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28 Feb


“The meaning of revolution is that it is such a process of transformation of our thinking wherein public consciousness perforce starts opposing what is not apt and instead imbibes wholesomeness”.

…………………..Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Samajik, Naitik evam Baudhik Kranti Kaise?

(Vangmaya 65, Page 1.45)

Great visionary seers and saints dwell not in the world of individuality but dwell in cosmic all pervasiveness. They are never pained by sorrows in their personal lives but experience agony when the lay public undergoes strife. Their hearts are very much moved and agonized when others undergo unhappiness. Their eyes shed tears for entire world creatures. These extremely focused sensitive sentiments of theirs create sparks of revolution in their hallowed speeches. Sardar Vallabhai Patel immersed in such thoughts was silently seated in the balcony of the flat of his son Dahyabhai in Mumbai. After the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi passed away Vallabhai’s health had started deteriorating. Due to Gandhiji’s death his heart was experiencing agony. How painful was this agony was gauged by his daughter Maniben only when she read a portion of Shri Mahadevbhai Desai’s diary in which Sardar had told Gandhiji: After you shed your mortal frame I will not wish to remain alive. I pray to Almighty God that both of us die at the same time.

Of course this did not happen but after Mahatma Gandhi passed away Sardar Patel’s psyche was so shell shocked that his natural laughter stopped and within 20 days he was attacked by a heart ailment. In the summer of 1950 AD speedily his health declined. He started coughing in which blood too was emitted. Once he told his ministerial aide V N Gadgil: This thorn of Kashmir is truly paining me. Only if I could have solved the Kashmir issue it would be best. On another occasion the Sardar said: Does political power lead a person astray? Then he said: I truly repent the state of some of my colleagues. Saying thus he breathed deeply and continued: It is in the present times that India truly needs Gandhiji’s guidance yet look at Almighty God’s divine sports that he left us all for his holy abode. Today our country needs a new revolution. Such a revolution that teaches Indians how lead life wholesomely, teaches politicians and government officials clean ethical politics and what is foremost is that the dark gloom of rampant corruption must be uprooted. Somewhere deep down Sardar Patel was worried about corruption.

On seeing his failing health when Maniben limited the hours he spent in meetings and other tasks, the Sardar used this extra time for reading. The subject he read was ‘revolution’. He would read the revolutions witnessed in various other countries and history of great revolutionaries. He would deeply cogitate over where and in which revolution mistakes had crept in. what exactly is incompleteness in the philosophy of revolutions? While reading and thinking thus he would again and again get deeply immersed in thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi.

The evening of that day passed by, just like that. Next day in the morning hours although his health was not good he started reading his own past writings. In it the 1stthought was of Aristotle which was a part of his book ‘Politics’-revolutions are not meant for mediocre aims but commence due to lowly situations. Further Sardar read what Trotoski had to say: The foundation oath of a revolution is that the present social management is incapable of troubleshooting important problems pertaining to the nation’s all round progress and development. On reading this much his facial emotion remained the same. No change was seen in it. It appeared as though these thoughts did not satisfy him. Keeping aside these papers he started walking up and down. While walking he was thinking that the thought of revolution should be such which is both at the national and international level. It must not only fulfill India’s needs but must be acceptable to the international fraternity. It must inspire a sense of world brotherhood.

After mulling a bit for sometime thus he read the speech of the author of Cuba’s revolution Chegwara: It may sound strange but true revolutions must always be inspired by love. After this Emerson opined: initially every revolution commences as a thought taking birth in a person’s intellect. Voltaire opined that injustice is the mother of all revolutions. On reading all this Sardar felt that it no doubt is good yet it is not complete. He was thinking that today our country India requires a revolution; why India only, the entire world requires a foundation of true wholesome thinking that can solve problems related to individuals, family and society at large. It must be very active. It must take a good look at social tenets, test cultural facts and that is capable of helping people conjoin to spiritual sacred sentiments. While respecting ancient traditions it must also learn to imbibe modern principles. In it there must be apt place for modern science and its principles.

Thinking thus he got up. The atmosphere was cooler now. He was coughing a bit. He draped a shawl placed nearby round his shoulders and lay down on his bed to rest. He did not realize when he fell asleep. A little later Maniben came there. Seeing her father sleeping she was assured. She knew her father’s nature. His life’s Mantra was ceaseless work and honest effort. He felt he must put to work his mind and body to the utmost. He opined that if one’s activities are selfless and desire less they themselves take the form of prayer to Almighty God. Via such pious tasks one can attain great proximity to God. Next day morning when he woke up he was happy despite being tired. After performing morning ablutions he took his medicines and again started strolling about.

While strolling thus his attention was drawn to a magazine kept in a cupboard nearby. It did not have a cover page. What was written in it he read thus: The 3 fold method of working of Akhand Jyoti Family is soul neo creation, family neo creation and society neo creation. All their efforts buzz around in the neo creation of a healthy body, clean pious mind and cultured/civilized world society. India has already witnessed a political revolution. Political leaders are endeavoring for an economic revolution. Three revolutions remain that fulfills the all round goal of development and progress. Until these are not completed we cannot go beyond dire situations. The 3 requirements of intellectual, ethical and social revolutions are such that without them it is impossible to materialize the dream of a bright world future. On hearing these thought regarding a true revolution Sardar’s face beamed smilingly. He called Maniben and asked her: Where did this magazine come from? She replied that one of their volunteers had given it. The volunteer had said Pandit Shriram Sharma who was the editor of this Akhand Jyoti Magazine was also a great Sidha saint of Gayatri and guided his followers too to perform Gayatri meditation and worship. Initially he had participated in India’s freedom struggle but now since India has attained freedom he is carrying out this other new important task. On hearing Maniben Sardar Patel said: Mani! I have never met Pandit Shriram Sharma and even if I have met him previously I fail to remember him. But I shall definitely say this whoever he is he truly understands what a true revolution is. It is he who can fulfill Bapu Gandhi’s imcomplete tasks. On reading Pandit Shriram Sharma’s writings I am satisfied, happy and blissful because now I have faith that via him the country shall truly realize where a real revolution is and who is a true revolutionary.


