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31 Jan


The in vogue nature of solar contact for increasing good health, increasing bodily and mental strength and therapy for Prana Energy intensification and soul uplifting is as ancient as human birth. In virtually all religions of the world at some time or the other a widespread popularity of solar meditation and worship has been noted. The chief reason for this is that the sun joins our daily living in a very intense manner.

As per scriptural utterances right from the direction, management and control of activities and functions of creation of life on earth to development and post death be it in a direct or subtle manner, is going on thus because of the sun. The sun is said to be the fount of manifestation of the 5 elements that create the body. The most potent amongst the 5 material elements is air  which if gets tainted or distorted results in weakness and various diseases. Lest if by controlling it optimally in order to render it terrifically powerful not only can we live a very long healthy life but that right from attaining Ridhi-Sidhis (Divine Powers) to the opening of the gates of heaven is possible.


The Vedas ordain us to perform solar meditation in order to attain Ojas, Tejas, Brahmavarchas (Divine Aura). In Yajurveda (chapter 13, Mantra 43) it has been said that one must worship sun or Savita since it is the witness of all good/bad actions performed by every human being. None of our activities or behavior remains hidden from the sun. The visible and invisible rays of the sun after piercing all problems and walls, gathers news of every particle of the world. This is also a scientific fact. Man either directly or indirectly remains in contact with solar rays because the sun is the very eye of the world.

In both the material and spiritual realm all Rishi texts are full of the all pervasive nature of solar meditation/worship and benefits accruing because of it. In Skand Purana (Kashi Khand, 9/45-48) there is a description of attaining fruits of the 4 categories viz. righteousness, wealth, desires and salvation via solar worship. Solar worship helps us attain wealth, good food, long healthy life, son, animal wealth, all sense objects, heaven etc. In Rigveda there are many episodes of solar meditation wherein prayers are sung for liberation from sins, disease free life, long healthy life, attaining happiness, destruction of one’s enemies, warding off poverty etc. In Mantras of Rigveda (9/995/6 and 90/37/4) and Yajurveda (20/30) etc the sun is said to aid in overcoming bodily and other problems, warding off sins, overcoming dangerous situations, saving us from ill fame and bestowing development and prosperity.  In Yajurveda (5/33 and 8/40) it is said that Savita leads the devotee to the Devyaan Marg and render him/her divinely radiant and supreme in all ways.

In the chapters 29-30 of Brahmapurana looking upon the sun as the supremely great deity it is said that other demigods are the sun’s light manifestations and it is said that when one worshiping and meditating on the sun offers anything to sun god devotionally, the latter gives back the same to the solar devotee in manifold measure. Followers of the Solar Sect and devotees of Super Power Gayatri even today worship the sun in its 3 forms. At sunrise in the form of Brahman and its divine energy, at noon as Maheshwar and at sunset in the form if Vishnu it is worshiped. The sun oozes with incomparable imaginative power, inspirer of Sidhis (Divine Powers) inspirer of actions of all and one who bestows a great sharp intellect. In Yajurveda a wonderful description has been given regarding the sun’s beautiful radiant form. The Rishis by bringing it to the level of actual experience have described benefits that accrue from it. In Patanjali Yoga Darshan it is said that by focusing on the sun one gets wisdom of the entire cosmos. Even during ordinary programs of spiritual practices if one does Tratak (one pointed gazing with eyes open) on the sun or else by meditating on the golden rising sun the devotee attains the divine 3rd eye with the help of which if one sees anyone one can gauge that person’s material nature and all incidences that have taken place in his/her life. One can also thus attain knowledge of far off objects, incidences and subtle movements taking place in the womb of nature.


By meditating/worshiping Savita deity (sun) one can fulfill one’s desires. A lot of proof regarding this can be found in scriptures of yore. In the history of solar meditation one finds mention of famous episodes like Lord Rama gaining victory over demon Ravan and Samba getting liberated from the leprosy disease. In the Mahabharat epic while mentioning siring of a son via solar worship it is described that mother Kunti who worshiped the sun very devotedly attained the fruit of bearing a son called Karna who was born with an armor and earrings on his body. King Ashwapati by meditating on the sun regularly sired a daughter called Sati Savitri. This daughter later married Satyavan who with her power of intense penance forced Yamaraja the lord of death to give back her husband live who had just died. The great poet seer Kalidas in his wonderful literary work ‘Raghuvansh’ has mentioned about Seeta doing Tratak on the sun when she was dwelling in exile in the forest. Over here it has been stated that Seeta sent a message to her husband Lord Rama that after giving birth to her children in the womb she would meditate on the sun so as to do austerities with one pointed devotion as a result of which she could again become the wife of Lord Rama in her subsequent birth.  



JAIN RELIGION: Very much akin to Hinduism in Jainism am Buddhism ever since they came into being solar meditation has been in vogue. The proof of this is solar images found in caves of Bodh Gaya, Bhaja and Orissa. In Jain Agamas especially in ‘Surya Prajnapti’ there is mention of wisdom wealth to be attained with reference to the sun. Similarly in the Agama scripture called ‘Bhagwati’ many such incidences have been detailed from which it becomes clear that many applications of Muni’s spiritual life are related to the sun. They believe that due to proximity to the sun if one imbibes its energy augmentation of strength and radiance in the body, Ojas and Tejas (divine aura) is seen along with Prana Energy becoming very potent. In order to attain divine aura (Tejas) in Jain scriptures ordain devotees to do austerities facing the sun for 6 months and thus imbibe brilliant solar aura and energy. For warding off dire reactions of actions performed and augmenting one’s aura and halo one meditates on the sun or its brilliant rays.

IN GREEK PHILOSOPHY: According to the renowned thinker AB Keith solar meditation is believed to be very ancient in Greek Philosophy. The famous philosopher Galis too has emphasized on the above observation. The Greek philosopher Empodils says that it is the sun who is the creator of this world. He has described the sun as the root fount of fire. Even today in Greece during marriage functions the solar verses or Mantra are chanted. In Rome Sunday is believed to be very holy and it is believed that worship and meditation done on this day gives more beneficial results. According to the great philosopher Theodosian on Sunday one must abstain tasks of dance, musical instruments, music, theater, circus and other forms of entertainment along with gambling, court cases etc.


The illustrious philosopher of China called Li Ki in his book ‘Ki Ao Teh Seng’ opines that the root basis of astrology and astronomy is the sun only. He calls the sun ‘son of heaven’ and by saying that it is the giver of day, knowledge and science has worshiped it.


Similarly in Islam by looking upon the sun as a center (‘ilm ahkam an najum) it is meditated upon and worshiped. As per data unearthed by great historians Emperor Akbar was a solar worshiper. Daily by facing the shining sun he would chant the 1000 names of the sun (Surya Sahasranam) and offer worship to it. He had given a command that in his kingdom daily in early morning hours, noon, sunset and at midnight (totally 4 times) the sun should be worshiped and meditated on. Greece’s Emperor Alexander too was a solar devotee.


In Christian Religion solar worship has an important spot. Regarding it in Christian scriptures (New Testament) a detailed description regarding this is found. Since Sunday belongs to the sun the latter is given a lot of importance by Christians for worship practices. Saint Paul opines that this day rendered holy by the sun it is expected that a lot of charity be given. Christians believe this is a very sacred day to worship Lord Jesus Christ.




While describing the deep import of the sun in Sandhyabhashya it is said that worship of the sun that creates all animate inanimate beings of the world destroys all our sins. It leads our intellect towards the path of divine greatness and truth. The sun is called Savita since it gives zest gives mobility to the world awakens farsighted discrimination and sacred inspiration. In the Super Mantra Gayatri one is exhorted to daily worship that unseen energy principle embedded in the Mantra.


He used to call the sun as the greatest Sanyasi. According to him the sun is the one that illumines everything, giver of sacred inspiration and one bestowing life force. It carries out the task of giving light of wisdom to all and thus this light is the greatest teacher/Guru of the world. By seeking its shelter man can ward off dark spiritual ignorance and 3 fold sorrow. By taking recourse to divine wisdom and farsighted discrimination man can walk on the path of spiritual glory and can also become the lord of material grandeur or Ridhis and spiritual wealth. Meditation and concentration on Savita deity or sun which is the infinite storehouse of knowledge and science is very helpful in worship and other rites.



