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Amongst the many energies of Almighty God Gayatri Super Power is very important and priceless. That scientific method by which one imbibes gigantic amounts of Gayatri is called ‘Upasana’ or devotional practice. If devotion to Gayatri is based on a sound scientific footing a great deal of Gayatri Super Power can be imbibed by us all. Anybody in this world who gathers more and more wealth (legally), good health, knowledge, skillfulness in art/sculpturing etc is given a high status in society and is looked up to by one and all. Similarly a true Gayatri devotee imbibes so much soul power that he is elevated to sainthood. True saints differ from laymen simply because saints possess infinite divine energy whereas laymen possess only an iota of it.


Gayatri Mantra is the Mother of all the 4 Vedas. All the sciences and knowledge of the world rest in Gayatri and in fact they form only a minor part of Gayatri’s Super Power storehouse. As of now there exist mysterious energies which remain undiscovered. A few Gayatri devotees who manage to manifest even an iota of these energies perform such gigantic tasks in the world which amazes one and all. Many saints and sages of the world manifest many divine powers called Ridhi-Sidhi. There is no end to the quantity and variety of these divine powers. The more one dives deep into the recesses of his/her psyche which is taintless and one pointed, the more he/she manifests these powers. Such saintly people after attaining God Realization never return to this mortal world simply because they have attained Moksha or salvation or immortality.

Amongst all Yoga spiritual practices Gayatri meditation is easier to follow, supreme and shows results more speedily. Mere chanting of the Gayatri Super Mantra (Japa) awakens and evolves many powerful and secret Chakras (plexus) that lie in the deep recesses of ones soul. Hatha Yoga involves practices like Kundalini Yoga, Shat Chakra Vedhan, Naadi Shodhan etc and one has to perform many intense austerities. Instead if one chants the Gayatri Mantra with devotion these goals of Hatha Yoga can be achieved with relatively greater ease and speed. Gayatri Mantra chanting subtly influences many Naadis (subtle nerves) and secret Chakras so as to awaken latent divine powers present in that region. And with relative ease a Gayatri devotee marches ahead on the path of both material and spiritual prosperity.


Gayatri spiritual practices reign supreme as far as soul advancement is concerned. Great Yogis and sages perform austerities full of hardships so as to attain spiritual prosperity. As against this Gayatri devotion bestows these very attainments to its devotee with greater ease and speed. I have known many great souls who despite being householders attained great material and spiritual heights due to Mother Gayatri’s grace.


Even an ordinary person can overcome mental taints, material problems etc by surrendering to Mother Gayatri. External circumstances faced by human beings are nothing but the reflection of the state of ones mind. A pure and taintless psyche breeds conducive and peaceful circumstances whereas a tainted mind breeds sorrow and pain in ones daily living. Thus if you overcome taints like vile thinking, vile behavior and a lowly viewpoint with the help of Gayatri all your sorrows and hardships will be overcome. Then you will live a life of peace, contentment and self fulfillment. Gayatri’s teachings are the supreme gist of all religious scriptures. By imbibing them one fully imbibes true spirituality, purity of heart, sacredness of the soul and deep faith in God. Once all this is imbibed all material requirements automatically come unasked in the life of a Gayatri devotee.

Gayatri spiritual practices have given many material benefits too. And yet the supreme benefit is spirituality or God Realization. There are 3 predominant benefits amongst many others which is attained by a steadfast and mature Gayatri aspirant and they are: 1.Self Realization, Jeevan Mukti (liberation while yet alive) and Brahma Nirvaana or salvation  2.Awakening of divine powers in the deep cave of the soul after ones psyche becomes focused and sacred  3. When ones mental taints like hatred, anger, lust, greed etc are destroyed one earns good merits (Punya) and hence the world starts respecting you and this in turn gives you untold eternal joy. The more ones faith deepens and the more ones mind becomes sacred and focused to that extent one prospers both materially and spiritually. Of course even if ones faith is not so intense even then some minor benefits definitely accrue.

It is my own experience that Gayatri meditation helps one attain God Realization. I have seen many others progress by leaps and bounds after seeking Gayatri’s grace. Hence I have imbibed an unswerving faith that just about anybody can benefit both materially and spiritually by humbly serving the lotus feet of Mother Gayatri. Gayatri eulogies have been sung aloud as follows:






No other Mantra in the Vedas is as supreme as Gayatri Mantra. All the Vedas, Yajnas, charities, austerities etc put together pales in comparison with the greatness of Gayatri. Thus spoke great Munis (deep thinkers) of yore.



16 Nov




Vedas means divine wisdom.  Divine wisdom is divided into 4 parts viz. Rig, Yaju, Saam and Atharva. Rig encompasses well-being, attaining God, performing one’s duty, love, austerities, compassion, helping others, generosity, service, vision of God, divinity, soul peace, divine creativity, sense of righteousness etc.  Yaju encompasses daring, hard work, valour, bravery, protection, attack, leadership, name/ fame, victory, status etc.  Saam encompasses play, merriment, joy, art of music, literature, touch, the gross objects of the 5 senses & cogitation over them, imagination of what one adores, movement, attraction, contentment etc.  Atharva encompasses wealth, glory, gathering of objects, scriptures, herbs, food, clothes, ores, house, vehicles etc.


