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25 Sep


In India Culture special emphasis has been laid on augmenting power. Right from the fetus in a pregnant mother’s womb to death its health and nourishment is given proper focus. The laws laid down for Brahmacharya Ashram have been done so from this standpoint that till the child grows up to the age of 25 years his body is made so powerful from all angles that right till death his body would remain healthy and disease free. No doubt here and there on those rare occasions the body would become ill and hence a sound medical therapy too was available to heal and cure it. In the Yajurveda, Charak Samhita and Ayurveda form of medical treatment a detailed discussion can be found for increasing sound health and warding off diseases. Virtually all diseases can be cured by these methods listed here. A major portion over here focuses on Smoke Healing wherein using smoke of various types of herbal medicines diseases are cured. Via steam of these herbs too healing is executed.

Via Yajna energy the body becomes warm and thus blood circulation in the body increases healthily. Along with this the Yajna smoke covers the body like a security bestowing armor. Under such circumstances so many nutritious and fragrant materials enter our body via breathing and innumerable skin pores. Along with our thinking process, character and purity of our eating-resting habits this Yajnatherapy in future guides us on the path of attaining all round joy, peace and good health. Via this technique the body on getting nourished optimally is rendered so powerful that majority of times you remain disease free and even though on those rare occasions you do become sick, the illness does not render you restless and agitated mentally. It means you endure these rare attacks of diseases with inner calmness and serenity.

The 2nd leg of this is that before a disease is about to manifest in the body it is stopped from doing so. This can be easily done via Yajna energy. Where on the one hand Yajna heat increases the immunity of the body there on the other hand microbes responsible for spreading diseases are destroyed in those areas where Super Power Yajnas are executed. Germs, worms, microbes etc get totally destroyed via Yajna smoke’s powerful energy.

In the Bhagwad Geeta also Lord Shri Krishna says quite clearly:

Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritan.

Dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge.

MEANING: Lord Shri Krishna says that in order to protect saintly pious people and destroy vile minded and demonic behaving people he incarnates or takes an Avatar time and again in this world. If killing demonic, sinful and vile people cannot be labeled violence how can killing of microbes responsible for spreading diseases via Yajna power be labeled violence?

After Yajna energy enters our body it only kills microbes responsible for spreading diseases. It never ever destroys or harms healthy cells of our body but instead nourishes them all the more. Further Yajna energy also bestows our body with powerful immunity to combat any germs microbes that are hell bent on inducing diseases in our body. All materials offered to the Yajna fire along with food items too emit gas that destroy disease causing germs, bacteria etc.

The basis of the stupendous power embedded in Super Power Yajnas to augment good health and ward off diseases is that by rendering the materials offered to Yajna fire in the form of gas makes it very potent and powerful in nature. The measure of healing done by medicinal herbs in their gaseous state is not done when these are devoured by mouth etc. Along with curing diseases in order to strengthen the bodily in a powerful manner no doubt nutritious nourishing food is required yet the question is how can those people whose digestive system is weak or are very sick or that they find it difficult even to digest a light diet, digest nutritious food that seems a heavy diet to them? Hence for such people Super Power Yajnas offer a wonderful solution. Nourishing food and medicinal herbs when rendered gaseous via Super Power Yajnas enter the body via the mouth, skin pores, hair follicles etc and reap wondrous healing results for various diseases.

In the atmosphere all nourishing nutritious principles can be found. Just about anybody can attain such energy/power via spiritual practices that these principles can be absorbed in the body via inhalation. These principles dwell in smoke emitted by Yajna fire. Those food materials offered to Yajna fire are present in Yajna air or gas.

Old wounds dry up swiftly via Yajna energy and smoke exposure because since the wound germs get destroyed pus formation is obstructed. Whether within the body or on its surface skin area diseases like pyorrhea, asthma, cancer, common cold etc that are noted in the body due to small-big wounds can be dried up properly via Yajna fumes. The Yajna gas obstructs rotting and disallows any malefic influence to attack the body. In comparison to this Allopath medicines are known to manifest undesirable side effects in the patient’s body. Thus many times new diseases attack the body.

Not only for bodily diseases but that for mental, psychological and psychiatric ailments also Yajna fumes provide immense relief to the patients. Only via Yajna fume exposure therapy mental problems like unwanted desires, anger, deluded attachment, arrogance, envy, hatred, cowardice, lust, lethargy, indolence, insanity, restlessness, onrush of ire, doubt, distrust, egoistic nature, despair, loss of memory or weakening of memory power can be cured from their very roots. Via Allopath medicines these mental distortions are quite difficult to tackle. Thus for such diseases the one and only trustworthy solution is Yajna therapy because it possesses mind boggling capacity to augment mental power and uproot psychological ailments.