24 Feb

Akin to the body people err as far as the mind too is concerned. While decorating and beautifying the body they pay no heed to render it healthy, energetic and disease free. This is exactly what happens to the mind or psyche. People give more importance to the whims and fancies of the mind but do not render it full of mental energies, sacred and cultured. As a result of this folly at every step man faces mockery in life. Along with a fit body it is essential to render the mind potent and optimally healthy. If our body is healthy but our mind is disturbed we shall pay no heed to disciplining it, we shall become egoistic and shall not only harm ourselves but that we shall inflict pain on others too. Classic examples of this are demons and hooligans who ultimate face a killing downfall in life. Crimes noted in this world are but reactions of an agitated tainted psyche.

It certainly is not erroneous to label the mind as a central point of focus of our lives. Every action and behavior of humans commence from the mind. Mind is known to create many resolves and imaginations. If the mind takes up a particular direction our actions too shall walk in that direction. Based on our thinking we make efforts accordingly and the reactions too are of that nature. Hence at every step scriptural scholar give immense weight age to the importance of the psyche. The author of the scripture Bhagwad Gita opines that the mind alone is both the cause of our bondage and freedom or salvation. This definitely is not an overstatement. Merely for fulfilling a miniscule fleeting desire a person shall not hesitate to kill another individual. On the other hand we have generous hearted people like King Shibi who for others welfare donated his bodily parts by chopping them off. One person uses heinous means in order to harm others whereas there are another set of people who believe in self sacrifice for well being of fellow creatures. All these good/bad happenings can be called miracles of the psyche. When the mind resolves to do something it does not give importance to material gain/losses accruing on the way. For creating an endearing situation man is ready to lose his all and face untold hardship too. When the mind veers towards truth i.e. it aspires for sanctification, creativity and advancement of the soul, a miracle ensues. Thus an ordinary looking layman too can rise high up in life so as to be called great. The main stumbling block is the mind straying towards falsehood and delusion and hence it must be guided towards truth and integrity. Once the mind yearns for truth man in the truest sense of the term shall reach heights of divinity. Thus human man becomes a divine man.

Very much akin to dutifully looking after the body we must pay due attention to the psyche too. If we harbor bad thinking and tainted sentiments our mind is rendered foul, impure and sinful. Thus the mind’s previous greatness and glory fade away to oblivion. It is hence our prime responsibility to protect ourselves from such dire situations. Akin to giving food to the body to render it healthy scriptural/self study is a must to give the mind a wholesome direction in life. In order that our soul gets rejuvenated it is most required that we meditate, reflect and deeply cogitate upon those great sacred texts that solve life’s problems. This activity is called Swadhyaya in Sanskrit language. Further if you associate with enlightened self realized masters/Gurus who help solve all our mundane and spiritual problems can prove to be greatly beneficial. Alas! Today there are so many so called ‘saints and preachers’, flocking like flies and mosquitoes in every nook and corner of society. They have opened ‘shops’ where they give ‘discourses’ that dangerously aid flourishing of people indulging in indolence, giving up duties, despair etc. Such so called devotees become fatalists wherein they lean like handicapped people on others for sustenance of daily living. Thus it is best to avoid listening to such preachers who shower deluding speeches ceaselessly (It is like a blind guiding another blind person). Very similar to this in the name of scriptural studies if we read books superficially which does not help solve life’s problems or mechanically worshiping demigods, know for sure that it shall not aid in the fulfillment of the ultimate goal of life.

Let us all try and understand the importance of this precious human life. We must take this golden opportunity and make wholesome use of it. No doubt we do get entangled in our day to day chores hence we must transform positively our mental qualities, actions, inner nature etc. all this can be done by deeply reading good sacred books that inspire rejuvenation of the soul, encourages holy association with great self realized Gurus, induces us to execute self introspection and mental reflection.

Mind’s nature is that of a small child. It oozes with enthusiasm and likes to do or talk about things all the time. If we fail to give an apt direction to the mind it shall destroy oneself and others. If a child is given such activities which it is actually capable of executing it remains self satisfied and gives satiation to others too. Depending on its power of imagination of the mind if the doorway of good thinking and sacred sentiments is thrown wide open it becomes contented and proves very beneficial to others in society too.

We must help bloom wholesome sentiments like affection, gratefulness, friendship, cooperation, generosity and so on. Along with this if great thoughts like imbibing honest principles in life, steadfastness, great actions, honest hard work, ethical activities, selfless service and cooperation are nurtured with care ceaselessly then vile thoughts and tainted emotions can never dare enter our psyche.

The mind on an average is greatly influenced by circumstances and the environment. In such situations malefic influences must be obstructed by harboring good sacred thoughts which are bang opposite to tainted thinking. As soon as bad thoughts of selfishness, deceit and lethargy creep in they must be eradicated by deeply meditating and reflecting over extraordinary progress made by people who are hard working and honest. If someone behaves despicably with us we get angry and harbor enmity towards that person. Such negative reactions on our part must be washed off by sympathizing with the other person’s helplessness in behaving badly and we must try and show compassion to them. Such goodwill based attitude can be imbibed only via study of sacred books, association with great God Realized saintly people and honest self introspection.

It is well known that iron metal is cut by iron itself. Hot iron can be cut by a cold iron chisel. When a thorn pierces our skin another thorn is used to remove it. Venom destroys venom and weapons attack other weapons. If we wish to remove air from an empty glass it should be filled with water. As soon as water enters the glass air come out automatically. If a family keeps a cat as a pet shall rats ever enter that house? In order to eradicate vile thoughts keep thinking about good thoughts. When the mind overflows with pious thoughts bad thoughts shall go away akin to a traveler who on seeing a guesthouse full goes away quietly. We shall always get protected from attacks of tainted thoughts as long as we are involved in reading scriptures and attending sacred discourses by self realized masters and Gurus. Just as bread and water are most required for good health of the body similarly for rendering the soul balanced and advanced good thinking and sacred sentiments must be supplied to the psyche in infinite measure. This requirement can be fulfilled via study of great world scriptures, association with great pious saintly personages and meditation. For the advent of a New Era and self creation this is the chief method. For purification of the mind and imbibing a powerful resolve this is the best medical therapy.


