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15 Jul


It is believed that by the year 2025 AD China, India and Brazil shall become very powerful. The power of America, European Union, Japan and Russia shall diminish. Despite this USA will top, followed by china and 3rd spot shall belong to India. This observation has been given by ‘Institute for Securities Studies’ in the report titled ‘Global Governance-2025’. This news is very potent and full of hope. Progress in the communication industry, a large number of people in the Skilled Task Force etc are paving the way for our gigantic economic progress. Since labor charge is very less over here, labor is very cheap in India. Multinational companies hence are blooming here. Indians are hard working, self dependent but yet since poverty, inequality and corruption are rampant will this dream of super power status get realized? Daily new statistics regarding black money force us to ponder whether this journey shall reach its desired destination?



An institute called ‘Transparency International’ ceaselessly monitors corruption the world over. Amongst top 10 corrupt countries of the world India stands at 3rd spot. According to this institution every 3rd person of India is corrupt. They always bribe to get their work done. Corruption has entered the very blood of Indian citizens. Corruption is verily a social taint. Why is it that it has become a status symbol? Today a corrupt person walks arrogantly with head held high. Previously such people walked with heads down in shame. Citizens of India who hope to become an economic super power fail to understand that their nation is becoming brittle and hollow because of blatant corruption. It appears as though it has been full accepted at the social level as a way of life. According to this institute even today 20% of Indians who listen to the call of their conscience live lives of ethics and integrity. 30% are totally immersed in corrupt practice and the remaining stand on its precipice. ‘The more one is wealthy, the more one is honored-this belief that has developed in the past 2 decades is in its true sense a shame and taint on our country.


It will not be correct to write again and again statistics regarding this topic as quoted by Anna Hazare and his related organization ‘India Against Corruption’ and Baba Ramdev’s ‘Bharat Swabhiman Trust’ yet it is important to draw our attention to some important points. We may keep shouting ‘bring back black money hoarded in alien countries’ yet this movement shall not get fulfilled till the very thinking process of our governing bodies transform positively. It is no use if every lay person does not get awakened. When every citizen thinks about welfare of its country, that very wealthy country too shall work for people’s well being.



Let us first delve deep into as to why such a situation manifested at all?

  1. a) After economic reforms were ushered in India in 1991 AD people started eking out more income and thus started immersing in sense merriment. It was not as if previous to this black money was not hoarded yet it is only in the past about 15 years that a naked showcasing of sense pleasures and vain pomp has augmented manifold. Where did all this money come from? Hard work, fixed monthly income from jobs, agriculture cannot reap so much cash. For this end short cuts were taken and slowly people started becoming nouveau riche.
  2. b) By joining the government and thus by moving in cars with red/yellow lights one can lead a grand exotic life-this belief has increased in society. Corrupt practices of government and their officers are rising swiftly. Not a few millions but billions of cash is eked out via corruption. No doubt many cases were filed against them in courts but these cases never moved ahead. How can a government’s agency work against officials of the government itself? If one’s own paramour is a police officer whom shall one get scared of? More than 3000 such corrupt officials are leading serene lives. They run their families using ill gotten wealth and arrogantly laughing aloud at others. Nothing much happens even if one or two corrupt ministers get imprisoned. We must unearth that well which contains water mixed with alcohol of corruption and drinking which every addict jumps into the bandwagon of corruption.
  3. c) A majority of people have given up hopes from getting true justice from the judicial system in India. Leaving apart the apex court majority of Indians opine that gaining justice is full of expenses, woven with corruption and full of delays. Regarding judicial reforms a survey was done on about 100,000 citizens of 9 states. 75% of the people bluntly said that they have no faith in justice meted out by courts of laws. Court cases get prolonged for years simply by bribing court officials and thus delaying the whole justice process. Everyone wants judicial reforms. Our Supreme Court made a very fiery observation regarding a High Court saying: Doesn’t everyone know that majority of the judges in your court are corrupt?
  4. d) Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise and RTO Departments are believed to be extremely corrupt. There is a lot of competition to get enlisted in these departments. These are said to be jobs full of ‘creamy butter’. Majority of lawyers have become wealthy in the past 2 decades by fighting court cases of officials attached to the above departments.
  5. e) Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma opined that shirking work is the biggest crime. This exactly is the observation made in a very recent report put forth by ‘Institute of Defense Studies and Analysis’. They write that remaining absent in offices and shirking work is a silent mode of corruption which is eating up India like termites eat up wood. This institute opines that misusing public offices and posts for personal gains is definitely a form of corruption.
  6. f) Many government agencies like Election Commission, CAG, CVC etc are supposed to help obstruct corruption yet dirty politics have entered their very foundation. 75% companies in India due to corporate corruption have to shoulder millions of rupees of loss. Our country India has powerful laws, government is elected and there is a potent democracy yet corruption breeds like flies here. This is because all of above mentioned are involved in it.



We certainly do not know what shall be the result of Shri Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev’s hunger strike. It is not so important to know what is happening in New Delhi but what is noteworthy is that whether every individual realizes his/her responsibility or not. As long as we refuse to reform ourselves governance will persist as is seen today and that it shall get worse day after day. Instead of harboring hopes in the political system citizen’s awakening must be directed towards self reform and spiritual evolution. When we all measure our self and soul not on the basis of how much material wealth we possess but how righteous are we in carrying out world welfare duties like cogs in a wheel, then material wealth shall no longer become the be all and end all of life as is seen today. For this end the largest democracy of the world in the next 5 years shall have to undergo a fiery test. Merely by enacting the Jan Lokpal Bill, recalling black wealth stashed away in alien countries and changing the form of currencies shall not bring about a much required total transformation. If at all it sets in it will be due to a desired transformation of the psyche and thinking process. The winds of change shall definitely appear if agitations are carried out against corrupt people in various arenas of life, expensive weddings/parties full of pomp etc.



It is only our spiritual advancement that shall help absolve us from the taints of corruption. Thus not only shall we understand the pain of urban but rural population too. Schemes of their all round advancement shall harbinger in via village self rule. In order to uproot corruption we shall have to travel to every district and village instead of visiting air conditioned offices of our capital New Delhi. We must alert and awaken our people. We must help them understand their duties towards their country. Every lay citizen can definitely do this much. We must commence this task ourselves and with our family members and thus if render this aim mobile in entire society the demon called corruption shall easily be defeated once and for ever. This is in fact a type of wine that renders us inebriated. If hence we wish to save ourselves from its dizziness we must become a part of the Thought Revolution floated by Yug Nirman Mission. Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma proclaimed: ‘Corruption can only be wiped out by reforming ourselves first’; ‘If we change, this era shall change’. Thus the onus lies on us to take up this great gigantic responsibility. Instead of finding out what is happening in New Delhi if 10,000,000 people keep an eye on 100 people in their vicinity and help advance a system to awaken them then till 2020 AD India can become a clean, ethical and spiritual country. Hence the million dollar question is: Are we ready to shoulder this great responsibility?




18 May

Majority of world humanity accept things, events etc only if they can be perceived by the 5 gross senses (ear, eye, nose, tongue, skin). Hence when they undergo miraculous incidences as mentioned previously they realize unfailingly that there exist those experiences which are beyond the limited ken of human imagination. Thus they too start accepting that within the deep cave of man’s soul lie potent powers which are albeit latent as of now and that they are subtly conjoined to the Divine Cosmic Consciousness called God by laymen. When those rare human beings contact this Cosmic Consciousness with the help of a sacred/focused psyche he/she starts manifesting Divine Powers that can be tangibly experienced by others. As mentioned previously when the Italian priest Ligadri awakened from his deep trance others present were simply wonderstruck! It goes without saying that the underlying principle of this inner conscious state cannot be explained on the basis of the scientific laws unearthed by great modern scientists at this point in time.


Today man executes various bodily and professional functions with the help of his ordinary gross conscious power. This is very much in the realm of the 5 gross sense organs. Beyond this gross state lies a subtle state of consciousness (subtle body) which is infinitely more powerful than our sense organ perception. With the help of the subtle body we can create apt situations and transformations in the subtle world. Just as the potency of the subtle world is infinitely more than that of the gross world so too is the case with their power and energy manifestation; meaning, that subtle powers are much more potent than gross powers. Not only are they as speedy as the movement of man’s thoughts but they help us pin point the unknown invisible world along with unknown invisible & subtle objects. The powers of the subtle body conjoined to the subtle world are so far known very barely. And yet the data based proof of these on unearthing show that they are no less miraculous. It further proves that within man’s psyche lies an infinite storehouse of Divine Powers/Potentials albeit in a latent state; meaning they need to be awakened.


Following is an incident that took place in Ireland. Over here lived a married couple called Butler. Almost daily Mrs. Butler saw a building in a vivid dream at night and it was surrounded by gardens all around. In this dream she would whirl around in the building. Not only was Mrs. Butler well versed with the external architecture of the building but she knew every nook and corner of its interiors too. Daily she would talk about this dream based building to her family and friends. Despite this her family etc would take all this as a big joke and topic of humor.


One day the Butlers had to leave for London. There they started looking for a good place for residing. While they were driving in their car Mrs. Butler was amazed to see one particular building. She told her husband: This is the very building I see in my dreams daily.


Now even her husband was rightly curious. He stopped the car. They enquired about this building and were later told that it is vacant and up for sale. Mrs. Butler opined: If we buy this house it will be great for our future.


The Butlers met an agent and told him about their interest in buying that building. The agent explained: It is best you do not buy that building. I will show you much better places of residence. See here are their details. Choose any one of them and we can seal the deal. But please do not go in for the building you just spoke of. This is because the building is visited by ghosts.


And yet for Mrs. Butler this particular building was very close to her soul. She insisted on buying that house. Hence the agent led her to the building’s landlord. But when the landlord saw her the he ran away crying aloud: Ghost! Ghost!