8 Sep


To the extent trees, plants etc contribute in maintaining our environment’s optimal balance no other unit of nature is capable of doing so. For purification of poison mixing in the atmosphere day by day  and for nourishment of life on earth in the augmenting of useful principles they play the role of mute but living security guards. On seeing their important generous boons in ancient times seer Rishis proclaimed that nourishing and protecting lush greenery everywhere is equivalent to attaining merits when we worship Almighty God. Planting new tree saplings is equivalent to charity, good merits, pilgrimages, worship and spiritual penance. This belief was not without reason. Due to innumerable gifts given by trees, herbs etc they were given so much importance.

An era commenced wherein for immediate benefits blind chopping of forest trees etc took place since tree wealth help a great deal in man amassing mundane grandeur. This act’s far reaching but important future reactions were totally ignored. As a result the entire ecological cycle went haywire. The result of this was mankind staring at fearful dire world situations. Unseasonal rains, cold, heat etc manifesting, excess rains, famine etc are so many nature based anger that they are but the tainted result of destroying forest wealth known to render nature optimally balanced.

In the sequence of nature based upheavals a new chain has conjoined in the form of landslides etc. Thus each year large areas of fertile lands have to be lost. Along with this innumerable people have to enter the jaws of death. Since recent years in nearby areas of the lofty Himalaya Mountains the number of landslide episodes noted is augmenting fast. At night on 16th August 1979 it rained cats and dogs in Kotha village of Chameli district. Since landslides accompanied these rains the entire village got buried in that soil. It was akin to a graveyard. In August 1978 in Himachal Pradesh when a big landslide took place about 1300 people died and hundreds got injured. In this very month at midnight on Janmashtami (Lord Krishna’s birthday) 300 people of Shishna village in Pithoragadh village got buried under the debris of a landslide that suddenly appeared. Thousands of birds and beasts too died as a result. On that very night in a village nearby called Gashila innumerable people died due to landslides. Agricultural land and houses got totally destroyed. In the same way on 15th August 1977 in Tavadhar region since a huge crack emerged on the ground hundreds died prematurely.

The reason for the above episodes according to land preservation expert Eric Ekholm is trees being chopped off insanely in mountain regions. He says that the important found of India’s prosperity viz. the Himalaya Mountains are very ‘ill’. This illness is taking the form of massive landslides. Scientists attached to Indian Agricultural Research Association have warned that lest the chopping off of Himalaya Mountain foliage wealth is not stopped entire India shall perforce face dire consequences of all this. Via River Ganga waters thousands of hectares of agricultural land gets irrigated. On an average River Ganga water gives benefits of the value of Rupees 3,000,000,000 per year. Due to landslides the flow of direction of Ganga could change. Scientists while clearly throwing light on the causes of landslides scientists say that at a height of 13,000 feet Himalaya’s tree wealth is being destroyed lunatic ally. Since forests are cut up the capacity to obstruct water gets depleted. The solidity of soil and stones remains because of trees growing there. The moment these trees are cut up artificial ponds emerge on the ground and thus episodes of landslides manifest one after another.

After carrying out a detailed study and analysis the head of geology of Kumaon University while placing a report says that in the central junction region of Himalayas there is a strip of weak rocks. Majority of landslides of the past few decades have occurred in this strip region. In present times the chief cause of increasing number of landslides in this area is deforestation and usage of explosive materials to tear apart huge rocky materials. These experts carrying out various studies say that in these region a strict ban must be placed on cutting green trees, plants etc. Along with this no type of explosive material must be used here. Lest these suggestions are ignored a situation of super destruction may emerge any moment.

Geologists opine that India is losing 8000 hectare land each year that can be cultivated for agricultural purposes because since forests on mountains are being cut up rain water running down swiftly creates huge holes and cracks. Since in rivers sand and soil get clogged more its breadth and region of flow expands. Since the past 30 years deforestation has taken place much more. As per one statistical data each year 6000 ton fertile soil by flowing away enters river waters. In the River Ganga region each year soil that can render 45,000,000 acres of land more fertile is being lost. Till date in entire India 425,000,000 acre land has been destroyed due to landslides. Land measuring 17,500,000 acres has become useless due to increase of acidity and saltiness. Since river water levels have arisen a lot, each year 50,000,000 acre land gets engulfed by excess flooding and since no arrangements for this water’s clearance is made it remains useless. The level height of soil fit for agriculture is generally of the measure of up to 20 cm. In it nourishing elements like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous predominate. Other 13 types of nourishing elements and other microbes are found that augment the land’s fertility capacity. Due to landslides this fertile soil layer gets destroyed that cannot be replaced by any synthetic man made fertilizer.

