence there was no room for any doubt like facing a downfall and no arguments were placed before him. I just could not go against his holy wishes. Within the spiritual practice ordained for me in it this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp has immense importance. Since I was told all this I reinstated it in my worship room and for the entire time frame of my spiritual practice I kept it lit ceaselessly day and night. Later it became as dear to me as my life force. After 24 years lapsed by I could have doused it but even imagining doing so appeared as though my life shall get doused. Hence I resolved firmly to keep this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp lit for my entire lifetime. I had left for sometime to reside in lone solitude and again I am about to repeat this. Hence my respected wife (HH MATA BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMAJI) shall keep it lit ceaselessly. Lest I had not married, lest my wife was not by my side no spiritual practice could have been performed by me. It was a difficult task to render this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp lit ceaselessly day and night. Paid workers, disciples, other devotees or people weak within would not have been capable of keeping this divine Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp lit ceaselessly day and night. There are so many who resolve to maintain such an Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp yet it is seen to get doused many times and again it is re lit. Hence such Akhand Deepaks are in name only. Yet my Akhand Deepak remained lit ceaselessly day and night. The reason for this was not external alertness but it was a lot to do with inner steadfast faith and strong resolve or Sankalpa. In this task my respected wife (HH MATA BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMAJI) has contributed in an extraordinarily devoted manner.

It could be that this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp is an Akhand Yajna. It could be fulfilling the need of lighting incense, agar etc, burning Havan or fire ritual materials, doing Mantra Japa or putting Ghee or clarified butter in a Deepak or flame lamp. In this manner maybe a self executed process of doing Akhand Yajna or Havan gets ushered in. It could be that a Kalash (water pot) filled with water and its union with fire-water placed during reinstating of it fulfills the subtle task of steam energy akin to that of a rail engine. It could be that in lighting the inner aura this external Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp is a good helper. Whatever maybe the case I attained the light of sacred sentiments, untold ecstatic bliss and zest while maintaining this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp. The Akhand Deepak kept on a dais outside was seen there externally for a few days. Later this experience of mine changed and I felt that in my own inner core psyche this very light is burning brightly. Just as the temple room of mine gets illumined by a bulb placed there similarly similarly my entire inner personality is getting illumined by this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp placed in my worship room. In my body/mind/soul or gross/subtle/causal body that illumination on which I meditated regularly possibly was but the reactionary reflection of this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp. During the entire phase of my worship, meditation etc my arena of sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana spread hallowed light everywhere. Everything in me is light aura manifest since the veil of dark spiritual ignorance has been rent asunder. The deluded attachment represented by night of inertia got destroyed. My sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana and thinking process emitted untold hallowed light and it pours down in both my bodily and mental activities. Everywhere sways the ocean of divine light and I like a fish in a lake sporting in this lake of brilliant divine aura and roaming around blissfully. These sacred experiences helped so much in augmenting soul power infinitely, in attaining vision of divinity and advancement of zest that my pen fails miserably in describing it completely. It could be that this is but imagination yet I definitely think that lest I had not lit this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp then akin to the dark gloom of my worship room maybe my inner personality too would have remained dark. Today this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp akin to the festival of lights called Deepavali in India is illumining every nerve and pore of my body brightly. In the flow of my sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana when 33 years previously I had commenced publishing the Akhand Jyoti Magazine it was named thus because it was the name most dear to me in the entire world. It maybe that a small image of this Akhand Jyoti Magazine established by me in a fervor of sacred emotions has been successfully capable of spreading auspicious material-spiritual progress and rays of sacred aura everywhere.

In the 3rd leg of Sadhana or spiritual austerities the rays of the tenet “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” spread forth all around. The Sadhana or spiritual austerities of imbibing the sacred ideals of “Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)” and “Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but stones for me)” was limited to my gross visible body. If sin entered both my eyes then on opening the 3rd eye of Viveka or farsighted discrimination it was terrorized and chased away from my psyche. I put strict disciplinary tabs on my bodily activities and cut off all roots that create dire situations. Hence it became impossible for me to enact demonic vile behavior. The Sadhana or spiritual austerities of “Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)” succeeded without hindrance. My mind harassed me regarding this only in the preliminary stage. My body always helped me. When my mind accepted defeat out of despair it stopped acting tainted. Later in fact my mind became my best friend and aide. I voluntarily led a poverty based lifestyle because I decreased all my needs to a bare minimum. I gave up the attitude of amassing and hoarding wealth, materials etc and hence mastered the spiritual tenet of “Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but stones for me)”. When for filling my tummy and covering my body with clothes my own income was enough why would I dream of pocketing others’ wealth? Whatever I got was used for my basic bare needs and the remaining would be shared with society. Those who get ‘addicted’ to sharing and giving things away to others egolessly, those who taste its ecstatic joy never harbor any attraction to hoard or amass wealth. Hence for what reason should one sin by trying to fraudulently pocket others’ wealth? That lifestyle imbibed by me of poverty, simplicity and a true Brahmin who never hoards anything elicited extraordinary bliss, self fulfillment and zest within my inner being. Lest such experiences were tasted by others, very rarely would anyone sin by fraudulently pocketing others’ wealth. The attitude of non hoarding must not be a superficial one. It is only when after not hoarding you give away all excess wealth, food etc to others humbly that in turn elicits untold bliss in your soul that you have imbibed the right attitude of non hoarding. Yet alas! How many people are truly aware of this extraordinary joyful experience? Of course! I was very fortunate to attain the vault of this divine glory very naturally.