Study any living being and seriously & scientifically analyze their gross / subtle and external / internal activities and imaginations.  Only then will you realize that their total consciousness moves about in 4 areas only viz 1) Rig – well being 2) Yaju – valour 3) Saan – sports 4) Atharva – wealth.  Apart from these 4 areas, the wisdom flow of all living beings is not to be seen anywhere else.  Rig can be called righteousness (Dharma), Yaju can be called salvation (Moksha), Saam can be called desires (Kaam) and Atharva can also be called wealth (Arth).  In fact these are the 4 faces of Brahma (Creator).  Brahma is said to be 4 faced despite having one face only because 4 types of wisdom flow emanates from his person.  The meaning of Veda is wisdom and hence is one only.  Yet despite being one only, it is seen expressing 4 aspects in the psyche of human beings.  Hence 1 Veda has been classified under 4 headings for our benefit.  In fact these are also the 4 arms of Lord Vishnu.  These 4 classifications have been further classified as 4 Ashrams (Brahmacharya, Grihasthashram, Vanaprasthashram and Sanyasashram) and 4 Varnas (Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra ).


All these 4 types of wisdom are manifestations of that very conscious energy which was created by Brahmaji at the beginning of creation of this world and which was labeled as Gayatri by scriptural scholars.  In this manner, Gayatri is the Mother of the 4 Vedas.  Hence she is called Vedmata.  Just as the element water has 4 forms viz. ice, steam (clouds, fog etc.), wind (hydrogen /oxygen) and flowing water (rivers etc.) and just as the element fire is experienced variedly like burning, heat, light and movement in the same way Wisdom – Gayatri manifests in 4 forms of the 4 Vedas.  If Gayatri is a Mother then the 4 Vedas are her sons.

So far we have elucidated the subtle nature of Gayatri as Vedmata.  Now let us cogitate upon Gayatri’s gross form.  Brahmaji via the 4 Vedas created the 24-lettered Gayatri Mantra.  Every letter of this single Mantra has a subtle divine principle which when activated manifests the branches, sub-branches of the 4 Vedas.  A tiny seed of a Banyan tree has a gigantic Banyan tree subtly embedded in it.  When this seed is sown, it starts growing into a gigantic tree with many branches, sub-branches, leaves, fruits etc.  It is gigantic when you compare it to the size of the tiny, miniscule seed from which it has grown.  This holds true for the 24 letters of Gayatri because they can be compared to the abovementioned seed. When these seeds of Gayatri sprout forth, they manifest as the gigantic Vedas.


Indian philosophy believes that the beginningless God created all this via Brahmaji.  As soon as the thought of creating this world appeared in the psyche of Brahma, there was a simultaneous manifestation of Shakti (Divine Energy). Via this Shakti, 2 types of worlds were created wherein one was inert and the other was conscious.  That Shakti which is responsible for the propagation of the inert world is called Prakriti (Mother Nature) and that Shakti which is responsible for creation of a conscious world is called Savitri.


Two Shaktis are at work in creation of Brahmaji’s inert /conscious worlds viz. 1) Sankalp Shakti (power of resolve) 2) Parmanu Shakti (atomic energy).  But at first it was Sankalp Shakti that was made use of because without that, a conscious world can never be created. And without consciousness, how can atomic energy be utilized?  The inert world was by itself inert because neither can anyone know about it nor is it of any use.  For the ease of manifesting consciousness, inert materials are used as its means of creation.


God’s wife is nothing but consciousness, desire, vibration.  In this manner Brahmaji (God) became 2 from 1.  Now God was called Lakshmi–Narayan, Seetaram, Radhey–Shyam, Uma-Mahesh, Shiva–Shakti, Maya–Brahman, Prakriti–Parameshwara etc.


Via this Shakti (Energy) many materials and living beings were to be created.  Hence it had to partition itself into 3 parts so that it could be mixed in various ways.  Thus could various objects be created via various Gunas, actions, natures of both the inert and conscious varieties.  The 3 parts of God’s Shakti are the 3 Gunas called 1) Satva 2) Rajas 3) Tamas. Sattva means the Divine Principle of God. Rajas means the admixture of inert objects and its opposite divine principles which lead to bliss oriented consciousness. Tamas means the existence of atoms in lifeless / inert objects.  These 3 principles are the root cause of this gross, material world.  Over and above these, the gross materials used to create this world are mind, water, wind, fire, space.  The visible world works via the Tanmatras of the 5 elements mentioned above called sound, form, taste, smell and touch. Nature has 2 parts viz. subtle Prakriti (nature) which is an energy (Shakti) flow and the second is the flow of the vital force (or Prana).  It encompasses Sattva, Rajas and Tamas (the 3 Gunas).  The gross nature via which the visible world is created and made use of is essentially atomic in nature.  It makes use of the 5 elements viz. earth, water, fire, wind and space.

From the above sentences the readers must have clearly understood that initially there was one Brahman (God or all-pervading soul) and from that manifested Adi Shakti (Primordial Divine Energy).  This Adi Shakti is called Gayatri.  Brahman divided itself into 3 categories 1) Sattva – which is “Hreem” or Saraswati 2) Rajas – called “Shreem” or Lakshmi 3) Tamas – called “Kleem” or Kali.  In reality there were only 2 categories of Brahman in the form of Sattva and Tamas and an admixture of these 2 gave rise to Rajas.  It is like the Indian Rivers Ganga and Jamuna uniting to form Saraswati river.  In reality Saraswati is not a separate river.  Just as the union of Ganga and Jamuna results in Saraswati, in the same way an admixture of Sattva and Tamas results in Rajas.  This is thus the 3-fold Prakriti (nature) of God.


