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18 Sep

If the balance of vital force  remains stable all classes and sub classes of life will work desirably. The body  thus will experience good health, mind will be happy and the psyche will ooze  with good intentions and contentment. Yet if in that arena distortions manifest  the result is hardships and strife of all kinds. When blood turns bad skin  diseases, boils etc manifest. In the same way when imbalance appears in vital  force the functioning of bodily organs goes haywire. Many types of illnesses and  diseases are then noted. Vital force distortion in the mental arena results in  imbalances and madness too. Vital force distortion in the emotional arena leads  to a downfall akin to that of ghosts etc. Many basis of downfall can be  correlated to distortion in vital force or Prana. If we wish to overcome these  ordinary means are of no use because the influence is very weak. Whereas the  root of the problem is very deep and that is distortion of vital force. When  tested and proven methods fail we must realize that in the deep recesses of  consciousness distortions have entered. If a thorn pierces our skin it can be  removed using our nails but if a bullet pierces our stomach without surgery one  cannot remain alive.


Ms J C Trust chose such a  person who would get agitated even while facing minor matters. Because that  person got angry many times in the day became very thin as a result. Even minor  changes in heat and cold seasons would make him weak and thin. In fact he was  attacked by some illness or another.


Once when he was very angry  Ms Trust made him lie down and placed a thin layer of sand on his naked body.  Many of her students, followers and scientists too were present. They very  curiously saw that just as when a plate of copper filled with water is tapped  rhythmically so that the vibrating water of the plate induces vibrations in the  atoms of the copper similarly man’s body too emits light atoms constantly which  generates vibrations.


At the time of wrath and  anger these atoms of light with great speed vibrate hence it is experienced  clearly that time but under normal circumstances the vibration of these light  atoms is slow. The more a person is calm, cool, balanced intellect etc the more  slowly these light atoms appear from the subtle body. And for a long time  energy, heat and endurance remains in the body. Even sudden changes in weather  cannot pressurize such a body.


For quite some time life  scientists knew that nerves of the body akin to a net send bodily messages to  the brain. In order to render the state of the brain better they give necessary  directions and based on that various parts function accordingly. But what  exactly is the method to do so? A veil was cast on this mystery. On what basis  do these nerves send experiences of touch in a flash of a second to the brain?  This mystery was not unfolded.


For the past 40 years a lot  of research was conducted on this. In fact in the past 20 years more interest  was shown in this aspect of life science. At last efforts reaped rich dividends  and 3 scientists tasted success. For this discovery they were awarded the Nobel  Prize for Medicine. Their names are: 1. Hodgkin 2. Huxley 3. Eckles

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These 3 great scientists  discovered an electric impulse in nerves and described how this electricity runs  between nerves and the brain cells. They compared this to a telephone  conversation. Nerves are verily like electric wires which send messages with the  help of electrical impulses. Each nerve can be of the length of many feet.  Together in the entire body its length is more than 0.1 million miles. Its  diameter is less than a hundredth of an inch.


In our brain there are 1  billion neurons. Each one of these contacts 25 thousand other neurons. On seeing  how in such a tiny brain such a great factory has been constructed we will be  simply spell bound at the greatness of its creator. If man so desires to build  such a well designed brain he/she on the availability of present day electric  gadgets will require an area equivalent to the entire world.


The electric impulses of  nerves move at a speed of 300 feet per second. Over here a very pertinent  question arises: Why is it that the speed of human electricity is so less?  According to telephone arrangements pure electricity runs as the speed of  186,282 miles per second. The answer is that telephones have pure electricity  whereas in nerves not only is there an electrical flow but that other  bio-chemical activities too take place.


The nerve impulse is passed  on to the neighboring nerve via a space between them called synapse. These nerve  impulse obstructions are called inhibitions. Within the nerve fibers one finds  positive electricity and outside it is negative electricity. The balance of  sodium and potassium in it maintains a chemical balance. Related to this  functioning is a chemical called ‘transmission substance’. It is the combined  activity of electric particles and chemical substances helps in the  circulatory/transport functioning of the body. It is because of the unfolding of  this mystery that scientists commenced the use of oscilograph/isotope  techniques. There is so much data available regarding the factual nature and  activities of electrical impulses that flow in nerves that one can feel  satisfied by saying that the doubt has been cleared.


Doubtlessly man is a living  powerhouse of electricity. In comparison to electricity at which lights bulbs  etc this human electricity is infinite times more taintless and sensitive. This  difference must remain between energy of inert matter and consciousness. Inert  electricity has no connection with emotions. It makes no difference between a  butcher and a true saint. Instead who ever can derive work from it, can fulfill  its mode of usage will fulfill its excitement. It lacks sensitivity of what is  right and what is not.

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Consciousness and sensitivity  are both present in the widespread electricity of the human body. Hence we  cannot limit it by merely saying that it is just created and is widespread as a  nerve network. Let it be that it controls the entire body via the medium of  nerves, let it be that it appears as though its visible center is the brain, but  the reality is that it is the image of vital force of the soul/Atman and is  influenced by its sensitive state. If man’s inner nature is weak or potent  correspondingly the conscious electricity too is weak or potent.


If we touch someone’s body it  is not as though we get a shock because of the presence of human body  electricity. Hence via gross technical apparatus it can neither be felt nor  experienced. If we wish to understand its material nature those apparatus will  be required which were used with reference to this by the Nobel Laureate  Hodgkin. But via an emotional touch its influence can be felt by other people  too. If we sit in the vicinity of a person who has a high stature psyche our  mind too will imbibe this high stature. If we associate with vile and wicked  people our mind, intellect and sense organs will imbibe bad qualities. In fact  without any rhyme or reason our minds will act in a tainted manner. The reason  why spiritual literature urges us to associate with sacred hearted people is not  only imbibing good teachings but that we can fully imbibe the sacred flow of the  energy of electricity emitted by their divine bodies.


Why do we touch the sacred  feet of great saints? The answer is that by doing so we imbibe the sacred energy  of divinely radiant people. One of the major laws of heat is that heat from more  heated areas run towards areas with very less heat. If a hot stick of iron  touches a cold one then heat from the former enters the latter ad makes it hot  too. They exchange their heat/cold. The same benefits accrue by touching  hallowed feet of great divine personages. Thus bodily touch is a very important  medium for the passing of benefits from more powerful regions to less potent  ones.


When great Gurus out of  divine love pat the head of others, touch their backs etc it seems as though it  is merely a show of affection but actually what happens is that vital  electricity is transmitted. In this manner adults give grace to those younger  than them.

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Sparrows keep their eggs  under their chest before going to sleep. Over here not only heat is transmitted  but that traditional actions too are commenced. The bodily electricity of  sparrows by entering their eggs/babies, conjoin the latter to paternal psychic  imprints. Although by giving heat from incubators the egg is transformed into  baby birds yet a lack is seen in them as far as imprints are concerned. There  are babies who get attention from nurses but do not get their own mother’s milk,  affection, playing in the lap or sleeping near her. Such children get tainted  mentally over a period of time. Potent electricity nourishes those whose inner  potential is weak.


Aspirants (Sadhaks) during  the period of spiritual practices or Sadhana do not allow anyone to touch their  feet. They never give blessings in the form of touching others’ scalp. If they  do so whatever little divine energy they have gathered gets transmitted to  others and they become spiritually poor.


Although the cause behind  celibacy, loyalty to wife/husband is social and family based yet there are  spiritual reasons attached to them too. Bodily electrical onrush is  predominantly found in eyes, speech and fingers of hand and from there they are  ‘exported’ outside. Subtly in the head and grossly in the genitals this  electricity predominates. Electricity of the head is mainly utilized in  studying, reflecting, meditation and other mental processes but genital  electricity is all the time urging to go outside via touch. This then is the  scientific basis of sexual passion.


Great saints lay emphasis on  Brahmacharya or sexual continence because for a few seconds of sexual joy one  tends to lose a great amount of vital electricity. The weak aspect may gain but  the potent aspect is at a great loss. During penance one comes across many  obstacles. One of them is a major one wherein human or divine sexual principle  tries to gain benefits from the medium of sexual organs. In the lives of  Vishwamitra, Parasher, Vyas etc one finds that sexual passion caused a temporary  downfall in their austerities. In images of Lord Buddha one finds depictions of  many Apsaras (heavenly damsels) as Ridhi-Sidhis dancing and mockingly laughing  aloud. Behind this verily is the above mentioned reason. Husband wife full of  high stature soul electricity can sire children of corresponding high stature.  After performing intense penance along with Rukmini, Lord Krishna sired only one  son named Pradyumna. He was exactly like Krishna as far as looks, character etc  was concerned. People failed to decipher who really was Lord Krishna. Children  sired by penance oriented Rishis and their consorts are as brilliant and radiant  as their parents.


Great men instead of wasting  this gathered vital electricity in sexual passion utilize the same for world  welfare by raising this electricity up to the brain center and this they remain  Brahmacharis or celibates. The same holds true for women too. In order to become  radiant and mentally potent they focus their inner energy via Brahmacharya.


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Bodily electricity not only  brings well being to oneself but others too. The question is of apt usage and  capability too. This electricity is used up a lot by the body and mind and lies  scattered here and there. Ere it is focused and concentrated and is utilized for  bodily, mental and soul advancement then in every area apt advancement can be  noted. Electricity generated by power stations/houses can be said to be aptly  utilized only if it is used for wholesome purposes. Ordinarily the storehouse of  bodily electricity is used up in day to day mundane tasks and the rest scatters  away. If on the basis of the science of spiritual practices we learn to utilize  it wholesomely and understand application of the same for good purposes man can  aspire for all round advancement with this spiritual wealth. Thus he can lead a  life of success.