Geologists opine that lest deforestation is not strictly stopped then in just a few years India shall lose a major chunk of land capable of growing a lot of useful crops. Floods seen year after year are not due to monsoons but are the result of nature’s wrath in the form of calamities. Monsoons are those gifts of Mother Nature whereby crops sustain life. Since trees are chopped off insanely the incidences of floods have increased in tandem. As a result each year floods take away with them layers of fertile soil very useful for agriculture and thus displays its sport of havoc and destruction. For environmental balance in 1/3rd of the portion of earth it is believed that trees must grow there flourishingly. As against this in India, much less than 1/4th i.e. about 22% of earth constitutes forest area. It is for this reason that as a result of nature’s ire floods, famines, landslides, earthquakes, volcanoes etc are on the rise in a worrisome manner.


4 Sep


Increased population is now rushing towards big metro cities. It seems that means of entertainment and joyous comforts are in much greater measure in cities than village rural areas. In metros cash can be earned with better ease and more in measure and attractive sense merriment materials ooze more in urban areas. Thus villages experience a lack of such joyous comforts and other hi tech facilities. Hence the population within cities and its peripheral areas is increasing in an explosive manner. Small villages are becoming small towns and towns are getting converted into cities. Naturally so many factories are built for the subsistence and transport arrangements for this rising population in cities. It is here that gigantic industries are set up in large numbers. Thus such systems of management and governance have to be set up yet they in turn render venomous air and water that help sustain human life. Noise pollution levels too are no less high. The combined reactions of all this is creating terrible health problems for the entire human race. If this situation continues merrily then due to choking of breath and par taking poisonous food/water, the fears of weakness and diseases shall lead man to the jaws of premature death.

The number of factories, rail engines, electricity power stations, cars, airplanes etc are increasing at a mad pace. Heinous gases like carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide that is emitted by diesel, petrol etc used by the above are rendering the air more and more polluted as days pass by. Due to population explosion in metro cities, cars moving creating traffic jams, factory emissions, more fuel used by every household and lack of greenery the measure of hazardous elements in air is increasing at an alarming pace. They dwell in more strength in dust and smoke. They enter the body along with inhaled breath and render it diseased and weak in life force.

In the metro city Delhi (India) alone the report given says that silencers of trucks, buses, motors etc operating there alone throw more than 20,000 pounds of deadly sulfur dioxide in the air. This Electrical Powerhouse alone emits 95 pounds of such gas daily which not only is dire for the human body but also for buildings and bridges constructed from iron. The Taj Mahal of Agra is melting day by day due to the gas emission of this city. In order to protect it on a long term footing it is thought best to paint it with some emulsion so that the damage to this beautiful marble edifice be stopped.

If air contains even 1/700th part of carbon monoxide then anyone breathing this air dies. If it contains 0.1 millionth parts the creatures of that region shall become very ill.

At any point in time one can see a layer of fog in any industrial city. In it overflows derivatives of carbon, sulfate, nitrate and hydro carbons. Dust and smoke together create such a ‘smog’ layer in air that not only humans but plants, trees etc dwelling under it experience choking of breath. Their natural growth and development gets obstructed very badly.

Ships, boats etc pollute waters of the sea etc on which they move. Some years back a ship called Torikenyan erroneously emitted so much oil that the English Navy had to throw dynamite in large measure so as to burn up this oil. Detergents used to remove this oil too were no less hazardous. This upheaval not only polluted the water of that region but that waterborne sea creatures too died in hordes as a result.

In order to protect crops so many chemical pesticides are sprayed on it how many germs, worms etc are killed by it and how much food grain is saved as a result is a matter of research studies and surveys yet it is a fact that due to this spraying so many birds and harmless creatures die and their death could also be due to eating those grains. It is clear that apart from birds none can protect crops aptly because they are involved in eating those worms/germs that cause harm to crops. When the birds die the germs etc augment in number due to unobstructed procreation. As a result when pesticides are sprayed at least a few germs do not die and they in a short time much more in comparison to dead germs pound to pulp our so called high intellectualism.

Cities built on the edge of rivers benefit from their waters yet in return these rivers get reeking dirt only from these cities as a result of which it loses its utility value. Oil from Barauni in India flowed and entered River Ganga waters and the news of fire manifesting in waters near Mungher is not very old. In a survey conducted by ‘All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health’ it was found that the River Yamuna flowing between New Delhi and Agra was very dirty and polluted. The number of fish population in Bihar’s Daha and Sone rivers is depleting speedily. The River Mahisagar of Gujarat district sometime back had become totally green on seeing which local people there were frightened. There was a time when Rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Kali, Hooghly etc bestowed both external and internal purity but today they have been rendered mere hopeless rivulets that carry dirt only.

These days 5000 tons of polluted elements per year from river waters are entering waters of the ocean shore. Many other toxic chemicals too flow in it along with this polluted water. It is believed that in 20 years 40% marine creatures have died on eating this poison. Chemicals like acid, sulfate, chloride, phenol, cyanide etc are destroying the natural oxygen content of this sea water which nurtures and sustains marine creatures.