One hears of the quarrel regarding Advaitvad (Monism), Dvaitvad (Dualism), Traitvad etc. Yet on analysis of all these “isms” one realizes that it is only a difference in one’s perception of it.  Brahman (God), Jeeva (living being) and Prakriti (Mother Nature) all exist in this world.  Initially there was one Brahman & hence Advaitvad is true.  Then Brahman manifested Shakti (nature) and hence Dvaitvad too is correct.  And then due to the union of Brahman and Shakti manifested Jeeva i.e. an admixture of Sattva (consciousness) and Tamas (inertness) lead to Rajas (Jeeva).  Thus Traitvad too is correct.  When one attains salvation (Mukti) the Jeeva (living being) no longer exist.  From this it is clear that the existence of a living being which is dependent on the mind, intellect, psyche and ego is merely an admixture.


This is not the right time to seriously enter the subject of spiritual philosophy and throw light on the nature of the soul. In this section we wanted to depict the differences between gross and subtle nature (Prakriti) because it is from here that Science gets categorized into 2 parts.  It is from here that the dual nature of mankind commences. All those individuals who conduct research on the gross nature made up of the 5 elements viz. earth, water, fire, wind and space are called material scientists.  All of them via their intellectual prowess, understood the differences lying in these 5 elements and thus invented material comforts.  These material comforts are chemicals, agriculture, electricity, steam, sculpting, music, language, literature, vehicles, home-making, medical cures, political power, astronomy, scriptures, weapons, philosophy, geological attainments etc. In this manner they invented useful (materially) machines for railways, cars, post, radio, television, photos, computers etc.  Thus material comforts like wealth, relaxation etc. were created. Our scriptures label all the benefits from this path as “Preya” (liked by the senses) and Bhoga (sense pleasures). This Science is called material Science. This Science involves utilization of gross nature.

Subtle nature (Prakriti) is that which after manifesting from Adi Shakti Gayatrigets categorized into Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga. These all-pervading Shaktis are infinite fold more subtle than the 5 gross elements.  Just as when wind contacts the water flow in a river which results in a gurgling sound, in the same way 3 types of sound vibrations emanate from the Shakti flow of subtle nature. From the Sattva flow emanates the sound “Hreem”, from Rajas “Shreem” and from Tamas “Kleem”.  More subtle than these sound vibrations is the sound of “Om” in Brahman (God).  Spiritual seekers who practise the path of sound vibration meditation called Naadyoga can actually hear the subtle sound vibrations.  Thus they go beyond the shackles of subtle nature and ultimately merge in Brahman (God).


14 Nov




1)      DATE OF BIRTH : 21/9/1911 A.D.

SAMVAT : AASO VAD 13 /1968











6)      FATHER’S DEATH : 1924 A.D.


7)      MOTHER’S DEATH : 12/2/1971 (at the age of 90 years)        



                  MRITYUNJAY SHARMA







A religious gathering was organized which was attended by great Pandits, scholars and Vedic Acharyas of India.  Our revered Gurudeva (Shrirama Sharma) too was invited.  India’s then President, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan eulogoized revered Shriram Sharma Acharyaji for very skillfully laying down the true essence of spirituality as mentioned in the 4 Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, scriptures and all precepts of various religions.  Hence Dr. Radhakrishnan gave our revered Gurudeva the title “Veda incarnate and great Yogi.”



Shriram Sharma Acharya’s revered Gurudeva Shri Sarveshwaranandji lives on the Mahendragiri Mountain of the Himalayas at a height of 22,000 feet in the Parashuram cave for the past 651 years (maybe more).  This Mahayogi lives naked in this cave even today and this area has heavy snowfall all the year round.  As long as Shriram Sharma Acharya was alive, he was guided by this Mahayogi.


11)  MANTRA INITIATION GURU : Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya initiated child Shriram Sharma at the age of 7 when he was given Yajnopaveet (sacred thread ceremony).


12)  At a very young age, Gurudeva Shriram Sharma surrendered his entire being at the feet of his own Gurudeva – Sarveshwaranandji Maharaj.


Ordinarily a child is full of fun, and laughter during childhood but Shriram Sharma Acharya as a child was very steadfast towards his spiritual practices.  He would tell everybody “My home is in the Himalayan mountains.”  Not only this but at the tender age of 8 years, without informing anyone, this divine child left his home.  After intense search his relatives found him.  Shriram very innocently but firmly said, “Of what use is it to me that I come home with you?  My home is in the Himalayas and I wish to reside there.”  At that time neither his family members, parents or village men even imagined that this jewel who was separated from the Himalayas will one day go there and come in contact with his spiritual guide( Gurudeva).


13)  In Samvat 1983 when Shriram Sharmaji was meditating, a divine aura of light surrounded him.  This light then took up a solid human form which was that of his spiritual guide H.H. Shri Sarveshwaranandji.  He instructed young Shriram to worship Gayatri for the next 24 years and after saying this he disappeared.


