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3 May



Until now all the incarnations of God that have manifested have been for establishment of righteousness and transformation of this era based on various situations.  In this era all these situations have manifested at one and the same time hence via a comparative study we can understand easily how a Prajnavatar is the unified form of all incarnations of God.


1) MATSYAVATAR (Fish incarnation) —  the story of transformation of this era.


One day Lord Manu after his worship routine was offering water in his palms (called Arghya) to sun-god.  At that time he heard a subtle voice, Manu.  Look at Me, I need your help.  Manu saw a small fish in his palms and the voice manifested from the fish.  Manu said, You seem to be a divine personality.  Tell me, how can I serve You?  The fish said, I wish to execute a gigantic task and hence this pond is very small for it.  Thus do take me to the river Ganges.  Lord Manu’s heart overflowed with love when he heard the voice of this divine fish.  Hence he took the divine fish in his water-pot and took it to a large river.  On another auspicious occasion Lord Manu again visited that place and he again beheld that divine fish.  The divine fish said, My size is increasing.  Hence help me reach the ocean.  Manu obliged and took the fish to the ocean.  Suddenly there was Jala-Pralaya (destruction of the world by a deluge).  In that destruction everything was getting destroyed and hence the fish asked the seven Rishis (Saptarshis) to sit on its back.  The fish took the seven Rishis to the Himalayan valley from where the Rishis spread the message of the Vedas (spiritual knowledge) to the entire world.  According to the Puranas (Indian mythology) this is the story of the Matsyavatar.


It seems strange that God incarnates as a fish.  And it is more amazing that that this all powerful extrasensory power behaves like a human being.  In the ancient times there has been a tradition of writing and talking about definite cosmic laws in hymn form (Guru-preceptor).  This is the principle of science too. The binomial theorem is a one line equation but it has been enlarged upon greatly.  Einstein’s theory is merely E=mc2 but yet it has been commented upon in a very enlarged manner.  Indian culture too has been presented thus.  This very principle has manifested in our initial five incarnations so that it can be understood by wise men.  Egoistic people full of mental cravings should not themselves put on such facades as is being seen today.  According to astrological calculations this is the time for Kalki incarnation to manifest and hence certain individuals, saints introduce themselves as the Nishkalank avatar (taintless incarnation) but in reality they are not fit enough to be even the tail of this Kalki (horse) incarnation.  They just put on superficial facades, as soon as the artificial black colour is removed, reality stares at us and this is the laughable ridiculous situation today.  Maybe as a result of this, this description was depicted symbolically in ancient times.


A fish is that creature who moves in the opposite direction of the flow of water.  It can be either very small or very large in size.  Manu means one who is attached to the world and compassionately wishes to stop it getting destroyed.  The activity and style of working of this mission (Gayatri Parivar) and its founder is of this type.   By warding off vain traditional beliefs he gave the world the spiritual wisdom of Vedic religion i.e. spiritual Indian culture.  The opposing elements tried their level best to obstruct him.  The Gayatri belongs to Brahmins, it is uttered in the ear, it is not meant for ladies, yajna can only be performed by Brahmins, Brahmins are those from birth only, spirituality means only flowers, tilak, garlands, he opposed all this and yet on the other hand rejuvenated all this.  He wrote the great Gayatri science in 3 parts.  Today all small/big children, elders, males, females etc. perform Gayatri worship.  They are marching ahead on the path of self-realisation.  Everyone is accepting its principles.  Under precarious conditions of the possibility of destruction of spiritual sciences, he successfully established the parents of Indian culture (Gayatri yajna) and the Rishi tradition in the Himalayas (Shantikunj—Haridwar).  From here, like the Ganges river emanating from Shiva’s hair locks, it is being spread everywhere.  Everyone is partaking the bliss of its manifestation.


First he entered the water-pot (heart) of spiritually sensitive people, then he gave them Gayatri meditation, then teaching others, then he gave his time, his self, he established other branches, he gave public programs, he established Shaktipeethas, he gave a spiritual understanding of the Rishi tradition that was of a high order, he saved everyone else along with today’s business type hermitages, its heads etc, this divine wisdom would have drowned and there would not remain even a trace of true spirituality if he had not achieved all this.  All this he accomplished by remaining small in stature and today he is its cosmic protector.  The fish incarnation can be seen to pervade every particle of the Prajnavatar.




Both the demi-gods and demons are sons of Brahmaji.  They keep fighting and battling with each other.  Both parties experienced destruction.  Hence out of anguish both of them approached Brahmaji and requested the latter to show them the path of peace.  Brahmaji asked them to churn the ocean i.e. Samudra-Manthan.  The Mandarachal mountain was made the churning rod.  Lord Shesha (serpent) was converted into a rope.  At one end were the demi-gods and at the other the demons, so as to churn the ocean.  The problem was that due to the churning of the ocean the entire surface of the earth could get shattered.  Hence who would shoulder the burden?  They all hence prayed to the Lord.  The Lord complied by taking the turtle incarnation or the Kacchap Avatar and on his back shouldered the weight of the Mandarachal mountain.  After the ocean was churned, out came 14 jewels which were joyous for both the demi-gods and the demons.  This is the story of the turtle incarnation.


The story of the turtle incarnation is an incomparable sequence of bodily science, social science and spiritual science.  It seems impossible that a mere turtle can shoulder the burden of a gigantic mountain.  How can the mighty ocean be churned and that too with the terrible serpent god (Lord Shesha) as the rope.  But the divine sports of turtle incarnation has proved this incident to be true.  Amongst the 14 jewels there is nectar as well as poison.  The Prajnavatar opens up the mystery of the turtle incarnation as to how both nectar and poison are useful in our lives.  The demons are those who look upon sense merriments as the ultimate goal of life.  For this they are willing to even harass other beings.  This materialistic way of life can be looked upon as the ideal of intellectual principles and those of material science.  In today’s world this Tripurasura demon is seen manifested everywhere.  Due to those materialistic beliefs there is so much oppression, harassment, crime, undesirable elements, robbery, rape etc. prevailing in this world.  Everyone faces situations of destruction like environmental pollution, distrust etc.  A society becomes inert, devoid of sensitivity when there is lack of faith and trust i.e. this inertia is seen everywhere and in all walks of life.  The stream of sensitivity has dried up to such an extent that today husband-wife do not trust one another, there is bitterness between father and son, two brothers become enemies and one reads all this in newspapers.  This is the pain of being a demon.  This is based on selfishness oriented materialism.  And all this manifests because man is looked upon as a mere body and not as the soul.


On the other hand because one forgets human values as a result of looking upon spirituality only as the be all and end all of life, today religion has taken the ugly form of blind faith.  Today market places in the form of pilgrim spots, hermitages, Mathas and temples which are again like business houses have become synonymous with ugly corruption.  One may pardon political corruption but the direct result of this façade of spirituality can only be destruction.  This means that divinity is one sided.  Hence churning of the ocean means how to bring both these aspects at one single focal point.  Meaning life should be churned under the test of spiritual practices.  As a result wisdom dawns regarding worldly duties and can help us attain our spiritual goals.


Thus it is clear that the revered preceptor’s main aim and endeavour was to bring both these ideals on one single platform.  In order to unite both the intellectual class and followers of Brahman he established the Brahmavarchas Research Institution in Haridwar, India.  Here both the results of faith oriented meditation of God with form and yoga practice oriented formless meditation are depicted in a scientific manner.  This is the manifested form of Kundalini Shakti worship undergone by our revered preceptor.  He was a great realized saint and a master of worldly material achievements too.  Both are in opposite directions but how both can be brought on one platform can be understood from his writings i.e. in Gayatri Mahavigyan (Part 1) page nos. 240-248.


Our preceptor writes that that the Merudand (spinal cord) is itself the Mandarachal mountain.  Ida meaning the Chandranaadi (left Svar) is a symbol of serenity, divinity and Pingala or Suryanaadi (right Svar) is a symbol of heat and material desires.  By churning both these Naadis (subtle nerves) via Pranayaam (breathing exercises) and other spiritual practices the Mooladhar is activated.  It is from here that the Brahmanaadi i.e. the path of wisdom of the cosmos commences.  The Mooladhar or the base of the Merudand is established when the embryo is in the mother’s womb in the form of a black 6-sided molecule getting attached to the base of the Merudand.  In order to make the roof firm, very strong tent pins are dug into the ground and are then tied by ropes.  The Brahmanaadi too has been tied up by this 6-sided molecule (Shata-Kona).  Thus the vital force is conjoined to the body.  Symbolically this very black 6-sided molecule is called Kurma or turtle.  Because it has the shape of a turtle.  The symbolic meaning of earth depending on Lord Kurma (turtle) is that the house of our life too is dependent on the turtle.  This wisdom dawns only in the psyche of one who undergoes intense spiritual practices.  Our revered preceptor did exactly this and gave us humans these 14 jewels or the path of spirituality wherein despite leading a materialistic life one can attain one’s spiritual goal.  Today both the atheistic intellectual class and theistic class of faith oriented people have joined our mission so as to successfully depict Lord Kurma’s precepts.




There was a demon called Hiranyaksha.  He craved so much for wealth that he ran away with the entire planet earth.  There was utter chaos in the world when he covered the earth with dirt and took it from the route of the ocean.  Under these circumstances who would ward off the veil of dirt on planet earth?  Hence the Lord took the form of Varah (boar) and by killing Hiranyaksha he saved the planet earth.  The Lord removed the dirt covering and gave back the cleansed earth to the human beings to dwell on it again.  This is the gist of Lord Varah’s incarnation.  Hiranyaksha means he whose eyes are full of craving for gold or material wealth only.  The craving cannot be satisfied either by tilling land or making handicrafts.  It can only be satisfied through mills, factories etc. based on advanced technology.  Our Rishis were super scientists but they never used materials that went against nature’s laws which in turn destroyed nature.  Everyone today is aware of how Allopathy medicines have destroyed so many creatures on earth and that how the earth is being milked to dryness.  The fact that our earth needs to be washed off of all dirt can be gauged by the dirt of our cities, the problem of atomic waste, new types of diseases etc.


Daniel Wanken, the author of the book “Charities of God” writes that once upon a time human beings dwelt on the planet Venus.  Just like on earth even on Venus there was chaos, smoke of cars, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide etc.  To study all this 2 artificial satellites were sent there.  Wanken thinks that the 2 moons of Venus called Phovos and Lovos are artificial satellites.  People left this planet for other safer planets when there was a rain of acid.  One does not know whether these observations are true of false but the increase in pollution on earth will definitely lead us to such a dire situation.  For this it is enough that there is dirt and increase in automobile smoke pollution one earth.


Our preceptor by becoming Lord Varah tried to overcome this pollution.  He inspired us to live life in tandem with Mother Nature and researched into gigantic Yajnas.  Today this fact has been proved by modern science.  At the time of Gorakhpur Ashwamedha Yagna scientists systematically proclaimed this fact.  The Prajna Purusha (our preceptor) had not even an iota of attachment to the material world.  But he himself drank this poison so as to save the world from this peril and thus establish its well being.  By becoming Lord Varah he resolved to save the earth’s environment from the peril of pollution.  Until now he not only organized Yajnas but this mission is washing off this pollution by sowing countless trees and reactivating the Ayurveda form of medicinal therapy.  In the coming days this endeavour will get worldwide acceptance.  Only then will the earth be saved.




The other brother of Hiryanksha was Hiranyakashyap.  He too craved for gold all 24 hours of the day.  This craving made him go against his very soul.  By amassing a great deal of wealth he proclaimed that man himself is God.  He hated to hear about the real God.  He invented so many things that he was under the delusion that neither man nor any other creature could kill him.  He would neither die inside his house nor outside.  It was as though he had a protective life insurance in all places.  He felt he could neither die due to weapon attacks nor due to any disease.  He would neither die in daytime nor at night.  Under such circumstances Lord Nrisinha (Nri=man + Sinha=lion) of dual species by sitting on the patio and tearing up Hiranyakasyap’s torso with his long lion’s nails saved devotee Prahlad and thus established faith everywhere.


Today man truly has become a Hiranyakashyap.  He has so many weapons that he is not scared of being murdered.  He has so many medicines at his disposal that he is sure he can live till a ripe old age and maybe become immortal also.   Of course, this no doubt is his blind faith.  He is sure of his security in all areas of life.  He desires only one thing that God’s name should not be taken and all this is broadcasted in magazines like Sarita etc.  Under such circumstances the Lord utilized all forms of peace so as to establish faith in the heart of man and thus destroy all vile desires, greed etc.  One meaning of Sandhya is Gayatri worship, this is one Sandhi (peace).  Another Sandhi is era Sandhi (junction) in which worldly joy is the sole aim of life.  This belief is being destroyed and spiritual ideals are spreading slowly but surely everywhere.  In the flash of a moment our Prajnavatar(Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya) easily achieved all this in such a way as though like Lord Nrisinha he came out of a pillar by shattering it open.  He protected the Prahlad of righteousness and after leaving behind his devotees who were eulogizing him, he disappeared.  He was of a very compassionate and sensitive nature; for wickedness he was death manifest.  He overflowed with divine love and had extreme wrath too.  He never compromised with fundamental values of life.  The 21st century is manifesting with speed for that very potential of a bright future whose child like faith he had protected.  A small trailer of this in the form of Yuga Sandhi Mahapurashcharan is being enacted in revered Gurudeva’s birthplace, Anvalkheda on 3,4,5,6,7 November 1995 A.D.  This will depict one more scene of destruction of cravings and faith will be established everywhere.  People will witness all this amazingly and eulogise it.