When the next step is taken the 3rd destination arrives. It is called the tenet “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” (all beings are a part of my very soul and hence I experience soul oneness with the entire cosmos). These words seem ordinary to hear and speak and generally this attitude is limited to carrying out duties of any citizen of a country, discipline, etiquette and good polite behavior. Yet the spiritual philosophy of experiencing soul oneness with the entire cosmos although includes all this yet it goes much deep beyond it. Its periphery reaches there where the state of union with the cosmic divine soul or God is attained. For spiritual practices one has to conjoin one’s inner personality with that of another’s. Thus that person’s sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana must be looked upon as one’s own too. The manifest form of the ideal of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (world united peacefully as one happy family) is that we look upon all animate-inanimate beings as our very own beloved soul and thus we must experience that at the soul level all of us have merged and united with each other without exception. The reaction of such an experience is that we look upon others joy as our own joy and feel others sorrow as our own. Thus such a person cannot remain limited in existence as ‘I’ the ego. Such a truly large hearted person finds it impossible to get caged in this limited periphery of the selfish ego called ‘I’ by us. The efforts to ward off others’ sorrow and augment others’ joy for such great personalities are such as though they are in effect warding off their own sorrow and augmenting their own joy.

In this world, there are innumerable people who are pious and hence are seen to remain happy. They walk on the path of truth and human glory and are immersed in not only attaining their own well being but usher in that of others too. Seeing all this elicits untold joy within and one gets the feeling that truly Almighty God has created this world with very sacred intentions in mind. Over here both good merits and sacred wisdom exist. With its help anyone can attain in great measure bliss, joy, peace, contentment and other divine attainments. Over here there is no dearth of meritorious men, true philanthropists and self dependent people. Maybe their numbers are less yet they keep spreading their pious aura everywhere and their existence definitely proves that divinity does exist in mankind. Hence even with little effort divinity can be awakened within and rendered active. Our planet earth does not lack valor at all because over here Nara-Narayan or human gods reside. How great, generous and divine is Almighty God? This answer can be tangibly got in such souls (that are his very image) that tread the path of spiritual well being and by crushing thorns on the way with the sole of their feet marched ahead towards the goal with total peace, faith and bravery. In rendering humanity highly glorified it is the very sacred existence of these super great men that has rendered our world so capable that lures Almighty God to incarnate as an Avatar in a human garb time and again. Those dwelling in the world of sacred ideals and those super glorious people who imbibe greatness in their daily activities externally appearing lacking as far as materialism is concerned yet inwardly they are so prosperous and blissful that on noting it the heart overflows with hair raising joy. Their inner peace touches the very core of our inner being. Again and again that legend of epic Mahabharat comes to mind when the great pious King Yudhishthira had to reside in hell for sometime creatures dwelling there became so happy when just prior to his arrival they were immersed in painful agony. It seemed that when mere remembrance of such great pious humans we get such contentment and light of wisdom how many more innumerous divine experiences they themselves must be getting.

In this ugly world whatever appears beautiful is but the boon showered on us by such great saintly personages. In this world made from atoms-molecules dancing the dance of agony akin to ghosts and evil spirits for such a long time whatever balance and energy is noted in this world is but the creation of these meritorious divine men. Everywhere in the inert 5 elements scattered the world over uniformity and decorative grandeur can be seen. Behind it is the effort of these great men treading the path of truth only. By cutting asunder the bondage of the mesh and net of vain enticements and attractions those who vowed to render this world well secure and beautiful it is their profound faith that has glorified planet earth. Those whose efforts have been for world well being, their wish has always been this only, Darshan or vision and remembrance of such human gods (Nara-Narayana) one attains good merits or Punya. I always yearned to raise the dust of their feet reverently to my head and thus attain glorious self fulfillment. Those who rendered their individual soul, cosmic divine soul or God by getting a sacred glimpse of them as Almighty God incarnate it seemed that even today in our modern era Almighty God takes a human form and moves about in it to bless one and all. I got a lot of satisfaction on noting such great meritorious deeds all around in these lofty Himalaya Mountains and thus my mind yearned to dwell here eternally. Due to close proximity with such glorious saints I found the greatest joy of heaven, Moksha or salvation etc. This fact was properly proved by the tangible blissful experiences I got here. Hence amidst this life full of difficulties I remained zestful simply by remembering this most beautiful place.

The joyous attainment of “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” (all beings are a part of my very soul and hence I experience soul oneness with the entire cosmos) did not remain one sided. Its other aspect appeared before me. This world is no lesser sorrowful. Innumerable people the world over attacked with strife hardships agony pain lack and poverty both external and internal are living hellish lives. Problems, worries and complexities of life are eating up everyone like termites. In the vicious cycle of injustice and atrocity based oppression people are being pounded to pulp. The vile human brain has rendered the world environment hellish to dwell in. The strife of people wailing aloud in anguish due to the forest fire of sins and criminal behavior is such that those seeing it are aghast. Hence if the state of the onlookers is this say how n fold more harassing is the plight of people actually enduring this agony? This world lacks nothing as far as material comforts and sense pleasures are concerned. Despite this everywhere one witnesses sorrow and strife only. Each one could have consoled the other and affectionately helped others to ward off this sorrow and they could have spoken about future possibilities of progress yet none of this has happened. Since the mental arena is distorted, people insist on thinking lopsided and act in a most unwholesome manner then if you sow seeds of the poisonous ivy plant how can you hope to attain the nectarine fruit of immortality?