14)  At the age of 15 years he started a series of Gayatri Purascharanas.  For the following 24 years, without pause, he executed 24 Purascharanas of 24 lakh Gayatri Mantras.  Along with this he lit a flame lamp and Yajna fire continuously.  He would feed cows with jowar seeds and he would collect the seeds excreted by cows with their stools.  With these seeds he would make Indian rotis (bread) and eat it.  He would eat nothing else.


15)  In the year 1959 A.D. revered Shriram Sharmaji left for the Himalayas all alone.  There he performed intense austerities in the various snow clad regions.  In the year 1962 A.D. he again resided all alone in a very thick forest area of the Himalayas for 3 months.  Over there, there were many herbivorous and carnivorous animals.  In the presence of our revered Gurudeva, these carnivorous animals stopped eating flesh and danced about with other herbivorous animals.  This indeed was a great divine episode.


16)  Between the years 1970-72 he decided to go to the Himalayas after renouncing his householder’s way of life. He came in contact with his Gurudeva Sarveshwaranandji and lived with him for 1 year. Later Sarveshwanandji commanded his disciple Shriram Sharmaji to spread the divine wisdom he had attained to all human beings of the world.


17)  After returning from the Himalayas, Shriram Sharmaji decided he would not reside in Mathura.  He instead decided to reside in the area where 7 Rishis of ancient India had performed austerities.



                        GAYATRI TEERTH,


                        HARIDWAR – 249 411



                        WEBSITE :


18)  In the year 1979 he started establishing Gayatri Shaktipeethas and Prajna Peethas in the entire world.  And in the year 1982 – 1985 he established more than 6000 small / big service oriented centers so as to spiritually awaken world humanity.  In 84 nations of the world, Shriram Sharma Acharya started scientific and spiritual research centers of the Gayatri Mantra.  The research knowledge gained was spread in all corners of the world.



A great devotee of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) and Panchagni ( 5 fires) Science.  It’s a rare achievement after what Lord Buddha attained.  The proof of Gurudeva’s achievement externally is the fact that the hair on his head always rise upwards.  Even if with the help of a comb etc. his hair is pressed downwards, it yet remains high and raised.,_2,_3.htm


Before Gurudeva Shriramji passed away, he performed spiritual austerities of subtilization – or Sookshmeekaran.  An atom bomb is made up of very micro units that can destroy the gigantic world.  Subtilization means to convert utilization of gross bodily functions like sleeping, eating, drinking etc. for higher goals.  The gross body is converted to the subtle body and thus with its help, such a person can attain many subtle bodies.  These subtle bodies then create desired movements in the subtle world which in turn execute miraculous tasks.  One such task of Shri Gurudeva was to transform the very psyche of world humanity for the better and thus create a new world and a new era.


21)   Via this subtilization penance, a bright future for 450 crores of people will be created.  The body has 5 Koshas ( 5 sheaths) viz : 1) Food 2) Vital force 3) Mental 4) Intellectual 5) Bliss.  From these 5 sheaths, Shriram Sharmaji created 5 Veerbhadras who with their subtle presence will create movements in the gross world.  In this manner a positive transformation of the psyche of world humanity will be executed and thus a new radiant era will be ushered in.  All creatures of the world with an ethical character, will live a life of purity and that era will be called a Great Era.



Gurudeva translated the 4 Vedas, 108 Upanishads, 20 Smritis, 6 Darshans, Yog Vashishtha, 24 Geetas, 18 Puranas, Brahmanas, Aranyaka and Sutra texts into simple Hindi.


In Russia, Kolkata and Lucknow Universities, these translated texts have been included in their syllabus.  In Switzerland and U.S.A., creative research studies are being conducted on these 4 Vedas.


23)  Gurudeva Shriramji published 1976 books that included his writings pertaining to overcoming social problems, importance of uniting religion and culture, Gayatri Super Science, Yogic Mantra chanting, austerities, Pranayam, Kundalini awakening etc. All these topics have been written in a scientific manner.  He changed the viewpoint of humanity with the help of books that covered great thinking of Lord Parshuram in ancient times and modern day great men like Karl Marx, Herithesto, Budha, Gandhi etc.  In the same way our Gurudeva would write down his deep thoughts everyday.  Totally he wrote about 1651 folders.


24)  Ordinary men have lost faith because of lowly thinking and unethical actions of vile men.  In order to ward off this lack of faith, the philosophy of Ritambhara Mahapragna (divine intellect) and its application can work like a divine weapon.  An original creation in the form of a book called “Prajna Purana” helped convince people that a new creation is in the offing.  This he did via examples from the past and proof from major religious texts of the world.  This Prajna Purana has been published in 3 volumes and in future it will totally cover 18 volumes.


H.H. Revered Shri Shriram Sharma Acharya is the confluence of the radiance of all Rishis of ancient India and hence has been given the title Yugadevata and Yuga Rishi.


1)                    As a symbol of Lord Parshuram’s axe, Gurudeva ushered in a creative revolution with the creation of a new era.  This was aided by his mighty pen and speeches from Shantikunj( Haridwar, India)


2)                    Bhagirath in ancient times had manifested the river Ganges on earth via intense austerities.  Similarly our Gurudeva manifested the Ganges of divine wisdom (Gayatri) via austerities of 24 Purashcharanas of 24 lakh Gayatri Mantra chanting.


