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21 Mar


A sacredly sensitive Yajna is the actual controller of this entire cosmos. The basis of individual and social development/progress is very much dependent on Yajna based activities.

Yajna has a mundane material aspect also that is no less important. Yajna is not merely faith oriented but that it is also a stupendous science on its own. By burning wood and other materials in Yajna fire heat and light manifest. A chemical transformation occurs. As a result of this transformation the basic qualities of these materials too change. By burning various materials newer materials are formed. When many type of positively charged materials react chemically with each other they take up a new form of a gaseous state. In this steam or Yajna smoke innumerable particles exist that get spread out in the entire atmosphere.

Via Super Power Yajnas we accrue innumerable material mundane benefits. The environment gets rendered aptly balanced. Via Super Power Yajnas good health augments and diseases get uprooted. For special effects many Super Power Yajnas are performed like Rajasuya Yajna, Ashwamedha Yajna, Putreshti Yajna etc. On the basis of profound research our Rishi-Munis established the Science of Super Power Yajnas. Special attention was given to choice of Samidha or wood and qualities of various materials offered to the Yajna fire. The shape of the Yajna Kunda or pyre too has its own deep import.


The more man is insanely augmenting joyous comforts and facilities the more he is destroying earth’s environment and ecological balance. In order that on planet earth life sustains healthily pure clean air and water are most required. The more man’s psyche becomes dirty and tainted the more the environment surrounding him is becoming polluted.

It is very easy to uproot pollution that enters the environment via Super Power Yajnas. Why do many devotees burn incense sticks daily in their homes for a long time? This is because fragrant materials in these incense sticks spread everywhere in the form of healthy smoke. Fragrance spreads out based on the type of material present in the incense sticks. Thus the polluted air in the house gets purified. This is the subtle form of the Yajna process. Similarly when in a big Yajna pyre wood and fragrant materials are burnt a fragrant smoke gets emitted which purifies and renders sweetly scented such a widespread area. Smoke emerging from the Yajna pyre via wind spreads out in a large area surrounding it and along with this subtle particles of the materials offered in the Yajna fire too spread out in all directions. Along with inhaled air these principles enter the bodies of all creatures especially humans. Know that trees-plants also get influenced positively. In this gas of Havan or Yajna fire many useful chemical principles are present.

It is sheer delusion on our part to believe that Yajna smoke emits carbon dioxide and other toxic gases. In fact this Yajna smoke is devoid of any form of toxicity. Even if some poisonous portion remains in it the effect of gaseous state of Ghee or clarified butter offered to the Yajna fire not only destroys it but renders it very beneficial. Many chemical and sweetly fragrant materials present in it by warding off pollution of all types, sanctifies our environment.

Over and above purifying the air via Yajna gas many elements like earth, water etc become pure. These Yajna gases by mixing with clouds pour down on earth as rain and via it water founts get purified. Plant kingdom also gets aptly nourished. In agriculture too Yajna gas proves highly beneficial for crop growth. Due to it the soil’s fertility turns richer.

The Yajna technique is said to be the very substratum of the purification and apt nourishment of the plant kingdom. Earth ceaselessly by absorbing the smell in air renders air smell free. The Yajna smoke because of its fragrance is heavy in weight and thus flows on the surface of earth. In this manner desired principles created from Yajna Havan rites along with fragrant odor is absorbed by earth in the Yajna region surroundings. As a result of this soil fertility increases a lot that in turn augments crop production manifold. These crops’ nutritious value too increases a lot.

At the other end via scientific testing and research studies it has been proved that no doubt by using man made chemical fertilizers germs that decrease soil fertility get destroyed. In turn germs/microbes that increase soil fertility increase a lot more. Yet the problem here is that once you add chemical fertilizers to the soil they cannot be separated from the soil. Thus slowly due to the effect of this chemical fertilizer the germs/microbes that increase soil fertility start dying in hordes. In turn in a few years itself this land becomes arid and barren. On the other hand in the gas produced during Super Power Yajnas no such toxic principles exist. For a certain time period adept scientists by allowing this gas to flow on the soil carried out scientific studies regarding this. Hence by doing so they found that the soil’s fertility increases manifold and required principles responsible for augmenting nourishing ions also fill up the soil in ample measure. It is due to these required nutritious principles that rain pouring down due to influence of Yajna air bestow high nutritional value to food grains, plants, herbs etc. In ancient eras when daily and on special occasions Super Power Yajnas were performed in all corners of our country India, via clouds properly nourished by Yajna smoke rain that poured down also was full of Sattva Guna or sacred qualities. Due to this food crops grown and herbs oozed with such great qualities. The subtle portion of food is said to nourish our psyche. ‘Jaisa khaye anna, vaisa bane mana’ which means your mind’s quality depends on the kind of food you eat. It is hence that the psyche of residents of ancient Yajna based culture was imbued highly with Sattvik purity.


13 Mar


A very important teaching given by Super Power Yajnas which is also a supreme one is augmenting great divine principles in world society.

In the Rigveda Yajna fire is called Purohit or priest. ‘Agnimide purohitam’. It is this priest that gives us the method of augmenting great divine principles in world society and humanity. By walking as per its sacred teachings not only this present but our post death world too transforms positively. This teaching is as follows-

1)      Whichever priceless material we offer in the Yajna fire, know for sure that this fire does not selfishly keep it with itself. Instead it vaporizes it and transports it to every nook and corner of the atmosphere simply so as to benefit one and all. In this manner we too must utilize god given gifts and skills for society’s well being. Our Yajna priest via his behavior and actions teaches us this very sacred precept. Our education, literacy skills, wealth, overall talent etc must be used minimally for our needs and the rest must be used for public welfare.