King Bali was very egoistic about his wealth and pomp.  Although he was generous hearted yet he harboured cravings for a lot of things in his psyche.  To attain fame he would do anything.  He ruled over the entire earth.  One day a small child (Vaman) came in his midst and asked for land measuring 3 feet.  Bali laughed and agreed to do so.  At that time Lord Vaman who was a child so far manifested his gigantic cosmic form.  He measured the entire world with 2 feet of his.  There was no place to keep his third foot.  At that point Bali’s arrogance disappeared.  Thus Bali surrendered his all to God.  This is the story of Lord Vaman.  But the amplification is quite large.


Today everyone craves for name and fame.  Hence the Parliament breaks up and governments change. There is bloodshed over differences in ideologies.  Big countries boss over smaller ones.  They act according to their own whims and fancies.  Journalists have become mentally jaundiced, the court of law has no great ideal to live up to, those who should protect their citizens have become looters and all this is going on openly like the slyness of Bali.  Everywhere it is spoken of yet instead of being ashamed about it people take pride in all unethical tasks.  Girls are being burnt due to Sati, they are harassed for dowry.  People who encourage all this are said to be intelligent and are given all honour.  The irony is this that such people think they are very wise. Others think them to be great devotees and full of hard work.


Our Prajnavatar by writing 2700 books placed knowledge in one place in the world and thus gave us wisdom.  Today this literature is in great demand in the whole world.  Gayatri Parivar is becoming synonymous with Vivekanand of Chicago.  Due to this literature no doubt our revered preceptor spanned the wisdom of the entire world and now what remains is to spread it in all corners of the world.  In the same way he gave the true form of holy worship in the midst of religious façade.  In the coming days only devotion of a pure heart will gain momentum in the world and not any façade.  In the same way he showed us all how one can by becoming a man of Yoga of action by uniting God to our activities one can in one’s body perform activities akin to those of 5 bodies.  All these 3 streams put together is Gayatri worship i.e. the Triveni of wisdom, devotion and action.  In ancient times this worship had universal approval and in future this is exactly what is going to happen.  In the same way today’s Bali’s façade of diplomacy will break up and unity, equanimity and affection will gain importance.  The coming era will walk on that path which will harbour welfare of all creatures and bestow well being on them.  A cultured society is possible to build only on the basis of a healthy body and clear mind.




It is said that Kings had become very arrogant.  It was in their very nature to harass their subjects and at that time was born Lord Parshuram.  He diligently chopped off the heads of all Kings.


Since Lord Parshuram despite being a Brahmin executed such acts it does seem probable that he gave such intense thinking to Rajasic (active) men that they had to change their very thinking process.  This can be seen clearly in the life of our revered preceptor.  Bad thoughts in our psyche manifest externally as vile actions.  Our revered preceptor humbly warned people with his powerful writings, he scientifically explained the reactions of our actions and thus many vile men were transformed for the better.  A very gigantic ethical movement took place which was akin to the chopping off the heads of political rulers.  The 2700 books penned by our revered Gurudeva is like an axe; whoever reads it is impressed and thus gets transformed for the better.  It is the influence of the ethical movement that has led to seminars of 800 govt. officials.




Lord Ram is called Maryada Purushottam— the best amongst pious charactered men.  Our revered preceptor not only established teachings of pious character in all areas of life but himself imbibed it in his life so as to point out to us its utility in day to day transactions of our life.


Lord Ram never took aid from any other Emperor, King etc. but instead his aides were bears, monkeys, chimpanzees etc.  Our revered preceptor gathered ordinary, sensitive people and by taking one hour of daily work from them along with 10 paise of contribution from them he raised the mission from the ground to the heavens.  Ram burnt the Lanka of gold and our revered preceptor crushed to pulp all material ideologies, greed etc.  Lord Ram uplifted the downtrodden, weak, poor and the women class.  Our revered preceptor too cent percent executed these tasks.  He showed the world the cosmic form.  All are witnessing the cosmic form of our revered preceptor.  He respected all Rishis.  By rejuvenating the Rishi tradition he gave a new direction to religion.




Lord Krishna’s life commences on the one hand with struggle and on the other hand he establishes folk art.  This too is the story of our Prajnavatar.  Those potentials that were immersed in the sense enjoyments of Kings was diverted by Lord Krishna towards devotion and welfare of all.  Our revered preceptor gave a direction of well being by encouraging singing, art, acting etc.  If Shri Krishna gave us the precept of Yoga of action then our revered preceptor taught us how to perform Yoga of action in today’s trying times.  He converted his home into a hermitage of austerities and also encouraged others to do likewise.  That very Mahabharat which he executed is today the last and potent chapter in the form of era creation.  In this, youths like Abhimanyu are executing gigantic tasks.  There are mighty warriors like Arjun and Bheema.  All illustrious people are trying to make our nation a super power and the entire world full of peace. 


Super Power Yajnas

17 Apr

Super Power Yajnas and Super Energy Gayatri are 2 main pillars of Divine Culture. It is hence that in Indian Philosophy Yajna is called divine father and Gayatri its divine mother. Without them our very existence shall get destroyed. In order to destroy from the very roots demonic black powers pervading everywhere, beastly activities like greed, lust etc, anarchy noted in families, society and nation and undesirable criminal elements, Super Power Yajnas and Gayatri prove to be sure shot Brahmastra weapons. Since we have forgotten both of them Indian society is rotting in such a demeaned condition.

HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya via his subtle vision had understood this fact very much in advance. Despite seeing man immersed neck deep in beastly sentiments and an environment reeking with foul stench, he never experienced despair or a sense of hopelessness. In very clear cut terms he proclaimed that man is the princely child of Almighty God, he oozes with divine potentials and is deep down divine in nature. It is but due to subjugation to circumstances faced that man has strayed away from the true goal of life. When a great sacred intellect in him shall awaken fully he shall be capable enough himself to fight such situations successfully. Hence Gurudeva reinstated Yajna and Gayatri in full glory. In every nook and corner of India and the world over he awakened peoples’ faith based sentiments. Today millions of people understanding the deep import of Yajna and Gayatri are marching ahead on the path of soul advancement and they are also taking deep interest in executing tasks of world well being.

Yajna and Gayatri are 2 main pillars on which are dependent Vedic Culture, human civilization, spirituality and science to such an extent that our body, mind etc are carved by it. It is the very Prana and life force of the entire world, cosmos and interstellar space. Yajna is said to be symbol of great pious tasks and Gayatri represents great wholesome thinking. When both these combine goodwill based emotions and great world well being tasks augment manifold due to which world peace and possibilities of human welfare intensify and hence it becomes a medium for the well being of all living beings.

HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya is called this era’s Vishwamitra because he by rejuvenating Gayatri Super Science that had virtually disappeared so far rendered it worldwide instead of relegating it for the benefit of a small special class in society. Gayatri meditation is worship of a great divine intellect. Gayatri is called Vedmata or Mother of Vedas. The word ‘Veda’ means knowledge and wisdom. This knowledge via the 4 mediums of well being (Rig), enterprise (Yaju), sports (Sama) and wealth (Atharva) becomes the root foundation of the conscious activities of all living beings. It is the onrush of that conscious energy called Adi Shakti which incarnated at the commencement of world creation and in this manner this world got created via Brahmaji who was gifted with the knowledge of the 4 Vedas. Gayatri is that very Primordial Energy/Adi Shakti and hence is called Mother of the Vedas.

Super Mantra Gayatri is called the gist and essence of all Vedic scriptures. In scriptures great Rishis of yore have eulogized this Mantra vociferously and in the Bhagwad Geeta very clearly Yogiraj Shri Krishna says that since Gayatri reigns supreme amongst all Cchandas or meters, Almighty God’s divine existence dwells in it. ‘Gayatri Cchand Samaham’. Super Mantra Gayatri albeit being tiny is a deeply profound cosmic religious scripture wherein each letter amongst its 24 alphabets oozes with tiny seed of divine wisdom that grows akin to a gigantic banyan tree. When it is watered the amplification of the 4 Vedas called ‘Apaurusheya’ (not created by any human being) appears in front of us all as the wisdom wealth of great Rishi-Munis. This is not only the very basis of the creation of this cosmos but that is also the fount of divine culture and world culture.

Every letter of Super Mantra Gayatri is an imperishable fount of divine energy. It is the vault of infinite power and that Gayatri meditation executed in a correct manner manifest miraculous results in life. This definitely has been the experience of HH Gurudeva wherein by reading these lines we must learn how to imbibe information given in it and act accordingly in day to day living. HH Gurudeva by terming Super Science Gayatri as per Atharvaveda chiefly Brahmavarchas meaning an authority that bestows on us soul force has proved it to be the presiding power of Prana Energy. Today’s major hazard faced by the world is lack of will power and thus man has become weak in all ways. The human race suffering from distress requires that Sanjivani herb or root of life is present in the form of Super Mantra Gayatri. Lest if a person via meditation on this Mantra awakens his/her Brahmavarchas, regains his/her latent divine energy he/she can combat successfully all types of obstacles of life. Faith, steadfastness and worship of 3 legged Gayatri representing a divine intellect bestows on the devotee that very soul power which helps him/her march ahead in life while fighting battles against tainted sentiments, vile thinking and undesirable activities in a successful manner. While rendering his/her spiritual health fit and sound he/she augments his/her halo/divine aura prolifically. While leading one’s brain on the path of ethical greatness, one can render the divine creator’s wonderful garden called this world more divinely beautiful.

Via this sacred wisdom the endeavor of positively transforming from the very roots entire human race and neo creating this world can be done by exhibiting to every world human the known-unknown aspect of Super Mantra Gayatri called the mother of Para (spiritual) and Apara (material) Science. Gayatri meditation and worship is a very supreme, easy path of devotion to Almighty God that bestows success quickly. Once we know this none needs to roam around elsewhere in a vain futile manner. Via the medium of ‘Gayatri va idam sarvabhutam yadidam kinch’ the author of Chandogya Upanishad very clearly says that whatever we perceive directly/indirectly in this world is but Gayatri manifest. Our Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma lived a life totally dedicated to Super Energy Gayatri and he breathed his last while shedding his mortal coil on the auspicious day of Mother Gayatri incarnating in earth (Gayatri Jayanti according to the Hindu calendar/almanac). Thus he eternally rests in the lap of Divine Mother Gayatri.

It is said that this world was created via Sound Energy. Super Mantra Gayatri manifested from Pranav Naad or Om divine sound and is said to be the primordial Richa (Vedic Mantra) of this cosmos from which Vedas manifested. The knowledge-wisdom aspect of Super Mantra Gayatri is so much more important that without understanding it properly we cannot know that how and why one benefits from Gayatri spiritual practices. There exist innumerable Mantras. In many other religious sects so many such Mantras are found wherein the methodology of doing their Japa or chanting is detailed and all religious scriptures are filled with details of their deep import. Yet the author of the Bhagwad Geeta has made it clear that ‘Gayatri Chandasamaham’ which means amongst Cchandas (poetic meters) I am Gayatri Mantra and in the Mantra energy dwells Almighty Lord’s divine existence. What is the scientific basis behind the special nature of this Super Mantra Gayatri? This can be understood best by reading the present Khand of the Vangmaya written by HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya.

By itself Gayatri possesses innumerable divine power, divine onrushes etc yet the root basis of its supremacy lies in the fact that it super cedes all known Mantras in the realm of Mantra Sciences. This Mantra has been chanted many trillions of times on planet earth. Its vibrations even now dwell in the subtle world. Merely along with meditation on Savita (sun) by chanting it with loving devotion all the vibrations from the subtle world gather around the aura of the devotee and by uprooting all unwanted elements in the devotee’s psyche renders him/her balanced and potent mentally. In the designing of Gayatri Mantra the manner in which various energy seeds are interwoven, is actually based on ‘science of Acoustics’. Each letter by influencing every letter of the microcosm and macrocosm creates most desirable results. In Mantra Japa chanting is done by the tongue yet in this process the entire nerve and muscular network is at work. In the brain one notes a major representation of palate of the mouth etc related to the voice system in the body and fingers of the hands too. This certainly is not a coincidence or ‘chance’ that 60% of the cerebral cortex is within the jurisdiction of this area and Japa continues. In a rosary of 108 beads along with implementation of various Mudras the fingers of the hands are at work. In the electrical nervous center a ‘neuronal cycle’ manifests and renders the entire brain consciousness oriented. This verily is the basis of Gayatri Mantra’s miraculous energy that on getting influenced immediately all Chakra (subtle plexus) based subtle nerve networks start awakening, many types of hormones start getting secreted that are the foundation of the process aiding in attaining a long life span and sound health dripping incessantly with divine nectarine bliss.

What influence is emitted by ‘Science of Harmony of Symbols’ within the realm of Mantra Science? That is, what is the influence noted when the Mantras are chanted in various tunes that adhere to alto soprano (rise and fall) type of singing? On knowing this aspect it becomes clear why Gayatri Mantra is called very special. It is a well known fact that mere chanting by the mouth and tongue devoid of any inner devotional sentiments or with no sense of oneness with the icon deity fails to give any beneficial results. The root energy enters the Mantra from such inner devotional sentiments wherein we merge our very existence with that of Almighty God’s cosmic divine existence. It is most required for us to realize that since Gayatri is a Mantra affiliated to solar based spiritual practices, since the sun is the very life force of all creatures, Japa chanted by focusing the mind on the sun’s golden rising form creates explosive energy in the Mantra words. Thus Super Mantra Gayatri has been given the supreme status of a miraculous one based on scientific principles.