3)                    In ancient times Charak had discovered many forest herbs that bestowed good health and a new lease of life.  This task is at present being executed in Shantikunj, so as to rejuvenate our ancient medical science called Ayurveda.


4)                    Maharshi Vyas had written many Puranas (Indian Mythology) with Lord Ganesha’s blessings.  Similarly Gurudeva Shriram Sharma too published the 4 Vedas, 108 Upanishads, Darshans, Smritis, Geeta, Prajna Purana in 18 volumes alongwith other books on social revolution at the world level.


5)                    Maharshi Patanjali had given us the 8-fold method of Yoga called Asthangyoga.  Today at Shantikunj, modern doctors are conducting research on Yoga and encouraging every one to practise the same.


6)                    Yajnavalkya was well-known for conducting Yajnas (fire sacrifices).  Brahmavarchas Research Centre, founded by Gurudeva, uses forest herbs for Yajnas and this in turn cures bodily / mental illnesses, overcomes mental taints, raises our vital force (for Kundalini awakening) and balances our atmosphere by warding off pollution.


7)                    Vishwamitra who is the seer of the Gayatri Mantra had created a new universe.  Gayatri Teerth, Shantikunj has been built on that very land where Vishwamitraji had realized Adi Shakti (Primordial Divine Power).  This land with subtle pious qualities, is gaining more radiance because of Japa, worship and Yajnas executed by thousands of people over here.  Research is being conducted on sound power and Savitri Science.


8)                    Jamadagni Rishi in the past founded a Gurukul (school), where both children and senior citizens were given apt education.  Today at Shantikunj devotees are trained to serve world humanity.  Families are inspired to imbibe sacred ideals in life.


9)                    Naradji spiritually awakened world humanity by traveling all over the world.  Shantikunja’s training institute has trained many devotees who move in the world and spread the message of our revered Gurudeva.


10)                Vashishtha was an adept both in the fields of spirituality and politics.  Gurudeva Shriram Sharma fought for India’s independence between the years 1930-1947 A.D.  Later via books based on revolutionary thinking, he indirectly tried complementing religion and good governance.


11)                Adi Shankaracharya had established 4 Mathas (hermitages)  in 4  corners of India.  Under Shantikunja’s guidance, apart from 4,000 Pragna Peethas, Shaktipeethas and 24,000 self-study centers were established.,_2,_3.htm

12)                Rishi Pipplad studied and controlled his mind by eating fruits and leaves.  Our Gurudeva partook meals of jowar roti (Indian bread) and buttermilk for 24 long years.  Till the day he died he ate only boiled cereals and vegetables.


13)                Kanad an heir of Atharveda tradition put forth the atomic theory and theory of scientific spirituality. At Brahmavarchas Institute, spirituality is being researched in a scientific manner.


14)                Aaryabhatta studied the effect of the planets of the solar system on earth and gave certain mathematical principles for the same.  In Shantikunja, astrological research studies are being conducted.


15)                Thousands of Bhikshus (mendicants) traveled all over the world to spread Lord Budha’s message. Similarly thousands of initiated disciples of Shantikunja are spreading the message of divine culture in all corners of the world.


16)                Polar center- Himalays – Gayatri Teerth – A divine atmosphere has been created over here due to the subtle presence of Rishis and demi-gods.  Spiritual seekers and members of Gayatri Parivar should spend some time at least once a year at Shantikunja which as a spiritual cultured sanatorium.  Thus they can benefit from its sacred vibrations.




1)      The first incarnation was in the form of Saint Kabir (1398-1518 A.D.).  He lived with his wife in Banaras.  All his life Kabirji attacked atrocities carried out in the name of religion.  He spoke of spirituality in a straightforward manner.


2)      The second incarnation was in the form of Samarth Ramdas (1608-1682 A.D.).  With the help of his devotee Shivaji, he untied minor states of Southern India.  He created an atmosphere of independence and established body building centers everywhere.  He encouraged people to attend spiritual discourses so as to infuse divinity in one’s life.


3)      The third incarnation was in the form of Shri Ramakrishna Paramhans (1836-1886 A.D.).  He lived with his wife Shardamani in Kolkatta.  Again by leading a householder’s life, he moulded his great disciple Swami Vivekananda.  He made Vivekananda a medium, so as to awaken sacred principles in the minds of world humanity.





This institution was established by our revered Gurudeva after selling all his ancestral property, jewellery etc.  Even today this institute has a) Gayatri Temple b) An unbroken lit flame for the past 6 decades. c) Re-instating of holy water and mud from 2,400 pilgrim spots. d) More than 2400 crore hand written Mantras e) Sidha Peeth f) Yuga Nirman School g) Publication of 1636 books in 7 languages h) Books published with an advanced press offset machine i) A monthly magazine with more than 3 lakh subscribers j) A separate post office and bank. k) A central headquarter that gives directions to more than 7000 branches all over the world with respect to educating world humanity l) Prajna Nagar built for visitors and members of Gayatri Parivar.