Prana Spiritual Practice of  Yoga Science is a very important one. Benefits like Sidhis of Anima, Laghima etc  accrue. We have already spoken of how ones spiritual aura becomes divinely  radiant. In this direction Pranayama Yoga breathing exercise) is the first step.  Over here weak tainted vital force is eradicated and in its place the Super  Vital Force is reinstated. Routine activities like Sandhya Vandana are looked  upon as its most required basis because via such preliminary acts one can march  ahead so as to ultimately get imbued with Super Prana.


The Vital Force Principle is  the mouth source of all mundane and spiritual wealth. It is spread out just  about everywhere. The more one imbibes it within oneself the more one marches  ahead to become great. Vital Force is synonymous with energy. Within its  periphery lie both material and divine attainments.


From the bodily standpoint  one becomes radiant, from the mental standpoint one becomes brilliant, from the  social standpoint one becomes famous/great and from the soul standpoint one  becomes full of spiritual luster. This 4 fold potential emanates from its root  which is Vital Force Energy or Prana Shakti. Only via Prana based spiritual  practice can lead you to these Sidhis or Divine Powers.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/books.htm www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/ DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra Meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books ultra sound telepathy parapsychology metaphysics nirvikalpa Samadhi pollution yoga tantra movies internet hypnotism ecology astrology ayurveda kalki bioelectricity surgery lasers ozone radar stress creativity archeology Indus Valley Civilization fuel crisis food scarcity tsunamis biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton



13 Aug

There are many foundation stones of Mantra Science amongst which are included  its word intertwining and method of chant. Unlike poems creation of Mantras is  does not predominate with sentiments or meaning. In fact the basis is in which  way the Mantra alphabets should get interwoven so that via its rhythmic  chanting, that sound flows which is said to be most required for desired goals.  The strings of a guitar are tied in a very precise methodical manner. If any  type of string is fitted in any whimsical manner it shall become very tough to  manifest uniform sound from them or varied types of Ragas and tunes. In the same  way while keeping in mind the sound flow of words and its mutual combination  spiritual seers interwove various alphabets in Mantras.

There is a special technique of its chanting. It is just not enough to tie  strings to a guitar appropriately because it is also important how the  instrumentalist twangs the strings with deft finger movements. Why various tunes  and Ragas emerge from musical instruments is this varied way of using one’s  fingers while twanging the strings. Merely fixing strings on guitar optimally is  not sufficient. The combination of mixing of words in Mantras and devotee’s  methodical chanting technique aids the flow of a strange musical tune. Due to  its influence such situations are created in the subtle world which is attained  as a result of Mantra chanting religious program called Anushthan.

Take the example of Super Mantra Gayatri. In its meaning the devotee prays for a  pious focused intellect from Almighty God. For this end there are a pile of  other Mantras in Vedic literature. In other languages many such poems have been  penned. If it was the case of only meaning no difference can be seen between  such poetry and Gayatri Mantra. From the stand of poetry writing Gayatri Mantra  is said to be faulty as far as its Cchand or meter is concerned. When 3 legs of  8 alphabets are penned a faultless Gayatri Cchand is created. Yet the well known  Gayatri Mantra has 23 alphabets. 24 alphabets come into play only via ‘pulling  and pushing’ ‘Nyam’ is chanted as ‘Niyam’. Creators of Gayatri Mantra definitely  must have known this error yet they gave importance only to the sound flow  emerging from word inter weaving and created it as is been read today.

Sound by itself is an energy fount. There was a time when it was used only to  unearth gross information yet today’s terrific modern scientific advancement has  proved it to be a very high stature form of energy. Sound heard by our ears  influences us all in a varied manner. On hearing insults we fly into a rage and  if we are praised we become very happy. Words that create harassment due to  censure along with those connoting anguish agitate us a lot but the moment we  hear joyous news of success a wave of joy takes over our psyche and a wide smile  lights up our face. It is not only the mind but that our body too as a result of  reaction of hearing words/sound makes changes in their functioning. It is the  bitter speech of Draupadi that set rolling the bloody Mahabharat War. Humble  words full of nectarine sweetness not only melt the heart of humans, but that of  Almighty God too.

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Sound flow emerging from Mantra chanting influences the entire consciousness of  the devotee and their vibrations, by spreading into interstellar space, render  situations very conducive. While uttering different words mouth parts like  tongue, lips, palate etc have to make different types of movement in tandem. Its  influence is seen both on the various parts of the gross and subtle bodies.  Influence of Mantra Sound is noted on subtle glands, nerve networks,  bioelectrical eddies etc electrical streams like Chakras, Ida, Pingala and  Sushumna of the subtle body too are influenced. Due to the Mantra Sound flow in  the gross, subtle and causal bodies of the devotee many useful changes take  place and new reformation is seen in the inner personality. Any power/force  initially influences its region of creation and later its potential by  establishing authority on the following region marches ahead. Wherever fire is  lit it first heats up that area and then it starts heating up other areas as it  moves ahead blazingly. The highest influence of Mantra chanting is noted in the  inner personality of the devotee.

Not only sound flow but that in spiritual practices other rites and techniques  too are used. Materials used therein, various movements seen in rituals,  techniques and ritualistic methods have their own importance. In Mantra  practices its combined process contributes wondrously. Due to this united  influence Mantra practices become capable of showcasing their miraculous  reactions. This sound stream while influencing the devotee’s existence akin to  radio waves starts running in interstellar space. Akin to word arrows that  successfully pierce their targets, its flow bangs into those centers of the  subtle world which is said to be the aim of spiritual practice/Sadhana.

That area of sound is very minor which can be heard by our ears or is within the  ken of our ears. Only those sound waves that are between 20-20000/second can be  heard by human ears. In comparison to this vibrations of meditation are very  less and extremely more potent. They can be called unheard sounds. In fact this  certainly does not diminish its power but the fact is they are much more potent.  With the help of ‘Supersonic radio meter’ one can hear innumerable sound streams  spread out in interstellar space. In Mantra practices the production of these  unheard sounds take place by other methods and these extraordinarily influence  their own and surrounding areas.

Science has accepted supersonic sounds to be a power that can create untold  influence and has made applications of various types to take out work from it.  These days it is also being used to measure correct thickness and depth of  things and also to test the good/bad quality of metals. The power of sound waves  is used by many industries for tasks like production of carbon black, washing  clothes, pounding of things made from chemical admixture, grinding, drying wet  materials, casting and molding metals, production of plastic strings etc. So  many business institutions like Iowa State College, Ultra Sonic Corporation, V F  Goodrich Company etc have designed such technology wherein the potential of  ultra sound is used and thus important benefits are accrued.

There are so many energy streams ceaselessly flowing in the entire cosmos viz.  radio waves, micro waves, television and radar waves, X-rays, Gama rays, laser  rays, death rays, infrared rays, ultra violet rays and so on. Amongst sound  waves ultrasonic and supersonic are used a great deal by various industries for  varied tasks. In the near future other innumerable forces from these streams  shall be rendered useful for world humans. These days the way in which they are  successfully being used in ordinary tasks like killing harmful germs, processing  butter from milk, washing, rinsing, grinding and warding off fog, on seeing all  this scientists are creating gigantic plans for using them in other useful  activities. Akin to supplying fertilizer and water to plants/trees via sweet  sound flow also the goal of its augmenting is being fulfilled. Farmers of  Yugoslavia have enthusiastically utilized these sound flows in agricultural  tasks and thus good benefits are being accrued. Holland’s animal breeders while  milking animals make special types of sound and thus more milk is got. With the  help of these sounds even the power of effort, strength and procreation  capability of animals has been increased successfully. American agriculturist  George Smith gained international acclaim for augmenting manifold harvest of  corn on the basis of sound flow usage.

A flurry of preparations is being witnessed for transforming sound trapped from  interstellar space into energy. It shall be made possible to convert them into  heat, light, magnetism and electricity and on this basis a very inexpensive and  all pervasive fount of fuel shall be made available. Via ears sound enters the  brain and thus we can hear various words. For those whose ear drums are not  functioning efforts to succeed very soon in sending sound waves from the eye  route of deaf people to the brain and thus help them hear words as clearly as  possible. Similarly since bodily openings like nose, ears, eyes and mouth have a  direct connection with the brain, it is believed that if some problem occurs in  one of these, via the others, the path of sending required information to the  brain shall open up. In this manner deaf, dumb and blind people too shall  fulfill their sense perception needs via other healthy bodily openings. Even  now, technology like radar gathers very important information by ‘catching’  sound flows. In future this arena shall be rendered more and more widespread.