31 Jan


In Yoga Vashishtha (6/1/81/39) text while throwing light on Mantra Energy it is written:

Yathavireka kurvanti haritamya swabhavataha.

Bhavanavashataha karya tatha paralvadayaha.

MEANING: O Rama! Just as by eating yellow myrobalan the digestion system functions more quickly and thus diarrhea ensues, in the same way Mantra chanting with steadfastness and powerful sentiments influences the body at a momentous pace.

The author of Ramayana has said: Mantra param laghu jasuvas vidhi harihar sur sarva. Within these descriptions are only science is at work. It is just not mere imagination or faith. In Kadimbini (1967, Page 18) Revered Govind Shastri has given the description of such a Mantra which was chanted by placing the hands in a copper plate. The water previously filled in the plate would now slowly turn yellow and the patient’s disease got cured. Even today in Indian villages snake and scorpion bites are treated with Mantra Energy and this proves to be much more successful than modern day medical therapy.

This energy embedded in Mantras in reality is but the miracle of divine energy of sound. The visible form of Mantras is sound. If one word is chanted in a stepwise fashion, tunefully and with proper rhythm in poetic meter ceaselessly, a cyclic movement is created. If after tying a piece of stone to a rope the latter is rotated in all directions 2 results ensue. First it shall be seen as a round circumference/zone. The local form of the rope and stone by changing its form gets transformed into a mobile wheel which is a visible miracle. The 2nd result shall be that due to this circular movement an extraordinary energy manifests. If we attack someone with this small stone tied to this fast moving rope may well end that person’s life. In the same way if this stone is thrown, akin to an arrow it shall whiz away to a very long far off distance. This is exactly what happens with Mantra Japa or chanting. If a certain set of words are repeated again and again in uniformity, in one tone and rhythmically sound waves/vibrations emerge that are very beneficial. Since these words as a result of ceaseless chanting move circularly, the result is that both in the inner psyche of the devotee and in the external cosmos an extraordinary energy stream commences flowing. Thus the result of this can only be called miracles of Mantra chanting.

The energy of word or sound can be understood in a different way too. Suppose a child has never encountered a lion, is not aware of the characteristics and nature of a lion yet if it even hears the roaring of a lion the child shall shiver in fright. Similarly on hearing the sweet singing of the cuckoo people smile happily. Now this is merely a very gross influence of sound on the inner body. But just as when you continuously churn curd butter emerges from it, similarly if sound beyond the realm of gross ears along with intense sentiments is echoed it manifests such a mobile energy from bodily Chakras (subtle plexus), endocrine glands, nerve networks etc that it helps a diseased person regain sound health, can make someone conducive to you and it can be used for Maran (killing someone using Mantras via Tantra methods), Mohan (casting spell on others for fascination towards oneself), Ucchatan (creating distraction in others psyche) etc. This energy’s Tantrik portion is Kritya and Ghat. But of course all these negative harmful energies are totally ignored by Gayatri Mantra which is used only for one’s own and others well being. But people following the Vam Marga of Tantra make full use of such harmful black powers. They do so even if it means hell like agony descends on them.

The basis by which Gayatri Mantra reigns supreme is the special nature of word designing embedded in it. Due to unfolding of this research Rajarshi Vishwamitra was immediately raised to the stature of Brahmarshi. It is it be understood that the power of Rajarshis is comparable to those of kings-emperors. Similarly the authority of power of Brahmarshi is compared to Brahman or Almighty God. This could mean that such a one has the capability of being the lord and creator of this world.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

The fact that a Mantra possesses so much energy can be a topic of wonder yet it cannot be said to be untrue. A miniscule form of use of ‘Mobile Energy’ belonging to words in India’s Mantra Science can be said to be ‘Ultra Sound’ which modern day physicists have unveiled and it is used in various medical therapies and tests. This can be called a super revolution in the world of medicine.

An incident has been described in a magazine called ‘Achievements of Physical Rehabilitation’ wherein a woman’s fingers were attacked by paralysis in such a way that her fingers couldn’t move at all. Yet when ultra sound therapy was administered on her fingers they were cured and she could also tie strings of her shoes properly.

27 patients in ‘Solpetri Hospital’, Paris, suffering from incurable diseases were cured using ultra sound healing techniques. A person burnt by fire got admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York because his fingers started melting due to fire exposure. There was no option but to chop off these fingers. Yet doctors first gave him ultra sound therapy and lo behold! This patient got totally cured. The only difference between ultra sound waves and Mantra energy is that the electrical energy of Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus) renders Mantra sound waves capable enough to pierce Chakras even in the very difficult situation of a disease whereas in the ultra sound waves of a machine is given this capability by electrical energy. Via this ultra sound machine or transducer ordinarily this power can be augmented from 20 thousand cycles per sec to 8 million and 10 million cycles per sec.

That arena of sound which can be heard by our ears is very miniscule. Human ears can hear only those sound vibrations very easily that vibrate at 20 to 20000 per sec. but meditation vibrations can either be very less or very more powerful than these. These are called ‘unheard’ sounds. Of course this certainly does not lessen its potency whereas the bare reality is that these unheard sound vibrations beyond the ken of human ears are infinitely more powerful. With the help of ‘Supersonic radio meter’ infinite sound wave streams flowing in interstellar space can be heard. Within Mantra practices these unheard sounds are created in another way and they influence their arena extraordinarily.

Modern science has accepted unheard sound as an energy that possesses great influencing capacity and hence has made arrangements to execute many important tasks with its aid. Now a days it is being used to accurately measure thickness, depth of things and gauging positive negative qualities of metals. Many industries use the energy of sound waves in processes like production of carbon black, washing clothes, chemical admixing, pounding things, powdering things, drying wet substances, molding metals in casts and in production of plastic threads. So many business institutions like Iowa State College, Ultra Sonic Corporation, B F Goodrich Co etc have designed such machines and technology in which the power of unheard sound waves is made use of and important benefits thus are accrued.

Preparations in full swing are being made to convert sound waves tapped from space into energy. It can then be transformed into heat, light, magnetism and electricity so that on this basis we can get hold of a cheap and widespread fount of fuel. Sound waves reach our brain via our ears and thus we can hear sound. In order to give benefit of hearing by sending sound waves to the brain via the eyes to deaf people whose ear membrane is damaged, certain scientific techniques are being developed which may soon reap success. Similarly blind, deaf, dumb people shall henceforth be able to carry out sense organ functions via other healthy bodily openings. Today radar technology, by tapping sound wave flows is gathering very important information.

Even in Mantras it is the form of sound energy that is at work whose method of usage has been unearthed by Maharshis of yore in their own way. Despite so much importance being attached to Mantra Energy not everybody with its aid can accrue benefits. This question off and on arises and thus doubts and suspicions emerge regarding Mantra Energy. There is no other reason but the fact as to whether one’s psyche is deep or superficial. In order to render sentiments embedded in Mantras more potent one requires a sanctified and capable inner personality. When this is not attained Mantras fail to exhibit their prowess and power. Thus no special benefits accrue. The task of raising high the stature of our personality commences from truthful speech, straightforwardness and sweetness and it pervades every action in our day to day living. Just as light rays cannot influence a mirror that is covered with thick dust similarly light of Mantra targeting a tainted psyche can only start cleaning the taints. Lest the direction of life of a person finds out its taints and in its place reinstates great glorious qualities then even this sanctification via Mantras has its own deep import. Thus in such a situation one quickly sees a positive influence of Mantra chanting but if one persists in showering taints and distortions on the psyche via erroneous eating/drinking habits, unethical living and insulting behavior towards others, no influential result can be noted even if you chant millions of Mantras ceaselessly.

Ultra sound that emerges from chanting Super Mantra Gayatri oozes with the power of vibrating the atoms of the atmosphere in a big way. Anyone can accrue benefits of infinite energy of this Super Mantra yet the condition is that the devotee must follow those teachings and behavior embedded in every alphabet of the Mantra. Without following these glorious ideals, the doors of noteworthy success shall remain shut tightly.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

In this world that appears beautiful and sweet the contribution of sound is extraordinary. Knowing this, people are immersed in expanding this energy of sound and use it as per their desire. Thousands of national and international radio stations are involved in broadcasting. This very goal is being fulfilled by millions of newspapers being published daily. Thousands of workers involved in printing, publishing and selling of literature are zealously trying to fulfill this need of human community. Telegraph, telephone, post office, cinema, gramophone, computers and internet too are following in this direction. Schools too are there for this purpose. Human race is well aware of the ‘knowledge augmenting’ benefits attained via sound. Thus a lot of benefits are got. No doubt its misuse and tainted results too are no less. Human downfall and sentiments of hatred towards each other are the result of misuse of sound and speech.