Sorrow, poverty, anguish and stress spread out everywhere are giving such agony to all humans. With such ‘grandness’ and speed, people are entering and then dying in the deep crater of sins and a massive downfall. When I saw this demeaned painful situation my heart cried out in pain. Why did man forget his divinity hidden in the deep cave of his inner personality? Why has he rendered his inner human nature and existence so lowly and fallen? This question arose time and again in my mind. Yet no answer came forth. There is just no dearth of brain skills, shrewdness and time at hand. People showcase one great skill after another. They exhibit the miracle of their shrewdness too. Yet why do humans fail to realize that by latching on to wily wickedness what they aspire to attain via it is but akin to appeasing thirst by running after a mirage in a desert? They don’t understand that only a painful downfall in life and anguish shall come their way. Lest to human brain skills was conjoined firmly based on his correct understanding that he must showcase integrity and advance his magnanimity that is most required for human development in tandem with human glory. If mankind had done this sincerely the downfallen state of the world seen today would have been bang opposite to it. Everyone without exception would have lived life of joy and peace. None would distrust or doubt another and none would get harassed or cheated by anyone. At such times not a speck of sorrow, poverty etc would have been allowed to crop up like weeds. In fact all around the world would rule nothing but bliss and peace that is for keepsake.

Why is an otherwise truly understanding human, so foolish today? He is not even to accept such a gross fact that sins reap sorrow and that good meritorious deeds spread nothing but joy both within and without? Every chapter of world history and experience hides within it the fact that anyone following unethical thinking/activities and remaining bound like a slave to selfishness reaps nothing but a downfall and anguish. Without harboring magnanimity and purity of mind none has till date attained true peace. Without imbibing sacred ideals in both thinking and day to day living none has attained honor and soul uplifting. Wily fox like people carry out heinous demonic acts in a veiled manner. They must realize that even if they veil these criminal unethical acts using 7 veils yet at the appropriate hour these veils shall reveal their dastardly acts on their own. We all are witness to such incidences day after day yet one fails to understand why such people believe that they shall hoodwink others with their fraudulent activities in such a manner that none shall ever know about them? They foolishly think their veiled heinous acts shall remain hidden forever and that they shall play this wily cunning game of hide n seek for eternity. Why do such vile people forget that there exists an eternal cosmic divine soul (called Almighty God in layman’s parlance) and it possesses infinite subtle eyes to see both externally and internally, it has infinite subtle ears to hear both externally and internally and infinite hands to catch hold of such vile scheming people? God never allows the veil of wily fraud however well hidden to remain covered for long. Wiliness and fraud however veiled always has its way to come out in the open for all to see. Wickedness ultimately has to accept its foul nature. Lest people especially today had deeply understood this eternal divine truth and ancient fact and hence also is they had deeply understood that latching on to tainted thinking and actions reaps only a downfall from all front why would they give up the royal path of human glory and foolishly stray away towards the thorny road of wily wickedness? Why would they wail aloud in anguish while dragging this precious human life akin to a rotting corpse?

The complex net of a vile tainted intellect has spread out in such a way that so many creatures are trapped in it, while enduring hellish agony. When I noted this terribly demeaned state of all I experienced sharp pains in my sensitive heart. The Sadhana or spiritual practice of “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” (all beings are a part of my very soul and hence I experience soul oneness with the entire cosmos) rendered the pain and sorrow of all creatures of the world as my very own. I felt as though someone is chopping off my legs and pounded them to pulp. My soul dwells in all creatures. This verse of the Bhagwad Geeta is not difficult to understand merely at the level of reciting it and hearing it. Yet, when it becomes a tangible experience within the soul and psyche, the situation is stark different. Just as when our bodily organs like eyes, stomach etc on getting hurt or diseased gives us a lot of pain, just as the sorrow or pain of our beloved wife, children etc gives us also a lot of anguish very similarly when our soul starts experiencing oneness with the soul of all animate-inanimate creatures of the world then sorrow anywhere in the world along with its pain becomes our very own. We too start experiencing this intensely.

The pain and agony of strife facing world humanity, of the soul of the world and society’s anguish gushed forth in my psyche and made me restless. When a person is facing pain because of eye, ear, stomach etc illness he yearns to find a way to ward off this hardship. What exactly needs to be done? Where should one go? These questions bother such people a lot and they yearn not to waste even a moment so as to help ward off their pain swiftly. My mind too was experiencing this inner state. A mother forgets her own feverish state, headache etc when she takes her child quickly to a nearby hospital to take medical help for her child whose leg has got fractured in a car accident. She is restless to get her child cured at any cost. My mental state too has been quite like this for so many years. Where do I have anytime to amass joyous comforts and luxuries for myself? I find such sense pleasures very poisonous. If on those rare occasions a thought crossed my mind to procure means for entertainment and rest my conscience censured my lowly desire. It was like using a glass of water to wash someone’s feet for worship when the same could be used to save the life of a person thirsting for water for many days. How can a mother snatch a spoonful of food to eat it herself when it could save her child from dying if it was given to him? How can a father go away to play tennis with his friends when his sick child is wailing aloud in pain? This could be done only by a hard hearted person. The more the tenet of “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” (all beings are a part of my very soul and hence I experience soul oneness with the entire cosmos) became firmly steadfast, my hard hearted nature melted away to naught forever. Now only compassion brimmed forth in my entire being. It is as steadfast as it was previously even though I am in the final years of my journey into this mortal world. In it there is no diminishing at all but instead day by day it is intensifying more and more.