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Sweet well controlled and cultured speech is called Vashikaran Mantra. On its  basis aliens become our very own. Thus it is possible to get love, respect and  cooperation from others. Innumerable doorways of progress are thrown wide open.  The more one ponders over how immensely how the sanctified influence of speech  has contributed towards progress and joy in our material lives the more its deep  import becomes crystal clear. School education is based on the speech  communication between teachers and students. Even the basis of Brahma Vidya or  Science of Divine Wisdom is this. Right from association with great realized  saints, their holy discourses, spiritual lectures, singing hymns/Bhajans,  reading aloud religious texts, singing eulogies to God etc up to Mantra chanting  and Japa, all this takes place via the medium of speech. In the mundane world by  influencing others, they are uplifted and helped march ahead positively in life.  By attaining goodwill and help from others a person benefits a lot. In the  spiritual realm on the basis of Mantra Science innumerable high stature glories  can be grasped and it is possible to attain the goal of Self/God Realization.  Akin to a sanctified speech humans possess no other supreme power. It is the  result of ‘speech’ that we talk, hear and witness all those miracles pertaining  to Mantra Science. This speech is super purified via observing silence of  speech, religious vows etc. Its mind boggling energy has the capability of  shaking up the inert material world and creating widespread sacred sensitive  flow of sentiments in the conscious world. Hence speech based spiritual penance  is said to be the chief basis of Soul Sciences. For this via the psyche, speech  and action such supremacy has to be imbibed that no cause remains that can  ‘scorch’ our speech. It is only after duly executing all this that any Mantra  that is chanted (Japa) or uttered doubtlessly succeeds in attaining the goal  (Sidhi). Lest our speech remains in a tainted, vile and scorched state then  Mantra chanted using it shall get burnt and despite carrying out Japa, eulogies,  reading aloud holy texts for a long time and in gigantic numbers, desired  results are never attained. Vak or sanctified speech is called the very life  force or spirituality. It is certainly not an overstatement to call it the  devotee’s Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow) or Brahmastra (divine weapon). It is  this sacredly sanctified speech that is called Goddess Saraswati. Those divine  boons that can be attained from Goddess Saraswati can be miraculously be given  by this sanctified Vak or speech energy.

Brahma deity has 4 faces. From these 4 he manifested the 4 Vedas via discourses.  In reality this 4 fold manifestation is but a symbolic description of the upward  moving onrush of 4 types of speeches called Vaikhari, Madhyama, Para and  Pashyanti. This task was fulfilled by Brahma deity that could have been executed  even by soul deity. There is a story in Indian Mythology called Puranas that  Brahma or creator many a times climbed up and down the stem of a lotus  manifesting from the navel of Lord Vishnu. The same happens in Mantra practices.  After being uttered gross words dives deep down into the sensitive centers of  the psyche and after imbibing energy from this fount it comes up again. When it  comes up the influence of Pashyanti speech seen on Vaikhari speech is very much  akin to a metal wire getting affected by electricity. This word akin to an  energized Mantra creates upheavals in the world. It vibrates the subtle world  and renders the devotee oozing with divine powers or Sidhis.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/books.htm www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/ DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra Meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books ultra sound telepathy parapsychology metaphysics nirvikalpa Samadhi pollution yoga tantra movies internet hypnotism ecology astrology ayurveda kalki bioelectricity surgery lasers ozone radar stress creativity archeology Indus Valley Civilization fuel crisis food scarcity tsunamis biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


5 Jan

By itself, the human body can be called a statue of blood, flesh etc, a toy of clay or an admixture of the 5 great elements. The gist of all this is that when the body faces strife it can be destroyed too yet if we cogitate over its underlying existence it can be proved that it is very powerful like atomic energy. Its potentials are infinite. This human body possesses the seed of the entire cosmos. The seeds of all energies unfolded in the cosmos or those that shall be unearthed in future are present in the human body (microcosm) in such a way if anyone can attract and imbibe it can be easily converted to a full blown tree.

Shining energy present in blood, flesh of cells maybe tiny like a lit match stick but is it is lit aptly and is utilized for desired wholesome ends it can be seen manifesting akin to a terrific forest fire. When a tiny atom gets an opportunity to exhibit its power it can shatter planet earth and that the skies start trembling. The human body does not simply possess energy that is at work in the material world but that it also possesses conscious divine light and that its potency is n times infinitely greater. If only it is generated and manifested, one can visualize its miraculous results. Man’s body oozes with Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers.

Let us seriously take a look at the layers of skin present on our body. It’s designing and functioning is so sensitive, subtle, intricate and powerful. In 1 square feet of the skin dwells about 72 feet long network of nerves. In this very area can dwell 12 feet long blood vessels. When it is required that bodily heat be emitted outside they spread out and when cold is experienced the inner heat is not allowed to go outside as a result of these contracting and thus the body is kept warm.

In the skin of the entire body reside about 0.2 million sweat glands. From this is emitted perspiration of the body which contains dangerous elements of the body. If we avoid taking a bath sweat dries up on the skin forming a layer and due to its poisonous nature not only is foul smell emitted but that skin diseases like boils, itching, allergy etc manifest. Chief amongst skin diseases is leprosy. In this world there are about 0.5 million lepers and amongst these 0.26 millions are in India itself.

The skin superficially appears to exist in a straight line but within it are so many separate units that one is amazed as to how so many things dwell in it. In 1 square centimeter of skin dwell 5 oil glands, 10 hair, 0.3 million cells, 4 heat sensitive organs, 200 muscles that identify pain, 25 touch cells, 4 bald muscles, 3 thousand touch cells, 100 sweat glands and 3 feet blood carrying vessels. All these have their specific functions and they are so wondrous that in comparison to this designing of the skin all man-made technology appears pale.

Look at the muscles oozing from the skin. They appear disgusting yet every iota of it oozes with power/energy. One simply is mind boggled by all this. Ones strength is measured via sports, wars, competitions and so on. The measure of how one is strong or weak is thus unfolded. Where does this strength dwell? From where does it manifest?

Our muscles which are the fount of bodily energy are involved in functions like relaxation, contraction, giving strength etc. When it is powerful man too is labeled strong in many ways. When in wrestling, running, swimming etc various feats are exhibited by the body it must be called the miracle of healthy muscular network. If muscles are loose they lose their potency and thus it becomes difficult to walk, stand up, digest food etc.

Muscles can be classified in 3 ways: a) these are made of very fine thin fibers and it carries out functions of walking, eating laughing etc. These become active only when it receives commands from the brain. b) These carry out tasks on their own volition. These execute functions like digestion, inhalation, exhalation, blood circulation, opening-shutting eyelids, perspiring etc. c) these muscles have both qualities and get influenced by bio-chemical functions of the body. All three have equal utility value. As a result of the combined action of these 3 we look healthy and strong. If these become weak we get pain. The legs becoming stiff, back ache and pain in the waist region occur because stiffness in the muscles increases alarmingly.

It appears as though the functioning of muscles is very easy and facile. Yet the reality is that the designing and method of functioning of muscles is so intricate that one who conducts research in this field is spell bound. Atomic science, its functioning and nuclear technology is said to be very intricate. While researching into how intricate a method of functioning is imbibed by voluntary and involuntary muscular activities one can only be amazed at the deftness and engineering skills of its creator.

Everyone possesses hands and legs. Then why is that some have more potential and others possess less of it? It is believed that it augments or diminishes based on ones practice. No doubt will power and practice help yet it is the powerful nature of muscles or lack of it that make man strong or weak.

Similar to the function of a stove in the kitchen, boiler or electric motor in a factory is the function of muscles in the body. Due to this heat other organs get the capacity to function. Muscles keep the entire body warm and it itself remains warm. It can be called a heater. It plays an extraordinary role in maintain a bond between the body and mind. The nervous network of the body is found over here too. The body can express laughter, crying, dancing, running, waking and other mental emotions only when our muscles act aptly. When one is attacked by high/low blood pressure or heart diseases know for sure that one of the causes are muscles weakening in those regions. The more this weakness increases the more one is attacked by diseases and maybe death too.

For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/ www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/

The Nobel Laureate Akar J Jyogi has said that behind the functioning of muscles are at work 2 chemical principles which they have discovered successfully. They are protein sarcton and myosin. They say that the combined action of the 2 help muscles function properly. These protein do not come from outside. They are self produced and will power works a great deal in their production.

From the standpoint of science of nutrition apt measure of protein and carbohydrate is most required for nourishment and nurturing of muscular region. And yet the muscles themselves must initially possess the capacity to imbibe this nourishment. If this is absent such nutrition cannot do much.

When muscles carry out extra tasks they get tired. If apt rest is not got then like a horse who runs more than its capacity they fall off and in the haste to carry out excess work one reaps only losses like a greedy person who prematurely cuts up the tummy of a hen that lays golden eggs. Muscles will remain optimally healthy and mobile only if they are made to work after giving due rest to them.

Some muscles never take rest. The functioning of the heart, brain, digestive tract etc goes on day and night ceaselessly. Right from birth to death they get no holiday even for a minute. This tiredness too is a cause of death. If in between they were to get rest then the life span of a person can increase since the muscles can generate more power and energy.

Why should one dive deep? Why should one contact the conscious level of energy? Even if we analyze only the combined power of skin and muscles it will be crystal clear that its combined form is no less potent than an electric power station.

The root fount of power is energy. Electricity is generated from energy. It is generated by steam, burning coal, via oil/petrol, hydro based power plants etc. These are various results of energy.

One basis of electricity generation is chemical reactions too. Batteries are designed on this basis. Many scientists like Volta, Ampere, Arstead, Faraday and others have made important inventions in this field.

The potential for any technological apparatus and machine to function is called energy. Energy has many levels and stature. Mobile energy manifests due to speed of movement in matter, chemical energy manifests from various chemical reactions and state energy manifests due to the state of objects. There are some materials which possess excess of energy and are called fuels. Energy gets transformed from one type to another yet it can never be destroyed. Transformation of energy is tangibly visible. When chemical materials are ignited electricity in batteries is generated. A cycle moves when we pedal it which means the energy of legs gets transformed into speed and movement of a cycle. When atoms explode nuclear energy manifests. When coal below a boiler is lit energy manifests as heat from fire. Due to steam various trains and locomotives function. With the help of gas various bulbs etc can give light. In the function of steam turbines, fluorescent lamps, heater, generators etc the energy potential of fuel for various ends is rendered active in varied manner. Today heat produced from propane gas, light generators that produce electricity, television etc are applied for small tasks.

