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In attaining success or Sidhi in Mantra chanting 4 main precepts are at work:


1)      Choice of chain of words in Mantras based on Sound Science and its methodical chanting


2)      Focused Prana Energy of the Mantra devotee via self control and a simultaneous inclusion of mental focus


3)      The material but subtle power of material paraphernalia used in devotional and worship methods


4)      A flow of sacred sensitive sentiments, deep faith, trust and a viewpoint that imbibes a high stature goal


The more the above 4 are included the more the results and miracles of Mantra Energy shall be witnessed and perceived. Wherever the above 4 precepts are ignored and just based on whims and fancies one executes spiritual practices with the intention of getting quick boons know for sure that only despair and failure shall be our lot.


Very much like other sciences, Mantra Science also is a well managed procedure and it has to be executed with immense patience and alertness. Every portion and sub portion of it has to be applied at apt places. Only if every cog or machine part in a watch is fitted in its appointed spot that it works best and shows the correct time. Similarly if the above pillars of Mantra Science are rendered well managed with alertness there is no reason why we shall not attain the desired goal. Mantra Science becomes a mockery and utter failure only when people lacking psychic credentials (Paatrata), full of haste and harboring a very unscientific bent of mind execute such hypocrisies. Thus when because of this no beneficial results accrue they fling aspersions and accusations on the very authenticity of Mantra Sciences and its practice.


The 1st pillar includes correctness of sound flow emerging from Mantra Energy. It is a well known fact that due to some blow on flowing water waves are created and they flow in the direction of the water stream. In waters that are still these waves spread all around. No doubt wind flows but its waves flow not only in the direction of the flow but it does so in all directions. Sound in reality is a vibrating wave only. In the human mind suppose a thought erupts. The brain is trained regarding with which thought in order to help the external world recognize it which type of movement has to be created in which type of Swara Yantra. Inspired by our will power in pre programmed voice machines an onrush emerges. This onrush attacks wind in our mouth and that present outside. Thus sound waves from this starts coming out. Our ears hear these only and by analyzing them the brain takes a decision as to who said what for what purpose?


Via will power mobility and from mobility waves emerge. In gross terminology these vibrations are said to emerge from air but in reality they emerge from ‘ether’ principle residing in the deep recesses of air. Ordinarily in 1 second our ears can hear vibrations of about 32 per second. If they are less than 32 we shall not hear them. Even if they are more than this our ears shall not hear and hence understand them. The atoms of ‘ether’ principle are very subtle and ultra sensitive. In 1 second they can create up to even 3,400,000,000,000 vibrations. When these vibrations reach their highest peak from them, rays of ceaselessly flowing light manifests. These rays are called X-Rays.


These rays possess wondrous mobility and generally in 1 second can travel 10,000,000 miles. Invention of radio, TV etc has been possible based on this very science. The vibrations of air get destroyed yet ether based vibrations never get destroyed. They remain immortal eternally. The more they become old they become steady on the surface of gravitational force on planet earth. When they become strong they attract other vibrations of their own class towards themselves and when they weaken in strength they get pulled towards other strong vibrations. Yet despite on aging and withering they give rise to a new consciousness on the basis of congregational power and create such a magnetic force that influences people via that consciousness conjoined to those words and sounds. Over here also the law of cooperative coexistence is at work. People influenced are those whose brain state is very similar to ancient but congregated sound vibration energy. When these states are dissimilar and not in tandem no thought, word or sound can influence anyone. It can only showcase its presence.


Sound is a tangible energy. By itself it is formless (Nirakar) yet it can be rendered with name-form. Today images and photographs of sound are being created and on its basis that person’s image can be identified from whose mouth a certain type of sound had emerged. A fact has been placed forth before us all by Science of Sound Photography and imaging that sound is a powerful material. Just as we use atomic energy, electricity, heat etc similarly sound too can be used in a similar manner. From the word and sound flow of Mantras an image/photograph gets created. On its basis the shape and form of its presiding gods and goddesses (deities) and for succeeding in Mantra practices (Sidhi) spiritual scientists have advised us to render very potent sound and word flow emerging from worship and meditation on these presiding gods and goddesses (deities).


A 25 year old young air force cadet based in the Travis Center of California’s air force was court marshaled. He was accused of passing sexual remarks over the telephone on ladies working at the telephone exchange there. By itself he was very alert that he did not reveal his identity over the phone yet police officers using scientific technology succeeded in nabbing him.’%20ENERGY%20AND%20ITS%20SUCCESSFUL%20MANIFESTATION.htm

Voice images and photographs were taken to identify this air force cadet. The voice of this cadet was photographed. Then when this photograph was matched with this cadet’s voice it was noted to be the same. Even though this cadet denied his crime yet the court of justice accepted this proof and thus was meted out apt punishment.


Photographs of voices are a rare boon of modern material science. The inventor of this technique is Dr Kersta. He has unveiled such a 3 fold technique of sound analysis and the apparatus is called Spectrogram. With this anyone’s voice can be imaged and photographed. Dr Kersta says that just anyone’s thumb print does not match with that of anyone else’s and is unique in nature similarly a person’s voice also is unique. It cannot match anyone else’s voice. Thus the voice photograph of each one of us is unique and matchless. Voice photograph recorded using this technique is accepted as total proof and on its basis we can know important hidden mysteries and nabbing slinky slimy criminals.


According to Dr Kersta when every child learns how to talk it uses its lips, palate, tongue, jaws etc in a special manner and thus it commences talking. Due to this movements occur in the muscle network and its pressure falls on wind filled up in the mouth and that spread outside. From this pressure sound emerges. The rise-fall of the movement of the voice box is self created and separate from one individual to another. Hence words and voices emerging from each one of us is unique and thus every person’s voice is different in more or less measure. This difference and disparity becomes the basis of sound difference and thus no one’s voice matches with others in the world.


New Jersey-USA’s Dr Mortimer Schwartz in order to understand the inner state of the body and analyze the causes of various diseases says that man’s voice is a very important tool in this. Dr Mortimer Schwartz says that since via the use of a sthethoscope by knowing the gap between 2 consecutive heartbeats the state of blood circulation in the body can be gauged, then by minutely understanding utterances of the mouth influenced by the inner state of the body why would it be impossible to understand someone’s inner agony and state via unraveling of utterances by the mouth that are influenced by the inner state of the body? His experiments and applications have set up a new foundation in diagnosis of various diseases.


Beej or Seed Mantras generally have no meaning yet its energy is potent. In Mantra Scriptures there are innumerous Beej or Seed Mantras mentioned like Hreem, Shreem, Kleem, Yum, Vum, Rum, Lum, Aima, Om, Hum etc (with one letter and specific Swaras) and each one’s influence and method of usage has been described. This Seed Science in its pristine purity is heavily dependent on Sound Energy. Sound and words have their own power and technique.


According to Material Science vibrations are created from sound. One more fact associated with this is that when energy gets imbued in our mouth or any special material sound flow emerges. Word or sound by itself is a special state of vibrational flow. When outer air bangs into our inner air words are uttered and a Swara or sound flow commences.


There was a time in the bye gone times that pilgrim spots were in the form of Sadhana Peetha or shrines where spiritual practices were executed and were well advanced. In these pilgrim spots apt desired environment for spiritual practices, required means and materials and guidance from experienced God Realized Gurus were available. People desiring to fulfill such goals would travel to these places and would return with success. Alas! Today’s demeaned withered state of pilgrim spots is there for all to see. Today these holy places no longer help pilgrims attain that spiritual goal for which they had been set up in previous times.


This human body although tiny is yet a complete world. In it rest seeds of all pilgrim centers. Amongst these any one or simultaneously many pilgrim centers can be awakened and rendered radiantly potent. There are certain personalities who are manifest images of pilgrim centers. In the human consciousness of such a Sidha or God Realized Master/Guru/Saint sometimes if a foreign undesirable element enters it a little effort to remove it and evict it reaps wonderful success. Spiritual practices are done for this very end. If in the realm of spiritual practices the soul principle emerges victorious then innumerable types of Divine Wealth can be attained that are manifold more precious than the 14 jewels attained when demigods and demons churned the ocean (Samudra Manthan as per Indian Mythology called Puranas). A person attaining these becomes self fulfilled and then nothing under the sun remains to be achieved. The long time period when a devotee undergoes spiritual practices can be termed a terrible war between demigods and ferocious demons. In it the devotee has to imbibe skill, shrewdness and valor to the brim. This war of spiritual practice cannot be fought with a frail, weak and listless psyche. In it instead is most required a very strong will power (Sankalpa Shakti) and potent enterprise.


A mental state marching towards glorious heights on the path of well being is called divine and a psyche immersed in desires that create a massive downfall and that pursues vile tainted activities is called demonic. The 1st one is magnetically attractive and the 2nd is a repulsive demonic flow of consciousness. Man is a combined creation of both Satvva (sacredness) and Tamas (demonic spiritual darkness). Rajas (activities executed to fulfill various desires) are the middle state of these two. The middle state that leads a devotee from Tamas to Sattva is compared to churning of the ocean (Samudra Manthan as per Indian Mythology called Puranas). Both Tamas and Sattva fight tooth and nail in order to emerge victorious. Our psyche engaged in activities leading towards a downfall since many lifetimes refuses to come out its shell towards uplifting. A devotee pursuing spiritual practices makes intense efforts to march towards soul uplifting from this downfallen demeaned state. As a result the state of sheer struggle noted in churning of the ocean (Samudra Manthan as per Indian Mythology called Puranas) and the bloody Mahabharat War between the Pandavas and Kauravas gets created in our inner religious and righteousness arena and outer activities of various Karmas. Generally demonic behavior and activities generally prevail.