Spirituality is a science wherein always dwell mathematical basis. In it never can 2 x 2 = 3.9 or 4.1. In fact the answer can only be 4. In the same way the stupendous result of Gayatri chanting if done in a scientific manner definitely shall be ours for keeps. Lest by watering and rendering fertile the soil (fertilizer of inner devotional sentiments) the seed Mantra is chanted definitely extraordinary results shall accrue. Only a high stature Rishi authority can solemnly declare thus!


















In this world innumerable people are pure souls and happy wherein by walking on the path of true glory and by rendering human life grandly self fulfilling bestow welfare on themselves and others in world society too. On seeing-thinking about this a living being experiences a lot of consolation and feels that truly Almighty God has created this world with a very sacred aim.

That beauty seen in this otherwise ugly world is but the boon of these pure hearted souls. That balance and steadiness noted in a world reeking with rank unsteadiness, ceaselessly performing a dance of chaos akin to ghosts and evil spirits filled with atoms/molecules, is but the creation of these pure minded souls. That radiance and beauty noted in an otherwise world containing scattered inert 5 elements everywhere it is the effort of those who are marching ahead firmly on the path of truth. By cutting asunder the noose of enticements and fleeting illusory mundane attractions those who have vowed to render the world well secure and radiant, their sacred faith itself is rendering planet earth glorified. Let us have Darshan/vision of this human god whose sacred efforts ceaselessly worked for world welfare and thus by remembering them let us gather good merits/Punya. Let us desire that we get the rare opportunity of raising the hallowed dust of their feet on our scalps and thus attain self glory.



The joyous attainment of ‘Atmavat sarvabhuteshu’ is no longer lone or one sided and that the other aspect too stares at us. If we see or hear about heart bleeding scenes of sorrow, poverty, anguish and downfall spread out everywhere the world over that is landing humanity with a thud in the crater of a gigantic down fall, our inner soul shall wail aloud in deep pain. Why has man forgotten the divine principle dwelling deep within him? Why has he rendered his nature so lowly in stature? This question ceaselessly appeared in the mind. There is no dearth on planet earth of intellectualism, deftness and understanding. People are showcasing artistic talents one after another yet why do they fail to realize that those who wish to succeed by latching on to wickedness and lowliness shall but stare at ‘success’ akin to the illusory mirage in a dessert and thus only a downfall and anguish shall be their lot.

Why is the otherwise truly understanding human today to irresponsibly ignorant? Man refuses to accept today that sinful actions/thinking shall lead to sorrow and good meritorious deeds shall give him untold bliss. Vileness by piercing the 7 veils itself exposes its fraudulent nature. This we all are seeing at every step in life. Yet one knows not why we insist on believing that I by flinging dust in the eyes of others shall hide my wily wickedness. People who think thus forget that the cosmic soul or Almighty God seeing with his infinite eyes, hearing with infinite ears and catching us all with infinite tongs never allows any veil to cover anyone’s lowly vileness. Truth has its way of emerging always and vileness climbing the rooftop itself exposes its fraud so as to ‘praise’ its wiliness. Lest people had deeply understood this ancient primordial truth and that had got firsthand experience of facing a demeaning downfall in life on taking recourse to a thorny tainted road instead of walking the path of true glory, would anyone stray away from the royal path of glory so as to perilously walk the path of overall downfall? Why then thus would man in wailing anguish stray here and there aimlessly by rendering that body of his rare for even demigods to attain, so ghost and corpse like?

What a net of a vile brain is spread about everywhere? In it so many innocent creatures wailing aloud in agony get trapped. This tragic demeaned condition pains one and all very deeply. The resolve of ‘Atmavat sarvabhuteshu’ has rendered the agony of world humanity as the anguish of one’s own soul. And it was felt that someone is setting to fire one’s own hands, feet etc by twisting and crushing them mercilessly.



 The pain and anguish of sorrowful world humanity, the world’s soul, individuals and world society rises within so as to make one very restless. When in an accident the hands/legs of a child gets fractured, in the rush to take her beloved child to a hospital nearby the mother forgets that she herself has high fever and in order to save the child from this dire problem becomes very stressed. Very similar to this has been my mental condition for many years.

Who has the time to spare for amassing joyous material comforts? Objects for sense titillation appear but poison to me. When in those rare moments I was asked to gather materials for sense merriment and lazy lifestyle, my soul agony berated this lowly thought. It is like washing one’s feet with a jug of water while ignoring giving the same water to a man dying of thirst. How can a mother fill up her already full tummy by snatching away a morsel of food from the mouth of her hungry child? How can a father ignore the agony of his child and instead get ready to play chess for fun? These sorts of actions can be executed only by a hard hearted wicked person. When the sacred sentiments of ‘Atmavat sarva bhuteshu’ intensifies powerfully one’s wickedness gets burnt to naught in it. The soul is now oozing only with compassion. It is now with me in full throttle even though my book of life is now writing the final last chapter. In it not even an iota of diminishing is noted and in fact has increased day after day n fold.

We have all heard that a Self/God Realized saint lives blissfully and sleeps in sheer tranquility. Yet for me, Self Realization has become rare to attain. There exists a big doubt whether I shall attain such Self Realization. As long as agony and heart burning pain continues to dwell in this world, as long as all creatures and human burn in the fire of mental agitation and tension, till then I too do not wish to rest in calmness and care free manner. Whenever the hour of prayer arrived, I have always prayed to Almighty God: I do not yearn for my own peace. Instead I yearn for that limitless compassion that helps me experience the agony experienced by all on undergoing lots of distress and strife. I do not want material wealth but instead do give me that capability which attains self fulfillment on wiping the tears of sorrow of others in world society. I asked only this boon from Almighty God and I felt that God who had protected Draupadi’s modesty (when the wicked Dushasan tried to render her naked in his father’s royal court) by manifesting loads of cloth has also rendered my soul full of sensitive compassion for all world beings.

Hence where do I have the time to think about my own anguish or material lack? What material comforts/facilities do I require? When have I ever focused on this even a wee bit? In fact, only the pain of sorrowful world humanity pervades my soul and I kept mulling, as to how I could contribute to render the world human family peaceful and happy.

So many nights have I passed by crying silently, so many times have I cried like little children in pain. Who knows about all this? People in the world look upon me as a saint, Sidha, Self Realized Guru, author, scholar, orator, leader etc. Yet who has opened my soul so as to read it correctly. Lest someone had glimpsed my inner soul state he/she would have noted only agony, pain, compassion and kindness dripping in a body of bones and skeletons.



How can we compare the so called worry free blissful life of a Self Realized saint and my soul filled with compassion since time immemorial? There can be no comparison between these two inner states. Hence whenever I cogitated I felt that worry free, focus of mind and Samadhi or trance that bestows untold divine bliss is very much far away from me. Maybe I shall never attain it because in this very agony I get Darshan or vision of Almighty Lord. Whenever I get a bit of peace wiping away the tears of pain of strife undergoing people, I feel never shall I try to run after inactive salvation/Moksha and Samadhi bliss. Since I have never desired all this how can I get it?

If ever anyone tries to unearth the goal behind my life’s tasks, it is enough to know that as long as in those few moments I have recollected the goodwill and great glorious activities of saints and pious gentlemanly people of the world, I have breathed calmly for that length of time and whenever I saw people before me full of anguish and strife I felt that my own agony was miniscule in comparison to that experienced by them. If at all I have shouldered tasks of world welfare, spiritual uplifting of all, reformation of world society etc I shall only say this that it was but the result of my inner helplessness. Say what can I do if pain of others and strife faced by them does not allow me to rest calm? What can I do if majority in this world run away from others’ agony and render their hands/legs inactive? People may give any name to all types of efforts made by me till today, they may paint it with any color, yet the reality is that the inner experience of entire world’s anguish took the garb of compassion and sacred sensitivity and I by looking upon world’s strife as my very own pain tried to liberate all from this agony by becoming restless and wounded within myself.




HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma lived 5 fulfilling lives together in one single life span. Those ideals established by any one individual in his entire life span were reinstated albeit of much higher stature at 5 levels. The 5 facets of his life are:

PIOUS HOUSEHOLDER-The very high stature family life that he lived is an ideal to imbibe by every householder.

DEVOTEE AND SADHAK-An ordinary devotee carries out spiritual practices of certain limited measure in his entire life span. But HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma carried out so many more spiritual practices in his life.

SCHOLAR-His wisdom was conjoined to all arenas of life. It was not lip service or something merely read in books but that he put all this into action in day to day social living. People called him a walking encyclopedia.

WRITER AND AUTHOR-He wrote such high quality/stature literature that people were spell bound on witnessing and reading it. This is that very rare case where anyone singlehandedly has written such voluminous literature. Today one can find more than 3000 published books penned by him.

FOUNDER OF A GIGANTIC ORGANIZATION-Till date it is believed that the largest worldwide organization founded was that by Lord Buddha. Yet the organization called International Gayatri Family or All World Gayatri Family is much larger than the above.

ONE WHO PROPAGATED GAYATRI SUPER SCIENCE-For thousands of years Gayatri Super Science was kept veiled and not all were allowed to get initiated in Gayatri spiritual practices. But via his austerities HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma saw to it that each and every world human has access to it. By rendering Gayatri easy for all to access he helped innumerable devotees under his watchful divine protection to march ahead on the path of Gayatri practices very fearlessly. Today no exclusivity is noted in the form of only a certain section of society given authority to execute Gayatri practice. Instead today the message of Gayatri has spread in every nook and corner of the globe. So far Gayatri was Mother of Vedas and Divinity but today she is the World Mother.

THE ONE WHO PROPAGATED THE SCIENCE OF SUPER POWER YAJNAS -Till a few decades back, Super Power Yajnas were limited to executing minor fire rituals and only a minor section of society had access to it. But Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma rendered crystal clear the cosmic form of Super Power Yajnas for the benefit of all without exception. He gave us the form of Life’s Yajna and thus true Yajna wisdom entered the day to day life of all. Along with easily accessible Yajna technique he conjoined the tradition of Sanskars also. In every class of society he helped render widespread Super Power Yajnas and Yugpurohit. Hence he is called this era’s Maharshi Yajnavalkya.

HH GURUDEVA WAS THE COMMENTATOR OF RISHI LITERATURE-There was a time when Veda, Upanishads and Darshan were looked upon as topics exclusively for scholars. The lay public was kept far away from them. Not only has Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma written very easy to understand commentaries on 4 Vedas, 108 Upanishads, 18 Puranas, Darshan etc for the benefit of world laymen but that he published them in such a way that it was easy for one and all to buy them at very low price. He also created a new ‘Prajna Purana’ which gives solution to contemporary problems faced by modern mankind.

HH GURUDEVA WAS AN AUTHOR OF STUPENDOUS HIGH STATURE LITERATURE- Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma would always say: I am not an author. Instead after studying deeply problems posing obstructions in the way of social development, I send the same to the Rishi organization. There via deep cogitation solutions to these problems are unearthed. Thus like a postman or courier man I take their letter containing various solutions to world humanity.

In this chain of sequence he wrote a lot regarding individuals, family and society and thus based on this era’s needs he placed before us cosmic precepts for happy peaceful living. Today we can read more than 3000 books of very high stature (priceless life transforming literature) written by him on virtually all topics on the sun. On reading his books in a focused profound manner we can develop out personality in a great glorious manner.

HH GURUDEVA WAS YUGA RISHI AND YUGA DRISHTA-In the chain of development of material sciences, the great Rishi tradition of yore was completely forgotten. Due to lone one sided modern scientific progress that was devoid of spiritual basis energy and various technological means no doubt were rendered easily accessible, yet these were misused in a very alarming, perilous manner.

It is worth noting that the foundation of India’s incomparable glory has been great Rishis. It is they who imbue the layman’s life with Almighty God’s divine discipline. Today Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma by reinstating once again the eternal Rishi tradition rendered its form conducive to this modern era’s requirements. He awakened deep faith towards sacred ideals and true spirituality in the psyche of world lay public. Hence he was given the respectful title of ‘Yuga Rishi’ or Rishi of this Era.

Not only did he find solutions in a wise manner for all problems faced in this era but that to put it into practice he set up an institution which was exhibited to the world as Yug Nirman Mission. Since its manifesto was beyond all limitations of caste disparity, regionalism etc it became cosmic in nature. Whoever deeply studies it, they joyfully put it into practice so as to benefit both materially and spiritually too.


HH GURUDEVA WAS A SEER OF TRUE WORLD CULTURE-Despite the availability of all energies and facilities bestowed by science and knowledge man is full of despair and hopelessness simply because he has forgotten the stream of true culture. Modern science no doubt rendered far off alien countries our next door neighbors but yet the mission of our Revered Gurudeva is to render true culture cosmic in nature. Thus world society shall wisely learn to use these means optimally and wholesomely and thus live a life of peace and serenity. Revered Gurudeva has interwoven true culture’s cosmic aphorisms with such dexterity that every class of society feels one with them. To the extent that an atheist also feels that these aphorisms are most required and beneficial in their lives. Hence Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya has been compared to a Sanskriti Purusha.


HH GURUDEVA FOUGHT FOR INDIA’s INDEPENDENCE AND A LEADER WHO LED A POWERFUL REVOLUTION-For the country’s cultural uplifting it was required that it becomes political standpoint too it becomes independent. It was a contemporary national righteous duty also which he with great adeptness shouldered it. The manner in which with both zest and zeal he took part in the freedom fight on seeing it in Agra district he became well renowned as ‘Shriram Matta’.