When the tips of wires of 2 different types of metal or of an admixture of metals are melted and rejoined or fused and that their ends are placed in different temperatures of heat electrical flow is emitted by them.

When some metals are heated they manifest electrons. If close by there is a cold object these electrons stick to it. Due to this displacement electricity is generated. The central region of displacement is filled with a gas that has positive ions which is called plasma. Plasma is most required to render optimal balance during the onrush of electrons.

Electricity is generated mainly via magnetic hydro dynamics. Its basis is that by rotating metal based movers in a magnetic field electromotive force is produced. If in its place another application is used even then force and power is generated. If in place of metal movers gas based movers or plasma is used and this gas is introduced into a magnetic field then again that very aim of generating electricity is achieved.

If a wire of zinc and that of copper is placed in lemon juice a separation is generated in them and in its paraphernalia electricity manifests. Chemical batteries are known to function on this basis.

The designing of fuel based cells can be called that which never gets depleted. When the energy produced from cells gets depleted the battery too stops functioning. Yet the flow in fuel cells never ends. When hydrogen combines with oxygen water is formed. If these 2 gases continuously combine water formation too will be ceaseless. Over here no external fuel is required. On this basis research is being carried out as to just akin to combining of hydrogen and oxygen or with the mixing of coal, air and petroleum can fuel cells be designed?

In interstellar space travel only fuel cells can be used. Heavy objects cannot be taken in space. Another fount of fuel cell that is being invented is solar heat. Ordinarily we get heat and light from the sun. No doubt it is of utility value but in it on noting those future potentials that dwell one feels instead of falling into tedious tasks like making expensive and dangerous atomic reactors and chemicals one should after attaining energy from the sun look easily after the world’s electricity requirements. In 1 square kilometer of area on earth the sun sheds energy of the value of 1400 watts of electricity. The day man unearths the means to utilize this energy that very day he will generate untold amounts of energy.

In the arena of batteries very soon a new application in the form of nuclear batteries will come into vogue. A hollow spindle will exist all around. In the center will be a pole. On this pole will be raised radio isotopes that emit beta radiations. On the spindle electrons will gather. The pole and spindle will be joined by a wire and electricity flow will manifest.

For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/ www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/

In principle it has been accepted that both iron electricity and heat-magnetic electricity can be transformed. Today methods are being tried to simplify it. If barium titanate is heated more than 120 degrees centigrade then a transformation is seen in its inner designing. Via machines and technology this method of transformation can be converted into electricity. This is also the basis of magnetic transformation.

The body can be rendered akin to a battery that has been designed with a chemical basis. Its units can be called fuel cells and right till death they remain subtle. As long as life exists the potential of this battery never gets depleted. For space travelers this very fuel is most required. Man is also a space traveler. Leaving his father’s (God) house he has come to this mortal world to carry out important research so as to attain the supreme goal of human life. For sustaining life he requires fuel and gets it clearly from the muscles and skin. Not only this, he has more and more profound founts of energy. In every gross form of this energy this body of the admixture of skin and muscles should be given due importance.

By transferring this bodily energy to conscious creatures they can be benefitted. A small experiment in this field has been carried out by the German scientist Dr Mesmer which was called mesmerism.

The discoverer of mesmerism is Germany’s Dr Frasilkum Antonium Mesmer. He studied medical science in Vienna and attained a degree. He had written a very important paper of his research studies wherein he says that from unknown galaxies a fluid like magnetic material comes to planet earth and we all get influenced by it. If this material’s balance in our body gets shaken then mental and bodily diseases manifest. Only if this balance is made optimal in some way or the other our bad health can be warded off.

This experiment he conducted on some patients and attained success and fame as a result. He would influence an iron magnet with the electricity of his own body and then by touching this magnet to the body of a patient that lack was fulfilled which was the cause of the illness. For this end via the practice of the power of resolve or Sankalpa Shakti he augmented the measure of his will power and required magnetic electricity. In his medical therapy even sweet and blissful music coming from a distance was made use of. This was done so that the patient benefitted from a focused psyche and emotional healing. His therapy and healing method involved augmenting of the measure of electricity in his body and then via the medium of that iron magnet benefit the diseased patient. When it was seen that after this therapy the patients returned smiling many ill people came to Dr Mesmer for a cure of their illness.

Today in USA 17 highly renowned surgeons are using the above magnetic therapy and on the basis of hypnotic science are serving various patients successfully. In order to decrease the pain of giving birth to babies in mothers this therapy has succeeded cent percent. Instead of giving injections of anesthesia it is best to ward off pain via hypnotic methods which is considered best for the patients. For mothers giving birth to babies this therapy is indeed the very best.

Dr Hearthson while operating on his patients uses half anesthesia and half hypnotic methods to render his patients anesthetized. During surgery thus he has decreased the need of anesthesia based injections by 50%. Thus the patients remain semi conscious. Due to the influence of hypnotism the patient remains pain free.

In Cheddar’s Hospital a 4 year old girl was to undergo an operation of the ear. This operation was to last for 5 hours. Under such circumstances giving medicines of anesthesia for 5 long hours could prove dire. Hence they decided to operate her using hypnotic methods. This operation was done successfully. Thus the science of hypnotism as a result of such delicate operations has doubtlessly proved to be of immense value in the field of medicinal cure.

The heart breaking of cancer based pain cannot be overcome by medicines. In cancer our cells multiply abnormally. Those new cells formed cannot function aptly with other cells. Cancer is treated via surgery and radiation therapy. But since there is hardly any therapy to overcome pain that ensue, this lack can be fulfilled via hypnotic science and patients experience a fair bit of relief.

Hypnotism has proved very useful in cases of brain damage, blood pressure, angina, mental illnesses etc. if chloroform is administered to a person with a weak heart it proves to be very dangerous hence in such operations hypnotic methods are applied.

With such therapy Dr Hearthman has not only successfully treated patients but that he has helped people hooked to addictions and bad habits overcome them. Those who thought that since they are drug addicts they will remain so for life have also been cured with such therapy. Bigger children who passed urine in bed while sleeping too were cured.

For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/ www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/

When the heart contracts the blood pressure is more than 160 mm and while relaxing it is more than 90 mm the blood pressure increases. Under such circumstances more pressure is felt by air protecting cells and more energy is needed to pump and circulate blood. How can this be overcome? Regarding this no other therapy has been proved as useful as hypnotic methods.

Mesmerism’s most renowned therapy involves focusing via power of resolve, of bodily energy produced by muscles and transported by skin nerves or Sankalpa Shakti and with its help overcoming the patient’s pain. But this is just the beginning and certainly not the end. This is merely a minor therapy. In Yoga Tantra branches one finds various methods of application and high stature production of bodily energy. If only we can benefit from this basis or energy fount then man not only himself benefits but can limitlessly benefit many others too.

Life sustains because various bodily organs function smoothly. Everyone knows this obvious fact. Students/research fellows of anatomy even know that in nervous network centers a subtle functioning of unconscious brain too is at work. On its basis and on its own blood circulation, breathing, contraction/relaxation takes place. We are not even aware and in a jiffy digestion and other bodily functions ensue.

Under the waking state the conscious center of the brain gives important directions/commands when the need arises else it is immersed in past memories and future based imaginations and projections. Generally as far as knowledge, intellectual prowess and brilliance is concerned the conscious brain situated in the front part of the brain is at work but with reference to all functions of the body right up to working of the brain the unconscious part is at work.

That method of functioning of the unconscious which in the form of self management renders mobile the body and brain- is called vital energy. It is a mystery that where is the fount of that divine energy which renders active this body? The conscious and unconscious brain is merely its vehicle-medium-instrument. In order to aid functioning of these paraphernalia a potential is used. Hence where is the fount of this infinite storehouse? Today neither anatomists nor physiologists have been able to solve this question. They have so far unearthed only vital energy. Where does it come from, how does it function and why does it increase/decrease? They believe that answers to this question lie well beyond the periphery of their research. IN REALITY WHERE THE BOUNDARY OF MODERN MATERIAL SCIENCE ENDS THERE ITSELF COMMENCES THE SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY.

By itself life force seems to pervade the entire body and on its very basis it is possible to remain alive but yet this life force is not the creation of the gross body. It is an invisible extraordinary energy and the human body attracts from it useful and required measure from interstellar space. This life principle that pervades the entire cosmos is called Prana.

Prana or vital force is present within an individual but it is only a portion of Cosmic Prana. Air dwelling in a closed bottle can be measured appropriately and on the basis of a gross vision it can be accepted that it has an independent existence. Yet it is but part and parcel of cosmic air. In the same way a small portion of Cosmic Prana dwells in each human body and is called life force. When it decreases a person in all respects gets shattered but when it is optimally balanced all bodily functions goes on smoothly. When life force is in excess it can be viewed as strength, power, radiance, will power and brilliant aura. Such people are called Maha Prana. They possess the capacity to transmit their life force into innumerous other people and thus guide world humanity on the path of wholesomeness. Prana must be looked upon as the very substratum of life. Anatomists label this energy fount as nerve network based force which actually is but a small wave or upsurge of Prana Principle.