So far what we have done is giving readers gross and surface information of sound energy. Its subtle information says that sound by itself is an energy full of potentials of high stature. Just as via the medium of electricity, steam, atom, dynamite etc forces of varying stature emerge similarly sound too is a very important fount of a certain type of energy. Its use is not just for knowledge but also for scientific purposes.

The subtle influences of sound energy are much more important. A lot of research the world over is being conducted on the mind boggling influence of special type of sound/words on bodily centers. The data and conclusions from such experimentation can only astound us all. In Holland and Denmark those who rear animals use a special type of musical tone while milking animals. They have readied gramophone records of musical tunes that positively influence the animal’s body. When they play this record the nerve centers of animals get activated optimally and thus milk glands emit more milk. Specialists of snake sciences by playing the lute/harp induce poisonous snakes to come out from their holes and when the snakes are blissfully immersed in hearing the harp music, the snake charmers catch them. In ancient times poachers would play the harp into order to trap and catch deer. When on listening to enchanting music the deer forgot to leap and jump about and would stand mesmerized due to this sweet musical tune, the wicked poachers would catch them.

Even today in villages of India for overcoming venomous pustules and difficult diseases like being attacked evil spirits/ghosts, by placing a copper plate on a pot placed upside down and with the help of a stick they play a strange musical tune. These results verily are quite amazing. Pustules of tuberculosis tumor like goiter have been cured by these methods. People bitten by terribly poisonous snakes have been seen cured. One branch of insanity diseases is ghosts and evil spirits attacking the human body. Those attacked by ghosts undergoing the above therapy benefit amazingly. Psychologists and psychiatrists of USA are known to help insomnia patients get sleep by playing light musical tunes. Special musical therapies have been discovered for curing harsh diseases related to muscle nerve fibers. For the mental and nervous system development of the fetus in its mother’s womb scientists have designed therapies using musical instruments that the pregnant mother is asked to hear and very positive results have been witnessed.

In ancient India, Ragas (musical tunes) like Deepak, Megh Malhar were in vogue. It is said that on playing the Deepak Raga doused flame lamps got relit on their own and on singing or playing Raga Megh Malhar on a musical instrument, rain clouds in arid regions would gather in the sky. Mantra Philosophy is but the highly developed form of this science. Indian scientific Rishis of yore had executed profound studies and experiments on Sound science from this very standpoint. Hermitages built by them in thick forests were but scientific laboratories in a certain sense. In them Mantra Sciences were discovered/researched into to unearth that if a group of network of words, with a particular mode of chanting various Mantras, in a particular sentimental state, via which person and if used in a particular way, what results would accrue?

Words are uttered by the mouth. The tongue predominates in the mouth. Hence at a gross level it is believed it is the tongue that speaks. Yet the reality is that via the gigantic functioning of throat, lips, tongue, palate, teeth and inner parts of the mouth special words are uttered. In Maharshi Panini’s Vyakaran or grammar notes have been given regarding places of alphabets. The sound that emerges from the mixed process form of the functioning of these mouth parts manifests in the external world so as to imbibe the form of ‘word’. The ears hear these words and the brain imbibes them. These words after merging into ether principle not only pervade from one end of the earth to the other but that it spreads out into the entire cosmos. No doubt they are heard for a very short while yet they continue to exist for eternity.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

Whichever word/sound comes out of our mouth reaches from one land to another within seconds. In order for them to reach the moon and nearby planets it takes a few minutes. While going beyond the 9 planets of our solar system, it takes a few hours for sound to reach there. Just as our sun along with 9 planets and their 47 satellites moves around, similarly 2,500,000 stars are conjoined to our Spiral Galaxy. In this ‘bed sheet’ of Spiral Galaxy 2,500,000 stars akin to our sun are shining. Again in the entire cosmos this Spiral Galaxy is very miniscule. Billions of such galaxies are jumping and dancing about in this cosmos and in each of them akin to our Spiral Galaxy millions of suns and billions of planets/satellites are conjoined. Ether principle pervades all these. Today the words uttered by our mouth for millions of years akin to waves flowing in the sea march ahead and after a long time span in future on the basis of the ‘Spherical Law’ come back to the original place from where these words were uttered. These words may go to extremely far off regions yet its existence in a subtle manner can be noted everywhere. They can be ‘caught’ or tapped via special methods. Today such experiments are being conducted wherein it shall be made possible in future to see with our eyes incidences that took place in Mahabharat thousands of years back and within it hear Lord Krishna’s Bhagwad Geeta with our own ears. There is a very high possibility that modern material science shall become so much more advanced that it shall gain the capacity to again see incidences of very ancient times at present and hear very old time sounds and words today. In this particular book written so as to cogitate over the weaving of the words of Super Mantra Gayatri it is enough to learn that words should not be looked upon as ordinary entities because in the external world its movements are very powerful and wondrous.

The effect of sound on the inner recesses of the psyche is that much more mind boggling. It is not as though once a word uttered by the mouth merely moves about in the external world. Its half energy goes outside and the remaining half roams about within the body. Half the energy of words uttered radiates in the external world and the other half commences a powerful process within the body. After the trigger of a gun is pulled no doubt the bullet whizzes ahead to reach the target yet the gun too is known to jerk backwards. Hence those who use guns properly place it near the bosom else it can harm the heart or shoulder of the gun user. Uttering of words too is something like using a rifle. It is not as though it merely influences space because reactions are seen in very nearby places too like the inner region of the body. After subtly studying this reaction spiritual seers called Rishis unfolded the Science of Mantras. They discovered as to which type of words, in which manner, with which emotions and in which condition if uttered give what type of results in the microcosm (individuals) and macrocosm (external world). On the very foundation of this scientific achievement the well managed cast of Mantra Science was designed.

About a few years back an International Industrial Exhibition was organized in Delhi-India. In an American stall set up there such a rail was seen whose machinery worked on the basis of radio communication system. When the exhibitor of the stall uttered certain words, sound waves got emitted. Due to the influence of these very sound waves the rail would move, run, turn and stop standstill too. The exhibitor explained to the audience gathered there that word/sound by itself, is a potent energy. Just as with the help of steam, oil and electricity rails are known to function similarly rails using technology of radio communication can be made to move about.

In the year 1923 AD under the aegis of German Science Congress such machines of human form were designed that appeared very much like human beings. They truly seemed like army soldiers when they walked, ran, stood up, sat down and turned in various directions. Not only this, they could also give correct answers to certain questions asked. They could use guns very efficiently while aiming targets. Of course all this was done by them when the director uttered certain words. In Berlin’s Science Exhibition these human machines were showcased to the lay public and they were told that words have that capacity wherein these human machines or robots could be made to work as per one’s wishes.

Rishis had unveiled sound energy at a very high level and they found that this super fount of power can be applied for world welfare tasks. Hence for thousands of years they tirelessly researched into this and amongst their attainments mankind benefitted a lot. Today the manner in which via various technology one gets various apparatus of joyous comforts similarly in ancient eras via Mantras all that was attained which was required for human peace, happiness, development and all round prosperity.

In ancient times divine weapons were used on the basis of Mantra Power. Ancient weapons like Agneyastra, Varunastra, Brahmastra, Nagpash etc were not like today’s modern rifles, gas shells etc. in fact their power and specialties were much more than the most potent weapon of today’s times. Using a Kritya of ancient times one could kill people in far off regions while seated at home using Mantra chanting power. By using Mantra energy through the medium of Yajnas (fire rituals) one could induce a lot of rain and harvest huge crops of various food items. With its aid bodily and psychic diseases were cured. Soul advancement manifested manifold. A body that had attained Sidhis like divine vision, hearing subtle sounds etc would itself become a very important scientific machine. That science on the basis of which our glory and fame in ancient times had augmented leaps and bounds was Mantra Energy.