Since the agent was from the same city he knew the landlord very well. Hence the agent went to meet the landlord. There he saw the latter shivering with fright. All the family members of the landlord too had now gathered there. They had no clue as to what was the problem. The agent told him that the Butlers had come to buy the house. The agent explained that the Butlers were working in a particular company and that they certainly were not “ghosts”! Now the landlord spoke: We had to leave that house and come here. Of course! We preferred to reside in our previous house. The present house we had taken on rent only but we stay here because in the house we own appeared a female ghost who would whirl round and round frighteningly! My family members were scared merely on listening to her dance like loud foot steps. From afar they had seen this lady ghost barely a couple of times and felt that she was just aimlessly roaming around in our house. I personally tried to see this ghost clearly. Since I saw her again and again I am sure how this female ghost looks. I am sure it was your self Mrs. Butler! Initially I tried speaking to you because there was not much that could frighten me. No doubt I was dumbstruck as to how you entered my locked house at night. I thought of reprimanding you but whenever I said something it just did not register in your ears. It appeared as though you could not hear anything. Thus I became very scared. Henceforth whenever you reappeared we saw it as a sign of danger. Before you could (in your ghost form) attack us we thought it prudent to leave that house and live in this present rented one.




Mrs. Butler was simply amazed to hear all this! She said: I definitely saw your home in my dream and yet could not fathom the reason behind that dream vision. Now the fear in the landlord’s psyche disappeared but a new problem arose. He strongly felt that there was some mysterious connection between his house and Mrs. Butler. Hence he sold his house to Mrs. Butler charging a very minimal sum.


A similar event took place in the lives of 2 American citizens in 1963 A.D. One was called Tet and the other was Wilmut. They were travelling by ship. Midway in the ocean their ship had to face a deadly storm. The ship swayed perilously. Wilmut was fast asleep while Tet was seated.


Suddenly Tet was dumbstruck. Their cabin door was locked and yet he saw a female standing at the door wearing a gown. Tet saw in amazement that the lady was serene and a bit embarrassed. Hence he was not so scared enough to shout aloud. Tet silently gazed at this intruder.


Slowly this woman wearing a gown walked towards the sleeping Wilmut. She was a bit flustered with Tet’s presence. She passed a loving hand on Wilmut’s scalp and said something which Wilmut failed to hear. Suddenly she walked back to the door. From there she disappeared completely! Even now their cabin door was locked from inside. Tet stared at the door wide eyed in sheer wonderment.


As soon as that woman intruder vanished Wilmut got up from sleep looking a bit flustered. He had apparently seen a dream wherein his wife came to him. His dream wife lovingly placed her hand on his scalp and said something which Wilmut failed to understand. Immediately he woke up and saw Tet seated in the cabin. Tet described what had happened while Wilmut was dreaming. Wilmut exclaimed: This is exactly what I saw in my dream! Realizing that what Tet had actually seen was dreamt by him self, Wilmut said to him self: Definitely this incident has a deep import. It could be that my wife (far away from him) was ill.


Until Wilmut managed to reach home he was full of worry. As soon as he reached home he saw his wife attending to the daily chores very serenely. Later Wilmut spoke to his wife about that strange dream and incident which took place on the ship. His wife replied: On that very fateful night I heard news on the radio that a great storm was raging in the Atlantic Ocean. This set me worrying about your safety. All the while I thought about you and by and by I went to sleep. While dreaming I cannot decipher how but I entered a ship which was traveling midway in the ocean. In one cabin of the ship I saw you sleeping. In this cabin I saw one more person but he was awake unlike you who were sleeping. I was a bit apprehensive to see this other man. And yet I stood by your bedside and lovingly placed my hand on your head. I asked you about your well being. Immediately I woke up from my dream in our house. Now Wilmut was absolutely astounded because his wife’s dream, his own dream on the ship and the scene witnessed by his friend Tet on the ship were absolutely identical.


The above incidents definitely tell us that mere superficial curiosity is not enough. The need of the hour is to delve deep into its intricacies. Assuming that these incidences were the result of transport of thought waves we could label them under the category of ‘Telepathy’. And yet it is clear that the above events are much more subtle than telepathy. This is because in this case not only thoughts but the very inner personality/psyche of individuals had crossed all national borders so as to travel in mid ocean. Later like a ‘word-arrow’ it had returned too. Just as birds leave their nest for far off places and then return to it so too the psyche/personality too reached a far off place and an individual there. After the mission was completed the psyche left the ship to return to its far off home away from the Atlantic Ocean.


The above activity cannot be executed via the known principles of the gross material world and their methods. The physical body of Wilmut’s wife was very much in America and it was only her inner personality/psyche that had traveled to the ship sailing midway in the Atlantic Ocean. The same holds true for Mrs. Butler’s experience where her physical body was in one place and that her subtle psychic body traveled to a far off place. The gross body in one place and the subtle body traveling to a far off place were identical as far as their form and appearance were concerned. Thus it is crystal clear that the above incidences have to be attributed to the great potential of our subtle bodies and it in turn follows laws of the subtle world (Sookshma Jagat).


Thousands of years back great Indian Seers (Rishi/Munis) were well aware of this great divine potential (latent) in every human being’s soul. They have elucidated these divine potentials and energies in great detail. Further they have thrown light on how to activate these Divine Powers too. As an exception some rare world individuals manifest these Divine Potentials with fair ease simply because in their past lives they had accumulated them with painstaking efforts. In some other cases loving divine grace from a great realized saint can activate these powers in a devotee whose psyche is spiritually ripe and mature. Else for the rest they must execute spiritual practices like Yoga, meditation, devotion etc to activate these latent Divine Powers. Of course those rare individuals who activate these powers relatively swiftly due to grace are not well documented and hence lesser known. A point to be noted is that these rare souls are generally unaware of how to utilize these Divine Powers for welfare of the world. As against these individuals an aspirant of Yoga who makes due spiritual efforts to activate these latent powers is much more capable of utilizing them for world welfare at will. This is because Yoga aspirants are very much in contact with subtle divine centers that manifest Divine Powers in man’s psyche sacred and focused psyche.


In Tantra Science (of Indian origin) spiritual practices pertaining to a “Chhaya-Purusha” (shadow man) has been described minutely. This “shadow man” is a subtle bodied living being and is part and parcel of every individual. When we activate this “shadow man” we are actually manifesting one more subtle body whom we can direct to act in a particular manner; meaning this “shadow man” on activation is always at our beck and call. It is like a living ghost and has Extra Sensory Potentials (ESP) like any ghost. A great Yogi has that excellent capacity of carrying out varying tasks simultaneously with the help of his/her activated subtle body. Without exception every world denizen possesses this all powerful subtle body and yet it remains latent because not all of have that giant capacity to activate it. Those exceptionally gifted individuals who manage to work hard in activating Divine Powers not only become masters of this “shadow man” but become knower of the divine laws of the subtle world too. In addition to all this their intellectual and sensitive/sentimental (Bhava) potentials of the mind too become limitless. No longer will their thinking be narrow-minded. Instead their sacred mission becomes creation of “A BEAUTIFUL BORDERLESS WORLD”.


Today latest modern scientific research too is slowly but surely proving the existence of a subtle body apart from the gross body made up of bones, flesh, blood etc. Right from the year 1963 A.D. Modern science has carried out successful research studies and experiments in this direction. A Western electron microscope specialist called Samyon Kirliyan with the help of his scientist wife Valentina invented a special photography technique. This scientific apparatus helped photograph subtle vibrations around all living beings and also their bodily energy based activities.



In another experiment the Kirliyan couple took a photograph of an ill lady. It was seen that the aura of light particles was quite withered and very soon it disappeared. In one more research study the Kirliyan couple photographed every bodily part of a male. Close up photographs of the neck, heart and stomach area depicted very subtle ‘blots’. The latter were nothing but electrical energy emitted from those bodily parts. These shadow pictures were studied scientifically and after that it was concluded unanimously that every creature/living being possesses 2 bodies. The first one is seen by our gross eyes and is the physical body made of flesh, blood etc. The second is the subtle body which has all potentials of the gross body but cannot be seen by our gross eyes. Modern day scientists opine that the subtle body comprises of those subtle principles which in comparison to the speed of movement of the electrons of the gross body moves infinitely more swiftly. Scientists proclaim that this subtle body of any creature can separate itself from its gross body and move about anywhere in the world.


Apart from Russia great scientists of USA too are conducting a lot of research in this area. State University of New York has actually opened a separate department for Parapsychology research studies and its head is Dr. Robert Bafer. A major class of world humanity believes only what their gross eyes perceive in this material world of name and form and hence spend their entire precious lives in merely amassing material wealth and comforts so as to attain joy. They fail to realize that if only they pay due heed to the existence of their subtle body so as to nourish and awaken it, so much more can be gained in life which would be labeled nothing short of an extraordinary miracle. This is because now man will not only augment his material life but will aptly nourish his spiritual life so as to lead a life of overall prosperity. Indian Spirituality has already taken giant steps in this area. It goes without saying that ancient India which thrived on citizens with pure taintless characters was but the result of laying great emphasis on deep spiritual and human values (integrity, commitment, loyalty, sense of world well being etc.).


7 May

The research and experimentation departments of Brahmavarchas Research Institute at Shantikunj – Haridwar (India) awaits help from all those individuals who fully understand the goal of Science of Spirituality and have enough inclination to imbibe it and spread it in the entire world.


For philosophical research one will have to study many books. For this Brahmavarchas’ own library cannot do full justice to this task.  For that one will have to search for books in other well-stocked library that are related to our topic of interest.  We think that libraries of well-known Universities will be of immense help to achieve our research target.  In certain cases, even libraries of colleges have good philosophical literature.  Many public libraries too can be of help to us.  By gathering materials that are of great use for us from these institutions, it can be of immense help to us in conducting research in our institute.


For material goals, a lot of research is going on in govt. and non-govt. institutions.  Its primary aim is to benefit materially.  Yet sometimes this sort of research gives us such facts which are of great use in correlating Science and Spirituality.  One can avail of this sort of material from such research institutes by maintaining contact with them on a regular basis.  This activity will definitely help the research wing of Brahmavarchas Institute.


Apart from this certain regional publications print such material which is of great value as far as proclaiming spiritual truths is concerned.  One can send cuttings from such publications to Brahmavarchas Institute that are based on rebirth, fruits of actions, proof of Extra Sensory Potential (ESP) and mysterious events related to Mother Nature. This sort of contribution too is looked upon as a major aspect of Brahmavarchas Research Institute.


There is a great need of exalted thinkers who have the necessary credentials to find such libraries and research institutes so as to gather necessary information from them and then sending it to Brahmavarchas Research Institute. For this end research members are being appointed wherever such research information is available.  Those who are interested should write to Brahmavarchas Research Institute – Shantikunj – Haridwar – India.