18 Feb


The goal of agriculture is to reap a good harvest. It is thus that humans, birds and animals get food. Even flies, cockroaches etc fill their tummies thus. This action is totally creative and there is not even an iota of intention to hurt or aim hardship at anyone. Yet the way this task commences something very different is viewed grossly and it seems that over here tasks of destruction and battering are being executed.

First the land is ploughed. Ploughed means land whose surface was smooth is dug up and rendered uneven. On seeing this we can say that a destructive and battering act has been executed. After this old grass, weeds, pebbles, stones etc are dug out and thrown away. Even here a gross superficial brain shall conclude hastily that what was dwelling in this land for a long time span has been exiled and that gathered ‘wealth’ is being thrown away. Despite all this a seer and farsighted person shall not find it difficult at all that there is no tainted sentiment behind all this upheaval and digging. In fact the ultimate goal is creation only. If we imbibe the principle of allowing to remain in existence all that which was already present before the hard labor of a farmer may have been saved yet he knows that without digging the soil it land cannot become soft and porous for water to seep right below and for roots to enter deep below the ground. In a gist we can say that all this so called hardheartedness is done for ultimate well being of all creatures. There is thus no need to censure the doer or author of all this.

At this hour of dawn of Era something of this sort is happening. At the commencement of Era Junction incidences of strife and pain swarm about like flies. Akin to lightning in the sky, ire of natural calamities shines forth and rises high. Man’s vile intellect is getting converted to tainted activities and its result is undergoing harassment. Thus people labor hard to save themselves from it. Despite this effort its atrocities continue merrily. Neither do mosquitoes die nor do flies get saved from kites. Rising struggle and dangers in every field of life can be witnessed in this manner.

In this auspicious hour of neo creation on seeing the reactions of these hardships at least once we gasp in despair saying that there should have been solutions for all the strife faced. Almighty God should have showered on us all joyous comforts and along with blessings should have augmented sense pleasures. Yet what actually takes place is bang opposite to this. How can this be labeled Era Creation wherein hardships rule the roost? In order to clarify this doubt one shall have to imbibe the art of farsighted inference and realize that akin to digging and battering land while tilling it the ultimate goal is to reap a rich harvest of crop. This exactly is what is meant by deep thinking about reactions of today’s actions that shall be noted in future times.

When we construct a building the aim is to reside there happily and comfortably. Buildings rise higher up from the ground yet its commencement is so complex that one directly viewing it thinks that a wrong erroneous method has been used. First a big crater is dug up and all the mud in it is removed. Yet the requirement was bag opposite to this. Actually a building is constructed by using bricks and cement on even ground but here in the beginning the even ground is dug up akin to a crater. Thus a superficial eye shall say it is nothing but a loss. It is futile to dig the ground and throw away the mud. Now in order to render the ground uniform and even this crater shall have to be filled with materials that are very expensive. This indeed is double foolishness. In fact it was better that instead of wasting effort and money of digging this crater and refilling it in a uniform manner the land that was previously uniform should have been used to build the walls of the building. An ordinary intellect will only think thus superficially and shall ‘pity’ those who dig a crater first. They will experience no qualms or compunction while mocking builders who give advice and method of digging a crater first.

Despite all this happening wise seers do not find it difficult at all to gauge reality. They know that in order to build a strong building the foundation must be very firm else the moment the weight of the building increases it shall be razed to the ground. The result shall be that whatever hard labor and wealth was used for construction shall get wasted. Walls shall get shattered and will crash down. Added to this one shall face insults and worries. No doubt it is true that whatever material and hard work was used to lay a firm foundation could have been used to make one more big room. Yet it is not wrong to say that the act of laying down a strong foundation of the building which appears ‘wasteful’ to the gross eye in actuality is most required. Without taking up this risk a long lasting, strong building cannot be constructed. Of course it is another matter if we wish to build a hut of wood, leaves etc that shall rot in a very short time.

Almighty Lord is now constructing a new building and at this hour of Era Junction is digging a firm foundation and filling it with materials full of strength. God in order to reap a rich harvest is enacting a well managed program. He is laboring to plough his field. Although the ‘frenzy’ of rendering an even land into an uneven one and digging out hoarded ‘wealth’ from it has taken over his psyche, yet say, what can be done? If we do not remove pebbles, weeds etc how can the new sowed seeds grow into saplings with roots that goes deep down into the soil? Hence God has to carry out a so called non required and non endearing act. By itself everyone is happy with creation and abhors destruction. Initially God too must be feeling thus but for attaining that which is endearing non endearing means need to be made used of.

A patient writhing agony due to a disease enters a hospital because he harbor hopes that a compassionate doctor there will aid in destroying his pain. But as soon as the patient gets admitted what he notes is bang opposite. Arrangements are made for surgery and operation. His diseased body is cut and opened up. Flesh and skin are cut up from his body. Blood starts dripping and it appears as though the doctors operating on him are cruel and hard hearted just as a wicked person attack innocents with ghastly weapons. A person with a gross vision on seeing this surgery feels it is wrong to believe that hospitals and doctors attached to it alleviate our pain out of compassion. Forget the poor patient’s woes being overcome, in fact the activities here are bang opposite. Thus those with such a gross superficial vision can only doubt the goodwill behind doctors setting up hospitals and clinics for patients experiencing painful diseases.

This doubt certainly does not arise in the minds of those who go deep down into the root cause and make efforts to understand the farsightedness and goodwill behind this so called ‘distasteful’ medical therapy. They are well aware that it is the rotting reeking pus in the pustule that is the main cause of pain and agony. If this pus is not removed it will poison nearby skin and muscles of the body. No doubt immediately pain can be diminished by administering anesthesia to the boil/pustule yet it cannot permanently cure the disease. Cure is not merely silencing the patient superficially. Even if for some moments the patient calms down yet the pus within shall continue to rot the skin and flesh. Thus risk and danger keep increasing and in fact one’s life is at stake under such dire situations. Thus a doctor is forced to take the decision of conducting an operation. In it there is no harshness or bad will. Even if the doctor’s own child is a patient he shall operate on him. Even in so called distasteful incidences are hidden far off joyous potentials and good will full of love.