It is known to all that it is small creatures like fish etc that clean all water areas internally. This dirt in the water is food for fish life which gathers here and there in ponds, rivers etc. If fish life did not exist all such water areas would rot smelling. Chemical pesticides by mixing with rain water enter river waters and kill fish living in them. Under such conditions the dirt and pollution of various water areas is on an alarming rise. On seeing these far off tainted results countries like Hungary, Sweden and Denmark have curbed the usage of DDT. In Russia aldrin and dialdrin cannot be used. Although these chemicals kill germs of crops yet they create such other problems which are direr than the germs that are killed. In Japan milk in the breast of mothers contained the toxic dialdrin. Definitely after these are sprayed on crops enter the stomach and further milk of mothers through food grains, vegetables, fruits or flesh of birds and animals.

It was believed that chemicals like alfalfa, nicotine, metasis stokes etc kill enemy germs but protect friendly germs yet later this was proved to be a fallacy. Due to the function of destruction both the enemy and friendly germs get harmed equally and those secure results were not accrued which were hoped for.

In cities due to speedy moving vehicles on roads, use of electricity, more fire burning in tiny areas, breathing in crowded places, bodily heat, functioning of factories etc the temperature over here in comparison to rural areas is much more. Electric fans do not lower temperatures but instead merely move air from this area to that. Fashion styles that make people wear tight and many times heavy clothing tend to increase heat in the bodily surroundings. The crowded roads and buses add to the heat content. Houses made of bricks, cements etc and stony roads render them hot. In this atmosphere of high temperature the urban population loses its natural bodily potential.

In order to gauge what effects ensue on other creatures due to noisiness and chaos many studies have been conducted and one such was done by California’s Life Science Research Institute on sharks. The director of the institute Theobrown said that when loud noises were transmitted in waters via loudspeakers fish life on hearing it got terrorized and agitated. Thinking each other to be the cause of this chaos the fish population started attacking one another and when this loud noise became intolerable they started banging their heads against rocks to commit suicide. Similar such studies were conducted in France’s Colenesia Carigireza Atos. They too concluded that marine creatures cannot live normally under conditions of extraordinary chaos and noise.

The noises emitted by cars, factories, loudspeakers etc create such noise pollution in urban cities that as per the data given by Indian Council of Medical Research people shall slowly become deafer. Further diseases of the psyche, muscles and heart can increase manifold.

The English author Mrs. Elspath Huxley has cautioned the lay public regarding the hazards related to usage of DDT and other poisonous pesticides. She opines that chemicals sprayed on plants via the medium of food grains, vegetables and flesh finally reach the human body and they create such damage there that although initially it appears quite miniscule but later it gives birth to terrible fearful possibilities. These toxic chemicals by mixing with rain water reach rivers, lakes and wells. These waters then reach waters on the ocean shore as a result of which toxic materials enter fish dwelling there. Thus those who eat this fish cannot save themselves from harmful reactions setting in their bodies. Mrs. Huxley in order to prove her point collected proof in the form of samples of water, flesh and other materials and published all this in her book. She runs an agricultural farm yet never makes use of chemical pesticides.

Under the aegis of UNO in order to mull over the problem of rendering the environment capable enough to sustain life on planet earth an International Conference was organized in Stockholm whose one voice slogan was: ‘We have only one earth. Let us render it capable of sustaining life’. The conference made a suggestion that nature based wealth must be used very minimally without wastage, used articles must be recycled for using again anew, increasing noise pollution should be obstructed and air and water pollution must too be controlled in a major way.

If with a farsighted standpoint we gauge the sequence in which our so called development is marring nature’s balance, one shall have to conclude that by becoming blind in the process of running after immediate benefits, we are madly rendering our future full of dark gloominess.

Man’s intellectual prowess is so much immersed in augmenting cities, material comforts and population with total lack of discrimination that the end of this so called world progress seems to be manifesting as a goose pimple like disaster. One wonders why no one is trying to infer how expensive shall be the buying of such development which renders nature and the environment highly polluted. It is amazing that man considered an intellectual is insisting on not thinking in a farsighted manner.


2 Sep


Mahayogi Shri Aurobindo Ghosh has opined: Doubtlessly mankind, by unfolding the designing of stars/galaxies right up to unveiling various mysteries of science has achieved a great deal. Yet ere we possessed a machine via which we could understand man’s soul, it appears that in comparison to this important invention all attainments of modern material science are ordinary.

Amongst the manifest and non manifest powers of humans one is a very important energy and that is his speech. Via speech man gathers information, the same information is got by others and various worldly tasks are carried out. It shall send shivers down our spine merely on imagining a world society’s sordid state if no speech communication existed in it. The mundane importance of speech is beyond all doubt. The amount of work that speech carries out for creating enthusiasm and ire while making friends and foes, no other basis of the entire world can do this.