2)      Anything that comes in contact with fire the latter by sanctifying it merges these materials into it so as to render it as brilliant and pure as itself. We too must similarly imbibe a sense of oneness with all those whom we come in contact with society especially the backward class, poor, grief stricken, oppressed etc people and after first imbibing sacred ideals in life encourage these people too to become like ourselves.

3)      Fire flame tongues even if pressurized immensely never face downwards but that they always face and rise upwards. No matter how much fear, enticements etc they are given yet we must never allow our thinking to stoop down in a lowly manner so as to become vile and tainted. Even under the direst strife like situation our mental resolve or will power called Sankalpa must raise upwards towards glory and greatness very much like these fire flame tongues.

4)      As long as fire does not get doused it does not give up its specialties of heat and brilliant light. Similarly the heat of our activities and brilliant light of immersing ourselves in carrying out righteous duties must not be allowed to diminish even a wee bit. For our entire lifetime we must labor hard honestly and execute righteous duties zealously.

5)      We must learn from the act of sprinkling the remnant Yajna materials on our scalp that when man dies his body is rendered but a fistful of ash on being cremated. Keeping this end of our life in mind we must endeavor hard to use our life for great wholesome tasks leading not only to our but society’s well being also.

In this manner we get many types of solid advice from the Yajna priest that in turn augments divine principles in the deep cave of our psyche and soul. By taking avid part in Yajna based religious programs taints and distortions clouding our soul can be uprooted. As a result in it divine light spreads out very quickly. Via Super Power Yajnas day by day true Brahminhood, Rishi character etc augments in our soul and thus with relative ease the soul can merge with Almighty God who is the divine cosmic soul. The task of conjoining the soul with Almighty God who is the divine cosmic soul is executed by the Yajna fire in a manner akin to 2 iron pieces getting merged via the heat based wielding process.

Due to the influence of Super Power Yajnas the mental arena becomes high stature, well advanced and cultured. Especially women, small children and the fetus in the pregnant mother’s womb get positively influenced and benefited by Yajna Power. In rendering them highly cultured close proximity to a Yajna environment proves to be very useful. A psyche that gets tainted due to a vile intellect, bad thoughts, bad qualities and foul activities can get transformed sacredly via Super Power Yajnas. It is hence that Super Power Yajnas are called sin destroyers. Due to Yajna based influence the mental realm becomes well cultured and full of farsighted discrimination or Viveka. This in turn converts our otherwise life full of obstacles into that of heavenly bliss. Thus Yajna is said to bestow on us joy akin to heaven.

Hence let us all participate in various Yajna programs, immerse ourselves in spiritual endeavors and live a Yajna oriented lifestyle. Our life should be sacred, radiant and brilliant like a Yajna. From bathing in the holy River Ganges we get inspiration of imbibing purity, serenity, calmness and respect. Similarly we get the teaching of imbibing radiance, skilful character, love for spiritual values and greatness from Super Power Yajnas. Just as we offer sanctifying materials like clarified butter, sugar, sweets, herbs etc to the Yajna fire similarly we must wholeheartedly offer our talent, knowledge, brain skills, prosperity, wealth etc for world welfare tasks. A person who imbibes such Yajna ethics thus harbingers in the well being of him and society at large too. All great saints and leaders of the world have also made ample use of such a Yajna ethics based lifestyle. Those who fail to step ahead on the path of generosity renunciation selfless service and charity never attain life’s true success, honor and blissful joy.

Man must always keep in mind that he is Almighty God’s son and his prince. Thus he must carry out those very tasks that Almighty God is known to enact. He must give place only to great glorious thoughts in his psyche. Lest bad, lowly, tainted dirty and degraded thoughts appear in our mind they must be uprooted just as we hit a robber with a stick who enters our house to loot it. We must harbor sacred thoughts towards our parents, family, friends and those whom we contact daily in life. We are indebted so much to them. How much do we owe entire society? Society taught us how to talk properly, how to walk, how to live optimally etc. Society opened school-colleges and other educational institutions so that we could become literate. It gave us a very high stature lifestyle. Thus we must harbor nothing less than high stature great thoughts towards world society and think about its all round advancement.


11 Mar


Half the entire world’s brilliantly talented people are somehow or the other associated with industries related for war purposes. Capital and funds of gigantic amounts are invested for this end. The very thinking and skills of leaders of the world too are in nexus with all this. Lest this entire system is used for war goals only know that nuclear weapons shall doubtlessly render planet earth powdered to dust. Thus over here nothing like ‘life’ shall exist in future. Lest no war is waged a new other type of hazard shall crop up wherein what should be done about nuclear bombs and other explosive materials already produced in large numbers? Today public power, wealth power and material mean power is invested for war purposes. Thus henceforth, how to turn upside down successfully this problem, so that these 3 powers are used for world welfare tasks only.

Amongst these the most terrible is man’s lopsided thinking. Man has become nothing short of a ghost since he reeks with narrow minded selfishness, indolence, immersed in sense gratification and an unethical character. It just does not matter if externally he dons the superficial garb of a god or ‘pious’ saint. Today’s dire world conditions has rendered all diseased physically, lacking useful materials, worried, stressed out, intolerant and desirous of selfish gains. How can all this come to a grinding halt? By living in these very conditions can anything be achieved in future times to come? Due to this worry it is quite natural that every thinking person is rendered perplexed and in a fix. One just cannot predict what shall happen in future?

On this very basis every scientist, thinker, economist and sociologist of the world are worried about the possibility of a pain bestowing world annihilation. What shall happen in future? Definitely no prophecy can be made regarding this. The future remains veiled and unpredictable. Nothing can be prophesized about it beforehand. Destiny does not say that a certain incidence in future shall occur in this or that manner. As per situations faced imaginations or possibilities regarding the future can prove to be totally wrong. Yet based on certain glaring facts a lot of inference can be made regarding future possibilities and to a great extent they come true also.