In this dawning hour of Neo Creation majority of destructive sports are being noted the world over. Problems and hardships already were ruling the roost. Ere these were solved with apt solutions, the story would be different but over here the situation is akin to increase in scratching due to a leprosy attack. How can this be called Neo Creation? How can we say that Almighty God has incarnated as an Avatar? In order to find an answer to this skepticism we shall have to realize why and what truly is happening by thinking akin to a doctor operating on a pus filled pustule of a patient.

Due to a long lasting Dark Era a lot of dirt and rubbish has gathered. In every walk of life the world over, rotten elements have spread out. If this is allowed to remain as it is and instead material comforts are increased, desired results shall not be got. Gathered dirt shall not remain silent and shall render widespread its poisonous nature. This program of destruction shall rise so much that efforts made for creative tasks shall be rendered futile.

At night so much taint gathers which everyone knows as a result of which when we get up in the morning the first thing we do is to remove dirt. As soon as we get up we rush to the bathroom to pass urine and stools. We need to brush our teeth. We take a bath, wash our clothes and sweep all rooms of the house. Bathrooms are cleaned and all this takes place first thing in the morning. Only then the house becomes clean and happy to live in. the kitchen is warmed and we start cooking breakfast, lunch yet before this the cooking range, vessels etc need to be washed and cleaned. Else if we cook in a dirty kitchen the food will reek with foul stench because of immediate rotting. Those who eat food without passing urine, stools in the morning, without brushing teeth/gargling forget that the dirt of the mouth shall enter the stomach.

A gross superficial intellect will say that as soon as we get up in the morning we must eat food, apply make-up/cosmetics and rush for one’s daily chores. But when we see people first think of removing dirt and throwing certain things out of the house we wonder whether these people are attacked by insanity? Activities like evacuating food eaten previously as stools in the morning, throwing rubbish of the house into dust bins, giving stale leftover food to dogs and cleaning water pipes by flushing water from pots into it appear as though early in the morning one is throwing away things. It was previously thought that as soon as the sun rises joyous situation shall manifest and sacred boons shall come one’s way yet what is actually taking place is bang opposite. In fact every family member is immersed in removing dirt and rubbish.

Similarly we must realize that at the hour of Era Junction the process of removing dirt and rubbish elements the world over commences in full frenzy. On roads at dawn we see sweepers sweeping roads, cleaning waterways and carrying rubbish to big vans. First thing in the morning one visits toilets to pass stools and then bathe. Only then can one think of decorating and adorning one’s body.

Now that hour is drawing near when darkness and gloom spanning many centuries shall dwindle away to naught. The red light of dawn can clearly be seen. It is not wrong hence to expect flowers being showered down from the skies and fragrant perfume being sprayed everywhere. Yet when the actual scene is bang opposite one is amazed. Everywhere is spread out rubbish like elements. Since thus everyone’s first task is to remove this dirt it shall not be difficult to infer that Almighty God’s first endeavor shall be to ward off all taints. He certainly has no wish to spread foul odor in the world but yearns only to ultimately create a very clean sacred environment. If one yearns to reinstate what one likes that which is tainted must be removed first. This then can be understood as the 1st leg of an alarming rise in fearful situations the world over during the transitional period of Era Junction.

The aim of a gardener is to build a garden full of fragrant blooming flowers and luscious fruits. He thus immerses himself in this task. His only desire is that plants and trees growing in his garden render it radiantly beautiful. In it lies his deftness and success too. Yet if a gross superficial mind appraises his daily activities these actions shall appear bang opposite to the aim he has in mind i.e. beautifying the garden. In this very garden he labels weeds, grass and tiny wild plants useless and uproots them. Why does a compassionate gardener execute such harsh acts? Why does one who wishes neo creation take up destructive acts? If the aim of the gardener is to grow why does he uproot?

Governments are known to take up tasks of utility value like education, health, transport, production, agriculture etc yet they are also known to set up a police force with arrangements for prisons for punishment which definitely is an act of destruction. If they fail to set up the police force vile and criminal people shall cause so much destruction to the nation that all endeavors for progress and development shall beat a hasty retreat.

The lives of great Rishis and saints are based on a sense of self surrender towards great goals in day to day living and yet they too for a certain time span enter dark lonely forests and perform terrific perform penance. They have to light fire there to ward off attack of ferocious beasts, get protection from shivering cold etc. they were known to use weapons too for self defense. For protecting theism and aptness it was most required that even great Rishis/saints use destructive means. Hence there is no reason why the creator/God should not imbibe those means to uproot undesirable elements in his garden which to a gross superficial eye appears destructive and harsh. This world is weaved using the threads of what is good and bad too. It is an admixture of demigods and demons. Under such situations one class has to be encouraged and the other denounced. On the one hand the sun is the very life force of earth yet it also kills via its energy worms/germs etc that are nurtured by rotting rubbish. Ere the sun did not destroy germs/worms’ poison shall reign and thus the very existence of plants and human beings shall be at stake. Although the sun encourages life yet it destroys too and sometimes destruction via it exceeds creation. The sun who gives us light and energy does not fail in its duty to destroy dark gloominess of our world.

No doubt creation rises high yet a fact conjoined to it is that it is the greatness of divinity of demigods that is being augmented. In tandem with increasing greatness it is very much required that what is unwholesome must be destroyed. The aim of God’s Avatars has always been crystal clear. They play the dual role of uprooting unrighteousness and replacing it with righteousness. In Lord Rama’s Avatar both the demonic Lanka of demon Ravan was destroyed and The Golden Era based culture of Ayodhya was nurtured in a big way. The same happened in Krishna’s Avatar. After the deadly Mahabharat War the heavy burden on earth was lifted. Lord Krishna was also responsible for creative tasks like protecting Vrindavan, augmenting the cow population, establishing righteousness in his kingdom and transforming Sudamapuri. On the one hand the Wheel of Righteousness of Lord Buddha uprooted malefic influences vile Tantrik acts there he helped render widespread love and goodwill the world over. On the one hand Mahatma Gandhi warded off British Rule and their oppression there he imbued free India’s environment with joy. The great activities of Avatars have been 2 fold. Half their divine energy is used for fighting undesirable elements in the world and the other portion is used to establish righteousness and ethics in the world.

