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30 May


The work arena of the Avatar existence of Almighty Lord is the subtle world. Those people imbued with divine energies gathered for a great length of time are induced to carry out tasks like era balance, managing and reforming world public and uprooting those elements that act unethically.

Whenever a particular type of problem erupts in this world, at that time in order to induce apt balance a divine consciousness manifests from the subtle world in our mortal world. The biography of Avatars encompasses Lilas or divine sports like repairing a drowning boat called this world and saving it from terrible gigantic eddies via their divine skills and enterprise.

At the commencement of world creation when only water existed everywhere and only waterborne creature existed, at that time the Matsya or Fish Avatar manifested to overcome mismanagement. It first manifested in Brahma’s Kamandalu or water pot as a very tiny fish. Later it started magnifying its girth so as to become a gigantic fish which gave Brahma inspiration to render widespread world creation. As per this command Brahma commenced this task and created divine men.

When both on land and water creatures proliferated at that time balance was generated by Kacchap or Turtle Avatar. Under its leadership tasks of churning the ocean or Samudra Manthan and also transformation of nature or Prakriti were enacted. Innumerable glorious people and materials that arose from this churning played a major role in advancement of this world.

It was only the Varah or Boar Avatar that could have unearthed wealth hidden in the ocean floors by the demon Hiranyaksha symbolizing narrow minded selfishness and further uprooting demonic elements of the world. This was exactly done and thus the mission was accomplished.

Whenever demonic elements cross all limits of unruliness and arrogance at such times gentlemanly behavior with them never works. At such times Lord Nirsingha or Half Man and Half Lion manifests and his enterprise leads. The Lord saw the situation and realizing the need of a half man half lion form, fulfilled his promise of uprooting demonic elements in the world and protecting gentlemanliness.

When there was a need of converting beastly behavior like selfishness, hoarding of excess wealth and sense titillation activities into large hearted generosity, under the leadership of Lord Vaman the voice of tiny, small and pigmy like world laymen spoke boomingly which forced a wealthy demon like Bali to utilize his untold wealth for world welfare tasks. This then was the Avatar of Lord Vaman.

After this the goal of all Avatars like Parshuram, Rama, Krishna and Buddha was one i.e. opposing the alarming rise of unruliness and demonic attacks and instead nurture goodwill and gentlemanly behavior the world over. The leadership of colonialism was uprooted by Parshuram by using weapons. The meaning of chopping off heads was uprooting arrogant egoistic use of various powers wielded by various leaders. Thus that task was executed by the Parshu or axe which no other human power could execute. Rama reinstated discipline in life in an all round manner and rendered earth devoid of demons so that none could cross boundaries laid down by law. Krishna believed in ethics. He in order to root out lowly situations that result due to man’s vile thinking imbibed the principle of ‘Shathey shathyam’ of ‘Vishasya vishamaushadham’ by showing farsightedness regarding diplomacy and hatched plots by enemies. As a result he walked ‘lopsidedly’ so as to remove one thorn from the body using another thorn. Thus his task got fulfilled. He was an extraordinary Avatar of his era.

In those days when taints entered the institution of religion unethical behavior in the form of alcohol intake/eating flesh etc under the garb of religion rendered the world mismanaged and religious vanity gave grief to world humanity, Lord Buddha in order to establish true religion, organizing gentlemanly people into a congregation and to give a supreme spot to Viveka or true discrimination, incarnated in this world. It was the Lila of Lord Buddha to blow the bugle of ‘Dhamam sharanam gacchami, sangham sharanam gacchami, buddham sharanam gacchami’. Due to his divine call of awakening right from the small Supriya to Ambapali, Anand, Rahul, Ashok and others came forward enthusiastically. Thousands of his followers left for various regions to spread the message of true religion, they established Sanghas and spread the divine light of thought revolution in every nook and corner of the globe.