Web-site : http://www.awgp.org


29 Apr



When we set off on a long journey the number of co travelers is big but by the time we reach our destination the number dwindles to the number of our fingers. Should this be called failure? Is it our ill fate? Is it destiny’s mockery? Should we blame that clay via which although the huge line of co travelers was set up but since it was so unruly that its designing strayed apart while walking ahead only a few steps and after getting deluded in the mad rush towards a mirage for appeasing one’s thirst it veered far away in a disillusioned manner.

This lowliness is such that it has become an obstruction when the role of a leader is enacted. Is this mental delusion that renders the powerful quite helpless, one to tie us painfully to this material world? Is it our vile psychic imprint? Is it our ill fate or a net woven by a spider? It is not being understood clearly. These times are meant for enterprise and powerful efforts it is for valor and daring. In these dire times why is the Gandiva bow slipping from the hands of otherwise valiant Arjuna’s of the world? Is sacred idealism some entertainment like reading novels that no opportunity comes our way to test its aptness? Our Prajna Family must not be compared as equals to other organizations, campaigns and institutions. It is a family like organization dripping with great inner qualities with leading talented personalities for harbingering in Era Neo Creation. They must think only about one thing that as an answer to the challenge of contemporary times for pulling up awakened soul personalities, are they ready to gird up their loins or scurry away like a frightened rat?

The number of co travelers is big. The road is quite lengthy. Midway seeing my fellowmen stray away evokes pain in my heart. By the time we reach our destination we can count the number of people by our side equaling the number of our fingers. In these days such a doubt lurking in my mind is palpitating heartbeats in a fearful way and my head is becoming dizzy.

The above inner agony of a spiritual seeker surrendered to an anguished human race was published in the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ (April 1982 AD) under the title ‘Apno se apni baat’. This is a plea to every member of our worldwide family wherein by imbibing high stature sacred ideals in day to day living they must play the role of great visionary leaders. This is because potentially great souls are becoming more and more indolent towards performing righteous duties that can uplift world human society to great heights of glory. Our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had burnt every drop of the oil of his divine soul in order to uplift human society and hence the above words gushing forth in anguish are but natural. He is pained ere such great awakened souls give up helping in this stupendous mission of Era Transformation and world neo creation.


The above sacredly sensitive speech of his rattled the souls of every member of every member of our worldwide family and forced them to think deeply as to why they have conjoined to this super divine existence? Is it merely to satiate their selfish interests? Is it for their lowly selfish aspirations or that some form of helplessness pulled them here rendering them demeaned and weak minded? If this is not true why is it that the great activities of a divine deep thinker of this era and founder of this worldwide mission is not being imbibed by its members in day to day transactions of life? Along with this divine exhortation Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya also gave the invitation of ‘cream must swim towards the upper region of milk’. It was that hour when after completing his travel for opening so many Shaktipithas he was returning with a mind full of anguish. He was deeply searching for people from this worldwide family set up by him who akin to great visionaries were ready to walk against the commonplace trend in society. He was deeply pondering over how to jolt them awake from their indolent sleepy mental state. This thought loomed large over his mind ceaselessly. He had written many letters to his holy consort Vandaniya Mataji (HH BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMA) wherein he wrote that a big task yet remains to be fulfilled regarding unearthing human crest jewels so that if anywhere in huge measure of even a small part of Prana Energy exists it can emerge up akin to cream coming up when milk is boiled properly. In this manner this cream (human crest jewels) shall swim on milk (world human society).

The above incident has been published purposely so that every member of our worldwide family is forced to self introspect deeply and understand as to what was the root aim of this editorial? Was Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya in despair regarding what was attained thus far or was he giving a final warning to members to be prepared for a fiery test? If we take a close look at the May 1982 AD issue of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ that was published 1 month after the above one the facts become clear. In the present issue it becomes clear as to why Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya who imbued everyone with so much life force suddenly became dazed. Why did he become silent when just previously he had given such great nectarine speeches in Shantikunj Camp? If someone has any doubt he must understand his new responsibilities. In it in order to perform his duty in a new way during very crucial perilous times Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had to act akin to the example of a mother roasting bread on a hot pan above fire, leaving it even though it has started burning so as to stop her child from trying to catch hold of a scorpion.

In reality the increased measure of agitation in the environment and a search for 1000 powerful sacred personalities for Era Neo Creation was rendering him agonized and restless. Thousands of people who had conjoined to him and members who were with him were being ‘churned’ by Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya for unearthing the rich butter layer on top. For this there was a need to heat them but this was not happening because he had to keep traveling for various programs and also give sacred discourses at Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family) time and again. No doubt a divine world family had been created, members were called for various camps but as of now he felt a strong need to carry out lone Tapas and spiritual austerities since it could create a terrific cyclone in the atmosphere. This in turn would awaken those who were sleeping at the soul level and hence sacred ideals could be showcased by them in day to day living. It is from here that commences Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s lone Tapas and spiritual austerities. Later after 1 year passed, by it took the form of Sookshmikaran Sadhana (rendering the psyche divinely subtle). The preliminary rebuke given to us all by him too manifested from his great Rishi thinking and while speaking to members in a divinely affectionate manner asked them to change their mode of thinking and action. This too was the immortal thinking of this great philosopher and deep thinker. Why was this procedure changed? When a heavy responsibility like Era Neo Creation has to be shouldered by him, being Lord Mahakal incarnate he takes up both methods: One is that of persuasion, cajoling etc in a divinely loving manner and if we do not pay heed to it he takes up harsh methods of rebukes, punishments etc in order that awakened souls that are part manifestations of divinity do not stray away from the mission’s goal by flowing away in the stream of materialism, by getting trapped in the net of cheap name-fame and hoarding wealth, such a type of harsh rebuke has always been required since time immemorial. Such rebukes have been given by Lord Shri Krishna to Arjun, Lord Rama to Hanuman and Sugriva and Lord Buddha verbally lashing out at Ananda. When this divine manifestation or Avatar saw this desired reaction manifesting he disengaged himself from public contact and took the important decision of creating 5 Virbhadras (divine subtle bodies), awakening the 5 Koshas or Sheaths and awakening the Kundalini of the world. This then would be the final Sadhana or penance of his life in this mortal frame.

Regarding this rebuke of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya and his decision not to meet anyone personally and that he would just keep the door of his room open for Darshan from far, at a local level an upsurge of activity manifested, all tasks and endeavors took place with swift zest and so many highly intellectual, talented and sacred minded people started joining his mission. After rebukes given by him as mentioned in the article of the magazine he gave many important directions as follows:

1)      In June 1982 AD he wrote about family neo creation so as to increase great glorious activities

2)      In October and November 1982 AD he wrote in order to invite this era’s great thinkers to work for Era Neo Creation

3)      He invited great intellectuals and brilliantly talented people for shouldering the Prajna Movement

4)      He also gave details of Kalpa Sadhana, Prajna Yoga and divine boons to be attained via practicing them

During that year all camps meant for spiritual practice were special in nature. In these seekers were made to execute Kayakalpa (bodily transformation) and transformation of spiritual sentiments. He put emphasis on sanctification of the soul. The mission was categorized thus:

1)      Research

2)      Teaching and training

3)      Public Relations

4)      Art

5)      Women’s Wing

6)      Youth Wing

7)      Religious Parliament

He then invited active people conjoined to various realms to take part in the Prajna Movement.

On the day of Vasant Parva via his writings an important direction in 1983 was given for congregating Swadhyaya Groups. In a certain sense this was an establishment akin to mobile temples and mobile Prajnapithas and Shaktipithas. Via these this era’s stupendous literature was to be taken to all lay public. By and by 24,000 Swadhyaya Groups were created and in their areas they started working actively. In an important editorial of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ (April 1983 AD) he had written: Prajna Family is being searched minutely from this standpoint that under the blanket some human crest jewel could be found hiding. If we can lay our hands on them our task can succeed that much more. For the entire year he gave up public contact kept jolting the mission members to donate more and more of their time. The Prajna Purashcharana too was rendered speedier in that very year.

From the year 1984 AD spring festival instead of giving Darshan of his gross body to people akin to babies climbing up on their father’s lap demanding frivolous toys he decided to subtly hand over divine gifts of soul power to seekers with powerful sacred personalities. This was a pre planned program of his to enter his subtle body from his gross visible one (Sookshmikaran Sadhana-rendering the psyche divinely subtle). It was methodically commenced in Chaitra Navratri in 1984 AD. In the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ (May 1984 AD) he had written: In order to design a farsighted plan lone living and one pointed deep mental reflection are mandatory. It should not be called asceticism or weakness but instead be termed deafening silence that marches ahead before a storm. The Sadhana of that time period was called Chaya Purusha by him wherein via 5 subtle bodies he desired to carry out various tasks of the subtle world. In this editorial his holy consort Vandaniya Mataji (HH BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMA) wrote: Let us all experience that Gurudeva has neither become tired nor is he taking recourse to escapism. Instead by imbibing Sookshmikaran Sadhana or rendering the psyche divinely subtle he is augmenting his present inner divine potential in a manifold manner. This consolation was for those who were a bit upset that henceforth they could not have a face to face meeting with Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya.

The ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ (June 1984 AD) was published as a special issue wherein he described the philosophical form of Sookshmikaran Sadhana or rendering the psyche divinely subtle and its deep import since they were the foundation of his sacred life’s journey. By 8th June (Gayatri Jayanti) this issue reached all those readers who were a bit upset that henceforth they could not have a face to face meeting with Revered Gurudeva since he was to suddenly leave them all. The July issue too continued with the above message. In it a clarification was given as to why exactly he was executing this Sookshmikaran Sadhana or rendering the psyche divinely subtle. He wrote: When a person of the stature of a spiritual seeker enters a special inner state he can make 5 subtle bodies of his carry out 5 fold more tasks. Amongst these 5 one was rendered more secure and was chosen so that it could wipe away the tears of weak, sorrowful, anguished people visiting me. It would lovingly massage their scalps and for assuaging their pain it would make them sit in its lap to affectionately caress them. The remaining bodies shall carry out tasks of awakening great souls to work for world neo creation and fulfill the task of overcoming fearful world situations.