When Sadhana or spiritual practices becomes the most beloved topic of a devotee, his mind on its own gets immersed in it, he wishes to increase his hours of spiritual practices instead of decreasing them and if after getting up from worship, meditation etc the body feels zestful and the mind becomes blissfully serene know well that maturity in spiritual practices has been attained and its goal of true spiritual well being is just round the corner. In the preliminary phase of spiritual practices a lot of effort is required to attain this wholesome state of the psyche. By using one’s spiritual imagination and power of resolve or Sankalpa Shakti that type of mental condition has to be generated in a façade like form. Yet if we diligently pursue spiritual practices regularly and generally for a long time frame this blissful mental state becomes one’s very own inner nature in an effortless manner. Hence the time period of using immense efforts based on a strong will power wherein the devotee struggles a lot is actually called Sadhana or spiritual practices. When this inner blissful state becomes natural know for sure that Sidhavastha or state of Self/God Realization has been attained.’%20ENERGY%20AND%20ITS%20SUCCESSFUL%20MANIFESTATION.htm

The state of the soul which has an imperishable bond with Almighty Lord and merges into God’s divine cosmic form can be called radiance of spiritual practices. When the individual soul of the devotee and the divine cosmic soul of Almighty Lord become one eternally this state of divine ecstatic bliss is called Samadhi or trance. It is not necessary that in this state we go into Yoganidra (Yogic sleep) or become unaware of the external world. In the spiritual practice of Jnana or Divine Wisdom one attains the state of a Sthtaprajna, in the spiritual practice of Karma or selfless actions one becomes very detached mentally and in the spiritual practice of Bhakti or devotion to God one attains a psyche oozing with divine love and goodwill towards every pore of entire world creation. In it although we do not become unconscious as in a swoon but yet a ceaseless divine experience of divine light of Self Realization and self contentment is felt. All doubts in this state disappear to naught forever. The devotee feels one with Almighty God and experiences God dwelling in him. The desires and actions of Almighty God and such a devotee reaches the same level. The realm of God is widespread whereas as that of the living being is limited. One is cosmic and the other is an atom. Despite this the levels of both have wondrous parity. God has no worry about his happiness and hence is immersed eternally in rendering cosmic consciousness well balanced and super advanced. In this divine endeavor God is immersed and full of divine zeal. The sanctified soul of a devotee is absolutely of this stature of Almighty God. Such a devotee no longer pursues tasks merely to look after his family and earning name and fame. Instead he is now immersed very much like Almighty God in world welfare and well being tasks for his entire lifetime. In such selfless service to the world such great saints experience divine bliss. They get immersed in such glorious tasks and hence attain natural self fulfillment. When our belief, steadfastness, deep faith etc on maturing ooze in our mental qualities, actions and inner nature know for sure that just as oneness is noted when a rivulet merges into a hige river like Ganga the same is noted as blissful union of the devotee’s soul and God’s cosmic divine soul.


When the 2 streams of sense organ control and mental focus unite human bioelectricity gets created. A cold and hot wire helps in generating electricity. Similarly when the body and mind’s energy is obstructed from getting scattered to naught via harboring of fleeting desires that power gets amassed called Prana Energy or Ojas. In Yoga Sciences students entering the realm of Yoga practices are first and foremost advised to control and mind and body in a disciplined manner. Lest human bioelectricity gets destroyed by passing through these 2 holes of an indislplined uncontrolled body and psyche say from where shall that oil and other fuel come from to aid functioning of the engine called Mantra chanting practices? Merely chanting Mantras via the tongue cannot be called Mantra practice in totality.


Prana Energy is self directed and Mantras are controlled from external sources. The 1st task of a devotee is to render his Prana Energy very potent in a terrific manner. Mantra is that gun or bow that can use various types of bullets or arrows. But this gun or bow must be in the form of a sacredly sanctified inner personality. If this gun is not working properly then even if we use a proper technique to chant Mantras the desired goal shall not be attained. Similarly Prana Energy although in a lone way is very important yet without using Mantra Power the task of awakening latent energies in the psyche cannot succeed.


In the bodily and mental pracrices pertaining to Yoga and penance energy manifests. Yet at the time of this manifestation or after it has been amassed it is not rendered well secure then bye and bye akin to dynamite it shall burn to naught. If spirit is poured into a bottle without a lid the spirit evaporates to naught. Similarly energy that is not optimally protected gets blown away to naught in a wasteful manner.


During the phase of amassing psychic and soul energies the spiritual practice executed by a devotee is watered with Sattvik food and resting habits that augment piousness, Brahmacharya or celibacy, Mauna or mental/vocal silence, living in a lone solitude area, a daily schedule that is sacred and deep mental reflection based on sacred thinking. Added to this the psyche is protected from rushing after miracle exhibition that can gve him fleeting cheap name and fame. Sidhis or divine powers can be used merely for vain goals of greed and attachment to wife, kids etc. They can also be used for one’s own and others soul uplifting. Attaining lots of mundane benefits on the basis of very less effort is bang opposite to the laws of the Science of Karma (action). If Mantra Power is used for this end it shall not last for long and in this childish play it shall get destroyed to naught in a jiffy. Yes! If we use it for soul awakening and attaining glory this Mantra Power shall intensify further in a potent manner. It is like if we rub the knife’s edge on a smooth stone the knife becomes very sharp and since rust is removed it shall shine more brilliantly also.


For attaining Mantra Sidhi (success) blood that nourishes the devotee’s body and things that create Ojas in it are of special importance. Via nourishing food the body becomes strong and via a sacred lifestyle, resting-sleeping habits etc our mind becomes strong and sacred. Coal, oil and water possess the capacity to make steam yet it emerges only with the help of the self propelling energy of the user along with that of fire used. Even power of materials is used during the phase of spiritual practices. It is from this standpoint that many do’s and don’ts and usage of various materials are prescribed. With which materials should Havan (fire sacrifice) be done for the success of which Mantra? For eating food which materials must be used? Amongst various apparatus for worship rites which level must be given predominance for procedures of all these and creating an onrush of power not self directed and power that is self propelling? It is in this way that a process is invented to create steam in engines and with it aid rotation of wheels of a locomotive train.’%20ENERGY%20AND%20ITS%20SUCCESSFUL%20MANIFESTATION.htm

The boundary of food intake is spread out to our resting, sleeping and other daily life’s activities too. Hence in the realm of succeeding in spiritual practices all this has to be included yet it must also be kept in mind that what we eat with our mouth only is not ‘food’. Via the nostrils of the nose and hair pores and skin follicles air is inhaled. In it oxygen and other elements also are inhaled within and these also are ‘food’. It is well known that via injections food reaches our body within. Hence materials entering our body via Yajna/Havan fire fumes in a gaseous state inhaled by our nose also should be considered an ‘injection’. In worship rites called Anushthan the procedures of Yajna/Havan is included. It is a process via which the subtle and causal portion of medicinal herbs gets absorbed within the body. It is for fulfilling this goal that oil of certain tress and juices of certain plants are devoured via the mouth (orally) or that they are applied via bathing, massage etc.


In our diet we must take recourse to grains, vegetables, fruits, milk etc that possess special subtle qualities. From wherever they have been procured those sources must be rendered sacred and intense more and more since this also is very much a part and parcel of Sadhana or spiritual practices. Using the wood of which trees, which apparatus, with the help of which people etc this food has been cooked? In which mental condition was this food eaten? All these procedures are very important for a devotee. If a devotee performing spiritual practices very diligently eats food against scriptural injunctions (non veg food, very pungent/bitter/salty food, alcohol etc), if this food quality is very mediocre, it is cooked by vile minded people, it is served by people with tainted psyches etc then all this hard labor of the devotee goes waste and no success is reaped. Hence during the phase of Sadhana or spiritual practices first importance must be given to our food intake and diet. Even our resting, sleeping and other activities come under this. It includes all chores, activities etc carried out in day to day living and must be rendered sacredly pure.


If our food is of low quality, adulterated etc the tainted result of devouring this shall be noted on our body. Our chief diet is plant based. Milk, honey, flesh etc is but a conversion of plants devoured by animals and other creatures. In reality our body subsists on plant life only. Just as humans possess gross, subtle and causal energies so too these dwell in plants also. The importance of Tulsi (basil), Pipal, Amla (myrobalan) etc is based on noting its divine organ energies. Doctors and medical therapists help their patients avail benefits of the subtle chemical energies of various types of plant species. Its gross form can be gauged from its color, form, odor, taste etc.