Today’s situations are much different than those situations mentioned above. Since situations changed the Lord too had to change the basis. The stature and work arena of an Avatar widens as per arrangements for world progress. In a world led by means and actions, weapon usage is enough. But today everywhere rules the intellectual principle. Everywhere we see tainted intellects misuse wealth, talent and authority of all kinds. The advancement of modern science has rendered the world a tiny global village, world humanity has been rendered closer to each other and mobility has improved astoundingly. Under such circumstances the Lord’s Avatar can only be in the form of Era Consciousness. It has to be so cosmic and widespread that every world human psyche is transformed, the mind oozes with goodwill towards all and only then atheism can be combated successfully.

The root frame of intellectualism of Lord Buddha was that of thought revolution. In the first half moved the Wheel of True Religion. Thousands of followers imbued with true religious sentiments not only spread Buddha’s mission in India but much beyond its borders so as to sanctify religion the world over. Buddha’s mission was not totally fulfilled and the final task yet it is to be executed. Prajna Avatar is doing exactly this. In an era that predominates with intellect and logic its problems too are thought oriented. The entire society flows in the stream of belief and thinking. At such times the working method of an Avatar by finding solutions to problems of this era via a thought revolution that uproots undesirable elements, unethical thinking and blind beliefs so as to harbinger a Golden Era or Satyuga.

When revered Gurudeva manifested in this world, the great requirement at that time was overcoming undesirable thoughts in world human psyche and establish a wholesome taintless intellect. Hence the Mahabharat War of this era was fought in the arena of human consciousness and via the inspiration of Super Mantra Gayatri the goal of creation of faith based on goodwill along with its augmenting was attained. An individual’s character/thinking and what is the mode of trend of society? Its definite analysis was achieved via the gigantic widespread nature of this Super Mantra. The giver of birth of divine culture i.e. Devmata and Vedmata after many great efforts is about to become the World Mother which shall be seen in the near future. It is on the basis of this thought flow that a cultured well advanced world shall be neo created.

On the day of Gayatri Jayanti wherein Prajapati Brahma uttered the Richas of Gayatri Mantra and Mantras were written as Vedas, our revered Gurudeva shed his mortal coil. For that humanly embodied great Avatar who had imbued a divine intellect in thousands of humans was there any other supreme day wherein order to render his psyche subtle (Sookshmikaran) straight landed in the lap of Mother Gayatri who bestows salvation or Moksha on all?

Our revered Gurudeva imbued Ritambhara Prajna or discrimination and faith in the psyche of world public and led them to portals of greatness from the pit of lowliness. Viveka or discrimination is that which includes logic, facts and farsightedness. Shraddha or theism is the name of that deep faith that teaches us to adore supreme ideals. Where Viveka is the highest stature of the intellect there faith is the supreme attainment of the psyche.

At the surface level the stream of terrific energy flowing in the subtle world appears calm and ordinary. Yet within in actuality, it possesses a hidden explosive potential, akin to a fiery volcano. When it explodes then straightening that which is lopsided and overcoming the undesirable it transforms everything positively. This rare extraordinary potential that is mobile in the subtle world is called an Avatar. The chief mission of an Avatar is to fill up high stature divine zest in its own Lila body and also in messengers of God and great men possessing divine energies. Great seers can actually visualize these invisible movements in awakened souls and hence they say that this terrific onrush of an Avatar converts an imbalanced word into a balanced one. In these days all this is taking place.

Under the guidance of his subtle bodied preceptor our revered Gurudeva played the role of a Nishkalank or Taintless Prajna Avatar and created such a terrific thought flow that the confluence of faith and discrimination manifested in the form of era consciousness and divine energy while he was yet alive. The present Avatar manifested as a divine thought flow hence instead of limiting it to the physical body we must understand that this divine existence by becoming very subtly focused spread out the world over. It corrects erroneous intellects and forces an awakening in highly intellectual world humans to take recourse to true faith and farsighted discrimination. The proof of this is rise in number of awakened souls and thought based consciousness which is enveloping the entire world. This then is the Taintless Avatar which is the 10th Avatar.



28 May


Scriptural authors have in great detail written regarding the deep import of chanting or doing Japa of Super Mantra Gayatri in a prescribed methodical manner. There is no literature available wherein a detailed description of the individual and cosmic great benefits of chanting or doing Japa of Super Mantra Gayatri have not been included. Suppose it is not possible to chant it with 100% precision yet know for sure that chanting Super Mantra Gayatri in any state be it a sacred sensitive meditative state good benefits shall definitely accrue. Behind it not only resides the great importance of inspirations oozing in Super Mantra Gayatri, from the standpoint of CChand Science (rhythm) the network of words woven have their own importance yet its psychological importance is so stupendously potent that Mantra chanting seems to be a complete scientific procedure.