H.H. Shriram Sharma Acharyaji and H.H.Bhagwatidevi Sharma, his consort, resided in this region where the 7 Rishis of yore (Saptarshis) had performed penance.  It is near the holy Ganges river and at the base of the Himalayan Mountains.  Shantikunja has an unbroken flame lamp, Gayatri Temple, Yajnashala of 9 pyres, auditorium, theatre, free arrangements to give 16 Sanskaras, Ayurvedic clinic, body building center, more than 150 full time workers, residence arrangements for more than 1000 camp participants, school for children, Vedic school for astrology / Panchanga etc., slide shows for self-study, religious discourses, devotional music etc., audio/ video cassettes and 400 Prajna Peethas, Shakti Peethas and over 24,000 self-study associations for spiritual and material advancement of world humanity.


Any person (from any country) who wishes to lead a creative life for both material and spiritual advancement of world humanity, can join the “Yuga Shilpi Camp” for 1 month that commences from the 1st date of each month of the year upto the end of that month.  Further every month from 1-10, 11-20,21-30, a “Kalpa Sadhana Camp” is organized for 10 days for bodily transformation and 4 days for pilgrimage.




This institute has 3 floors.  The ground floor has 24 idols that represent the 24 energy streams of Gayatri (12 Vaam Margis / Tantrik and 12 Dakshin Margis / Vedic).  This institute has proved with necessary proofs that the 24 letters of Gayatri Mantra are the 24 incarnations of God, 24 demi-gods, 24 Rishis, 24 Yogic practices, 24 austerities, 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya, 24 Ridhi-Sidhiss and divine glories.  The first floor has a laboratory.  It houses various technological apparatus and advanced machines, to monitor man’s psyche and body.  This research is carried out by reputed scientists and doctors.,_2,_3.htm

Just like Allopathy and Homeopathy, Rishis of yore invented Yajnopathy wherein the sacred smoke of a Yajna fire wards off our illnesses.  A patient is asked to sit in a closed of laboratory of glass and is exposed to various types of Yajna fumes.  We are glad to inform all readers that this treatment via Yajna fumes has cured thousands of people who suffered from various diseases.


Over and above this, Gurudeva vehemently opposed blind beliefs, vile traditions, fundamentalism, dowry, etc.  He encouraged an attitude of equality towards all religions.  He always spoke of one religion, one action and one goal.  He said that there should be only one form of religion in the entire world.  Further he spoke of the importance of looking upon the entire world as our Mother (Vishwamata).  He designed programs for upliftment of women and healthcare for all.  He inspired all his followers to patiently endure all obstacles which he had predicted, that would come their way between the years 1985-2000 A.D.  He further predicted that after the year 2000 A.D. slowly but surely an atmosphere of sacredness will envelope the entire world.

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The investigation of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) commences with the discussion of the philosophy of Gayatri Mahaprajna.  Fundamentally Gayatri worship is an experiment of religious ideology and divine sentiments.  In it self-research is given chief importance and by generating devotion through meditation/ concentration the Brahmic consciousness is brought closer and one’s psyche gets interwoven in it.  Whether you throw a lighted matchstick on a pile of wood or you throw burning wood on petrol, both actions are identical.  The only difference is that via self-surrender, by undergoing Advait (union with God) one quickly sees miraculous results.  Instead of total self-surrender even if there is some desire involved then no doubt the car will slow down yet it will ultimately give us benefits.  Yet one fails to become capable of benefiting others in the world.  A swimmer may himself swim yet he is incapable of helping others cross the river like a boatman.  This is the difference between desire-based Gayatri worship and desireless Gayatri worship.  Through both type of effort, spiritual aspirants succeed in their own way.


If we dive deep into the philosophy of Gayatri worship then we realize that our entire consciousness is influenced by the “seed of knowledge of the brain”.  Its role is a major one with reference to bodily sustenance and social behaviour.  In a very elevated status this center is the fount of extrasensory potential and it is over here that the blissful activity of uniting a creature with Brahman (God) i.e. attainment of the true human goal is achieved.  Gayatri’s Brahmi-shakti (divine power) is also called Brahmarandhra, Brahmasansthan or Brahmaloka.  The area that it influences is wisdom consciousness.  In a symbolic manner Gayatri is also called Brahmani or the wife of Brahma.  Its power can be seen as Brahmadand (punishment) that overcomes the wicked and destroys pain and poverty in the material world.  In the spiritual field its form has taken the shape of Brahmavarchas.

Over and above Gayatri worship there is worship of Savitri.  Savitri worship is very much the material aspect of Gayatri.  Power evolves with the help of energy.  The 5 elements, the 5 vital forces of our body work as fuel and with its aid the inner fire is activated.  This fire activation is Savitri worship.  Despite there being a difference in Savitri and Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) worship they have equal stature.