The spiritual basis of speech is all the more important. Mantra worship is a mysterious variety of this type on the basis of which man attains multifaceted progress and a foundation of helping others is created. We all are well versed with the benefits and effects of Mantra Energy. Lest this spiritual practice is done properly, that energy can be created in untold amounts that can bestow astounding success in man’s material and spiritual arena. The chief substratum of miracles in Mantra Energy is word/sound. To sound energy manifestation is conjoined the foundation of the bodily, mental and sentimental state of a Mantra devotee. It is the combination of all these that an effect appears which can be called the miracle of Mantra Power.

Total compact sound emerges while uttering something only when all the parts of the mouth like tongue, lips, teeth, palate, throat etc work in tandem. If merely the tongue is used man too akin to birds and beast would be capable of uttering only limited words and speech. Mantras have been interwoven keeping in mind hidden mysteries of Sound Science. While chanting Mantra words not only do mouth parts move but that its movements influence mysterious centers of our subtle body. The very important centers of the subtle body include 6 Chakras (subtle plexus), 3 endocrine complex ‘knots’, 3 subtle nerves, 10 Prana Forces, 53 subtle glands etc. The flow of alphabets of a Mantra plays an important role in rendering them active and awakened.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

The moment you start pressing various keys of a type writer imprints of various alphabets can be seen on paper kept a bit afar. The moment you place your fingers on keys of a piano wooden sticks open up and musical notes are heard. The same process can be seen in Mantra chanting. Movements taking place in the mouth after attacking various energy centers of the subtle body induces special upheavals in them. Accordingly in the deep recesses of the psyche of the devotee such awakening and manifestation is seen with the help of which miraculous divine powers awaken and thus the devotee’s inner personality gets filled up with so many divine glories which are not found in lay people.

On a gross basis the purpose of sound is looked upon merely as to send certain information to the brain via the medium of our ears yet this is not the only aim. The more one deeply cogitates over Sound Energy its importance and extraordinary shall get more clarification. Due to sound of thunder many tall buildings are razed to the ground. So much noise pollution is emerging due to today’s technological civilization that due to its dire results man shall have to endure unending losses. The entire world is worried regarding this. So much noise is emitted by Supersonic Jets flying in the sky that everyone knows its harmful repercussions. Hence efforts have been made to render these fast moving jets sound free. Machines too emit sounds beyond the ken of our ears that create stupendous amazing reactions.

The special nature of a Mantra is dependent on the choice of weaving of its words in a particular manner. They have been molded on the basis of special laws of Sound Science which on uttering ceaselessly in one flow emits energy of a special stature. It’s definitely a fantastic application to ceaselessly utter words in one flow. If we rub our palms continuously they emit warmth. If certain words are uttered in one manner, with same speed, in one tone then its reaction not only excites that devotee’s body and psyche but that nearby regions too are influenced similarly. An onrush is the total measure reaction of Mantra manifesting in the devotee. It is experienced in the mind and body as special zest, enthusiasm and deep faith. Some devotees also get the vision of the Mantra deity and blessings of success are heard subtly. All this is heard and seen not by our gross ears and eyes but via our subtle senses. It is the subtle sense organs that experience all this yet many a times its intensity is so great that at that moment the spiritual vision or sound appears gross like. It is not necessary that every successful Mantra practice bestows this sort of vision and celestial voice yet definitely one experiences that our faith and steadfastness mature along with enthusiasm and will power becoming stronger. Very clearly we can witness happiness on a devotee’s face connoting success (Sidhi) in Mantra chanting and the victory of attaining something is seen as brilliant light in the eyes. These experiences that point at success in Mantra chanting is called Sphota.

The Mantra’s sentimental role creates magnetism and Sphota renders the same widespread and potent infinitely. The preliminary explosion of an atom is ordinary. It is the surrounding atmosphere by manifesting multiplied energy renders it fearfully terrific. This same process is seen in Mantras. Mantra is activated by sentiments in them, faith conjoined to worship rites and many mysterious specialties of Mantra devotion like the terrific flow of Sound Energy emitted by spiritual practices. This in turn renders steadfastly devoted Mantra practicing aspirants to peaks of Mantra mastery.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

Over here one more point needs to be noticed is that a divine existence needs to be invoked in every apparatus, material and parts used in Mantra practices and instead of rendering them ordinary materials they have to be reinstated as divine weapons. Mantra chanting done so as to help manifest pilgrim spots and the soul in water used by us for bathing is nothing but invocation of Varun deity along with other demigods in this water. In this way by bathing in water imbued with deep faith induces steadfast devotion in a devotee. There is a tradition of Mantra chanting and imbibing of certain techniques in applications of seat, rosary, 5 vessels of worship, flame lamp, sandalwood, flowers and other apparatus which must never be looked upon as useless or meaningless. By doing all this methodically apparatus that seems ordinary becomes of the stature of that divine cosmic consciousness that is required for Mantra applications. Prana Pratishtha or invoking Prana Energy in the image of the deity and Phodashopchar worship rites are done from that standpoint that by superimposing profound faith and rendering a material image a representative of that powerful authority (God) fulfills the goal of bestowing us with terrific inspiration.