If we leave aside astrologers who make mathematical calculations and people who predict the future using their advanced Extrasensory Powers/ESP even then based on facts the importance of people showcasing guidelines regarding future events shall definitely remain because on that basis important contribution is made available that aid establishing of present day activities. Hence today astrology that encompasses making prophecies about the future is being accepted as a very important science amongst high intellectuals the world over and it is being augmented and upheld with great zest.

The advancement of the knowledge branch of prophesying has been done in a very high stature manner in USA. The government there under the leadership of Prof Daniel Wale set up a committee wherein in the year 2000 AD what shall be the world’s nature has been put forth prophetically. The committee’s report has been published in 5 volumes.

Apart from this the head of Herman Institute, Herman Kohn and his associate Anthony Weiner has written a book on this very topic called ‘The year 2000 AD: A framework for speculation’. In it too by the end of the 20th century a well detailed and factual description of world future events has been mentioned.

In the past days too these types of books predicting future events have been published and are called ‘Utopia’. A collection of many such books has been published under the title of ‘Yesterdays Tomorrows’.  In the past Bertrand Russell, Thomas Moore, Aldus Huxley, Swift, Brelsford and other thinking scholars have published books either regarding the entire world or a particular region of the world. 

These predictions made are certainly not based on some random haphazard wild imagination but that behind them keeping in mind present activities and future situations some sort of definite conclusion is drawn. By taking help of facts related to science’s progress, industrial development, political upheavals, population explosion, limited founts of various means, transformation in human nature, balance as far as demand and supply is concerned etc this conclusion is drawn as to in what position the camel of future shall sit down. All these facts influence each other. In which direction is a particular fact leaning towards? In future what kind of twists shall be noted in them? Those who possess radiant power of imagination in order to truly understand this chess game and are also gathering required facts in their real form, for such people it is not tedious to draw conclusions of future events that generally prove to be true later. Big time corporate firms of highly developed countries are known to set up one entire department that research into these future prophecies and for this these industry honchos spend hefty amounts of cash.

Within the knowledge branch of futurology in the recent past one particular institute of USA is executing important research studies and its name is Rand. It has a gigantic building near Santa Monica beach. In it many highly intellectuals by studying deeply the world’s various activities on gauging future possibilities placed forth those conclusions that gave useful suggestions to various classes of USA. One amongst these researchers was Herman Kohn. By dissociating himself from the above institute he set up a new one very similar to the previous one. He named it the Herman Kohn Institute. It was also labeled ‘think tank’ by others. Herman is said to be one of the leading intellectuals of the world.

A very important book written by Herman is called ‘On thermo nuclear bar’. In this book he has highlighted nuclear wars, their possibility and their heinous reactions. He has hence suggested that regarding this fearful situation what should America do? This book has created a great upheaval in the psyche of laymen and the USA government. On the one hand the publisher of the book eulogized this book a great deal yet by calling the author ‘idiot genius’ also scoffed at him. Whatever may have been the case, Herman studiously continued with his research endeavor. In his research institute 75 people worked. Amongst these 35 were very high stature scholars imbued with the power of subtle vision and hindsight. This futurist weighing 300 pounds has earned world renown as a walking talking computer. Time and again prophecies made by Herman as far as politics and the corporate world is concerned have come true.

Herman Kohn has drawn the world’s attention to population explosion, increased material prosperity, increased government controls, increased scientific advancement and increased selfish greed and has said that well in time these fearful trends must be stopped from proliferating further else in the 21st century very disastrous situations shall have to be faced the world over. Today’s progress in future days can prove to be a noose in the neck of mankind.

Doubtlessly man has developed unlimitedly in the past few centuries. This era of ours is called that of progress. Regarding this progress it is said that those attainments and information got by our ancestors in comparison to them today’s modern attainments are n fold more. This declaration is true only up to a certain point that doubtlessly augmenting has been witnessed yet what needs to be pondered over is that in which direction has this progress headed towards? Moving forward could be either in the direction of uplifting or it could lead to a massive downfall too. We cannot say that progress has been achieved merely due to increased production of material comforts and various facilities. In fact true development involves right wholesome usage of these materials by harboring true wisdom. Lest these increased materials however advanced scientifically are misused for destructive purposes leading to the world’s overall downfall we can only say that in comparison to this ‘progress’ that situation of lack was much better wherein mankind lived lives of true love, affection, goodwill and peaceful contentment.

In which direction has present progress been attained? What exactly have we achieved from it? How much has it contributed towards increasing man’s bodily, mental and social peace? Has it increased human pen chance for imbibing more and more human and spiritual values? All this is food for thought and must be deeply cogitated over.

West Germany is the leader in Europe as far as highly developed industrialization is concerned and France is said to be richest in entire Europe. The citizens of both these countries possess a lot of material comforts and are materially very prosperous.

Yet these rich citizens have no spare time to think over the fact that apart from using this prosperity for individual sense merriment other wholesome welfare tasks too can be executed. They feel instead that the joy bestowing titillation they get from material objects is the be all and end all of life. Solely in Paris city there are such clubs numbering 1500 where young men and women dance nakedly and are immersed in sense titillating music. Use of intoxicants there has reached sky rocketing heights. In East Germany 400,000 men and 200,000 women are such that day and night are immersed in intoxicant abuse. In France for every set of 100,000 citizens each year 20 people become victims of road accidents since they use intoxicants in untold measure. In America due to drug alcohol abuse number of people dying every year is 350,000.