I have heard that Self-God Realized saints sleep with total peace and rest. But for me such Self-God Realization has been rare to attain. I am doubtful whether I shall ever attain such a serenely peaceful Self-God Realized state. As long as anguish, strife, stress etc continue to exist in this world, as long as creatures are forced to burn in fire of hardships and worries, till then I have no wish at all to live peacefully. Whenever it was my time to offer prayers to Almighty God I humbly prayed: O Lord! I do not want inner peace. Instead I want that compassion within that helps me experience the strife and pain of all creatures of the world. Instead of prosperity I want that spiritual power that can wipe away the tears of agony faced by all creatures of the world. I asked only this boon from God and I felt that by giving clothes to Draupadi who was being rendered naked God who was thus saving her dignity is also pouring infinite compassion on my by eliciting sensitive sacred emotions in me in every pore of my being. When I have ever paid attention to what means of material joy I require? In every pore of my being dripped forth agony and anguish for world humanity undergoing so many hardships both physical and mental in nature. I kept thinking this only as to what needs to be done to keep our worldwide family happy and contented forver? Whatever I possessed was used only for this goal. Thus I got an opportunity to ward off widespread pain and strife and created a situation where atleast one could breathe easy with self contentment.

So many nights have I passed by crying all alone, so many times I have wailed aloud like a little child in pain. Does anyone know about this? People call me a Self-God Realized saint, Sidha possessing Divine Powers, a great writer, scholar etc. Yet none has opened the deep recesses of my psyche to read this agony spelt there in bold letters. Lest anyone had actually done this they would have seen that within this body made of bones, flesh, blood etc dwells a soul wailing aloud incessantly on noting world humanity’s demeaned state and the dire sorrow faced by it. On the one hand it is said that a Self-God Realized saint overflows with peace, contentment, ecstatic bliss etc in a carefree manner yet here I am whose soul is crying out in agony while perceiving others’ painful hardships. Whenever I thought to myself it was this only that divine wisdom that bestows a carefree life, that is immersed in trance and ecstatic bliss etc is much beyond my reach as of now. Maybe I shall never ever attain it because in this pain we get a glimpse of Almighty God clearly when we wipe the tears of others’ painful sorrow we experience a lot of soul satisfaction. Hence I say that my mind may never go after that Moksha/salvation or Samadhi or trance that renders us inactive. Hence when I just do not wish for such Moksha/salvation or Samadhi or trance how shall I ever get it?

I do not remember if I have done something good from the standpoint of Punya or working for others’ welfare. I do not know whether I have done any spiritual practice to please Almighty God. My soul amplification in the form of “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” (all beings are a part of my very soul and hence I experience soul oneness with the entire cosmos) made me see my soul in all animate-inanimate creatures of the world and this was not just superficial but that it had entered the very deep core of my psyche and soul. When I saw others’ painful agony it induced such loud cries of pain within me that I could think nothing apart from helping them ward off their pain and anguish. Say who executes Punya or meritorious acts? I did not have time to spare for charity etc. I just do not know how to please God so as to attain bliss pertaining to heaven, Moksha/salvation or Samadhi or trance. The world’s anguish was now my own agony and hence I had to first combat that. Other matters were such that for them I had to wait till I could spare sometime. If anyone yearns to find out the reason why I have executed the type of actions seen by all on a day to day basis it is enough to know that I breathed easy only to the extent I remembered or actually visualized the great goodwill based emotions and glorious world well being tasks carried out by great saints, visionaries, seers and men of high grade pious character. Thus when I started perceiving others’ agony it gave me much more pain that hardships I myself had to face in life. If at all I have been able to carry out tasks of world well being, welfare, social reforms, selfless service to society etc I can only say it was my inner being perforce making me do it. Others’ pain and heart burns refused to allow me to sit silently and since I was quite restless what else could I do but try my best to ward off their pain? If the pain is intense we perforce try to do something about it. People may label all my efforts seen so far in any way, they may paint it in any color, yet the bare reality is that the world’s painful psyche perforce aided the gushing forth of compassion and sensitive sympathy within me. Thus looking upon the world’s pain and heart burns as my own, I akin to a wounded person tried my best to put balm on it and lessen it as much as possible. My inner sentiments were so terrific that I forgot myself totally. If from the viewpoint of renunciation, self control, simplicity, non hoarding etc someone gauges my activities he must at least realize that in the mold in which my psyche got cast, all this was mandatory to imbibe. I cannot definitely say that I shunned and was averse to prosperity, progress, material comforts eulogies from others etc and that I with effort renounced all this is just not correct. In actuality since the world’s pain and heart burns became my own they clouded my mind so badly that I had just no time to think about my personal needs and comforts. In fact all this was nothing but loss of memory. If someone calls this forgetful nature austerities or self control it is their wish but when I am making my near-dear ones read the most useful pages of the book of my life it is best and apt that I explain the bare reality.

