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In a way man’s body is a mobile electric power house. On its basis infinite parts/organs attached to the factory called the body function and amazing computer like parts attached to the brain are controlled by it. The functioning of gigantic machines/technology is dependent on powerful engines and motors. Maybe the human body is not so gigantic yet it’s designing and functioning is complex and sensitive in an extraordinary manner. In order to control it continuously it is but natural that power of high stature is made use of. Its apt measure accompanies us right from our birth and via its usage it is possible to render active in a well self managed manner life’s required functions.


For creation of vital electrical force the human body possesses all means and mediums. Dynamo, armature, magnet etc are present in it. In every organ those juices and bio chemicals are present which generate electrical force. Blood circulation moves this motor and on its basis this electricity is generated ceaselessly.


Within the inner designing of a cell is an important part called mitochondria. In other words it can be termed the electric powerhouse of cells. Food, blood, flesh, bones etc ultimately come to the mitochondria to get converted to energy. This energy keeps active all cells and its collective activity is seen as controller of all beings. This energy can be called micro Prana or micro vital force. The collective form from all bodies can be called macro or great Prana and its cosmic consciousness can be called Cosmic Prana. Within the unit of a cell the micro energy of micro Prana is present exactly in that form wherein Cosmic Prana is active. Despite the difference akin to a drop and the ocean in reality both are interdependent. If the units micro Prana within the cell are not united Great Prana can never come into existence. In the same way if Cosmic Prana did not exist the basis of food digestion would be absent and circulation of electrical flow in the cells would not be possible.


With the help of electricity heater, cooler, fans etc function. Its utility thus can be understood but in this process obstructions too have been noted. Material electricity cannot become electricity of beings and yet electricity of beings can conjoin to material electricity. Such strange happenings have been seen many a time wherein human bodies have been seen to work like dynamos or small generators.


Many examples have been seen wherein one perceives extraordinary electrical flow in the human body. By itself a certain amount of electrical power is seen in everyone but it has its own limits. For desired goals it is used in such a way that it should not be wasted in unwanted tasks. Suppose you touch someone and you don’t get an electrical shock it does not mean that electrical flow is absent totally. Human electricity found in everyone which is called Prana in spiritual parlance sometimes crosses the limits of the body and when touched does give an electrical shock.


  1. Smith a lady of Ireland had so much bodily electricity that when one touched her an electric shock was the result. Under the leadership of Dr S. Craft a lot of research was undergone and obviously there was no ‘sleight of hand’ seen. From every standpoint it was proved that it was none other than bodily electricity but the question arose as to why so much excess of it existed in the body? Its cause was not understood by them.


Near Berlin (Germany0 in a small village Missouri Cedelia  when a girl turned 14 years of age suddenly electrical energy started circulating in her body. The girl’s name was Janie Morgan. Her body was now like a powerful battery.

One day using a hand pump she started collecting water but strangely electrical sparks were seen as soon as she touched the pump. The girl was scared and told her family all that had happened. Initially everyone felt some electrical current must have passed through the pump but when the girl was examined it became clear that electrical current flowed in her body. Whatever she touched gave an electrical shock. In a certain way she became ‘untouchable’. Researchers and scientists in order to know the cause and therapy made great efforts but success eluded them. After many years of this condition persisting, the electrical flow on its own started diminishing and by the time she became a young lady the problem disappeared. Only then could she start leading a normal life.


According to the report of Society of Physical Research within America itself more then 20 ‘electrical humans’ exist. If more research is conducted surely in other countries too such human beings can be found. Colorado’s W P Jones and his associate Norman Log has conducted deep research in this field and have concluded that that there is nothing amazing about it. It is an ordinary extra activity of the body. When the electrical covering of the nucleus of cells become loose, ‘leakages’ occur. At such times the outer layers of the body manifest electrical current. In reality immense amount of electricity is already present in every cell of the body. These researchers opine that although based on place and utility differences between electricity of creatures and material electricity is demarcated yet principally both are the same.


Researcher Jones himself was an electrical man. He had gained fame because when he walked barefoot on soil he helped unearth many mines of various ores. Due to his touch objects made of various metals started dancing akin to toys displayed by magicians. When he touched children the latter yelled out due to experience of electric shock.


In the Medalia region of Montana State of USA, lived a mobile ‘battery’ in the form of a girl called Janie Moran. Whoever touched her experienced an electrical shock.  At night in darkness her body was full of light. In sheer dark areas she easily traveled due to light emanating from her body. Those who walked along side her felt her to be a living lantern. If up to a 100 watt bulb touched her body it got lit. This girl lived up to the age of 30 years and till then lived alone like an ‘untouchable’ in her small lonely home.


In the village of Wandon of Ontario, Canada lived a girl up to the age of 17 years. Material made of metal stuck to her body. Hence her food plate was made of wood or glass.


Tokyo’s (Japan) National Medical Research Institute has researched a lot in such fields and made some important conclusions. Scientists of this institute opine that on an average a human body has that amount of electricity which can light up 25 to 60 watt bulb. When the fingers of our hand touch the knob of a transistor, the sound emanating, augments in intensity. When the fingers no longer touch it the sound diminishes a fair bit. This proves our point. Amongst incidences of human electricity majority show that electricity manifests more on the fingers of the hand and leg. Despite this observation the cause of this unlimited force has not been unearthed.


Just like India even Japan has spiritual inclinations and is a center of Yoga practices. Like an average Indian their liking for spirituality is natural. Via an incident Japanese scientists tried to conclude that although the cause of electrical force present in the human body is unknown yet in who so ever this extraordinary condition is found a psycho analysis says that such people were either born with spiritual tendencies or that as time lapsed by ESP (Extra Sensory Potential) manifested in them. With reference to this a girl of Geneva Janet Dernie’s example is very important for us. In 1948 when Janet was 16 years old she got some disease. Her weight started diminishing. Up till now there was a lot of electrical force but now it started depleting. Yet even now when her fingers touched some metal object sparks emanated. Now she naturally went into deep meditation. She experienced extraordinary things in meditation. She fore saw many events which later proved to be true. Whatever she spoke about particular individuals it came true. She described things thousands of miles away as though they were right there in front of her eyes. On researching into this it became clear that those events or objects far away were absolutely true. For a long time, scientists researched into these potentials of Janet and found them to be true. Despite this they were unable to unveil the cause of the sudden emanation of sparks or electricity.


It may be that chemical analysis does not prove this but that thing which exists will manifest in any form at any point in time. When London’s famous muscle disease specialist Dr John Ashcroft was told that in his own city an 11 year old girl Janie Morgan manifested extraordinary electricity in her body and that none could touch her, he could not believe it. He had never even imagined that a body made of bone and flesh could manifest a principle like fire and a powerful force like electricity. In order to test Janie Morgan he went to her home. With confidence he held out his hand to shake that with Janie’s. Janie wanted to avoid it but Dr John Ashcroft shook her hands with his. After that what happened was very amazing for the doctor. In a shock he fell far on the rug. After a great length of time when he regained consciousness he was seen to get himself examined by another doctor. Dr John Ashcroft accepted totally that Janie’s body manifested electricity up to 1000 watts. Ordinary electricity gives ordinary shock but if a man weighing 150 pounds is flung so far away the electricity has to be extraordinarily potent.

In reality it was true. Those who came in contact with Janie got the above experience. One day Janie was standing near her door. A many selling locks passed by. He asked Janie to buy a lock. Janie refused but yet giving her a promise to sell the lock cheap he placed it in her hand. Thus his hands touched Janie’s hand and the condition that resulted made passers by stand there in a crowded manner. The lock seller on getting the electrical shock got flung backwards. After a great length of time when he regained consciousness he quickly collected his materials and ran away. After many such incidences had taken place Dr John Ashcroft decided to research Janie’s condition. And yet because of such high electrical voltage in the body he could not decipher or conclude anything in a major way.


A worse situation had to be faced by a man who had fallen in love with Janie. Janie who was fed up with this extraordinary state of hers was looking out for emotional security. She was happy to find this young man but because of fear their relationship was limited to show of emotions only. Both were scared to touch each other. One day in an Opera the young man invited Janie for a cup of coffee. After drinking coffee when Janie tried to get up she slipped and fell on the rug. The young man tried to save her but when he had just touched her he himself was flung afar to a table. Not only he bore this pain but many hot coffee cups on the table burnt him up. Only after some treatment was given to him that he managed to reach home. For many people who attended the Opera this incident was mind boggling and thus Janie’s fame reached wider circles. But this young man never again looked in the direction of Janie. Even scientists tried examining her but they too faced the same sorry state. No one understood the cause of the potency of this human electricity. Till 1950 Janie lived like a live electrical storehouse. But later, by itself this electrical force dwindled to virtual naught.


A similar incident of medical history was seen in Bonden of Antria region. One day a 17 year old girl of this area called Carolyn Clare suddenly fell sick. Because she was bedridden for one and a half years her weight reduced from 130 pounds to 60 pounds. Although she came out of this illness she got afflicted by a new one. In her body due to magnetic force quite a high voltage of electricity manifested. Those who touched her experienced a shock. If she touched metal objects they stuck to her hands. Antria Medical Association analyzed her minutely but the report could not give any specific cause for it. Some discussions were made simply based on possibilities and probabilities. After a few years by itself this extraordinary state of hers slowly disappeared.


A 3rd incident is with reference to the 16 year old Louis Haverger. He possessed extraordinary magnetic force. Any metal object touched by him would stick to him and would loosen their hold only when someone tried to separate them with great force. Under the guidance of Maryland College of Pharmacy a lot of research was undergone with Louis. And yet no major conclusion was drawn from it.


One more incident is that of Japlin city of Missouri. A person called Frank Mac Christie lived there. In the morning hours his body manifested intense electricity but as the day wore on this force started diminishing. In cold season it intensified so much that he experienced great difficulty in walking, resting etc.


A medical report about a child was published in France’s Medical Times and Gazette wherein electricity manifested in is body that gave a shock. This boy born in Lyons city lived for 10 months and was dealt with great care. Else he would fall down on the ground due to a shock. His daily chores were conducted with wooden and those materials which were not affected by electricity. Those articles that came in contact with him were made of wood, glass etc and his clothes were made of rubber. When he died for 10 seconds light blue radiance manifested from his body.


The Health Division of Sondarva village of France’s Jolia region reported about a child whose body manifested electrical waves. When he started dying, doctors noticed intense light rays manifesting from his body which later dwindled to naught.


A 22 year old youth of Australia was brought to New York for medical treatment. His body was like an electric battery. On touching him a magnetic force manifested. When the electric force lessened he experienced agitation. He ate those food items with zest which had more phosphorous. Very rarely he ate food which ordinary people ate.

Moscow resident Miss Mikhelova became an interesting research topic for Russian scientists. With her looks (eyes) she could stop watches functioning or else induced the hands of the watch to move out of turn. A film made of all her activities were sent to many laboratories to unearth how she managed all this. Scientists opine that it was due to the presence of electro magnetic force in the brain region. They say that this force is present in all human beings. Based on certain circumstances in some people this force by itself manifests and with effort it can be augmented too. A Russian scientist called Laksov has designed an instrument which measures the electric waves that manifest from each ones body.


The above examples go to show that the human body is a storehouse of Prana or vital electricity. Due to ordinary sleeping/eating habits, ordinary breathing and weak power of desire we can neither awaken this force or can we make any important use of it. But it is this electricity which via various Yoga practices is awakened and mastered so that Yogis make potent their present world and the next. They definitely succeed in doing so which for laymen appears miraculous and mind boggling.