In reality the human body is such a complex machine that in order to understand it thousands of scientists, biologists, medical doctors etc are conducting research studies on a war footing the world over. Yet whatever data accrued from this is but miniscule in comparison to that which yet remains to be unveiled.

Whatever has been understood regarding the human body by Yoga spiritual practices is much more when compared to studies done by modern science. Via very difficult Yoga based austerities adept Yogis enter the deep inner recesses of consciousness. In this manner such Yogis and spiritual seer Rishis unearthed that the human body is but a tiny image and reflection of the infinite gigantic cosmos. In it dwell such subtle Yogic Chakras or subtle plexuses, Koshas or Sheaths, glands, nerve networks and centers brimming with divine potential that on noting them we perforce accept: ‘Yat brahmande tatpindey’ which means whatever exists in this infinite gigantic cosmos (macro) is present in the human body (micro). This body which is a model of this infinite gigantic cosmos with a humungous area of 130,000,000 light years in actuality if termed the most extraordinary machine of the world knows that it certainly is not an overstatement. Mantra Japa is such a science wherein by repeating chanting of words again and again that very much akin to aiding the emerging of sweet musical tune from a flute in which air is blown into its holes, by generating that potential from bodily energy centers, it shall seem a miraculous feat for the ordinary lay public. In the awakening of these latent energies Mantra Japa chanting plays a major role. Via it soul consciousness reaches glorious peaks of uplifting. It is hence that that every world religion be it Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Baha’i etc in its mode of worship and devotion to Almighty God Mantra Japa chanting is compulsory and mandatory.’%20ENERGY%20AND%20ITS%20SUCCESSFUL%20MANIFESTATION.htm

The reason why amongst all types of Mantra Japa chanting that of Super Mantra Gayatri is given supreme importance because the high stature spiritual philosophy of Super Divine Intellect or Mahaprajna dwells in it. Via the inspiration of a great pious intellect great Rishis of yore who thought only about the well being of world humanity gave supreme importance to it to the extent by calling it Vedmata Mother of Vedas, Devmata or Mother of Divinity and Vishwamata or World Mother. Not only in Hindu Religion but that in other sects and religious communities also it has been given an apt spot. Mahatma Gandhi the Father of our Nation (India) believed Super Mantra Gayatri to be the foundation pillar of World Religions and Cultures. He also said that whenever in future world peace shall usher in it shall be on the basis of the divine inspiration of Super Mantra Gayatri.

Super Mantra Gayatri is totally scientific in nature and its mode of doing Japa is not merely psychological in nature but is a science of sound energy that has its root in rhythm and proper tunes.

Over here it is not desirable to delve deep into the complexities of that science. Instead via Japa or chanting how is the soul consciousness rendered high stature? Our aim is to give more information with reference to this. Japa or chanting is a very scientific procedure that aids a person to become aware of his inner consciousness and create a firm bond with divine cosmic consciousness called Almighty God in layman’s parlance. If a devotee of a preliminary stature executing Gayatri practices-Sadhana deeply understands the psychological foundation of Mantra Japa chanting then half of the problems faced like mind going astray, meditation being very superficial etc gets solved immediately. The remaining problems get solved in a short time span.

Psychologists and psychiatrists the world over in order to train and control inner consciousness have demarcated 4 foundation stones and all these 4 dwell in Mantra Japa chanting. Japa can be termed the confluence of these 4 foundation stones. They are:

1)      Repeating the Mantra again and again.

2)      Whatever has been awakened or that which has been repeated again and again must be rendered a part of our inner personality and being.

3)      Rejoining those relationships that had broken apart previously and thus re establish them on a firm footing.

4)      Rendering the stature of our faith, aspiration and trust very profound.