A very powerful facet of lifestyle and daily living activities is Brahmacharya or sexual continence. A gross meaning of Brahmacharya is obstructing the sperms from nightfall. In reality this means disallowing all conscious powers, aspirations and desires of the body and mind from straying here and there in a scattered wasteful manner. A little force of dynamite in the trigger of the gun is used in a singular focused manner. Only then does it showcase its terrific power. Lest this much dynamite is scattered in an open area and is lit with a match stick it shall burn very weakly. A minor popping sound emerging from this can only induce mocking sneers from those witnessing all this. Instead of using bodily and mental conscious powers in directions that are scattered are used for desired spiritual goals without doubt miracles ensue. Within the boundary of medicinal intake along with food and diet our lifestyle (resting, sleeping, daily chores etc) too is encompassed. Along with the body our mind also must be properly nourished and nurtured.


In a certain sense the Science of Brahmacharya must be termed the Science of Human Bio Electricity. Every act of sexual union induces not merely sense organ (genitals also) and psyche based zest but that it also induces an exchange of bio electricity between the sexually uniting male and female. The bio electricity of women is attracting and that of men is repulsing. When they unite in sexual union the woman pulls the sperm of the man throwing it into her. All this can be tangibly felt. All this applies to bodily, mental and soul energies also. By immersing in sexual activities if a devotee becomes a ‘male’ he shall reap only losses. The female partner may benefit minutely yet the divine potential of such a devotee diminishes a lot and hence the path that takes him towards success shall lengthen all the more. Keeping this fact in mind Brahmacharya or sexual continence and celibacy has been given a lot of importance.


The 4th foundation pillar of Sidhi or success achieved in Mantra practices is Aushadhi. It means materials used in healing and other processes. Over here Aushadhi does not mean medicines, herbs etc administered to patients suffering from various diseases by their attending doctors. For spiritual endeavors the word Aushadhi is used with reference to plants, trees etc that are made to enter the human body via the mouth, nostrils or skin pores and follicles. By imbibing their subtle energies in our consciousness the soul existence is rendered so capable that it benefits optimally via Mantra Energy.


In literature dealing with Sadhana or spiritual practices their authors have enumerated varied procedures and techniques. From which portion (middle or root) of fruits, flowers etc of which tree is the rosary or Japa Mala made? Is the Asan (seat for meditation etc) made from Kusha-grass or Khajur-dates or what else? Is the Kamandalu (water pot) made from coconut or bitter gourd or what else? While washing one’s hair or bathing the body which clay or which plant product has been used? Which Yajna material is used for which goal using which plant, which tree’s wood and using which procedure? All these injunctions in reality are included in the devotee’s food cooking techninque itself.


The 4th principle used in Mantra Science is Bhavana or sacred sensitive sentiments. Faith in spiritual practices towards Science of Devotion must be so profound that no room for doubts and distrust remains. Spiritual practices executed with a mind reeking of mere superficial curiosity, an intellect that merely wishes to test them in order to ultimately prove them bogus and a suspicious psyche shall never succeed. Faith by itself is an intense power. Akin to petrol, electricity, steam etc it has its own terrific energy. A devotee harboring deep faith always succeeds but those harboring doubts return empty handed. The great result of trust and mental resolve or Sankalpa can be witnessed at every step of daily living. For attaining spiritual progress and success it is its very Prana or life force. A devotee must harbor unbroken faith towards Mantra Energy and it must be imbibed with full faith, mental focus, strong will power and sacred sensitive sentiments in all our activities.’%20ENERGY%20AND%20ITS%20SUCCESSFUL%20MANIFESTATION.htm

The goal laid down in order to carry our spiritual practices must be of a very high stature. It must never be done merely to fulfill selfish material greed. Mundane joys and facilities are attained based on the price of capability, skills and efforts we pay. Thus we must buy these mundane comforts and pleasures on this basis only. Spiritual powers must be used to increase spiritual wealth and divine glories. On its basis inner potentials must be evolved and advanced highly.


A devotee must render his inner personality and activities supremely great. His viewpoint must never harbor an intention to exhibit vain Sidhis and miracles akin to childish acts. Instead very much like divine people a good hearted devotee must be so steadfast in soul uplifting and world well being activities that by renouncing fleeting material attractions and avarice once and for all he yearns to immerse himself in the bliss of his soul and divine state of God-Self Realization. When a devotee’s thinking and activities are truly great his sacred sensitive sentiments shall become comparable to the matted hair locks of Lord Shiva. In that on these matted locks it shall become possible for the spiritual River Ganga viz. Mantra Energy to pour down upon.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton



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In ancient times if a country was attacked by the king of another country, then in order to gauge his army’s movements, ears were pressed to the ground so as to find out from which direction and from what distance these movements are taking place. Regarding sound it is said that it is heard via the medium of wind but the reality is that the grasping and broadcasting power of earth is much more than that of wind.


Ordinarily in order to hear sounds ears are made use of. Yet the prowess and capacity of ears are limited. One of the reasons being that sound is not of only one type. The vibrations of some sound are such that by banging against our ear drums create upheavals that can be experienced by our ears. Those that are of this stature only can be heard by the ears. The 2nd reason is that despite them being capable of being ‘caught’ by the ears, they become so light and very thin due to a very far off distance that the hears fail to hear these sounds. From many standpoints it is most required that we hear these sounds that are beyond the hearing capacity of the ears. Its utility lies in creative tasks and staving off calamities.


The far off movements of clouds can be heard by the ears of peacocks and it manifests this premonition via its voice emitting a lot of joy. Spiders possess premonitions about rain and on this basis it creates or swallows the mesh that it creates. Before a building gets razed to the ground, the cat’s ear hears it easily and before a wall or roof collapses, the cat hastily runs away from that place with her babies. Humans have fulfilled this requirement via the medium of scientific apparatus of sound sensitive technology and machines.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

In this direction the 1st step of scientific progress was marching ahead on this belief that in comparison to wind, the sound grasping power of earth is much more. In the 2nd world war in order to gauge movements of the enemy army such a machine was designed which was buried under the ground a bit and the remaining part stood on the surface of the ground. It had a cavity of mica in which mercury was filled. From it 2 tubes emerged from it and these were placed in the ear opening. Just as in order to gauge heart beats we place a stethoscope on the chest to find out the inner body condition, in the same way this machine would give information regarding movements taking place on the ground that was at a far off distance.


Later technology that gauged vibrations and electrical energy in space came into vogue. In it was one machine that caught movements of space. Very easily in it one could hear the cannon movements of enemy army. When rifles or cannons are fired, 3 types of sound are heard. The 1st takes place when gas comes out of the hollow tube like passage. The 2nd takes place when the bullet whizzes ahead. The 3rd when the bullet actually hits the target. All these 3 types cannot be heard separately by our ears. This is because these movements take place so speedily that our ears and brain cannot separate them. Yet these machines can classify these 3 sounds quite deftly and one knows that how many bullets have been fired, at what distances and of what stature.


Later apart from earth and space, efforts were made to get information regarding sound running on surface of water which were successful. Water vehicles like ships and movements of yachts take place on sea water surface. Akin to earth via sound inspiration conjoined to water surface it came to be known that where, at what distance and of what stature movements are taking place. When the fount of such information was thrown wide open, the door of maintaining alert caution in naval wars too opened up. In the 2nd world war German war ships had spread terror all around. In fact once it seemed that Germans would lord over all seas and oceans of the world. And it became the ruler. Yet this terror was ended by scientific achievements as a result of which not only the movements of warships were unearthed but undesirable ones were shattered too. For this end hydrophone machines played a major role.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

Sound waves run on water surface and its reactions run towards that very source from where they were created. The electricity of hydrophone machine run after that very echo and tells us of what shape and nature is the present sound stream.


Today not only water and space craft but that whatever dwells within and outside need not necessarily be seen with the eyes. All this information can be attained via sound vibrations. No longer are earth, water, air, space, heat etc looked upon as inert elements but that sound streams flowing alongside them have their own deep import. So far we can only know that some movements of this sound flow are taking place. The more research studies in this field shall quicken with depth to that extent every element akin to a talking unit shall unfold mysteries in its vicinity.


Episodes take the form of sound. Sound and light are such substratum on the basis of which gross can be converted to subtle and subtle into gross. In interstellar space various levels of sound vibrations move about. Ere someone gets hearing capacity of a higher stature than human ears, such a one can hear supersonic and ultra sounds. Thus he/she can also know and understand situations of past, present and future in far off regions also. Students of Naad Yoga awaken this very power and on the basis of movements taking place in the subtle world, by attaining this knowledge of past, present and future via Yoga of Meditation, fulfill this goal in the form results of light as a medium.


In the foundation of possible miracles via Mantra Power it is the Science of Sound that is at work. In a special mental state, in a sanctified body special worship rites and special chanting induce the emergence of a special energy in its own exclusive way. It is called Mantra Energy. It is used akin to bullets loaded in a gun. After understanding subtle sound flow where the mysterious unknown can be rendered known, there via attack using this Sound Science, obstacles and obstructions can be pounded and shattered to naught. In a certain manner Mantra Science is an important application of Sound Sciences.’s_scientific_foundation.htm

A keyboard of 7 musical notes is found in a Harmonium or Piano and wooden strips are joined to them. When the ribs of the keyboard are pressed various types of musical notes appear from related centers. If the pressing of these piano keys are rendered rhythmic, desired Ragas and tunes can be heard. Our mouth can be called a keyboard. In it utterance of various words/sound influence the 6 Chakras situated on the Merudand (subtle spine). During conversations no doubt unrelated uttering can take place but if in the style of Mantra chanting some well defined aptly woven words are ceaselessly repeated in a particular rhythm, it vibrates and ‘twangs’ various energy centers of the body. These very vibrations by combining with various upheavals of spiritual practice activities create such a divine conscious stream whose application can be rendered successful for desired goals.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


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Ordinarily in the arena of Sadhana or spiritual practice external rituals are mimicked and whenever someone imbibes these external rites in his daily life, a group of people tend to follow in his footsteps. Since hidden sentiments behind these symbols, soul purification and disciplines of true living are neither truly understood nor imbibed, how will they reap rich dividends?