In this manner like that electricity which by itself manifests in the body incidences of Prana energy manifesting as fire in the body too have been noted. In reality all material forces can be converted into each other. Hence both types of incidences come under one flag.


Pranagnaya evaitasmin puray jagrati (In this body it is Prana or vital force that burns in the form of various types of fires.)




In many cases this electric fire has awakened in such an intense form that the person who manifested it faced problems. Such an incident took place in Chelmsford England on 20th September 1938. In a grand hotel an orchestra was playing lilting music. There was dancing too and at that time from a woman emanated intense blue flame. Out of fear people stood on the side. The flames now turned red and in a moment the woman’s beautiful body turned to ashes. On 31st March 1908 in Withal England a similar incident took place. A person called John Hart was reading a book and opposite to him seated on a chair was his sister. Suddenly fire flames erupted from her body. John immediately covered her body with a blanket and ran to call a doctor. In 10 minutes the doctor arrived but by then his sister, blanket and the chair were burnt to ashes.


In America up till now 200 such deaths have taken place. A man of Florida was walking on the pavement and suddenly his body emitted fire. Some other people nearby threw a pail of water on him. For sometime the fire was doused. By the time a doctor and secret service agents reached there the water had dried up. Immediately more fire erupted and was there for many to witness. That person was now burnt to ashes. In an article of Florida’s Medical General, scientists were amazed to note that man’s body consisted of 60 percent water. To burn it heat of the degree of 5000 Fare height is required. How does it suddenly get manifested? In bodily cells fire flames are found in the protoplasm but they are so well controlled that the body does not get burnt. It is only when protoplasm is converted into higher plasma that fire erupts. How does all this happen suddenly? Till today scientists have given no answer for it.


Electricity that gives shock manifests only sometimes in certain people’s bodies, but in an ordinary state it is found in all human beings. It is known to help in various bodily functions. If only the science of its apt usage and proliferation is understood properly man by becoming brilliant psychologically and with a strong soul force can lead an advanced life.


In the eyes and head maximum amount of electricity can be felt by mankind. It can be felt as sweetness of speech, its harshness or truthfulness. Not only are the thoughts of radiant men bright but that their eyes too manifest luster and their tongues manifesting electricity, which can go deep down. The spiritual practice of will power is in fact a practice of generating divine aura.


Human electricity has 2 streams- one that moves upwards and the other that moves downwards. The upward flow rests in the brain region. When influenced our personality becomes radiant and potent. This electricity manifests as intellectual prowess and will power in the form of valor, enterprise and greatness in terms of ideals. All goals of Yoga practices and those of the path of wisdom are executed via this upward center. The basis of heaven, liberation, Ridhi/Sidhis or Divine Powers are conjoined to the electricity of this region. The aura and radiance found in the vicinity of mankind’s face should be understood as a symbol of this upward moving electricity.


The downward electricity is centered in the genital area. It gives sexual pleasure and allows one to beget children. Over here ensue various types of pleasure, humor etc. All benefits pertaining to Brahmacharya or sexual continence are but miracles of electricity centered in the genital region. Further by awakening Kundalini Energy of Mooladhar Chakra (subtle plexus) a person executing spiritual practices converts himself/herself to a body of divine brilliance and aura.


Like the North Pole and South Pole the upward and downward flow of electricity have different qualities and are far apart from each other. Despite this they are conjoined to each other via the Merudand or subtle spinal cord. When the genitals are excited the brain gets influenced and via great thinking sexual passion/lust can be calmed down considerably. If only the 2 way energy flow is controlled and mastered miraculous type of personality development is noted.

The description of human principles can be made on many bases. On the basis of spirituality and philosophy man is said to be a representative of divine authority and an infinite storehouse of divine potentials. According to materialism man is said to be a laughing-talking body of chemical elements and 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air and space). According to electrical sciences man is a living storehouse of electricity. Blood circulation, inhalation/exhalation, muscle activity etc are self propelling like a pendulum and they fulfill the requirement of life force. The brain by itself is a mysterious electric storehouse wherein nerves make the entire body dance to its tune like puppets.


Electricity of the human body is a visible truth. It can be measured/felt via technological apparatus. It is rare in its own way. In comparison to material electricity it is very high in stature. In comparison to electricity used to light a bulb the stature and value of electricity that shines in our eyes is of a very high stature. Ordinarily when naked wires are touched we get an electrical shock but not on touching human bodies. And yet via touching the body farsighted physical and mental influences manifest. It is hence that in India we touch the hallowed feet of great people/saints. This physical electricity is sometimes seen as material electricity. Thus it becomes crystal clear that man is a walking/talking storehouse of electricity.


This energy is so potent that with its aid man can induce the world’s amazing machinery and technology to work by his/her desire power (Iccha Shakti). Meaning desire power can control vital force electricity. Under general circumstances electricity obtained from food and breathing is used but as and when a Yoga practitioner gets to know/experience first hand that divine authority he/she with the help of desire power augment that energy. Thus any desire can be fulfilled and one can increase ones life span too.


The presence of electricity in the human body is neither less nor of any less importance. If we comb our hair magnetic force manifests. After combing your hair place the comb near a pin of iron. The pin gets magnetically attracted to the comb. Not only in dead hair but the living brain too manifests electricity in great measure. Like other electric power houses here too the ‘make’ ‘break’ process is seen. In this repair utilization of magnetic therapy is highly possible.


In order to make our body and mind lively, zestful and radiant not only must we protect our electrical energy but that it must be augmented by leaps and bound consistently. All this is possible via spiritual techniques like Pranayam (Yogic breathing exercises), piercing the 6 Chakras (subtle plexus), Kundalini Yoga and Shaktipaat (awakening of divine energy via a great realized Guru).


It is this human electricity that helps influence and attracts one another. In youth this electricity attracts a male’s body to a female’s and vice versa. If only it is used wholesomely multifaceted talent, brilliance, radiance and intelligence can manifest. Thus many important tasks can be executed. Brahmacharis who are sexually continent and advance spiritually are known to focus their Ojas (divine aura) on the head region and thus transforms it to Brahmavarchas. It can be said about scholars, philosophers, scientists, political leaders, orators, soldiers, Yogis, men of penance etc that they augmented, controlled and made apt use of their Ojas and vital force principle. In certain cases this energy manifests on its own and with its help, such rare people perform gigantic and otherwise impossible feats.

Whenever Germany’s Hitler fell sick he took help of a Neem doctor called Christen instead of a well known specialist. His fingers were magical. Instead of administering medicines Christen used ‘touch therapy’ to amazingly cure various diseases. In 1868 he was born in Istonia and after the 1st world war he became a citizen of Finland. Later he studied body massage techniques to cure various diseases. He became such an adept that he was called a ‘magical’ therapist. Not only Hitler but his best friend Himler too was cured of deadly diseases time and again in a wondrous manner. Christen by using his influence helped free thousands of Jews who were facing death as a result of Hitler’s tyranny.



15 Jun


The symbols of Indian Spiritual Philosophy are said to be Yajnas and the Mother of Vedic Spiritual Sciences viz. Gayatri. They are also called the parents of Indian Spiritual Wisdom and Science. Entire spirituality takes birth when they unite. When a father and mother unite a newborn babe takes birth in this world. This fact too is applicable totally to Gayatri tenets.


What is the meaning of Dwija? It means taking a second birth while yet alive. The thread ceremony or Yajnopaveet gives one a second birth. At that time he/she enters the arena of divine culture. In order that an animal-man gains entry into a divine species’ womb he/she must methodically worship Gayatri as mother and Yajna as fire with sacred devotion. This is true imbibing of divine culture.


Super Mantra of 9 words and 24 alphabets is truly a Guru Mantra or preceptor Mantra. After imbibing it in the truest sense of the term animal man dispels wards off tainted psychic imprints and instead imbibes divine culture. Man possesses 9 characteristics. They transform an animal man into a divine man. Those who imbibe them appropriately are called Dwijas. This matter does not end here. That religious imbibing of great qualities has to be done even in the form of a Yajna. Gayatri Yajna is the ‘marriage’ between Wisdom and Action. In that in our day to day professional, social and other transactions both knowledge and science have to be imbibed. For every devotee of Indian Spirituality minimum one rosary of Gayatri Mantra chanting is a must. One rosary takes around 5 minutes of chanting. In today’s fast paced lifestyle there are many who cannot chant this observing proper injunctions like first bathing, then meditating etc. Hence our scriptures compassionately allow such devotees to mentally chant Mantras for at least 5 minutes in a deeply meditative state of mind without bathing or following other dos and don’ts.


Scriptures ordain devotees to perform 5 Yajnas daily on the similar lines of regular Gayatri Mantra chanting. There are many who cannot daily offer 5 Ahutis of the 5 Yajnas while chanting Mantras akin to Sandhyaa Vandan. Such devotees are advised to offer 5 spoonfuls of food before eating it to Yajna Fire. Those who cannot do this even must offer the first Roti (Indian wheat bread) to a cow looking upon her as ones divine mother (Gomaataa). Growing a pigtail (Shikhaa) on the scalp and wearing the sacred thread (Yajnopaveet) on the chest is akin to installing Gayatri in the temple of our body. In the same way daily feeding a cow is a Brahma Yajna. Hence even such sacred actions are equivalent to offering 5 Ahutis of the Pancha Yajnas. Gayatri’s symbolic worship in the form of a Shikhaa or a Yajnopaveet and Yajna’s symbolic worship in the form of feeding a cow daily is imperative for a devotee of Divine Culture.

If soul uplifting is our aim we are advised to perform high leveled Gayatri Meditation. Along with this on a daily basis one must execute Yajna activities. Gayatri Japa requires mental focus via Mantra Chanting whereas Agnihotra requires Yajna materials like Charu, fuel, Ghee etc. Those who cannot procure all these can perform Agnihotra utilizing only wooden sticks or Samidha to light the Yanja Fire. Its sacred mission is that despite a lack of material means Agnihotra must be performed via physical labor and available basic means. And thus we are exhorted not to ignore or abstain from Agnihotra at any cost.


Material Science deals with forces of matter and that obtained from its atoms after ‘attacking’ them. Without this nature’s forces do not manifest. In the same way in order that soul forces manifest and augment it is imperative that Gayatri and Yajnas be utilized. These 2 Super Powers have been associated with traditions of worship and reading scriptures etc. There may appear differences as far as worship etc methods are concerned due to existence of varied sects and yet Gayatri and Yajna per se are universal in nature. Japa is an action associated with Gayatri. Spiritual energy is the Fire of Yajna. The more fuel is added to both the more intensity manifests and hence Gayatri chanting has many levels. Speeches are 4 in number viz. Vaikhari, Mahyamaa, Paraa and Pashyanti. They correspond to the speeches of man, Super Men, Rishis and Almighty God. With the help of which ever Gayatri practice is executed of a particular level that very stature of electrical energy will manifest. Four types of priests conduct Agnihotra viz. Hotaa, Acharya, Udgaataa and Ardhavyu. The type of Yajna Fire lit depends on the type of their inner personality and the Charu used and thus a particular type of divine endeavor is fulfilled. With respect to hearing Gayatri appears akin to Mantra chanting. Similarly the energy manifesting in Agnihotra makes any object lit in it hot equally. And yet their subtle influences vary as much as the ground and the sky up there.