The hands of Dronacharya held Vedas but on his shoulders rested bows and arrows. On the one hand demigods fight battles with demons but great devotees are blessed also by them. The government gives us benefits but can also mete out punishment. On cogitating seriously over the world’s management it seems natural and most required that conjoined to augmenting greatness is uprooting of undesirable unwholesome principles. This is exactly what is happening today. In this time span of Era Junction fearful situations of destruction akin to dark clouds are thundering loud in the sky. Along with this rests the definite promise of joyous potentials in the form of a radiant future in the world.


17 Feb


Wealth possesses creative energy. With its aid so many important useful tasks can be executed and wholesome goals can reach their target. But along with this we must not forget that wealth if misused can shower untold harm too.

As per the 1980 report of ‘United Nation’s Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization’ or UNESCO published in ‘Encyclopedia Britannica’ every year the world over 0.01 trillion 0.72 billion 7.8 million dollars are used in creating the armed forces and war technology/ammunition. This amount constitutes 7.2% of the world’s total income. Expenses pertaining to education the world over is 0.01 trillion 2.9 billion dollars. This constitutes 5% of world’s total income. Every year, the amount of money used for health safety is 0.58 trillion 7.3 billion 3.5 million dollars which is 2.5% of the world’s total income.

In the year 1970 the statistical figures of the amount of cash used by various countries in the name of armed forces and weapon designing is as follows:

USA-7.4 billion 4 million dollars; USSR-3.9 billion 8.5 million dollars; West Germany-0.6 billion 2.1 million dollars; France-0.6 billion 9.1 million dollars; Britain-0.5 billion 9.1 million dollars; Italy-0.2 billion 10.1 million dollars; Poland-0.2 billion 2.2 million dollars; East Germany-0.1 billion 9.9 million dollars; Canada-0.1 billion 8.4 million dollars, Czechoslovakia-0.1 billion 11.3 million dollars; India-0.1 billion 11.6 million dollars; Australia (in 1979)-0.1 billion 2.7 million dollars; UAR-0.1 billion 4.7 million dollars; Sweden-0.1 billion 10.2 million dollars and Israel-0.1 billion 12 million dollars. These statistics are of those leading world nations which are available. The figures for remaining countries are not available.

According to a UN survey report merely 6 countries spend 80% of the total world expenditure per year on arms and weapons. These countries are USA, Soviet Union, West Germany, Britain, France and China. This means that these 6 countries’ expenses per year to gather weapons is 0.3 trillion 5.1 billion 8.3 million Rupees whereas nations of rest of the world accrued expenses of Rupees 6.2 billion 13.4 million. Right since the year 1951 till today the amount to expenses to hoard weapons increased 173 times. In 1951 totally 3 million dollars were used. Till 1974 this augmented to 1.8 billion dollars and in 1980 it reached 0.4 trillion 1.4 billion 7.2 million Rupees.

In 1870 Germany’s armed forces’ expenses were 0.18 million pounds, in 1880 it was 0.288 million pounds and in 1914 it increased to 1.9 million pounds. In those very years the expenses of Austria-Hungary were 0.82 million pounds, 1.32 million pounds and 3.64 million pounds respectively. The defense force expenses for British Empire were in those years 2.34 million pounds, 2.53 million pounds and 7.68 million pounds respectively. In this manner these expenses were 4.6% of GDP (Gross National Product) of Germany, 6.1% GDP of Austria-Hungary and 3.4% of GDP of British Empire in the year 1914.

At the time of the 1st world war initially per day 13600 cartridges were used. In the year 1914 per day 50000 cartridges were required which was fulfilled till March 1915. But in January 1915 itself per day 80000 bullets were demanded which were fulfilled by September 1915. Again a requirement of 150000 bullets was felt which were 10 time more than the initial demand.

In 1917 at the time of the 1st world war 1.6 million French laborers were asked to make weapon materials for waging wars.

In 1914 the British Army owned 100 motor trucks. Till 1918 this number climbed up to 60000.

In the 1st world war the percentage of war expenses from taxes was: USA 37%; Britain 30%; Germany 12%. In the 2nd world war this was 44% and 50% respectively. In 1913-14 the amount of war expenses from direct taxes were: Britain-9.4 million pounds, in 1917-18 it was 54 million pounds and in 1919-20 it was 72 million pounds. In 1914 57% of total war expenses came from direct tax collection. In 1917-18 it augmented to 80%. In 1913 paper currency distribution of 13 million pounds increased to 54 million pounds in 1919. In 1920 the purchasing power of British pound currency augmented 3 fold in comparison to that in 1913. 

Before the 1st world war East Germany was 80% self sufficient as far as food and grains was concerned. But in 1918 Germans had 64% food/grains, 18% non vegetarian food and 12% fat/oil was made use of. It was diminishing of food supplies that lead to Germany’s defeat.

In 1940 the USA President was given the authority to hand over 0.1 billion 30 million dollars as loans for buying weapons to such countries of the world whose bonds were secure from the very beginning. Along with this he got the power to produce such war materials amounting to 0.7 billion dollars. This later increased to 1.3 billion dollars. Till the end of the 2nd world war the value of distributed war materials based on bond loans was 1.5 billion dollars.

Forty percent of total requirement of war materials of the entire world and 55% of total expenses to actually wage the war was shouldered by USA. During the world war USA increased its total income 2 fold and a 50% increase was noted in citizen’s consumption.

In 1940 USA appointed 7 million workers and amongst these 3 million was enlisted in their army.

In the designing and production of the atom bomb dropped on Japan, the cost price involved was 0.1 billion dollars.

Between the years 1965-74 in the world’s non communist countries 0.1 trillion dollars were used for military hardware expenses wherein 3 billion dollars worth hardware was at the level of international donation or trading.