For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/ www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/

It is because of vital force or Prana present in the human body that all inner functions take place and the nervous system too is imbued with this Prana. If we wish to unfold the creation, increase and management of forces of the brain like imagination, focus, will, decision, control, memory, intellect etc we must take recourse to Kundalini Science. The unconscious mind is the biggest wonder of this infinite cosmos and it is said to be the central point of all Sidhis and achievements of Yoga.

When Cosmic Prana enters the body it does so via 2 openings called Mooladhar and Sahasrar. When solar energy touches earth its medium of entry are the 2 pole regions. When the vault of electricity has to be transmitted in small machines then in 2 holes of a plug 2 hooks have to be fitted. In order that Cosmic Electric Prana enters to unite with the Human Electric Prana it has to be done via the 2 openings mentioned above viz. Mooladhar and Sahasrar. This energy balance is called Kundalini. Soul science in order to increase-decrease the measure of this Prana as per requirements uses these openings. By understanding this science not only one unearths the root source of life force but that by increasing-decreasing its measure one benefits by apt balance that ensues.

Prana is the collective term used for the union of all visible and invisible objects and energies of the cosmos. It can be called a very subtle and great existence of the world (vital force or energy). Inhalation/exhalation is merely its vehicle and by sitting on it, it enters all our bodily organs and functions so as to render them powerful, well managed and controlled. Heat, light, electricity, magnet etc of the material world can be called manifestation of this vital force. By conjoining to the external and inner psyche gets transformed to will, from will to emotions, from emotions to the soul. Ultimately on uniting with God or Cosmic Soul it becomes the world’s most powerful existence. In a certain sense it can be looked upon as God’s medium or instrument of dutiful tasks.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/ www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/ DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra Meditation-ESP, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future Scientific Religion, Super Energy Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books ultra sound telepathy parapsychology metaphysics nirvikalpa Samadhi pollution yoga tantra movies internet hypnotism ecology astrology ayurveda kalki bioelectricity surgery lasers ozone radar stress creativity archeology Indus Valley Civilization fuel crisis food scarcity tsunamis biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


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In a general way everyone is aware of the benefits of fasting. In that the stomach’s indigestion problems are cured. The digestive organs along with the new energy attained works 2-fold. The poison that is produced when we binge too much is absent. These gross benefits of fasting are known to one and all. This saying of the doctors is famous that those who eat less live longer. Those who gorge like gluttons and fill their stomachs beyond its brim fail to give their stomach precious time to relax and thus the wealth of life diminishes quickly. In comparison to a long life they have to quickly bid adieu to this world of mortals.




From the health standpoint by accepting its unusual import Ayurveda scholars have exhorted mankind to ‘kill illness with balanced hunger’. By remaining hungry for an optimal length of time illnesses wither away and thus the precious life of a patient is saved. Fasting during a contagious, difficult and dire illness is also a part of the remedy (fasting must be done as per advice of efficient Ayurveda doctors). No doctor can easily cure diseases like measles, pneumonia, cholera, plague and mental aberrations without fasting and abstinence. In Naturopathy remedy for all illnesses either a total or partial fast is recommended.




And yet the deep import of fasting is not limited to what has been discussed in the above lines. Its many mysterious and profound aspects are such that on understanding them it is said that fasting is a straightforward and powerful Yoga practice. In the Bhagwad Geeta it is said: Vishaya vinivartante niraharasya dehinam. Thus this precept has been discussed. The Rishis after deeply cogitating over this truth have established the spiritual importance of fasting every month.




Within the Science of Worship wherein the Food Sheath is sanctified fasting has been accepted as a special requirement. In the body many types of shallow regions are found which are cluster of nerves. It is seen that at many places thin nerves like brain fibers stick to one another. Many a times these cluster mutually wind around in a braid like fashion akin to a thick rope. At many other places these cluster take the form of a round pillar or a knot.




Many a times they move like an undulating snake and at the head region many unite. In other places like a banyan tree, branches and twigs lie in a spread out manner. In this way many cluster join together to form a boundary. There is a vast difference in their color, shape and form. If research studies can be conducted a great difference will be noted in their temperature, atomic arrangement, revolution and storehouse of brilliance.




Up till today scientists have not been able to give any special data as far as the activities of this nerve cluster is concerned. But seers of Spiritual Science know that these clusters are knots of restrain on the Food Sheath. At death time all bonds are freed and not one cluster is visualized. ‘Indhika’ species of cluster are a symbol of restlessness, imbalance and turbulence. Wherever this cluster is in excess he/she is unable to sit quietly in one place. He/she will fiddle about and remain edgy all the time. ‘Deepik’ species of nerve cluster induce anger, bodily heat, exuberance, dryness etc. People having excess of this type of nerve cluster undergo illnesses like skin diseases, boils, pimples, acne, nose bleeding, yellow urine, burning of eyes etc.




People with excess ‘Bhochika’ have bodily perspiration, mucus, urine etc. There is more of loose feces and a complaint of common cold. The class of ‘Apayani’ bundles induces lethargy, excess sleep, indolence and heaviness. Such people tire fast quite easily. They cannot execute heavy mental or bodily chores.




The ‘Pusha’ class of bundles induces sexual excitement. The vow of continence and passion control is cut asunder. A little bit of activation of ‘Pusha’ induces mental chaos, distortion and lack of self control. Kamadeva the god of passion activated the ‘Pusha’ nerves of Lord Shiva via an aimed the Kusum arrow of sexual passion.


 For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/ www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/


‘Chandrika’ species induces beauty. When in excess it induces sweet speech, passion in the eyes, attraction on the face and softness and beauty. Due to ‘Kapila’ there is sensitivity, fear, heart beats, bad dreams, anxiety, impotence etc. in ‘Gusarvi’ there is excess of bodily contraction. Boils ripen after great delay and mucus is emitted with immense difficulty. Due to excess of ‘Ushmas’ clusters, man becomes breathless. There is heat in the joints. One gets angry very quickly. One acts in haste. Blood circulates speedily and breathing too becomes very swift.






‘Amaya’ bundles are symbols of steadfastness, strength, hardness, seriousness etc. In such bodies there is no effect of external medical therapy. No medicine works. They remain ill for a certain length of time and are cured by their own will power. No unwholesome food can make them ill but when they do fall ill, even control of food intake or religious vows have no effect.




Many a time medical aid does not cure diseases. Because of the presence of these bundles the subtle condition of this body becomes such that cures or therapies do not work. Due to the activation of the ‘Udgitha’ bundles one cannot conceive children. In whichever male or female these bundles are active they cannot procreate even if they are otherwise healthy. In whichever male or female ‘Asita’ is in excess they will produce a child of their own gender. Women with excess ‘Asita’ produce females and men produce males.




‘Yukta Hisra’ bundles induce cruelty, wickedness and a sentiment of sadistically hurting others. Such people despite being financially well off walk on the path of falsehood and arrogance. Without any rhyme or reason they act with hatred and jealousy and attack others for no fault of theirs. ‘Hinsra’ bundles induce unruliness and chaos. Such people can be masochists too because they are even known to break their own heads, commit suicide, hit their own children badly and execute many demeaning acts.




Thus in Yoga literature one finds a description of 16 subtle nerve bundles or Upathikas. These bundles are such that they obstruct ones desired personality. Man desires that he moulds his personality in a certain manner and thus works towards that end by many a time he fails because within these nerve bundles such activities take place which do not allow external efforts to succeed and man thus experiences failure again and again in a helpless fashion.




Taste buds have a close bond with correction, moderation and balance of these Upathikas. In Yoga practices fasting is very scientific. At certain times in certain months at certain auspicious moments certain type of fasts give certain type of results. Such ordinances are found in various scriptures. According to the season prevalent the six fires of the body increase or decrease as the case may be. The 6 fires viz. Ushma, Bahuvrucha, Hvadi, Rehina, Atpata, Vyati are active in 6 seasons right from summer to spring. All their characteristics vary.




One, the hemisphere condition of summer solstice and winter solstice, two, the increasing/decreasing Kalas of the moon, three, the influence of stars on our earth and four, the path of the sun’s partial rays are all connected to the bodily seasonal fires, certain results are noted. Keeping this scientific fact in mind great Rishis demarcated such holy festivals in which if fasting is undergone in a certain manner corresponding beneficial results accrue. Fasting on the 4th day of the month of Kartik also called ‘Karva Chautha’ augments love between husband and wife. This is because on this day the mixed result of hemisphere condition, moon’s Kalas, influence of the stars and the solar path is such that along with an association with the bodily fire and mental state become so conducive that it helps ones marital bond to strengthen and attain bliss. In the same way there are other vows/Vratas and fasts which help fulfill many needs and desires and also aids in staving off undesirable repercussions.




The scholars of fasting vows have classified them in 5 ways: Pachak (digestion), Shodhak (sanctifier), Shamak (sense control), Anas and Pavak (fire related). Pachak fast is that which helps in proper digestion of food. Shodhak fast is that which helps in curing diseases by remaining hungry. Shamak fast is that which helps in curing bad thinking, psychic distortion, bad mental activities, distorted Upathika bundles. Anas fast are that in which for special reasons one attracts Divine Powers to oneself. Pavak fasts are those that help in atoning for ones sins. Based on the condition of the soul and psyche which type of fasting is apt and what rules should be adhered to, these decisions require subtle thinking.




What is the state of an aspirant’s Food Sheath? Which of his/her Upathikas are distorted? Which instigated center requires calming down? Which sensitive part needs activation? Seeing all this, a decision should be taken as to which person should take up what type of a fast.