If only Gayari Meditation is done with greater alertness and oneness of the soul our personality will develop more radiantly to that extent. On the one hand without doubt our personality develops brilliance when it imbibes good qualities, actions, character, ideals and greatness and yet Gayatri Meditation goes further than this. This is because Gayatri can reach the very deep layers of our psyche. Good qualities proliferate only when apt opportunities and situations are available. Lack of these creates man’s downfall and many a times veers towards obstructions. Gayatri Meditation never allows this to take place. It goes into the deeper recesses of our psyche/soul. Thus bad qualities and bad company too does not hamper such a devotee. Great Rishis of yore time and again faced obstacles and attacks of demonic men and yet they remained ever so calm and serene. In order to transform society they did so living amidst vile people but they paid no heed to their bad influence. The reason is one wherein Gayatri Meditation reaches the very core of ones inner being and hence obstructions cannot veer them away from their spiritual goal.

For purification and development of ones personality so as to ma it brilliant Gayatri Meditation is a sure shot avenue to do so. It is an easy natural method to increase our blood count via proper dietary methods and yet during emergencies blood donated by a pious donor is injected into the patient’s blood stream. We all know that high stature lifestyle augments purity and radiance in an individual but this can be achieved via special Gayatri Meditation techniques too. There are so many methods of Gayatri Purascharan which generate special potentials in the devotee’s personality. With this potential dire obstructions are overcome and special needs are fulfilled. So one the one hand it is a daily activity but on the other hand during dire times it proves extremely beneficial too.


In texts pertaining to spiritual practices Gayatri is called Brahmasstra or divine weapon. It can both, ward off attacks or create attacks. In the Vishwaamitra Kalpa of Gayatri Tantra Gayatri’s aim of attack is described. In the Lanka Kaanda of Ramayana Meghnaad attacked Lakshmana with this Brahmaastra and the latter was almost killed. As per Vaidya Sushena’s advice Hanumaanji procured the Sanjeevani herb and with its help Lakshmana’s life was restored. In the Indian epic Mahabhaarata too there are many descriptions wherein Brahmaastra has been used. Further methods have been depicted wherein dire attacks which could take ones very life were warded off.


Maharshi Vishwaamitra is the supreme seer (discoverer) of the Gayatri Super Mantra. He had mastered Gayatri Science from its very roots. He had asked Dashratha to send Lord Rama and Lakshmana to protect his Yajnas from demons. For a great time span Maharshi Vishwaamitra had taught the art of Balaa and Atibalaa in his hermitage. For this end Vasishthaji had given him due advice and encouragement. It was the result of preliminary experimentation that in their youth Lord Rama and Lakshmana could overcome vicious demons like Subaahoo, Maaricha, Taadakaa etc. Later there are many episodes where there were mediums that helped Rama as described in Lanka Kaanda of Ramayana. A direct war had taken place between Ram and Raavana but in its subtle aspect Maharshi Vishwaamitra’s divine energy was playing many roles in that terrible battle. Amazing incidences have been described like Hanumaanji uprooting a mountain, his burning Lanka city, entering Ashoka garden, remaining invisible in the eyes of venomous demons, crushing Surasaa’s ego etc. These mysterious acts were not Hanumaanji’s personal feats but were powers attained subtly from Maharshi Vishwaamitrai’s Gayatri Meditation prowess.


Sacred texts give us a symbolic description of a pot being filled with Rishis’ blood from which later Seetaji the one who overcame demons was born. In actuality under the leadership of Maharshi Vishwaamitra other rishis had performed Gayatri Mahapurascharanas in a congregational manner. With this potent collective force the vile activities of terror generating demons was pounded to dust. The energy possessed by demons like Raavana, Ahiraavana, Meghnaad, Kumbhakarana etc was not ordinary at all. By itself it was not possible to overpower them as easily as they were. In this battle weapons could not show any miracles because it was soul force that depicted its glory.


In historical and mythological texts many descriptions are detailed wherein with the help of spiritual powers not only certain people overcame hardships but that with the help of miniscule means and in a short time frame they attained success. In fact there have been times when they helped attain victory in battles and wars that were extremely violent and terrible and thus such vile foes ran away tails between their legs.

Pondicherie’s (India) great sage of austerities Shri Aurobindo Ghosh was an extraordinary devotee of Gayatri during his times. In order that his motherland India escaped the clutches of imperialists he wished to perform a great feat.  He had to combat that government (England) whose land’s sun never set. India’s citizens were facing darkness for virtually 2000 years. Hence Shri Aurobindo Ghosh’s desire was indeed asking for the impossible. For this many intellectuals of India had tried their hand and yet there was no light at the end of the dark tunnel. Any method utilized bred failure only. At that time the great sage Shri Aurobindo Ghosh performed gigantic austerities keeping a vow of silence (Mauna). Its results were stupendous for all to see. In those 20 years such super great souls took birth in India which awakened the layman’s psyche and forced the imperialists to rethink its plan of permanently ruling over India. In world history one has witnessed the birth of great men/women time and again who were social reformers, political leaders, scientists etc but nowhere have so many been born together as seen during India’s freedom struggle. Just as in summer many violent cyclones erupt in the same way results of Yogi Aurobindo were seen when he performed Mauna austerities. None had before that even dreamt that one day the British imperialists will run away tail between legs. And yet this seemingly impossible task did become possible at the appropriate hour. Congress regained India’s independence. This can be said to be a great wonder of the world. Those who lived in the vicinity of Yogi Aurobindo know fully well that under his divine guidance Divine Mother and other great devotee’s performed intense Gayatri Meditation practices.


Within a well planned divine format Maharshi Ramana, Yogi Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Samarth Ramdas and many other great saintly personages had carried out high stature Gayatri Meditation practices. In its gross aspect many Yuga Rishis inspired Indian citizens to chant Super Mantra Gayatri. So many Munis and great thinkers call Gayatri not merely Mother of the Vedas but also Mother of the World, Mother of Divinity, Tarantaarini, Kamadhenu or wish fulfilling cow, nectar, touchstone, wish fulfilling tree etc. There are many methods of spiritual practices pertaining to Gayatri’s Yoga aspect that is divinity based and Tantra aspect which is demonic based. Hence Gayatri is called the Mother of Indian Culture. Over here it is wise to note Yajna is inseparably conjoined to Gayatri spiritual endeavor.


Gayatri is called a Shabda Baana or Word of Arrow. It is a divine weapon and its usage and results are extraordinary. In the same way within the realm of Agnihotra acts of lighting the give same results as far as sacred fire burning is concerned. Its form and touch harbor no special differences. And yet if analyzed minutely it becomes clear that subtly the difference is definitely enormous. The fire of hunger is a quality whereas fir of forest etc that convert into Yajna Fire have many categories. In its visible form Yajna Fire is of 3 type viz. Aahavaneeya, Dakshinaagni and Gaahrpatya. But within the spiritual realm they number 5 in all. In the Yama-Nachiketa dialogue of the Kathopanishad these 5 have been elucidated. There are thus 5 types of fire or Panchaagni. The 5 Pranaalis too are fire’s form. 5 Demigods too are fire manifest. In reality they are Divine Energy streams of the 5 Pranas or Vital Forces. In order to light them, fire or other fuel are not required. In the Bhagwad Geeta with reference to this God says that Yogis offer their Vital Force to the cosmic Prana which is called spiritual Havan.


Kundalini Super Power is called the Fire of Vital Force. Its ordinary heat energy is called life force. But when its 6 ‘eddies’ in the form of 6 Chakras start moving speedily it takes the form of Ridhi-Sidhis. The intensity of this divine inferno is of various types. It is most certainly unlike the fire used in cooking or the heat experienced when the body gets high fever. The same holds true for Gayatri’s word based sensitivity. It cannot be found in men, birds, beasts, worms, musical instruments etc. It in fact emerges from a conscious sound vibration flow that is different from material objects and it merges into consciousness itself.


This is an extraordinary word flow of Gayatri. It is described in the form of Vital Force Fire. Those who deeply realize/experience this Supreme Light Gayatri and Supreme Energy Yajna Fire do not require anymore wisdom or knowledge. In order that not one human being be denied it every wise person should be asked to himself/herself perform Yajna and Gayatri chanting and encourage other laymen to follow suit. So what if it is in the form of an ordinary symbolic worship method.

Importance of Divine Tradition is dependent on that Spiritual Science which is the confluence of Gayatri and Yajna. The more one marches ahead on this sacred path the more one shall ooze with Divine Powers. In order that none lack this special grandeur and human glory scriptural seers ordain us to include Gayatri and Yajna in our day to day activities.


8 Jun

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH STUDIES AND EXPERIMENTS’_scientific_research_of_spiritual_sciences.htm

Without doubt spiritual applications are scientific in nature. Rishi literature describes in detail, Yajna methods, Yoga practices, meditation, Mantra Science etc and their influence on the body, mind and intellect and also warding off of gross and subtle diseases. If man makes apt use of these he can live a long life as mentioned in spiritual texts. Today Western Medical Science is indeed deeply studying mental and psycho-somatic diseases. And yet right since ancient times Yoga Sutras and other sacred literature have given their root cause and method of overcoming them. Spiritual Sciences opine that a sound mental balance and high stature thinking is not only required for material gains but that it is most required for advancement of man’s spiritual arena and rendering man’s physical and mental body sound and healthy. It is therefore that great Rishis of yore encouraged mankind vociferously to imbibe spiritual practices, healing methods and faith in God along with great thinking. All this comes under the umbrella of Soul Studies.


Actually spiritual practices were not meant for mere healing of diseases and illnesses. This is because at their root certain principles exist wherein the psyche was made powerful via awakening of subtle centers. Blooming vibrations of the psyche evolves our vision positively and directs our bodily actions in a wholesome manner. Without watering the roots of a tree it is futile to expect it to grow and give us luscious fruits, colorful flowers etc. Spiritual Sciences encompass Yoga practices, Yajna rites and Mantra Science for the all round health of mankind i.e. the body, mind and soul are nourished under their jurisdiction. Material Sciences have erred by focusing exclusively on the health and comfort of the physical body. Hence indirectly they ignored the uplifting of mankind’s sacred sentiments at the soul level. As a result the world over, we are witnessing the horrifying scene of the downfall of human, spiritual and ethical values. Thus it goes without saying that along with physical well being the mind and soul too needs ample nourishment. Once our character and soul are made taintless man will experience infinite peace and bliss. The path of material and spiritual progress will be thrown wide open and amazing Divine Powers will be ours for the keeping.