Today we have forgotten this ancient science and akin to a serpent devoid of jewel shining on its scalp we have been relegated into a demeaned state. In this auspicious hour of neo awakening we must again unfold this root fount so as to attain it. That root fount is one viz. word or sound. Scriptures say: ‘Shabdo vai brahma’ which means sound is Brahma the creator. All those Kalas (great divine skills), glories and important principles that are present in Brahma or God can be attained by us via the medium of sound or word energy. Mantra is a high stature usage of sound power. Ere we learn its utility value and method doubtlessly we can become true scientists and self realized masters.

Super Mantra Gayatri is the very life force, seed, fount and deep import of entire Mantra Science. All Tantrik applications found in Agam, Nigam and Vedas should be looked upon as branches of Gayatri Seed Energy. Vedas are the infinite vault of Mantra Science. And it manifested via Vedmata, Vishwamata and Super Energy Gayatri. By coming in close contact with this incomparable, wondrous, infinite and cosmic glory we must render our scientific, social, spiritual and material life joyous, prosperous, successful and self fulfilling.

Via chanting or Japa of Super Mantra Gayatri such conscious energy emerges which helps manifest strange movements in the psyche and body of the devotee and by flying into infinite space it influences special people, special situations and the entire environment.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

Mantras have been chosen on the basis of Sound Sciences. The meaning of words is less important. The potency of Gayatri Mantra is mind boggling. Yet its meaning is quite ordinary. In it we merely pray to Almighty God for a sacred intellect. There are hundreds of other Mantras that have this very same meaning. In Hindi and other languages there is no dearth of poems in which pray to God for a pious intellect. Hence a question arises as to why can’t we say that these poems and Gayatri Mantra are of equal stature and why do these poems not give the same great effects as Gayatri Mantra? In reality in the eyes of Mantra creators it is the intertwining of words that are very important. There are innumerous Beej or Seed Mantras which via artificial pulling/pushing can be given certain meanings yet in reality they have no meaning at all. Its futile to rack our brains in order to find out meanings of Seed Mantras like Hreem, Shreem, Kleem, Aime, Hum, Yum etc. They have been created while keeping in mind as to which level of energy vibration can be created via their utterance and in what way they influence the Mantra devotee, external atmosphere and desired purpose?

Within mental, loud chanting and whisper chanting of Mantras the process of rendering sound light or heavy is at work. Along with alphabets of Vedic Mantras using steps of Udat, Anudat and Swarit tones it’s chanting is done using rise-fall that is low, upwards and middle sound. There is a tradition of chanting it with musical tones. All these methods had to be demarcated from this standpoint so that Mantra chanting created an energy flow that could fulfill desired goals.

A 2 fold reaction is noted due to Mantra Japa. One is inner and the other is external. Wherever fire burns it heats up that place and by shedding warmth in the environment, it gives heat to its area of influence too. The sound flow of Mantra chanting akin to water streams flowing in deep ocean and like layers of air flowing higher up in the skies, creates its own movements. Due to this Chakras (subtle plexus) and endocrine glands spread out in the human body start manifesting special types of energy. Ceaseless regular upheavals of this sort manifest such an influence that can be called mysterious. Soldiers are requested not to march in uniformity on bridges because this action emits such sound energy that could even break the bridge.

Japa has to be done ceaselessly and cyclically. The results of this process can be understood much better in a scientific research laboratory. If a 1 ton iron girdle is hung from the rood in the middle region and if a 5 gram of cork piece lashes this girdle ceaselessly, in a short while this girdle shall start trembling. This is but the miracle of the energy emitted via ceaseless attacks. Ere mantra chanting is done methodically the results too are similar. The continuous effect of Mantra sound in its own way influences Chakras and endocrine glands present in the subtle body and the created upheaval by warding off their unconscious state renders them awakened/activated. The great sacred results of activation of glands and awakening of Chakras are attained by the Mantra devotee. These awakened divine centers manifests new soul energy in the devotee. He/she experiences something awakened and grown within which was not there previously. The benefits of these new attainments are directly visible.

By elucidating the example of a type writer the above can be understood with more clarity. With the fingers the keys are pressed and alphabets get printed on blank paper. Parts of the mouth used to utter something can be called keys of the type writer. Mantra chanting is akin to pressing the keys with the fingers. The energy stream that manifests with the help of nerve networks, reaches subtle Chakras and divine subtle glands and by jerking them, they are awakened and activated. Printing of alphabets is that attainment which via these awakened Chakras bestow on its devotee, mysterious divine powers called Sidhis. This is a definite fact that if Mantra Japa Yoga is done methodically, great sacred results accrues.

An army of soldiers crossing a bridge are forbidden to march in unison and in tandem so as to avoid manifestation sound energy from this action. While crossing bridges soldiers walk in a scattered manner. The reason being that if they are allowed to march ‘left-right’ in unison, a strong flow of sound energy emerges which can not only create cracks in the bridge but could shatter it too. Ceaseless Mantra chanting akin to soldiers marching uniformly too manifests special movements in the inner subtle centers of the body. These movements ward off the latency of those extraordinary energies which on getting activated renders an ordinary layman into a Sidha Saint oozing with miraculous feats.

If we rub the palms of our hand continuously, they become warm. Friction creates heat and electricity and this law is known to even basic students of science. Ceaseless chanting of Mantras in a certain way creates friction. When rope rubs against stone for a certain length of time some marks can be seen on the stone. Via inhalation/exhalation and blood circulation in the body through arteries and veins, heat manifests in the body and life is dependent on it. When wheels move in a dynamo people know that electricity gets generated. The process of friction seen in Mantra Japa creates excitement in the subtle body very much akin to the body getting excited on running long distances and via this heat the inner world so far rendered unconscious now undergoes neo awakening. This awakening is not mere excitement because conjoined to it is the potential of accruing divine attainments.

Sounds are not merely those limited to hearing by us via ears. Ears can hear only limited types of sound vibrations. Infinite sound vibrations that are very high or very low in measure although cannot be heard by human ears yet their influences can be directly experienced via scientific apparatus. These are called Supersonic Sound Waves.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

Man’s power of grasping and imbibing is limited. Man’s ear drums or membranes are such that its limited potential can hear only that type of sound flow. But this world is an infinite ocean of energy and in it akin to ebb and flow of tides, unheard sounds remain active. It is best that man’s grasping capacity is limited and that it can hear only limited sound else if unheard sounds were to influence man, life would be hell to live.

Ordinarily the speed of sound is quite slow. It can move merely 100 feet/sec. when cannon balls are fired smoke emitted from them are seen first and only later are the sound of explosions heard. Wherever both sight and sound combine, this shall always take place. Sight or scene shall be seen first and sound conjoined to it shall be heard a bit later.

It is the miraculous feat of electromagnetic waves that a small sound from radio broadcasting is rendered worldwide and is made capable to travel at a speed of 186,000 miles/sec. Radio scientists know that on electromagnetic waves sound’s super compose is recorded and in a blinking moment it becomes powerful enough to circumambulate entire earth.

It is with the help of electromagnetic waves that the flight of rockets sent into interstellar place is managed, giving it a proper direction and message and machinery problems are repaired from earth. When this energy takes up the stature of lasers, its power becomes limitless. It is with great ease that lasers can create a hole in a 1 foot thick sheet of iron metal. They are so subtly thin that if a 0.1 millionth portion of the eye ball is diseased an operation using lasers can succeed in penetrating this miniscule area and curing it. Today laser rays are used a great deal in medical therapies. It has been successfully used in the healing of diseases pertaining to cancer, liver distortions, swelling of kidneys, heart problems etc.