In less developed countries 0.6 billion dollars per year are used for military materials. USA sells 4 million dollars worth war materials to less developed countries and in fact some materials are given without cost.

The total value of sale of weapons of Russia was 6 million dollars, Britain’s was 4 million dollars and France’s (in 1960) was 5-7 million dollars.

Between 1955-68 many developed countries of the world either bought or produced via foreign license 7000 combat planes, 1800 transport planes, 3300 trainer planes, 1500 helicopters, 11900 tanks, 180 war ships and 810 petrol boats.

Those nations of the world that sell and distribute weapons in high measure are USA, Russia, Britain, France, West Germany, China, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Israel, Netherlands and Canada.

Due to fear, terror and blind aping of larger countries other smaller ones too are in the rat race for weapon hoarding. On the basis of changing world circumstances, scientific advancement and very latest modern inventions developed nations keep a storehouse of newer weapon technology and sell their old weapons to those nations via loans or free but with strings attached that follow their own political etc ideology. In this manner even developing countries spend 170 million rupees per year to amass weapons. In this manner the lay psyche harassed by starvation and poverty in the name of security are forced to buy weapons and capitalist, communist, socialist countries as mute spectators to all this silently encourage such trade.

The amount of money spent on killing people in wars is becoming more and more expensive. Research analysts opine that in the era of Julius Caesar it took only 5 rupees to kill an enemy soldier but in the times of Napoleon Bonaparte it took 2000 rupees to do so. In the 1st world war America in order to kill an enemy soldier spent 0.15 million rupees whereas in the subsequent world war this expenditure climbed up 10 times. In the same way during the days of Vietnam War in order to kill each guerilla soldier 1.3 million rupees was spent. In the Gulf War all previous records were broken and millions and billions of rupees which should have been utilized for all round development was misused for destructive purposes. This trend has certainly not been obstructed and instead is moving ahead with dire speed.


16 Feb


Very recently 3 activities of interstellar space manifested in such a way which being farsighted from the standpoint of an incident could be called ordinary yet its subtle reactions were such that it influenced world denizen life in a malefic manner.

One amongst these is sunspots seen on the sun. The 2nd is the Yuti (confluence) based imbalance created due to many other planets filing up in one straight line. The 3rdis the well known eclipse cycle full of extraordinary special qualities which has proved that earth’s water/air is controlled by the sun. Thus these sunspots too seriously affect life on earth. As per the opinion of scientists every 11th year due to sunspots manifesting in the solar aura so swiftly electromagnetic waves manifest that it greatly influences the earth’s atmosphere. In this manner since the earth’s atmospheric layers get affected greater winds tend to start blowing on it. Seasons cool off, terrible snowfall is noted, hail storms manifest, storms and cyclones too appear and atmospheric pressure augments a lot.

When the number of sunspots augments on the sun, under such circumstances the level of ozone gas that renders balanced earth’s temperature diminishes. As per the 11 year cycle during the hour of highest activity of the sun, one sees an appearance of magnetic storms, a cut in radio communication, water areas created in the Ionosphere and light on the Polar region of earth. According to scientists in the past 50 years in 1936, 1937, 1947-48, 1958 and 1969 the sun’s mobility and activity had reached its pinnacle. After 11 years again in 1980 the sun again reached its state of highest activity. In 1982 when the 9 planets came in one single line alongside the sun, even then this highest activity remained. In these days natural calamities are spewing terror everywhere, but along with this man’s inner nature too is being influenced extraordinarily.

According to astronomers these sunspots manifest in regions on the sun where atomic explosions take place. On 24th February 1952 a study was conducted on an extraordinary explosion taking place on the sun’s surface and after that it was noted that a gigantic army of ultraviolet rays marched towards planet earth. Due to attack of these rays for 2 weeks a cycle of speedy storms was seen in Greenland, Canada, Atlantic and Berlin. In 1955 American scientists Dr Walter and Dr Roberts too studied a rare solar explosion and found that on the 13th day of this explosion the cycle of seasonal changes became extraordinary from its previous ordinary state. For a certain time span a lot of disturbance was felt in radio communications, flooding rains were seen, storms etc appeared and for many days scenes of a minor world annihilation condition was noted.

Due to explosions taking place on the sun’s surface those sunspots that are created spew a lot of radiations with powerful speed and they all rush towards earth. Definitely they target other planets too yet no studies regarding this have been conducted. These radiations after piercing the Ionosphere of earth enter the womb of earth at a depth of many miles and it interferes in the magnetic field arrangement prevalent there. Apart from this from the surrounding regions of sunspots too, many types of particles either slowly or swiftly manifest that are known to interfere with planet earth.

The renowned Russian scientist Schizowsky after studying all epidemics that have taken place for the past 400 years has concluded that after 3 years of manifestation of sunspots epidemics appear with full speed and every 11th year its manifestation is with great intensity.

15 Feb


In one voice everyone accepts the glory and importance of nectarine discourses on divinity. As per legends of mythology the knower of Vedas Maharshi Vyas despite editing-compiling the 4 Vedas and deeply cogitating over them when he he did not attain pinnacles of soul peace and soul advancement he spoke of this agony of his to Devarshi Narad. Narad a deep knower of Life Science while answering his doubts said: Life is synonymous with sensitivity. It advances based on sprouting, manifestation and growth of sensitivity. There is no difference between a corpse and a person possessing no sensitivity. Both may augment their external bodies in a gigantic way yet wherever they reside they spread the foul odor of heartless tainted activities.

The fount of this sacred sensitivity that converts foul odor to fragrance, tainted actions into wholesome ones and a dead person alive and kicking is discourses on Almighty God. Discourse on Almighty God is such a Parasmani or touchstone which on mere touching converts desires and lowly arguments regarding spiritual practices into deep faith. Further it transforms thought waves full of doubts into imperishable one pointed faith and trust. The nectar of God’s discourses (Katha Amrit) replaces an agitated grief stricken life with sweet peace and limitless divine bliss.