Today’s generation demands visible proof based on sound scientific research. If we fail to test Spiritual Principles with apt scientific experimentation people will continue to gaze at them atheistically. Today because our ancient spiritual sciences are looked upon skeptically man is forgoing all material and spiritual benefits attained by imbibing spiritual precepts. Hence Brahmavarchas Research Institute uses very scientific modern technology and apparatus in its hi-fi laboratory. With its help we will give sound evidence to one and all which will then encourage world humanity to imbibe a spiritual vision via spiritual endeavors. This great responsibility of scientifically proving the priceless nature of Spiritual Sciences is being handed over to great modern scientists and gifted spiritual thinkers. We humbly request them to work in tandem and focus all their attention on this great task for the benefit of the entire world.’_scientific_research_of_spiritual_sciences.htm

By itself there are scores of research laboratories all over the world. Billions of dollars are used up to construct these well equipped research institutes. In them medical sciences and material sciences are researched into scientifically. Great scientists right from the discovery of penicillin to a test tube baby have persevered hard to serve mankind in an amazing manner. They have lived lives akin to that of great saints, sages and Rishis who were known for their penance and austerities. Many research papers have been published and many more will be published in future. Every scientist while taking up a research project accepts in his/her heart of hearts that theirs is a humble effort. They may face disappointment or attain their goal after undergoing many failed experiments. Thus each scientist like a sports person takes up scientific projects gamely. Scientific research is nothing but a spiritual endeavor. Their underling aim is nothing but service to world humanity/beings. But alas that seriousness and focus shown towards research of material science was not shown towards proving the scientific nature of spiritual principles by modern day scientists. It serves no purpose by either eulogizing or demeaning spiritual precepts in a superficial manner. It is hence that Brahmavarchas Research Institute took up this onerous task of testing ancient spiritual tenets in well equipped scientific research laboratories. We have realized that without giving scientific proof of the great importance of spirituality no one in this modern age of information technology is going to imbibe it. Thus the world will miss at their own peril great spiritual principles that can uplift world humanity both materially and spiritually.


Within this realm stray and scattered efforts have been made. Special emphasis has been laid on Parapsychology. In the western world the scientific basis of Extrasensory Potential (ESP) hearing sounds from great distances, seeing things at great distances etc is being researched into on a very gigantic scale. If the aim is merely idle curiosity the principle can never be understood deeply. Indian Spirituality not only proclaims the powerful nature of such capabilities but has also elucidated well designed methods (Yoga etc) that basically cover spiritual practices (Sadhana). In reality this arena is very widespread. The mysterious subtle layers of the human body and the wondrous aspects of this gigantic cosmos stand before us with infinite aspects of research. The need of the hour today is to place it in front of world humanity using sound logic, precepts and scientific proof. Our Brahmavarchas Research Institute has taken up this great challenge and will prove the same after intense experimentation and research studies.


Keeping in mind the gigantic nature of our research target it becomes crystal clear that more and more scientific means, technology and gifted scientists from the world over are required. We sincerely hope that in every nook and corner of the globe this endeavor is taken up in a responsible manner. Based on the so far limited means available a huge laboratory has been set up. And yet the potential for it to become widespread is limitless. We are hoping that by and by it will become widespread.


The human physical body is made up of matter. Therefore its anatomy and physiological functioning can be easily understood using scientific apparatus, machines etc. More subtle than this is the mental layer. Its center encompasses the forehead right up to the base of the spinal cord. Within the field of Psychology the anatomy of the brain and the rise/fall of ones thinking are studied. Without doubt we can say that some very important findings have been unearthed after studying it scientifically. And yet we cannot conclude at this stage that it is the absolute truth and reality. This is because whatever has been understood by great scientists regarding the body and mind has been limited to its material/worldly aspect only. And therefore these findings (so far) can influence only man’s worldly/external/gross life. One can say that their ultimate attainment encompasses nourishing good health in the physical body and balance of the mind.


And yet the fount of the existence of consciousness is the ego or ‘I’ and it lies in a much deeper layer than the physical and mental layer of human existence. The focal point of a sound and balanced personality is this ego. The nature of man’s inner life/personality is totally dependent on the ego’s aspiration and beliefs. It is the root source or fount of man’s life force. In spiritual parlance it is called Antahkarana or psyche. The psyche has an independent existence and its very own science. It is in this secret center that man’s aspiration and beliefs either progress or get demeaned whatever the case may be. This subtle mysterious layer needs to be purified and nourished desirably in order that man attains true power and radiance. What we call will power and soul force actually manifests from this realm and it is from here that man attains genius like brilliance in various fields of life (Sport, Art, Music, Science, Mathematics etc). Divine glories too are said to emanate from here. If man’s psyche is kept healthy and balanced external situations transform positively. This then is verily the nature of a healthy world society that exudes eternal peace and bliss. Before understanding the scientific basis of spiritual techniques its fundamental philosophy needs to be deeply imbibed.


Brahmavarchas has 2 aspects viz. philosophy or divine wisdom and the other is austerities (Sadhana) or Yoga based spiritual philosophy. Knowledge and actions come under theory and spiritual practices come under practical. It is this practical aspect that mainly helps us unearth priceless jewels of our psychic energy. The knowledge aspect is being studies from a philosophical viewpoint which is the soul of experimentation and research. Along with this the results of its practical nature (austerities etc) too is being analyzed deeply. Over and above spiritual practices the reactions of Hatha Yoga have been studied in a very minor way which encompasses the functions of bio-chemicals, hormones etc and man’s life force. And yet so far an in depth study that is all-round in nature has not been conducted in this arena. By ‘all-round’ we mean such an analysis which gauges the purification and transformation of the body, mind and soul. We are definitely not deriding those scientific conclusions which encompass only gross functions and which encourage bodily might via Asanas (postures) etc. And nor are we deriding superficial mental exercises in the name of ‘meditation’. Instead our humble endeavor revolves around imbuing omnipotence in these efforts which will aid an all encompassing transformation of man’s personality. This will give him/her mental peace and at the world level the foundation of Neo Creation will be laid down firmly.’_scientific_research_of_spiritual_sciences.htm

Those rock solid foundations of scientific research are required to be laid down for today’s demeaned human society which will help manifest material/spiritual prosperity, world peace and brotherhood for ages to come. If this takes place divinity will dawn in humanity and heaven will descend on earth eternally. Doubtlessly this is not our wild figment of imagination and instead is a bare reality which will be witnessed by one and all in the next few decades to come.


What exactly is the wholesome influence if imbibing of spiritual practices in day to day living? In order to analyze this question those means are required that are used by modern well equipped research institutes in order to find cure for common and rare diseases. In the preliminary stage we have taken up the following spiritual methods: 1) Yoga practices 2) Yajna Science 3) Mantra Science. We are testing these 3 ancient healing methods on the basis of scientific research and experimentation. The means used are the priceless modern scientific apparatus set up in our laboratories. Majority of these are manufactured in India. Others are being imported from other nations. Air conditioned laboratories have been set up for these expensive equipments. Of course it will take some time for the laboratory to be set up fully. At the moment we have set up laboratories in such a way that the preliminary research work can commence without any hitches. Yoga practices, Yajna Science and Mantra Science are very much interconnected. Hence there is no limitation to the utilization of scientific apparatus used in their research.


Medical technical apparatus required for testing heart functions in the Cardiology Department have been set up. Heart ailments are akin to a curse resulting due to a fast paced modern lifestyle. Daily life tensions, irregular/unwholesome eating habits and lack of faith in God leads to heart ailments and death in many cases. Medical specialists are constantly trying to unearth the root cause of heart diseases. Is it cholesterol levels rising in blood vessels or is it hypertension? Many research papers have been published in this context. Industrial/corporate progress has augmented man’s comforts and sense pleasures in a big way. But alas simultaneously heart ailments too have risen perilously. If sheer medicines were able to cure them it would be fair enough but medical specialists many a times dESP (Extra Sensory Power)air when after realizing that billions of dollars have been utilized for heart ailment research yet majority of the times death overtakes cures tried for this disease. They have set up Intensive Care Units that make use of extremely expensive medical apparatus and yet everything is not rosy as it seems. This is where Spiritual Sciences can take over and prescribe methods for cardiac disease cures. It can show world humanity a new direction and a new form of life. Their singular aim is to intensify aspirations/beliefs within the realm of Yoga practices, meditation techniques, devotional practices and thus make man’s mind tension free. Gross cures wherein we try to decrease fat content in blood vessels or try symptomatic cures is merely an external form of trying to cure heart diseases. If anyone aspires for sound health it is imperative that he/she leads a balanced controlled lifestyle, makes one vision sacred and focused and harbors pure sentiments of well being of all world creatures. On the basis of this very principle Brahmavarchas has designed a wholesome form of Yoga practices and austerity based rituals.


The Electro Cardiogram (ECG) checks on how good/bad our heart condition is by measuring the heart beats, speed and electrical waves. It is made up of the Auto-recorder, Heart Rate Meter and Cardioscope. Our institute is equipped with Telemetry too wherein a spiritual aspirant without being aware is tested by a wireless set up. While a devotee undergoes spiritual exercises his/her various electrical changes along with their vibrations are measured and noted. If and when required they are recorded too. The area where spiritual practices are undergone is constructed in the Cardiology section itself. This has been done so that the effects of meditation, concentration, Mudras, Tratak and other spiritual practices carried out for a certain time span can be researched into. In the Cardiology Department of any hospital a patient is made to undergo certain bodily exercises and then an ECG is taken. This is done to find out whether he/she will be prone to heart diseases in future or not. Our research institute too has set up such facilities. At the moment (pre 1991 A.D.) with the help of a general exerciser an ETT is taken. We are making arrangements for a treadmill. A special point to be noted is that that aspirants are taught to overcome possible heart diseases in future by performing Yoga techniques and Yajnas in a scientific manner. We are using various forest herbs in Yajnas so as to establish their usefulness in overcoming heart and other diseases. Further detailed discussions on this topic have been elucidated in the Yajna Therapy chapter of this e-book.


The Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus) are situated in man’s subtle body. Yoga Sciences tell us the Ajna Chakra is situated in the heart region (bosom). Although western Science does not deal with spiritual illnesses, Spiritual Sciences certainly have done the needful. Even Western Medical Scientists accept that a person full of mental pressures and hypertension becomes a victim of heart related ailments. Thus the cure lies not merely in administering medication. Instead emphasis should be laid on making the psyche more potent and intensifying ones will power. The mode of atonements is a major aspect of spiritual psychic healing. A spiritual aspirant can gain good health via Satsang (association with saints) in an atmosphere of penance, scriptural studies, various Yoga techniques, Yajna therapy using various herbs and Mantra chanting. And yet all these wholesome effects cannot be seen by the naked eye or our gross eyesight.


Everyone is well versed with the great importance of Pranayam (Yoga breathing techniques). Medical specialists’ slogan one can say is ‘imbibe deep breathing’. And yet this advice has been given by Indian Spiritualists right since time immemorial. It is not possible to measure the effects of imbibing of Prana (Vital Force) which is a Yogic technique of breathing. And yet what we can measure is its gross reactions, extra capacity gained o function better by our lungs, the rise in the purification function of our blood, the added capacity to flush out toxins from the body and augmenting ones life force. For measuring all this we are using a Vitalograph, PH Meter and Blood Gas Analyzer. The Vitalograph graphically measures the capacity of lung based functions PH Meter analyzes our blood and Blood Gas Analyzer measures our oxygen, carbon-dioxide and bicarbonate levels. All these 3 instruments have been kept in the Pulmonary Department. Over here records are taken down regarding transformation of every air unit entering the body while inhaling/exhaling, analyses of gases present in the blood and the balance of acid/base contents.’_scientific_research_of_spiritual_sciences.htm

As a result of industrialization many new diseases have emerged in the past few decades. We can say it is a curse of modern lifestyle and culture. When we inhale poisonous air enters our blood stream. As a result our lungs cannot fully exhale venom (of diseases) that gathers in each cell of our body. In this manner our life force slowly but surely gets extinguished and diseases get a free entry into our body. Via Yoga breathing techniques (Pranayam) our life force can be made powerful which in turn gives our bodily cells enough power to counteract germs, bacteria etc of various diseases.