A Mantra devotee via Nyas Mantras must establish various divine powers in all their bodily parts. The aim of sanctification, Achman, Pranayam and Nyas is purification of gross, subtle and causal bodies. The view of Spiritual Practice Sciences is that one must worship divinity only after becoming divine. In order to purify the body and mind before commencing Mantra Japa many types of worship rites/Karmakand have to be followed. Amongst these many are meant to establish an attitude of divinity in ourselves. This application on being used in spiritual practices becomes capable of becoming helpers in success of worship materials.

Energy from sound has been endorsed by modern science. Ere audible sound is emitted ceaselessly then in a short while heat emerges that can even boil water.

Sensitive sentiments and thinking process get conjoined to Mantras and by establishing a particular thought flow in the brain that thought latches on to our thinking methods and it takes the form of an unending flow. This path from the viewpoint of intellectual training and transformation is very useful. With its help the mind is trained to immerse itself in some special role. Distortions can be corrected and a transformation can be brought into our desires and inner nature. By giving due weight age to thinking of meaning it becomes an ordinary benefit of Mantra chanting.

The Sphota or manifestation of Sound Energy is a mysterious process of Mantra Power. We all have enough information regarding the fearful energy emitted by an atomic explosion. Its vibrations too are made from the combination of old units. The explosion of these sound vibrating units too can be akin to atomic explosions. Behind techniques of Mantra Yoga practices a very similar process is seen. The interweaving of word designing in Mantras has been done by spiritual seers and divine seer thinkers in such a manner that with the help of spiritual endeavors like Japa, Homa (fire sacrifice), other mediums of austerities and rituals desirable explosions can be induced. In today’s parlance the word Visphota or explosion is used in a manner which is similar to the word Sphota in Sanskrit language. In reality Mantra worship is explosion of Sound Energy.

Sound explosion emits such sound waves that cannot be heard by our gross ears. Sound is an object of space. Hence the work arena of a Mantra devotee is space element. A Yogi is a devotee of wind. He/she gathers Prana Energy via the medium of wind or air. From this standpoint a Mantra devotee can be called even more senior in stature to a Yogi. A true Mantra devotee not only is any less than a Yogi but that he/she is that tad bit more powerful.

In Mantra practice there is an explosive emission of sound Energy. Explosions possess multiplicative energy. In Mantras preliminarily a focused steadfastness of reinstating divinity is created. This sentiment is magnetic. It is the 1st leg of appearance of the power of faith. Energy helps multiply this preliminary attainment and thus a small miniscule seed gets converted into a gigantic tree. The magnetic nature of thought is well known. One eulogizes, worships and remembers one’s icon or Energy of Mantra’s deity along with its specialties and in one’s faith one harbor deep feelings of them being all powerful and full of grace. Via an appointed Karmakand or mode of worship and also via austerities full of endurance of all kinds of hardships renders a very crystal clear faith in the deep cave of the psyche of a devotee after a very long span of spiritual practices commences ripening that the Mantra’s hidden energy is now his/her for keeps. All these types of faith combine to render complete the sentimental process of Mantras full of magnetic pull.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

Via mantra chanting 2 circles are formed viz. sentimental circle and sound circle. Ceaseless mobility ultimately starts moving in a circle. Stars, galaxies etc move within their elliptical paths based on this fact that speedy mobility ultimately takes on a rounded circular path. If a person commences walking in a straight forward direction shall ultimately come back to his original starting point. This happens because our earth is round in shape. The shape and movement of units in the cosmos is round because of their continuous mobility. Big rocks enter rivers after breaking away from mountains and after flowing in these waters for long they become round in shape. Later they get converted into small sand particles.

Within Mantra chanting well defined words have to be repeated without pausing in a stepwise fashion. This verily is Japa. This mobile flow has 2 foundations. One is sensitive sentiments and the 2nd is word and its sound. A well defined flow of sentiments embedded in the deep recesses of a Mantra takes the form of sentimental circle. It is so terrific that by catching tightly a devotee’s inner personality molds it according to its own nature. Sound circle emitted due to chanting too is so terrific that its explosion by forming a dense cover embraces the Mantra devotee in it. Thus the sentiment circle covers our inner nature and sound circle embraces our external activities in such a way that man’s 2 fold consciousness can be molded into a desirable stature. In Mantra Science in order to positive transform the stature of our personality successful applications can be executed. So many taints and undesirable traits can be uprooted. We can benefit from the augmenting of good characteristics, sacred activities and a good will based nature. Mantra science can be used very successfully to get liberation from bodily and mental diseases.