In Pachak fast food should not be taken till there is intense hunger. Giving up one meal or one whole day’s meals or two day’s meals, leads to constipation. In order to aid apt Pachak fast it is useful to take lime juice, water and digestion aiding medicines. Along with Shodhan fast one should take proper rest. These all continue until the patient overcomes the time span of danger. In such fasts the only recourse is water drunk that is cooled after boiling.


 For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/ www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/


Shamak fasts allow the intake of thin fluid like materials for example milk, butter milk, fruit juice etc. In such fasts one should do some soul searching or self introspection, stay in a secluded place, observe silence or Mauna, chant Mantras (Japa) and deeply meditate. In Anas fasting one should yearn for desirable Divine Powers via solar rays. In the sun’s 7 colored rays one finds the rays of all planets apart from Rahu and Ketu. In the sun one finds radiance, heat and bile. The moon is cool, peace giving, luminous and giver of glory. Mars is harsh, mighty and helpful. Mercury is serene, disciplined, beautiful, attractive and full of phlegm. Jupiter is the deity of wisdom, intellect, wealth, subtle sightedness, good governance, justice etc. Venus has air, it is unsteady, creator and diplomatic. Saturn induces steadiness, gives objects of pleasure, steadfastness and is a symbol of nourishment. Which ever character one desires accordingly that Divine Power should be attracted by fasting on that particular day of the week.




Pavak fasting is generally undergone for atonement purposes. They should be done by par taking only boiled water. For ones errors one should pray to Almighty God with a pure heart and vow never to err again. For ones mistakes, fortitude and good actions one should donate so much wealth that can convert the agony of sin into joy of pure deeds. The examples of Pavak fasting are Chandrayana Vrata and Kacha Chandrayana Vrata.




The worship of the purification, purgation and utility of the Upathikas and the 5 fasts along with their elements are present in the solar vow on Sunday. On that day the mixed powers of all planets touch our earth which is useful for various goals. On Sunday after bathing wear clean clothes and sit in front of the rising sun. After seeing Sun God once with eyes open, shut your eyes after that, meditate on Savita’s radiance and chant the Gayatri Mantra 1000 times. While chanting, think thus that we are “bathing in the mass of effulgence of the ocean like sun which pervades in all directions”. By meditating in this manner the soulful Savita rays activate and awaken the divine consciousness of the Sadhak or spiritual aspirant. The Upathikas get transformed when solar heat touches ones face externally and then subtle rays are imbibed in the soul via deep solar meditation.




After Japa (Mantra chanting) and meditation it is advisable to perform a Havan (fire sacrifice/ritual). By performing a Havan the heat of Japa and meditation cools down. Fasting on Sundays is equivalent to deep Yoga worship. Continuous fasting for 12 Sundays induces desired changes in an aspirant who has a first hand experience of it. Continuous fasting vow of 12 Sundays involves the presence of the extraordinary science of the worship of 12 Adityas (demigod of eye sight).




With reference to this an aspirant is himself/herself a proof of this experience. On this day one should make added use of white and yellow colored objects. Clothes worn too should be white or yellow in color. White clothes are worn as symbols of white sacrosanct light with 7 rays and yellow colored clothes represent sun and Mercury. It is best not to eat anything until noon. After noon one can par take water, liquids and fruit juices. After sunset it is apt that one avoids any food intake. Sun is the deity of austerities and penance. As a result the aspirant experiences purity, mental alertness and divine radiance.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/ www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/ DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Nirvikalpa Samadhi, Chakra Meditation-ESP, Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton



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In Yoga Vashishtha (6/1/81/39) text while throwing light on Mantra Energy it is written:

Yathavireka kurvanti haritamya swabhavataha.

Bhavanavashataha karya tatha paralvadayaha.

MEANING: O Rama! Just as by eating yellow myrobalan the digestion system functions more quickly and thus diarrhea ensues, in the same way Mantra chanting with steadfastness and powerful sentiments influences the body at a momentous pace.

The author of Ramayana has said: Mantra param laghu jasuvas vidhi harihar sur sarva. Within these descriptions are only science is at work. It is just not mere imagination or faith. In Kadimbini (1967, Page 18) Revered Govind Shastri has given the description of such a Mantra which was chanted by placing the hands in a copper plate. The water previously filled in the plate would now slowly turn yellow and the patient’s disease got cured. Even today in Indian villages snake and scorpion bites are treated with Mantra Energy and this proves to be much more successful than modern day medical therapy.

This energy embedded in Mantras in reality is but the miracle of divine energy of sound. The visible form of Mantras is sound. If one word is chanted in a stepwise fashion, tunefully and with proper rhythm in poetic meter ceaselessly, a cyclic movement is created. If after tying a piece of stone to a rope the latter is rotated in all directions 2 results ensue. First it shall be seen as a round circumference/zone. The local form of the rope and stone by changing its form gets transformed into a mobile wheel which is a visible miracle. The 2nd result shall be that due to this circular movement an extraordinary energy manifests. If we attack someone with this small stone tied to this fast moving rope may well end that person’s life. In the same way if this stone is thrown, akin to an arrow it shall whiz away to a very long far off distance. This is exactly what happens with Mantra Japa or chanting. If a certain set of words are repeated again and again in uniformity, in one tone and rhythmically sound waves/vibrations emerge that are very beneficial. Since these words as a result of ceaseless chanting move circularly, the result is that both in the inner psyche of the devotee and in the external cosmos an extraordinary energy stream commences flowing. Thus the result of this can only be called miracles of Mantra chanting.

The energy of word or sound can be understood in a different way too. Suppose a child has never encountered a lion, is not aware of the characteristics and nature of a lion yet if it even hears the roaring of a lion the child shall shiver in fright. Similarly on hearing the sweet singing of the cuckoo people smile happily. Now this is merely a very gross influence of sound on the inner body. But just as when you continuously churn curd butter emerges from it, similarly if sound beyond the realm of gross ears along with intense sentiments is echoed it manifests such a mobile energy from bodily Chakras (subtle plexus), endocrine glands, nerve networks etc that it helps a diseased person regain sound health, can make someone conducive to you and it can be used for Maran (killing someone using Mantras via Tantra methods), Mohan (casting spell on others for fascination towards oneself), Ucchatan (creating distraction in others psyche) etc. This energy’s Tantrik portion is Kritya and Ghat. But of course all these negative harmful energies are totally ignored by Gayatri Mantra which is used only for one’s own and others well being. But people following the Vam Marga of Tantra make full use of such harmful black powers. They do so even if it means hell like agony descends on them.

The basis by which Gayatri Mantra reigns supreme is the special nature of word designing embedded in it. Due to unfolding of this research Rajarshi Vishwamitra was immediately raised to the stature of Brahmarshi. It is it be understood that the power of Rajarshis is comparable to those of kings-emperors. Similarly the authority of power of Brahmarshi is compared to Brahman or Almighty God. This could mean that such a one has the capability of being the lord and creator of this world.

The fact that a Mantra possesses so much energy can be a topic of wonder yet it cannot be said to be untrue. A miniscule form of use of ‘Mobile Energy’ belonging to words in India’s Mantra Science can be said to be ‘Ultra Sound’ which modern day physicists have unveiled and it is used in various medical therapies and tests. This can be called a super revolution in the world of medicine.

An incident has been described in a magazine called ‘Achievements of Physical Rehabilitation’ wherein a woman’s fingers were attacked by paralysis in such a way that her fingers couldn’t move at all. Yet when ultra sound therapy was administered on her fingers they were cured and she could also tie strings of her shoes properly.

27 patients in ‘Solpetri Hospital’, Paris, suffering from incurable diseases were cured using ultra sound healing techniques. A person burnt by fire got admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York because his fingers started melting due to fire exposure. There was no option but to chop off these fingers. Yet doctors first gave him ultra sound therapy and lo behold! This patient got totally cured. The only difference between ultra sound waves and Mantra energy is that the electrical energy of Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus) renders Mantra sound waves capable enough to pierce Chakras even in the very difficult situation of a disease whereas in the ultra sound waves of a machine is given this capability by electrical energy. Via this ultra sound machine or transducer ordinarily this power can be augmented from 20 thousand cycles per sec to 8 million and 10 million cycles per sec.

That arena of sound which can be heard by our ears is very miniscule. Human ears can hear only those sound vibrations very easily that vibrate at 20 to 20000 per sec. but meditation vibrations can either be very less or very more powerful than these. These are called ‘unheard’ sounds. Of course this certainly does not lessen its potency whereas the bare reality is that these unheard sound vibrations beyond the ken of human ears are infinitely more powerful. With the help of ‘Supersonic radio meter’ infinite sound wave streams flowing in interstellar space can be heard. Within Mantra practices these unheard sounds are created in another way and they influence their arena extraordinarily.

Modern science has accepted unheard sound as an energy that possesses great influencing capacity and hence has made arrangements to execute many important tasks with its aid. Now a days it is being used to accurately measure thickness, depth of things and gauging positive negative qualities of metals. Many industries use the energy of sound waves in processes like production of carbon black, washing clothes, chemical admixing, pounding things, powdering things, drying wet substances, molding metals in casts and in production of plastic threads. So many business institutions like Iowa State College, Ultra Sonic Corporation, B F Goodrich Co etc have designed such machines and technology in which the power of unheard sound waves is made use of and important benefits thus are accrued.