My devotional practices and spiritual practices went on side by side. I called out to Almighty God so that in the form of divine light he would compassionately enter my soul. Thus my lowly nature would transform into greatness and glory. I surrendered at God’s holy feet so that in his infinite divine glory my lowliness gets merged for eternity. The only boon I asked him was that I experience oneness of heart with every atom of the world and thus my tiny soul becomes cosmic in nature. Thus I could experience my soul in others’ and their soul in me. The penance, meditation, self control and other spiritual practices mainly based on the 14 Gayatri Mahapurashcharanas revolved around imbibing this sense of soul oneness with the entire world.

I am discussing all this with reference to my spiritual experiences and all rise-fall situations faced therein so that lest anyone yearns to walk in the direction of soul progress how shall it be possible for those dwelling in the present type situations? If a visible example of this is to be searched for my life’s journey can become a good guide. In reality I have lived an experimental life. While trying to live my mundane material life in tandem with spiritual ideals how could one walk on the path of inner advancement? Without veering away from it how could success be tasted? I am trying to find such a precept and in its application I am focusing both my mental thought process and bodily activities. In this direction my Revered Gurudeva helped me immensely. Hence without getting entwined in undesirable complexities I attained the correct path to tread on. This has been discussed in these lines with the aim that those who feel the need for finding a tangible example of attaining definite success while walking on this path they shall find a well proven path to follow.

On the path of soul process while walking in a definite and well planned manner I have attained the goal to a great extent and have attained that basis on which one can experience that no effort has gone in vain and that my experimentation has not failed at all. I feel it does not suit me at all to talk of what Sidhis/Divine Powers or other spiritual attainments accrued by me. The chance to talk, hear and search them out must be got only after I depart from this mortal world. At that time such excess proof of it shall be found everywhere that even a very distrusting person perforce can be convinced that neither the Science of Spirituality/Soul is erroneous and that anyone walking this path in a proper and correct manner finds no difficulty in attaining success. Those who tread this path accrue soul peace, inner and divine experiences. How can they benefit from all this? In order to find tangible proof of this, future researchers shall find my life’s activities very helpful. As per contemporary times such deep researchers shall themselves unearth innumerable proof of divine glories and those specialties that shall be possible to attain by anyone who leads a life devoted to Almighty God.


2 Oct


Regarding contemporary times all scholars, astrologers and ESP based seers in one voice agree this is the hour of Era Junction. Fearful distorted situations the world over has reached its nadir. All around us rein desires, anger, greed and delusion. Under such situations in order to uproot unrighteousness and reinstate righteousness the world over there is a scripture based belief of Almighty God taking an Avatar because divine authority always vows to render balanced that which has gone in disarray via his divine inspiration and effort. Via the medium of promises like ‘Tadatmanam srijamyaham’ as mentioned in the Bhagwad Geeta materialize during such situations.

According to astrological sciences the contemporary times encompass end of Kaliyuga or Dark Age and beginning of Satyuga or Golden Age. Calculation of time while ignoring all past prejudices has been measured which says that it is the hour of Sankraman of the 5th Kalpa of world history. Mahatkalpa, Hiranyagarbhakalpa, Brahmakalpa and Padakalpa have already passed by. Varahkalpa that commenced before 13800 Vikram is going on right now. Even the Vaivaswat Manvantar (7th) is going on. Well known astrologers of India in 1964 while organizing a gigantic conference made an important announcement that after 9 Avatars Lord Kalki has already manifested in this world and that as of now he must be immersed in overcoming the malefic influence of vain intellectuals and ushering in its place an atmosphere of goodwill the world over. They failed to agree with the observations put forth by western astrologers that Lord Kalki will manifest at the end of 20th century. All of them by creating a Kundli or astrological chart of the world proved that the incarnation of Taintless Prajnavatar has already taken place in India and at the moment he must be active in his mission. According to them between 1990 and 2010 his influence shall spread speedily in its subtle form and that it will spread the entire world over.

Regarding this all astrologers agree that the World Kundli prepared by the renowned astrologer Shri Jyotirbhushan Gopinathji on 5th September 1926 is correct. According to this astrological chart Lagna Tula is united with high stature Shani, in the Parakram area is high stature Ketu, in the house of joy lies Guru, in the 7th house is Swagrahi Mangal, in the 9th house is high stature Rahu, in the Karma Bhava is Swagrahi Chandra and it is united with Shukra. All these tell us that modern science and a new religion will usher in. in the Labha Bhava is the union of Buddha and Swagrahi Surya which tells us that India will ooze with wealth and grandeur. This Lagna position reminds us of that found in the Kundli of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. It is clear from this that in order to reinstate religion a divine power has already incarnated in this world even though people will accept this much later.

In reality a problem occurs there wherein erroneously via astrological tile calculation episodes in Rishi literature too is misinterpreted.

In the Manu Smriti (1/67-69) it is said that:

Brahmasya tu kshapahasya yatpramanam samasataha.

Ekaikasho yuganam tu kramashastanibodhata.

Chatvaryahu sahasrani varshanam tatkritam yugam.

Tasya tavacchati sandhya sandhyashashcha tathavidhaha.