Our Gurudeva was advised by his preceptor: You must reinstate an imperishable flame torch of clarified butter or Ghee symbolizing the bond between us so that none forgets the other. Since I had appeared before you as a mass of divine light its memory should remain eternally. Revered Gurudeva reverently imbibe the commands of his beloved master and did exactly that.

When Gurudeva journeyed to Himalayas in the years 1941, 1951 and 1960 he yet observed that discipline. Revered Mataji writes in the 1951 Akhand Jyoti Magazine, that it is now my prime responsibility to look after the management of this magazine. As an editor this was her first attempt because in that period the time span of Gurudeva’s Himalayan travel would be more than 1 year. Three chief tasks had been set up by Gurudeva for Revered Mataji and they were:

The Akhand Jyoti or flame torch remains lit for 10 more years ceaselessly. Initially this torch was lit for the time span of 24 Mahapurashcharanas of Gayatri practice yet despite the task being completed it should not be bid adieu. Just as in 40 days 1 Anushthan of Gayatri (.125 million Mantras) is completed in the same way when the flame torch remains lit for 40 years without pause the Akhand Jyoti or torch flame becomes Sidha or spiritually omnipotent. This torch already had been lit for 30 years and family members one by one keeping awake for 24 hours saw to it that the flame never got extinguished and hence why leave it incomplete when only 10 years are left? (Akhand Jyoti Magazine-October, 1951, pages 6/7/8). Since the decision regarding the time period after 1971 was to be unveiled by Gurudeva on his return from Himalaya journey we have not discussed the episode of their changing residence and going to Haridwar where this imperishable flame torch or Akhand Jyoti was kept. Whatever may be the case yet HH Mataji acted scrupulously as per the directions of Gurudeva. Within its divine light by gaining Darshan of Gurudeva and his revered preceptor she ran the gigantic household called All World Gayatri Family. She continued to edit the magazine and shouldered all those duties which she had to execute as the chief of an institution.

The second command was to ceaselessly do Japa in front of this flame torch and a program must be designed to execute 24 Anushthans comprising 2.4 million Mantras in 10 years.

The 3rd command that in which ever place this flame torch was kept in front of which ceaseless Japa was carried out from there sacred qualities be imbibed and only then the Akhand Jyoti Magazine must be published.

There exists an extraordinary deep import of lighting flame torches ceaselessly for many years. We had commenced this literature with an episode which we will continue to elaborate upon. The lay public by following others and by looking at the fount of success as a visible ritual no doubt lights an imperishable flame torch yet they fail to do this ceaselessly in the long run. A flame becomes Sidha only when it is accompanied by intense austerities by a spiritually credible devotee. This is not some miniscule task that can be handed over to just about anyone. One not only has to do Japa-Anushthan but that by looking upon self purification as a very important spiritual practice must be undergone steadfastly. This very task had been fulfilled by revered Gurudeva and Mataji and even today one finds this flame torch in Shantikunj (Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India) that has been kept lit ceaselessly for 64 years. It is the fount of all divine inspirations and Sidhis. In front of it even today ceaseless Mantra chanting is done. In its close proximity .1 billion Gayatri Mantra Japa is executed and in a Yajnashala having 9 Kundis or pyres Ahutis or sacred offerings are made to the Yajna fire. From this seeds of true spiritually sprout forth and bloom as flowers and fruits. In its sacred light revered Gurudeva wrote volumes of great literature and carried out worship and meditation. The present lines too have written after getting due inspiration of this ceaselessly lit flame torch called Akhand Deep or Jyoti. In it there is no lone effort because at its root is at work the power of austerities executed by Gurudeva which rendered him a Super Human imbued with immense Brahmavarchas or Divine Aura. In future too this will take place exactly as is happening today.

Over here we are writing in detail because those Gayatri Family members who come here to see and have Darshan of this flame torch must understand its root philosophy and subtle Sidhi. If in order to follow this tradition they too light a flame torch in their homes they must make due efforts to render it Sidha Jyoti or spiritually potent flame. If this is not possible since along with keeping this torch ceaselessly lit intense austerities too have to be undergone then they can yet accrue benefits of our Akhand Jyoti by reading and imbibing sacred teaching of revered Gurudeva whose inspiration rests in the sacred power of this divine light of the flame torch. Much more is the importance of such Sidha Jyotis when compared to importance of places where great spiritual aspirants have performed penance called Sidhapeethas. In it a great devotee assiduously surrendered his very life for a great mission and not only awakened his own Kundalini Shakti but that in order to awaken the Kundalini of the world became potently subtle (Sookshmikaran) post death and even today is very much active in the subtle world.

Majority of times letters are received at Shantikunj and in Mathura too that for our sake please carry out certain number of Japa for a particular goal and in return we will send you cash. Those writing such letters do not know that Japa programs cannot be ‘rented’. This in fact is a fraudulent business of vain arrogant priests which our revered Gurudeva mocked and opposed all his lifetime. Japa and austerities must be done by our self. Yes! In order that no obstacle comes in the way of Anushthans, we at Shantikunj can protect then through the Rishi existence of Shantikunj as per the promise given by revered Gurudeva. This promise exists today and will hold in future too wherein if someone is doing Japa, Anushthan etc at his home or elsewhere he/she will get due protection from all obstacles and hardships forever by our extraordinarily divine existence. What is mainly to be understood is that due thought be given to augmenting ones sanctity and uprooting various taints and that in comparison to purifying ones sentiments less importance be given to superficial rites and rituals. If while chanting Mantras we pay attention only to its numbers, know that this is like ‘bartering’ with Almighty Lord. There exists no such register in the abode of God and Mother Gayatri wherein the number of Mantras chanted is written and noted. Over there in fact what is gauged is your goodwill and sanctified high stature aspirations and whenever anyone attains success or Sidhi it will be only on this basis as has been mentioned by Gurudeva during his entire life time.

Since now we have received instructions to unveil the Sidha aspect of Gurudeva we humbly dare to write the following lines. Those living in close proximity to him know for sure that despite possessing only 1 gross body, he executed tasks performed by 5 bodies. It is indeed a mystery as to how he carried out various tasks of 5 types simultaneously but those dwelling nearby know that in the life span of 80 years he lived a life akin to 800 years. Let us unfold how 5 tasks were carried out by 5 bodies. First he carried out meditation on Mother Gayatri for 6 hours apart from 8 hours of physical labor and 7 hours of mental labor (reflection, deep cogitation and writing). One can now understand how less he slept since out of 24 hours, 21 hours were utilized thus. This then is that wondrous Sidhi which although can be termed in any manner yet people near him know that those tasks commenced by him on getting up at 1 am in the morning would ceaselessly continue till 10 pm at night. All this is possible only after immense energy is gathered due to intense austerities performed.

The other task was to open, read and reply within 24 hours more than 1000 letters received daily by post from Gayatri Family members residing in various places. The answers to these letters were so compact and affectionate that the person reading it felt he got all answers regarding questions posted by him. One got the sense of oneness with ones father and affection too was showered. Even after settling in Haridwar, revered Gurudeva continued with this task but after 1972 through the medium of devotees and guidance of revered Mataji letters were received by members. It was Gurudeva who himself categorized these letters and decided how and in what way every letter was to be answered. Later he handed over this important task to HH Mataji and her aides. No doubt his subtle guidance yet exists. The foundation of this organization is his letters which he wrote to innumerable people and lovingly made everyone his very own.

The 3rd onerous task that he carried out till he shed his mortal coil was writing literature. He wrote so much that if his literature is weighed it would be double the weight of Gurudeva’s physical body. Regularly he read for 3 hours and for 4 hours he wrote for the magazine and penning books. Maybe he sometimes went hungry but never did he stop writing daily. Whatever he read for Swadhyaya or self study, whatever subtle knowledge was given to him by his divine existence, those priceless thoughts akin to potent Sanjivani (rejuvenating life) was penned down by him. One more thing to note is that after reading something he never kept any reference book with himself. He had an extraordinary razor sharp memory. He has given us so much literature authored by himself in the form of 2500 books, commentaries on Vedas etc, self written Prajna Purana and has written so much for 10 years henceforth that Akhand Jyoti will continue to get published ceaselessly and will remain lit eternally like a light house. The writings may be authored by anybody yet the thinking behind it is that of revered Gurudeva. In the form of a Bhagwad Geeta World Library he has designed a gigantic book which will be inspired to be written by his subtle-causal bodies and also 14 parts of Prajna Purana.