The above mentioned thinking tells us that during the period of Sookshmikaran Sadhana or rendering the psyche divinely subtle he was weaving the future of the entire world. By limiting the activities of his gross physical body in order to become much more active in a subtle and widespread arena he was backing away so as to prepare his holy consort Vandaniya Mataji (HH BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMA) to play out his role especially once he shed his mortal coil. This well planned decision is possible only for that existence having incarnated on earth with a special divine mission. It had lived a life of total self surrender, it had executed 100 fold more tasks than any normal gross body can perform and after promising to guide all those walking on the path of sacred ideals as per his instructions had thus laid the foundation of Era Neo Creation. The Avatar form and nature of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya no doubt has manifested in various activities of his but it also can be glimpsed in various forms when time and again he has given divine utterances.

He writes that: I have been told to render my tasks multifaceted and augmented in a manifold way. For this end one method is to give up the gross body totally and whatever remains to be done must be carried out via one or many subtle bodies. Whenever my divine guide feels it apt it shall not take even a moment for my gross body to dissolve into dust. After this (post death) I shall become capable of carrying out many more tasks via my subtle and causal bodies. After making this speech Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya left for his Sookshmikaran Sadhana or rendering the psyche divinely subtle.


15 Apr



Five Virbhadras are being created by me (HH GURUDEVA YUGA RISHI SHRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA) via the Sukshmikaran spiritual practice that renders the psyche very divinely subtle. Amongst these 5 one shall shoulder the responsibility of world welfare and the other shall gather means to aid augmenting great glorious activities the world over in a manifold manner. The 3rd shall shoulder the duty of rendering straight the car that is moving in reverse gear. The ordinary mental state of world lay public is enmeshed in the quagmire of desires, yearnings of all kinds and egoistic behavior. This can be called the union of selfishness and misfortune.

In more or less measure each one of us has peace and some capability or the other. None in this world lacks skills in totality. The question only is one and that is for what aim must it be utilized? Today humanity leans and veers towards sinful ill fate. When the human brain starts thinking its direction is only one and that is how to inflict harm on others. How should one fling a man walking on the path of ethics and integrity into the crater of a massive painful downfall? When the time comes to impart advice, such a ‘solution’ is given, wherein not only oneself but others too fall down with a thud in the crater of a downfall. It is thus rare today to find someone who teaches us how to uplift someone rotting in the crater of a demeaned condition. Assuming we cannot step in the direction of spirituality and service to the world yet at least we can show others the correct optimal direction of true human living.

Just as majority of world humanity face bodily ill health similarly their mental and ethical health too is diseased. The machinery of human thinking is functioning in a lopsided fashion. One feels one is very ‘wise and intelligent’ while amassing wealth insanely in a wily, cunning and fraudulent manner. Suppose someone does this due to very dire situations faced or that one is facing immense poverty, lack and dire problems one can understand. But the problem is that even those who are very wealthy and prosperous insist on pursuing methods of fraud and dishonesty. Amongst various types of entertainments and sense titillating enjoyments people make use of so many types of intoxicants like drugs, alcohol etc and think themselves to be ‘modern and highly intellectual’. Cigarettes etc lag far behind today when compared to the fact that today people cannot just abstain from drinking alcohol. In it they feel dwells their ‘dignity, glory and progressiveness’. Intoxication, drug abuse, extramarital relationships etc is such a poisonous creeper that one by one people transmit these bad habits to each other. Then not only does all this become a ‘fashion’ but that instead of feeling ashamed to behave so demonically one twirls one’s moustache in ‘pride’ while saying ‘I killed this one, I tainted that one’s habits and harassed such and such a person’. As a result of looking at women in a lustful lewd manner not only one’s own family life but that of others too gets destroyed mercilessly.

As a result of feeling ‘great’ by rendering women slaves and shoes of one’s feet the trend of dowry system came into vogue. We feel so joyous on destroying someone’s family which is nothing but an addiction of wickedness. Day in and day out we hear of cases where newly married woman whose parents could not give dowry to her in laws was harassed and in many cases burnt to death too. Newspapers, TV channels, internet etc are full of news coverage regarding people being burnt o death when sprinkled with petrol etc. Daily vile demonic acts are carried out like killing someone by tying a rope around someone’s throat and pulling it tightly, poisoning others food etc so as to murder them, flinging someone in wells, rivers etc so as to kill them mercilessly etc. To the extent that the father in law and mother in law too are involved in such heinous crimes when their daughter in law fails to bring dowry after marrying their son.

There is a flood of rape cases and gang rape incidences. Incidences of somehow enticing others wife, daughter etc so as to abduct them, selling them to brothels for prostitution etc are now included in newer types of crime. Till a few decades back we looked upon others daughter in law, sister, mother as one’s very own family member but it seems today that such pious relationships are coming to a grinding halt. Just as animals and beasts have no relationships like mother, sister etc so too in today’s modern times this sort of beastly attitude is noted everywhere. Today a new ‘business’ is in vogue wherein a groom marries an innocent girl, takes a lot of dowry from her parents and then kills her. Later this very groom marries another innocent girl and kills her too after usurping a lot of dowry. Thus one after another innocent women are killed just for the sake of amassing wealth insanely by hook or by crook.

In incidences of abduction carrying away children playing and when demanded ransom is not given these children are murdered cold bloodedly. This then is a new ‘business’ in vogue. People have taken up a new ‘profession’ of killing others. One can murder anyone by hiring thugs and giving them big amounts of cash. For such people in virtually every village ironsmiths are making country revolvers. It seems that in the human garb jackals, snakes etc are moving around appeasing their thirst for blood. In this ‘business’, both literate and illiterate people are seen operating. Even those who superficially utter sweet words execute such heinous tasks that on seeing it we immediately remember ghosts, evil spirits, witches etc.

How can all this be overcome? Now it is beyond even the police force to solve this deadly problem. Amongst police personnel, so many are such that they are hand in glove with criminals and share the looted booty. Thus how can they be combated? It is very difficult to gain victory over them in a direct fight or duel. It is only an indirect subtle fight that can prove to be victorious. Right from first trying to reform them till meting out heavy punishment etc can succeed. Thus a very similar type of arrangement is being etched out.

Every businessman focuses on how much profits can be accrued. True business ethical thinking is no doubt we profit yet none should be harmed in the process. Bang opposite to this businesses based on vile thinking include owning slaughter houses, alcohol shops and pubs, operating prostitution rackets, showing blue films/pornography, bringing home materials looted and robbed, ransom demanded by abducting children, luring innocent girls into prostitution by selling them to brothels, transporting in an underground manner intoxicants like drugs/ alcohol etc, adulterating food and other such items. These lowly tainted tasks not only are ‘beneficial’ in a very limited manner but that their results are full of harmful losses. We are highlighting this to remind everyone that in tasks of crime and illegal transaction we may find many aides. Yet all of them have to be kept ‘happy’. Lest even if one of these aides is annoyed them from what one ‘earns’ criminally a major chunk has to be handed over to that goon. If they so wish, such people can earn enough from even ordinary businesses. In acts of tax evasion, selling items fraudulently by weighing them, measuring them less than what is promised etc similar amounts of cash can be earned. Yet people persist with such unethical tasks because they are demonically happy to execute ‘high stature’ fraud. They feel they are ‘heroes’ in acting abominably. They get sadistic demonic pleasure in terrorizing innocents, acting unlawfully etc. Those of murderer types have a ‘special’ mental leaning. These very people set rolling wars in politics or else side with either one party that is waging this political war. They produce lots of weapon technology that aid waging of wars and by selling these at exorbitant prices earn loads of wealth. Thus they arrogantly boss over one and all with their muscle and criminal money power.

Behind nuclear wars to ordinary commonplace wars, the root reason is not as though it cannot be solved by even very lower courts. Yet since these arrogant people insist on warring since they get sadistic demonic pleasure from them. For such hard hearted devils they are ‘joyous’ on seeing thousands of people dying, killing them cold bloodedly, hearing their painful anguished wailing etc. By remaining immersed in such demonic acts for so many becoming ‘valiant heroes’ or rendering others the same appears a ‘grand’ task.

When this offending ‘business’ conjoins to our psyche/thinking we cannot just refrain from acting tainted. Very gentlemanly pious people fail in combating them and thus vile demonic activities and behavior augments n fold everywhere.

Fighting such heinous trends the world over is a gigantic task in itself. My 3rd subtle body shall fight these terrorists/tyrants and right from trying to first making them realize their folly to following the policy of ‘tit for tat remember that’ one divinely potent subtle body shall work for uprooting the terror like world environment. The fear of a Super War and the terror of world destruction are looming large in front of us. Lest this actually happens then human civilization/culture gathered from eons together and development seen so far shall get destroyed totally. If this does not happen this counter war must be looked upon as extraordinary only. Two world wars have already taken place. The present generation has already witnessed it firsthand. Apart from this in it is included small but long lasting or small time wars in certain specific world regions too are included. These too have been seen with these eyes. In the entire world it must be very rare to note that no war has occurred or that preparations are not being made for mass murders. Today wars too have become a requirement of this world. Lest this situation persists, people shall not themselves sit calm nor shall they allow others to live in peace. When this terror has usurped the human brain, when people’s brains are cogitating over how to combat it, who shall think of world peace and who shall start weaving the cloth of world’s material and spiritual advancement? How can the auspicious hour of executing world neo creation usher in?

In ancient mythological eras demigods and demons battled with each other face to face. If this method works it shall definitely be made use of. There are many other methods of transforming the psyche and intellect. Such inspirations manifested in the psyche of Tulsidas, Surdas, Valmiki, Angulimal, Ambapali, Ajamil etc that not only did they give up the previous old profession but that by ushering in transformation, changed their new life in such a manner that there was no chance of their old roguishness and demonic behavior ever again entering their minds. This then also is one method of reformation.

Ghosts and evil spirits shed their original forms and saintly Rishis totally transformed their personalities. When the snake sheds its old skin it gets transformed from a very lethargic creature to a very zestful one. Methods/techniques of transformation and reformation are many. For vile wicked people 4 main methods are used like Sama (gentle words of sane advice), Dama (winning the enemy by giving gifts), Danda (strict punishment) and Bheda (spying). Hence my 3rd Virbhadra (divine subtle body) shall make use of any of these as per type of situation faced for tackling successfully. Thus it shall create an atmosphere of such a transformation that world humanity shall get mind boggled.