Super Sonic Waves are created via Mantra Japa techniques. Words utter during Mantra chanting induce a combined effect of self faith, trust and Sankalpa or mental resolve and thus that very activity ensues wherein words spoken via a radio station by mixing with special electrical energy become extremely powerful. Thus within the blink of the eye it broadcasts its purpose in the entire world. In Mantra Japa technique dwells one specialty wherein not only the entire world’s atmosphere can be influenced but that even the personality of the devotee who chants it radiates brilliantly. On the other hand although broadcasting does take place from radio stations yet no local specialty is witnessed. Machines that emit laser rays themselves remain as they are and that they can only affect those regions which experience the touch of laser rays. Mantra chanting techniques possess 2 pronged power wherein both the chanting devotee and environment get influenced by Mantras. All this cannot be found in ordinary technical apparatus set up by modern scientists.’s_scientific_foundation.htm


30 Jan


“As of now in India, in Hindu Religion, from the dais of religion, seems centered Yuga Nirman Mission’s movement that shall create the destiny of world human race but in future times these present boundaries shall become widespread in a manifold way so as to become limitless. At that time no directions of some lone institution or organization shall hold water but that from thousands of units of various stature such masses of light shall radiate via whose limitless energy those incidences of gigantic revolutions shall be termed wondrous and mind boggling and they themselves as per prevalent times shall render today’s auspicious opening dance more intense and potent day after day. Via fiery flames of Tandav Dance reaching the skies in future how and in what manner shall the role of converting the ancient into modern new be played? To think about all this and even bring it into the ken of our imagination is well nigh impossible. The gist is that via the revolution based flow of Yug Nirman Mission today’s dark gloomy night shall definitely get transformed into a radiant golden rising sun (ushering in a radiant world future)”.

………………..Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Yug Nirman Yojana-Darshan, Swarup Va Karyakram

(Vangmaya Kramank 66, Page 3.40)

Our Yug Nirman Mission is a stream of revolution. It is marching ahead with cyclonic speed and in future it shall do exactly this. The commencement of the Ashwamedha Yajna is an onrush in this stream. In future many such onrushes shall be witnessed the world over. All this was being uttered by HH Revered Mataji in a meeting with volunteers of All World Gayatri Family. This meeting was taking place in a hall near her room. In these days preparations for the Ashwamedha Yajna was going on with breath taking swiftness. From every nook and corner of India volunteers were arriving there in large numbers. Everyone tried to aspire for such an Ashwamedha Yajna taking place in their area too. It was decided that the 1st Ashwamedha Yajna would take place in Jaipur-Rajasthan-India.

In comparison to the measure of zest seen amongst volunteers of our country india and alien nation for this chain of Super Yajnas much more of it was noted in those dwelling in Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family). The entire methodology and program of this Yajna rite was being demarcated. Those volunteers who were to execute this Yajna rite were being trained in a special way. It was decided that this time women volunteers attached to Shantikunj would play the role of Brahmavadinis. A special edition of Akhand Jyoti Magazine too was undergoing preparation for final printing. It was for all this that Revered Mataji had called a meeting. Although the number of people attending it was less yet the topics discussed were very important. It seemed as though HH Mataji via the medium of this Ashwamedha Yajna was about to manifest a terrific explosion of her spiritual energy.

Her sacred emotions, body language and facial appearance was such that it could be compared to Goddess Durga who had decided to uproot all demonic forces and activities in the world. She was saying: Child! It was my wish to perform 108 Yajnas in every nook and corner of India. Then after a pause she continued: O! Why only in India; they should be performed in every nook and corner of the world. This is because even there we yearn to sow seeds of a Great Revolution. After uttering this much she looked up and as though gazing at void she kept quiet. After this she said: but this does not seem possible. Even I will not exist on earth while so many Yajnas are being fulfilled because ultimately I too have to leave this gross world to help Gurudeva (her holy consort). Never mind, after I leave this world you all must carry out this mission. The remaining Yajnas I shall perform in the subtle world.

On hearing ‘subtle world’ everyone was transfixed. On seeing people seated nearby amazed HH Mataji said: Why are you all so astounded? Only 5% of the portion of Yug Nirman Mission’s activities can be seen in this gross visible world with our mundane eyes. The remaining 95% is being executed in subtle worlds not visible to our gross eyes. This was something new for those hearing all this. Overlooking their thought process she said: How can this entire era be revolutionized and transformed merely via mediums like you volunteers, Shantikunj, Gayatri Tapobhumi, Akhand Jyoti Sansthan and all Shaktipithas?

Gurudeva has already told you all that you represent Krishna’s cowherd boys or Ram’s monkeys-bears. Although your zealous help does make us happy yet it is not enough. For this Gurudeva Shriram Sharma is working day and night in the subtle world. Over there he has powerful helpers too. Akin to Rishi Authorities of the Himalaya Mountains the subtle world drips with divine energies which are playing the role of Indra’s thunderbolt and Lord Parshuram’s pick axe. Via the terrific efforts being executed there in future incidences of taking place in the world shall render this Era Revolution successful and complete.

On saying this much HH Mataji paused and she took in her hand a glass of water kept on the table nearby so as to take a couple of sips from it. Then with a mysterious smile on her face she said: At the time when the world over there was a worry that a 3rd world war shall take place, Guruji did Sukshmikaran Sadhana (rendering the soul subtly potent). Via this spiritual practice he performed many tasks. One such chief task was to nullify the very possibility of a 3rd world war erupting. At that time he had written: No doubt minor wars shall take place in stray ways yet the danger of a 3rd world war erupting has been warded off completely. This danger has been nullified in the gross visible world but not in the subtle world.

In the subtle world this world war is going on in a terrific and intense manner. It can be called much gigantic than world wars of the gross mundane world. Then laughingly she said: Why call it a world war when actually it is a cosmic war? On the one hand the army of demons stands holding eerie weapons and on the other hand demigods, great saints and Rishis have contributed all their divine energy. Gurudeva himself using his Trishul weapon has jumped into this Great War. The more he gains victory in it to that extent, obstacles in the way of Era Revolution shall be nullified. At that time you all shall be able to witness that without you all saying anything, without you all executing a worldwide propaganda various institutions and organizations the world over shall act as per the great sacred thinking of Gurudeva.

Those tasks that are being executed via Shantikunj today shall tomorrow be carried out by many other organizations and institutes the world over. Not only shall this mission pervade India but that it shall spread in every nook and corner of the world. HH Mataji continued: One phase of this mission shall get completed till Gurudeva Shriram Sharmaji’s Birth Centenary Celebrations in November 2011. The 2nd phase shall get fulfilled when you all celebrate Gurudeva’s Centenary Celebrations of Sadhana or spiritual practices. One amongst those who was hearing HH Mataji asked her: Will that mean the year 2026 AD? She replied: Yes, from the year 2011 AD to 2026 AD an enormous flood of revolutionary incidences will be witnessed in India and the entire world. This time period shall see widespread transformations. By the time this phase ends the nature of Era Transformation shall become very crystal clear. On saying this much she smiled and laughingly said: This very proclamation was noted in the revolutionary utterances of great divine personalities in the past.


30 Jan


All those people who are closely related to us along with those whom we come in contact Regarding this our physical body is our closest relative. It is thus very important to harbor a good relationship with it and rendering it healthy and secure. Both, either labeling the body as perishable and thus totally ignoring it or totally immersing oneself in adorning and beautifying it are erroneous viewpoints. Instead we must take the middle path so as to imbibe a balanced vision.

It is most appropriate that we look upon our physical body as the sacred residence of Almighty God. We must always be detached mentally from the body and use it for executing all righteous duties. While getting immersed in decorating and beautifying the body it is sheer stupidity to forget Almighty God’s presence in it. And yet it is also erroneous on our part to render this body called temple of God unclean, unheeded, fallen and tattered. Based on our whimsical habits it is a crime to render our body disease prone. If we ignore the healthy upkeep of our body we shall have to face punishment from nature like pain, uneasiness, weakness, dying very young, financial loss, insults from others etc.

Illnesses do not always attack us from outside the body. Germs are either already there in the body or they attack from the external world. Mental aberrations that result in diseases exist in our body itself. But the body has a wonderful capacity of throwing these germs of illnesses outside. Due to lack of sense organ control man destroys a fair amount of his life force. Due to lack of control as far his eating, resting and other activities is concerned it is a big blow on his digestive system, blood circulation and brain ligaments. When attacked repeatedly all these weaken and man invites illnesses. Weak bodily centers disallow inner bodily disturbances to rush out of the body in a natural manner. As a result these distortions collect in the body and are emitted from the body very unnaturally. This resultant situation manifests as illnesses in the body.