Itareshu sansadhyeshu sansadhyasheshu cha trishu.

Ekapayena vartante sahasrani shatani cha.

MEANING: That Yuga believed to create this world and destroy it in Brahmaji’s night is thus- Purva Sandhya of 4 thousand and 4 hundred years and Uttar Sandhya also of that many years. Thus Satyuga will span 4800 years, Tretayuga of 3000 years, Dwapar of 2000 years and Kaliyuga of 1200 years.

After this we must delve deep into the Skand 12, Adhyay 2 and 34th Shloka or verse of Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran:

Divyabdanam sahasrante chaturthe tu punaha kritam.

Bhavishyati yada nrina man atmaprakashakam.

MEANING: At the end of 4 thousand divine years meaning in 4000 divine years Kaliyuga or Dark Age passed by and again Satyuga or Golden Age will dawn which will pour divine light into the mind and soul of world humanity.

Over here it is important to note the word ‘Divya’ or divine. Erroneously some scholars interpret it as demigods and by multiplying it with 360 (1 day of demigods is equal to 1 year of human beings) rendered it 432000 and said that this is the number of years for which Kaliyuga or the Dark Age will last. According to Rigveda (2/164/46) that which manifests in Divi or day and which is fiery like the sun is Divya or divine. Divi is Dyu and it means day. Hence as per the day of the sun if we calculate again Satyuga spans for 1200 years, Treta for 2400 years, Dwapar 3600 years and Kaliyuga for 4800 years. As per the verse of Bhagwat Mahapurana 4000 years of Kaliyuga and 800 years of junction period (Sandhikal) totals to 4800 years which is about to end.

According to epic Mahabharat (Van Parva, chapter 190, verses 88-91) if we calculate based on Rashis or Zodiac Signs it becomes clear that the final leg of 50 years of junction period or Sandhikal has commenced from Samvant 2000 which means Era Transformation is very near.

As per texts of Islam religion the year between 1950 and 2025 constitute Kayamat. Kayamat means after that no sinner will exist in this world. In the Hamidiya Library of Mecca there is a book titled ‘Alkshaf valkatmafi marfat’. In it is written that Kayamat will manifest when strife, chaos and enmity will reach its peak in the world. At that time a great saint will be born. He will ooze with spiritual energy and with the help of his divine soul power will douse to naught all fire based weapons. He will render this world heavenly and shall render old people youthful. A similar description can also be found in the sacred text called ‘Imamey akhikajjama’. The famous book of Medina ‘Maqsoom Bukhari’ says that in the 2/3rd part of 14th century of Hijri year Kayamat shall manifest and Hazrat Mehndi shall manifest. He will be the prophet of all religions.

In reality mathematical calculation of the birth chart of an Avatar is so complex and controversial that mounds of arguments for and against it can be put forth. Yet in reality all those movements active in the subtle world and those activities seen grossly executed by humans decides how, in what form and where an Avatar will be seen to be active.

It has been seen that even Avatars undergo step by step advancement. Their Kalas keep increasing as time passes by. The Turtle and Fish Avatar possessed 1 Kala each. Varah and Vaman had 2 Kalas. Nrisinha and Parshuram had 3 Kalas. Rama had 12 Kalas, Krishna had 16 Kalas and Buddha had 30 Kalas. Regarding the Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar it has been said that it possesses 24 Kalas. This then is step by step evolution or advancement. In world creation these Avatars have appeared at the appointed hour time and again and will continue to do so till it reaches the compact omnipotent number of 64 Kalas.

Over here we are delving deep into the details of Prajna Avatar and Era Junction or Yugasandhi so that members of Gayatri Family organization identify this Avatar based thought flow that had appeared before them visibly during their very lifetime. Not only have many conjoined to it but many more shall do so in future too. After knowing and identifying an Avatar it is not difficult to help divine men to understand the great divine stature of this Avatar.

Regarding Avatars of the past their preliminary area of activity was limited to fight undesirable mundane situations, oppose those acting unethically and reinstate greatness in the world. The one closest to Prajna Avatar is the Avatar of Lord Buddha wherein a great program was designed to encourage people to take shelter of a sacred intellect and give high stature great inspiration to world human psyche. The work arena of the Prajna Avatar is more gigantic and tortuous too. Not only does he have to oppose contemporary problems and individual unruliness but he has to sow, augment, nurture and render active seeds of great ideals in the world human psyche which are required for great sentiments of Satyuga or Golden Era and arrangement of Rama’s Rule (Ramrajya). On noting inner inspirations and its widespread nature it is natural that the number of Kalas of Prajna Avatar is 24.

While depicting the nature of Almighty God in Purusha Sukta it is said: ‘Sahasrashirsa purushaha sahasrakshaha shasrapat’. It means God possesses 1000 heads, 1000 hands and 1000 legs. It means Brahman or God is one only but on special occasions he with his special means and paraphernalia executes desired tasks. Not only world management but during special situations of Era Transformation thousands of Jivan Mukta (liberated while alive) high statured self realized saints become his aides and fulfill Lord Mahakal’s divine mission.

Definitely God is one only but yet when he carries out a special mission he does not remain alone and in fact akin to the brilliant sun possessing thousands of bright rays he manifests in this world. In great tasks of Era Transformation definitely God manifests his 1000 headed form. On special occasions Lord Mahakal perforce designs such a Maharas (divine dance) wherein for great ideals thousands of supremely saintly people become very active.