The Pulmonary Research Department tries to prove how diseased lungs can regain good health via spiritual practices, Pranayam and forest herbs used in Yajna Therapy. The blood of those who live a life of eat, drink and be merry is basic and their breathing is very fast. As against this the basic nature of the blood of great Yogis is significantly less and their breathing is very slow and serene. It is because of this that Yogis manifest an aura of divine light called Ojas and Tejas. Our research goal is to prove the scientific basis of all such descriptions found in ancient texts.


Today the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is measured using scientific apparatus. Initially via spiritual practices the metabolic functions of the body are made minimal. Thus the amount of energy used up by our body is decreased significantly and the remnant energy is utilized for apt mental and spiritual goals. Thus the BMR apparatus is used in our laboratory for this purpose.


Our research institute is definitely not established on the lines of a nursing home or a pathological lab that tests blood, urine, etc to pinpoint various diseases. This is because all arrangements made here for research studies has a more sacred and extraordinary purpose. Our Microbiology Chamber subtly examines scientifically the blood of each spiritual aspirant (Sadhak) and other bodily units like urine etc.


A very major question asked by modern scientific research is: The high rate of germs and toxins in the human body is caused by our life force diminishing or is it because their potential to attack the human body is on the rise alarmingly? Medical scientists are regularly inventing new antibiotics and vaccines to counter attack various ailments. And yet say for example a vaccine is found to counterattack Virus A the latter tends to mutate into a new form. Therefore the vaccine after a short bout of success is later rendered redundant. In other cases newer forms of germs, bacteria etc proliferate in the human body so as to manifest a totally new illness. In addition to this newer forms of medicine simultaneously add more side effects in a patient’s body. There was a time when sulpha and chloromycin were successfully used to counter certain illnesses. But today doctors accept that they have many side effects and hence hesitate to administer them. These medicines that have ‘played around’ with man’s life force are slowly losing their effectiveness in the mind of laymen the world over.


What are the biochemical changes seen in the human body as a result of spiritual practices, Yajna therapy using forest herbs, Yajna ashes (Bhasma) etc? All this is recorded in the Biochemistry Laboratory using various apparatus and research techniques. The main apparatus used is a Calorimeter. For subtle analysis, microscopes of various magnification lenses are being used. These apparatus are used to find out the influence of Yajna fumes, forest herbs and Yajna remnants (ash, clarified butter etc) on bacteria, fungus etc that cause various diseases. From this we can find out whether the various organs of the body are augmenting their capacity to destroy disease based germs, bacteria or not. With the help of the Calorimeter the various bio-chemical components of the blood are analyzed. The total biochemical content of the human body can be recorded by analyzing its urea, sugar, cholesterol, enzyme and other contents. Five big rooms have been converted into a single air conditioned laboratory for this purpose.


Other reagents and parallel apparatus are being used to aid further research. They are chemical balance, autoclave, distillation set, water bath, hot air oven, isolation chamber, centrifuge and thermostatic hot plate. These are also used for other research studies in other labs. Thus these are the instruments in our institute and the goals vary.’_scientific_research_of_spiritual_sciences.htm

Another lab has been set up to analyze the contents of Yajna fumes. Via Orset/Gramlorens Gas Analyzers and Gas Chromatography techniques various gases in the Yajna fumes are detected and measured. What are the gross and subtle differences between the ashes collected from Yajnas that used forest herbs and those Yajnas which used Samidha (wood)? What is the influence of these on various bacteria, toxins etc that cause diseases? This too is being deeply researched into by us.


What are the levels of herbs inhaled via Yajna fumes and those imbibed via the mouth and blood? To answer these questions we have taken recourse to Pharmacodynamic principles along with other testing methods.


The periphery of research is gigantic and its potential unlimited. If all the tasks are taken up at one go it will be difficult to attain true fulfillment of research. Hence research directors have designed a compact plan wherein all the aspects of the 3 main pillars of spiritual healing will be covered one after another so as to put forth our results in the coming years. Within this the chief area of research is the analysis of hormones secreted by endocrine glands of our body. The findings of hormonal based research are quite minimal at the moment. Modern scientists have so far dealt with only the gross aspects of the hormonal structure and its functions. These miraculous glands are the authors of increase in bodily strength, good health of our genital organs and creation of a strong willed personality. Asans (postures of Yoga) are subtle exercises. Apart from this Yoga techniques like Mudras, Bandhas, Pranayam, concentration, meditation etc strongly influence hormones, glands and Naadis (subtle nerves). These secretions greatly influence man’s psyche, intellect and body. These very secretions induce tenderness and emotions in the female gender. As against this secretions in the male body manifest bodily might and tough mindedness.


All spiritual practices, religious vows/rites and austerities are executed so as to neo create ones personality/character in a positive wholesome manner. Over here emphasis is not laid on augmenting bodily strength instead man’s subtle energy potential is nurtured and nourished. Which center of the human anatomy manifests will power, Sankalpa Shakti or the power of resolve, great thinking and desire to carry out wholesome deeds? It is none other than the pineal and pituitary glands situated in the brain region. Latest research on the pineal gland has given us information about its muscular designing. In order that the stature of our consciousness maintains a high standard the levels of the hormone ceratonin secreted by the pineal gland too is high. For the advancement of our genitals ceratonin is known to influence the pituitary gland. Over here it is important to note that if the research focus in this realm is deepened further all the mysterious coverings of human consciousness can be unearthed. Yoga researchers correlate the Reticular Activating System to the Sahasrar Chakra (subtle plexus) of the brain. This area harbors limitless potential with reference to advancement of consciousness. We have faith that our research endeavor will successfully prove the scientific nature of Extrasensory Potential (ESP) and Divine Powers.


Radio Immunoassay techniques analyze minutely all the secretions of various organs of the body. We will use the same to prove how spiritual practices, religious vows/rites, austerities, Yajna Therapy and Mantra Chanting activate these secretions in a desirable manner. These in turn activate Ojas, Tejas, Varchas and all such divine potentials/powers in the human body.


Mantra Science has definitely thrown a challenge at modern scientists. Since the Adam’s Age it has been depicted as some chanting rite to ward off ghosts etc. And yet the truth is that Shabda Brahman or the Divine Word has unlimited potential. It is on this basis that the mould of spirituality has been cast. Everyone accepts the deep import of music, musical notes (Swar Lahiris), Naad Brahman (Divine Sound) etc. It has been proved that music deepens our mental focus and concentrates it aptly. On the other hand noise makes man irritable and induces stress and tension in his/her psyche. The Sound war wherein Russia attacked Canada with infra radiations is well known. Medical science by using sound science to cure various human ailments has indeed revolutionized the field of medical research and cure.

Ancient Rishis opine that sounds chanted with Samveda notes influences various mysterious layers of the body in a desirable manner. This in turn activates hormones subtle nerve networks (Naadis) and brain region. This principle is being scientifically experimented upon using an Oscilloscope which by measuring sound vibrations finds out how it influences various bodily organs and their functions. This research is also aided by the Polygraph. It is a multi channel instrument which measures brain electrical waves, subtle nerve flows, blood transport, eye ball movements etc. The EMG apparatus measures muscular movements and electrical waves. EMG is a part of Polygraph. It measures the influence of spiritual practices like meditation, Yajna therapy, Mantra chanting etc on our brain, nerve network, blood circulation and other subtle centers of the body. It has been imported from abroad. We will install it in a sound proof AC lab where research is being conducted on Sound Wave Therapy.


Psychological Research is conducted in our Psychometry Lab. Spirituality means sacred Psychology. Modern day Psychologists have so far dealt with only the upper layers of the human psyche. As against this Spiritual Psychology describes the psyche in totality and has elucidated the path of neo creation of ones personality. Over here we are studying the psychological make up of all spiritual seekers and patients suffering from mental diseases. Their reactions, behavior, intellectual capacity etc is being studied minutely. The apparatus used is scientific but the nature of research is spiritual. This Psychiatric Lab has been set up to study the influence of blessings, atonements, religious rites, austerities, endurance, vows, fasts, Brahmacharya (sexual continence for spiritual uplifting) and Yoga practices on the advancement of man’s inner personality.


In the vast garden area of the Brahmavarchas Research Institute those herbs are grown which are used in Yajna Therapy based research projects. Visitors from other parts of India and all corners of the world can come and have a look at all those rare forest herbs actually grown by us which so far were merely heard of by them or read in books. Studies on plants and bio-chemicals are being studies in our lab. This involves exposing various plants to Yajna fumes, energy, atmosphere and energy that manifests when collective Mantra Chanting is executed. A Botanical Lab has been set up to study plant oriented diseases and effects of Yajna techniques on germs that inflict diseases on plants too are being scientifically studied. On the terrace area of our institute a glass house has been constructed along with a green house. This has been done so as to create a total scientific atmosphere for research studies.’_scientific_research_of_spiritual_sciences.htm

The Electromyogram measures the electrical influence on muscles when in a relaxed state. The Solar Heater is a symbol of the material prowess of Savita Goddess. Scientists have made use of solar energy in various ways (working of machines etc). Today with the fear of oil depleting the only alternative source of material energy is solar energy. Indian Spirituality has all along discussed the spiritual might of the sun. In the Gayatri Mantra a prayer is made to Savita Goddess beseeching Her to give an intellect with sacred inspiration. For Savita based spiritual practices a separate hall has been set up. Our Institute is setting up a Solar Battery Charger, Cooker, Heater and an Air Conditioning Plant on the terrace to gauge the material potency of Savita (Sun). Our Institute’s aim can be labeled as amazing simply because we are researching into both the material and spiritual prowess of the radiant sun.


At the main entrance of our Institute an exotic exhibition room has been set up. Over here well trained volunteers explain to our revered visitors the various research activities undertaken by the Institute trough the medium of photographs and technology. This miniature form of our gigantic laboratory and research institute leaves an indelible mark in the psyche of our visitors which would inspire them to join in our sacred mission.


Our research institute has taken up a very sacred task of deep import wherein both materialism and spiritualism are dealt with on an equal footing. We humbly invite great intellectuals, scientists, philosophers, thinkers etc from all corners of the globe to visit our institute and contribute in our research endeavor. With our limited means we have commenced our humble effort wherein we wish that a point of confluence is reached between the precepts of great Rishis of yore and today’s gigantic progress made by modern scientific research. Thus such a compact path can be laid down for today’s demeaned state of world humanity wherein society is neo created, all round advancement rules the roost and that the foundation stone of eternal peace and bliss is laid down for world well being. We request scientists the world over to try and understand the all encompassing nature of our research target. In this manner they too can mould their research likewise and thus help world humanity avail the great utility aspects of ancient spiritual tenets which so far have been looked down upon in disdain simply because its scientific basis has not been put forth in an appropriate manner. Subtle benefits that can be experienced are so cosmic in nature that an ordinary layman can attain extraordinary greatness. There was a time in Indian History when it was akin to a gold mine of great saints and Sidhas and was known to be preceptors (Gurus) of the entire world. Hence our research endeavor is aimed at rejuvenating that ancient glory in a befitting manner. No doubt the future is full of hope and every profound thinker of this world can experience it.


7 Jun


Progress can never be correlated to amassing of material wealth or sense pleasures and nor can it have anything to do with attainment of conducive circumstances in life. In fact progress is totally dependent on how much wisdom has been imbibed by our souls. The more ones inner wisdom is limited the more one is backward. Ones all round powers and capabilities are irrevocably related to how much knowledge/wisdom based wealth is present in ones psyche/soul.