When it was clear that India was about to get independence from foreign rule he conjoined to a movement of liberating our countrymen from mental delusion and slavery that has been handed down to us since the past many centuries. His revolution had 3 main aphorisms-

THOUGHT REVOLUTION: To urge people to give up various vain foolish activities and instead imbibe a great spiritual way of living.

ETHICAL REVOLUTION: To render life supremely great he encouraged imbibing ethical thinking and behavior in day to day transactions.

SOCIAL REVOLUTION: On the basis of intellectual and ethical revolution by liberating world society from disparity and inequality in all walks of life a tradition of sacred ideals gets reinstated.

The author of this revolution our Revered Gurudeva was labeled the chief of this creative revolution.


A PROPAGATOR OF SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUALITY-For a fair length of time modern science was limited to inert matter. In order to lead it towards thought and soul sciences Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya contributed a new methodology of scientific spirituality. In it apart from deeply mulling over conclusions of material sciences he proved the authenticity of both science and spiritual sciences. Ahead of this he established a total science based on the inner personality and soul.


A PROCLAIMER OF A BRIGHT FUTURE IN THE 21ST CENTURY-At that time when modern scientists and sociologists the world over were prophesying the possibility of world destruction due to an alarming increase in crime rate and pollution of various sorts, Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya clearly proclaimed that no doubt world situations appear direly destructive yet the divine controller no longer shall accept world annihilation. Hence most definitely in the midst of the worldwide fear of destruction the road to a bright world future shall open without doubt. Within the divine scheme of things under the guidance and protection of great Rishis of yore an awakening in the soul of world humanity full of  sacred sensitivity and goodwill towards all is witnessed then via the wholesome usage of untold facilities designed by modern science a Prajnayuga (era of divine intellect) more supreme than Satyuga shall manifest.



Modern scientists have so far been able to unearth the gross functioning of solar light/rays. Our psyche has a bond with the sun and it can be experienced via Mantras (words). This fact has yet not been understood by modern day scientists yet Indian Yoga Sciences have exhibited that a devotee by establishing a bond with the sun’s imperishable energy via Gayatri practices can attained desired success.

Today’s contemporary modern times are very useful for attaining Sidhi or success via spiritual practices. Via the medium of Super Mantra Gayatri chanting or Japa by rendering well balanced energy particles and vibration deep within the inner personality one can swiftly attain bodily, mental and soul benefits. Yet when via the medium of Super Mantra Gayatri we conjoin our mental world (sheath or Kosha) to the sun, we merge it with the sun we attain 3 types of spiritual benefits viz. good health, radiant aura and strong will power. When earth denizens shall truly understand this science, at that time no lack pertaining to joy, peace and grandeur shall be noted. Hence today by conducting a worldwide campaign of spreading the method of Gayatri meditation/practices it is most required that we share with others not only in India but the world over its Adhidaivik (nature based) benefit. In this meritorious task all Gayatri devotees must participate zestfully.

In this state of Era Transformation and Junction, whosoever tries to spread this spiritual philosophy the world over they shall be rendered meritorious, credible and honorable deserving people for a ‘Great awakening’.

It is said that the first human created in this cosmos learnt how to light fire via the divine speech heard ‘Agni ide purohitam’ which is the 1st Richa of Rigveda. It is only after this that all forces and energies of material nature or Prakriti could be unearthed by human beings. In reality it is the fire element that opened the doors of super advancement of materialism and modern science that includes physics etc. It is hence that virtually all religions have imbibed the ritual of ‘fire worship’.

Yajna is an all encompassing healing methodology. It is meant for research in environment and ecological sciences in order to destroy pollution pervading in the subtle world and in order to heal man at all levels whether it is gross, subtle or the causal bodies. The worship/meditation of Savita deity or sun god is the very life force of Super Mantra Gayatri and Ahutis/materials offered to Yajna fire to this Savita deity via the medium of the combined form of its Mantra Energy and Yajna Power bestows superlative benefits on the Hota or Yajna performer. This then is the technique of Yajna healing. Right from cleaning up dirt/taints overshadowing our soul to chromosomes and genes in the nucleus of the cells of the human body, this Yajna method pours its stupendously beneficial influence. The Yajna Kunda or pyre plays the role of a ‘machine’ that via the manifestation of the Super Soma plays a major role in the downpour of Soma (immortal nectar) and rain water. What is its scientific basis? How does geometry influence the amplification of Yajna fumes? This shall be detailed later in the book.

There is definitely a difference between Yajna fire and ordinary fire we use in day to day mundane transactions. Our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has created a new method of healing called Yajnopathy that in future shall be a leading method for curing patients afflicted with various diseases the world over. By doing this he has in reality reawakened the root basis of Vedic Sciences. The method utilized to choose wood for Yajna fire, Shakalya and Mantras is a total science by itself. Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya writes that earth element predominates in the human body made up of 5 elements and that earth forever sucks up smell from wind. Via Super Power Yajnas by utilizing this chief potential of smell element via the forest herbs grown on planet earth mental and physical distortions along with other types of lack in the body are overcome. By increasing the measure of ozone and negatively charged ions Yajna process in reality by positively transforms from all around the aura and halo of the Yajna performer called Yajman and by transporting to all parts of the body optimal amount of pure clean blood like in the lungs, skin etc renders our Prana energy lit aptly. Our Prana Energy fire itself is Kundalini Shakti also called Divine Serpent Power that renders our immune system very powerful. By understanding deeply how Yajna fire and Prana Energy fire are strongly related to each other means we have realized truly the deep hidden import of Yajna process and healing method via it. In reality Yajna process and healing method in the realm of psychology and psychiatry is the supreme mode of healing. In many cases medicines administered today fail miserable in curing psychiatric ailments. This is where Yajnopathy healing methods use its vaporized subtle energy on the patient and cures their mental ailments. In this book more details of this are given for the benefit of our respected readers.

Not merely world humanity but that Super Power Yajnas help overcome all ecology and environment based problems too. Via Super Power Yajnas we gratefully offer Dakshina or gifts to demigods. They in turn help us sanctify our inner personality so as to render it divine, wards off demonic principles in our psyche and by pouring down Prana Energy and rains renders our Ionosphere well managed. All this can be understood deeply on studying this book avidly. Lord Krishna in the Bhagwad Geeta (3/14) says:

Annadbhavanti bhutani parjanyadanna sambhavaha.

Yajnadbhavati parjanyo yajnaha karma samudbhavaha.

MEANING: All creatures are created from food, food grows from rains, rains pour from Super Power Yajnas and Super Power Yajnas are done via wholesome prescribed actions. Hence it is further said: Almighty God who is all pervasive, supreme and imperishable always is established in Yajna. This aspect of Yajna method has been exhibited in a very profound mysterious manner. In this book respected readers can read the healing both of the individual (microcosm) and the world (macrocosm).


24 Mar


These were the first lines of that official Satsankalpa and manifesto which can be called the preliminary proclamation of Yug Nirman Mission. For the first time in March 1962 Akhand Jyoti Magazine Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya while writing about this oath had invited all to read this oath in a congregational manner daily at early morning hours and on auspicious occasions. While addressing all members of All World Gayatri Family, its branches and members who looked after various Jnana Mandirs (Temples of Wisdom) in the September 1962 Akhand Jyoti Magazine he writes that it is a seed thought on the basis of which the possibilities of Era Neo Creation shall successfully materialize.

Only a thinker of revolutionary stature can talk of Era Transformation. Only he can think that this society over shadowed by rotting muck like beliefs shall transform only when each world human transforms him/her self from the very roots. No doubt everyone talks of reforming world dire situations yet by transforming one’s mental state via the power to think awakens great resolves in the psyche so as to transform oneself totally entire world society too shall get transformed positively. Only a scholar who deeply cogitates over Philosophy and Psychology Sciences can think thus. A seemingly impossible task of Era Transformation can be given a social manifestation when its one unit viz. world society and its other unit called family along with innumerable world individuals undergo all round sanctification. When man transforms, contemporary times also transform. As soon as positive transformation sets in our viewpoint the environment too transforms. When each and every world human undergoes neo creation the entire era too shall get neo created. This observation can be made only by a person of Avatar stature who can visualize the future and change present times along with the subtle world for the better.

Of course! Anyone can object saying that ‘Era Neo Creation’ and ‘Era Transformation’ are but gigantic terms full of flowery language. How can all this become a possibility when disparity, separatism and indolent blind beliefs have spread their net everywhere? Can we not skeptically say this is a utopia wherein we are not talking merely of positively transforming individuals and world society but an entire era? The answer is that since at the root of all this is sacred daring, terrific will power and desire oriented energy which is of the stupendous stature of Almighty God who had said: Ekoham Bahusyami. Further the promise of ‘Dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge’ given to world humanity is the great resolve of this Super Human and its result is that transformation spoken of in this very distorted fragmented world and wherein all great thinkers of the world are expressing their views regarding it has the principle of individual neo creation as its foundation. This gigantic congregation seen in the form of Prajna Family, All World Gayatri Family, readers of Yug Shakti Gayatri Magazine has been launched to such astounding heights via the Sanjivani of Satsankalpa (oath) which is seen today.

Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma writes that for Era Transformation an Avatar is required that shall incarnate preliminarily as sacred aspiration. The subtle form of this Avatar is Yug Nirman Mission’s Satsankalpa or sacred oath. This utterance is of that great personality full of sacred taintless psyche who for his entire lifetime performed terrific austerities for this gigantic cause and thus in this fire of penance he got transformed akin to 24 carat gold. It his marvelous thinking that is creating an atmosphere of transformation in the subtle world. It certainly is not an overstatement if we say that this manifesto has manifested in the form of a sacred vow of Nishkalank Avatar (Taintless) himself.

In this oath Gurudeva gives a prime spot to theism that eggs on individuals to tread the path of divine truth and teaches us all to live a life under the disciplining eye of Almighty God. Theism must be such it obstruct man from entering the portals of escapism and instead induces him to perform Karma Yoga so as to carry out righteous actions. This is true and active self surrender to God. Throwing more light on this revered Gurudeva says that whenever theism fructifies in life man will give main weight age to executing righteous duties. Our duty towards our body involves looking upon it as God’s temple and via the medium of self control and discipline the body must be rendered healthy, disease free and strong. It is even more important to render the mind crystal clear, taintless and sinless in comparison to keeping our physical body healthy. If mental health is sound and good our life force or Prana too shall be rendered sacredly potent. Mental distortions and bad feelings shall no longer harass us and diseases, worries shall run miles away from us. Mental reflection, scriptural studies that aids self introspection and association with great God Realized Saints is that medicine which by obstructing the psyche from running amuck shows it a right direction and eternally inspires it to undergo self creation and soul advancement. For imbibing sacred thinking great literature must be deeply read and ceaselessly one must do self study. By associating with great saintly people by living in large groups people must learn the art of harboring true thinking and this is the 1st lesson of the oath. If even this much is absorbed in one’s daily living that person will positively get transformed and along with this others too shall get influenced greatly.

Further he elaborates that as long as the sentiment of congregationalism does not evolve, as long as each person thinks only of personal selfish gains instead of world well being till then narrow minded personal selfish benefits shall remain in vogue. The root Mantra of spiritual communism as per Gurudeva’s opinion is ‘My well being lies in the welfare of all’. This then is the foundation pillar of unity, equality and social justice the world over. We must think not of ‘Me and mine’ but ‘All of us’ and useless differences of sects and gender must be uprooted. Today when in the entire world colonialism, royal rule and fiefdom has ended and intense opposition is seen regarding castes/sects this utterance was so conducive contemporarily can be realized truly.

Regarding imbibing certain qualities for inspiration for self reform he further says that by looking upon citizenship, ethics, human values, good character, discipline and generosity as true wealth I will march ahead in life by augmenting them manifold. We must pay due attention to the term ‘true wealth’. In this material world wealth is scattered everywhere in varied forms yet true wealth is that which converts human-man into divine-man. The above mentioned qualities if imbibed in daily living man definitely shall attain greatness and glory. He further says that within spiritual practices, self introspection, self control and selfless service to society entire Spiritual Philosophy of the world is embedded. In order to super impose great thinking after soul purification and via disciplined self control and augmenting great activities those who worship world society via selfless service no doubt shall tread the path of his own well being but further shall become an instrument in innumerable others attaining Moksha or salvation.

In reality every alphabet of this Satsankalpa or oath is a seed of revolution. Even if one of these are imbibed in life not only does an individual spiritually progress rapidly but that the doorway of material advancement too is thrown wide open. Not only does the individual transform but those innumerable people in his contact too change positively.

Revered Gurudeva who is an incarnation of Prajna Avatar after Buddha Avatar was completed has given us an aphorism which says that in comparison to traditions Vivek or discrimination shall be given due importance and in comparison to ‘success’ attained via unethical illegal means failure faced while walking the road of integrity/ethics shall be revered and honored the world over. Lest discrimination exists in an awakened alert form in the midst of tradition the waves of blind beliefs pervading every nook and corner of the world shall come to a grinding halt. It is only when true discrimination goes unheeded that vile activities, tainted traditions and blind beliefs grow like weeds. But as soon as the eye of discrimination/Viveka opens all of the vile elements are uprooted. Today in world society human beings after taking up the ‘shortcut’ of unethical means although initially experiences joy on attaining ‘success’ hastily based on lack of farsightedness, ultimately rues and repents at leisure. If only a importance of ethics/integrity is understood on a permanent footing people shall accept that it is full of credit to walk on the path of ethics and lead a life of honesty. Thus man’s success shall be gauged via that test which is based on how much ethics and integrity he imbibes in day to day transactions of life.