In philosophical terminology the above 4 are described thus:

  1. a) Self introspection
  2. b) Soul purification and sanctification
  3. c) Soul neo creation via positive transformation
  4. d) Soul advancement towards peaks of glory

These are steps on a ladder. Mantra Japa chanting has 4 steps in its ladder and only by climbing these can you reach the cosmic divine soul called Almighty God. Within this despite no Yogic type technique is noted yet there is so much steadfastness that by imbibing merely this one basis mankind can reach the high state of soul uplifting via self introspection.’%20ENERGY%20AND%20ITS%20SUCCESSFUL%20MANIFESTATION.htm

Lest this deep import of Mantras was without an apt reason none would advise sincere Gayatri devotees-Sadhaks to chant Gayatri more and more on a daily footing and thus waste their precious time and honest efforts. Hence such inspirations of Mantra Japa chanting are given to devotees because the above 4 powerful psychological pillars are at work in it. These aid the devotee to rise above a demeaned downfallen state and reach great heights of glory. These 4 powerful psychological pillars cut asunder the veil of Ajnana or spiritual ignorance covering our soul and thus our soul emits radiant divine light. Mantra Japa chanting helps us in achieving such brilliant soul glory.

Shikshan is the 1st role of Sanskars or psychic imprints. In the entire world no literate person is such who without entering this stage has completed school education. In the initial stage every student has to commence with repetition. Even in Mantra Japa chanting the Mantra has to be repeated again and again. Without this desired Sanskars or psychic imprints do not emerge.

That ‘Dhee’ principle prayed for from Almighty God embedded in Super Mantra Gayatri that bestows on the devotee a sacred radiant intellect, cannot become a Sanskar or psychic imprint merely by chanting it once only. Our mental screen is like that rough uneven ground wherein without digging, using a plough etc if we sow seeds in it, our labor and precious time shall go in vain. In order that the seed of Mantra practices bloom forth via Japa its ‘tilling’ is most required. Via Japa a devotee practices self introspection within his inner personality and thus taints, distortions etc hiding there can be uprooted. It makes plans to destroy and throw them out. In order to aid reinstating of divine Sanskars or psychic imprints firmly deep within the mind there is no other method available. Japa in a way is like pounding, brushing and a turning machine with the help of which taints and dirt clouding our mind and psyche get washed thoroughly. From this commences the emergence of brilliant shine in our inner recesses of the soul. Hence each Gayatri devotee must chant Super Mantra Gayatri daily, regularly, at an appointed spot and if possible in defined numbers. If you chant this Mantra a lot sometimes and very less at other times in a wayward manner a mockery like situation shall crop up like heavy rains somewhere, famine elsewhere seed sown somewhere and no seed sown elsewhere. If spiritual practices are done for a long time span regularly only then do the doors of success open wide.

In the 2nd step of soul advancement knowledge of our limitations or self introspection is made a very part of our inner personality. Thus the more we become clearly aware of our inner taints the more we start despising them and hence we start throwing them out of our psyche. If we remain satisfied merely by doing self introspection our Japa shall be termed half complete. The more speedily we destroy and evict our limitations, weaknesses and biases bossing over our inner nature the more shall we experience close proximity to Almighty God deep within our soul. In this stage no doubt a situation of hide n seek or sunlight-shadow sets in because our vile pursuits, desires, yearnings and tainted activities that have gathered in our psyche since innumerable lifetimes they try their best to throw us down again and again in the crater of a downfall. But yet the devotee realizes that he is not this physical body made of flesh, bones etc but that he is the soul. Although in a temporary manner he can be called the body yet he is infinite fold more spiritual in nature. Hence the devotee truly understands that it is sheer stupidity on his part to ignore tons of spiritual wealth merely for greedily amassing fleeting material wealth measuring 1 ounce. Hence seeing that his well being lies majorly in spiritual pursuits only, he retracts from selfish greedy material endeavors. He atones for any error or sin committed knowing or inadvertently. He makes a firm mental resolve or Sankalpa to rectify his mistakes and never repeat them again.