Man’s ethical, cultural and spiritual status is directly related to how sacredly cultured, is his/her consciousness or soul. Mental advancement should also include amassing of material powers and their enjoyment capability. In ancient times man must have been more powerful physically if compared to today’s man. Despite this the state of ancient man’s consciousness was not advanced and hence his all round state too remained lackluster. When one cogitates over the backward state of ancient man it is clear that his/her mental ignorance was so painful and full of shame.


The Associate Curator (Bird section) of the American Museum of Natural History has penned some thoughts wherein he says that tribal men of New Guinea roasted meat of other human beings to fill their hungry bellies. Once, a group of bird hunters reached that area from another alien land. Papua tribes are known everywhere for their barbaric, inhuman acts. No one is allowed to enter this region without a proper security cover yet somehow this bird search group reached this area. The result was that all its members were horrifically killed.


For 45 years a Christian Missionary named Father Ivoschaefer preached Christ’s teachings in Papua region. With his love and kind service he greatly influenced these cannibals. With the help of proper education, health services etc. this great missionary transformed Papua cannibals for better. These cannibals looked upon him as a great saint and hence revered him.


Initially this compassionate and dedicated saint very wisely carved a place for himself amongst these cannibals. Schaefer writes in his book that when he entered this region for the very first time along with a friend all the cannibals surrounded them. These cannibals shouted aloud in order to call 40-50 more man eaters. They all had spears in their hands and started dancing wildly while surrounding Schaefer and his friend. These cannibals were overjoyed because they could now eat human flesh of 2 white skinned men. They would see to it that these 2 men would not escape their clutches. These cannibals were dancing so as to appease demigods before partaking human flesh.

The saintly priest decided to use a ploy. He took out a mirror from his bag and placed it right in front of the face of the cannibal’s leader. The leader was frightened to see his image in the mirror. For these cannibals an object like a mirror was an entirely unknown entity. One by one each cannibal was shown the mirror by the priest. All the cannibals were terrified and thought that this white man is a magician. Hence they were in two minds whether to kill the priest and eat him up. All of them threw their weapons away and bowed down to the priest for blessings. The priest displayed one more magic. The priest had dentures instead of teeth. He removed these dentures from his mouth and waved it in the air for all the cannibals to see. Then again he placed these dentures deftly back in his mouth. The cannibals were so amazed with this ‘feat’ that they truly thought this priest to be a great magician. This gave the priest enough opportunity to work for the betterment of these cannibals. Previously the priest had partially mastered the language of the cannibals so as to help him in communicating with the cannibals.


The pries further writes that cannibals of New Guinea are fighters, heartless, terrorizing, tough minded and lack generosity. If a cannibal of one group enters the area of another cannibal group so as to merely fell even 1 tree the latter become so furious that they see to it that the culprit is killed come what may. While writing about one such attack the priest says that Kangna group of cannibals once attacked the Kararan group of cannibals. The Kangana cannibals chopped off the heads of about 30 Kararan cannibals and brought these heads to their homes. One of these heads was offered as a gift to the priest too.


These cannibals make intense efforts to become a leader or fighter of the cannibal group. At the age of 16 years in order to pass the test one has to chop off the head of his own or a rival group person and present it to his group. For this generally a woman bought from ones own or another group is made use of. These women are easily bought by handing over tamed birds, bird skins, feathers etc. On the day of the festival of killing this unfortunate woman is taken to a shrine of demigods. Over here the 16 year old ‘student killer’ pierces the skin of the woman mercilessly. Once she dies her head is chopped off and presented to the cannibal chief. Now he is elected as a fighter in the cannibal group. Amongst these many such fighters one is elected as the cannibal chief. Once some white skinned men were staying with the priest and the cannibals surrounded all of them menacingly. The cannibals demanded that one white skinned lady be handed over to them for killing. In return the cannibals promised to hand over 20 cannibal women to the whites. This perilous situation too was tided over by using an ingenious ploy.


In ancient times man remained a laggard because of ignorance. Today we take pride in our progress only because of knowledge based materials available for our use. If we so desire that we attain eternal peace in days to come we will have to reach the pinnacle of imbibing human and spiritual values. In the past India had passed through a Golden Era only because of spiritual values imbibed in great abundance by its citizens. Today there is a dire need of world humanity imbibing more and more spiritual values for heralding heaven on earth and making world human beings divine. If one analyzes the past and present world situations it becomes crystal clear that without apt spiritual wisdom a bright future can never be attained by world denizens.

Regarding this wisdom based spiritual practice (Sadhana) Upanishad Seers of yore say:

“Paraanchee khaanee vyatrinat swayambhoo

  Staramatparanga pashyati naantaraatman.

  Kaschidheeraha pratyagatmanamaikshya

  Davrutachakshuramritatvamicchan.”  (KENOPANISHAD 2/1/1).


It means: “The self manifested Almighty Lord created the doors of our sense organs in such a way that they opened externally. Hence we see only external objects and not our inner self. It is only a rare wise soul who in pursuit of immortality encouraged his sense organs to turn inwards (soul) and thus experienced his immortal self or Atman.”


We know a great deal about our external life and the material world of sense objects and yet what is most amazing is that we just do not know anything about our inner self and our inner world. We are so engrossed in our external worldly transactions (eating, sleeping, earning wealth etc) that not only do we fail to study our true inner self but that we do not even think it to be very important to do so. If only we truly realize our true nature, goal of life and duty towards society we will be able to transform our relationship with the world for the better. In this manner this ordinary looking human existence can attain pinnacles of human and divine glory.


In order to carry out our daily life’s chores we possess 9 means to do so: 1) eyes 2) tongue 3) nose 4) ears 5) skin 6) mind 7) intellect 8) psyche (Chitta) 9) ego. It is via these mediums that one gains worldly information. We think this information to be absolutely true and yet a deeper reflection with reference to this tells us that the above 9 means have limited capabilities and give us only relative information. In fact this information is not true in the absolute sense and is also not omnipotent. Vedanta Philosophy calls this unfulfilled knowledge a dream or Mithya.


Due to various causes in the world many sound vibrations are created and each type of vibration has a different speed and movement. Man’s ears can catch only those vibrations that have speeds between 33 and 40 per second. Our ears fail to catch vibrations below 33 and above 40 per second. The flow of sound vibrations beyond this band is so gigantic that we can say that more than half the sound vibrations existing in this world goes unheard by our ears. Thus we can say that our ears hear only a few drops from the mighty ocean of sound vibrations of the world. The rest is totally unheard by us all. This helps us conclude that the sound based information/knowledge attained by mankind is very negligible. Hence we cannot say that we know everything possible about the world.

Knowledge attained via touch (skin) too is as incomplete as that attained via the ear. Further touch sensations give illusory information too. Place a piece of ice on the palm for 1 minute and then dip the palm in ordinary water. The water fells warm when actually it is not. Now place a slightly hot object on your palm for a minute and then place it in ordinary water. This water will feel cold. The water was of one temperature but because the skin touched a cold and hot object at different times the water too appeared hot and cold respectively. Thus how can we depend on our skin for reliable and full proof information? The difference between heat and cold is perceived by our skin only to a limited extent. Our skins cannot bear extreme heat or extreme cold. Thus can we emphatically proclaim that such a skin with limited perception potential can be capable of giving us true knowledge?


At night in sheer darkness our eyes fail to see anything. And yet an owl, cat, cheetah etc can see things very clearly. Modern science says that light exists everywhere at all times. There is nothing like ‘darkness’ in this world. Human eyes can perceive light vibrations only in a limited manner. When the speed of light is less than the power of human eye perception it experiences darkness.


Light waves of various colors move at varying speeds in space. Man’s eyes perceive only a few waves of the 7 colored waves of light. The rest are not perceived by our eyes. A person ill with jaundice sees yellow color everywhere. A disease called retinocytis pigmentasia results in the patient seeing a straight line as a blob or a drop. Take the case of the sky. We all see it as an endless sheet of blue color. Within it we see stars hanging. Yet the question asked is, is this information true in the real sense? Is the sky as limited as perceived by our eyes? Are all the stars uniformly placed in space? Is the color of the sky actually blue in color? Astronomers will definitely answer in the negative and yet what to say about our eyes which insist that the sky is blue in hue?


The same holds true for our nose. We feel that many objects are devoid of smell and yet the fact is that they do possess smell. The levels of their smell too are varied. The nose of a dog can smell all of these and when we get lost our dog can lead us to our homes solely on the basis of smell perception. Specially trained dogs are known to nab criminals who commit theft, murder etc solely on the basis of their smelling capacity. This holds true for the differences as far as fragrance and foul smell is concerned. Many abhor the smell of garlic, onions etc and yet there are others who feel that their meal is not complete without the addition of garlic etc. The same is the case with alcohol, cigarettes etc. Thus how can one depend on the nose sense organ for factual information?


Even our tongue which tastes various food items fails to give us apt information. When a food item mixes with certain secretions from our taste buds our intellect categorizes it as a particular taste (bitter, sweet etc.). If the information given by the brain were to be uniform why would a neem leaf taste bitter to human beings and delicious to camels? Thus it is clear that the taste buds of camels give information of a particular food item which is totally different from that given by human taste buds. The tongue sense organ fails to uniformly identify the taste of a particular food item. Various creatures taste a single food item variedly because their taste bud designing. Uncooked or raw meat is abhorred by human beings but animals, birds etc eat it with pleasure. Dirty food is unacceptable to the human tongue but for pigs etc it is ‘yummy’. When one gets ulcers in the mouth or when one is very ill or when ones taste buds are inactivated with certain herbs etc one does not get any taste while eating delicious food. Thus how can when get ‘direct proof’ of various tastes from our wavering taste buds?

The famous philosopher Faravi says that every object is principle in nature. Every object not only has movement but consciousness too as its substratum. This movement and consciousness pervades not only in objects but in living beings too. Thus how can we deny that behind animate and inanimate objects lies a substratum principle? This substratum can be known by inference and proof too. Which other proof is needed to prove the existence of divine consciousness which is otherwise called God, soul, Atman etc?


6 Jun


Since time immemorial many great sages and saints have performed intense penance by adhering to the precepts of Gayatri meditation. Gayatri is the key that opens the vault of all divine powers without exception. Without Gayatri’s grace the lock of soul liberation can never open. Many devotees have performed Yoga practices to please and get blessings from Rishis, Munis, Rama, Krishna, Shankar, Vishnu, Brahma, Durga, Surya etc. Many have devoted themselves to the formless God (Niraakaar Brahman). And yet each one of them has had to first devote their mind to Gayatri. Without Gayatri’s blessings none of our austerities and spiritual practices have the power to succeed.


Great scriptures proclaim:






MEANING: One may chant any Mantra and yet its Vyahvriti should be done alongside Gayatri Mantra chanting. One may worship Nrisingha, Surya, Vaaraha etc or one might perform Kaul Tantrik exercises of the Vaam Path and yet without Gayatri’s blessings none of them can bear fruit.

Gayatri is the Divine Mother of all the 4 Vedas. Without her help none of the Dakshina Path austerities (Vedic in nature) can succeed truly. Tantriks, Kauls, Avadhootas, Kaapaalikas, Aghoras etc of the Vaam Path require certain powers and their roots lie in none other than Gayatri. Many master the Shabar Mantra without Gayatri’s grace. Hence for a short time span they show momentary ‘miracles’ but later all their powers come to naught. Only that devotee who manifests Divine Powers from their very source attains them ceaselessly and eternally. Mantra chanting without devotedly serving Gayatri can never give long lasting joy and soul power.