Both the wisdom circle and sound circle amass a lot of powers in their own way. They are also such that can totally transform uncultured people and tainted situations. The Sudershan Chakra in the hands of Lord Vishnu points at the terrific capability of soul energy. Mantras’ circular nature can miraculously succeed in transforming the nature of others’ psyche and atmosphere too that is the cause of creation of varied circumstances we face in life.

The infinite ocean of consciousness drips with waves of circles, frequency and repetition. In its jigsaw puzzle via creation of desires, actions and results of actions pull and drag us here and there in life. By cutting asunder this circular mesh we attain Jivan Mukti or liberation while yet alive. The other terminology used for this state is Self Realization, Soul Wisdom and Divine Knowledge. This then is the supreme goal of all lives. Those who tread in this direction have to rent asunder all types of bondages coming one’s way. This goal can be fulfilled via Mantra Sciences. The dense aura of Mantra Energy cuts up all mental vices/taints akin to the fast moving wheels of a tractor or bulldozer.

Generally in Mantra worship programs or Anushthans Agnihotra or fire sacrifice is said to be a most required step. It is one thing to offer fragrant materials to fire and render the atmosphere sweetly fragrant and but the story is different as far as Yajna worship is concerned. Materials used in Yajna rites like wood, food grains etc cannot be just procured from anywhere as per one’s whims and fancies. In fact they have to be rendered Mantra manifest, imbued with Sankalpa or resolve and nourished sacredly. The condition and sacredness of that branch of a tree used as Samidha (fuel for Yajna fire) has to be tested appropriately. At an auspicious hour, with purity it is cut with a hatchet that has been energized via Mantra chanting (Abhimantrit). This wood is then washed with pure clean water and dried in shade. It is the Yajna performer who cuts wood with specific length and thickness and before offering it to Yajna fire, they again reinstate Prana Energy in it and only then can we call this wood as Samidha. If we insist on cutting wood from anywhere in any wayward manner it can only be called fuel to light ordinary fire. This sort of fire can never give you miraculous results.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

The same holds true for Havya or Yajna materials used to offer in Agnihotra fire rites. With proper methods they have to be rendered pure and sacred. For this very goal by lighting fire stepwise it must be reinstated in the Yajna pyre. If Yajna fire is lit with match sticks made of potash emerging from bones and those chemicals that let off a foul odor, then the aim of reinstating sacred fire in Yajna pyre is not fulfilled. Vessels used in Yajnas are made of certain specific wood and of certain shapes and sizes. All this hassle is not undertaken without purpose. The Hotra or one performing the Yajna must wear clean clothes after first bathing properly and while observing certain disciplines must methodically offer Havi or materials to Yajna fire. A definite Yajna technique and proper mantra chanting has to be executed. In all this we must give up our nature of whims and fancies. This is because Yajna/ Mantra techniques are very scientific in nature. By ignoring its correct methodology not only are we wasting our efforts but that many a times undesirable consequences too have to be faced by the Yajna performer.

Over here we have discussed Agnihotra for this reason that it too comes in the realm of Mantra worship. It is a special application of Mantra Science. Within various aspects of Yajna rites the manner in which purity and alertness is observed and divine reinstate of sacred sentiments is executed, the same must be done in every leg of Mantra worship. It is erroneous merely to keep chanting Mantras and ignoring certain do’s and don’ts conjoined to it by saying they are meaningless and superfluous.


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revolution. The basis of this personal revolution is positive and total transformation in people’s lifestyle”.

………………Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Samajik, Naitik evam Baudhik Kranti kaise?

Vangmaya No. 65, Page1.24

Lifestyles can never be gauged merely on the basis of how people eat, sleep and rest. No doubt it is an important aspect and yet it is miniscule. Its widespread basis is an individual’s thinking process and his viewpoint of life. What do you think regarding yourself? What do you think regarding others? How do you view society and nature? After speaking thus Daisaku Ikeda glanced in the direction of Betty Williams seated nearby. Betty was already the winner of the glorious Nobel Prize. Despite being such a well known scholar and possessing a highly eulogized personality Ikeda’s personality truly attracted her attention. Ikeda opined that the most important revolution of the world always took place in people’s lifestyle and mode of living.