Preparations in full swing are being made to convert sound waves tapped from space into energy. It can then be transformed into heat, light, magnetism and electricity so that on this basis we can get hold of a cheap and widespread fount of fuel. Sound waves reach our brain via our ears and thus we can hear sound. In order to give benefit of hearing by sending sound waves to the brain via the eyes to deaf people whose ear membrane is damaged, certain scientific techniques are being developed which may soon reap success. Similarly blind, deaf, dumb people shall henceforth be able to carry out sense organ functions via other healthy bodily openings. Today radar technology, by tapping sound wave flows is gathering very important information.

Even in Mantras it is the form of sound energy that is at work whose method of usage has been unearthed by Maharshis of yore in their own way. Despite so much importance being attached to Mantra Energy not everybody with its aid can accrue benefits. This question off and on arises and thus doubts and suspicions emerge regarding Mantra Energy. There is no other reason but the fact as to whether one’s psyche is deep or superficial. In order to render sentiments embedded in Mantras more potent one requires a sanctified and capable inner personality. When this is not attained Mantras fail to exhibit their prowess and power. Thus no special benefits accrue. The task of raising high the stature of our personality commences from truthful speech, straightforwardness and sweetness and it pervades every action in our day to day living. Just as light rays cannot influence a mirror that is covered with thick dust similarly light of Mantra targeting a tainted psyche can only start cleaning the taints. Lest the direction of life of a person finds out its taints and in its place reinstates great glorious qualities then even this sanctification via Mantras has its own deep import. Thus in such a situation one quickly sees a positive influence of Mantra chanting but if one persists in showering taints and distortions on the psyche via erroneous eating/drinking habits, unethical living and insulting behavior towards others, no influential result can be noted even if you chant millions of Mantras ceaselessly.

Ultra sound that emerges from chanting Super Mantra Gayatri oozes with the power of vibrating the atoms of the atmosphere in a big way. Anyone can accrue benefits of infinite energy of this Super Mantra yet the condition is that the devotee must follow those teachings and behavior embedded in every alphabet of the Mantra. Without following these glorious ideals, the doors of noteworthy success shall remain shut tightly.

In this world that appears beautiful and sweet the contribution of sound is extraordinary. Knowing this, people are immersed in expanding this energy of sound and use it as per their desire. Thousands of national and international radio stations are involved in broadcasting. This very goal is being fulfilled by millions of newspapers being published daily. Thousands of workers involved in printing, publishing and selling of literature are zealously trying to fulfill this need of human community. Telegraph, telephone, post office, cinema, gramophone, computers and internet too are following in this direction. Schools too are there for this purpose. Human race is well aware of the ‘knowledge augmenting’ benefits attained via sound. Thus a lot of benefits are got. No doubt its misuse and tainted results too are no less. Human downfall and sentiments of hatred towards each other are the result of misuse of sound and speech.

So far what we have done is giving readers gross and surface information of sound energy. Its subtle information says that sound by itself is an energy full of potentials of high stature. Just as via the medium of electricity, steam, atom, dynamite etc forces of varying stature emerge similarly sound too is a very important fount of a certain type of energy. Its use is not just for knowledge but also for scientific purposes.

The subtle influences of sound energy are much more important. A lot of research the world over is being conducted on the mind boggling influence of special type of sound/words on bodily centers. The data and conclusions from such experimentation can only astound us all. In Holland and Denmark those who rear animals use a special type of musical tone while milking animals. They have readied gramophone records of musical tunes that positively influence the animal’s body. When they play this record the nerve centers of animals get activated optimally and thus milk glands emit more milk. Specialists of snake sciences by playing the lute/harp induce poisonous snakes to come out from their holes and when the snakes are blissfully immersed in hearing the harp music, the snake charmers catch them. In ancient times poachers would play the harp into order to trap and catch deer. When on listening to enchanting music the deer forgot to leap and jump about and would stand mesmerized due to this sweet musical tune, the wicked poachers would catch them.

Even today in villages of India for overcoming venomous pustules and difficult diseases like being attacked evil spirits/ghosts, by placing a copper plate on a pot placed upside down and with the help of a stick they play a strange musical tune. These results verily are quite amazing. Pustules of tuberculosis tumor like goiter have been cured by these methods. People bitten by terribly poisonous snakes have been seen cured. One branch of insanity diseases is ghosts and evil spirits attacking the human body. Those attacked by ghosts undergoing the above therapy benefit amazingly. Psychologists and psychiatrists of USA are known to help insomnia patients get sleep by playing light musical tunes. Special musical therapies have been discovered for curing harsh diseases related to muscle nerve fibers. For the mental and nervous system development of the fetus in its mother’s womb scientists have designed therapies using musical instruments that the pregnant mother is asked to hear and very positive results have been witnessed.

For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/ www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/

In ancient India, Ragas (musical tunes) like Deepak, Megh Malhar were in vogue. It is said that on playing the Deepak Raga doused flame lamps got relit on their own and on singing or playing Raga Megh Malhar on a musical instrument, rain clouds in arid regions would gather in the sky. Mantra Philosophy is but the highly developed form of this science. Indian scientific Rishis of yore had executed profound studies and experiments on Sound science from this very standpoint. Hermitages built by them in thick forests were but scientific laboratories in a certain sense. In them Mantra Sciences were discovered/researched into to unearth that if a group of network of words, with a particular mode of chanting various Mantras, in a particular sentimental state, via which person and if used in a particular way, what results would accrue?

Words are uttered by the mouth. The tongue predominates in the mouth. Hence at a gross level it is believed it is the tongue that speaks. Yet the reality is that via the gigantic functioning of throat, lips, tongue, palate, teeth and inner parts of the mouth special words are uttered. In Maharshi Panini’s Vyakaran or grammar notes have been given regarding places of alphabets. The sound that emerges from the mixed process form of the functioning of these mouth parts manifests in the external world so as to imbibe the form of ‘word’. The ears hear these words and the brain imbibes them. These words after merging into ether principle not only pervade from one end of the earth to the other but that it spreads out into the entire cosmos. No doubt they are heard for a very short while yet they continue to exist for eternity.

Whichever word/sound comes out of our mouth reaches from one land to another within seconds. In order for them to reach the moon and nearby planets it takes a few minutes. While going beyond the 9 planets of our solar system, it takes a few hours for sound to reach there. Just as our sun along with 9 planets and their 47 satellites moves around, similarly 2,500,000 stars are conjoined to our Spiral Galaxy. In this ‘bed sheet’ of Spiral Galaxy 2,500,000 stars akin to our sun are shining. Again in the entire cosmos this Spiral Galaxy is very miniscule. Billions of such galaxies are jumping and dancing about in this cosmos and in each of them akin to our Spiral Galaxy millions of suns and billions of planets/satellites are conjoined. Ether principle pervades all these. Today the words uttered by our mouth for millions of years akin to waves flowing in the sea march ahead and after a long time span in future on the basis of the ‘Spherical Law’ come back to the original place from where these words were uttered. These words may go to extremely far off regions yet its existence in a subtle manner can be noted everywhere. They can be ‘caught’ or tapped via special methods. Today such experiments are being conducted wherein it shall be made possible in future to see with our eyes incidences that took place in Mahabharat thousands of years back and within it hear Lord Krishna’s Bhagwad Geeta with our own ears. There is a very high possibility that modern material science shall become so much more advanced that it shall gain the capacity to again see incidences of very ancient times at present and hear very old time sounds and words today. In this particular book written so as to cogitate over the weaving of the words of Super Mantra Gayatri it is enough to learn that words should not be looked upon as ordinary entities because in the external world its movements are very powerful and wondrous.

The effect of sound on the inner recesses of the psyche is that much more mind boggling. It is not as though once a word uttered by the mouth merely moves about in the external world. Its half energy goes outside and the remaining half roams about within the body. Half the energy of words uttered radiates in the external world and the other half commences a powerful process within the body. After the trigger of a gun is pulled no doubt the bullet whizzes ahead to reach the target yet the gun too is known to jerk backwards. Hence those who use guns properly place it near the bosom else it can harm the heart or shoulder of the gun user. Uttering of words too is something like using a rifle. It is not as though it merely influences space because reactions are seen in very nearby places too like the inner region of the body. After subtly studying this reaction spiritual seers called Rishis unfolded the Science of Mantras. They discovered as to which type of words, in which manner, with which emotions and in which condition if uttered give what type of results in the microcosm (individuals) and macrocosm (external world). On the very foundation of this scientific achievement the well managed cast of Mantra Science was designed.

About a few years back an International Industrial Exhibition was organized in Delhi-India. In an American stall set up there such a rail was seen whose machinery worked on the basis of radio communication system. When the exhibitor of the stall uttered certain words, sound waves got emitted. Due to the influence of these very sound waves the rail would move, run, turn and stop standstill too. The exhibitor explained to the audience gathered there that word/sound by itself, is a potent energy. Just as with the help of steam, oil and electricity rails are known to function similarly rails using technology of radio communication can be made to move about.

In the year 1923 AD under the aegis of German Science Congress such machines of human form were designed that appeared very much like human beings. They truly seemed like army soldiers when they walked, ran, stood up, sat down and turned in various directions. Not only this, they could also give correct answers to certain questions asked. They could use guns very efficiently while aiming targets. Of course all this was done by them when the director uttered certain words. In Berlin’s Science Exhibition these human machines were showcased to the lay public and they were told that words have that capacity wherein these human machines or robots could be made to work as per one’s wishes.