When Russia is all set to compete in a cut throat manner with USA in all walks of life why should it remain behind as far as abuse of intoxicants is concerned? In Russia 20,000,000,000 roubles or as per Indian currency 200,000,000,000 rupees are spent in drinking vodka alcohol.

The stress of a lonely life, perturbed mind and indefinite suspicions is becoming such a heavy burden that people without devouring sleeping pills they cannot rest their brains into much required tranquility. These sleeping pills have become a part of daily meals. Tension increasing day after day induces man to par take intoxicant drugs. But the effect of these drugs diminishes in tandem with higher dosage intake and hence perforce man devours more and more of these drugs. At such times one feels that one has solved the problem of lack of sleep, yet due to this pill intake, such toxicity enters the deep recesses of the body’s subtle centers that various types of bodily and mental diseases emerge. In fact these drugs devoured by parents harm their new born baby right since its inception in their mother’s womb. In USA each year 250,000 children are born physically and mentally challenged. Last year such handicapped children born touched a high number of 15,000,000. In England for every 40 new born babies 1 born is either handicapped or mentally challenged. In Hong Kong the ratio is 1 handicapped for every 87, in Spain 1 for every 75, in Australia 1 for every 53 etc. The one sole reason for this is habit of intoxicant usage increasing both in males and females. At night they cannot sleep without using sleeping pills.

In both marriages and divorces Americans very ‘zestfully’ become participants. There each year 1,913,000 new marriages and 534,000 divorces are recorded. In every 3.5 marriages at least 1 undergoes divorce. In that country these days 30,000,000 women instead of getting entangled in the noose of marriage are living as spinsters and others on once experiencing bitter venom on getting married get divorced and vow not to marry again.

What kind of mal influence is seen on children in a family reeking with loose morals and unethical tendencies? One can gauge this via one lone data that before reaching the mature age of 18 years 1 out of every 6 American youth lands in jail due to pursuing big time criminal acts.

This is one facet of development that can be noted with the gross eye and a gross intellect also on the basis of tangible proof with which it understands development’s perilous consequences. Yet there are innumerable other such snapshots which on remaining veiled renders the lay public uninformed about its destructive effect. Take for example drug and alcohol abuse. Almost the same measure of wealth and human labor is utilized in producing intoxicating materials and drugs as is used in war based industries. One can calculate how much of his life span man has burnt up in waging wars. If man’s average age is said to be 60 years and that those dying fighting wars do so at the age of 35 years, it can be safely said that an average soldier burnt to naught 25 years of his life in fighting heinous wars. Lest in wars 100,000 people die we have to accept that 2,500,000 years of human life span has been sacrificed in wars. Now take the other example of intoxicant abuse. If we believe that half the world’s population drink alcohol, take drugs etc and amongst those 2,000,000,000 people each human is decreasing 10 years of his life span in intoxication, it shall be said that 20,000,000,000 years of human life span has been engulfed by the demon called intoxicant abuse. Not only is this no less than wars waged but that this sort of resultant destruction super cedes it n fold. If we compare wealth and human labor used in making war technology as against that used for making and buying intoxicant materials know that the latter beats the former hollow. Dynamite is lit and after the explosion no clue about it remains behind. Even when intoxicants are used they get destroyed immediately and thus to this extent both show similar results. Yet the unseen influence of intoxicant abuse lasts much longer later too. Those people who use it live chaotic diseased lives and pass their days wailing aloud in rank anguish. This dire mal influence gets passed on from generation to generation.

It is said that by drinking alcohol etc one’s indolence decreases and that one’s sorrow faced in life melts away. Hence why execute those tasks that induce indolence and sorrow? One can live a carefree life of civility and thus get saved from situations that create indolence and strife. Lest in place of destruction creative tasks of well being are pursued and in place of intoxicants a gigantic milk industry is set rolling such arrangements can be made that each person daily gets 1 liter of milk to drink. By using dung of animals especially aged beasts who can no longer give useful products like milk etc barren arid lands can be rendered fertile on a war footing.

A small example of human brain’s destructive and creative potential is that in the name of war and intoxication induces such a massive downfall and that man persists in chopping off his own legs with an axe.

So far we have spoken about only misuse pursued by the human brain. The influence of these dire results and misuse most definitely falls on material nature/Prakriti. How agitating and destructive shall these be? One cannot even imagine it! How shall the reaction of natural calamities pose hazards for the very existence of the human race? The answer is that it can be seen in the form of population explosion, air/water pollution and distortions setting in due to insane milking of nature based wealth. Its analysis and description has time and again been given by authoritative brilliantly talented people, experts and scholars the world over.


9 Mar




It is the inner personality of man that shall transform positively. The viewpoint and standpoint has to be changed. Ones faith and aspiration have to be transformed and the flow of deep yearnings has to be bent in a wholesome direction. Our will power must veer towards goodwill and soul oneness with all. One must attain Self Realization and awaken soul glory. This then is the root substratum of Era Transformation. It is the result of inner sanctification that shall be witnessed as a person’s supreme greatness and society’s glory. All effort is conjoined to the inner subtle world. Hence means and spiritual practices should be of that stature only. Our capability should be such that it proves useful in fulfilling desired goals. Most definitely this task is that of soul power. We must create it more and more and use it aptly. For Era Transformation this generation of soul energy can be called the basic task to be executed. This is such a task that is a must for contemporary times.


No doubt the greatness of a person is noted externally too yet if we wish to gain knowledge of its deep import the inner personality shall have to be examined. By itself man has no dearth of visible power and by utilizing it aptly he can do a lot for himself and others too yet if his unlimited powers is to be witnessed we shall have to enter the deep recesses of human consciousness.