Our revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma writes that true righteousness and religion of this era is that by giving more importance to world welfare than selfish gains for augmenting great world well being endeavors inspires us all to donate one portion of one’s time, talent, earnings, wisdom and hard work. A true Brahmin is one who earns with a 100 hands and donates with a 1000 hands. Thus he inspires us all to imbibe this true Brahmin qualities in our life.

Many have read that ‘Atmanaha pratikulani paresham na samacharet’ yet those who actually imbibe this tenet in life rises high in the eyes of all. If we wish that others behave properly with us we too must behave well with others. All aspects like contact with lay public, art of good management, making others our very own beloved, Sanjivani Science’s art of living etc are embedded in one sentence viz. ‘I shall not act and behave with others in a manner which I myself abhor’.

We can digest only that income got due to hard work and integrity. But if we earn via unethical dishonest means it shall harass us akin to pain of leprosy disease and also teaches us Isaac Newton’s 3rd law of motion which says ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’. By latching on to the path of dishonesty in order to earn untold amounts of wealth a person full of such greed is known to harass and oppress others. They attain the status of ‘human ghosts’ and are censured insulted in society. But those who earn wealth via hard perspiring labor oozing with ethics/honesty is naturally full of generosity, gentlemanly behavior and loves serving the world selflessly. Those who lead spiritual lives must imbibe such ethics of life even if one has to face visible temporary losses.

The next oath is looking upon world women as one’s mother, sister and daughter because due to a tainted vision sexual lewdness and lust crop up like weeds along with other sins. While pointing towards a major foundation of world peace revered Gurudeva writes that half the world’s population consists of females. Hence if we harbor a vision of sacredness and reverence towards them then acts of oppression atrocities inflicted towards women shall halt and then both men and women united shall create a healthy and great world society. No doubt one can live a married life yet by looking upon procreating children only as a righteous duty one must abstain from harboring an outlook towards one’s wife and other women in a sexual lewd/lusty manner. While comparing the importance of women to fire he says that women must be looked upon as one with warm good feelings and the very fount of life. By honoring women’s sacred sentiments she must be given apt opportunities to rise higher in life. If we abstain from a lewd and lustful vision towards women by looking upon her as our mother/sister only then neo creation of individuals, family institution and society is possible.

In the end our respected Gurudeva Shriram Sharma writes that man is the author of his destiny and it is he who designs his fate. Since man is a master of this extraordinary power he must harbor no uneasiness while proclaiming that lest he became supremely great and shall make efforts to render others great too this entire era too shall transform positively. As per the spiritual psychology based principle of ‘Tanme manaha shivasankalpamastu’ this oath is so auspicious and great that this era shall definitely transform because I shall not be the same in future as I appear today. In comparison to the present I shall continue to imbibe more and more great qualities henceforth and akin to iron turning to gold on touching the touchstone called Paras I shall render others who come in my contact greatness personified too. If this were to happen this era shall definitely transform positively because then world society shall ooze with great people, crest jewel like people who inspire everyone to imbibe goodwill towards all and divine personages who are full of sacred sensitivity. The belief that intense effort shall be given weight age instead of fate drips forth in this proclamation, that man is the author of his destiny. Such personalities who via intense labor render their future great and glorious, who spread their great aura everywhere akin to fragrance oozing from sandalwood trees and are called Creators of this Era not only row their boat of life smoothly but take others in their boat to land on safe shores of all round glory. When such people shall rule the world why wouldn’t this era transform? Most definitely this era shall transform.

This Satsankalpa or manifesto written by a Yuga Purusha is a document akin to a pillar of light for the long journey of Era Neo Creation. Later in 1989 this was given a well researched advanced form wherein the main proclamations remained the same as mentioned above. Yet certain aspects were newly conjoined so that they would be useful in contemporary times. In it true understanding, valor and responsibility were conjoined to honesty. In a new way the viewpoint of national unity and brotherhood was again elaborated upon and in the end while expressing his total faith in this oath he writes:


When Lord Mahakal speaks thus why wouldn’t humans who are portions of his very divine cosmic soul act accordingly? The auspicious commencement of Era Transformation has already taken place and a New Era is definitely about to dawn. If we place steadfast trust in this and while transforming ourselves we rise higher in stature both materially and spiritually then most definitely the lion like proclamation of our revered Gurudeva ‘21st Century-Bright Future’ shall certainly materialize for all to see.

When desire is purified by the intellect and becomes firm it is called Sankalpa or resolution. The energy of a resolution is infinite in measure. It is the most intense power of the world. This entire cosmic creation is but the firm resolve/Sankalpa of Almighty Lord. The same law applies for attaining other things in this world. Right from the social arena to the world of science whatever well known discoveries and inventions have been witnessed have a firm power of resolve as its foundation. This is required also for neo creation of a New Era.

Circumstances never change merely by increasing material comforts and various resources. Vices cannot be overcome by mere meting out of punishment or instilling fear in a person’s psyche. In fact for all this sanctity and purity of our thinking is most required. If we desire to change our external circumstances we must transform its very fount which is our thinking process. Along with this we must carry out our righteous duties too. For all this definite guidelines are required. And hence Yug Nirman Satsankalpa is a definite step in this direction. The underlying sentiments of this literature are to easily depict at appropriate times, eternal principles and scriptural truths. We can take up the honor of leading in the direction of change with reference to its proper understanding, its deep mental reflection and imbibing of it in day to day living.



The seed of Era Transformation for which All World Gayatri Family is marching steadfastly and zealously ahead is Satsankalpa or True Resolutions. On its basis all our thinking, plans, activities and programs shall be designed. It can be called our manifesto too. Each one of us should daily read it at dawn akin to a daily religious activity and on auspicious congregational occasions, one person should read it aloud and the remaining assembled people must be made to repeat it.

The power of resolve or Sankalpa is infinite. This gigantic cosmos is but the result of a tiny resolve of Almighty God. The Lord harbored a wish ‘Ekoham bahusyama’. It means I am one and I should become many. As a result of this Sankalpa or resolve 3 Gunas and 5 elements manifested and with its aid this gigantic world was created. It is due to man’s resolve that this topsy-turvy world has attained a well managed form. Ere this aspiration had not awakened, a requirement was not experienced the creature called human being too would be awaiting death.

Via the brain when the desires get sanctified so as to take the form of a definite decision it is called a Sankalpa or power of resolve. When the psyche focuses on any resolve then no major difficulty is noted in it getting materialized. The capability of the mind/psyche is unlimited. If a sacredly sensitive will power treads in a particular direction success is tasted with relative ease. If tainted resolves and Sankalpas reach their target what can one say of the power of wholesome great resolves? The cause behind the gigantic building of religion and culture present as a protective umbrella above the scalp of humanity is the resolve of great Rishis of yore. Sankalpa or resolve is the most potent terrific supreme energy in the entire cosmos. Vis scientific research innumerable material forces/energies have been mastered and this credit goes to the power of resolve of world humanity. At the root of progress and advancement noted in the fields of education, medicine, sculpture, industry, literature, art, music etc is human Sankalpa or mental resolve which can be called a tangible Kalpavriksha or Wish Fulfilling Tree. By giving a materialized form to aspirations when man marches ahead in a particular direction of life with a firm resolve doubtlessly he tastes sweet success.

Today every thinking person of the world experiences that in human consciousness those tainted qualities are rising alarmingly, due to which discontent and anarchic situations are manifesting the world over. Under such circumstances it is most required that positive transformation ushers in but yet this task cannot be executed merely by aspiring for it. In fact for this a definite direction needs to be demarcated and collective active steps are required to be taken for the same. Without this our desire shall be rendered a mere figment of fantasy. Era Creation Sankalpa or oath is a firm definite step in this direction. All sacred sensitive sentiments of this manifesto based on the ideal tradition of religions and scriptures has been put forth in a well managed way using straightforward terminology and minimum of words. We must understand this manifesto deeply. We must deeply reflect and ponder over it and decide steadfastly that we shall mold our lives using this very cast (manifesto). Instead of preaching to others we must focus our psyche on self/soul neo creation as mentioned in this manifesto. The most influential way in which you can broadcast this to others is that we ourselves imbibe in our lives, all precepts etched in this manifesto. It is only by neo creating ourselves that an important step can be taken in the direction of Era Creation. It is only when many drops of water unite that the ocean is formed. Similarly when many good gentlemanly human beings gather together a great society is formed. It is the widespread form of individual creation which can be witnessed as Era Creation.

A clarification and detailed analysis of the sacred sentiments of Era Creation shall be read by our respected readers in the following pages. When our mind dives deep into these sentiments its collective form shall manifest as a an Era Aspiration and for its fulfillment many demigods, great saintly people and Almighty God taking Avatar as innumerable humans shall incarnate in this world. That Avatar required for Era Transformation shall first incarnate as a sacred aspiration. The subtle form of this very Avatar is Yug Nirman Mission’s Satsankalpa (oath based manifesto). We must gauge its importance with a very serious mind.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/books www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/ DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


17 Mar

Citizens of India very well know that river Ganges originates from the Gangotri glacier. Gangotri town situated in Uttarkashi region which is one of the 4 major pilgrim spots (Char Dham) in Uttarakhand state was burnt to naught due to a curse of Maharshi Vishwamitra. On this very spot Rishi Bhagirath performed terrific austerities in order to liberate his 60000 ancestors. Thus River Ganges that dwells in heaven was happy to manifest on earth.

In this present era akin to Rishi Bhagirath another Rishi incarnated in the form of Ved Murti Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya who by rendering the world renowned sacred pilgrim spot Haridwar his land of activities aided the flow of Ganges of Divine Wisdom (Jnana Ganga) in the entire world. It is because of this that today the world over Shantikunj (All World Gayatri Family HQ) founded and established by him is honored as the Gangotri of Divine Wisdom of the 21st century.

We all are aware how not only our country India but the entire world is combating various problems. If we delve deep into all the problems of the entire world we will realize truly that the single underlying cause of all this is human tainted intellect. Maybe thousands of efforts shall be executed yet as long as a wholesome sacred intellect does not manifest in world humans till then no permanent solutions for these problems can be unveiled. It is only those who possess a pious intellect that can have faith in its unlimited potential. Instead of dying due to various worrisome situations he/she even with very few means shall lives of joy, peace and satiation and shall become a pillar of strength for others too. In our Sanatan Culture the supreme prayer for awakening a great sacred intellect is Gayatri Meditation. Super Mantra Gayatri belonging to the Vedas possesses such a self manipulating mechanism as a result of which man’s tainted intellect is wiped off and instead a sacred intellect develops fully. This fact has been well accepted the world over on the basis of deep research conducted regarding it.

This belief has prevailed since time immemorial but if we study details of 30-40 years previously not everyone was given the right to chant Gayatri Mantra. It is said that Rishis Vishwamitra and Vashishtha had ‘locked’ (Keelit) this Mantra. Only one special class of people was given the right to chant this Mantra. The results are crystal clear. A tainted intellect kept increasing in world humans and disparity and bad will spread like wild fire everywhere. A heavenly situation of the past got converted into hellish situations the world over. The Rishi of this era Ved Murti Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya akin to Rishis Vishwamitra and Vashishtha of yore performed terrific penance so as to end once and for all every objection related to Gayatri Mantra chanting. He by urging the entire world to accept that the Varna or caste system in India is not based on birth but that has its basis in what type of actions we perform further inspired all to undergo Gayatri Meditation and slowly but surely by developing a great sacred intellect one must attain true Brahmin-hood. It is only a great pious intellect that can solve any world problem however complex it is. It is such an intellect that can harbinger heavenly situations on earth. Despite obstacles existing Ved Murti Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya emphatically proclaimed to the world that this world certainly is not headed towards destruction but in fact this world shall reach a zenith of glory. In the year 1986 AD he christened the 21st century as ‘21st century-A bright future’. The sacred land of the activities of this Rishi who via the power of his austerities rendered easily accessible the method of activating a sacred intellect in world humans as shown great Rishis of yore is Shantikunj (All World Gayatri Family HQ, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India) which today is worshiped the world over as the Gangotri Glacier of Divine Wisdom of the 21st century.



This year 2011 AD is being celebrated the world over as the birth centennial of Ved Murti Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya. He was the founder inspirer of a world thought based revolution. Hence this year is also called the Century of Thought Revolution. In the entire country book fairs have been set up wherein literature written by Ved Murti Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya has been exhibited. Not only lay public but even great thinkers, authors, saints, orators etc on seeing these exhibitions of 3200 books written by him are spell bound by their contents. It is definitely mind boggling to note that volumes of literature, of highest stature, that transforms the lives of all in a multifaceted way have been penned by a single individual. Yet akin to Rishi Bhagirath Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma via his power of penance like River Ganges flowing in heaven transformed the entire world positively by ushering in the Ganges of Divine Wisdom which is flowing in the entire world.



Recently in Shantikunj an auspicious inauguration of Khadi Gram Udyog Training Center took place. The chief guest of this auspicious inauguration Mr. Jayshankar Mishra (CEO of Indian Government’s Khadi Gram Udyog Ayog) said beliefs regarding religion and spirituality are now changing at a fast pace. Today my son also does the Tilak, goes to the temple, reads spiritual books and performs worship rites too. Previously 30-40 years back this faith was precariously dangling on a precipice. Educated young people shied away from religion and spirituality in those times. No doubt this transformation has taken for many reasons yet its chief inspirer is the founder of scientific spirituality Ved Murti Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya.

