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22 Mar

By itself in the attainment of Extrasensory Powers-ESP other centers of the unconscious part of the brain too function yet the use of Ajna Chakra (subtle plexus) is the most. When the mirror is smoky it is not possible to see ourselves clearly and hence how can one expect a tainted Ajna Chakra to work? If the lens of a camera is dirty how can we click photographs? We cannot see clearly if either our eyes have a foreign particle in it or it is bandaged. In the same way a tainted Ajna Chakra in a latent state cannot demonstrate its otherwise immense potential. Hence it needs to be rendered potent, awakened and clean. This region in spiritual parlance is called the 3rdeye. It possesses divine vision which means with its aid one can see that which is not visible to the gross physical eyes.

Very well known magicians like Gogiyapasha and Prof Sorcar would bandage their eyes tightly and in the midst of huge crowds watching their show on the road would deftly ride a motorcycle without causing an accident. Before they enacted this feat specialist onlookers would check aptly whether the magicians’ eyes were bandaged tightly or not so that they could not see anything. Although local authorities made sure that no accident occurred yet these magicians were such adepts that no untoward incident took place at all. These exhibitions always succeeded and the onlookers had to accept that without the help of one’s gross physical eyes one can see so much more.

Similar to the above is an incident of USA. A lady called Podasia would tie a bandage tightly around her eyes in pitch darkness and said yet she could see the external world including identifying various colors. She was scientifically tested by researchers of New York’s Bernard College. The chief of the research group Dr Richard Yutes proclaimed that truly this lady has those very powers which she says she possesses. ‘The Encyclopedia of the Occult’ has numerous such examples wherein a description is given about ESP present in various humans. France’s Fontan was blind since birth but with the touch of his fingers would know everything just as those people who are not blind can visualize things naturally. France’s seer scientist Jules Romans was very interested in the science of subtle vision and via his research efforts proved that very much akin to nerves that send messages from the eyes that sees things to the brain there exist threads that carry sensations in other bodily parts too. If only they are activated then we can ‘see’ things with the help of other bodily parts too without using our gross physical eyes.

A professor of Czechoslovakia’s Institute of Parapsychology named Melin Rizle and a professor of Leningrad University Valiliov after conducting research proved that man possesses Extrasensory Powers. But what yet remains a mystery is how such powers/ESP can be awakened and augmented?

Gavin Maxwell has taken great interest in unfolding the very existence of divine vision and after lengthy research studies found that many possess it in a very natural manner. Relentless effort and practice can augment ESP and yet many possess the same without making due effort. Such people fear to exhibit these spiritual experiences. They cannot exhibit such glimpses of divine vision because of being thought to be hypocrites or that others may not like it or that if they fail to exhibit it others will mock them or that they themselves do not have firm faith in the spiritual experiences that they get. Thus these ESP’s remain hidden. If only the tradition of exhibiting ESP sets rolling it will be clear that just as man can be very radiant intellectually he/she also possess in great abundance spiritual experiences like ESP. evolving these with intense efforts can render them that much more potent. Just as intellectual grandeur is augmented by educating the illiterate masses so too it is also possible that divine vision present in small measure in laymen and in abundance in specially gifted people can be rendered more potent and thus help the entire world benefit in a big way.

Through his long term research studies Gavin Maxwell has given the description of an 80 year old blind man who had the capacity of pin pointing where exactly lay the corpse of a drowned fisherman in the sea and thus helped in bringing the dead body out. He writes that this capacity predominates in people living in a cluster of islands in the west. In the island of Shams Fiyarna when a fisherman was catching fish he drowned in the sea nearby a village. In order to remove his dead body and aptly burying it the entire village was yearning. For many days they took their boats in the sea for long hours yet they did not find the dead body. There was a cloud of despair everywhere. At that time an 80 year old blind man called Calum Mcenon said: Please take me with you in the boat and row in the sea. It is possible I can help you find the corpse. On finding the correct spot the blind old man shouted: Hurl your net here and you will find the dead body. This was exactly done. As a result the dead body was fished out and then it was aptly buried.