Maharshi Vyas after truly imbibing this solution given by Devarshi Narad wrote the Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapurana. He expressed his sacred sentiments by penning life’s episodes and events of Yuga Avatar. Brahmarshi Vyas who was always immersed in discussion and analysis of Supreme Divine Wisdom, writer of Vedanta Philosophy for the first time tasted the mind boggling bliss of Bhakti or devotion. In ecstasy he has eulogized his divine experiences and conclusions:

Tava kathamritam tapta jivanam

Kavimiriditam kalmashapaham

Shravanamangalam shrimadatam

Bhuvi mrunanti ye bhuridaha janaha.

O Lord of all gods! Your nectarine discourses (Kathas) gives cooling peace to creatures burning in worldly/material heat and destroys all their sins. On hearing these discourses one experiences good omens everywhere. This is because whoever with deep devotions listens to the Lilas or divine sports of Almighty God finds that no sin remains in his soul and no sinful activities henceforth are executed by them. Most definitely are glorified those who in divine ecstasy talk and hear these discourses of God.

The glory of divine discourses has been accepted not only by devotees but even great thinkers and psychologists/psychiatrists of the world. According to the author of the book ‘Psychology with a Soul’, Jean Hardy maintains that elements that induce mankind to sin and execute crimes are psychic imprints or Sanskars. By reading wholesome literature and self study no doubt thoughts transform yet these psychic imprints are very potent. It is not easy to transform them. But when we read/hear the glorious lives and sacredly sensitive incidences therein of great saints/visionaries, these potent psychic imprints with relative ease start ‘melting’ and yearn to themselves lead lives in the footsteps of these great saints. Mind boggling transformations are hence witnessed in life’s inner and external realm.

Possibly this itself has been termed ‘Budhi Yoga’ or Yoga of Wisdom. Lord Shri Krishna while discussing the nature of his devotees and boons bestowed by him says:

Macchitta madgataprana bodhayanta parasparam.

Kathayantashcha mam nityam tushyanti ch ramanti cha.

Tesham satatayuktanam bhajatam pritipurvakam.

Dadami budhiyogam tum yena mamupayanti te.

MEANING: those devotees who ceaselessly immerse their minds in me and surrender their very Prana or life force to me always discuss my Lilas or divine sports amongst themselves. It is because of such holy discussions that they get satiated and immerse themselves in it. It is only to such unswerving devotees that I confer Budhi Yoga (Yoga of Wisdom) with the help of which they attain me (God).

The forms of God’s discourses are varied and the goal is reached unobstructed. May be its form and nature is different in the world various countries, religions and communities yet it is present equally everywhere. The Lilas/discourses of Avatars, Prophets etc can be heard and spoken of variedly yet it gives divine ecstasy to entire mankind. Every form of it is grand and every hue radiant. Yes they are so much in excess that they cannot be counted totally and hence Goswamiji Maharaj says:

Hari anant hari katha ananta

From amongst his infinite forms Almighty Lord manifests one as per the requirement of that era. This has been discussed as 10 Avatars in the Puranas or Indian Mythology. Yes, the goal of every Avatar of his is one only which is Era Transformation. By taking up this very goal of Era Transformation in order to fulfill his eternal vow of ‘Sambhavami yuge yuge’ Almighty Lord’s divine consciousness incarnated as ‘Shriram Sharma Acharyaji’.

Our beloved Gurudeva by becoming the representative of the eternal incarnated amidst us all. All of us dearly adore all his discourses and discussion of various episodes of his life. On mere remembering him our sentiments and thoughts get drowned in the sacred lake of faith and trust. This discussion can be found written by Gurudeva himself in his books ‘Sunsan ke sahchar’ and ‘Hamari vasiyat evam virasat’. This has been sacredly remembered again by writing special articles in Akhand Jyoti Magazine (1990) and even in later years too. Even the meritorious discourse of his holy consort Revered Mataji too had been published in Akhand Jyoti Magazine as Matru Smriti Ank after his great holy departure from this world. In the mean time Gayatri Tapobhumi, Mathura, India published ‘Prajna Avatar hamare Gurudeva’ wherein innumerable aspects have been unveiled with reference to our beloved Gurudeva’s life.

Yet Gurudeva maybe one only, the form of his inseparable divine power in the form of HH Mataji too maybe one yet the nectarine and mystic incidences of the life of this Rishi couple are innumerable and limitless. The mysteries of all new forms unfold themselves incessantly. Maybe Maryada Purushottam Rama and Mother Seeta were omnipotent and one without a second yet their Lilas or divine sports can never be complete. This particular discourse commenced by Maharshi Valmikiji was later also penned by Kamban, tulsi, Kritivyas and so many others and even it flows in newer forms even today. The same holds true regarding nectarine discourses on Prajna Avatar. Whatever has been said so far regarding it is less just as what is at present being said about it is less too. Even in future it will remain minuscule and incomplete. This truly is its special quality. Even a minor touch of it can render a lowly person great and an incomplete person, self fulfilled. It is with such sacred sentiments that on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima we are placing Lila episodes of revered Gurudeva and HH Mataji in front of their very own beloved children. We sincerely hope their memory shall unfold the mystery of Guru Principle in the lives of all of us and in the lake of our inner consciousness the lotus of divine love shall bloom forth blissfully.


14 Feb

I CAN CLEARLY VISUALIZE A GOLDEN ERA’s_future_is_bright_an_emerging_super_power.htm

“I can clearly see that sacred region of North India where a saint with terrific efforts immersing himself in ceaseless spiritual practices is radiating such a divinely spiritual flow which shall be capable of ushering in Era Transformation in future in the entire world. His spiritual thinking shall be so revolutionary that people in a mind boggled manner shall witness its spark getting converted into a blazing inferno which in turn shall spread in every nook and corner of the globe. People shall realize that only in imbibing this great saint’s powerful, progressive thinking that troubleshoots all world problems, dwells the well being of the entire world. In this way slowly but surely people will get directed towards spirituality and shall totally be rendered spiritual. This shall in turn help people the world over experience heavenly happiness on earth”.

