30 Nov




Amongst the many energies of Almighty God Gayatri Super Power is very important and priceless. That scientific method by which one imbibes gigantic amounts of Gayatri is called ‘Upasana’ or devotional practice. If devotion to Gayatri is based on a sound scientific footing a great deal of Gayatri Super Power can be imbibed by us all. Anybody in this world who gathers more and more wealth (legally), good health, knowledge, skillfulness in art/sculpturing etc is given a high status in society and is looked up to by one and all. Similarly a true Gayatri devotee imbibes so much soul power that he is elevated to sainthood. True saints differ from laymen simply because saints possess infinite divine energy whereas laymen possess only an iota of it.


Gayatri Mantra is the Mother of all the 4 Vedas. All the sciences and knowledge of the world rest in Gayatri and in fact they form only a minor part of Gayatri’s Super Power storehouse. As of now there exist mysterious energies which remain undiscovered. A few Gayatri devotees who manage to manifest even an iota of these energies perform such gigantic tasks in the world which amazes one and all. Many saints and sages of the world manifest many divine powers called Ridhi-Sidhi. There is no end to the quantity and variety of these divine powers. The more one dives deep into the recesses of his/her psyche which is taintless and one pointed, the more he/she manifests these powers. Such saintly people after attaining God Realization never return to this mortal world simply because they have attained Moksha or salvation or immortality.

Amongst all Yoga spiritual practices Gayatri meditation is easier to follow, supreme and shows results more speedily. Mere chanting of the Gayatri Super Mantra (Japa) awakens and evolves many powerful and secret Chakras (plexus) that lie in the deep recesses of ones soul. Hatha Yoga involves practices like Kundalini Yoga, Shat Chakra Vedhan, Naadi Shodhan etc and one has to perform many intense austerities. Instead if one chants the Gayatri Mantra with devotion these goals of Hatha Yoga can be achieved with relatively greater ease and speed. Gayatri Mantra chanting subtly influences many Naadis (subtle nerves) and secret Chakras so as to awaken latent divine powers present in that region. And with relative ease a Gayatri devotee marches ahead on the path of both material and spiritual prosperity.


Gayatri spiritual practices reign supreme as far as soul advancement is concerned. Great Yogis and sages perform austerities full of hardships so as to attain spiritual prosperity. As against this Gayatri devotion bestows these very attainments to its devotee with greater ease and speed. I have known many great souls who despite being householders attained great material and spiritual heights due to Mother Gayatri’s grace.


Even an ordinary person can overcome mental taints, material problems etc by surrendering to Mother Gayatri. External circumstances faced by human beings are nothing but the reflection of the state of ones mind. A pure and taintless psyche breeds conducive and peaceful circumstances whereas a tainted mind breeds sorrow and pain in ones daily living. Thus if you overcome taints like vile thinking, vile behavior and a lowly viewpoint with the help of Gayatri all your sorrows and hardships will be overcome. Then you will live a life of peace, contentment and self fulfillment. Gayatri’s teachings are the supreme gist of all religious scriptures. By imbibing them one fully imbibes true spirituality, purity of heart, sacredness of the soul and deep faith in God. Once all this is imbibed all material requirements automatically come unasked in the life of a Gayatri devotee.

Gayatri spiritual practices have given many material benefits too. And yet the supreme benefit is spirituality or God Realization. There are 3 predominant benefits amongst many others which is attained by a steadfast and mature Gayatri aspirant and they are: 1.Self Realization, Jeevan Mukti (liberation while yet alive) and Brahma Nirvaana or salvation  2.Awakening of divine powers in the deep cave of the soul after ones psyche becomes focused and sacred  3. When ones mental taints like hatred, anger, lust, greed etc are destroyed one earns good merits (Punya) and hence the world starts respecting you and this in turn gives you untold eternal joy. The more ones faith deepens and the more ones mind becomes sacred and focused to that extent one prospers both materially and spiritually. Of course even if ones faith is not so intense even then some minor benefits definitely accrue.

It is my own experience that Gayatri meditation helps one attain God Realization. I have seen many others progress by leaps and bounds after seeking Gayatri’s grace. Hence I have imbibed an unswerving faith that just about anybody can benefit both materially and spiritually by humbly serving the lotus feet of Mother Gayatri. Gayatri eulogies have been sung aloud as follows:






No other Mantra in the Vedas is as supreme as Gayatri Mantra. All the Vedas, Yajnas, charities, austerities etc put together pales in comparison with the greatness of Gayatri. Thus spoke great Munis (deep thinkers) of yore.


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