It certainly is not difficult to render the body illness and disease free. If each individual balances his/her eating habits, honest hard work and sleeping habits optimally good health can be maintained and one can live for a long time span. It is not as though the laymen are unaware of other rules of attaining good sound health. With a little effort these rules can be understood correctly. It is not difficult to maintain a daily routine that is devoid of lethargy and honest hard labor. It is very much possible to maintain a daily routine that encourages eating habits resulting in good health instead of titillation of the taste buds only. In optimum quantities we must eat food that is easy to digest. One must not rush after material pursuits in an insane manner. The body can be rendered fit and fine by giving it proper rest also. Sometimes we fail to keep our body fit because of lack of self control and imbalance of bodily activities. Thus despite being gifted with a precious rare human body we live in hell like situations full of strife.

The chief basis of good bodily health is self control and discipline. On ignoring this and instead trying to keep the body fit by mere administering it various medicines is like running after a mirage in a dessert in the hope of getting water. No doubt when required medicine must be taken which is like using a stick for support to walk yet true good health is akin to walking with our legs devoid of support. Via self control our life force remains potent and this in turn nurtures good physical health.

One can give importance to the body only if we look upon it as a temple of God. You must keep it miles away from artificial beauty aids and make up. It is our sacred duty to keep the body clean, healthy and strong. By observing fasts regularly control your taste buds and avoid over eating. By observing silence of speech (Mauna) and sexual continence protect the life force from dwindling away to naught. Undergo spiritual practices so as to focus the life force and rendering the mind introverted. Our daily routine must be conjoined to discipline and thus chaos of any sort can be avoided. By being more alert everything can come under our control. In this manner all bodily benefits can be accrued that have been put forth both by scriptural scholars and modern day scientists.


29 Jan


Man has full freedom and independence to carry out any action but as far as the results, fruits and reactions of these actions he is bound by certain cosmic laws. Other creatures understanding this fact due to their natural instincts act accordingly but human beings err a lot since many a times he gets fruits of his action in a delayed manner. He does not imbibe farsightedness and conveniently forgets that if he insists on ignoring Viveka or true discrimination he shall have to face dire reactions in future. This is that error as a result of which man makes more mistakes than he would do so under normal situations. Hence it is humans who endure more problems and strife. There was a time when man had reached pinnacles of glory and since he was the prince of the Creator or Almighty God he rendered his thinking process and activities such which resulted in apt world management so that none the world over faced obstacles in life.

Today the world possesses such enormous amounts of various means that is all humans share these with each other in a friendly manner none shall have to undergo lack or danger of any sort. In ancient world history such a pious intellect ruled the world over. Before taking any step it was mulled over whether as to what would be its result in future? If we imbibe aptness and wholesomeness, situations that are conducive shall definitely multiply. Such times previously were labeled Golden Era or Satyuga. Hastily people give up the path of greatness jump from huge heights only to land on ground full of thorns. Selfishness induces friction between people and many dire situations crop up as a result.

By not thinking farsightedly those who think only about immediate benefits they like sparrows and fish get enmeshed in nets and akin to flies who jump on to sugar syrup die because their wings get stuck to it. This very cycle of a tainted intellect if with extraordinary speed becomes intense such complex problems ensue which perforce makes the world public endure situations full of hardships.

Since many a times a delay in the manifestation of reactions are seen after an action is executed people harbor doubts and erroneously say that not necessary that our action be it good or vile shall reap results in accordance. Many times people who execute vile tasks are seen saved from undergoing dire results of their sins and further those who perform sacred actions do not see the wholesome results of these actions in their lives. Thus people think that there is no law in this world that gives us fruits of our actions and thus everyone wallows in darkness. Under such situations unruly actions based on ones whims and fancies can be executed. Such unruly people do not wait for the time that takes for the results of unethical actions to appear and by becoming atheists they act as and how they please. They conveniently forget that no doubt a seed gets converted into a tree after it is sown, yet it takes a certain time period for the seed to sprout. It takes a certain length of time for milk to get transformed into curds. It is a fact that those who behave unethically shall undergo punishment but we must note that this dire result could manifest after a certain time span. The health and life span of alcohol and drug addicts keep deteriorating yet all these dire effects are not perceived immediately.

Lest as soon as one uttered falsehood ulcers were to erupt on the tongue, lest as soon as one committed robbery ones hands were to get chopped off, lest those indulging in extramarital sex became eunuchs immediately etc none would dare carry out vile acts but Almighty Lord in order to gauge humanity’s understanding capacity maybe has given us an opportunity to awaken an intellect full of discrimination that can decipher what is right and wrong. Man should aptly use his brains and walk on the path of true greatness. Those who fail in this test are duly punished but because there is a delay he falls and further by not imbibing farsightedness he endures a downfall due to erring and getting kicked at every step of life. Bang opposite to this those who can truly understand things deeply and manage their activities optimally while keeping in mind future results to be faced they by using their wealth of life aptly glorify themselves and by giving an opportunity to others to follow in their holy footsteps a great number of people accrue all round benefits. One amongst all the specialties and glories given by God to mankind is that they have the capacity to gauge the reaction of every action executed and thus while staying away from ill omen can lead lives of joy and peace.

These days since there is very little place for love, affection and friendship man’s behavior has become so strange wherein oppressing others has become his pastime. On the basis of mutual cooperation we no doubt can benefit each other but where individualism rules the roost there one does not understand whether due to imbibing a narrow selfish attitude others’ rights are infringed upon or not? This situation is such that instead of paying due heed to others’ hardships and grief we just delve on our benefit. At the root of unethical actions, atrocities, suppression, kidnapping and harassment is this very selfish thinking. It is beyond doubt that only those who harbor no sense of affection or goodwill to others carry out heinous acts without any guilty feeling. For even a miniscule benefit for themselves they can throw mountains of anguish on other. Seers of human religion have always opposed such heinous selfish actions and have proclaimed that the sacred attitude of ‘Atmavat sarva bhuteshu’ or that ‘all creatures are a part of my very soul’ must be imbibed by us all. If we do not like people behaving with us in a certain manner we too should not behave with them in that manner. The meaning of seeing our souls in all living beings is to look upon others joy as ours and others sorrow too as ours. The fount of sacred sensitive emotions of human stature is conjoined to this very belief. If it is imbibed whole heartedly it is impossible to act and behave despicably. Thus one will yearn to serve all selflessly and generous feelings of sharing others joy and sorrow will ooze immensely.

It is despicable to render selfish one’s ego and it is greatness if the ego is rendered widespread encompassing all beings. Great saintly people always think, plan and execute great tasks of world welfare and know for sure that this is true soul advancement. The sense of kinship of an advanced person spreads not only in all humans but in all living beings. Under such circumstances just as we wish to gather means of comforts and joy for ourselves in the same way we also start realizing that by seeing others experiencing happiness and peace our minds too feel bliss and that if we see someone in sorrow we will rush out to help them overcome it. If such human sacred emotions bloom forth none will even think of acting unwholesomely with others.

The root cause of acting untowardly is lack of farsightedness and true discrimination. In future which action shall breed which reaction or result? If we fail to attain such farsightedness we will run after only immediate benefits even if it means acting unethically. Just as due to vision problems we can only see things nearby and find it difficult to see objects kept afar in the same way a person lacking farsightedness looking upon immediate benefits as the be all and end all of life shall do anything to accrue those benefits. What shall be the result of all this? People lacking farsightedness cannot even imagine regarding this and their condition is akin to remaining blind despite possessing eyes. People of such character may not doubt accrue immediate benefits yet they lose their integrity and human values. They no longer enjoy the trust of others in society, none becomes his true friend and people do not wish to give them any advice since they are always gazed at suspiciously. Due to dearth of help, in an atmosphere of suspicion despite living in crowded areas they experience aching loneliness. Each sensual person knows how dry, terrifying and fearful loneliness is. Due to lack of discrimination many undesirable qualities enter one’s character and one takes up drug, alcohol vices. Without inviting them lethargy, indolence, cunningness, fraud, arrogant ego and desires for fleeting sense pleasures become one’s allies. Since integrity runs far away our character sheds all brilliant talent and skills it previously oozed with. The psyche of robbers and criminals always reeks of fear, they are always suspicious of bad omens attacking them and thus their precious time lapses by in doubts only. The result of this is that they invite hatred and enmity from others. In the mirror of the world they see only their wicked ugly form and character.

You can fool some of the people some of the time but it is impossible to fool everyone all the time. Due to bad behavior of ours other people become mediums to inflict pain on us. Those who loot others too face looting in the long run by other people. Such incidences are seen off and on by us all. Those who act without self control shall definitely face punishment in the long run if not immediately.