This proclamation was made by Florence, a highly intellectual seer of New Jersey, USA about a few decades back in her book ‘Golden light of a new era’. She writes in this book that:

When I enter great flights of meditation I visualize such a great saint who is fair skinned, with white hair and without a beard/moustache. His face shines with a brilliant divine aura. It appears as though this great saint, seated amidst an intensely brilliant sun that is surrounded by thousands of bright flame lamps, with his divine aura and energy not only imbues life into flames nearby but that by spreading his divine light rays in the entire world enlightens it. People perforce get magnetically attracted to this life imbuing divine light which is akin to butterflies enticed towards a flame lamp. Due to this inspiring divine light world humans shall experience an extraordinary transformation within themselves as a result of which such a gigantic Super Revolution shall usher in which shall be labeled as Thought Revolution by contemporary world denizens.’s_future_is_bright_an_emerging_super_power.htm

Due to this revolution materialistic beliefs will change and in highly intellectuals such a thought consciousness shall evolve that maybe only a few will aver while calling it a spiritual thought flow. Due to the rise of this new thinking once again spirituality shall get re established the world over. At that time everyone will think of one religion and that is human religion along with the concept of one world nation. In the entire world shall boom, the great thought flow of this great saint. Various followers of various religious shall look upon this saint as their true guide. Amongst Muslims he shall be looked upon as Prophet Mohammad. Christians shall look upon him as another form of Lord Jesus Christ whereas Hindus shall call him the 10th Avatar of Almighty God. His energy shall be so extraordinary and mind blowing that for him it will be a matter of ease to imbue new inspiration in the consciousness of world public and shall help control/balance the deteriorating balance of Prakriti or nature. His child like innocent behavior and radiant divine personality shall perforce attract people to himself in such a way by and by a gigantic army like organization will be born and its creative soldiers shall play an important role in the saint’s sacred mission.

Apart from the above Florence has made many other prophecies in which are included countries of middle-east Asia, Europe and America. Majority of these prophecies have come true but there are a few of them which are yet to come true. We must hope that in the future times to come these prophecies too shall pass the test of truth. With reference to this she has written another book in which she has discussed the year 2000 and times ahead of that. In her bestselling book ‘The fall of a sensational culture’ she writes:

Around the year 2000 AD such a sequence of natural calamities shall be witnessed on seeing which it will be difficult to say whether this planet will be secure yet later this doubt of people shall be nullified. All of them will see clearly that lying hidden in these fearful world situations potentials of creativity are at work and these akin to the sun rising in the east it will take up a radiant form so as to spread its divine aura the world over. Hence at that time no anarchy like situation shall exist and there will be peace everywhere. The wall of high-low, rich-poor etc shall be razed effectively and a spiritual standpoint oozing with unity/equality shall reach its pinnacle. People will live in an atmosphere of brotherhood and camaraderie. Amongst them such sentiments shall proliferate that a gigantic world family shall be born. World humans living in this family shall imbibe the tenets of ‘oneness of soul’ and ‘world united peacefully as a family’. Yet before seeing this golden day world humans shall have to undergo anguish and pain akin to a pregnant mother about to deliver her new born baby. Only after this its sun of world good fortune shall dawn brilliantly.’s_future_is_bright_an_emerging_super_power.htm

A couple of decades before 2000 AD shall be full of hardships and world problems of varying kind. People will not shy to kill each other. Anarchy shall reach its nadir. Everywhere jealousy and hatred will rule. Discontent shall rise so alarmingly that it can be compared to a wriggling fish removed from water. Based on jungle laws prevalent in these dire times people will kill others and die themselves too. Ethics and integrity shall be thrown down the drain and those with power and might, shall snatch away others’ rightful property. Environmental pollution that is a result of man’s tainted intellect shall proliferate like fuel in fire under such agitated situations and world humanity shall stand on the precipice of collective suicide. And yet since along with this creative potentials too shall be at work which will commence from North India akin to a wave of spiritual consciousness in the beginning of the 21st century. This will gather such gigantic momentum that those dark clouds of world danger seen previously now shall get destroyed akin to a blade of grass in a terrible cyclonic storm. People shall realize the importance of world unity/equality and shall hence yearn to enhance a sense of brotherhood the world over. Due to the medium of this thought consciousness the middle class shall be most influenced and yet it is not as though the wealthy class shall remain unaffected by it. They will clearly note the dire results of misuse of wealth. The dry argumentative brains of so called intellectuals shall get transformed into one of faith. In a very natural manner their souls shall manifest faith, trust and wisdom. This thought flow in intellectual atheists shall imbue in them such faith that religion and modern science are not at loggerheads with each other but that they can mutually benefit each other. Like 2 wheels of a cart if both work in tandem they will prove to be very helpful in human progress else one sided progress can pave the way for a drastic human downfall. Due to the above thought consciousness it will not take long to realize that in front of high stature spirituality, not only is the superficial sheen of materialism dim but that akin to a shiny skinned snake it can prove to be very heinous. This thought flow of the great saint via his augmenting troops of disciples akin to the Fish Avatar shall spread in every nook and corner of the world and thus a radiant future in the 21st century shall be designed.

Florence has made many such prophecies that are contemporary and relevant and hence if we write about them it is not irrelevant. In her books she writes that after the years 1988-89 AD in many parts of the world such earthquakes shall manifest that a great deal of property and life shall be lost. It is there for all to see that in Uttarakhand (North India) such a terrific earthquake was noted that till now authorities have no clue as to how much property and life was lost. Before this in August 1988 in the earthquake seen in North Bihar (India) and Nepal more than 1000 people died. In China in October 1990 and February 1991 in Pakistan earthquakes killed around 500 people. One can fail to describe human and material loss undergone due to earthquakes in Latur and Osmanabad (Maharashtra, India). This proves that Florence’s prophecies have come true.

It is noteworthy that Florence in both her books has again and again in certain places mentioned a region of North India and such a saint born there who will direct a world thought revolution. Yet Florence has neither given the name of this place in North India nor the name of that great saint. Despite this wise readers shall find it least difficult to realize to whom the above lines are alluded to?’s_future_is_bright_an_emerging_super_power.htm