The 3rd Virbhadra created from the Sukshmikaran Prakriya or process of rendering the psyche subtle, shall fight fiercely this era’s those 10 Super Demons who have proved to be n fold more widespread and terrible than all demons noted in world history so far. In descriptions found regarding demigod-demon battles one after another more ferocious terrorizing demon has been mentioned. They were not killed by humans and that demigods too could not overpower them. In order to gain victory over them, Almighty Lord had to incarnate as many Avatars in this world. Regarding this the episode of Vritrasur comes to mind. He could not be dealt with even by king of heaven Indra. The auspicious hour of God’s Avtar manifestation too was not dawning. At that time one amongst all humans shouldered this task. A plan was designed to make a Vajra or thunderbolt from Rishi Dadhichi’s bones and only then was it thought possible to overpower the demon Vritrasur.

Rishi Dadhichi magnanimously handed over his bones for this meritorious task. From these bones a thunderbolt was made. With the aid of this super weapon Vritrasur was killed. Today too in these modern times this very method shall be at work. Demon Vritrasur has made a Vrit or ring like aura. There are varied forms of its atrocity and cruelty. In order to combat it vehemently only Rishi Dadhichi’s bones can aid our success. My 3rd Virbhadra shall fight this war and once again that foundation shall be generated which shall end from its very roots, this sport of world destruction.

The 3rd Virbhadra shall create an atmosphere that shall instill fear in the psyche of vile wicked people the world over. These lowly wicked people henceforth shall no longer be allowed to act as per their sadistic harmful whims and fancies. In their vile tasks some major obstacle shall appear and in place of benefits they shall reap nothing but huge losses. Such a dire hazard shall come their way that their vile desires shall get uprooted and in its place only despair shall stare at them. This 3rdVirbhadra shall help flow such a stream of thought in the world that when wicked people try to carry out heinous pain inflicting tasks they shall taste nothing but failure. Thus it shall create some cause or another that when vile terrorist like people try to act abominably as per their demonic whims and fancies they shall fail miserably in doing so.



The gross human body comprising of 5 organs of knowledge, 5 organs of action, mind, intellect, psyche and ego is seen visibly acting in day to day living. Its governor is called Prani. A Prani or living being remains alive only until the gross body remains active. Social worldly transactions take place on its basis. Going ahead from day to day living there are 4 more bodies. They aid in attaining spiritual goals. Some say they are 3 and others say they are 5 in number. There are 3 Granthis or complexes called Brahmagranthi, Vishnugranthi and Rudragranthi. On its basis too Rishis have said there are 3 bodies viz. gross, subtle and causal. Yet as per other opinions Panchkoshas or 5 sheaths have been given a prime spot and along with this each sheath is said to be an independent body. These 5 Koshas are Food Sheath, Vital Force Sheath, Mental Sheath, Intellectual Sheath and Bliss Sheath. As per this belief 5 bodies come into being. These are separate from 5 elements and the 5 Pranas too are different from them. Over here the 5 sheaths get imbued with vital force or Prana Energy by the 5 Divine Powers. Sun, Indra, fire, wind and Varun are their presiding deities.

In the goal of Sukshmikaran (rendering the psyche divinely subtle) these 5 sheaths are activated via such a special method that 5 amongst the 6 Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus) latch on to these 5 sheaths. These intertwined bodies are called Virbhadras. Amongst these all 5 have their independent bodies that are called Physical Body, Ethereal Body, Astral Body, Mental Body and Causal Body as per the belief of Theosophy. These are called 5 Lokas (subtle worlds) too. It is believed that an individual soul renders itself potent and strong in a particular state of the subtle body. At that time it starts dwelling in that particular Loka. The energies, Sidhis and fruits attained from every Loka are separate. During varied events these energies by conjoining to each other give birth to a 3rd very new potential. When which sheath has to make what type of effort? As per this sequence their admixtures get interwoven or get broken apart. This is very much similar to that management process of nature wherein despite energy being steadily imperishable dwells in varied forms and as per situations faced keep changing their form and sometimes it is noted in its assembled form.

The work arena of these 5 Virbhadras is very widespread and congregational meant for the entire world. ESP or Extrasensory Powers merely showcase individual miraculous feats but the potential of these sheaths one and the same time influences thousands of people of nature as per their mental credentials. They are given similar inspirations and are encouraged to walk in one direction and one path. Those who become capable of contacting this Virbhadra they experience that perforce they are pushed to work for a special mission in a very special direction. Ordinarily someone’s thinking is changed via public education, discourses, advice, pressure, enticements and strength of terror and thus people are made to do certain things despite not being in their nature by a potent personality as per his/her wish.

For this the 5 energies of the gross body ordinarily no doubt dwell in the gross body but when it is rendered subtle it exhibits its specialty. Their influence in a minor way can be noted in the gross body also but when its requirement is felt more in the subtle body they become terrifically powerful. The 5 independent energies of these 5 Virbhadras are as follows: Bioelectricity, Bio magnetism, Radiation, Creation, Reproduction and Immunity. When these become active the application and influence of all these 5 are utilized by the subtle body. In this methodology of Era Transformation the inner transformation of humans imbued with potent Prana Energy is executed since they shall play a leading role in it. In their qualities, action and inner nature such principles shall be imbued that even though from the trend standpoint they are not well versed with them yet for great goals their requirement is a must. In this manner transformation that sets in is rendered long lasting.

For changing one’s inner nature light pressure too can do the needful yet when they have to be made instruments/mediums for very high stature cosmic endeavors and have to be imbued with a state of doing something magnificent, then in the veins of these potent minded people new subtle injections are given. Where shall this process get executed? For this the optimal region is the subtle nerve network residing in the subtle body. These networks are called Yogic Chakras/subtle plexus also yet they are in actuality 2 separate principles. Gross nerve networks can be visualized yet the subtle electric flow is invisible. When for fighting a person is made to drink lots of alcohol this subtle existence executes such feats that man forgets life and death. Very similar to this via Virbhadra potential from a certain set of people tasks full of potent onrush (akin to those executed by Jatayu, Hanuman, Jamvant etc) are induced to carry out their plexuses are incited. The nature of each plexus varies. Hence keeping in mind what task needs to be done by which person some particular ones are tampered with. These plexuses are sacral, solar, cardiac pharyngeal and caverns. Lest they are correlated with subtle Chakras and nerve networks they can be said to dwell on either side of Ida-Sushumna-Pingala on the spine. Thus they can said to be bound to Mooladhar, Manipur, Anahat, Vishudhi and Ajna Chakras. All these influence the subtle body in a big way. Grossly although their vague signs are noted yet they are not seen to carry out any important major task. Yet when via a person some feats of the class of supermen are to be executed it appears that they are being incited. Regarding who is walking on which path of saints or is being made to walk, which plexus requires to be readied in which way, in what measure shall it be required to get incited, this controlled decision is taken very minutely by experts of the stature of Virbhadras.

Ordinary talent or personality in every task proves its specialty. Despite being weak bodily, small in height and very light in weight, anyone could happen to be skillful. Bang opposite to this despite a person being strong physically and heavy in weight he/she could lack skills. The moment some difficult task is to be done they get scared and their intellect gets totally confused. For becoming talented it is not that as though merely the designing of the physical body and its good health is enough. For it enzymes found in the subtle body play a major role. Enzymes are many in number yet in this episode those who play an apt role they are neurohumoral secretions emitted by the brain. In it dopamine, endorphin, gaba and histamine are special. These are directly related to the psyche and by activating the thinking process renders man radiant and potent minded. There are 5 neurological systems that render the mental plane powerful via this process. These systems are:

1)      Reticular Activating System

2)      Cortical Nuclei

3)      Thalamus

4)      Hypothalamus

5)      Medulla Spinal Cord

By itself the above 5 neurological systems are found in the body only yet they are controlled and managed in a well planned way. Via gross efforts they can never be influenced whereas via a mere touch by subtle prowess a lot of upheaval in them is witnessed and when its latent state awakens man in the spiritual field too showcases his special strength.

These applications are those with the help of which for goals of immense well being man exhibits his feats for important tasks oozing with steadfast sacred ideals. In order to activate and render special these hidden mysterious powers super powerful Virbhadras are required. Via these events good credential people full of steadfast zeal albeit of weak stature can play the role of powerful humans. Its application in a nutshell at a small level has been done recently in limited measure. Yet as per demands of contemporary modern age is forcefully knocking the doors of great radiantly talented people the world over.

In world history so many incidences are written wherein despite availability of power, material means and apt opportunity a person fails miserably when tested for ideals and enterprise. On the other hand such incidences have occurred wherein despite the body being commonplace and opportunity being similar on the basis of bodily/mental zest and apt intelligence they have done so much that others were spell bound witnessing their feats. Two examples of Lord Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi are such wherein despite their aides and followers being ordinary lay people succeed in executing extraordinary tasks. This difference in the 2 examples given above is not based externally but is very much due to the inner personality. Such strong inner personalities can be developed by others too. At the hour of Era Transformation such specialties are very much required in a special way.

Contemporary transformations are one thing and rendering permanent transformation in man’s inner personality is very much a different story. No doubt Valmiki, Angulimal, Ajamil etc were wicked from birth itself yet later in life an extraordinary, mind boggling and permanent transformation was noted in their inner personality. Such transformations take place via divine consciousness’ inspiration and by directly influencing man’s subtle bioelectricity stream render them stupendously great. From the scientific viewpoint these transformations conjoined to bioelectricity can be noted active in 5 electrical arenas. These are: Plexus electricity, neuronal electricity, cellular electricity, conduction electricity and facial ocular electricity. In very easy straightforward terminology these can be called electricity conjoined to Chakra subtle nerve networks, electricity functional ceaselessly in cells of the muscular system, electricity circulating in pacemaker and special cells of the heart and electrical flow noted in the eyes and facial aura. Via special technology they can be made too. In the spiritual arena they are called Ojas, Tejas, Manas, Varchas etc. In comparison to flesh, blood etc of the body this bioelectricity present in the body is of greater importance. When this bioelectricity starts depleting and weakening in power man is rendered un-influential, weak, lusterless etc.