In every walk of life we are witnessing bad behavior between man and man. Since distrust is widespread where is the question of expecting help and cooperation? How can a person shorn off potent mental power valiantly carry out high level tasks? How will he get the golden opportunity of rising higher up in life in an all round manner?

Between man and man discontent and vile behavior has cropped up because of fraud, wiliness distrust, lack of cooperation and agitations of various types. As a result people face strife like wealthy becoming poor and educated behaving like illiterates. Majority of world humans akin to corpse and ghosts of the graveyard burn and get burnt, instill fear on others and themselves become terrorized, get agitated and are rendered discontented. Even if material comforts increase manifold what can they achieve? It is something different to see people outside full of wealth and sense pleasures. One maybe materially extremely wealthy akin to a billionaire yet in his own mind’s eye he will feel very low because innumerable problems and worries have surrounded him.

Today the lay public is ensnared by such situations the world over. In the name of development despite a gigantic increase of material comforts since our thinking, character and behavior reeks with despicable qualities whatever is taking place in our lives is akin to becoming even worse than that seen in the lives of those whom we call poor, illiterate and backward. We may insist on calling this progress but know for sure that it is nothing short of regression.


29 Jan


Wealth possesses creative energy. With its aid so many important useful tasks can be executed and wholesome goals can reach their target. But along with this we must not forget that wealth if misused can shower untold harm too.

As per the 1980 report of ‘United Nation’s Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization’ or UNESCO published in ‘Encyclopedia Britannica’ every year the world over 0.01 trillion 0.72 billion 7.8 million dollars are used in creating the armed forces and war technology/ammunition. This amount constitutes 7.2% of the world’s total income. Expenses pertaining to education the world over is 0.01 trillion 2.9 billion dollars. This constitutes 5% of world’s total income. Every year, the amount of money used for health safety is 0.58 trillion 7.3 billion 3.5 million dollars which is 2.5% of the world’s total income.

In the year 1970 the statistical figures of the amount of cash used by various countries in the name of armed forces and weapon designing is as follows:

USA-7.4 billion 4 million dollars; USSR-3.9 billion 8.5 million dollars; West Germany-0.6 billion 2.1 million dollars; France-0.6 billion 9.1 million dollars; Britain-0.5 billion 9.1 million dollars; Italy-0.2 billion 10.1 million dollars; Poland-0.2 billion 2.2 million dollars; East Germany-0.1 billion 9.9 million dollars; Canada-0.1 billion 8.4 million dollars, Czechoslovakia-0.1 billion 11.3 million dollars; India-0.1 billion 11.6 million dollars; Australia (in 1979)-0.1 billion 2.7 million dollars; UAR-0.1 billion 4.7 million dollars; Sweden-0.1 billion 10.2 million dollars and Israel-0.1 billion 12 million dollars. These statistics are of those leading world nations which are available. The figures for remaining countries are not available.

According to a UN survey report merely 6 countries spend 80% of the total world expenditure per year on arms and weapons. These countries are USA, Soviet Union, West Germany, Britain, France and China. This means that these 6 countries’ expenses per year to gather weapons is 0.3 trillion 5.1 billion 8.3 million Rupees whereas nations of rest of the world accrued expenses of Rupees 6.2 billion 13.4 million. Right since the year 1951 till today the amount to expenses to hoard weapons increased 173 times. In 1951 totally 3 million dollars were used. Till 1974 this augmented to 1.8 billion dollars and in 1980 it reached 0.4 trillion 1.4 billion 7.2 million Rupees.

In 1870 Germany’s armed forces’ expenses were 0.18 million pounds, in 1880 it was 0.288 million pounds and in 1914 it increased to 1.9 million pounds. In those very years the expenses of Austria-Hungary were 0.82 million pounds, 1.32 million pounds and 3.64 million pounds respectively. The defense force expenses for British Empire were in those years 2.34 million pounds, 2.53 million pounds and 7.68 million pounds respectively. In this manner these expenses were 4.6% of GDP (Gross National Product) of Germany, 6.1% GDP of Austria-Hungary and 3.4% of GDP of British Empire in the year 1914.

At the time of the 1st world war initially per day 13600 cartridges were used. In the year 1914 per day 50000 cartridges were required which was fulfilled till March 1915. But in January 1915 itself per day 80000 bullets were demanded which were fulfilled by September 1915. Again a requirement of 150000 bullets was felt which were 10 time more than the initial demand.

In 1917 at the time of the 1st world war 1.6 million French laborers were asked to make weapon materials for waging wars.

In 1914 the British Army owned 100 motor trucks. Till 1918 this number climbed up to 60000.

In the 1st world war the percentage of war expenses from taxes was: USA 37%; Britain 30%; Germany 12%. In the 2nd world war this was 44% and 50% respectively. In 1913-14 the amount of war expenses from direct taxes were: Britain-9.4 million pounds, in 1917-18 it was 54 million pounds and in 1919-20 it was 72 million pounds. In 1914 57% of total war expenses came from direct tax collection. In 1917-18 it augmented to 80%. In 1913 paper currency distribution of 13 million pounds increased to 54 million pounds in 1919. In 1920 the purchasing power of British pound currency augmented 3 fold in comparison to that in 1913.

Before the 1st world war East Germany was 80% self sufficient as far as food and grains was concerned. But in 1918 Germans had 64% food/grains, 18% non vegetarian food and 12% fat/oil was made use of. It was diminishing of food supplies that lead to Germany’s defeat.

In 1940 the USA President was given the authority to hand over 0.1 billion 30 million dollars as loans for buying weapons to such countries of the world whose bonds were secure from the very beginning. Along with this he got the power to produce such war materials amounting to 0.7 billion dollars. This later increased to 1.3 billion dollars. Till the end of the 2nd world war the value of distributed war materials based on bond loans was 1.5 billion dollars.

Forty percent of total requirement of war materials of the entire world and 55% of total expenses to actually wage the war was shouldered by USA. During the world war USA increased its total income 2 fold and a 50% increase was noted in citizen’s consumption.

In 1940 USA appointed 7 million workers and amongst these 3 million was enlisted in their army.

In the designing and production of the atom bomb dropped on Japan, the cost price involved was 0.1 billion dollars.

Between the years 1965-74 in the world’s non communist countries 0.1 trillion dollars were used for military hardware expenses wherein 3 billion dollars worth hardware was at the level of international donation or trading.

In less developed countries 0.6 billion dollars per year are used for military materials. USA sells 4 million dollars worth war materials to less developed countries and in fact some materials are given without cost.

The total value of sale of weapons of Russia was 6 million dollars, Britain’s was 4 million dollars and France’s (in 1960) was 5-7 million dollars.

Between 1955-68 many developed countries of the world either bought or produced via foreign license 7000 combat planes, 1800 transport planes, 3300 trainer planes, 1500 helicopters, 11900 tanks, 180 war ships and 810 petrol boats.

Those nations of the world that sell and distribute weapons in high measure are USA, Russia, Britain, France, West Germany, China, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Israel, Netherlands and Canada.

Due to fear, terror and blind aping of larger countries other smaller ones too are in the rat race for weapon hoarding. On the basis of changing world circumstances, scientific advancement and very latest modern inventions developed nations keep a storehouse of newer weapon technology and sell their old weapons to those nations via loans or free but with strings attached that follow their own political etc ideology. In this manner even developing countries spend 170 million rupees per year to amass weapons. In this manner the lay psyche harassed by starvation and poverty in the name of security are forced to buy weapons and capitalist, communist, socialist countries as mute spectators to all this silently encourage such trade.

The amount of money spent on killing people in wars is becoming more and more expensive. Research analysts opine that in the era of Julius Caesar it took only 5 rupees to kill an enemy soldier but in the times of Napoleon Bonaparte it took 2000 rupees to do so. In the 1st world war America in order to kill an enemy soldier spent 0.15 million rupees whereas in the subsequent world war this expenditure climbed up 10 times. In the same way during the days of Vietnam War in order to kill each guerilla soldier 1.3 million rupees was spent. In the Gulf War all previous records were broken and millions and billions of rupees which should have been utilized for all round development was misused for destructive purposes. This trend has certainly not been obstructed and instead is moving ahead with dire speed.