Man’s director or manager of his life is someone else. Just as no joy is experienced when the string of dancing puppet dolls break apart, just as a son feels very sad on getting separated from his beloved father, just as a bulb can no longer be lit when its wiring loses contact with the main powerhouse generating electricity, similarly when the living being’s soul separates from Almighty God, only ill fate comes his way.’%20ENERGY%20AND%20ITS%20SUCCESSFUL%20MANIFESTATION.htm

In order to render highly advanced our consciousness, the 3rd basis of Psychology and Psychiatry can be successfully fulfilled via Mantra Japa chanting only. During the time of Japa our consciousness gets self focused and thus clearly recognizes its spiritual nature. The more this recognition becomes clearer the devotee by digging out past memories and thus reflects mentally over his past. Naturally we feel as though we have got separated from Almighty God. Finally this feeling of separation itself is the root cause of our sorrow. Hence again and again the devotee calls out to his benefactor: O Divine Mother! Please stop me from jumping into this dark gloomy wealth called the material world. In this stage when the body gets cleansed along with the psyche very naturally the mind gets filled with positive thinking that eggs the devotee to imbibe ethical activities based on sacred lofty ideals.

The 4th stage is that of maturity based on steadfastness in spirituality. Even via Mantra Japa chanting a devotee can conjoin to his light illumined form of Savita or sun deity radiance. The more this state becomes profound the more the devotee experiences himself as the brilliance of Savita divine light called ‘Ayamatma Brahman’, ‘Tattvamasi’, ‘Sohamasmi’, ‘Shivoham’, ‘Chidanandoham’ etc. This very inner state is called Samadhi or trance, Turiyavastha or attaining Almighty God via Self Realization. In order to reach this advanced mature soul state this type of Mantra Japa chanting must be done. Hence there is no need to pursue other difficult Yoga practices. It is because of this that Japa is called Yajna and Applied Science. Japa on its own can lead the devotee to total self fulfillment in the form of Self Realization.

Via Japa on using power embedded in Mantras such hidden mysteries of world creation can be unfolded that as of now have failed to be imbibed by the modern scientific brain yet they can be said to be beyond the ken of ordinary mundane imagination. Lest this were the case the highly educated scientific research fraternity would have oozed with these types of spiritual experiences. But facts speak otherwise wherein so called highly literate, thinking people and experts are entangled in this illusory net called the material world. On the other hand less educated Gayatri devotees but full of sacred sensitive sentiments are capable of imbibing within high stature soul power.

The reason for the above is that the root basis of success in Mantra practices is ‘Akshar Vijnana’. No doubt Mantras overflow with infinite energy yet we must not forget scientific laws residing in Mantra’s word weaving. Vijnana means a principle or theory based on precise mathematics. Definitely it can be termed strict discipline. In this along with inner purity and sanctity it is most required that daily and regularly we do Mantra Japa chanting. By doing Japa daily at a fixed time Japa must be done with rhythmic chanting. If you chant Mantras very fast at times, very slow at other times, sometimes with lethargy, sometimes with mental alertness etc such wayward chanting shall reap only unclear and complex results. The reason why use of a rosary or Japa Mala is recommended is that the gap between 2 Mantras uttered is same and not less or more. Ordinarily in 1 hour 10 or 12 rosaries of Mantra chanting can be completed. Hence this discipline chanting can be gauged by using a watch clock. Yet to attain total all round benefits of Mantra Japa chanting each day, at a fixed time, at a fixed place etc Japa must be done with strict regularity. If for some reason the fixed place has to be changed do so but try and observe the fixed hour as much as possible for Japa. Behind this operates a scientific law.

Via Mantra Japa chanting done methodically the experiences and very thinking of such devotees becomes so profound that the true nature of world creation is aptly understood. Material benefits are such akin to when going on a pilgrimage we may buy some required materials on the way in towns, etc yet the root benefit only can be our soul getting transformed into divine cosmic consciousness. Those who attain this supreme benefit in reality become a Jivanmukta or one spiritually liberated while yet alive in physical form. Such a person’s life truly becomes gloriously self-fulfilled. This is the major substratum of success in Super Power Gayatri practices of Japa, worship and meditation which by following regularly shall definitely reap super mundane and spiritual benefits.’%20ENERGY%20AND%20ITS%20SUCCESSFUL%20MANIFESTATION.htm