This divine vision can be used in the material arena in order to see the invisible and know that which is unknown. In the spiritual world it helps augment farsightedness and power of discrimination. Such divine sighted people are called spiritual seers and what they perceive and think is of a very high caliber. It is this divine vision that can visualize consciousness in material objects and soul in all creatures without exception. It is well known as Ritambhara Prajna or Divine Intellect and via Super Mantra Gayatri it is worshiped. On attaining it, one sees one’s own soul pervading every iota of the cosmos and others’ joy and sorrow is felt as one’s very own. In it one attains the supreme goal of Self Realization and God vision. The self realized Avatar Lord Buddha had said: when the eyes of divine compassion open man sees others in himself and himself in others. It is with the vision of compassion that Maya or the power of illusion is rent asunder and beyond it one visualizes divine light of God. It is the supreme goal of human life to attain this divine light.

Many years back in April a mind boggling program was telecast on Moscow television. A blind Russian lady called Rosa Kuleshova read an article with the help of the touch of the 3rd and 4th finger of her right hand and without help from anyone identified photos and paintings. This TV program was seen by thousands of Russians and people of other countries and indeed all were astounded.

Rosa was a teacher of a blind school. One day when she was teaching suddenly she experienced that without the help of eyesight she could see with only the touch of her fingers. Slowly she increased this practice. With mere touch she could identify numbers. In a few days she could identify colors on paper merely via touch sensation. In December 1962 she exhibited this prowess of hers to the Ural branch of Psychologists of Soviet Russia. She immediately read out from a newly published newspaper with the help of finger touch. Not only this, but she also described the pose and what clothes were worn by the person in the photograph along with other minute details merely via touch sensation. Of course Rosa had no clue as to how she identified alphabets, colors and photos yet she definitely said that when she touched anything vibration like lines were transmitted to her brain and then everything became clear.

Scientists present were at a loss of words. A psychiatrist of Kharkov University said: It is possible that objects emit infra red radiations and from its vibration maybe Rosa unearthed information. Hence such research experiments were taken up based on this theory. If glass is thoroughly polished objects beyond it can be seen clearly. Hence even when infra red rays were blocked yet Rosa could see things merely with touch sensation. Not only this, but that she was shown colors that were present on the other end of a long tube. Hence she placed her finger on the mouth of the tube and correctly described the colors. Scientists could not subscribe any reason for this amazing demonstration and ultimately a Russian newspaper ‘Izvestiya’ accepted that this is but a miracle of divine vision.

After watching programs on TV a doctor of Kharshov Olga Bliznov also experimented in this manner on her daughter. It was seen that like Rosa Kuleshova she too could identify colors like blue, black, green, red etc merely by touch. She too was tested. In front of Lena Bliznok a bundle of square shaped papers was placed and underneath this bundle was hidden a paper on which something was scribbled. But it was astounding that by merely touch the surface of the bundle she could correctly say as to what was written in the paper hidden below the bundle. Not only this but that by placing her fingers about 2 inches away from photos, paintings, colors and written material she could correctly identify them even after her eyes were bandaged tightly.

Professor Alexander Spinov deeply studied this science. Although he found some young men imbued with this potential yet he could not unfold its mystery. These topics were heard by Professor Dr. Richard P Hughes of New York’s Bernard College who said that in 1939 a girl called Petrisia Einswerse of a high school in Kentucky too possessed divine vision. Today she is a mother of many children hence Dr Hughes preferred to experiment on young lads of the college. Later he said that amongst 145 schools 15% students possessed this divine potential and via practice they could augment it too. From this data it is crystal clear that everything cannot be seen merely by the gross physical eyes and that other bodily parts also possess the capacity to ‘see’. The brain and eyes perform the task of photography and that the brain stores photos of objects taken by the lens called the eyes. On the basis of its reaction the brain’s nerves which take decisions is called ‘vision’. The eyes are apt optimal means for this. There is a close bond between the brain’s center of identifying forms and nerves of the eyes. Hence ordinarily we see with our eyes and on its basis the brain takes apt decisions so as to make definite conclusions.

But it should not be understood that we can see only with our eyes. By advancing nerves of various organs connected to the brain to a great extent we can visualize various objects. Every object of the entire world possesses electrical rays of heat and light. Along with waves of vibrations it spreads its flow in the entire cosmos. Via the element ether it reaches very far off regions and if they are caught aptly then those scenes that are far off, those incidents taking place far away can be seen like objects visualized nearby. In order to catch these visible rays eyes are apt. Objects nearby are seen by eyes and in order to see very far off objects one must make use of the 3rdeye called Ajna Chakra situated between our eyebrows. Yet it should not be understood that various forms are related to eyes only. Due to predominance of the fire principle vibrations of forms manifest. In the human body eyes represent fire principle but this is not wholly true. The entire body is made up of 5 elements. Ere the fire principle of any other organ of the body is activated by spiritual endeavor or on its own then it can carry out major functions executed by the eyes. In the same way up to a certain limit the function of other organs of knowledge can be executed by other organs. Swami Vivekananda had visited a great Yogi Pavhari Baba whose food intake was limited to the air he breathed. He did not take food and water but via other bodily parts he got other types of food from the subtle world. Without this none can sustain life.



While discussing the extraordinary nature of the human body those proof based incidents are many a times mentioned which have been tested thoroughly by various people. In the human body there could be present mind boggling measure of material electricity and to prove this many well known examples have been cited. In the town of Ladyville, Colorado resided a person called KWP Jones who while walking on the ground could tell as to which ore mine (and how deep) was present under the ground he was walking on. His body was influenced by vibrations in varied ways by the various ores present under the ground. Experience told him which ore gave which type of vibration. He benefitted a great deal by this special quality possessed by him. He got a major share holding in many mines that he identified and many other mines he bought from his own cash. As a result he was well known in America as one of its richest citizens.

Ireland’s Prof. Baret was well known for the fact that via his psyche consciousness he could identify sources of water underground along with ore mines. As a result of this prowess of his, citizens of his country benefitted a great deal. An Australian farmer of the last century too was famous for such attainments. He would carry a 2 pointed twig in his hand while walking on the ground and wherever he felt there was a fount of underground water he would stop there. Generally when that area was dug a well full of water was unearthed. In Rajasthan, India there was a person called Madhavanand who helped people dig so many wells successfully with the help of his divine vision.

The science that tells us about objects present underground is called ‘rabdomancy’. With its help one can get details of oil, gas, petrol, minerals, ores etc present underground. But if this science is used only to unearth water resources present underground it is called ‘water downing’.

In Ireland’s Viklo mountainous region there was no water till far off regions. The ground was full of pebbles and rocks. Prof. Baret in front of mine specialists executed his prowess. For many hours he roamed in this area and ultimately after stopping at one spot said: Only 14 feet below if you dig you will find a water fount. Digging commenced and what Prof. Baret said was cent percent true. After digging 15 feet a strong spray of water emerged.

Behind all this is found the very basis of that Prana or vital force. Electricity is one but if it enters a heater it manifests heat and when it enters a refrigerator it manifests coolness. Both characteristics are opposite yet they manifest from single energy. Prana or vital force residing in man’s body too is such a type of electricity that can carry out 2 very opposite types of tasks.

In the history of research studies on the human body many incidents have been quoted which prove that certain bodies have more electricity wherein other people too can easily experience it. By itself our bodily nerve network functions totally with the help of electrical flow. The brain can be called a magical electric powerhouse. From here are controlled all functioning of all bodily parts but this electricity is of the class of living being electricity. It cannot be experienced akin to lighting a tube light or any other machine in the external world. Heat that functions in the human body helps in the functioning of other organs. This bodily heat in reality is a type of special electricity. It can be called human electricity. Its congregated form is none other than the subtle body.

Indian philosophy has said that the soul is immortal and extraordinary, it has depicted the glories of the world and has inspired us to attain life’s true goal only after experiencing its spiritual philosophy. Thus the scientific nature of our religion is proved cent percent true.



With reference to talk of Indian Yogis subtly managing to enter other creature’s body including man there are many who mock this saying it’s a wild figment of one’s imagination. In reality when compared to man’s gross physical body, his subtle Prana body is much more potent. Attaining life’s true goal, knowledge of the inner designing, science and functions of the body and cosmos is possible through only that body and medium called Prana or vital force body. In comparison to the gross body the Prana body is infinitely more powerful and can carry out miraculous mind boggling feats.

In the island of Samao a creature dwells called Pailolo. It dwells in rocks under the ocean and twice in a year in October and November when the moon is half and tide is low it comes out, lays eggs on the shore and then goes away.

There is nothing strange that this creature lays eggs and then goes away. But what is spellbinding is that when this creature sets off from its home it leaves about half a part of its body in its home. It carries with it only that much bodily part as is required to travel to the ocean shore so as to lay eggs and swimming in water. In the mean time the bodily part that it leaves behind in its house remains inert like a pile of mud. After returning this Pailolo creature refits into its previously left body at home. After that in this refitted body blood circulation, breathing and other bodily functions resume as before the body was split. This is an example which tells us that human beings can advance spiritually without the aid of the physical body. Man is conjoined to his body at the most on an average for 100 years. But the Prana or vital force body stays with him ever since he took up the gross body till salvation or Moksha.

When a child is in the mother’s womb it does not breathe at all yet apt amounts of oxygen enter its body and the body grows slowly but surely. At that time the child’s navel is bound to the mother’s navel. Navel symbolizes the sun. Via Pranayam (Yogic breathing) in reality this Solar or Surya Chakra is activated so that the soul by directly relating to the sun helps in the advancement of vital force fire. The start takes place with Pranayam and the pinnacle of evolution is reached via concentration, meditation and Samadhi or super consciousness. Mukti or salvation is nothing but merging of vital force permeated body with sun’s macro vital force so as to get transformed into Primordial Energy. It is like when you take out a jug full of water from the river the water has its separate identity but after pouring it back into the river the jug water now merges into the river water. The same holds true for Prana or vital force.

Even when the body dies the vital force continues to exist. The well known Tibetan Yogi Lobsang Rampa in his book, ‘You Forever’ writes about in incident (4thchapter): At the time of French Revolution a person who acted against the interest of his country was beheaded. Even when the head separated from the body his mouth gave out spit and it seemed as though he was trying to say something. This incident was recorded by the French officials in their government files and can be found even today.

Via the practice of Pranayam Col. Townsend succeeded in controlling his vital force permeated subtle body. Like the famous nuclear American scientist Mrs. JC Trust he too exhibited stupendous prowess of vital force existence. Once he exhibited all this in a big hall crowded by well known journalists and scientists. He himself sat in a particular place. To the blackboard were tied chalk pieces. After this he removed his subtle vital force body outside and with his invisible body and answered questions written on the board. In between he re-entered his body and understood the situation. This exhibition forced the audience to realize that the human body is not limited to only how much it is visible to the gross eyes but that the subtle invisible body within is much more powerful.

Regarding the above Dr Vanden Frank had conducted intense research and found that the region where Hindus grow their pigtail on the head has a direct bond with the vital force subtle body. It is from here that the heart and blood circulation functioning commences. In the growth of the human body on the basis of this research he gave great importance to mental activities.

Oxygen mixed with wind, fire tongue of Prana etc are synonymous. By mastering these great Yogis despite death of the physical body live in this world for thousands of years. Those people who are unaware of this destroy this very important body of theirs just as they destroy potentials of the body via vain sense organ usage. Without advancing the vital force body it is impossible to unearth amazing mysteries of life. Therefore it will also be impossible to attain Self Realization and God Vision.



One must never look upon discussions of Sidhis/Divine Powers like flying in the air as mentioned in Yoga Science as fictitious stories. In the human body reside all seeds of the basis of material means. By activating these energy seeds the bodily units are made so feather weight so that the body now goes beyond the net of the law of gravity and thus man can fly in the sky. Application will be talked of later. Yet from the principle standpoint it cannot be labeled as impossible to achieve. Today modern age scientists have come face to face with the will power’s terrific potential, bodily electricity, computer in the form of the brain and bodily radio functioning. Thus they have been simply spell bound by all this.

On the surface of the water an invisible membrane exists. It is called the water’s surface tension. Many times this layer becomes thick. If on this a light weight object is placed in such a way that it swims on the membrane without hurting it then it keeps swimming. If a blade used for shaving is deftly placed on this layer it will continue swimming and not get submerged in water.

In the Dead Sea area there is a lot of salt. Its water is heavy hence even if someone wants to drown in it he/she will be unable to do so. The reason being that man’s bodily units, in comparison to that salty water is very light in weight.

Any object that is lighter than water particles will easily swim. Wood is light. Balloons filled with air and rubber tubes will float in water. Via Yoga practices it is possible to decrease weight of bodily units and rendering them lighter in weight than water units. If the subtle body within the gross physical body radiates greatly then that much light weight can be created in the body which helps one walk on the surface of water without drowning and flying in space without falling on to the ground. Via control of Prana even in the world of Yoga the same principle is at work wherein not only can one enter another body by separating ones subtle body from the gross one but that one can bodily fly high in the sky. Hanumanji with the help of energy of Pranayam crossed the ocean and by flying in air returned with the life saving Sanjivani herb.

An Italian priest called Joseph attained great fame during his times by exhibiting the power to bodily fly in the air. This divine power of his was discussed in the entire nation. Just before death Joseph also aided a doctor of his to fly in the air just as he himself did.

Joseph died in 1663. When he was about to die the famous doctor Fonseco Thiryoli was called to medically treat him. The doctor writes in his memoirs: I was just about to attend to Joseph when he caught hold of my hand and started flying in the air. Since I was stuck to him even I started flying in air. After this we flew to a church in France and there Joseph started praying. He told me that he did not require my medical treatment. Since God has called me I will soon go to his kingdom. The doctor was astounded and without treating Joseph returned. Next day Joseph died.

The Italian government has many documents that mention various incidences of Joseph flying in air. These were recorded when police officials went to test whether Joseph could actually perform this rare feat or not. There are innumerous hearsay and incidences actually seen by many in Italy wherein Joseph could reach Jesus’ image placed high up on the wall and for a fair length of time he could hang on over there. Many believed that Joseph was an extraordinary pries imbued with miraculous divine powers or Sidhis.

Priest Joseph’s father resided in an Italian village called Felix Dala and worked there to earn money. Once due to poverty and lack of a job he was very sad hence he took with him his pregnant wife to find a job. In the year 1603 his son was born amidst their travel. The child was but a skeleton of bones. From birth itself the child was attacked with illnesses and in a few days he got intense stomach pain. Since his father did not have money for treatment he went and surrendered to a saint dwelling nearby. The saint said: The child’s body is dead and only his soul remains on earth. Yet the saint predicted that the child would be saved and will live the life of a priest. Truly the child escaped death and from childhood itself he started worshiping and praying to God like other sages. His prayers continued and he attained great fame for miraculous feats. Everywhere he became renowned for the fact that when he prayed intensely he started flying in air.

Lord Adare was an eye witness to an incident which he published in ‘report of the Dialobtical Society on Spiritualism’. According to it he saw one person fly in the air like a bird. In order to prove this description he said that the chief of ‘The Royal Astronomical Society’ too was a witness of the above incident.

In this description there is a mention of such an extraordinary person called Holm who possessed so many types of miraculous divine powers. He could fly in the air. For a long time he could hold burning coal in his hands.

When these Sidhis or divine powers were cogitated over many did not trust them and they insisted that all this was mere gossip meant to fool people. As a result under the leadership of the world renowned scientist Sir William Crookes a research team was appointed to pursue the above matter. The research team accepted that whatever was said regarding Holm it was true. There was no wiliness or sleight of hand involved. Yet it was difficult for them to say as to how all these divine powers actually functioned. The chief of ‘British Society for Psychic Research’ FW Myers and Prof Crookes discussed details of the above research, experience and conclusion and it was decided that there was no sleight of hand or trick being used. Hence such incidents should be looked upon by modern age science as a subject of research and instead of distrusting all this, a newer direction of experiments must be conducted on them. At the time of research Crookes found such mind boggling divine powers in Holms wherein the latter could move far off objects from one place to another. Further he could manifest such objects which were never there before in that place.

In his travel in interstellar space in August 1962 in the spacecraft Vostok-3 Nikolayev describes the state of space as follows: Within outer space there is no need to touch the ground, walls etc in order to walk. In empty space man can walk very easily. It is enough to use a light touch of the wall of the spacecraft to move it. By this very light touch one can walk easily. Then in joy one can move and walk. With the help of hands and legs one can move in any direction. Not only walking but one can swim as though one is in water. In water on planet earth one swims by kicking the legs and moving the hands and in space too one can ‘swim’ thus albeit without water.

Beyond the limits of gravitational pull it is possible for the gross body to walk, run, swim etc in far off interstellar space. In it initially there is need of giving only a minor push and on the basis of power of resolve the hands, legs are required to be moved a bit. To attain this state now it is not very tedious. Principally it has now been accepted and in interstellar place and on planet earth under conditions of weightlessness one can visibly see man flying high in the sky.

Rooms devoid of gravitational pull have been constructed on earth. In order to practice the state of weightlessness interstellar space travelers are asked to dwell in such rooms so as to experience the state of lack of gravity. Hence now it is not required that that only by going beyond the earth’s layer of gravity one can fly in space. Science by constructing such rooms on earth devoid of gravity has proved that the state experienced by interstellar space which is devoid of gravitational pull can be created on planet earth too which undergoes the law of gravity.

Sir John Alex (Nobel Laureate 1933) and Adrian Dove after deep research and experimentation has proved that gravitational pull is not at work in particles like neutrino, photon and graviton. These particles imitate the very existence of light. The sub particles of Prana or vital force have that very capacity which can liberate gross particles from law of gravity. Under such circumstances the divine power of man flying in air cannot be falsified.

Although these spiritual practices are difficult yet people with extraordinary psychic capacity can succeed in them. In reality via Prana based spiritual practice this divine energy advances on its own.



15 Mar



The deity of creation is Brahma, propagator is Vishnu and destructor is Lord Shankar. Thus various cosmic activities take place. The world grows because of creation of living beings and objects. Whatever is created is nourished and hence maturity sets in. That which has grown and got nourished will ultimately age and wither and thus is rendered as waste matter. Thus it is best that it is destroyed. Destruction is the basis of creation. It is only when the old harvest is cut that a new harvest can grow. If beings did not die how could they get rebirth? The world is aptly managed via creation, propagation and destruction. If death did not occur, how can new matter be unearthed for creation? At the time of creation God had created a certain amount of matter which is reused via recycling. Thus worldly activities go on. Thus destruction is as revolutionary as creation is.  It is apt to say that death is an auspicious beginning for recreation.


Lord Shankar dwells in the graveyard. He wears a garland of skulls. The great serpent of death is coiled in his neck and sacred thread. When he opens his 3rd eye fire manifests everywhere. If out of ire he opens his eye the person whom he sees gets burnt to ashes. Once when god of passion Kamadeva tried to delude Lord Shankar the former was burnt to death. His Virbhadra, Bhairava and Nandigana are so terrific that merely imagining them induces horrification. When there is a need of world annihilation or Pralaya he commences the Tandava dance. The more his dance steps speed up aging and rotting materials of the world get burnt in an inferno and disappear in interstellar space. The element of sin falls at his feet. In pictures of Shiva Tandava dance a terrified living being with face pointing to the floor is seen. On its back Lord Nataraj dances the Tandava. This element of sin is none other than beasts dwelling in man’s psyche. Again and again it is admonished via speech. The aim of the Tandava dance is to defeat this element of sin and overcome its power of illusion.

The demonic nature of element of sin enters the human psyche via many deluded forms and in order to entice it in the mesh of narrow minded selfishness, desires and yearnings gives many attractions and alluring enticements. A person lacking rationality gets entangled in them and in order to fulfill his/her desires performs lowly actions. One who is entangled in the element of sins work only to fulfill selfish desires and totally ignores righteous duties, ethics, human values etc. If there is no desire where is the need? Why hoard comforts? Such a gigantic mountain of desires stands in front of us that while climbing it all our energy is dissipated. Thus one sees only lack everywhere and what is available seems very miniscule. Under such situations in order to hoard things for sense enjoyment one follows the path of lawlessness and illegality. A person entangled via the element of sins always thinks unethically. He acts unethically too. He feels that if he imbibes self control and ethics he will face poverty. Self control seems dry and arid. Hence he thinks it is ‘wise’ to run in the direction of hoarding and sense merriment. In this way righteous duty and ideals are completely ignored and only unethical means are resorted to.                     


Under such demeaned conditions it is Rishis, saints and Avatars who appear in this world to show the right path to mankind. Again and again they assuage our pain and hardships. Repairing works many a times. Very influential religious leaders can bring about contemporary reforms too. No doubt these succeed too but yet a situation arises wherein all that is withered and old needs to be broken down and in its place neo creation activities have to be taken up. This is because a person entangled in the element of sin refuses to listen to wisdom and his/her psyche becomes like a sticky pot. Further so called religious leaders themselves behave so deluded that the mockery of reforms on their part never succeeds. When so called religious flag bearers themselves behave unrighteous it becomes clear that the opportunity of reforming world society has passed by and no amount of bandaging/repairing will work. This venomous situation must undergo a major operation where a lot of tearing apart is involved.

From the superficial standpoint today’s world compared to ancient times is more prosperous, full of material means and more capable. It appears as though speedily we are marching ahead on the path of progress. This material measurement may be true yet in the spiritual arena things are very lopsided. Greatness and idealism seem to be disappearing in our sentimental area. It is rare to find men of great character who are true in thought word and deed. We fail to find people who harbor oneness of soul, cooperation, selfless service to the world and generosity. Inner poverty is so widespread that its fearful repercussions are direr than any famine. This then is the biggest ill fate of humanity and the entire world. Due to lack of it this so called prosperous material world is burning in hell like inferno where in actuality so much material prosperity should have created a heavenly situation on planet earth. 


This lack can be fulfilled only via neo creation. When copper utensils break they have to be melted and molded anew. When type of a press gets rubbed they have to be sent to a foundry for melting and remolding. Today man’s psyche too like broken copper vessels has become vain and hence is useless. Now it will have to be melted in remolded anew. In factories where melting and molding take place huge blast furnaces burn. The broken metals, ores are purified first in it. In order to transform its harshness into sensitivity it has to first enter blazing fire. Via mankind small furnaces can be made to mould ores but in order to transform billions of heartless men into their true utilizable nature that gigantic furnace is required which will require big widespread arrangements. Mahakal these days is exactly doing this.


The final Tandava dance of world annihilation takes place when nature made of 5 elements becomes old and withered. Since the elements age, they cannot function in a timely manner. Seasons do not manifest in time and obstructions come in the way of world creation, propagation and destruction. Earth’s fertility power declines drastically and stars, galaxies etc cannot work in a timely fashion. Under such situations Mahakal’s ultimate Tandava dance manifests blazing infernos so as to tatter and make shreds of this world and Mahakali takes the form of a mother to neo create this world. In Indian mythology a decorative description is found regarding the great night of this great destruction. When this great night passes by the world is neo created.

This great world annihilation takes place after billions of years. But at the time of era transformation generally an explosion of partial annihilation is witnessed. This is Mahakal’s partial dance but is called Tandava. When man’s psyche due to intense taints reaches that level wherein that reformist activities fail to do good at that time Mahakal has to use terrible weapons. Generally during such situations in order to punish the lay public harshly Lomharsha like tasks have to be imbibed. In order to execute such terrific harsh actions the god of destruction Lord Shankar takes up his Rudra form since it involves creating bloody situations. Right from the commencement of this Kalpa till now Mahakal has taken the Rudra form 11 times. In Indian mythology there is description of 11 Rudras and their biography.