Acharyaji while testing religions on the basis of scientific principles helped influence the world positively with its scientific nature, utility value and amazing effect. He himself lived a life of great ideals and said that instead of following religion blindly from generation to generation it must be imbibed only after testing it on the basis of true discrimination or Viveka. The goal of religion is not to fulfill selfish transient desires but is meant for self purification, developing soul potential and destroying erroneous traditions and blind faith of all sorts.



Today in India there are hundreds of temples and pilgrim spots. Shantikunj which is a cut above all of them has its own unique identity. Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma has not established this as a temple or hermitage/Ashram. In fact he developed as a mint for developing our inner personality in a great manner. From here has commenced a gigantic task of rejuvenating the tradition of mass education via the institute of religion. He used to say that today the world over the epidemic of a disease called vile intellect has spread far and wide. Thus we must reach out to millions of such diseased people and ward off this rampant epidemic of a tainted brain. In order to fulfill this task in 1971 AD he founded Shantikunj (All World Gayatri Family HQ, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India). Later till today incessant training programs are being conducted. Over here daily 3000 participants get trained in various fields. Over here at regular intervals continuous 9 day camps are conducted called Sanjivani Sadhana Camp, Yugshilpi Camp of 1 month, 3 monthly Music Training Programs and a 45 days Camp for Rural Management Training. Apart from this, seminars are held here for teachers, professors, scout-guides, police, government officials and industrial workers.

Chiefly in all camps and Dev Sanskriti University education is imparted regarding the art of living a spiritual life. Along with camps held at Shantikunj Gayatri Mantra chanting programs are compulsory. Over here is the temple of Vedmata Gayatri. It is a part and parcel of the art of living a theistic life. Sacred monuments of Vedmurti Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and his divine consort HH Bhagwati Devi Sharma too dwells here called ‘Prakhar Prajna-Sajal Shraddha’. Faithful devotees experience that bowing down to these monuments gives same results and blessings that they got by doing so when the divine couple were alive in their mortal coil. On the Vasant Parva of 1926 AD Acharyaji had lit a flame torch that day when his Guru from the Himalayas appearing in the form of subtle divine light (astral body) had given him a taste of Self Realization. This imperishable flame torch is ceaselessly kept lit even today at Shantikunj. Every day thousands of visitors who visualize this torch and all those who are imbued with deep faith attain the divine light of inspiration and potent energy from it. Shantikunj has also opened the Dev Sanskriti University from 2002 AD which has got approval from the Indian Government and University Grant’s Commission of India. In this University basic courses, graduation courses and advanced research based courses are being conducted. This in itself is a rare University. Exceptional are its courses and syllabus. It lays great emphasis on rendering its students advanced at the soul level, sanctified as far as the inner personality is concerned and making them more accountable and responsible towards duties regarding world welfare. From Shantikunj-the Gangotri of Divine Wisdom of the 21st century many revolutionary tasks have set rolling. Over here one will find no communal or caste based disparity. Everyone is inspired here to attain true Brahmin sacred qualities. From here commenced the slogan ‘21st Century-Women’s Century’ as proclaimed by Acharyaji. From here all creative tasks are gaining momentum so as to spread out in the entire world. Shantikunj has set up its own Task Force so as to reach out and serve sorrow stricken people experiencing agony at every step in their lives.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/books www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/ DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


8 Mar




There definitely is a limit to everything. When crops ripen in the field they are harvested and its place new seeds are sown. An aged body dies and a new body is taken up. In place of ruins new buildings are constructed. As per this program now the environment of undesirable elements is going to end permanently and its place shall be taken over by progress and development in the true sense of the term.

Those dark gloomy clouds that are thundering today shall disappear totally when a breezy storm ensues. It shall neither change in the Ice Age nor shall it will render our earth shattered by bringing in oceanic storms. In order to quash ego of materialism today that is manifesting wherein the unexpected role of Lord Mahakal has been witnessed.

By showcasing their logic and factual proofs scientists, political leaders and researchers are trying to prove one thing that to a great extent those steps taken in the direction of super destruction that can take place any moment shall not get retraced. Without casting aspersions on the utterances, inference and analysis of the above respected speakers we have with full valor got the freedom to say that during times of terror a prophecy must be made of world peace and thus instead of world public harboring dire fear in their psyches we start thinking about world neo creation. The world shall no longer remain the way it is seen today. Not only their beliefs, sentiments, thinking process and yearnings but all activities shall transform in such a manner that we will start perceiving everything as new.


For this transformation we shall not have to wait for 500 long years. In fact only a century is enough for the same. Today situations of glitter and glamour problems based on demonic illusions are appearing very ferocious and seeing its flow it appears as though the sun has set so as to usher in sheer darkness. And yet this shall definitely not happen……while cogitating over destruction and the world human intellect veering towards it shall tire very soon all means of glamour and vain pomp shall dry up. From the very beginning they shall have to think anew so as to straighten this lopsided direction of destruction and use available means for neo creation tasks. Pressure from above shall help materialize this seemingly unfulfilling dream. They have resolved to straighten that which is lopsided today.

In future days the needs of that world which today is hungry, thirsty, illiterate, diseased and scattered shall augment so much that in order to fulfill it that all wealth of weapon makers and producers shall be used up totally. The demand shall be such that by taking limited profits that production shall be used up akin to drops of water vaporizing on a hot pan.

Very easily we can infer that for executing destruction mere use of a sharp knife or lit matchstick is enough. But for progress/development varied means in very gigantic amounts shall have to be gathered. In the near future the demand for produce shall increase 1000 times and from nowhere will one hear complaints regarding joblessness and dearth of opportunities to earn wealth.


In the 21st century such technology/machines shall be designed which by focusing solar rays it shall be given to people akin to electricity connections. The ebb and flow of tidal waves in the ocean too shall contribute in this direction. In this manner by focusing natural energies they shall be used by one and all in an eco friendly manner. Today since we all are culprits of excessively wasting energy resources people will be forced to stop this wastage. Every world human shall have to realize that the human capability of fuel is limited. Thus fuel must be used in a very discrete non wasting manner.

The urine and feces of birds/animals shall be used in Cow Dung Gas Plants. In future even the stools/urine of human beings instead of spreading diseases everywhere shall be utilized akin to Cow Dung Gas Plants as a result of which a lot of fertilizers shall be made available, dirt shall decrease and that this fertilizer shall be of natural organic form in large amounts.

Wastage of plants and trees shall be obstructed. Thus people shall get construction wood useful to man and invaluable materials like paper. Man will have to diminish their habit of drinking milk and with the mixture of sesame, peanuts, soya bean etc this need shall be fulfilled. When there shall be a dearth of ores chemical materials shall be made use of.

In contemporary times for factories and weapon production for gigantic wars a third portion of iron was required. In future all such wars shall permanently die a peaceful death. Large factories and industries shall get converted to cottage industries. Thus the use of iron shall be very limited. This need shall be fulfilled either by converting the old into new or gather it from various places.


Hordes of stylish garments are stitched today but this shall not be the case in future. Everyone henceforth shall don simple clothes. Various types of fashion designing in the future transformed era shall be looked down upon. None will buy so many clothes that can fill up their large cupboard. Only so many clothes shall be stitched that are easy to wash, dry and wear comfortably. In the name of fashion designing so many expenses accrue but this shall no longer be the case in future changed times.

The present clothing industry shall henceforth partner handloom industry as a result of which joblessness shall be warded off, wastage shall decrease drastically and the very roots of people aping each other while buying unwanted materials so as to exhibit vain pomp too shall be snapped. Thus at one shot many problems shall get troubleshot.

Even small means/materials utilized in camaraderie shall create the basis of joy and development. This is bang opposite to situations faced today wherein even untold grandeur is worrying people because of their greedy nature. In future days to come good qualities, taintless activities and goodwill amongst world humans shall proliferate manifold. Humans shall become powerful and their valor with reference to imbibing stupendous ideals shall be rendered extraordinary. Mankind will be capable enough to face greed and delusion and fear and oppression. Without flinching due to its allurement and pressure in every action of theirs they shall showcase various special qualities which are possessed by enduring, valiant and profound nature personages.

Wars instead of decreasing problems are known to add to them. There is only one solution to diminish and destroy various world problems and that is exchange of views, commands of the governing bodies, truce and trust. These elements shall appear in future. So what if the chicken is in the egg today? Tomorrow it shall come out of it, next day it shall become a cock and next day early at dawn it shall shout out cock-a-doodle-do. Its call to awaken those who are fast asleep shall not be ignored.

All this shall be made possible only via total transformation of our thinking and when the method of education shall reform world humans shall profoundly understand their true inner nature and righteous duties along with which they shall behave/act in such a way that perforce they shall listen to the call of their soul/conscience, God’s directions and challenge of Era Religion.

Households shall augment only in accordance with the size of cities and villages. All around there shall be farms of fields and gardens. Watering and planting shall be so methodical that not only shall it fulfill the requirement of a Green Revolution but that by digging bore wells its water shall convert arid dessert lands into fertile ones.

Rural villages instead of remaining as it is today shall take the form of larger families taking up agriculture in a big way that shall be independent and liked by them and also shall be well cultured and well managed. The large scale dirt of large urban cities shall no longer pollute drinking water by getting transported to various water areas and instead this dirt shall be converted to fertilizers so as to be used for agricultural purposes. Thus the fields shall be organically rendered fertile and nowhere shall dirt be noted.

That hour in world history which shall manifest divinity in world humans and heavenly situations on earth is very close by. Darkness is now beating a hasty retreat. The dawn of sunrise is giving us all a message of zest in the world. In the lake of the heart of every world human the 1000 petal lotus of joy/peace shall bloom. In this auspicious hour of divine manifestation 2 types of streams are flowing viz. one is the manifestation of a trend of valor full of joyous potentials for creative goals. The second is those trends that have come into vogue with its undesirable and inapt form shall be reformed and uprooted. For this, such agitations shall set in which shall see to it that ultimately unity, equality, discrimination and justice are reinstated. Since both these tasks shall augment in an equal manner it will be easy to reach the goal.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/books www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/ DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


4 Mar

At apt places apt things are created. If you wish to grow Nagpur oranges in your area they will not be all that sweet. The bananas of Mumbai city if grown elsewhere shall not be the same. The mangos of Lucknow are famous the world over. If you grow it in your village it will not be as sweet. The sandalwood of Nilgiri Mountains is so fragrant. If you bring this very sandalwood tree and grow it in the garden of your home it will not be so fragrant. Demigods and divine souls dwell in Himalaya Mountains. Over there one finds long tuber roots growing. For a long time span they can be devoured. If you sow the seeds of this tuber root in your home it will not be so sweet to taste. Where does that Brahmakamal (divine lotus) grow for which Draupadi insisted that Bhima get it for her? It grows in Uttarakhand (India) Gomukh area further on called Tapovan. This Brahmakamal grows on land and not in water. Is it possible to sow the seeds of this lotus in your house and help it bloom? No it will not grow there. Each region and land has its deep import.

Himalaya Mountains have their own importance. All great Rishis resided there. Initially heaven too was over here. It is the sacred land of Rishis. It is a land full of great qualities and potential. Even I was called there to undergo austerities. Today I am residing in the Saptasarovar region where Shantikunj has been built. The divine Himalayas have their own importance. River Ganges over there too has its deep import. River Ganges has collected in her being all sorts of spiritual energies. These energies dwell not merely in her waters but wherever she flows the environment possesses special qualities. That land of 7 Rishis where the 7 Rishis had performed intense penance can be seen even today in the sky. The land of 7 Rishis called Saptarshis is situated over here on which we have built our Shantikunj Ashram (hermitage). On the banks of River Ganges there are many spots where sometimes a lion and cow would drink water together without any enmity. There exist such places fully imbued with Prana Energy and Siddha Purushas or self realized saints too reside here. I have come to such a region. By coming here in order to help your sentiments remember divinity I have constructed a temple of Divine Himalaya Mountains. Nowhere else can you see such a temple of Himalaya Mountains. People have no doubt built temples of various gods/goddesses but only here you can see the temple of Himalayas. This is the land of Saptarshis or Great 7 Rishis. Can you show me another place of 7 Rishis? There is no other place of theirs apart from this where today is established Shantikunj, the HQ of All World Gayatri Family. Previously River Ganges flowed past this region. Since this land has been filled up hence in the area of Shantikunj water that used to flow since thousands of years has not stopped flowing now. That stream is yet flowing. For that in the opposite area paths have been built.

What exactly is this Himalaya Temple? Why was this image made? Images have their own importance. Eklavya of yore had made an image of his teacher Dronacharya. Lord Rama had made an image of Lord Shankar. When Lord Rama was in forest exile and was roaming in the jungles in deep grief after his consort Sita was kidnapped at that time when he felt the need of an image he established Rameshwar Shankar’s Temple. All this are symbols just as the tricolor flag of India represents our nation. Even communists have their flag. People say they do not believe in images and symbols. Why is this so? Come let us uproot their flag and throw it away and then see what happens. Say, do not Muslims believe in images and symbols? In Mecca-Medina they have an image which is the Kabah and they even kiss it. There was never a temple built of Divine Himalaya Mountains. India lacked it. I have fulfilled that lack. This is so that from the standpoint of spiritual practices if someone wishes to come here they can do so and accrue important benefits. This is why I have built it. In apt places apt tasks are carried out. In Himalayas many Rishis dwell and every Rishi who has come here has arrived from Himalayas. In order to help all remember these great Rishis I have tried my level best that if not all the tasks they have executed at least some of those if executed by us shall be for our good. I have done exactly this.