The science that helps us understand this inner personality helps us sanctify and render it powerful and aid us in using wholesomely this awakened inner potential is called Brahmavidya. The seed aphorism of the cosmic body of Brahmavidya can be called Super Power Gayatri. Right since ancient times Gayatri is said to be that super power that can enter the deep glorious recesses of the inner human personality and manifest visibly all that is mysterious embedded within it. In the creation of a New Era this divine energy shall be made use of the most.



Material objects are ever changing and fleeting. The entire sequence of the world rests on the cycle of rise-fall. Over here right from the atom to the sun everything is on the move. Although steady unmoving forms are noted yet it in reality does not exist. None can get protected from the reality of birth-death. No doubt education and experience on the basis of practice increases our brain capacity yet even this is definite that along with advancing age all units of the brain center that includes memory power, power of imagination and decision making capacity becomes weaker day after day. A person who once was called highly intelligent is today called weak brained and stupid. As we get older the power of our sense organs too starts weakening a lot. Inner glories leave those who are weak. Forget attaining a high status or authority even family decisions land in the hands of those earning fat incomes.

The same holds true for material means. Success attained due to wealth generation leaks from holes of increasing expenses and the vault of hoarding things remains lackluster only. Both richness and poverty do not last forever. Under such conditions schemes and programs designed on the basis of wealth ultimately totter and fail miserably.

On visibly noting the potential, unsteadiness and indefinite nature and the success accruing from them it can be said to be akin to some accidental chance. With its aid one can hope for attainment of desired goals right up to worldly success yet we can put in full trust in them. If there is so much doubt regarding ordinary aims to be achieved how then can such a great mission of Era Transformation that requires unlimited means and power be fulfilled merely using material wealth and success? On the one hand where on using material power the task of increasing external material comforts proves to be very difficult to achieve say how can the gigantic task of sanctifying world human psyche and atmosphere transformation get successfully fulfilled merely via material means? No doubt it is a fact that for neo creation tasks material means are definitely required and that together we shall have to make efforts to gather them and yet certainly these cannot be called the foundation of Era Transformation. Even if a worldly mundane program is very gigantic and based on usage of a lot of material means yet it is incapable of fulfilling such a great and widespread mission called Era Transformation.


It is the inner personality of man that shall transform positively. The viewpoint and standpoint has to be changed. Ones faith and aspiration have to be transformed and the flow of deep yearnings has to be bent in a wholesome direction. Our will power must veer towards goodwill and soul oneness with all. One must attain Self Realization and awaken soul glory. This then is the root substratum of Era Transformation. It is the result of inner sanctification that shall be witnessed as a person’s supreme greatness and society’s glory. All effort is conjoined to the inner subtle world. Hence means and spiritual practices should be of that stature only. Our capability should be such that it proves useful in fulfilling desired goals. Most definitely this task is that of soul power. We must create it more and more and use it aptly. For Era Transformation this generation of soul energy can be called the basic task to be executed. This is such a task that is a must for contemporary times.

The name of those ‘machines’ and ‘factories’ that produce soul power is individual consciousness. The human psyche can be compared to the center that generates atomic/nuclear energy. The body is merely a veil or covering. It can be compared to weapons, tools, vehicles etc. So much can be attained by it like working hard or superficial success attained by a wrestler. Intellectual or brain power is much higher in stature than this. Yet even this ends on reaching the limits of today’s so called socially skillful intellectuals to research scientists. On this basis although to an extent the individual’s development and society’s comforts have increased but merely using all this we cannot hope to help usher in widespread world based transformation.

The great lord ‘money’ is as it appears to be. With its aid before planning gigantic schemes we must deeply ponder over the fact as to whether the person who shall be handed over these finances shall remain alive or not from the ethical and integrity standpoint. Before this money is actually used for public benefit it entices the people who are given responsibility of its usage and they out of greed misuse it for selfish gains. At every step we are all witness to how only a small portion of total wealth meant for government schemes, that are designed for public welfare are actually used for the scheme implementation and how the remaining is gulped down by greedy agents midway. Under such conditions there is a fair doubt that even if one gathers enough money power for Era Transformation whether this mission shall get fulfilled by it or not.

Programs designed in the soul/spiritual arena succeed only on the basis of soul power generation and apt usage of it. In the inner personality of human beings dwell unlimited known energies. It is not an overstatement to say that these are infinite in measure. Psychologists opine that the human brain is mind boggling. Only 7% of its highly widespread potential has been understood and unfolded. And from this meager 7% only 1-2% is actually used by human beings in day to day living. Those who have the capacity of using more than this 1% brain capacity become renowned great thinkers and spiritual seers. A person capable of awakening the brain’s conscious layer can play the role of great personages of yore like Kalidas, Varadrajacharya etc. Then imagine what mind boggling heights of greatness can be achieved if the unconscious mind and brain centers are awakened? It is this that is totally responsible for personality development and advancement of human beings.


ESP or Extrasensory Powers themselves are known as Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies. The certainly do not come down from the sky and neither do they arrive as gifts from some god or goddess. Most definitely these Divine Powers are manifestations of our inner soul personality. The more you dig and drill the ground on earth you attain very precious minerals, ores etc. the more you dive deep into the ocean you find oysters containing precious pearls. The human inner personality too is a vault of Ridhi-Sidhis. Since man is a part of the very soul of Almighty God man’s inner soul personality is full of various divine potentials and specialties albeit in latent seed form. The difference is merely of shape and form. With reference to the designing and movement of the solar system and the atomic family, the difference merely is of size and form. As far as its principle and reality is concerned both are of equal stature. In a minuscule sperm dwells hidden an entire human being. The gigantic form and special nature of a tree can be seen in the tiny body of a seed. All qualities etc of Almighty Lord is present in a latent state in this tiny human soul existence very much akin to thousands of pages of a gigantic hard copy of a book being stored in a micro film.