The 4th task was individual contact, teaching giving guidance and advice. It is alright if for a few moments he rested by immersing into Yogic sleep (Nidra) yet he kept meeting so many people throughout his lifetime apart from the last few years before he shed his mortal coil when he was immersed in rendering his psyche subtle (Sookshmikaran). He imbued life force or Prana in all those who contacted him, he augmented their will power and very affectionately and zealously gave guidance regarding daily living, spiritual practices and how to adapt the psyche when circumstances change externally. It is certainly not an overstatement to say that he is the emperor of the hearts of all volunteers.

The 5th task was to ceaselessly travel to look after the mission’s tasks and render positively active all volunteers and helpers. In the few preliminary years he resided in Gandhiji’s Sabarmati Ashram, Sevagram at Vardha and Pondicherry Ashram of Shri Aurobindo along with Rabindranath Tagore’s Shantiniketan. He went to Adyar too and virtually read all books in the library of Annie Besant in Varanasi. He would also travel to far regions where mission members were trying to render widespread various great tasks. While traveling he would continue writing and meditating. 15 days before he bid adieu in 1971 he traveled ceaselessly and in 1 day he would visit programs at 3-4 places. Not only would he fulfill them but that he would meet all those who contacted him so much with a sense of oneness that those people would think he is closest to them. In the years 1980-81-82 for laying foundation stones of various Shaktipeethas and invoking deities there he would complete 5 programs in one day with great success.

If tested minutely one cannot correlate that in so many hours or days how he could carry out such feats yet Lord Mahakal’s Divine Energy is so terrific that at a time he would be active in 5 places. This question was asked to Gurudeva by workers of the mission who traveled with him but since he had not got any direction to answer by his preceptor he only told us regarding tasks carried out by 5 bodies as has been mentioned in the above lines. And yet if members wish to hear and understand the Sidhi of this great realized saint they must read the following episode. In Madhya Pradesh (India) one mission volunteer continuously kept questioning revered Gurudeva as to how he was active in 5 different places simultaneously? In order to answer him and exhibit his Lilas or divine sports Gurudeva gave this volunteer a telephone number of Bilaspur and after asking for a trunk call ask over there as to what is going on? The answer was that Gurudeva’s program was organized there. He has just finished giving a discourse and is having food just now. This volunteer on hearing this felt the phone slipping out of his hand in astonishment and after prostrating full length at revered Gurudeva’s hallowed feet he said: Lord! I shall never doubt you henceforth.

Dear readers! What will you say regarding all this? Would you label this too as mesmerism and hypnotism? The divine sports of great saints and Gurus are mind boggling. While he was alive he carried out such stupendous feats and now after donning the subtle body post death Gurudeva will give more astounding experiences to all members.


AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


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The Yug Nirman Mission has been set up with the aim of fulfilling 100 tasks. At apt places, in apt situations and as much as possible they are being enacted also. Yet one program amongst these 100 is mandatory and that is this thought flow must be imbued in world public psyche deep down and with total zeal this program must be rendered worldwide. Merely a handful of us all cannot accomplish this humungous task of Era Transformation. Slowly but surely the entire human society that shall have to be rendered full of good will based sentiments and encourage them to march on the path of true human glory. This is possible only when this sacred thought flow establishes deep down into the world human psyche. Hence in areas around their place of residence etc every wise person of our world family must see to it that this divine light spreads there.


Whether any other program gets fulfilled or not yet this task is compulsory that in order to influence people more and more with this glorious thought flow ceaselessly one should offer ones time, honest efforts, body and mental energy for it. Those who can actually do this, when in those this zest to act in this direction manifests I shall look upon them as my true descendents and inheritors. The responsibility of fulfilling the aim taken up by us can be given to some people as wealth inherited from me. Only those rare ones shall accept this responsibility. Hence it is required that they be searched for everywhere.


…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1964; Page 50)




  1. B) Amongst our world family I yearn to search such people who have understood the deep import of true spirituality and also those who in order to pay the price of attaining true success in life have started amassing within their inner personality required enterprise and valor. I shall hand over my legacy to them only. Of course! From the standpoint of material wealth, property etc they shall get nothing.


Only a spark from the burning fire in my psyche shall be handed over as my legacy to them yet it is so precious and priceless that anyone attaining it becomes gloriously fulfilled eternally.


…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1965; Page 50)




  1. C) Those who possess valor must come forward. I have no personal tasks or goals to fulfill. Humanity is about to get awakened and uplifted anew. Almighty God shall definitely fulfill it. Divine souls no doubt are carrying out this mission. The aura of a bright future has manifested. The brilliant sunrise of world neo creation is definite. If we so wish we can take credit for it and thus render ourselves renowned.


Our country India attained political freedom in the year 1947 AD. Those who contributed towards it became immortal. Lest they had not come forward even so independence definitely would have harbingered in. Yet if such people had retraced their steps from such glorious tasks they would have become cynosures of pity and would have faced nothing but misfortune. Today’s times too are very much similar to the above one. It is definite that a worldwide revolution from the standpoint of intellect, ethics and society shall definitely set rolling in. this campaign shall be shouldered not by political leaders but religious-spiritual volunteers. This process has commenced in the form of Yug Nirman Mission. I desire that the heavy responsibility of its management be handed over in strong powerful hands. In whatever number and wherever such people exist in our world family must congregate and shoulder their appointed activities. The aim of mine of appointing representatives for this onerous responsibility is the above only.


…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1965; Page 52)




Amongst this mammoth crowd for so many days I am searching for such individuals who can showcase themselves as my true soul companions and remain steadfast to the well being of the world family set up by me. The thing is that my program is about to end. I shall no longer get the opportunity to continue my activities much further than this. The life I have lived so far has been under the watchful guidance and direction of a Great Divine Power. In future too each moment of my life shall be lived as per its divine inspiration. This Great Divine Power by liberating me from my present program shall inspire me to march ahead in another direction as per subtle directions given to me by it. Hence it is apt when I ask myself the question as to whom the gigantic responsibility resting on my shoulder thus far must be handed over? To whom must that torch of Era Transformation be handed that was so far in my hands? From this standpoint I have to search for my true inheritors.


…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1966; Page 46)




  1. E) In this small time span we have to search for much higher stature comrades. In their hands this red torch can be handed over that so far right since its inception was in my hand. For this stronger, more valiant and very true hearted people are required. When I glance at the ‘Akhand Jyoti Family’ majority of its members appear ‘readers’. Reading too can become a type of addiction. No doubt reading good literature is a good habit. Such people addicted to knowledge-information are reading literature penned by me very avidly. After this they shall find what interests them from some other source. Their chariot shall keep moving yet my chariot shall come to a grinding halt.


Those who despite reading regarding high stature thinking fail to put it into practice in day to day living, from such people how can I harbor high hopes? I require comrades who zealously act and imbibe great wisdom simultaneously. Such people are known to renounce fleeting selfish gains so as to sincerely work for Era Transformation, they feel it is vain to live a life enmeshed in personal problems day in and day out and are capable of amassing within themselves the desire to sacrifice if it means even a wee bit for adhering to India’s sacred ideals.


…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (October 1966; Page 47)




  1. F) That red torch kept ceaselessly lit by me for the past 42 years must now be handed over to other responsible people. Hence I call them and invite them. Those who are ‘alive’ must realize that these present contemporary times are not ordinary. In it wise advanced souls must not lead mundane ordinary stature lives. On their shoulders rest a bit more of righteous duties and important responsibilities. If these are ignored such pain and anguish shall be felt by them in their soul that this strife of soul agony shall be much more than bodily physical pain. Thus it shall be very difficult for them to endure this soul anguish. Lack of wealth, good health, fame etc can easily be overcome yet by ignoring one’s righteous duties life’s precious opportunity shall go down the drain. Thus when opportune times lapse by we repent our mistakes to such an extent that it becomes difficult to endure this agony.


…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (November 1968; Page 63)






India must protect not only its own home but that it must lead the world in all realms of life. For this those great character people are required who can generate an optimal environment for this end. These great men must be much more influencing than those who like dedicated soldiers had fought for India’s political freedom. The task of creativity requires much more skill and capability than what is required for fighting. Thus in the coming days we shall require such high stature intellectuals who via their radiant talent shall illumine the entire environment.


…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1969; Page 60)




It is natural that lay people wish to become big shots in life. No one teaches them for this. Say, who does not desire wealth, high status in society, sense pleasures, praise, good health etc? Who is not restless for satiating desires and yearnings of varied sorts? Who does not mull over filling their tummies and begetting children? Never have I thought of rendering our world family into members that are big shots. Forever I have deeply aspired to see a divine society of great saintly people. In reality the aspiration to become a great saintly personality can be said to be attainment of true success of personal living and the great fortune of world society. Thus true human life fulfillment encompasses becoming a great saintly personality. In addition to this in today’s contemporary situation such a gigantic requirement of great saintly personalities the world over that everywhere a loud wail is heard for it. In their absence every realm of human living has become distorted and ruinous. Only if such great saintly personalities the world over come forward all world problems, strife and harassing sorrow can be overcome fully. I have organized this world family only for attaining this goal wherein from the mine of this world such human precious jewels manifest that a new radiant chapter in the annals of world history shall commence. A great gigantic campaign like Era Transformation can be fulfilled not by hollow minded people but can be executed only by those people categorized as truly great saints.