Vyasji had written 18 Puranas. He had written Darshan or philosophy scriptures too. No doubt I have not been able to write Puranas and Darshan yet I have translated them. I have translated the Vedas. All those tasks executed by Vyasji, I too have followed suit and when you all come here to Shantikunj you shall its signs over here. Maharshi Patanjali by residing in Guptakashi had undergone Yoga Spiritual Practice. When you all come here you will see that Kalpa Sadhana Camp organized here along with other camps and all those other Yoga practices, Pranayama techniques taught to all have been done by myself too and are being taught to you all too. In ancient times Rishi Yajnavalkya held a prime spot. He had researched into Yajna Science. How can Yajnas cure bodily and mental afflictions/diseases and via Yajnas how can earth be rendered pollution free? Many such scientific aspects were given due importance. People had forgotten the scientific basis of Yajnas. They performed Yajna rites merely to spread fragrance everywhere. We have again rejuvenated them by conducting research on the lines followed by Yajnavalkya Rishi. Something similar to this I have made efforts to continue this tradition in Shantikunj.

Vishwamitra was a Rishi. He was the Drashta or seer of Super Mantra Gayatri. The deity of this Mantra that we chant daily is Savita and Rishi is Vishwamitra. The poetic meter or Cchand is Gayatri. Vishwamitra was a master of this Mantra. Even here we have reinstated an image of his. In Shantikunj we have built a Gayatri Temple. I too have performed Gayatri Purashcharan. I look upon Vishwamitra too as my Guru. Do not be surprised at all if my Guru who resides in Himalayas is Vishwamitra himself. You must have heard the name of Bhagiratha. He had done austerities in Himalaya Mountains and with the power of penance he managed to get River Ganges of heaven to earth. When Ganga started her journey to earth Bhagiratha seeing her speedy force thought that it was beyond his control. Gangaji also said that when I land on earth a gigantic crater will be created. Hence by calling me from heaven how shall you manage to hold me? At that time Bhagiratha approached Lord Shankar for help. Lord Shankar spread out his mat locks (hair). Thus when Ganges arrived from heaven at first she got entangled in Lord Shankar’s matted hair and then slowly landed on earth. Bhagiratha was walking in front and hence River Ganges was called Bhagirathi. Do you know all this? Today Bhagiratha is not present yet the place where he performed penance yet exists. Near Gangotri in the Himalayas is a place called Gaurikund. Near it is a big rock which is called Bhagirath Shila. Seated on this rock, Bhagirath performed austerities. Even I too seated on this rock executed an Anushthan for 1 year. I too brought the Ganges of Divine Wisdom. This is the Rishi tradition. I have tried to tread that very path on which great Rishis of yore walked on. It is because of them that Himalayas have attained glory else say, what special quality do these mountains possess? There exist other mountains in the world that are taller than Himalayas. Is there any lack of mountains in the entire world? In Uttarakhand (India) there are 4 Dhams or major pilgrim spots and hence Himalayas have attained world renown. In it dwell 5 Prayags or confluences of various rivers too. There are 5 lakes too. All those important spots of entire India, all pilgrim spots are focused at one region. My efforts too are of this kind.

You must have heard of Lord Parshuram. Lord Shankar had given him an axe as gift. With this axe Lord Parshuram chopped off the heads of people. The heads of all those who had vile intellects and full of wickedness was chopped off by him 21 times and thrown away. What exactly is the meaning of chopping heads? I feel it is impossible for great Rishis to physically chop off others’ heads. This episode in fact is quite symbolic. Definitely he must have transformed people’s wayward intellects. Today via a Thought Revolution I too am endeavoring to transform people’s brains just as Lord Parshuram did with his axe. I do not possess an axe but I do have paper and pen with whose aid I am ceaselessly trying to transform everyone’s intellect for the better. Lord Parshuramji had brought River Yamuna too along with his axe. I too have carried out tasks performed by him.

Almost all Rishis have resided in Uttarakhand. Rishis by dwelling in this sacred region performed austerities so as to properly protect spiritual energies. Hence they chose this region. Even I too preferred this place. Haridwar is that spot from where Himalayas originate. I too dwell in this region so that it is not difficult for you all to come here and thus we can meet. It is difficult to climb to higher regions. Over there snow falls, where it is very cold, where there is no place to eat/drink and thus it is difficult for you to journey there. Hence I thought it wise to dwell in Haridwar. Over here commence the chain of Himalaya Mountains. Over here in the River Ganges previously none threw dirt and garbage in it and no gutters opened into it. Hence I thought Haridwar is best suited as residence for me.

Do you know Charak Rishi? He existed in ancient times. He had researched into medicines and natural herbal remedies. His place is near Kedarnath (Uttarakhand) where there is a Gurudwara of Sikhs. Near Kedarnath is a valley of flowers which was very dear to Charak Rishi. Today because of a lot of plucking and uprooting all herbal plants/trees have been destroyed. Even the valley of flowers does not exist and yet if you desire to see a valley of flowers go to Tapovan that lies ahead of Gomukh where nearby is Nandanvan region. Tapovan and Nandanvan are such areas where rare flowers bloom. It possesses the rare lotus flower called Brahmakamal too. You will be able to see it. I too have walked the path of Charak Rishi. In order to correctly unearth forest herbs by chanting ancient verses associated with these herbs and in order to find out if they are true or not we have established a Brahmavarchas Research Institute in Haridwar. Thus I have tried out research studies using both ancient and modern scientific techniques.

In Uttar Kashi (Uttarakhand) there is a dark forest or Aranyak? What exactly is an Aranyak? It is that where people having become Vanaprasthas yearn to do social service. Gurukuls are meant for small children and students. Over there were Aranyaks only but over here I have tried to run both Aranyak and Gurukul. Over here there is a special school for children. You will rarely find a school for children like this in entire India. In order to train preachers and volunteers for social service I have established an Aranyak. Lord Buddha too trained preachers and volunteers for service in Nalanda and Takshashila. We too train our volunteers in music, giving discourses, social service, medical therapy and all types of training courses. Over here is an Ashram or hermitage of Jamadagni Rishi. You must have heard about Naradji. Via music he spread the message of devotion to God or Bhakti and right from India to the entire world he traveled a lot. Whenever he so desired he went to Almighty Lord’s divine abode. Where was Naradji’s residence? He had executed penance in Vishnu Prayag region. Although I cannot take you all there yet I have endeavored to give many training in music akin to Naradji because in today’s era music is very important in educating the masses. In rural areas where literacy is very poor it is difficult to educate villagers without using music as a medium. So I have made necessary arrangements for them too.

You must have definitely heard the name of Vasishthaji. He had combined both politics and true religion. He resided in the court of King Dashrath. He performed righteous/religious tasks and also oversaw political tasks. Even my life to a great extent has been rendered akin to this. For about three and three fourths years I resided in prison. Day and night between the years 1920 to 1942 i.e. 22 years I was involved in politics and endeavored hard to raise people’s social stature and drive away British rulers from India. I have worked for India’s freedom struggle. Lord Vasishtha too carried out such tasks. Later he asked Lord Rama, Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughna to accompany him. You all too can come here. Did Adi Shankaracharya have chi ldren of his own? Lord Rama’s father’s name was certainly not Vasishthaji. His father was Dashrath. You all too are our children. Just as accompanied by 4 youngsters in the form of Lord Rama, Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughna had arrived and had told them how to combine optimally true religion and politics in the same way I too shall try to teach you how to combine true religion and politics and also correlate modern science with spirituality.

You must all have heard of Adi Shankaracharya who had built the 4 chief Dhams or pilgrim spots in India? Where exactly are located these 4 pilgrim spots? They are in Rameshwaram, Dwarka, Badrinath and Jagganath Puri. In all 4 pilgrim spots he established 4 Mathas or hermitages. He himself dwelt in Jyotirmatha. Over here in the vicinity was a mulberry tree. Below it was his cave. He resided in this cave. Dwelling here he wrote many books and performed austerities too. Over here he had made plans to construct the 4 Dhams or pilgrim spots. After speaking to Mandhata he commenced this task from there itself. Even I too seated here built 24 Dhams of Gayatri. You must have heard of Pipplad Rishi. He too resided here in Himalayas near Lakshman Jhula. He spent his life eating fruit of the Pippal tree because he was aware that our mind takes the shape as per what we eat. If we wish to render our psyche wholesome first you must commence eating wholesome food. Wholesome food means eating that food earned by ethical means and not via crime, illegal transactions etc. We must eat food for which we have made intense efforts and perspired a lot. In those times Pippal trees were many in number. Hence there were many Pippal fruits too. Pipplad Rishi would pluck these fruits and eat them. My food intake too was of this kind. Do you know that for so many years I ate Rotis (Indian bread) of barley seeds? Even today I do not eat much food.

The stories of Suta and Shaunak Rishi are world famous. Where did they live? Where exactly in Himalayas? They resided in Rishikesh. Over here they recited discourses on Puranas or Indian Mythology. Shaunakji would ask questions relating to them and Sutaji would give befitting answers. There are 18 Puranas of ancient times. I have written a new Prajna Purana. One part of it has recently been published. I am yet writing the other 3 parts but yet they will be published by the end of this year. Instead of 18 Puranas you may get them in the form of publication of 18 parts. In it I have given all tasks executed by great Rishis. Like Rishis I have tried to make all this. Once there was a king called Harshavardhan who seated on the River Ganges shore at Har Ki Pairi (Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India) donated all that he possessed. With the help of this donation the Takshashila University was built. I certainly am no King Harshavardhan but whatever I possessed I gave it away. That tradition of total sacrifice of Harshavardhan was near Har Ki Pairi. I brought it to Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family) and reinstated it there. Kanad Rishi labored hard to correlate science and spirituality. He had researched a lot into the nature and form of the atom. Even our Brahmavarchas Research Institute is endeavoring to study the correlation between modern science and ancient spirituality. Whatever you see here is nothing but Rishi Tradition and I have rendered it alive and kicking.

I guess you must have heard about Lord Buddha. Time and again his disciples would perform spiritual practices for the moving of the Wheel of Religion along with executing mediation. Where did they dwell? Was it nearby Lord Buddha? No, they did not live in Buddha’s presence. They resided in Nalanda and Takshashila. Many of them resided in the Himalayas. I have rendered Buddha’s tradition permanent. Over here initially there were 2 Universities but today Shantikunj alone has become rare in its own way. For moving the Wheel of Religion, in order to mobilize the Wheel of Prajna or Divine Intellect you shall witness various methods akin to those of Lord Buddha in Shantikunj itself. This too is a center of Himalayan activities. In these very Himalayas Arya Bhatta had performed penance. He had researched into astrology science and that of stars/planets to find out how they moved about and what kind of influence it send to planet earth. All these scientific data was unearthed by Arya Bhatta from Himalaya Mountains. Whenever you all come to Shantikunj you will not that over here too we are trying to carry out such tasks. From here we publish a Panchang or Indian Almanac. From only here a Panchang is published that is based on 9 planets unfolded before and 3 new ones unearthed recently and nowhere else one will find it. Nagarjuna was a scholar of chemistry. He had researched into various chemicals. Even here we too research into various medicines and chemicals. We are conducting new research into Kayakalpa (medical process for rejuvenating the body and rendering it youthful) using various herbs.

Shringi Rishi was a master of Mantra Science. He was the son of Lomarsh Rishi. He had cursed King Parikshit saying he would be bitten by a serpent on the 7th day henceforth and actually Parikshit died in 7 days due to a snake bite. King Dashrath was childless hence he opined that Shringi Rishi was most capable of carrying out the Putreshti Yajna which could help the king sire children. The Rishi was a Brahmachari observing sexual celibacy and a noted master of the Science of Mantras. As a result of this mastery King Dashrath could sire 4 sons. All this was the wisdom of Mantras possessed by Shringi Rishi. He too resided in the Himalayas. I too am making efforts in the fields of Mantra Science and Gayatri. In both Navratris (9 nights) I help people execute Anushthans. Those devotees who arrive at this important hour perform Gayatri Anushthan. Where exactly is Mount Kailash? It is in Himalayas. This is indeed heaven. Himalayas is not merely the holy abode of great Rishis but that here demigods too dwell. It is also called heaven. First and foremost world creation commenced from here. As per world history human beings were first born here. Even I have said that heaven does not exist somewhere in the sky but that if it exists on land it will only be found in Mount Kailash of Divine Himalayas. Tapovan and Manasarovar (lake) too is here. My Gurudeva’s residence too is in Kailash which is slightly ahead of Gomukh. Of course the Kailash in Tibet is separate from this one. Today Tibetan Kailash is in the hands of China. How can we say that China snatched away Lord Shankar but the Mount Kailash we are talking about is near Gomukh. Hence it is heaven too. What exactly are the Himalayas? It is heaven. When Pandavas reached there to ascend heaven they arrived in Himalayas. Ahead of Badrinath in Vasodhara and ahead of the latter is a mountain and is the spot of ascension to heaven or Swargarohan by Pandavas. The Sumeru Mountain too is here where resided, all demigods. This was a mountain made of gold. I have photographs of them. When I had journeyed there I had brought these photographs. At dawn and dusk one can see a golden shadow. Dhruva as a boy had performed austerities over here. Lord Shri Krishna had traveled to Badrinath to do penance. Both Krishna and Rukmini performed austerities there. After this penance they sired a son like Pradyumna.