Spiritual practice is that process by which of awakening the unconscious state of the human soul which is a small unit of the omnipotent all powerful Almighty God. Within various methods and techniques of spiritual practices or Sadhana Gayatri Meditation/Worship is said to be supreme and easily accessible. Right since world creation till today regarding this Super Science of Gayatri the chain of experiences and applications is becoming more and more gigantic. In every research based experimentation and application of Super Power Gayatri newer and newer specialties are blooming forth radiantly. In every application of it newer sources of divine energy are seen to manifest.

The individual’s external material aspect is very ordinary and commonplace. In fact it is man’s inner deep personality that is extraordinarily mind boggling. In the special production of this mysterious realm Gayatri’s Super Science is exhibiting very hopeful desired success. The man of this new era has to be imbued to the brim with soul wealth. In the manifestation of heaven on earth it is the wealth of soul glory that shall become widespread the world over. The supreme nature of sacred divine sentiments shall help manifest divinity in human beings and it is on the basis of the strength of this creation that this world shall in future ooze with heavenly situations and establish the authority of Divine Energies. In this great mission Gayatri’s Spiritual Philosophy and method of spiritual practice shall contribute in an incomparable manner. Thus it is very apt that it be imbibed fully by looking upon it as Era Power Gayatri.



It is most required that Spiritual Science is proved to be supremely great in this era. If Spiritual Science fails the test based on intellectualism, proof based on direct experience and perceiving and utility value then in contemporary situations it shall be impossible for it to sustain its very existence. After losing aspirations/faith based on sacred ideals man’s glory too shall not remain alive. After losing the supremacy of ethics and righteousness man shall become rendered no more than a thinking beast and terrorizing ghost. Since such people shall grow in number like weeds in a garden even if this world becomes materially prosperous yet in this atmosphere if doubt and atheism it is definite that everyone shall choke and undergo total downfall.

In today’s times we are seeing world humanity heading speedily towards this super destruction. In order to save them we shall have to render alive and kicking idealism based spiritual philosophy. This task no doubt is difficult. Religion and spirituality so far was put forth on the basis of utterances of revered saint’s/Gurus and sacred scriptural texts. Previously deep faith was the foundation of religion and spirituality. It was given a due prime spot. But alas! Today this no longer is the situation. Every belief today has to be examined anew on the basis of a scientific footing that includes logic, argument, fact, proof, lucid examples etc. Under such conditions it has become necessary that the human glory’s soul and ideals based faith passes the fiery test of direct proof and sound scientific logic.


6 Mar


The Shrutis (Vedas) say:

Devi vachamjanayanta devastam

Vishwaroopaha pashavo vadanti.

Sa no mandreshvamurgam duhana


MEANING: Subtle speech is Goddess. It is the entire world manifest. She is the mother of demigods. Demigods are Mantra in nature. This by itself is science. Via the energy of this speech manifested Kamadhenu (or wish fulfilling cow) we are all alive. Because of it we speak and understand.

Words have 2 forms. The 1st is which is uttered by the tongue. It can be heard by the ears. With it one can know its meaning. Further a form or incident conjoined to these words get painted or photographed on the mental screen. Words uttered aloud are called Vaikhari. In day to day mundane tasks this speech is used a lot.

The 2nd form of words is called Paravak or subtle speech. It dwells in our psyche in the form of sentiments, wisdom and aspiration. It is energy in form. It oozes with inspiration. The intellect is its follower, the mind is its servant and psyche is its aide. In order to render sentiments emerging from inner sensitive centers with name and form, in order to generate means the mind and intellect have to work. The body is the follower of these two. Hence the body too has to go in their prescribed direction. In it via the inspiration of Paravak or subtle speech dwelling in the inner personality the mind and body get a direction. Whatever man thinks, does becomes and attains is but the grace of Paravak.

The eating resting and other routine habits of the body are rendered well developed and healthy. This development takes place on the basis of the mind, brain, studies, proximity, thinking and experience. In order to render Paravak which is the manifestation of the deep cave of the psyche, healthy, well advanced, sacred and potent we need to execute spiritual practices. Spiritual practices can be for making the body powerful and also to develop the brain region. Exercising, studying can be called spiritual practices of the body and mind. If these are not taken recourse to both shall remain underdeveloped. God has given us a body full of varied potentials and also a mind full of various possibilities yet if efforts are not made to render them well managed and highly developed then they by heading in undesirable directions can become distorted, fallen and demeaned. They can get engulfed with diseases and anguish. Similarly Paravak which is the energy of one’s psyche is not sanctified appropriately it can become downfallen in a demonic fashion. Just indolent lethargic people render their psyche and body diseased in the same way if efforts to render the psyche well cultured, sanctified and highly advanced are given up man enters the state akin to a beast and a ghost. A psyche covered by demonic qualities reeks of bad sentiments, tainted intellect and vile activities. Such a person himself/herself is agitated and harasses others too without any rhyme or reason.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

In order to make the body and mind well advanced certain efforts are made yet more important than this is to sanctify the psyche piously. This goal is attained via Paravak (subtle speech) spiritual practice. This also is the aim of Mantra Sciences. With its aid the sensitive centers of Paravak are contacted and means of sanctification are thus made available.

The Shrutis or Vedas say:

Pakka naha saraswati vajbhir

Vajinivati dhonamavitrayavatu.