In these days this is exactly that is happening. A very wise thought flow manifested from that lotus flower which is called the Sahasradal (1000 petals) Kamal. Brahmaji manifested from a lotus flower. It is situated in the scalp region called Brahmrandhra. Since spiritual energy is greatly focused over here it is also said to be the central point or focal point of God’s manifestation. The terrific cyclone of great thoughts manifested from here. Via the medium of the sacred intellect of an Avatar like great saint thouse great thoughts warded off the alarming rise of demonic qualities in the arena of man’s consciousness and awakened those souls who possessed terrific spiritual powers. The 10th Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar is the symbol of this collective divine energy.

The manifestation of Lord Mahakal and Avatar based activities in a great soul takes place akin to the drop of rain water of Swati Nakshatra wherein an ordinary looking oyster too gets the good fortune of manifesting a pearl in its womb. Due to this great divine blessing an ordinary layman can soon be transformed into a great saintly personality.

In the dire times of Era Junction the Avatar of great souls that shall reinstate not only India’s but the world’s shining glory and in the form of a terrific thought energy flow Mahakal himself by donning a human garb has already incarnated in the 20th century. For this world humanity has harbored intense yearning. After Lord Buddha in the past 2000 years the birth of great saints has virtually come to a grinding halt. Now in the past 100 years in the form of partial incarnations 3 have already manifested.

Amongst the 3 partial Avatars 1st was Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans and 2nd was Yogiraj Shri Aurobindo Ghosh. The 3rd incarnation is already active in the form of Shantikunja’s era consciousness and Yug Nirman Yojana (program and movement). Now the 4th one shall incarnate in the form of a cosmic subtle thought flow and via thought based transformation the entire world will undergo a prolific change from its very root. These 4 partial incarnations shall form an omnipotent or Purna Avatar.

The influence of all these partial Avatars has been that the large number of great men imbued with potent conscious power born in India has remain unparalleled as far as this time period is concerned. Shri Ramkrishna enacted the role of Yoga of Bhakti or devotion and Shri Aurobindo opted for Yoga of Jnana or Divine wisdom. Both divine messengers heated up the subtle atmosphere and via terrific austerities created such an environment wherein glorious personalities full of extraordinary effort were born viz. Bankimchandra, Mahamana Malviyaji, Gopal Krishna Gokhle. Justice Ranade, Dada Navroji, Keshavchandra Sen, Tatya Tope, Lakshmibai, Swami Vivekananda, Mother Sharada, Sister Nivedita, Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Vallabhbhai Patel, Maulana Azad, Chittaranjandas, Rajendra Babu, Annie Besant, Sarojini Naidu, Shachichandra Sanyal, Chandrashekhar Azad, Rasbehari Bose, Bhagat Singh, Durgadevi, Mother of Pondicherry, Nirodbaran etc. The visage of Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans/Mother Sharada and Shri Aurobindo/Revered Mother can be seen as a duo of Lord Mahakal and Goddess Mahakali full of great divine intellect and deep faith.

Over here we must note that no individual is a messenger of God from birth itself. In fact on special occasion Lord Mahakal and Mahakali make these their vehicle/medium and via embodied people subtle powers execute their divine tasks. Invisible powers and subtle divine existences carry out their mission via visible mediums only. At such times ordinary people are seen to execute extraordinary feats. Just as at the time of manifestation of River Ganges, Goddess Ganga had chosen Lord Shiva’s matted hair locks as a medium. Time and again so many male females in this world too become mediums like these matted hair locks.

In present times in the year 1911 in the form of our revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya a messenger of God incarnated. Lord Mahakal made him his medium/vehicle and till the age of 60 years built a large organization called Yuga Nirman Yojana which had so many highly cultured awakened souls as its members. At the appointed hour in order to awaken them our revered Guru who was born as the Taintless or Nishkalank Prajna Avatar gave up his mortal coil. Before accepting death revered Gurudeva by portioning his soul into 5 via rendering the psyche divinely subtle made his soul widespread and multi faceted. Now this very divine authority from the subtle world is rendering active his subtle body to carry out the remaining tasks of the partial incarnations mentioned above. It is now we who must make a choice whether to join the Kaurava Army full of vile activities that will surely result in painful death or we wish to join Dharmaraj Yudhisthira so as to reinstate righteousness in this world and thus attain immortality.

Those who believe true only that which is gross and visible opine that how can such a great person play the role of the 3rd and 4th partial incarnation and that of Nishkalank Prajna Avatar whom we seen as an ordinary human being? For such people who thought revered Gurudeva laughed, talked etc like a frail human only we place before the respected readers his astrological birth chart and its analysis. This was made by a blind but scholarly astrologer in 1983 who was adept at astrology based mathematical calculations and even now is there to give us proof if it.


Astrologer Pundit Kanhaiyalal Dube made this Kundli and devotee Garibdas Mahadev studied it. It was etched out on paper by Purushottam Rao Garud in the year 8/2/1983.

Date of birth 20/9/1911, Thursday, time was morning between 8 and 9, Ashwin 13 Samvat 1968 and birth was under ordinary circumstances. Childhood was ordinary and between the age 24 and 32 he married for the 2nd time. At the age of 42 he exhibited his miraculous personality and during first 14 years he associated and had Darshan of great saints. At the age of 7 years itself, he was looked upon as a child destined for greatness.