Ancient history and mythology (Puraanaas) maintain that Rishis, Munis etc of yore who performed various Yoga based penance did so with the blessings of Gayatri. Lord Krishna in the Bhagwad Geeta says: Gayatri Chhanda Saamaham meaning I (God) am Gayatri manifest. No other Mantra is as suitable as Gayatri to meditate on the Almighty Lord.


In this book it is not possible for me to give a detailed biography of great saints like Vashishtha, Yaajnavalkya, Atri, Vishwaamitra, Bharadwaaj, Naarada, Kapil, Kanaad, Gautam, Vyaas, Shukadeva, Dadheechee, Vaalmiki, Vana, Shankha, Lomus, Taiteraiya, Jaabaalee, Uddaaalaka, Vaishampaayan, Duravaasaa, Parshuraama, Pulista, Dattatreya, Agastya, Sanat Kumaras, Kanva, Shaunaka etc to show how their austerities succeeded only after devoting their minds at the holy feet of Mother Gayatri. It was the power of Gayatri imbibed by great Rishis which helped them perform gigantic tasks for world welfare. Respected readers are hereby encouraged to read ancient spiritual history of India along with Puraanaas (Mythology) and find more details of the lives of the great Rishis mentioned above.

A few decades back there was a great saint who evolved his soul radiantly with the help of Gayatri. Of course there is a possibility that his idol, ideals and principles were different yet everyone had great faith in the Mother of the Vedas viz. Gayatri. Initially he had imbibed the divine energy of Gayatri and thus later he became a great saint. It was due to Mother Gayatri’s blessings that Shankaracharya, Samarth Guru Ramdas, Narsinha Mehta, Dadu Dayal, Saint Jnaneshwar, Swami Ramanand, Gorakhnath, Machindranath, Haridas, Tulsidas, Ramanujacharya, Madhavacharya, Ramkrishna Paramhans, Swami Vivekanand, Ramtirth, Yogi Aurobindo, Maharshi Raman, Gauranga Mahaprabhu, Saint Ekrasanand and other revered saints attained divinity or God Realization.


There are man contemporary saints who either live in society or other mysterious places like mountain caves, forests etc so as to perform austerities. All of them are unswerving devotees of Gayatri. Mahatma Gandhi, Mahatma Malviya, Rabindranath Tagore, T.Subbarow, Sir Radhakrishnan, Jagadguru Shankaracharya, Swami Shivanand and other great spiritual preceptors have given their valuable message on the deep import of Gayatri. Thus we all can benefit tremendously by reflecting meditatively on their message. The founder editor of Akhand Jyoti magazine (our revered author) had devoted his sacred life to Gayatri meditation and had thus exalted his spiritual stature gigantically.


Whether they were Rishis-Munis of ancient civilization or whether they are great contemporary saintly beings, one thing is common to all of them and that is their spiritual goals were achieved due to Gayatri’s holy blessings. All great scholars of various scriptures and Yogic spiritual seekers always were first initiated into Gayatri meditation. After that they were free to choose their idol (Krishna, Shiva, Rama etc) and mode of penance. From the very commencement of creation Gayatri has been the leader amongst all Yoga practices. No other spiritual endeavor is as easy, straightforward, less time consuming and which reaps sure success when one compares them with Gayatri practices. It is only the boat of Gayatri practices that helps us cross the river of this world of pain bestowing dualities (joy-sorrow, profit-loss, good-bad etc). Gayatri is that holy wish fulfilling cow (Kamdhenu) who bestows material and spiritual bliss equally on householder devotees or mendicants who renounce their home and hearth in search of spiritual joy. Both these class of human beings can avail the divine powers as blessings from Mother Gayatri.

The most special characteristic of Gayatri meditation is that those spiritual goals attained by Rishis, Munis, Yogis etc living in forests, mountain caves etc (far away from the humdrum of society) are attained by those Gayatri devotees who live a householder’s way of life i.e. living in a fast paced world. A definite goal attained by Gayatri worshippers is purification and focus of their psyche. Any Gayatri devotee who chants the Gayatri Mantra with one pointed faith and devotion will attain purity of thought word and deed. Vile qualities start diminishing in their psyche and positive, wholesome qualities wax day in and day out. Just as you wash a dirty vessel with soap water so that it starts glistening, just as you wipe of the thick layer of dust on a mirror so that you can see your face clearly reflected in it, just as you remove the thick layer of ash in a coal furnace so that the fire blazes forth brightly in the same way Gayatri cleanses the psyche of its devotee and this helps the devotee’s previously latent divine powers manifest in full strength. Thus not only does the devotee prosper both materially and spiritually but he/she becomes a very important instrument of Almighty God to usher in world peace and brotherhood. Anyone who drinks the divine milk from the sacred bosom of Divine Mother Gayatri (whether a man of renunciation or a householder living in the thick of things) will attain both bodily and mental sanctity.


5 Jun


On the one hand, Gayatri worship is believed to give supreme benefits and is said to be the greatest of all Mantras. And yet on the other hand it is our misfortune that there are innumerable deluded opinions as far as the right to chant the Gayatri Mantra is concerned. Some believe that only Brahmins have the right to chant Gayatri Mantra. Some believe Dvij Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas have the right to chant the Gayatri Mantra.  In reality this prohibition is symbolic.  Gayatri Mantra is most beneficial for people with the psyche of a Brahmin or those who have taken the resolve to become Dvijas (twice born). A true Brahmin is he/ she who by reducing his needs to the minimum, utilizes all his energy for world welfare. Dvija means one who takes a second birth.  Meaning after taking birth as a human being, he/ she takes a vow of activating good will for the entire world in his/ her psyche and this is a divine act.  Thus to the extent an individual executes such divine actions, to that extent Gayatri worship will manifest more and more miracles in the truest sense of the term.


One finds innumerable proof of all this in the holy scriptures. Satyakam Jabal despite being born in an unknown clan, was considered capable enough to imbibe Spiritual Science. Aitereya the son of Itara became the Seer of Aitereya Upanishad.  Maharshi Vedvyas, the son of a fisherwoman, attained the highest slot in the Rishi tradition.  The Kshatriya King Vishwamitra, attained the Brahmarshi status only after pursuing Gayatri worship. Hence by giving up deluded concepts, one should imbibe Gayatri worship and encourage / allow everyone else to follow suit.


Such too are the wrong beliefs as far as a woman having the right to chant the Gayatri Mantra is concerned.  Many opine that women do not have the right to study the Vedas and hence she has no right to chant the Gayatri Mantra that has emanated from the Vedas.  This is a very deluded belief.  Amongst those Rishis who are said to be responsible for the manifestation of Vedic Mantras, many have been female Rishis.  Over here we give a few proofs to prove our point.


In the 24th chapter of Brahma Devta of Rig Ved there is a mention of female Rishis as follows –

Ghosha, Godha, Vishwaraa, Apala, Upanishad, Juhoo, Aditi, Indrani, Sarna, Romasha, Urvashi, Lopa, Mudra, Yami, Shashwati, Surya, Savitri etc. were Brahma – vadinis (female knowers of Brahman or God). These female Rishis were Seers (Dhrishtas) of the (10-134), (10-39), (10-40), (8-91), (10-95), (10-107), (10-109), (10-154), (10-159), (10-189), (5-28), (8-91) etc. Suktas (hymns) of Rig Ved.


We find many such evidences from which it is clear that females too performed and helped others perform Yajnas like their male counterparts.  They were Masters of the Science of Yajna and Brahman (spiritual).  With reference to this many women directed either their husbands or fathers in these Spiritual Sciences.


While describing Manu’s daughter Ida, the Taitereya Upanishad (2/1/4) has labeled her as “Yajnankashini”.  It means “One who has the power to illumine the Yajna principle” according to Sayaracharya.


Ida, while advising her father Manu regarding Yajna, says – I will bless your Yajna fire in such a way that you will attain animals, material comforts and heaven.


In the ancient times, females ran their households too and were immersed in meditation on God too. Both kinds of women worked well in their respective areas.  Those who ran their households were called “Sadyovadhu” and those women who were immersed in Vedic studies, meditation on God and other spiritual practices were called “Brahmavadini”. No doubt the work area of Brahmavadini and Sadyovadhu are different but there was no disparity as far as their basic spiritual rights was concerned (Hareet Dharmasutra 21/20/24)


Both Brahmavadinis and Sadyovadhus were women. Amongst them, the Brahmavadinis were adorned with the sacred thread or Yajnopaveet, they were initiated into Agnihotra (fire sacrifices), they studied the Vedas and begged for alms/ food.  Sadyovadhus too were ordained with the Yajnopaveet (sacred thread).  This sacred thread ceremony for women was conducted during their marriage ceremony.


In the “Mahabharat Nirnaya” Shri Acharya Aanandteerth (Madhavacharya), while describing the scholarly nature of Pandavas’ wife Draupadi, writes –


Great women should study the Vedas like Krishnaa (Draupadi).

Maharshi Dayanand while commenting on Rig Ved (1/1/5) writes that women while maintaining sexual continence study the Vedas upto the age of 24 years and this glorifies human civilization.


There is evidence of women becoming Brahma and Upadhyay (classes of priests) during Yajnas.  In the Rig Ved, women are ordained to attain the Brahma status via their pious character.


In the Rig Ved (8/ 33/ 19) it is said – O Woman! You must walk while looking down.  Do not waste the energy of your eyes by looking here and there, other people etc.  You must remain cautious and cultured regarding your feet. You must wear clothes in such a way that you maintain dignity of your body. If you act thus, definitely you will be capable enough to attain the post of Brahma.


Now we should analyze how exalted is the post of Brahma and which credentials help man attain this post.


In the Shatpath (1/7/4/19) it is said – Because Brahma has the power to ward off all errors of Ritvijas he is the best amongst all priests.


In the Gaupath Uttarardha (1/3) it is said – Only that person should be made Brahma who is the knower of God and Vedas.


So it is clear that both men and women have equal rights over Vedic studies, conducting Yajnas and chanting the Gayatri Mantra.





Do women have the right to chant Vedic Mantras?  With reference to this question, debates have taken place amongst Pandits (Scholars) of Varanasi(India). One girl student named Kumari Kalyani wanted admission in the Vedic classes of Hindu Vishwavidyalaya, Varanasi (India). But based on prevalent beliefs, the University refused to admit her. The University officials declared that according to the scriptures, women do not have the right to study / chant Vedic Mantras.


A lot of arguments for and against this decision took place via letters, magazine/ newspaper articles etc. The newsletter “Sarvadeshik” printed many articles saying that women too had the right to study Vedas. Opposed to this the newsletter “Sidhant” printed many articles which were against women having the right to study Vedic Mantras.  A deputation from Arya Samaj went and met the officials of the Hindu Vishwa Vidyalaya.  In entire India, there was a lot of talk on this subject.

Finally, a committee under the leadership of Shri Malviyaji was appointed in the Vishwavidyalaya to answer this question and many religious scholars too participated.  The committee while making a deep study of the scriptures came to a conclusion that women too like men have an equal right to study / chant Vedic Mantras. This decision was declared on 22nd August 1946 by Mahamana Madanmohan Malviyaji who is looked upon as the very life force of Sanatan Dharma.  As a result, Kumari Kalyani Devi was given admission in the Veda classes of the University and with scriptural injunctions as the basis, women were henceforth not debarred from studying the Vedas. Women too were henceforth allowed to study the Vedas on an equal footing with men.