…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (June 1971; Page 55)






In the days to come for Era Transformation we shall have to commence many creative and struggle based procedures. For this goal such hard working, sacredly sentimental, skillful and wise people shall be required that are ready to give all their precious time for this meritorious mission and that they focus all their hopes and aspirations along with their great thinking process on it only. By renouncing their narrow minded selfishness, they shall experience glory while sacrificing their all for world well being. The sacred land of India does not lack such wise awakened people. Those who are wise shall be awakened, rendered high stature in great thinking and shall be egged on to walk this path of world welfare.


…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1969; Page 4)






We shall all fight a new ‘war’. I shall cut asunder taints gathered in world human psyche with great thinking as was done by Lord Parshuram in bye gone eras. It is said that Lord Parshuram had chopped off people’s heads which can also mean uprooting vile thinking in their psyche. Hence we shall re enact what Lord Parshuram did. Deep down the psyche of each and every person dwells the flagpole of spiritual ignorance and demonic unruly behavior. This shall be uprooted by us and thrown away. The biggest and last war of this era shall be waged by us all wherein India shall not be merely one nation but that it shall become Mahabharat or Super India and its philosophic rule shall reach every nook and corner of the world. This then is the Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar. The cosmic Chakravarti good will based reign that shall be harbingered in by the Avatar of this Era called Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar is none other than our campaign of Era Transformation in its pristine pure form.


We shall create great possibilities. For this we require men of great austerities full of truth and great goodwill based sentiments. We are at the moment searching for such great personalities only.


…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1970; Page 60-61)






This is the hour of testing our true nature. In order to fight the demon of spiritual ignorance so many means shall be required. The more we can gather public power, intellectual power and wealth power it can only prove less. People outside our family are immersed in the vain game of ‘pull and push’. The call of this era can be fulfilled only by the ‘Akhand Jyoti Family’.


Those who have family duties to execute must do so in as less time and minimal expenses. The rest of their time and money must be used to fight this demon of spiritual ignorance. Those whose children are grown ups, in those families where others can look after the family must hand it over to them. Those whose responsibility to their children as far as their education, marriage etc is concerned has been fulfilled must enter Vanaprastha (retirement from mundane duties) and like Parivrajaks (travelers) must light the torch of world neo awakening. There is just no need of building hermitages (Ashrams) everywhere. At this hour we by becoming Parivrajaks (travelers) must journey to every nook and corner of the world. Hence there is no need of thinking about anything else other than this. It is useless to think that in old age we shall become Sanyasis (ocher robed mendicants). When half the body dies without anyone’s help daily living too becomes very difficult. Hence how can one do selfless service? The role of an era soldier can be enacted only by those whose body has some strength and who possess a strong will power. Today there is a greater need of sacredly sentimental people and wisdom based public power. People reeking with rotten minds, fraudulent and addicted to alcohol, narcotics etc reside indolently in hermitages of Sanyasis, mendicants etc. This era deity requires such intensely radiant public power who do not throw their burden of life on anyone else but instead help others become uplifted in life by using their powerful hands.

From amongst the ‘Akhand Jyoti Family’ it is this type of powerful and highly capable public power that is being called. It is the youth class that can execute Yoga, austerities, selfless world service and honest hard work. When voltage decreases fans, lights, bulbs etc function slowly and dimly. For neo creation also it is power of maturity that proves very useful. Those who are very old and sick cannot enact such tasks. Hence we invite such powerful and capable public power.


…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1975; Page 56-57)






Today such crest jewels are being searched for that by rendering them into a necklace of jewels by joining them in one string it can be placed around the neck of this Era Consciousness’ Super Power. Such high stature great souls are being searched for by giving them this era’s invitation. Those who are alive and kicking shall arise up and in the hour of peril akin to army chief’s that exhibit their valor shall present themselves as rightful heirs of victory. Miserly coward people on hearing the call of righteous duty shiver and stammer and hide their faces. One day they too shall definitely die but the taint of sorrowful repentance shall stick to their faces even post death.


Terrible problems of super destruction die a supine death. It is in the moment after this that akin to the brilliant sun it shall rise high. This possibility is definite. What needs to be seen is that in this hour of transformation, who is it that shall get the credit of enacting the role of an era sculptor? Whose steps are going to march ahead on the road of well being?


…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1988; Page 61)






The Era Creation Family (Yug Nirman Parivar) has been functioning for a fair length of time yet its jewels, pearls etc remained hidden just like that. Now we have decided to awaken each, organize them render them highly advanced and very active. Till date only problems were being solved. Those who were active were merely egged on. Now the task is to render inactive people into active ones. Certain talented people harbored only faith towards my thoughts but henceforth they shall be urged to march ahead with me shoulder to shoulder. This is the main goal of re congregating.


…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (July 1977; Page 51)






Henceforth I shall look upon those people as preliminary members of Era Creation Family (Yug Nirman Parivar) in whom faith has awakened towards the thought flow of our sacred mission. These must know and realize its deep import and must harbor zest and zeal for this mission. Those who harbor no zest may know me personally yet they cannot be said to have joined our mission.


Over here differences between 2 points must be noted clearly. It is one thing to know me personally and a bond with my sacred mission is another thing. Personal contact is at my mortal body level but if one joins the mission it means they have bonded very closely to my very Prana or life force. Bodily relations can include wife, children, relatives, constructing buildings, doing printing work etc and these are hordes in number. They also harbor pride in coming in my contact yet they have no clue about my psyche, my aspirations and activities. They do not help in all this at all. These shall be classed as those who at some point in time contacted me either for Guru-initiation or visiting me for conversation. Of course! These external bodily based contacts/relationships cannot just be negated. Very naturally I shall remain grateful and happy for my entire life on getting their love and goodwill towards me yet those who have been able to contact my inner psyche I shall keep searching for them painstakingly.


…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (July 1977; Page 51-52)





In order that at this present hour awakened souls shoulder their responsibilities seriously, they are being searched for intensely, just as one looks for precious sparkling diamonds in mines. They are then being awakened and called to work for our sacred mission. In order to search them the sacred flames of Deep Yajnas are being ignited. Objects lost in darkness can be searched for only after illumining that area with light. Akin to a widespread and well defined campaign that is like a chain that shakes up people the movement of Deep Yajnas is organized everywhere. In the sacred sentimental environment of religiosity and spirituality such type of search becomes very easy.


In Artis offered to God little children feel happy to offer a few cents to Almighty God yet brilliantly talented people have to surrender their very being comparable to streams-rivulets in the divine river of Ganges, Narmada etc. Great divine soul personages like Hanuman, Angad, Arjun, Bhagirath, Harishchandra, Shivaji, Bhamashah, Vinoba, Dayananda, Vivekananda etc exhibited such valor and thus attained soul fulfillment. Miserly people take birth akin to worms cropping up from rotting quagmire and rot and die in that hell like atmosphere.


In the light of Deep Yajnas radiant souls can be witnessed coming forward and getting brilliantly illumined. I harbor great hopes that they shall take up their apt positions in our mission’s great tasks. The sounding of this conch by Lord Mahakal shall certainly not go in vain. On hearing it even unconscious people shall feel their consciousness getting activated. It is a different matter for people who live lives akin to dead corpses.


…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1988; Page 61)







AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


18 Dec



Those who try gauging the activities and success attained by the Yug Nirman movement will not succeed using the method of cause-effect. Human efforts have their own limitations. While going beyond it in order to create extraordinary situations is possible only with the help of the management designed by the divine controller or God. Human beings cannot create the lush greenery of monsoons, shivering cold of winter season, smile of spring season and unbearable heat of summer even if he is very powerful. The same fact is conjoined to the publicly adored Yuga Nirman Mission known as Thought Revolution movement. This is not merely an intellectual and social movement. Its central principle is spirituality based. It can be understood as revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya’s a gross result of the subtle effort in the spiritual and mystic world. In the past there was no dearth of intellectual and social movements. Majority of these tasted heavy defeat. This is because instead of imbuing these movements with the energy of austerities, not being directed by divine consciousness, were but mere sprouts of pure mind and intellect.


Human efforts have their own limitations. None can perform gigantic tasks akin to a storm rendering itself widespread. If the wind moves behind it increases the speed of vehicles and travelers. Such a conducive situation is totally dependent on the wish and management of the divine creator. Who does not know that grass blades, leaves and dust particles agreeing to fly along with a storm reach the skies and despite being handicapped they travel speedily? Yes! What is definite is that in order to conjoin to divine consciousness we must definitely give up all our weaknesses which so far were seen active in our lives. For this if there is a lack of intellectual readiness we are infinite miles away from spiritual readiness.


For this there is a need of both leaders and followers of profound spiritual practices, deep self introspection and ceaseless search for inner taints. Our Divine Guru and Divine General of the Army that directs this great movement, has a strong direct bond with Almighty God. This is because we can become a capable and successful instrument of this Divine Energy (God) only when along with our inner uplifting we experience in our soul an omnipresent high stature energy in the very foundation of our thoughts and actions. Due to one experience after another we must understand this truth that on the basis of immature, austerity lacking western outlook we cannot become mediums of that powerful Lord.