He was an Avatar of God himself. He is part of God and full off divine powers. That task which he is trying to execute shall be fulfilled totally. He is a partial incarnation of God and great saint since the lord of Lagna Chandra is conjoined to Shukra and Buddha planets. Thus he must be a very great saint. He is a specialist of Tantra, Mantra, Yajna and possesses the extraordinary power of Shukra.


Just now his age must be around 72 years. By 80 years he will be worshiped as a great saint of austerities the world over and will attain immortality. He is one having the power of ‘Birth at will and death at will’. One with such a planetary Yoga attains immortality. Shani of the 7th house is watching with full Drishti its 4thhouse and hence will not have opponents. Everyone will dwell with him in friendship. Due to his influence everyone will become friends. Even the direst atheist will get positively influenced by him.

He will be called Vishwapita or World Father. The world’s power shall dwell at his sacred feet and his death shall not be ordinary. After giving great thoughts to the world he will attain immortality. As per his will he shall invite death (Iccha Mrityu) and merge into God. At present so much energy dwells at the feet of his holy consort (Mataji) that any tarnished planetary position of any woman can be overcome by drinking the water used to wash Mataji’s sacred feet (Charanamrit). It is to the extent that drinking this Charnamrit reverently can help a woman ward off her husband’s death and thus avoid widowhood. You are the Goddess herself. You too shall attain immortality. The 1st wife had Markesh. The 2nd wife had Amar Yoga or immortality. As per God’s wish he had to marry twice.

This great saint has Sanjivani Shakti or Power. He has the power to bring back to life one that has died. He can totally transform from the very roots anybody. He can ward off others deadly diseases. He can restore eyesight of the blind and give back the power of hearing to a deaf person. His body oozes with all divine energies of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. His tasks shall make him immortally renowned in all the 3 worlds. All this is because his birth chart has optimal Shukra, Buddha, Chandra and the Guru planet in Tula Zodiac Sign.

Regarding number of children he shall sire 2 sons and 2 daughters. All of them will be capable enough. One son shall be a renouncing and self sacrificing type, and all his children shall labor hard, full of good destiny, true in character and scholarly. The lord of Dhan or Wealth Bhava Mangal is in the 8th house. His organization shall possess a lot of wealth. Since at present there is a shadow on Singh Rashi till 21/9/1982 there will be an influence of Sadey-Saati Shani. Till 23rdJuly 1982 Mangal shall be joined to Shani. As a result the mind may manifest tainted emotions. But even this tainted influence gets cut off as a mere shadow on such a great Yogi-saint. Stomach upset problems will exist from 17 to 27 years of age yet his food eating habits due to influence of those times shall be apt. since Surya dwells in the 12th house he shall have to wear spectacles to ward off eye sight problems.

Since this great saint will ooze with knowledge of Karmakanda (Vedic rituals) and power of Yoga based penance he will experience good health instead of otherwise remaining ill. The planets Chandra, Buddha, Shukra and Guru in his Kundli are a great boon for this person. Their influence will render him a divine personage. In November 1982 he will suddenly get a lot of wealth. He has special Yogas like enterprise, exotic travelling, changing place of residence and having many friends. He will get special honor and fame the world over.

The year 1983 will be full of joy, wealth benefits will be seen, more property shall be got, will attain renown and honor and a Yoga that says grandeur augmenting.

The year 1984 will be great and between the years 1988 to 1996 all tasks shall be fulfilled.

People the world over shall become his followers. Everywhere he will achieve name and fame. He will be honored and worshiped as a world father, world Yogi and world emperor.

He will be virtually the Almighty Lord himself. From the years 1991 to 1992 we do not get much information from his astrological birth chart. Yoga of living in solitude exists. Despite shedding his mortal coil he will continue guiding the world via his potent subtle body. By exhibiting his prowess of merging his soul consciousness with cosmic consciousness or God he will become serene divine light in form.

The contact rope of great Yogis joins them to the deep recesses of the subtle and causal body via the gross body. Externally despite remaining unknown how intense is the bond between these can be gauged from the fact when an active member of All World Gayatri Family went to have the holy Darshan of Devraha Baba (A renowned Yogi) along with a PWD minister. At that time Devraha resided on a loft built on a big tree near Vrindavan (UP, India). At that time revered Gurudeva in the year 1971 had gone to the Himalayas as per the command of his own Guru.

The moment this member and volunteer came near the tree loft he saw 2 other ministers standing there. After a few minutes Baba came out of the loft and told one of his aides to call this volunteer of Gayatri Family. Baba’s aide thought that he wanted to talk to the minister. Hence in order to ward off this aides error Baba asked another of his helper to call the volunteer. Baba lovingly blessed this volunteer and asked whether Acharya Shriram Sharmaji had already left for the Himalayas. When the volunteer said yes he was told by Baba to work in a focused and zealous manner for the mission. You all yet do not know who revered Acharyaji is but at the appointed hour the truth shall be unveiled. After that Baba laughed and then smilingly said: All sacred tasks of Acharyaji shall get fulfilled on its own. You all are like mere puppet dolls. We all today are aware that these prophetic words of Revered Devraha Baba, with respect to our Gurudeva are materializing as true to the last letter.