According to Indian mythology Brahmaji had 2 wives.  The first was Gayatri and the second was Savitri.  Symbolically they are wisdom consciousness and material wealth.  One is Para Prakriti and the other is Apara Prakriti.  Para Prakriti encompasses mind, intellect, psyche, ego, Ritambhara Prajna etc. and all areas of knowledge.  The second wife Savitri is Apara Prakriti, material consciousness and inert nature.  All movements of matter are dependent on it.    The revolution of molecules, influence of chemicals, electricity, heat, light, magnetism, ether etc. are under its jurisdiction.  Material science by using all these apparatus comes out with infinite inventions so as to give us material comforts.  This Apara Prakriti is Savitri.  The Apara Prakriti of Savitri is responsible for the body functioning of all creatures and thus the world evolves.  It is this power that directs Sattva, Rajas, Tamas, 5 elements, Tanmatras etc. Sidhis (divine powers) and boons are attained via this power of Savitri.  Health, long life, might, enthusiasm, daring, beauty and other infinite special qualities are dependent on it.  On the one hand it is widespread yet its main focal point is on the poles of earth and the Mooladhar Chakra of the human spine.  While performing spiritual practices this is also called Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power).  All goals are attained by activating this power.  Thus we can generate energy.  On analyzing scriptural injunctions we understand that at certain places Savitri and Kundalini are said to be synonymous and wherever they are thought to be different their spiritual practice and goal is also thought to be different.  Yet one fact is eternal that the subtle creation of the body and the mode of awakening will always remain permanent.  The difference ensues only when the reasons of usage of the power are varied.


Actually within Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga is superior.  All spiritual practices like Naadi Shodhan (nerve purification), Trinaadi Parimarjan (washing of the 3 nerves), Shatkarma Chakravedhan (traveling up the 6 chakras or plexuses), are such that along with meditation/concentration bodily exercises are also given importance.    One has to imbibe the strange cycle of the vital force exercises in Pranayam.  While activating the Kundalini power Bandha, Mudra, Aasan (posture) are given due importance.  But in pure Savitri worship one is limited to the periphery of the head region.  Sahasrar Kamal (1000-petalled lotus), Brahmarandhra(center on the inner scalp region), materials in the brain are activated.  The Brahmarandhra looks after the inner brain area and the external area is looked after by the third eye called the Ajna Chakra.  But when spiritual practices of both Savitri and Kundalini are combined then the method of both becomes an admixture and the results too change accordingly.  The spiritual practice which we are about to present here is of this variety.  Hence we have discussed stepwise the principles and use of Gayatri, Savitri and Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power).

Whenever in the scriptures Brahma’s wife is described as one of these spiritual practices then know for sure that it has to be taken symbolically.  How can the family of a conscious power be like that of human beings?  If anyone so wishes he can give the 2 special characteristics of the element fire viz. heat and light as the name of these wives.  If this is unpalatable then they can be called daughters.  This is what is seen in the scriptures.  At certain places Saraswati is called Brahma’s consort and at other places his daughter.  Hence instead of looking at it as a worldly fact it should be accepted in a symbolic manner.  Soul power is Gayatri, material power is Savitri.  The fruits of Gayatri worship involves advancement of soul consciousness, evolution of our character, working for great tasks, high thinking and endeavour for attaining liberation while yet living (Jeevanmukti).  Whereas Savitri worship involves awakening of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) so as to overcome the latent, distorted state of vital force in the body via its activation.  There are two streams of electricity i.e. positive and negative.  Only when both unite is there a flow of energy.  Only when Gayatri and Savitri conjoin can all the requirements of spiritual practices be realized.  With Savitri worship one benefits not only materially but that with its merging with Gayatri worship one’s soul power evolves.  This is the primary form of Kundalini worship.  If it is hazy in our psyche then all efforts in this direction are futile.


In the field of spirituality the path of wisdom is called the Dakshin Marg.  It is also called Nigam Rajyog, Ved Marg etc.  The path of action is called the Vaam Marg, Agam, Tantra, Hatha Yog etc.  All obstacles in its way are destructive.  As a result there is chaos and destruction.  None are happy to hear or read about the fights between demi-gods and demons.  In fact reading it really agitates us.  But when both parties together churned the ocean, all the latent wealth of the ocean was attained by them.  Everyone knows that as a result of churning of the ocean they got 14 jewels.  In the same way when Gayatri and Savitri worship are carried out together it is said to be of the level of cooperation between the demi-gods and demons.


When Shiva married Parvati, their loneliness was warded off.  Through their union 2 sons were born.  One was Sidhivinayak Ganesh and the other was Kartikeya, the destroyer of demons. One establishes righteousness and the other destroys unrighteousness.  Ganesh blesses us with a divine intellect and Kartikeya with power.  Kartikeya has 6 faces.  These are also called 6 Chakras (Plexuses).  This Skand manifestation should be looked upon as the influence of the 6 Chakras related to Kundalini power (Divine Serpent Power).


Kundalini is nothing but the fire power dwelling in our genitals.  Shiva in the form of Sahasrar Chakra (1000-petalled lotus at the top of our head) when activated results in the outpouring of pollen honey which is Shiva’s “Retas”(semen).  The fire power of Kundalini imbibed it.  Six Kritikas (Pleiades stars) ripened it.  These 6 Kritikas are the 6 Chakras.  Kartikeya with 6 faces nourished by the 6 Kritikas should be looked upon symbolically as the influential result of the 6 Chakras.