He is such a living personality whose life and thoughts are discussed avidly. Daisaku born in Japan in 1928 dwells in Tokyo city with his wife Kaneko Ikeda. They have 3 sons called Hiromasa Ikeda, Shirohisa Ikeda and Talahero Ikeda. Regarding lifestyles and mode of living, his experiences are quite profound. In childhood his health was not good. In between he was attacked by tuberculosis. Later he came in contact with his Guru Josi Toda who changed the very foundation of Ikeda’s thinking. Under Toda’s guidance and proximity he studied literature, history, chemistry, material science, politics, economics, math and Buddhist Philosophy at Toda University. Ikeda was deeply influenced by Buddha’s life and philosophy. Along with this he was introduced to Buddha’s place of birth i.e. India and was greatly influenced. After his Guru Toda passed away he became the chief of his organization called Soka Gakkai (SGI). This spiritual organization has about 15,000,000 members and it has branches in about 192 countries of the world.

Betty Williams was well versed with Ikeda’s special qualities. At that time she was very attentively listening to what he was saying. He was saying that a lifestyle had 3 pillars viz. thinking, character and social behavior. If revolutionary seeds get sown in our thinking they themselves transform our character and social behavior akin to what happened in my life. My Guru Toda transformed my very thinking process. In today’s times it can be said to the ill fate of humans and humanity that people today are growing up akin to plants/trees of jungles and in a very wayward manner somehow grows up. There is no gardener to prune and nurture them. This is the reason why today’s world is undergoing the curse of a wayward undesirable lifestyle. In a certain sense distorted lifestyles lead to unrest, sorrow, downfall, flood of psychic diseases, manifold suicides, bodily illnesses, family quarrels and social disarray.

In the meantime his servant Fukoshama brought glasses of a Japanese drink. Ikeda gestured him to hand over this drink to Betty and himself continued speaking: Yet such a state of disarray won’t last for long. It is the pinnacle of pain and anguish that gives birth to a revolution. Today the strife of our lifestyle too has reached its peak. This is the reason why a revolution shall definitely usher in our lifestyle. In fact I say it has already commenced. So many movements have commenced the world over viz. Yoga, Live Positive, Thought Revolution, Art of Living etc. He kept talking and Betty Williams heard him out in a focused manner. In the meantime Ikeda’s wife came there.

She offered a glass of Japanese drink to him and he accepted it smilingly. His wife smiled back. Smilingly she said: If you give me permission may I say something? Betty Williams said: Please do! Ikeda’s wife said that even spiritual Mantras are like seeds of thought that bring about a positive transformation in our lifestyle. I have seen that if we do Japa of the Mantra ‘Nama myoho renge kyo’ mentioned in the Lotus Sutra of Nichiren Buddhism along with carrying out our righteous duties mind boggling transformation is seen in their lives.

On hearing the topic of Mantras Ikeda’s enthusiasm surged forth. He stood up and in the room itself while strolling up and down he said: While I had travelled to India I had heard about Super Mantra Gayatri. Those who perform spiritual austerities using Gayatri Mantra experience revolutionary positive changes in their lives and lifestyles. In the Sanskrit literature of India Maharshi Valmiki is highly spoken of. His lifestyle underwent a miraculous transformation. In Buddhist literature Lord Buddha’s very life is proof of the fact that when thinking reforms from the very roots, one’s lifestyle too transforms. Buddha’s transformed life helped transform lives of thousands of other followers to the extent that a ferocious demon Angulimal turned into a pious ascetic (Bhikshu).

This talk of Ikeda was in full flow. The Nobel Prize winner Betty Williams was thoroughly listening to him. Truly Ikeda’s personality was very influential. The reason behind this influence was the profundity in his experiences and its widespread nature. There are many examples of world famous personages who in their respective fields oozed with brilliant talent. Some of these are Arnold Toynbee, Lins Polling, Vangarimathai, Moriann Pearl, MS Swaminathan, Robert Bejiyo, Coret Scott King, Joseph Rotbet, John Kenneth Galbraith, David Norton, Ba Jin and Rosa Park. All of these had met Ikeda and eulogized him.

Ikeda used to say that in all world schools, colleges and universities all subjects are covered. Yet the topic of life which is most important is overlooked totally. The bare reality is that if life is fully reformed optimally the entire country and world gets transformed desirably. The world’s various governments are worried regarding unrest and crime rising alarmingly and various judiciary specialists too are harassed. For this new laws are being enacted and untold wealth is wasted in implementing it. Yet all this gigantic effort is virtually reaping nil positive results.

Lest a small portion of labor and money used for all the above is diverted to bring about a positive and creative transformation in world humanity’s lifestyle, the results shall be full of zest. In many ways I have discussed all this in my books ‘Choose Life-A Dialogue’, Planetary Citizenship-Your Values’ and ‘Beliefs and Action Can Shape a Sustainable World’. I have full faith that the wave of change seen in the arena of our lifestyle shall slowly but surely get converted into a widespread revolution. This is because if a great human revolution occurs in even a lone individual has the potent capacity to reform the destiny of entire human race. In the form of an initial result of transformation occurring in the lifestyle of a person, the form of transformation of the family too shall emerge for all to see.