You must have all heard the story of Rishi Valmiki and Sita (Lord Rama’s wife). When Lord Rama sent Sita in exile to the forest she resided in Valmiki’s hermitage and there gave birth to 2 such boys called Luv and Kush who were ready to combat Lord Rama, Lakshmanji and Hanumanji. Have you heard of the lady Shakuntala? Have you heard of Chakravarti Emperor Bharat as a result of which India was called Bharat? Who was Shakuntala? She was the daughter of Rishi Kanva. Her son Bharat was born and nurtured near a region called Kotdwar in Himalayas. After gathering all these special qualities of the glorious Himalayas I have constructed its temple. If you wish to see where all these things are you may come to Shantikunj for the same. I have also published a small colored book where I endeavored to depict all these regions of Himalayas. There are 5 Prayags (confluence of rivers) and 5 Kashis. There are 5 lakes. There are 4 Dhams or pilgrim spots in Himalayas. Which are these? They are Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamnotri. These are called 4 Dhams. All these sacred regions are in Himalayas. I have constructed its temple that will help you develop a bond with Himalayas. When you start climbing a ladder you carefully place your foot on the 1st step and it is considered very important. It is called threshold. Hence this region is called Haridwar. From here commences the road leading to the mountains. Over here Parvatiji had performed austerities. Over here rests the Bilvakeshwar Temple. There Parvatiji had done penance and very nearby her marriage had taken place. In her previous life Parvatiji was Sati and over here in the region belonging to Daksha Prajapati she was born and had become Sati (burnt her body in the Fire of Yoga). Daksha was a scientist. His head was chopped off. Mahadevji was displeased with Daksha and that spot exists here. This Divine Himalaya verily is grand.

For my entire lifetime I have come here and I shall die over here only yet I pray to you all that you must remain in contact with this sacred region. During my lifetime in order to recharge my battery (soul power) my Guru had called me thrice for 1 year at a time. When a car’s battery weakens it has to be recharged so that it can work as efficiently as it had done previously. Hence my Guru had called me. At present I am here. Via this discourse I am giving you all an invitation. Whenever you get a chance for going on a pilgrimage, do try to journey here to Shantikunj in which dwells the entire Rishi tradition. Over here I have gathered all specialties of the Himalayas. Whenever it is your birthday, marriage anniversary etc. try and come here and in order to give your children 16 Sanskar rites do travel here. People always look out for sacred spots to bestow the 16 Sanskar rituals on their children. For that people go to temples of goddesses or some other temples. You all can come here too for the same. Over here near Badrinath is a spot called Brahmakapal. Over there people offer worship rites called Tarpan to departed ancestors. If you so wish, you can carry it out here in Haridwar. Where is that place?  What does it look like? I do not wish to say anything about it yet our place is very beautiful. Those devotees who arrive here for Navratri perform an Anushthan. This is the sacred land of Anushthans. We have made all arrangements for teaching and training too. If you wish to learn that which Guruji himself learnt we have made arrangements for both a 10 day and I month camp. By conjoining to this you too can learn a lot. Ganeshji after writing the name of Lord Rama had circumambulated him in reverence as a result of which Ganeshji attained the meritorious fruits of circumambulating the entire world. Similar is this tiny spot which you must circumambulate. In return for circumambulating the name of Lord Rama Ganeshji attained the 1st spot. It was not possible for him to actually circumambulate the entire world seated on his vehicle, the mouse. Hence he used the power of discrimination/Vivek and circumambulated Lord Rama’s name. This is a small pilgrim spot of Gayatri. This tiny Shantikunj is full of special qualities. Maybe I shall not live longer much. I may not be physically alive by the year 2000 AD yet I will be alive in the form of my subtle invisible body (Sookshma Sharir). Over here my inspiration shall continue unobstructed and like at all times you all shall accrue great benefits. Shantikunj indeed is exotic and grand. There are 24 Rishis of 24 Gayatri and the gist of these 24 Rishis resides here. You can have a clear glimpse of all activities of these 24 Rishis along with their holy tradition. Amongst all pilgrim spots this one is such that if you come here for worship/meditation then akin to Nagpur’s oranges and Mumbai city’s bananas you can reap rich fruits and benefits. You can attain all these sacred fruits. I have built this pilgrim spot called Shantikunj for all of you. My Guru called me to the Himalayas and there made me do penance. I will pull you all here so that you continue coming here to Shantikunj. At least try and come here once in a year. Whatever expenses accrue regarding traveling here to Shantikunj, the time that you use and whatever else you have to sacrifice, know for sure it will reap rich dividends in return and will never go in vain. You will never feel that by coming to Shantikunj I have made a mistake and that you have wasted both your time and money. Instead you will feel very happy about making the right choice of making a pilgrimage to the grand sacred spot of Shantikunj.

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27 Feb

India’s future is bright. It will take some time for the hour that will augment enthusiasm and zest to arrive yet it is definite that not only India’s glory shall increase but it that shall remain balanced. When in the present times we will witness other countries and their citizens akin to storms in the sky licking dust, time related obstacles shall crush their arrogant egos, yet India even under such thorny conditions shall not fall and instead shall keep rising. It could be that this uplifting be slow in speed (Vangmaya 27-7.7).

As per Shri Aurobindo’s opinion the unity of the human race has its basis in progress even if at present it is difficult and just in its beginning stages. It is being rendered congregated. It is struggling with very difficult situations yet it has power and speed and if historical experiences can be made our teachers then definitely it will keep increasing and ultimately shall taste sweet victory. In this task great Rishis of India actively are participating. People of the world have started getting their imperishable spiritual boons. India’s spirituality is continuing to enter the shores of America and USA in a big way. This program shall keep increasing manifold. In the midst of times full of strife the eyes of more and more people are looking in the direction of India with great hope and not only its teachings but its inner soul and spiritual practices are being taken recourse to.

The program of a bright future is that of will power and based on this has sacredly commenced a thought revolution of high stature ideals. This great movement has magnetically attracted not only farsighted thinkers of India but those in every nook and corner of the world. In comparison to other paths no doubt this path has its own set of difficulties yet as time goes by they will be overcome totally. In future all progress noted at the world level shall be attained via augmenting of inner divine consciousness. Its sacred commencement will be executed by India and will become the chief center of this program and yet its work arena shall encompass the entire world. India’s future no doubt is bright. Everyone must harbor profound faith in its definite manifestation (Vangmaya 27-7.8).




Every particle of Shantikunj chants, Gurudeva! Gurudeva!

Tomorrow the entire world will say, O Lord! Mahadeva! Mahadeva!


By taking the garb of a human body you manifested in Anvalkheda village.

You took birth in a humble Brahmin’s home so that you remain hidden from the world.

Previous Avatars manifested in royal palaces with great pomp.

For entire life you remained simple so that no one would recognize your greatness.


In previous eras the cow of righteousness limped with only 1 or 2 legs.

In Kaliyuga or the Dark Age this cow is totally handicapped.

Say, under such circumstances how can righteousness be protected?

Your task was very difficult, say, how can this era be transformed?


Living in this material world you executed that very terrific penance performed by Bhagiratha of yore.

You penned such literature that can efface Vyasji too.

You commenced the tradition of Yajnas so as to sanctify the atmosphere.

By manifesting Gayatri, you created Satyuga (Golden Era).


In order to create Satyuga the creator (God) himself manifested.

Very late it was realized that you were Lord Kalki incarnate.

Rendering the world mind boggled the world was astounded.

We shall fulfill the incomplete task, O Lord! Please help us do so.

…………………… Dr R B Patel (M Sc.-Agriculture, Ph.D.)






















Henceforth do not sing eulogies of wealth or tragic poetry.

See how Savita (sun) is rising akin to Satyuga.


Now is the countdown of the last moments of the dark night akin to colyrium.

Hence have sorrow poverty augmented as we bid adieu to Kaliyuga or Dark Age.

When a pregnant mother, about to deliver her baby, cries aloud in pain

Ultimately the child is born and there is joy everywhere.

Henceforth do not sing eulogies………….


Mother Earth who is the mother of all shall be rendered borderless totally.

One language, one world nation and a human value religion shall be established.

None will be poor or wealthy because wealth shall be distributed equally.

The dawn of Savita or sun shall appear as spiritual communism.

Henceforth do not sing eulogies………….


With a satchel the army of Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya shall travel to each and every village.

In order to uproot demonic activities the light of divine wisdom shall be lit everywhere.

Do enlist yourself in this army so as to glorify your lives.

This is because such a precious hour shall never again arrive for many eras to come.

Henceforth do not sing eulogies………….


O soldiers of this era! I am bowing down to you since many eras shall sing your praises.

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya by becoming the creator of this era has manifested to give you all due credit.

Henceforth do not sing eulogies………….


…………………… Dr R B Patel (M Sc.-Agriculture, Ph.D.)











































In one voice everyone is saying that the present times belong to Era Transformation. On noting the reign of unethical behavior and anarchy wherein it has spread the world over, accordingly world situations have reached a nadir of dire consequences. At such an hour as per the immortal vow of Almighty Lord viz. ‘Yada yada hi dharmasya’ in order to reinstate balance in an unbalanced world, he appears to fulfill his promise of ‘Sambhavami yuge yuge’. The present times that span from the commencement of 1850 to end of 2005 as per astrological sciences has been termed era junction, end of Kaliyuga or Dark Age and dawn of Satyuga or Golden Era. Hence these times can be called period of Era Junction. According to some very traditional Pandits/scholars it will take another .3 million, 24 thousand years for a New Era to arrive yet their opinion is proved to be illusory when mathematical calculations of time are executed. Right from the Bhavishya Parva of Harivansh Puran to data found in Shrimad Bhagwat and Bhagwad Gits texts Gurudeva Shriram Sharma has proved that as per actual calculations of time the hour of Satyuga manifestation has arrived. If studies are executed regarding 1000 great eras which correspond to Brahma’s 1 day and similarly another 1000 eras correspond to 1 night of his, it is clear how majority of astrologers have erred in calculation of time.

Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya writes that the time span between 1980 and 2000 and a few years post that is that hour wherein the manifestation of intense effort of Divine Energies will uproot injustice and shall help advance creative endeavors. Whenever this happens, clouds of danger loom large in the form of natural calamities, fearful world situations, destructive events and insecurity of mankind. In order to convert a vile intellect into a sacred one, in order to reinstate an intellect of goodwill the subtle invisible world labors hard relentlessly. At such hours we can witness mental agitation, suicides and war clouds looming large in every nook and corner of the world. Such hardships and agonizing situations are experienced by world humanity which was never seen or even heard of previously. Yet as time passes by everything gets repaired duly.

In reality modern science has given so much to mankind that it seems the mighty world rests in the tiny fist of humans. Where on the one hand swiftly moving vehicles have rendered this gigantic world very tiny there it has also deeply influenced world human’s mental peace, family life and social aspects too. Along with giving us gifts modern science by augmenting pollution has rendered itself an instrument of decreasing the ozone layer as a result of which purple radiations and germs that cause deadly diseases like cancer too are entering planet earth. The sun that showers energy on earth amounting to power of .7 million mega watt nuclear bombs is definitely aiming its wrath at us all. Solar or sun spots are increasing alarmingly on its surface. Till the end of the 20th century a series of solar eclipses shall be witnessed that possibly will influence all creatures of earth.

Our Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya was a seer, profound thinker and one who could make future prophecies. Whatever he has written right since 1940 till today has come true at the prophetic hour. In this book while giving us reference data right from ESP Seer Shri Aurobindo, the scholarly astrologer of Barar Shri Gopinath Shastri Chulait, Romain Roland, futurist and palmist Cheiro, female astrologer Boriska, prophecies of Holy Bible, famous Yogi of Norway Anandacharya, Jean Dixon, Anderson, Gerard Chrisey, Charles Clark, Prof Harare, Jules Berne, George Baveri to Kalki Puran, in this computer age prophecies made by scholars in Europe, Alvin Toffler, Fritz off Capra, Prof Hamish Makare etc  revered Gurudeva has spoken regarding the nature of future times. The seer of a radiant world future Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya time and again opined that the divine creator or God adored only apt world management and its sacred beauty. Despite us all witnessing dire situations the world over, we must yet possess deep faith that Almighty God instead of allowing his exotic artistic creation i. earth, human existence and wonderful garden called this world to fall into a dark pit, he will protect it and showcase his divine tasks thus. The chief mission of the Avatar of this Era called Prajna Avatar is miraculously straighten these lopsided world situations and in an enterprising valiant manner set rolling the world program of Era Transformation. All this can be believed truly after one faithfully studies writings of Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya. He writes that: Avatars generally manifest in tainted times as are today being witnessed everywhere. Avatars have imbued world human consciousness with so much intense inspiration wherein those potentials of zest that render apt which is inapt, now are seen fructifying with ease. We can thus actually witness the divine vision of era consciousness actually manifest on earth akin to manifestation of River Ganges in ancient eras.

In his message of Lord Mahakal on spring festival 1990 told each one of us to partner in the divine mission of Prajna Avatar. He said that this would be the supreme understanding on our part in these present times and further wrote that such zest should take birth in our psyche that we too play a praiseworthy role in the Super Revolution of ushering in Era Transformation.

This invitation is extended to just about everyone. Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had proclaimed “21st century-Radiant Future” so that the zest of hope remains alive and kicking the world over.

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