What exactly are these 6 Chakras?  Where and why do they exist?  In which state do they exist?  What is its utility?  We will not go into great detail of all these questions.  The nature of its utility and scientific analysis will be detailed later.  Here we are delving into that Kundalini which is for those people who through the medium of material endeavour wish to attain higher states of soul consciousness.  Such people are worshippers of divine energy and think that energy is more important. In the battle between demi-gods and demons that energy attained by the demons was wasted by them in lowly activities and then by experimenting on Lord Vishnu or another higher soul power it was subjugated.  When Shakti (energy) worship unites with divinity only then does it succeed.  Such attainments are eternal and from the long term point of view it proves beneficial for all living beings.  The initial success of the demons was witnessed by all was like the proverbial illusory mustard seed on the palm.  Shukracharya was an expert of Kundalini science.  It was he who taught this science to his demon disciples.  Brihaspati has been the preceptor of the demi-gods.  By asking Yogis, men of penance and knowers of Brahman to worship Gayatri he made them pious in character which was akin to that of demi-gods.  He too taught them Kundalini science yet his only intention was to augment piousness.  Those knowers of the soul who had materialistic problems to overcome were asked to follow Savitri worship over and above primary education.  It was by taking recourse to Savitri worship that Dadhichi, Bhagirath, Lomharsh, Shringi, Vishwamitra etc. could solve material problems.  No doubt the ultimate goal was spirituality yet the path, rites etc.  of the spiritual practise was changed as per needs. Even the likes of Arjun, Hanuman etc. had to quieten wordly strifes.  Even they had to follow Savitri-Kundalini worship which was a materialistic endeavour under the aegis of spiritual science.  Even my own spiritual penance was for this very reason and because I walked on the right path I tasted success.

When Savitri and Kundalini worship are followed in unison then the results are miraculous.  Electricity works wonders in one flash of a second.  Even a dead body is burnt quickly on electronic pyres whereas rice, lentils etc. take a longer time to cook on wooden fire.  This path is best suited for one who does not want a spiritual downfall and yet quickly attains his goal due to a pious character.  Pure Kundalini worship comes under the flagship of Tantra and Vaam Marg.  When Gayatri, Savitri and Kundalini are combined then this Yoga Marg is predominantly the Dakshin Marg.


Predominantly the Lord as Varah, Nrisinh, Parshuram etc. has had to face troubled circumstances.  Shiva is called Shiva Bholey Baba (innocent God) or Aughaddani (easy to please) but he too created Veerbhadra out of ire against Daksha Prajapati and thus destroyed Daksha’s arrogance.  This is a very dire event and hence activities of calming and even killing are carried out.


Under specific circumstances incarnations of Goad and other highly advanced souls propel others to do this task so that their own power is not depleted.  Vishwamitra was capable of protecting his own Yajna but in order that his own soul force does not get destroyed while manifesting anger he chose to ask the Kshatriya boys Ram and Lakshman to combat demons like Tadka, Subahu, Mareech etc.  Vishwamitra taught Ram and Lakshman all skills of a true soldier and thus protected his Yajna with their help.  Samarth Ramdas and Chanakya asked Shivaji and Chandragupt respectively to perform those tasks which could have been executed by themselves.  The question here is that Brahman radiance is more valuable.  This divine power should be protected for higher endeavours and not wasted in warding off strifes.  Thus with the aid of a combined Savitri and Kundalini worship one’s own and alien strifes can be overcome and within limits of aptness one’s wealth power too can be augmented.


With the aid of the power generated by a man following the path of austerities one can change not only others but also churn the atmosphere so as to transform it for the better.  This is a fact.  Like other 2 divine powers it can be transmitted to others too.  One can ask for divine power from one who has attained it from austerities and thus use it for a higher purpose.  This is like taking interest from banks.  Just as a wealthy man always donates a part of his wealth to the needy so too a Yogi gives apart of his divine power to apt people who in turn overcome trying worldly circumstances and thus establish world peace.  In a family the breadwinner is one.  Other members keep performing small tasks in the house but it is not necessary that they must earn their own wealth to take care of their requirements.


Awakening of Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) is very complicated.  It is like playing with lighting.  As a result there are chances of losing one’s life too.  While activating Kundalini if there is lack of proper guidance or capacity then we have seen people turning mad too.  Many were afflicted with palsy and many died too.  If a person tries to learn car driving merely by reading books then definitely he will land in deep trouble.  Even a person who has learnt car driving will be very careful while driving a car and thus help co-passengers reach their proper destination.  Over and above gaining knowledge of Kundalini awakening, attainment of Ridhi-Sidhi etc. one should not become hasty and think this endeavour to be very easy to follow.  One should never awaken the Kundalini without the help of a true spiritual guide, Guru or preceptor.  One may think himself to be very industrious in jumping the queue and marching ahead but know for sure that such an act is full of danger.


The reason why a very cautious discussion is made on the combined spiritual worship of Gayatri, Savitri and Kundalini is that today people are very much attracted to it.  Because it’s a secret science there is a veil covering it.  It is apt and very necessary to understand the principle, nature and social aspect of Kundalini Science.  Because when such sciences disappear an intelligent person attaining the rings of aphorism-directions will construct a chain according to his limited understanding.  But if there is no clue at all then rejuvenating such a science is very complicated.  Hence there is no problem in imbibing important aspects of this science.  The problem lies in experimentation.  If an arrow of words reverses and makes your own voice its target then the result is going to be death only.

By not accepting Kundalini worship as mere superficial rites one should understand that one should have proper credentials. There has to be a basic spiritual penance which has to be undergone and as far as its application is concerned, leave it in the hands of capable specialists.