None can cast aspersions on Mahamana Malviyaji and his associates that they were opponents of Sanatan Dharma.  In fact their faith in Sanatan Dharma is well-known.  What can one say about the intellect of those who rake up buried skeletons regarding the right of women to chant the Gayatri Mantra even after leading personalities of India have aptly answered this question?  One truly fails to understand the psyche of such hard core opponents.


Pandit Madanmohan Malviyaji was the very life force of Sanatan Dharma. His knowledge of scriptures, his scholarly nature, far-sightedness and faith in righteousness was beyond doubt.  Such a great scholar, after due consultation with other wise scholars, has accepted that women have the right to study the Vedas.  Hence if others doggedly refuse to pay heed to their wise counsel, then it will be well nigh difficult even himself, for Brahmaji himself to combat such doggedness.


It is very sad that such people do not recognize changing times.  They do not pay heed to the decreasing numbers of the Hindu society alongwith their waning power.  Instead they keep quoting 10-15 verses which are imaginary or misleading and thus persist in demeaning our country and society at large. Even today there are innumerable names of great women scholars of the past who were well-known. In the Vedas one finds the name of many female Rishis who were Seers (Dhrishta) of Vedic Mantras. Yet dogged opponents instead of paying heed to the above information insist on quoting lines written by selfish people regarding Rishis of the Middle Age and thus they poke their noses in vain in the sacred task of social reformation. Now it is the duty of social reformers to ignore such dogged individuals and instead follow the decision of the Rishi of this age viz. Pandit Malviyaji.


On the basis of facts and research it has been proved beyond doubt that women have the right to chant / study Vedic Mantras on an equal footing with men.  Merely due to wrong traditional beliefs, we should not continue to follow them.  Those who are true thinkers should sit in a lonely spot and ask the following questions to his inner self – 1) If women truly do not have the right to chant Vedic Mantras, why do we find instances in the Vedas wherein there were women Rishis who were Seers of Vedic Mantras? 2) If they have no right to study the Vedas, why are they allowed to join in Yajnas, religious rituals like Shodash Sanskars etc? 3) During the marriage ceremony why are women asked to chant Vedic Mantras? 4) Without chanting Ved Mantras how are women allowed to carry out rituals of Sandhya and Yajnas? 5) If women do not have right to study /chant Vedic Mantras, how were women like Anasuya, Ahilya, Arundhathi, Maitreyi, Madalasa etc. scholars of Vedas? 6) Isn’t it a partisan and biased attitude to stop women from studying Vedas, acting righteously and meditating on God? 7) Can the son /daughter of a woman who is labeled incapable in the realms of Spiritual Sciences, be righteous & spiritual? 8) If a wife is the better half of her husband, how can 1 half have certain rights and the other half denied those very rights?

After delving deep into the above questions, an unbiased thinker’s soul will definitely accept that one is unjust if one stops women from following the path of Vedas and hence spirituality.  Women like their male counterparts, should have an equal right to study Vedic Mantras.  I know many such women who have devotedly meditated on Gayatri and very much like men, have risen high spiritually.  In fact many a times they have attained more and faster success while worshipping Gayatri in comparison to men.  Girls in attaining husbands, wives in praying for their husband’s /family well-being and widows in exercising self-control have succeeded immensely.


The soul is neither a male or a female. It is in fact a spark of a sacred light of Brahman (Cosmic Soul or God). Just as a male requires the wise teaching of a preceptor to attain this soul light, so too women require a torch bearer to show the way.  The point to be made is that in the realm of spiritual practices there is no difference like male/ female. A spiritual aspirant is the soul (Atman).  Hence he/ she should not look upon themselves as male/female.  In the realm of spiritual practices all souls are equal.  One cannot label any individual incapable just due to a difference based on sexual identity.


After intense research, thought and reflection I strongly believe that women have an equal right just like men, to worship Gayatri. Just like men, women too have the right to climb on to the lap of Mother Gayatri, catch hold of her breast and suckle nectar from it.  They should meditate on Gayatri joyfully by renouncing all misgivings.  Thus these women will cut asunder all painful bondages to the illusory material world. They will come out of the vicious cycle of birth/death and will attain Supreme heavenly peace.  Alongwith this due to their pious activities they will augment health, good fate, prosperity and peace of their family members.  All women who devotedly worship Gayatri become Devis (goddesses). Because their divine character gets illuminated, they attain that respect everywhere, which is their god given birthright.

On the worldwide scale infinite men & women of all walks of life, belonging to the Gayatri Parivar and Yuga Nirman Parivar, have aptly worhsipped Gayatri and have thus attained immense benefit.  In fact this worship is a blessing for all mankind.  Thus instead of falling prey to any deluded concepts one should follow the path of Gayatri worship& encourage others to do so too so as to gain all round benefit.


4 Jun


“Twenty four years after India gets freedom, a powerful spiritual organization will come into limelight and it will uplift the entire world both materially and spiritually.  This Uplifter will be both the founder and director of this organization.  If all his thoughts in his lifetime are published in one book, it will weigh more than 1000 pounds.  The entire world will imbibe his behavioural ethics.  India will become the crown jewel of earth.”




In the months of December 1962 A.D. and January 1963 A.D., there was talk of a world war.  With reference to the 8-planet Yoga, not only astrologers of India, but those of the entire world proclaimed that a world war will take place in February 1962 A.D. Despite this on the basis of Acharya Varah Mihir’s astrological calculations, in the September 1961 issue of Akhand Jyoti magazine, the above prediction of a world war had been challenged.  Our viewpoint was further strengthened by the opinion of Norway’s famous Yogi, Anandacharya.  He said that


“No doubt the 3rd world war will take place but not before 1995 A.D.  Uptil then India will become the 6th Super Power of the world.  Just as the Mahabharat war was fought in India, after scientific advancement, wherein all nations of the world were involved who used divine weapons of fire etc., in the same way the future 3rd world war will not only see the use of terrible chemical and atomic weapons but even other newly invented ones which no one is aware of today.  It means that with the help of weapons obtained from other divine worlds, this war will be fought.  Nuclear weapons of earth will look pale in front of the above mentioned divine weapons.  After these divine weapons are used, they will leave no imprint behind for the scientists of earth to conduct research studies.  Even women will take part in this war.”,_5,_6.htm

“This war will be fought mainly in Asia but its most tainted effects will be seen in Europe and Muslim nations.  The role of India will become the ultimate decision.  Initially India will try to stop this war but because of China’s stance, people will not agree.  Inwardly the fire of war will be kept ablaze by China and yet another country will be blamed for it.  The flames of destruction due to this war will spread out so far and wide, that all countries of the world will request India to intervene and ward off destruction.  Only then will peace prevail.  After this war, human culture will change completely.  All this will take place only after 1995 A.D.”


That Yogi’s predictions, which have been given in the lines mentioned above and in the following pages, was an Indian born in West Bengal in the year 1883 A.D.   He was called Surendranath Baral.  As a result of deep study in Calcutta University covering subjects like Indian and Vedic Philosophy, a great spiritual awakening took place in his psyche.  For some time he taught certain subjects in Calcutta University.  He realized hat materialistic men possessed very few human values.  Its ratio was like a mustard seed and a mountain.  Mere material pursuits cannot give eternal peace and joy.  It is only the Eternal Divine Power within each individual that can usher in eternal peace and joy in the world.  It is only when we understand the science of consciousness that pervades all beings of the cosmos, the nature of the controller of the world and self knowledge and knowledge of this world and the next, can man become self-fulfilled.  In a state of lack man can never attain joy either in the present or in future too.


Thus attainment of self-fulfillment is the only balanced goal which gives eternal peace. Thinking thus this Yogi started practicing Yoga.  He deeply studied Astrological Sciences, Samadhi (meditative trance) etc.  Later this Yogi called himself Anandacharya.  He was born in India and performed spiritual practices (Sadhana) in Norway.  He spread the wisdom of Indian Philosophy in the entire world.  Chiefly he was a seer, philosopher, thinker and messenger of a human religion.  He thus visited England, America etc.  He attained fame as a great person who could predict the future aptly.  He was more famous than other leading futurists of the world like Jean Dixon, Cheiro, Clark, Harare etc.  Anandacharya’s predictions gained lots of fame in Europe and Africa.  He always shied away from name and fame and yet his predictions were so correct that fame followed him like a servant.  Books written by Anandacharya like “Brahma Darshanam” and “Tattva Jeevanam” ( published in New York and London) proved to be vaults of Indian Philosophy.  Many decades back he had written a book -“Kaal- Chakram” which described India’s social condition at that time.  He predicted that a great transformation will take place in India financially, socially etc.  Today the fact that India, is becoming a great force to reckon with in the international arena is proof of Anandacharya’s predictions.,_5,_6.htm

Anandacharya was the first person who said way back in 1910 – “People must gird up their loins for a 1st world war.  In the last week of July, a very minor event will pave the way for a war.  Later all those countries who have tense relationships with one another will take part in the war.  This war will last till November 1918 A.D. and when it will end, world politics will get centralized at one point.  An organization will be formed which will have leading nations of the world as its members.  This organization will resort to cunning gamesmanship, instead of truth and honesty and hence world humanity will not accept their directions.


At that time people did not pay much heed to Anandacharya’s predictions. In 1914 A.D. a youth of Serbia fired a bullet at Arch Duke Ferdinand, who was the heir of Austrian throne.  Despite this none had even an inkling that a world war will set in.  Within one month Australia attacked Hungary.  Friendly nations on both sides too got involved in this war.  These nations were Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, France, Britain, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Japan etc.  This was a classic world war.  The battles of Mans, Saan and Verdun were so terrifying that people hated every moment of it.  Later a League of Nations was formed.  Thus both predictions of Anandacharya came true.


Now people of Norway and England paid more attention to Anandacharya.  A special association of British journalists met him and requested him to put forth his views about the future.  Anandacharya replied – “Now get ready for a 2nd world war.  In this war Germany’s Hitler and Russia’s Stalin will fight so ferociously, that the war will end even more harshly.  In August 1945 A.D. a terrible explosion will occur for the first time in the world and in a flash, millions of people will die.  Only then will some sort of peace manifest in the world.”


A few years after this prediction in September 1939 A.D., Germany attacked Poland.  After this battle its flames were re-lit and one more world war set in.  On 6thAugust Hiroshima and Nagasaki (2 cities of Japan) were attacked with an atom bomb.  As a result millions of people died.,_5,_6.htm

Anandacharya’s predictions regarding Mussolini’s death, and Eisenhower and Krushchev’s leadership also came true.  His prediction about the state of the world after the 2nd world war too came true.  After this came the Ashtagrahi Yoga (astrological confluence of 8 planets).  All of Aandacharya’s predictions regarding this Yoga have been given in the previous pages of this book.  Yet the most important part is regarding what he said in New York.  All his quotes were published in New York, Paris, Belgium, England, and Norway etc.


He said – “On the one hand scientists of the world will progress so much in Material Sciences that they will land on Moon and mars.  Political efforts will be made to obstruct nuclear research, yet smaller nations too will try and produce nuclear weapons.  In a short time span even far off lands will produce destructive machines and bombs.  Hindus living in other nations will face danger.  Many nations will insult Hindus and throw them out of their country.  In Sri Lanka and India, women will lead in politics.  Fast changes will take place in England’s politics.”  His predictions about Kennedy and Martin Luther King’s death too proved to be true.