Rishis had unveiled sound energy at a very high level and they found that this super fount of power can be applied for world welfare tasks. Hence for thousands of years they tirelessly researched into this and amongst their attainments mankind benefitted a lot. Today the manner in which via various technology one gets various apparatus of joyous comforts similarly in ancient eras via Mantras all that was attained which was required for human peace, happiness, development and all round prosperity.

In ancient times divine weapons were used on the basis of Mantra Power. Ancient weapons like Agneyastra, Varunastra, Brahmastra, Nagpash etc were not like today’s modern rifles, gas shells etc. in fact their power and specialties were much more than the most potent weapon of today’s times. Using a Kritya of ancient times one could kill people in far off regions while seated at home using Mantra chanting power. By using Mantra energy through the medium of Yajnas (fire rituals) one could induce a lot of rain and harvest huge crops of various food items. With its aid bodily and psychic diseases were cured. Soul advancement manifested manifold. A body that had attained Sidhis like divine vision, hearing subtle sounds etc would itself become a very important scientific machine. That science on the basis of which our glory and fame in ancient times had augmented leaps and bounds was Mantra Energy.

Today we have forgotten this ancient science and akin to a serpent devoid of jewel shining on its scalp we have been relegated into a demeaned state. In this auspicious hour of neo awakening we must again unfold this root fount so as to attain it. That root fount is one viz. word or sound. Scriptures say: ‘Shabdo vai brahma’ which means sound is Brahma the creator. All those Kalas (great divine skills), glories and important principles that are present in Brahma or God can be attained by us via the medium of sound or word energy. Mantra is a high stature usage of sound power. Ere we learn its utility value and method doubtlessly we can become true scientists and self realized masters.

Super Mantra Gayatri is the very life force, seed, fount and deep import of entire Mantra Science. All Tantrik applications found in Agam, Nigam and Vedas should be looked upon as branches of Gayatri Seed Energy. Vedas are the infinite vault of Mantra Science. And it manifested via Vedmata, Vishwamata and Super Energy Gayatri. By coming in close contact with this incomparable, wondrous, infinite and cosmic glory we must render our scientific, social, spiritual and material life joyous, prosperous, successful and self fulfilling.

Via chanting or Japa of Super Mantra Gayatri such conscious energy emerges which helps manifest strange movements in the psyche and body of the devotee and by flying into infinite space it influences special people, special situations and the entire environment.

Mantras have been chosen on the basis of Sound Sciences. The meaning of words is less important. The potency of Gayatri Mantra is mind boggling. Yet its meaning is quite ordinary. In it we merely pray to Almighty God for a sacred intellect. There are hundreds of other Mantras that have this very same meaning. In Hindi and other languages there is no dearth of poems in which pray to God for a pious intellect. Hence a question arises as to why can’t we say that these poems and Gayatri Mantra are of equal stature and why do these poems not give the same great effects as Gayatri Mantra? In reality in the eyes of Mantra creators it is the intertwining of words that are very important. There are innumerous Beej or Seed Mantras which via artificial pulling/pushing can be given certain meanings yet in reality they have no meaning at all. Its futile to rack our brains in order to find out meanings of Seed Mantras like Hreem, Shreem, Kleem, Aime, Hum, Yum etc. They have been created while keeping in mind as to which level of energy vibration can be created via their utterance and in what way they influence the Mantra devotee, external atmosphere and desired purpose?

Within mental, loud chanting and whisper chanting of Mantras the process of rendering sound light or heavy is at work. Along with alphabets of Vedic Mantras using steps of Udat, Anudat and Swarit tones it’s chanting is done using rise-fall that is low, upwards and middle sound. There is a tradition of chanting it with musical tones. All these methods had to be demarcated from this standpoint so that Mantra chanting created an energy flow that could fulfill desired goals.

A 2 fold reaction is noted due to Mantra Japa. One is inner and the other is external. Wherever fire burns it heats up that place and by shedding warmth in the environment, it gives heat to its area of influence too. The sound flow of Mantra chanting akin to water streams flowing in deep ocean and like layers of air flowing higher up in the skies, creates its own movements. Due to this Chakras (subtle plexus) and endocrine glands spread out in the human body start manifesting special types of energy. Ceaseless regular upheavals of this sort manifest such an influence that can be called mysterious. Soldiers are requested not to march in uniformity on bridges because this action emits such sound energy that could even break the bridge.

Japa has to be done ceaselessly and cyclically. The results of this process can be understood much better in a scientific research laboratory. If a 1 ton iron girdle is hung from the rood in the middle region and if a 5 gram of cork piece lashes this girdle ceaselessly, in a short while this girdle shall start trembling. This is but the miracle of the energy emitted via ceaseless attacks. Ere mantra chanting is done methodically the results too are similar. The continuous effect of Mantra sound in its own way influences Chakras and endocrine glands present in the subtle body and the created upheaval by warding off their unconscious state renders them awakened/activated. The great sacred results of activation of glands and awakening of Chakras are attained by the Mantra devotee. These awakened divine centers manifests new soul energy in the devotee. He/she experiences something awakened and grown within which was not there previously. The benefits of these new attainments are directly visible.

By elucidating the example of a type writer the above can be understood with more clarity. With the fingers the keys are pressed and alphabets get printed on blank paper. Parts of the mouth used to utter something can be called keys of the type writer. Mantra chanting is akin to pressing the keys with the fingers. The energy stream that manifests with the help of nerve networks, reaches subtle Chakras and divine subtle glands and by jerking them, they are awakened and activated. Printing of alphabets is that attainment which via these awakened Chakras bestow on its devotee, mysterious divine powers called Sidhis. This is a definite fact that if Mantra Japa Yoga is done methodically, great sacred results accrues.

An army of soldiers crossing a bridge are forbidden to march in unison and in tandem so as to avoid manifestation sound energy from this action. While crossing bridges soldiers walk in a scattered manner. The reason being that if they are allowed to march ‘left-right’ in unison, a strong flow of sound energy emerges which can not only create cracks in the bridge but could shatter it too. Ceaseless Mantra chanting akin to soldiers marching uniformly too manifests special movements in the inner subtle centers of the body. These movements ward off the latency of those extraordinary energies which on getting activated renders an ordinary layman into a Sidha Saint oozing with miraculous feats.

If we rub the palms of our hand continuously, they become warm. Friction creates heat and electricity and this law is known to even basic students of science. Ceaseless chanting of Mantras in a certain way creates friction. When rope rubs against stone for a certain length of time some marks can be seen on the stone. Via inhalation/exhalation and blood circulation in the body through arteries and veins, heat manifests in the body and life is dependent on it. When wheels move in a dynamo people know that electricity gets generated. The process of friction seen in Mantra Japa creates excitement in the subtle body very much akin to the body getting excited on running long distances and via this heat the inner world so far rendered unconscious now undergoes neo awakening. This awakening is not mere excitement because conjoined to it is the potential of accruing divine attainments.

Sounds are not merely those limited to hearing by us via ears. Ears can hear only limited types of sound vibrations. Infinite sound vibrations that are very high or very low in measure although cannot be heard by human ears yet their influences can be directly experienced via scientific apparatus. These are called Supersonic Sound Waves.

Man’s power of grasping and imbibing is limited. Man’s ear drums or membranes are such that its limited potential can hear only that type of sound flow. But this world is an infinite ocean of energy and in it akin to ebb and flow of tides, unheard sounds remain active. It is best that man’s grasping capacity is limited and that it can hear only limited sound else if unheard sounds were to influence man, life would be hell to live.

Ordinarily the speed of sound is quite slow. It can move merely 100 feet/sec. when cannon balls are fired smoke emitted from them are seen first and only later are the sound of explosions heard. Wherever both sight and sound combine, this shall always take place. Sight or scene shall be seen first and sound conjoined to it shall be heard a bit later.

It is the miraculous feat of electromagnetic waves that a small sound from radio broadcasting is rendered worldwide and is made capable to travel at a speed of 186,000 miles/sec. Radio scientists know that on electromagnetic waves sound’s super compose is recorded and in a blinking moment it becomes powerful enough to circumambulate entire earth.

It is with the help of electromagnetic waves that the flight of rockets sent into interstellar place is managed, giving it a proper direction and message and machinery problems are repaired from earth. When this energy takes up the stature of lasers, its power becomes limitless. It is with great ease that lasers can create a hole in a 1 foot thick sheet of iron metal. They are so subtly thin that if a 0.1 millionth portion of the eye ball is diseased an operation using lasers can succeed in penetrating this miniscule area and curing it. Today laser rays are used a great deal in medical therapies. It has been successfully used in the healing of diseases pertaining to cancer, liver distortions, swelling of kidneys, heart problems etc.

Super Sonic Waves are created via Mantra Japa techniques. Words utter during Mantra chanting induce a combined effect of self faith, trust and Sankalpa or mental resolve and thus that very activity ensues wherein words spoken via a radio station by mixing with special electrical energy become extremely powerful. Thus within the blink of the eye it broadcasts its purpose in the entire world. In Mantra Japa technique dwells one specialty wherein not only the entire world’s atmosphere can be influenced but that even the personality of the devotee who chants it radiates brilliantly. On the other hand although broadcasting does take place from radio stations yet no local specialty is witnessed. Machines that emit laser rays themselves remain as they are and that they can only affect those regions which experience the touch of laser rays. Mantra chanting techniques possess 2 pronged power wherein both the chanting devotee and environment get influenced by Mantras. All this cannot be found in ordinary technical apparatus set up by modern scientists.

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