Speech that is sanctified via austerities bestows us with purity, nourishment, brilliant talent, divine intellect and inspiration. It is the penance based goal of Paravak that is called Mantra chanting and practices. Mantras chanted by the gross Vaikhari speech and meditated upon by subtle Madhyama speech awaken subtler speeches called Para and Pashyanti. Thus when all 4 types of speeches get activated and get raised to higher levels, the creature or living being becomes Almighty God.  Deity Brahma has 4 faces. He created the 4 Vedas. This 4 fold manifestation is but the uprising of the 4 speeches called Vaikhari, Madhyama, Para and Pashyanti. This is possible both for Brahma deity and soul deity. In Puranas or Indian Mythology there is a story that Brahmaji the creator many times climbed up and down the stem of the lotus appearing from the navel of Lord Vishnu. This is exactly what happens in Mantra chanting too. After a gross word is uttered it enters the depth of sensitive centers of the psyche and after imbibing energy from that power fount it comes up again. While it rises up Pashyanti speech influences Vaikhari speech very similar to a metal wire getting affected by electricity which it comes in contact with. This sanctified Mantra word creates upheavals in entire creation, vibrates the subtle world and by not allowing the individual to remain merely an individual, renders him/her divine energy manifest.

We all chant Super Mantra Gayatri yet it is relegated merely to vibrating of this gross Vaikhari speech. As a result those effects that should be seen normally are not noted. Maharshi Vishwamitra had executed these very Gayatri Mantra spiritual practices. He attained that divine energy and became as powerful as has been described in the Mahatmya (deep import) of Super power Gayatri. Mantra practices are austerities of speech. Gross over here gets converted to subtle. One has to enter the arena of inner vision. To throw a pot into a well, fill it with water and pull it up with a rope is equivalent to austerities. When this pot filled with water comes in our hands it is Sidhi (success). This then is the mutually beneficial bond between spiritual practice and Sidhi. Those who know the secret of the extraordinary process of Mantra practice into Mantra Sidhi attain mundane paraphernalia and means of material comforts via Mantra Japa chanting. Their austerities of spiritual practices return in the form of vault of Sidhis or various types of powers.

Word is called Brahman or cosmic consciousness (God). This Word Brahman is the sensitive center of Paravak or subtle speech. Generally it remains latent in Ksheer Ocean but when it awakens then due its vibrations the entire world is rendered active. The Shrutis say that speech touches our hearts. It can be experienced as touch and sight. This heart touching nature is heaven, salvation and Nirvana. This touch experience is an infinite vault of Ridhi-Sidhis or divine powers. This sight experience is contacting, grace and boon of demigods. All this is but the result and echo of speech power.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

Speech experiences sight, taste and smell. It is from space manifest sound/word that air, fire, water and earth elements have appeared. Hence speech is called world manifest, multifaceted in form and presiding goddess of divine energies. Agni or fire is Bhuloka. Vayu or air is Bhuvahaloka and Varuna or water is Swahaloka. Vaikhari speech when rendered subtle via Mantra chanting commences its authority on all 3 worlds. Whatever is present in all the Lokas or worlds is influenced, managed and controlled by sanctified Paravak or subtle speech. When the process of the tongue that induces futile chatter is instead used for Mantra chanting, it becomes energy manifest. This energy is such that within its periphery is included all that is stupendous and mind boggling.

When this sanctified speech conjoins to Yajna fire its terrific energy can be witnessed. As soon as Ghee or clarified butter is added to fire, it gets converted to flames. When subtle speech conjoins to Yajna tasks its divine brilliance helps this world wallowing in darkness attain a divine aura and by getting liberated from strife and anguish it heads in the direction of divine grandeur, prosperity, peace and progress. The subtle form of Yajna is spirituality and world well being. When speech sanctified via spiritual practices is used for world welfare mission in its truest sense it can be called a Brahman or Divine Yajna. Regarding this in the Bhagwad Geeta a mention has been made of offering divine materials to divine fire. Via such Divine Yajnas clouds of joy and peace rain down. Material goals are fulfilled by carrying out Yajnas in which food materials are offered. No doubt over here clouds of material grandeur pour down but Shrutis talk of such rain shower which is synonymous with world peace and well being.

Worldwide gross material energy can be seen in the form of electricity, magnetism, heat, light and so on. Vibrations of energy influence atoms and as a result various movements of the gross visible world are executed. Cells too are influenced by divine electrical energy. The illumined portion of human consciousness can be called a vibration of divine existence. Due to this vibration both divine and soul existence commences flowing. Everything in this world happens as per the wishes of Almighty God. While speaking thus we must also understand that the sanctified form of individual soul existence is divine existence or God. In reality whatever the taintless witness Brahman (divine cosmic consciousness or God) does in this world by becoming ‘desire’ is actually the flow of the soul existence similar to it. Subtle speech or Paravak attained via Mantra chanting penance due to its purity and radiant intensity becomes desire of Almighty God. Its vibrations vibrate cells of all creatures. Accordingly the direction of world flow changes. This is executed by Messengers of God and great Avatars. Their duties can be seen conjoined to God’s divine wishes or their desires are synonymous with God’s divine commands. This then is the state of Sidhas and saints of penance. Their Paravak or subtle speech not only fulfills the goal of uttering something but also executes the functions of world management and control.

Just as the seed of macrocosm is the microcosm similarly the gigantic form of an individual is the all pervasive cosmos. An individual’s existence is said to be created from the situations of the cosmos. Along with this it has been said that the micro akin to a seed in its advanced form becomes the cosmos. Both have a relationship akin to the seed and its tree. No doubt a tree grows from a seed but it cannot be erroneous to say that seeds are formed on a tree. Circumstances of the cosmos created an individual yet the pinnacle of development/evolution of an individual also is the humungous cosmos. A small balloon on bloating becomes very big. Paravak is the name of that very air which by bloating a small balloon called an individual renders him/her gigantic and can now be comparable to Brahman or Almighty God. No doubt energy of the atom is gigantic yet the energy of cells is even infinitely greater. An engine is big but the driver is bigger. An atom vibrates due to certain forces and this capacity to vibrate is present in conscious energy which can be called the cosmic existence of a cell.