28 Jan


Geographical scientists opine that due to changes in magnetism of earth historical upheavals have been witnessed in this world. Despite seeming impossible when they realized that the North and South Pole magnetism on earth undergo changes amongst themselves, they were wonderstruck. So many times the magnetism of North Pole changes into that of South Pole and vice versa and along with this so many historical episodes have occurred. Specialists conducting research studies opine that the intensity of geo magnetism of today in comparison to 25000 years previously is 50% less. If it yet continues to decrease further then in the coming few centuries we shall have to stare fearfully at world annihilation.

New York State University’s Prof Richard Yufen firmly believes during Polar changes the magnetic power area becomes so less that at such times one gains no protection from Wind Ellen Welts situated in interstellar space. The hemisphere of magnetic field of earth is spread out quite far away in interstellar space. This magnetic field transforms cosmic dangerous radiations. At that time sustenance of life on earth is dependent on the state of solar storms and cosmic radiations. Due to Polar changes fearful changes take place in water, wind and seasons. Its supreme change can be seen in the form of dangerous situation of Ice Age. Geologists after due research have found that in the past few decades a continuous decrease has been noted in the intensity of geo magnetism. It is being said that in the next 200 years this magnetic field can get depleted totally. As a result dire situations of world destruction/annihilation too can take place.

Italy’s intellectual geologist Joseph’s research conclusions were also proved by the scientist PL Markenton of France in 1907. Markenton collected research data which says that in 1000 BC the magnetic field was ordinary. The research of Markenton and Falaghirater was again experimented in 1949 because in the annals of world history scientists did not have much faith in such fresh magnetic upheavals. From this retesting one more proof was unearthed. From this it became known that as per proof got from rocks of Sweden in about 870 BC and before such magnetic upheavals had been noted. These times were just before the rise of Esirean Empire and Rome’s civilization blooming forth.

One magnetic transformation had been noted in 330000 BC. This was that hour of strange confluence wherein the first signs of modern man arising were noted. 110000 years previously again we are obtaining proof of Polar changes. Swedish geologists have very recently given us proof of fearful rise-fall in the earth’s magnetic field along with Polar changes. According to them in 10000 BC or in the 2nd century’s end of the final Ice Age these magnetic changes were seen.

In the past 2 centuries it has become very clear that Polar and magnetic changes could prove to be very dire for all creatures. Very amazingly geologists came to know that when there is a widespread wave of certain species of living beings becoming extinct at that time Polar inter changes have been noted. For example when about 8 species of sea life in the Pacific Ocean were becoming extinct at that very time Polar inter changing was noted.

It has been witnessed that storms full of thunder on arriving on earth suddenly decreases the magnetic fields on it. Number of patients entering hospitals for mental diseases increases a fair bit and the number of suicide cases too augments a great deal. Changes in the magnetic field gives an experience of intense pressure in the womb of earth to animals/birds which indicates that an earthquake is about to occur. As an experiment by creating situations on earth similar to life existing on other planets and with the intention of studying their influence some people were kept for 10 days in such laboratories where the magnetic field was zero. After some time such people failed to say whether the light in the bulb is glowing or not.

Small germs and animals/birds due to the experience of magnetic fields decide the direction of their movement. In peaceful seasons creatures like cockroach, honey bees, glow worms and many other flies come down from a particular direction in order to sit. Ere the intensity of the magnetic field is changed then on top of the umbrella of the honey comb the assemblage of the direction of dance of honeybees too can be changed. If to those pigeons who carry postal letters very tiny pieces of magnets are tied they out of delusion fly in wayward directions and thus cannot find their way. In very less powerful magnetic areas too on an experimental basis by keeping sparrows in it they become very lethargic. Its power to procreate too diminishes a lot and very soon they die.

From various facts it is clear that in earth’s geo magnetism the intensity has diminished a great deal in a continuous manner. It is now being said that due to this intensity of fall in magnetic fields in the next 200 years its measure may become zero or round about that and thus a danger for the very sustenance of life on earth looms large.

The scientists of a laboratory in Albuquerque affiliated to American Atomic Energy Commission in order to unveil the influence of activities of the solar system on earth carried out detailed research studies. They collected data of figures and calculations for 20 years related to crime and various accidents. They put forth a big report of 88 pages describing all this. The gist of this report is that solar activities and moon’s waxing/waning are responsible for human behavior and accidents. These scientists have also made a correlation between the problems accruing in 27 day cycle taking place in the earth’s magnetic field due to the sun’s rotation/revolution movements to various accidents taking place on earth. After profound research it was understood that in the 1st 7 days of this cycle and on the 13th, 14th, 20th and 25th day more number of accidents occurred.

Two psychiatrists of Miami University named Arnold Lever and Cacolin Sherin have given details in American Journal of Psychiatry regarding the influence of waxing/waning of the moon on world humans. As per scientific data available 3 days before full moon incidences related to murders and suicides increased a great deal. On the full moon day these incidences reach their peak.

In another set of research studies it was found out that in the 14th month the sun and moon emit most gravitational force on earth. On that occasion the number of crimes augments drastically. Due to minor changes in the magnetic force of other planets a lot of havoc based situations materialize on earth. After 1960 AD in the Bay of Bengal (India) 8 times oceanic storms appeared as a result of which 0.4 million people died. In the year 1967 the Koyna town in Maharshtra, India got destroyed due to a ferocious earthquake. On 19th January, 1975 in the Kinnaur region of Kangla Valley thousands of people died due to an earthquake. A cyclone that attacked Andhra Pradesh in 1978 killed thousands of people. Scientists who studied all these accidents in various places found a high measure of inter stellar radiations in those regions. In these regions the sun was at 90 degrees and 180 degrees’ Zodiac Sign. According to the material scientist John Elson when the sun is in these Zodiac Signs then in that area of earth which is in line with this, incidences of storms and earthquakes are witnessed.

The renowned American scientist John Henry Nelson via research experiments has given similar conclusions wherein planet earth is indeed influenced by the tremors/vibrations of other planets of the solar family; chief amongst them being Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. According to John Henry special states/conditions of these planets creates a chain of magnetic storms on earth and it influences human consciousness in such a way that in various activities undesirable and unwanted elements manifest.

Specialists studying various movements in the solar system conclude that after the year 1980 an extraordinary rise was seen in the atomic explosion-bursting taking place in the nucleus of the sun. At the time of explosion light particles emitted were very different from normal particles and were more heinous and piercing. In an American Observatory in Colorado such waves pertaining to atomic explosions of solar rays were trapped recently which were of different stature in comparison to normal ultraviolet rays. It had intensity and piercing nature seen in X-rays. On studying them scientists concluded that in that region of the sun where this explosion must have taken place there the minimum temperature should have been 0.1 billion degrees Centigrade. Its radiation influence lasts for many years in interstellar space. In the Ionosphere of earth due to entry of these waves windows that are created pave the way for further entry of heinous interstellar cosmic rays in earth’s atmosphere. Thus epidemics sprout forth and so many new types of bodily and mental diseases are noted.

Die to solar explosions magnetic storms arise in interstellar space. It creates distortion in the way in which the earth rotates/revolves on its axis in normal conditions. Geologists opine that after 1980 the chief cause of an alarming rise in earthquakes witnessed is the increase in temperature in the womb of earth due to increase in interstellar space based magnetic storms. In the last few decades in Japan, China, Mongolia, Himalaya valley, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Central America, North America, North Central Africa, Bangladesh etc earthquakes that have poured a shattering effect has been seen. Our memories are fresh with a massive earthquake attacking the northern region of Japan on 26th May 1983. There thousands of people died and so many were brutally maimed and hurt. Earthquake specialists infer that in comparison to the number of earthquakes witnessed between the years 1985-2000 AD, shall never be noted in any other century.

Spacecrafts sent by USA while passing nearby Saturn planet gave us hints of the existence of storms of annihilating type. According to NASA laboratory for quite a few years speedy magnetic storms are covering Saturn. Its potential can be gauged from the fact that these swift storm waves that have spread in an area of 64000 kilometers can engulf planet earth more than 1.5 times and also has the capability of creating world annihilating situations by rupturing and breaking. They opine that the rising imbalance seen in Saturn is becoming the cause of natural calamities.