Maharshi Aurobindo in his book ‘Human cycle’ writes:

O Indians! It is only India’s mysticism, spiritual practices, penance, divine wisdom and power that can render us all great and that these sweet sensitive emotions of our land cannot manifest via the British lowly synonyms of discipline, philosophy and strength. This is but manifesting forces of creation, propagation and annihilation via spiritual practice in our physical existence. Divine wisdom is supremely greater than philosophy. This is a directly manifested inner wisdom which appears from that energy which our ancestors termed ‘spiritual or mystic vision’. Energy is much more potent than mere strength. This energy is so widespread that it aids the revolving of stars, planets etc. It is great Yogis who will have to come forward as torch bearers of various movements. Samarth Ramdas along with Shivaji shall have to take birth in one body and Majini will have to merge into Kavur. An intellect separated from the soul and energy separated from sanctity may help the European Revolution but yet with European strength we cannot gain victory. Movements in the past have failed simply because they were purely intellectual in nature.


Revered Gurudeva disallowed the above distortions to enter his Yuga Nirman Mission. In fact he rendered its foundation as austerities. His wisdom based on inner inspiration and that unveiled in Samadhi or trance gave the Thought Revolution its present form. The fount of its energy is the power of great Yogis immersed in austerities in Himalayas who via their profound spiritual practice by attracting cosmic divine forces imbued the same in Yug Nirman Mission. In order to imbibe this energy not only Gurudeva himself traveled to Himalayas again and again but that involved every volunteer of this mission in intense spiritual practices.


Gurudeva himself said:


For a very terrific form of penance I am traveling to unknown regions. Its goal is to set up a class of such people yearning to serve the world that via their character, personality, ideals and influence can fill the lack of true leaders for this cause. In these days a chain of great saints shall incarnate in this world that shall materialize the great potential of Era Transformation. Manifestation of River Ganges from heaven was not difficult the difficulty was creating a Bhagiratha. Man is truly great. If greatness manifests in him in ample measure then in the true sense of the term he can prove to be God’s son and divine representative. In future we shall definitely need such Bhagirathas that are capable of transforming this world positively and manifest the river of world peace.


The chief goal of my austerities is to create Bhagirathas in every area of public life and in every country of the world. For this end desired amount of power and capability has to be unfolded. Without weapons and artillery an army cannot fight. For neo creation tasks for radiant leadership I shall generate enough energy and situations from behind the curtain. Via my future austerities this shall indeed be possible and in a few days in every region, in every direction we shall witness the world over capable talented volunteers successfully executing this mission. Indeed they will get credit which should be the case. The Yug Nirman Mission is not an institute but a direction and hence by taking up innumerable activities many organizations and programs shall manifest for this goal. This sacredly sensitive speech of Gurudeva tells us that the Yug Nirman Mission is different from all other movements seen so far.


Within this movement based on austerities, divine wisdom and spiritual energy those tasks that were carried out successfully were clarified by him in March 1969 as follows:


In this short time span I have carried out 5 chief tasks:


1)      Rendering facile Ridhi literature of Indian Religion from the beginning to the end and spreading the same to the entire world.


2)      Researching into Gayatri Super Science, spreading the same everywhere in the world, initiating and teaching millions of people this great science and establishing the organization called All World Gayatri Family.


3)      Via Gayatri Yajnas manifesting widespread sensitivity towards true religion and initiating thousands of conferences of gigantic stature in entire India.


4)      Yug Nirman’s transformation of human psyche and a worldwide movement of Thought Revolution.


5)      Making arrangements for imbuing the material and spiritual progress of credible devotees with divine energy generated from ceaseless austerities.


From March 1969 to July 1997 all these programs have multiplied n fold times. The number of devotees undergoing Gayatri practices has reached millions from a million. Up till now in the entire world more than 50000 Shaktipithas have been inaugurated. The number of small/large scale Yajna programs organized has crossed 0.1 million and has reached 0.1 billion. The Thought Revolution Movement is gaining major momentum the world over.

Gurudeva, while clarifying regarding the ritual aspect of this Thought Revolution, had said:


Fire is said to have 7 tongues. In Prana Yoga along with Super Mantra Gayatri 7 Vyahvrittis are embedded. This Thought Revolution too will flow as 7 streams. These 7 streams are:

1)      Ideal Marriages


2)      Warding off tainted traditions


3)      Encouraging literacy programs


4)      Protecting good health


5)      Compassion towards all creatures


6)      Cooperation


7)      Inspiring entertainment


Due to all pervasiveness of its multifaceted nature Yug Nirman Mission can be looked upon as one of the greatest movements of this era. In the admixed nature of need of times, call of this era and God’s divine desire the influence of this movement that has created its own identity shall prove this prophecy true that in the near future itself rotten undesirable beliefs and activities shall lose their very existence and on the basis of true discrimination, justice and aptness the mental thoughts, direction of thinking, working methodology and code of conduct shall be reinstated anew. Due to scientific progress the entire world is being rendered smaller and tinier akin to a global village. Far off lands are now being rendered akin to neighborhood roads and alleys. An event in a small region has repercussions in widespread regions and now the ideal of ‘World united peacefully as a family’ either knowingly/unknowingly or desirably/undesirably is becoming a tangible fact. People are quickly experiencing the need of a single world nation, a single community and culture, single mode of behavior and one direction of thinking. Now there is a great possibility that on this basis there is no other way of neo creating and transforming so as to usher in a new world, new society and new personalities. Yug Nirman Mission as per changing times is neo creating and nurturing new humans and society as a result of which it is proving its natural supremacy.


This movement is not great only because of its all inclusive nature but that it is a manifest form of the activities of Avatar consciousness of contemporary times. Revered Gurudeva despite being a director and controller of Yug Nirman Mission he never ever looked upon himself greater than a volunteer working for world public because according to him in the eyes of people individual worship is enough and that there is no need to get enmeshed in mission activities! In our eyes worship of the gross body is mere idol worship whereas worshiping divinity means flowing with a faith based stream of Prana. As a result he termed the Yug Nirman Mission as an activity of an Avatar. If we quote him that Era Avatar and taintless God via which a cosmic rule of emperor of good will sentiments is to be ushered in is none other than our Yug Nirman Mission in its pristine form.


This is not some mere temporary noise created by an individual or a group of them but that behind it is involved a very important precept and terrific energy flow and such complex situations are conjoined to it that perforce everyone shall have to march forward in that direction which we are ourselves making efforts to do so. Many people talk about Era Transformation and Neo Creation but yet they have no clear road map for it. Even if they have one it is so full of doubts and haziness that very few in the world will accept and imbibe it. Only time will tell us that in this century which was the most important movement that gave the world a true direction? In this measurement this movement of ours shall prove to be correct doubtlessly due its special nature and farsighted outlook.


This is because its goal is not simply to transform a fistful of people, some religions or special communities. The question pertains to transformation of entire world human society into a spiritual one. If it was the question of changing a few individuals it could have been achieved via enticement, pressure, counseling or cunningness. Yet where the question is related to the fate of 60 billion world humans, their languages, the atmosphere in which they grew up, the varied situations they faced and their bondage as far as psychic imprints is concerned and the question of people getting used to their own traditions, there it is so difficult to imbue high stature psychic qualities in their beliefs and encourage them to live a life of great ideals can be gauged easily. For such great tasks not human but divine power is required. Due to human power pressure man can no doubt become a superficial yes-man yet it is an extraordinary task to transform the inner soul. Lord Mahakal desires to execute exactly this via our movement.

In order to establish a spiritual society so as to render the task of an Avatar consciousness which oozes with a powerful resolve (Sankalpa) and ceaseless activity more and more potently intense these days many divine souls have incarnated in this world and are continuously doing so. As per the speech of HH Divine Mother of Shri Aurobindo Ashram: Although it is a fact that in 1953 the Super Mind has incarnated on earth and is active too and that in human nature intensity has been witnessed yet the pinnacle which we all have to reach a lot of time maybe required for the same. This time span can decrease only if high stature Rishis like Vashishtha, Vishwamitra, Yajnavalkya, Uddalak, Agastya, Vyas and Valmiki and Indra and other demigods take birth in this world numbering to thousands so as to help in this glorious task. In one letter written by him Shri Aurobindo says: Some great souls have already incarnated in this world for this onerous task.


This speed has been rendered faster via appearance in this world of revered Gurudeva along with his Yug Nirman Mission. According to him in order to attain political freedom in India 30 special souls had incarnated in India. And now in order to establish a spiritual society more than 300 divine souls are incarnating. Amongst these a few have already taken up a human body and the rest will do so in the near future. Clarifying these facts further he says: Era Transformation is that opportunity wherein great wise souls of ancient times till today are going to don a human garb. In these days great Rishis like Vishwamitra, atri, Kapil, Kanva, Vyas, Vasishtha, Bharadwaj, Yajnavalkya, Gautam, Narad, Lomarsh, Mahavir, Buddha, Adi Shankaracharya, Kumaril etc, great devotees like Vivekananda, Ramtirth, Tukaram, Eknath, Jnaneshwar, Kabir, Nanak, Raidas, Ramkrishna Paramhans, Surdas, Tulsi etc, great warriors like Arjun, drone, Bhishma, Karna etc, statesmen like Chanakya, Shukracharya etc, generous philanthropists like Harshchindra, Shibi, Dadhichi, Moredhwaj, Bhamashah etc, great goddess like women akin to Anusuya, Madalasa, Kunti, Draupadi, Subhadra, Satyavati, Maitreyi, Gargi, Bharti, Durgavati, Lakshmibai, Ambapali, Ahilyabai, Sarandha etc and valiant children like Abhimanyu, Dhruv, Prahlad, Fatehsingh, Joravar etc have already incarnated in this world. They are leading ordinary lives. Today they are in ordinary states. But in days to come it will not take long for them to become extraordinary. People shall be spell bound that a person appearing ordinary in yesterdays has become so great and extraordinary today. All this shall be a mind boggling episode of Lord Mahakal’s direction of Yuga Nirman, reversion, Maharas etc.