For great qualities, great glorious activities and walking the path of sacredness where required enterprise can be augmented there verve seen towards vile qualities and tainted activities can be decreased, quieted and completely uprooted too. For this task hormones function like master keys. These are those secreted juices that by directly getting secreted into blood from endocrine glands showcase their powerful influence. They aid in both tasks of increasing or decreasing. The chief endocrine glands that influence bodily hormones and juicy materials secreted by them are as follows: Pineal gland (melatonin), Pituitary gland (somatotropic hormone), Thyroid gland (thyroxin), Adrenal gland (ACTH) and Gonads (testosterone and estrogen). The testosterone of gonads is found in males and estrogen of gonads is found in females. By cooling these hormones man becomes very weak from the bodily, mental and procreation standpoint. His zest in every task becomes listless. The same holds true for other types of hormones. Basically in order to render humans very active, radiant zestful and mature they carry out their appointed functions. It is only a very experienced master who decides when, which and in what manner hormones have to be administered for rendering naught which particular wicked activity of a person. As per the state of soul consciousness while noting man’s psychic credentials called Patrata desired transformations are induced.

As mentioned previously all energies seen in human beings are certainly not dependent on his bodily blood, flesh, muscles etc. In fact creation of human radiant talent and personality development is very much dependent on the 5 types of bioelectrical flow. In order to nullify the radiant aura of the enemy these very magnetic powers of attraction are snatched away. In Tantric applications these very energy streams of the enemy is rendered weak and lusterless.

In order render strong or weak someone’s lineage their genes are influenced via mutation etc. Genes chiefly are of 2 type viz. DNA and RNA. From these genes are created. These genes then join together, to become chromosomes. It is these chromosomes who decide the type of lineage and are passed down from one generation to the next. In Lanka on this very basis the task of creating the same type of demons in gigantic numbers was executed. The birth of Kauravas (epic Mahabharat) took place from the womb of Gandhari via genetic engineering application conducted by Maharshi Vyas. Shringi Rishi via the medium of Charu (food offered to Yajna ritual fire) by influencing the subtle units of genes helped in the birth of Lord Rama, Bharat, Shatrughna and Lakshman.

On the basis of genetics itself specialties are noted in people of different regions, nations etc. People with very long life spans dwell in Uzbekistan, in Baluchistan Pathans are found, in Africa Negros are found etc. Their genealogy/pedigree is dependent on subtle units of genes. In future for Era Transformation when super radiant people shall be most required, this technique shall have to be taken to the level of genes.

For transformation of the mind and inner nature mere imparting of education shall not be enough. For this end required upheaval like churning shall have to be ushered in the 5 layers of human consciousness. The 5 coverings of consciousness are conscious mind, unconscious mind, super conscious mind, tainted mind and latent mind. The foundation of anyone’s greatness, lowliness, wisdom, foolishness etc is very much dependent on the above.

The basis of, what ratio gross objects-visible materials increase or decrease is widespread subtle rays found in the entire cosmos. These too are of 5 types: Ultraviolet, infrared, cosmic, radio waves and interstellar rays. On their basis an environment is created or gets tarnished. So many facets related to the environment like war frenzy, peace, goodwill, bodily-mental health, fearful world situations and manifestation of materials depend on the ratio and flow of these rays. There are 5 cosmic particles too related to them viz. neutrino, quarks, pulsars, photons and leptons. Due their upheaval like movement the material world and environment get influenced and that increase-decrease is noted in production of materials. The animate world of creatures too does not remain uninfluenced by them.

In order to make people understand things various forms of media come in use very less. By showcasing speech, ears and scenes the mental state of humans can be influenced only in a miniscule measure. Subtle sound waves not only transform the brain but that exhibit their miraculous capability in other goals too. There are 5 sound waves chiefly: Sonic, ultrasonic, infrasonic, hypersonic and supersonic. Material scientists take energy based work from them but spiritual seers use them to train and transform the entire environment. No doubt it is wee bit difficult for modern day scientists to gauge as to which wavelength and frequency they execute their functions yet via Sukshmikaran (rendering the psyche divinely subtle) spiritual practice incitement of these a transformation is definitely seen in a widespread human congregation. On seeing these results only is it possible to gauge energy.

Along with sound waves cosmic particles neutrino, quarks, pulsars, photons and leptons also play a major role in attraction-repulsion of cosmic/interstellar space energies. Between planet earth and the cosmos the solar system, other stars and galaxies keep moving by returning to their original position again and again. In order to render them well balanced these are made mediums.

The visible and invisible atmosphere-the spot of visible and subtle world dwells in those layers of earth and above earth which are known as spheres. The 5 parts of atmosphere related to planet earth are called lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, pedosphere and atmosphere. Above these is the ionosphere that stretches up to 500 km above the earth’s surface. When some gigantic and widespread transformation has to be executed on earth dirt/pollution found in these layers have to be cleaned totally. The 5 layers of the ionosphere are: Endo sphere, Troposphere, Stratosphere, Ionosphere and Exosphere. Clouds, dust particles, jet streams etc dwell between the stratosphere and earth’s surface. The ozone layer, radio waves, cosmic rays, subtle rays, particles and other waves spread out between the above and exosphere. Via astronomy scientists only minor changes can be brought about in these layers but when distortions of the stature of partial or total world annihilation appear, hazards of widespread toxicity due to nuclear weapon testing etc that can create fearful world situations by intensely rendering these layers agitated, then its transformation and purging is possible only via a potent spiritual science. Scientists of such high stature are called Virbhadras. These must be known and accepted as powerful potentials of the conscious world.

The human body is a small microcosm yet in it entire cosmos’ gist/essence exists fully. The 5 capabilities of the body detailed previously can be said to be a gist edition of cosmic macrocosm energies. These are bioelectricity, bio magnetism, creative energy, radiations and resisting power. Our Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya is helping advance positive potentials that can digest these energies in various individuals via Sukshmikaran spiritual practice depending on each individual’s psyche credentials. In this 1 year time frame he has given them the name highly developed 5 Virbhadras. The more these can be awakened potently, the measure in which he shall get useful vessels and mediums, in that very measure it shall be well used in various aims of world and era transformation.

There are innumerable tasks like creation of divine human beings, purification of the environment, uprooting taints/dirt, production of means useful for neo creation, combating large looming dark clouds of world hazards successfully etc that shall get duly fulfilled optimally via awakened Virbhadras based on world requirements and contemporary times. Only time shall tell us all when, which mission and in what measure all this shall be rendered possible.


1 Apr

Almighty God possesses infinite energies. Some of these are conducive for us and others work against us. God has created lions, tigers etc and cows and horses too. In this world no doubt lions and tigers are useful but for mankind they are dangerous. Amongst hundreds of species of birds/animals the cow reigns supreme from the utility value standpoint. God has created trees, herbs too but many of them are poisonous, thorny etc that prove to be dire for us. Fruits, grains, flowers, herbs etc no doubt are useful for world humans and with due caution they are grown and used.

Amongst innumerable invisible divine powers of God many are such that are not useful for us. Such forces include earthquakes, lightning, explosions, wars, epidemics, famine, flooding, fire, infernos, destruction etc and although they appear to be useful to the world in general yet for man these are sources of harassment and strife. For human beings only those divine energies are useful which augment their joy and peace. The sun too is an infinite vault of various forces. After analyzing its rays, scientists have unearthed ‘death rays’ that can kill all of humanity. Further they have discovered other forces like ultraviolet rays, alpha violet, X rays, infrared rays etc which helps patients attacked with deadly diseases get a new lease of life.

Whatever one sees in this world is not necessarily meant for our well being. We need to find materials that benefit us, we need to identify them and with due effort by attaining it in greater measure, we can use it and only then are we capable of getting bliss from innumerable beneficial materials owned by Almighty God. In order to attain cow, horses, grains, fruits, herbs, cotton, mineral ores, metals, precious jewels etc man by putting in hard labor has got the right to own joyous comforts. Ere man had ignored all this or had got entangled in dangerous things he would have reaped only losses, sorrow, ill fate, strife and destruction.

This world is partitioned into a gross and subtle form. Gross materials are those which are visible to our eyes. Subtle are those which although invisible to our eyes yet they definitely exist. Heat, cold, wind, ether, electricity, atoms, germs, radio waves despite being invisible to our eyes yet exist something similar to the visible. When death occurs the soul leaves the body yet in its invisible form it continues to exist.

God possesses many invisible energy streams which have been witnessed and understood by scientific teachers of Yoga and Spiritual Science via their subtle divine vision. And on the basis the basis of characteristics they have been named. They are also called demigods. God’s Wealth Energy is called Lakshmi, Intellectual Energy is called Saraswati, War Fighting Energy is called Durga, Creative Energy is called Brahma, Nourishing Energy is called Vishnu, Destructive Energy is called Shiva, Mental and Bodily Energy is called Hanuman, Success Energy is called Ganesh and Governing Energy is called Indra. We must contact and build a bond with whatever that is beneficial and worth imbibing for us. Further by rendering these energy centers are rendered closer for our benefit and the method of doing so is called worship of God.

Just amongst animals the cow, Ganga amongst rivers and Tulsi leaves amongst herbs is especially beneficial to us so too amongst hidden divine powers of God Super Energy Gayatri is most useful for the human species. Gayatri is that wisdom based invisible consciousness which predominates with sacredness, peace and bliss. Gayatri is called Tripada or 3 legged. ‘Hrim’ means wisdom, intellect, discrimination, love, self control and pious behavior. ‘Shrim’ means wealth, grandeur, status, position, sense enjoyment and glory. ‘Klim’ means health, strength, daring, enterprise, effort and aura. Thus Gayatri is a 3 fold divine energy possessing these 3 special characteristics. Since all these 3 principles are very useful and most required by mankind, hence Rishis proclaimed Gayatri worship/meditation to be such a needed daily chore which is comparable to our ceaseless breathing, eating food, drinking water, passing stools and urine and going to sleep daily. Via these functions the body gets protection and grows aptly. Similarly due to Gayatri Meditation soul power is protected and undergoes augmenting too.

If our body is well nourished, full of strength, alert, healthy and powerful then in return for this bodily might many benefits can accrue. Bodily strength gives us benefits like trampling vile enemies, earning lots of wealth via hard work, traveling to far off places, getting protection from diseases, living a long life, attaining beauty and handsomeness, enjoying a lot of sense pleasures, living independently devoid of outside help etc. How important are these benefits? This can be gauged by one who is faced by ill health and who daily as a result gets attacked by bodily pain, worry, losses, failure, ill fated despair and sorrow. Soul force is even more potent than bodily strength and the former’s benefits are unlimited. All joys-sorrows in human life encompass those that are mental (3/4th) and physical (1/4th). Joys pertaining to women, son, friend, strength, fame, status, position, leadership, grandeur etc are mental in nature. The body does not accrue any visible benefits from all these. In the same way sorrow pertaining to strife, separation, loss, fear, worry, desire, insult, defeat, failure etc too are mental in form. Despite the body being fit and healthy these diseases can remain in the mind. Since soul strength augments mental joys augment and sorrow decreases. As a result a person who augments soul power via Gayatri practices after easily getting liberated from sorrow heads fast towards joy and peace.

With the help of gross things other gross objects can be caught. Everyone knows that we can catch hold of a pen with our hands, wear shoes using our feet, picking fiery coal with tongs and buying materials with cash but yet very few people know how, via what can invisible powers/energies be ‘caught’ and be made use of appropriately for our benefit. Well before scientific discoveries and inventions were made, powers like electricity, steam, gas, atom already existed yet previous to this people were unaware how to tap them and make apt use of it. Thus at that time no benefits accrued. It is not as though scientists have created new energies. In fact they have only discovered and invented ways of benefitting from them. The result is that because of these scientific discoveries and inventions the entire world gets benefits today. Since divine energies are subtler than steam, gas, electricity etc cannot be ‘caught’ by technology/machines yet there are such methods via which they can be imbibed and benefitted from. Spiritual Sciences and Yoga methods are such scientific techniques which were discovered by our revered ancestors after researching into them for eras together with the help of terrific penance.

Great Rishis saw that subtle energies belong to that class which is the class of our soul. Hence the soul itself must be molded in a particular situation that is conducive for these divine energies. In this manner since between them a mutual bond of magnetic attraction gets created ‘catching’ or imbibing is possible. For thousands of years innumerable Rishi-scientists in the field of Soul Sciences along with intense efforts and austerities continued researching regarding this and ultimately they tasted sweet success. They unearthed those methods on the basis of which our inner existence is molded with such capabilities and specialties that if we wish to create a bond with a particular divine energy one becomes at first compatible with it so that via our magnetism we can catch and imbibe it. Hard wax can never mix with oil but if this wax is melted using fire, it shall immediately mix with oil. In the same way divine subtle energies ordinarily are not attained by everybody yet if via spiritual practices/penance the inner psyche and soul are ‘melted’ this divine energy can be imbibed. This methodology and technique in spiritual terminology is called Sadhana or spiritual practice.

On the basis of Super Science Yoga till now innumerable people have created the self capable of attaining desired energies of Almighty God. In ancient history and Puranas or mythology varied descriptions can be found which seems to say that via various demigods and methods of spiritual practice many people have attained many types of boons. This means that these people via spiritual penance rendered their inner consciousness so capable that they could latch on to desired godly energies and benefit from them. Gayatri practice is that scientific technique via which by imbibing and attracting the combined energies of God called Hrim, Shrim, Klim or wisdom, grandeur and strength can gather the same within and on its basis one can enjoy many psychic and material joys.

A superficial outlook may say that Gayatri spiritual practices appear like ordinary actions and it cannot be understood how one can benefit from them. But when super results of these are noted we perforce say that verily there is validity in these practices. The 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri have been interwoven in such a way that via its chanting, the nerves of our tongue, face, throat and palate start function in such a manner that small Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus) present in various parts of our body get activated. Just as for Kundalini Shakti awakening by activating the 6 Chakras divine energies are attained, similarly by merely chanting Gayatri Mantra these small glands on awakening showcase very great results.

Which type of hidden glands is present in which area of the body? Via chanting of which alphabets of Gayatri, which glands get activated? After these gland oriented Chakras awaken, which bodily and mental energies are attained? Of course all this cannot be described here but we can say that great Rishis of yore have very mysteriously interwoven these 24 alphabets of Gayatri Mantra. Via its focused chanting, such a subtle function commences in the body that very easily our inner psyche recesses imbibes so much magnetic force that easily God’s Super Energy Gayatri can be imbibed in great measure.

Right since commencement of world creation till date, innumerable psychically powerful saints have executed Gayatri spiritual practices. Psychologists and psychiatrists know well that great soul powered saints possess so much will power for such a great length of time. This is because Gayatri Mantra due to its previously amassed spiritual wealth has become so much more potent. Thoughts never get destroyed because their clouds roam about in the sky. Whenever these thought clouds see intense thoughts of its own kind, there they burst forth and pour down like rain. It is thus that both good and vile thoughts gain momentum in an invisible manner. Thought clouds of previous great Gayatri devotees rain down on new Gayatri devotees and thus the latter taste success very speedily.

In various radio stations every moment various programs are broadcasted. But these programs are heard only if a radio is present there. Further within the radio only a certain program can heard on that radio station on which the needle is pointing to. Infinite energies of Almighty God by getting spread out from many centers are rendered cosmic and all pervasive yet only that person can imbibe it who via spiritual practices has converted his psyche into a ‘radio’. When we execute a particular spiritual practice in order to attain a particular divine energy it is akin to adjusting and tuning the radio needle to a particular station. Via this methodology we can attain required energies and spiritual grandeur from God’s Super Energy Ocean and untold spiritual wealth. In Almighty God’s imperishable divine vault there no dearth of just about anything. Man who is the immortal prince of God has all the right over every material of his father (God). The requirement only is that we prove our great credentials. Via our efforts, hard labor, penance and spiritual endeavor we must prove that we are rightful heirs of desired things. Thus there is no reason why we cannot get satisfactory joy and peace.

Gayatri practice based on concrete, scientific method of Spiritual Super Science is a very important technique. If with faith and trust it is tested, the results shall be full of hope.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/books www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/ DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


24 Mar


These were the first lines of that official Satsankalpa and manifesto which can be called the preliminary proclamation of Yug Nirman Mission. For the first time in March 1962 Akhand Jyoti Magazine Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya while writing about this oath had invited all to read this oath in a congregational manner daily at early morning hours and on auspicious occasions. While addressing all members of All World Gayatri Family, its branches and members who looked after various Jnana Mandirs (Temples of Wisdom) in the September 1962 Akhand Jyoti Magazine he writes that it is a seed thought on the basis of which the possibilities of Era Neo Creation shall successfully materialize.

Only a thinker of revolutionary stature can talk of Era Transformation. Only he can think that this society over shadowed by rotting muck like beliefs shall transform only when each world human transforms him/her self from the very roots. No doubt everyone talks of reforming world dire situations yet by transforming one’s mental state via the power to think awakens great resolves in the psyche so as to transform oneself totally entire world society too shall get transformed positively. Only a scholar who deeply cogitates over Philosophy and Psychology Sciences can think thus. A seemingly impossible task of Era Transformation can be given a social manifestation when its one unit viz. world society and its other unit called family along with innumerable world individuals undergo all round sanctification. When man transforms, contemporary times also transform. As soon as positive transformation sets in our viewpoint the environment too transforms. When each and every world human undergoes neo creation the entire era too shall get neo created. This observation can be made only by a person of Avatar stature who can visualize the future and change present times along with the subtle world for the better.

Of course! Anyone can object saying that ‘Era Neo Creation’ and ‘Era Transformation’ are but gigantic terms full of flowery language. How can all this become a possibility when disparity, separatism and indolent blind beliefs have spread their net everywhere? Can we not skeptically say this is a utopia wherein we are not talking merely of positively transforming individuals and world society but an entire era? The answer is that since at the root of all this is sacred daring, terrific will power and desire oriented energy which is of the stupendous stature of Almighty God who had said: Ekoham Bahusyami. Further the promise of ‘Dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge’ given to world humanity is the great resolve of this Super Human and its result is that transformation spoken of in this very distorted fragmented world and wherein all great thinkers of the world are expressing their views regarding it has the principle of individual neo creation as its foundation. This gigantic congregation seen in the form of Prajna Family, All World Gayatri Family, readers of Yug Shakti Gayatri Magazine has been launched to such astounding heights via the Sanjivani of Satsankalpa (oath) which is seen today.

Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma writes that for Era Transformation an Avatar is required that shall incarnate preliminarily as sacred aspiration. The subtle form of this Avatar is Yug Nirman Mission’s Satsankalpa or sacred oath. This utterance is of that great personality full of sacred taintless psyche who for his entire lifetime performed terrific austerities for this gigantic cause and thus in this fire of penance he got transformed akin to 24 carat gold. It his marvelous thinking that is creating an atmosphere of transformation in the subtle world. It certainly is not an overstatement if we say that this manifesto has manifested in the form of a sacred vow of Nishkalank Avatar (Taintless) himself.

In this oath Gurudeva gives a prime spot to theism that eggs on individuals to tread the path of divine truth and teaches us all to live a life under the disciplining eye of Almighty God. Theism must be such it obstruct man from entering the portals of escapism and instead induces him to perform Karma Yoga so as to carry out righteous actions. This is true and active self surrender to God. Throwing more light on this revered Gurudeva says that whenever theism fructifies in life man will give main weight age to executing righteous duties. Our duty towards our body involves looking upon it as God’s temple and via the medium of self control and discipline the body must be rendered healthy, disease free and strong. It is even more important to render the mind crystal clear, taintless and sinless in comparison to keeping our physical body healthy. If mental health is sound and good our life force or Prana too shall be rendered sacredly potent. Mental distortions and bad feelings shall no longer harass us and diseases, worries shall run miles away from us. Mental reflection, scriptural studies that aids self introspection and association with great God Realized Saints is that medicine which by obstructing the psyche from running amuck shows it a right direction and eternally inspires it to undergo self creation and soul advancement. For imbibing sacred thinking great literature must be deeply read and ceaselessly one must do self study. By associating with great saintly people by living in large groups people must learn the art of harboring true thinking and this is the 1st lesson of the oath. If even this much is absorbed in one’s daily living that person will positively get transformed and along with this others too shall get influenced greatly.