The Shrutis say:

Vishnumukha vai devaicchandobhi rimanlokanan pajapyamabhyajapan.

Demigods are mouth of Vishnu. They are Cchand (poetic meter) in form. They have removed that which cannot be removed and won that which was invincible. This is a tenet that showcases the unity of Mantratma (devotee) and Vishwatma (God).

Importance of Mantras cannot be based on mere meaning of words embedded in them. A very powerful Mantra from the standpoint of word meaning could be very ordinary. In Mantras you may not see language or poetry embedded in them. Yet this just does decrease the importance of Mantras. Mantras’ importance in fact is directly related to its energy designing. Mantras should be looked upon as Tone or Sound Sciences. Its importance dwells in the vibrations that become active due to its chanting. In various religions of the world have traditional Mantras that have methodologies based on worship, meditation and rituals. In it predominate, assemblage of words. From the meaning standpoint these words may appear ordinary and with a very miniscule gist.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

Mantras possess 4 types of energies:

1)      Validity energy

2)      Fruit or result bestowing energy

3)      Amplifying energy

4)      Importing-exporting energy

The above has been detailed by Maharshi Jaimini in Purva Mimansa literature. According to him the validity energy of Mantras is that which encompasses teaching, addressing and commands. These can be said to be related to word meaning.

By sanctifying Kund Samigh, Patra Pith, Ajyacharu, Havi, Pith etc using Mantras, method of rendering their subtle Prana radiant, Mantra chanting, rituals, Nyas, resolve or Ritwijas or Yajna priests, austerity based on sexual continence, food and via other methods and do’s and don’ts Mantra’s fruit or result bestowing energy gets activated. Within actions for fulfillment of desires this very energy of Mantras with the help of various methods awakens and fulfills desired goals.

The 3rd energy is that regarding amplification or rendering that which is less into more. Even miniscule materials offered to Yajna fire by becoming gaseous spreads out in the entire environment. If a little oil is placed on water it spreads on the entire surface of water. Similarly the body, Mantra chanting and organs used for it maybe little yet energy emerging from friction akin to sparks emanating from a matchstick despite appearing miniscule ooze with the capability of becoming a blazing forest inferno. Mantra practices done by one lone individual can influence many other people, materials, atoms and cells. Hence know that over here it is the amplifying energy that is at work.

The 4th energy capable of importing-exporting can produce special power if done by a person of extraordinary potential, in a special place, with the help of special people, using special apparatus along with special methods of Mantra chanting. Vishwamitra and Parshuram had executed Gayatri Mantra practice for a special mission, along with usage of special methods and thus they attained desired results. Since Vasishtha could not fulfill Dashratha’s Putreshti Yajna (to sire children) it was Shringi Rishi who did the needful. This was the energy of importing-exporting in Shringi Rishi.

The body of a Mantra devotee must be disciplined and mind must be focused. A devotee whose energy scatters here and there is hollow and he/she cannot imbibe Mantra aura in the soul. A diseases woman undergoes miscarriages and cannot give birth to healthy babies. This is the same story for a devotee devoid of self control. In a story of Mahabharat Ashwatthama and Arjun let loose a Sandhan Weapon that worked on Mantra Energy. On noting its terrible form Vyasji stood in their midst and asked both of them to recall their weapons. Arjun being a Brahmachari (sexually continent) could recall it but ashwatthama failed to do so because he was devoid of self control.

In Shatpath there is description wherein an argument took place between Nrumegh and Yarucchep as to who was successful in Mantra chanting. Although from Nrumegh’s throat smoke appeared but Yarucchep on chanting Mantras induced fire in wet wooden sticks. Hence Yarucchep told Nrumegh: You merely know Mantra chanting at the surface level whereas I have realized its very soul.

Kautsa Muni maintains that Mantras are meaningless. Over here what is being said is that importance should be given to sound flow and weaving of words in Mantras and not its word meaning. Goals are fulfilled not via meaning of seed Mantras like Hreem, Shreem, Kleem, Aime etc but via their sound flow. This mystery has been unfolded with greater clarity by the author of Naishadh Charitra in the 13th Sarga. The entire scientific world is well versed with the extraordinary influence of music on bodily and mental health. If sound is let loose near a glass tumbler with uniform speed, the tumbler shall break apart. Soldiers are asked not to march in uniform tandem on bridges. This is because the sound force emitted by this marching shatters the bridge. When medium tone music is played, ancient ruins of Stone Hives of Inden start trembling. Hence over there not only music but singing too is disallowed because rhythmic music/drums can induce falling of these archeological remains. It is the basis of this very Sound Science that Mantras have been designed and created. Their meaning is not all that important. Hence Kautsa Muni calls Mantras ‘Anarthak’ or devoid of meaning.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

Fire is a center of energy. It is only by learning application of fire that man has become so powerful. Due to fear of fire violent beasts like lion and tiger run miles away. With the help of fire rail engine works, planes fly high, factories are at work, weapons are used, food is cooked and electricity is generated. If fire were not to exist life too could not sustain. A synonym of fire is life. Hence in Mantra practices fire rites are conjoined to it. There is a scriptural command to keep an imperishable fire in the Yajna hall, an imperishable flame lamp while chanting Mantras and after an Anushthan or worship program is completed an Anupatik Yajna must be performed. During occasions of various festivals and religious programs Agnihotra must be performed because mantra Energy used with reference to this can exhibit its miracle in totality.