Due to the influence of divine consciousness, in order to speed up this movement prophets of all religions the world over are incarnating. Time and again as per annals of world history they in order to reform the world’s political, ethical, intellectual and economic situation in their own way have served world humanity selflessly. Innumerous such experienced, high stature and time tested great souls have already taken birth today. Those who have already taken birth shall manifest their true identity at the opportune hour by renting asunder the veil they have donned. Those who have not taken birth so far are looking out for apt families and on getting an appropriate opportunity they shall take birth. From this standpoint in a few years India shall manifest a vault of precious jewels in the garb of such great saints and leaders.


The present moments of the activity of aides in the Lilas or divine sports of Lord Mahakal are certainly not ordinary. During the present moments of human history due to divine commands greatest band of Rishis of the subtle spiritual world are immersed in turning the Wheel of Religion. Such a great gigantic task has never been witnessed in world history. According to revered Gurudeva: In these moments of the lives of all of us today and tomorrow by becoming more widespread has donned the garb of present and future. The time of union instead of being a decade or century is now that of thousands of years. Over here are going to meet 2 Great Eras. Under such circumstances the glory of the auspicious hour of union increasing infinite fold is but natural and truly this has become a festival of transformation. The vibrations of this gross visible world are becoming potently more intense due to the directions it gets from an invisible subtle Super Energy.


Shri Aurobindo Ghosh terms this extraordinary hour as the divine auspicious hour. Gurudeva has coined one more new name for it as the time of Yuga-Sandhi or Era Junction. According to him at this hour of dawn all high stature great souls in order to fulfill Lord Mahakal’s meritorious task are present in the same way as Rishi-Muni and forest based ascetics/sages gather near a water area to carry out Sandhyavandan rites. Yug Nirman Mission is an active manifestation of the multifaceted form of these great souls. While clarifying regarding this process of fulfilling it he says: In order to usher in a New Era more important daring oriented creative and struggle based steps shall have to be taken. For gigantic transformations gigantic methods have to be taken recourse to. Most definitely we shall have to set rolling small-big movements. We shall have to struggle too. Training institutes shall have to be established and for creative endeavors gigantic organizations shall have to be founded. In this extremely widespread movement the hard labor, sacrifice, wisdom and large hearted efforts of thousands of humans the world over shall be made use of.


In india’s previous national freedom movement so much wealth and human resources were utilized which is a well known fact. This was limited to India and its political arena. The work arena of Yug Nirman Mission is thousand times more humungous. Its work arena is the entire world and transformation has to be ushered in not only in politics but in every field of society and people in a revolutionary manner. For this so many creative and struggle based programs shall have to be made and this can be imagined only by a very farsighted seer. It indeed is a gigantic feat to render today’s topsy-turvy world into a well managed one. To transform the direction of the human brain’s thinking/yearning/desire and nature, replacing vileness with true greatness that too in all 60 billion humans dwelling on planet earth, doubtlessly is a gigantic historical task.

The invisible directors of the Yug Nirman Mission shall include in it for this end various leading personalities, innumerable movements and unlimited active programs. This is a process that shall definitely be executed which lord Mahakal in his own way is ushering in. everyone shall see that they by taking up a direction from this world movement akin to today’s scientific advancement tomorrow for sentiment uplifting too intense efforts shall be made and amongst these each of them exceeding the other shall play a role via this powerful organization by exhibiting their grand personality.


In future days to come this miracle of the invisible divine existence shall be seen enacted in the visible world by one and all. This should not be taken as a prophecy. In fact this is an actuality which any farsighted person can visualize easily. Tomorrow when this situation shall come nearer everyone will see it directly. In the future a terrific storm that shall transform the entire world shall march ahead with the speed of lightning. It will rest in peace only after rendering this rotting world into a capable, wise, healthy and advanced one. In future for welcoming that golden dawn which shall usher in we all, by participating in this Yug Nirman Mission must become Almighty God’s partner, servant and aide.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


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A sacredly sensitive Yajna is the actual controller of this entire cosmos. The basis of individual and social development/progress is very much dependent on Yajna based activities.


Yajna has a mundane material aspect also that is no less important. Yajna is not merely faith oriented but that it is also a stupendous science on its own. By burning wood and other materials in Yajna fire heat and light manifest. A chemical transformation occurs. As a result of this transformation the basic qualities of these materials too change. By burning various materials newer materials are formed. When many type of positively charged materials react chemically with each other they take up a new form of a gaseous state. In this steam or Yajna smoke innumerable particles exist that get spread out in the entire atmosphere.


Via Super Power Yajnas we accrue innumerable material mundane benefits. The environment gets rendered aptly balanced. Via Super Power Yajnas good health augments and diseases get uprooted. For special effects many Super Power Yajnas are performed like Rajasuya Yajna, Ashwamedha Yajna, Putreshti Yajna etc. On the basis of profound research our Rishi-Munis established the Science of Super Power Yajnas. Special attention was given to choice of Samidha or wood and qualities of various materials offered to the Yajna fire. The shape of the Yajna Kunda or pyre too has its own deep import.





The more man is insanely augmenting joyous comforts and facilities the more he is destroying earth’s environment and ecological balance. In order that on planet earth life sustains healthily pure clean air and water are most required. The more man’s psyche becomes dirty and tainted the more the environment surrounding him is becoming polluted.


It is very easy to uproot pollution that enters the environment via Super Power Yajnas. Why do many devotees burn incense sticks daily in their homes for a long time? This is because fragrant materials in these incense sticks spread everywhere in the form of healthy smoke. Fragrance spreads out based on the type of material present in the incense sticks. Thus the polluted air in the house gets purified. This is the subtle form of the Yajna process. Similarly when in a big Yajna pyre wood and fragrant materials are burnt a fragrant smoke gets emitted which purifies and renders sweetly scented such a widespread area. Smoke emerging from the Yajna pyre via wind spreads out in a large area surrounding it and along with this subtle particles of the materials offered in the Yajna fire too spread out in all directions. Along with inhaled air these principles enter the bodies of all creatures especially humans. Know that trees-plants also get influenced positively. In this gas of Havan or Yajna fire many useful chemical principles are present.


It is sheer delusion on our part to believe that Yajna smoke emits carbon dioxide and other toxic gases. In fact this Yajna smoke is devoid of any form of toxicity. Even if some poisonous portion remains in it the effect of gaseous state of Ghee or clarified butter offered to the Yajna fire not only destroys it but renders it very beneficial. Many chemical and sweetly fragrant materials present in it by warding off pollution of all types, sanctifies our environment.

Over and above purifying the air via Yajna gas many elements like earth, water etc become pure. These Yajna gases by mixing with clouds pour down on earth as rain and via it water founts get purified. Plant kingdom also gets aptly nourished. In agriculture too Yajna gas proves highly beneficial for crop growth. Due to it the soil’s fertility turns richer.


The Yajna technique is said to be the very substratum of the purification and apt nourishment of the plant kingdom. Earth ceaselessly by absorbing the smell in air renders air smell free. The Yajna smoke because of its fragrance is heavy in weight and thus flows on the surface of earth. In this manner desired principles created from Yajna Havan rites along with fragrant odor is absorbed by earth in the Yajna region surroundings. As a result of this soil fertility increases a lot that in turn augments crop production manifold. These crops’ nutritious value too increases a lot.

At the other end via scientific testing and research studies it has been proved that no doubt by using man made chemical fertilizers germs that decrease soil fertility get destroyed. In turn germs/microbes that increase soil fertility increase a lot more. Yet the problem here is that once you add chemical fertilizers to the soil they cannot be separated from the soil. Thus slowly due to the effect of this chemical fertilizer the germs/microbes that increase soil fertility start dying in hordes. In turn in a few years itself this land becomes arid and barren. On the other hand in the gas produced during Super Power Yajnas no such toxic principles exist. For a certain time period adept scientists by allowing this gas to flow on the soil carried out scientific studies regarding this. Hence by doing so they found that the soil’s fertility increases manifold and required principles responsible for augmenting nourishing ions also fill up the soil in ample measure. It is due to these required nutritious principles that rain pouring down due to influence of Yajna air bestow high nutritional value to food grains, plants, herbs etc. In ancient eras when daily and on special occasions Super Power Yajnas were performed in all corners of our country India, via clouds properly nourished by Yajna smoke rain that poured down also was full of Sattva Guna or sacred qualities. Due to this food crops grown and herbs oozed with such great qualities. The subtle portion of food is said to nourish our psyche. ‘Jaisa khaye anna, vaisa bane mana’ which means your mind’s quality depends on the kind of food you eat. It is hence that the psyche of residents of ancient Yajna based culture was imbued highly with Sattvik purity.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton