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Maharshi Aurobindo has named the 21st century as ‘Mother’s Century’ but keeping in mind women’s present state, potential and will power it does not appear that the 21st century will predominate with women. Regarding this those who put forth dry arguments say that on seeing the demeaned state of women today how can it be said that she has the capability of endurance, facing opposition and leading world society. Hence on what basis is it said that in the 21st century akin to males she will be capable enough to play a major role in important arenas of society?

There are no 2 opinions that those who put forth such arguments are correct in their own way and yet how can we challenge that opinion of farsighted seers, futurists and able astrologers which says that 21st century will be led by women the world over?

Anatomy science says that hormones play a leading role in our facing harsh situations, in rendering our mental state high in stature, remaining an optimist and valiantly facing trying times. Regarding this anatomists and physiologists opine that whenever someone becomes tensed due to a problem faced epinephrine hormone is secreted but immediately the bodily system starts inactivating the influence of this hormone and thus another hormone called nor-epinephrine is secreted.’s_century.htm

Thus the influence of epi’s_century.htmnephrine is obstructed. Over here lies the mystery of success and failure in life. Since quite a few decades research has been carried out in this area by a biochemist Malcom Carethur of London Positive Health Center who maintains that since women are more sensitive in nature than men hence she gets tensed easily. As a result the flow of epinephrine hormone is more which increases agitation and tension in her psyche. Thus in majority of situations that are dire in nature, she fails in warding them off. On the other hand in the field of world politics we have seen strong will power oriented women  leaders like Indira Gandhi, Bandaranayak, Golda Meyer, Aquino, Margaret Thatcher and so on who while facing very harsh situations successfully ruled their respective countries. Despite being women how did they execute those tasks which generally are said to be impossible for women to execute?

Malcom Carethur proclaims that he has unfolded this mystery too. He says that while women undergo tension when the ration of both hormones viz. epinephrine and nor-epinephrine is same or identical the situation remains the same. It means that under situations that are dire no tension is felt and by remaining calm she can easily face agitations coolly. But when the ration of these 2 hormones is unequal then given a particular situation someone reaps success and another fails miserably to deal with it.

When epinephrine hormone augments then in that ratio agitation and tension too increase but if the secretion of nor-epinephrine hormone exceeds that of epinephrine then even harsh situations can be faced joyously. It is clear that when tension appears joyful a person will love to live his life thus and thus the biggest capability of leadership will be his for the asking. This is exactly what happened with the above mentioned world women leaders.

Over here those who put forth dry arguments can say that exceptions are seen in every arena. Hence it cannot be applied to the entire women’s class. The answer to this too has been given by Malcom Carethur after long time span research studies. Regarding this he says that that he contacted more than 100 women from the parliament, politics and social arena and met them personally. While putting forth the conclusions he writes in his research paper that from the interview of these women in politics 25 years previously it was clear that they were harassed when a rain of questions were aimed at them by journalists. When she faced serious situations she got tensed, she could not sleep at night or have peace in day time and yet after all these years this situation has changed a great deal. Now longer does any activity cause tension in her psyche, she maintains mental coolness and it seems very normal for her to face challenging situations in a calm and collected manner. According to Malcom Carethur this cannot be looked upon merely as radiant skills manifesting from long time practice. He calls this the re awakening of total physiological transformation in the women class the world over. He further opines that in the form of preliminary link on the stage of world politics appeared great talented women like Indira Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher and more such skills will be witnessed in future too.’s_century.htm

At this point this conclusion of Malcom Carethur nourishes that observation of futurists wherein it is said that the 21st century will predominate with women’s skills. Assuming this will actually happen definitely a total transformation has taken place in the physiology of women without which that radiant talent full of daring, enterprise and hard work cannot proliferate which is most required for great leadership in world society. So the question arises: Will today’s fearful, meek and weak women get transformed totally in a decade? Over here a question asked has been duly answered by Yogi Aurobindo. He says that this transformation will not take place due to some divine miracle. In fact it will take place slowly but surely and this shall be perceived by only those seers who with a subtle vision study it. The earth and needles of a clock keep rotating but who actually perceives it. When night takes over day and again daylight appears and when the clock gives out a ringing sound we realize regarding time and day converting into nightfall. According to Maharshi Aurobindo the uplifting of women and the entire world too will be akin to this. Hence none should think that after the night of 31st December 1999 ends so as to manifest 1st January 2000 everything will appear transformed in the world, women will have reached peaks of glory etc. In fact all this will take its own course of time which is on the move all the time. Thus there is optimism that in about 100 years all these transformations will be clearly visible.

Now the question arises that when in ancient Vedic Era women had reached pinnacles of supremacy why is it that today she is relegated to a fallen state? According to well known historians it is the Dark Age of middle times that is responsible for this wherein she was so pressurized and oppressed that she truly believed she was weak and slave like. When a lion’s cub is made to live in a herd of goats, it starts behaving like a goat. Today world women are being made to undergo the tainted results of this ill fate.

A great evolutionist J D Lamarck gave us the scientific theory of ‘Use and Disuse’. According to this theory that bodily part which is used aptly undergoes proper evolution and those organs that remain unused their evolution gets obstructed and slowly with reference to bodily activity/movement they lose importance. The same happened to the women class. In the Middle Age when she was brain washed that she is weak in every way and incapable in executing social activities and that her utility is limited to the insides of the 4 walls of her house, her bodily parts too got molded as per this flow of thinking. Within this the secretion of nor-epinephrine hormone responsible to combat tension diminished whereas epinephrine hormone rose alarmingly with the result that women experienced fear and incapability in carrying out tasks outside the 4 walls of her home.

And even this is a well known fact that when the zest of soldiers at war starts depleting and they start receding from fighting their enemy the general of the army takes over so as to motivate the weak will power and valor of the soldiers. Thus the soldiers can show their mettle in fighting the enemy and ultimately taste sweet victory.

Today when the condition of women the world over is very demeaned and when she feels she is incapable of uplifting herself from this undesirable state the reins have now been taken over by the divine creator or Almighty God. He has vowed to help women regain their lost glory and thus get reinstated on the peak of supremacy. The wheel of time is always on the move. It never stops. Geography experts opine that if a person from one place starts walking in only one direction ceaselessly ultimately he will reach the place from where he started his journey. Even this adds proof to that observation of futurists wherein if today women are in a downtrodden state then in future she will regain her lost glory and none should doubt this. When one catches a glimpse of happenings on the world stage all this will definitely be noted. Within the US army that landed in Saudi Arabia there are many women battalions. The leadership of Afghanistan army rests with many women commanders. The task of valiant pilots of Israel many times rests in the hands of ladies. Such transformations are seen in many countries of the world and women are executing those very tasks successfully which so far were carried out only by males. All this is a witness of the fact that in the form of the 1st phase of physiological change the secretion of desirable hormones, enzymes etc are on the rise in the bodies of women which can be seen in various feats enacted by them. This is a clear signal that the shining sun has risen at dawn and that the brilliant sun of women’s glory is about to shed its rays all over the world.’s_century.htm



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Whatever form of the world visualized today is in stark contrast to what it appeared 20 years previously. In the year 1900 all those attainments of modern science if compared to those feats achieved today it is noted that in about 80 years this entire era has changed drastically. It is the past few decades that have gifted us with fast moving vehicles, new health oriented research data, method of medicinal therapies and man’s inner journey. Eighty years previously the earth’s population numbered 1.95 billion. Although we had not fully enjoyed its means attained from limited potentials, yet people were contented and happy. Today the world’s population is 4.4 billion. In future it could touch 60 billion. Starting from the year 1981 a new era has commenced. Lest there was no world war or any epidemic of diseases these figures would have leaped manifold but on noting present situations this is a bitter truth.

Due to limited space/means and gigantic population growth leading experienced thinkers of the world exhort us to evolve a new program in a timely manner. This is not a new program but intellectual people are thinking on these lines, which mean that its importance is special.

The famous branch of science called ‘FUTUROLOGY’ unearths potential world conditions of future times. An institute that unfolds future events is called ‘FUTURIOUS’ by futurologists.

On July 24 and 25 of 1980 in the city of Toronto, Canada a World Conference of 6000 delegates took place. In it men/women beyond the limitations of caste, creed participated. Its slogan was, ‘Thinking Globally, Acting Locally’. It means for regional efforts setting up an organization of a world high stature intellectuals and thinkers. In it participated the world’s highly respected thinkers and futurologists. Amongst these were leading scientists like Margaret Meek, Herman Kron, Shaun Bromen, Eric Asimov, Maris string, Frank Feeder, Caladiogalio, Mary Derord, Stephen Crozier, Jeff Bean, Heleg Henderson, Tuver Hancock and Timoy Leerie. They forced world humanity to cogitate over various world problems.

The chairman of this conference was chief of Canada’s Imperial Bank and also chief of Canada’s Society of Futurology viz. Frank Feeder. Along with him Mumbai based chairperson of Environmental Institute Rashmi Mayur said that the future is worrisome. Yet we are full of hope and hence are optimistic. Today is not the time to talk and just think but that action is most required. Very forcefully they talked of transforming this era positively and this then became the topic of which scholars/thinkers will help put it into practice.

There was a special quality regarding discussions that took place in this world conference which included worries put forth by thinkers yet full of hope for a bright world future. The chief of ‘Global Society’ Maris Strong told journalists that the gist of these talks were dire in nature yet there was underlying optimism too. Bad from this standpoint that mankind itself has dug its grave. Despite this the good news is that the medium via which this dire situation will be overcome will ooze with a well managed task. It is beyond doubt that with well managed focused efforts a bright world future can be ushered in. in reality it is a fact that although we are passing through dire times yet they will not persist for long.

In global understanding a rational cogitation took place over a cosmic unpolluted environment. At the very onset the world public’s representatives of various organizations vowed to adhere to the slogan ‘world united peacefully as a family’ by giving up selfish thinking. Today is not that hour wherein anyone will benefit harboring selfish considerations. Now is that time wherein people will prefer to die harboring sentiments of world brotherhood and sense of oneness. If developed countries insist on thinking that due to advanced industrialization and technical development they will become wealthy even if it means that the rest of the world faces dire poverty, know for sure they are erring. They will perforce have to live with friendship with all. According to futurologists any scientific discovery/invention by any nation does not merely belong to it only. If there is any imbalance then however much it affects large regions like USA and Europe, it will similarly affect small regions like Cuba, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea and others. What we are trying to say is that nature based discoveries and vaults of nuclear energy cannot belong to a few powerful nations. In fact looking upon the entire world as a family all world humanity will coexist under one world flag. This is the desire of Almighty God and is a beautiful path for human existence.

The chief of World Bank Maqbool ul haq regarding this says that the hour has arrived for rich nations to help poor countries. For this he proclaimed an all world encompassing guideline wherein the wealth of all rich nations be taxed. This tax must then be used to uplift and develop underdeveloped countries. As per statistics quoted by him it is clear that by gaining tax from various rich countries economic development of poor nations can be successfully executed.

A 2nd important set of guidelines put forth by Maqbool ul haq included centralized well managed nature based discoveries, energy program devoid of pollution, international organization to overcome poverty, obstructing world population explosion especially in poor nations, deleting borders that partition various countries and not only controlling production of war based weapons but obstructing its misuse.

These imaginations may appear unattainable today yet they show that in contemporary times what are the causes of world problems?

The beliefs of Future Society and other similar organizations are in tandem with present world conditions. From its unanimous warnings it is clear that these problems will influence a few decades. Those who are deluded, their numbers are large. Despite the day of death nearing and being insulted by family members, majority of senior citizens vainly get ensnared by material illusory pursuits. There are many humans in this world who fail to imbibe the light of wisdom and discrimination. If they refuse to mend their ways Lord Mahakal will get ready to kick their mode of lifestyle. The gist is this that in these important times of era junction the class of world humanity inspired by goodwill must shoulder special responsibilities. Today’s time in world history is just not ordinary but is that hour which ushers in pain and strife. Ordinary speeds under such situations are obstructed from marching ahead and rational awakened people are expected to manifest special efforts for world welfare tasks. Time demands that a bright future of the world must be ushered in by such great awakened souls. No doubt such efforts are being executed. We must hope that such tasks full of goodwill by keeping in mind the previously mentioned goals full of sacredness and all inclusive sentiments and devoid of differences that are caste, community and race based will stand on a common world podium gushing forth with a sense of world brotherhood and friendship. Yet this is certainly not happening. After a lapse of many years this information is transferred through other languages. And yet what happens is that by the time this happens this information has become old and that many changes have already occurred in them.

Today in the entire world there exist around 3000 languages. In only 13 chief languages world transactions and communication takes place. The world’s well known languages are Danish, Swedish, Norse, German, Italian, Icelandic, Portuguese, Welsh, Bulgarian, Irish, Spanish, Hindi, Persian, Czech, Finnish, Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Berber, Somali, Tibetan, Turkish, Burmese, Siamese, Mongolian, Korean, Japanese, Swahili etc.