Further he elaborates that as long as the sentiment of congregationalism does not evolve, as long as each person thinks only of personal selfish gains instead of world well being till then narrow minded personal selfish benefits shall remain in vogue. The root Mantra of spiritual communism as per Gurudeva’s opinion is ‘My well being lies in the welfare of all’. This then is the foundation pillar of unity, equality and social justice the world over. We must think not of ‘Me and mine’ but ‘All of us’ and useless differences of sects and gender must be uprooted. Today when in the entire world colonialism, royal rule and fiefdom has ended and intense opposition is seen regarding castes/sects this utterance was so conducive contemporarily can be realized truly.

Regarding imbibing certain qualities for inspiration for self reform he further says that by looking upon citizenship, ethics, human values, good character, discipline and generosity as true wealth I will march ahead in life by augmenting them manifold. We must pay due attention to the term ‘true wealth’. In this material world wealth is scattered everywhere in varied forms yet true wealth is that which converts human-man into divine-man. The above mentioned qualities if imbibed in daily living man definitely shall attain greatness and glory. He further says that within spiritual practices, self introspection, self control and selfless service to society entire Spiritual Philosophy of the world is embedded. In order to super impose great thinking after soul purification and via disciplined self control and augmenting great activities those who worship world society via selfless service no doubt shall tread the path of his own well being but further shall become an instrument in innumerable others attaining Moksha or salvation.

In reality every alphabet of this Satsankalpa or oath is a seed of revolution. Even if one of these are imbibed in life not only does an individual spiritually progress rapidly but that the doorway of material advancement too is thrown wide open. Not only does the individual transform but those innumerable people in his contact too change positively.

Revered Gurudeva who is an incarnation of Prajna Avatar after Buddha Avatar was completed has given us an aphorism which says that in comparison to traditions Vivek or discrimination shall be given due importance and in comparison to ‘success’ attained via unethical illegal means failure faced while walking the road of integrity/ethics shall be revered and honored the world over. Lest discrimination exists in an awakened alert form in the midst of tradition the waves of blind beliefs pervading every nook and corner of the world shall come to a grinding halt. It is only when true discrimination goes unheeded that vile activities, tainted traditions and blind beliefs grow like weeds. But as soon as the eye of discrimination/Viveka opens all of the vile elements are uprooted. Today in world society human beings after taking up the ‘shortcut’ of unethical means although initially experiences joy on attaining ‘success’ hastily based on lack of farsightedness, ultimately rues and repents at leisure. If only a importance of ethics/integrity is understood on a permanent footing people shall accept that it is full of credit to walk on the path of ethics and lead a life of honesty. Thus man’s success shall be gauged via that test which is based on how much ethics and integrity he imbibes in day to day transactions of life.

Our revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma writes that true righteousness and religion of this era is that by giving more importance to world welfare than selfish gains for augmenting great world well being endeavors inspires us all to donate one portion of one’s time, talent, earnings, wisdom and hard work. A true Brahmin is one who earns with a 100 hands and donates with a 1000 hands. Thus he inspires us all to imbibe this true Brahmin qualities in our life.

Many have read that ‘Atmanaha pratikulani paresham na samacharet’ yet those who actually imbibe this tenet in life rises high in the eyes of all. If we wish that others behave properly with us we too must behave well with others. All aspects like contact with lay public, art of good management, making others our very own beloved, Sanjivani Science’s art of living etc are embedded in one sentence viz. ‘I shall not act and behave with others in a manner which I myself abhor’.

We can digest only that income got due to hard work and integrity. But if we earn via unethical dishonest means it shall harass us akin to pain of leprosy disease and also teaches us Isaac Newton’s 3rd law of motion which says ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’. By latching on to the path of dishonesty in order to earn untold amounts of wealth a person full of such greed is known to harass and oppress others. They attain the status of ‘human ghosts’ and are censured insulted in society. But those who earn wealth via hard perspiring labor oozing with ethics/honesty is naturally full of generosity, gentlemanly behavior and loves serving the world selflessly. Those who lead spiritual lives must imbibe such ethics of life even if one has to face visible temporary losses.

The next oath is looking upon world women as one’s mother, sister and daughter because due to a tainted vision sexual lewdness and lust crop up like weeds along with other sins. While pointing towards a major foundation of world peace revered Gurudeva writes that half the world’s population consists of females. Hence if we harbor a vision of sacredness and reverence towards them then acts of oppression atrocities inflicted towards women shall halt and then both men and women united shall create a healthy and great world society. No doubt one can live a married life yet by looking upon procreating children only as a righteous duty one must abstain from harboring an outlook towards one’s wife and other women in a sexual lewd/lusty manner. While comparing the importance of women to fire he says that women must be looked upon as one with warm good feelings and the very fount of life. By honoring women’s sacred sentiments she must be given apt opportunities to rise higher in life. If we abstain from a lewd and lustful vision towards women by looking upon her as our mother/sister only then neo creation of individuals, family institution and society is possible.

In the end our respected Gurudeva Shriram Sharma writes that man is the author of his destiny and it is he who designs his fate. Since man is a master of this extraordinary power he must harbor no uneasiness while proclaiming that lest he became supremely great and shall make efforts to render others great too this entire era too shall transform positively. As per the spiritual psychology based principle of ‘Tanme manaha shivasankalpamastu’ this oath is so auspicious and great that this era shall definitely transform because I shall not be the same in future as I appear today. In comparison to the present I shall continue to imbibe more and more great qualities henceforth and akin to iron turning to gold on touching the touchstone called Paras I shall render others who come in my contact greatness personified too. If this were to happen this era shall definitely transform positively because then world society shall ooze with great people, crest jewel like people who inspire everyone to imbibe goodwill towards all and divine personages who are full of sacred sensitivity. The belief that intense effort shall be given weight age instead of fate drips forth in this proclamation, that man is the author of his destiny. Such personalities who via intense labor render their future great and glorious, who spread their great aura everywhere akin to fragrance oozing from sandalwood trees and are called Creators of this Era not only row their boat of life smoothly but take others in their boat to land on safe shores of all round glory. When such people shall rule the world why wouldn’t this era transform? Most definitely this era shall transform.

This Satsankalpa or manifesto written by a Yuga Purusha is a document akin to a pillar of light for the long journey of Era Neo Creation. Later in 1989 this was given a well researched advanced form wherein the main proclamations remained the same as mentioned above. Yet certain aspects were newly conjoined so that they would be useful in contemporary times. In it true understanding, valor and responsibility were conjoined to honesty. In a new way the viewpoint of national unity and brotherhood was again elaborated upon and in the end while expressing his total faith in this oath he writes:


When Lord Mahakal speaks thus why wouldn’t humans who are portions of his very divine cosmic soul act accordingly? The auspicious commencement of Era Transformation has already taken place and a New Era is definitely about to dawn. If we place steadfast trust in this and while transforming ourselves we rise higher in stature both materially and spiritually then most definitely the lion like proclamation of our revered Gurudeva ‘21st Century-Bright Future’ shall certainly materialize for all to see.

When desire is purified by the intellect and becomes firm it is called Sankalpa or resolution. The energy of a resolution is infinite in measure. It is the most intense power of the world. This entire cosmic creation is but the firm resolve/Sankalpa of Almighty Lord. The same law applies for attaining other things in this world. Right from the social arena to the world of science whatever well known discoveries and inventions have been witnessed have a firm power of resolve as its foundation. This is required also for neo creation of a New Era.

Circumstances never change merely by increasing material comforts and various resources. Vices cannot be overcome by mere meting out of punishment or instilling fear in a person’s psyche. In fact for all this sanctity and purity of our thinking is most required. If we desire to change our external circumstances we must transform its very fount which is our thinking process. Along with this we must carry out our righteous duties too. For all this definite guidelines are required. And hence Yug Nirman Satsankalpa is a definite step in this direction. The underlying sentiments of this literature are to easily depict at appropriate times, eternal principles and scriptural truths. We can take up the honor of leading in the direction of change with reference to its proper understanding, its deep mental reflection and imbibing of it in day to day living.



The seed of Era Transformation for which All World Gayatri Family is marching steadfastly and zealously ahead is Satsankalpa or True Resolutions. On its basis all our thinking, plans, activities and programs shall be designed. It can be called our manifesto too. Each one of us should daily read it at dawn akin to a daily religious activity and on auspicious congregational occasions, one person should read it aloud and the remaining assembled people must be made to repeat it.

The power of resolve or Sankalpa is infinite. This gigantic cosmos is but the result of a tiny resolve of Almighty God. The Lord harbored a wish ‘Ekoham bahusyama’. It means I am one and I should become many. As a result of this Sankalpa or resolve 3 Gunas and 5 elements manifested and with its aid this gigantic world was created. It is due to man’s resolve that this topsy-turvy world has attained a well managed form. Ere this aspiration had not awakened, a requirement was not experienced the creature called human being too would be awaiting death.

Via the brain when the desires get sanctified so as to take the form of a definite decision it is called a Sankalpa or power of resolve. When the psyche focuses on any resolve then no major difficulty is noted in it getting materialized. The capability of the mind/psyche is unlimited. If a sacredly sensitive will power treads in a particular direction success is tasted with relative ease. If tainted resolves and Sankalpas reach their target what can one say of the power of wholesome great resolves? The cause behind the gigantic building of religion and culture present as a protective umbrella above the scalp of humanity is the resolve of great Rishis of yore. Sankalpa or resolve is the most potent terrific supreme energy in the entire cosmos. Vis scientific research innumerable material forces/energies have been mastered and this credit goes to the power of resolve of world humanity. At the root of progress and advancement noted in the fields of education, medicine, sculpture, industry, literature, art, music etc is human Sankalpa or mental resolve which can be called a tangible Kalpavriksha or Wish Fulfilling Tree. By giving a materialized form to aspirations when man marches ahead in a particular direction of life with a firm resolve doubtlessly he tastes sweet success.

Today every thinking person of the world experiences that in human consciousness those tainted qualities are rising alarmingly, due to which discontent and anarchic situations are manifesting the world over. Under such circumstances it is most required that positive transformation ushers in but yet this task cannot be executed merely by aspiring for it. In fact for this a definite direction needs to be demarcated and collective active steps are required to be taken for the same. Without this our desire shall be rendered a mere figment of fantasy. Era Creation Sankalpa or oath is a firm definite step in this direction. All sacred sensitive sentiments of this manifesto based on the ideal tradition of religions and scriptures has been put forth in a well managed way using straightforward terminology and minimum of words. We must understand this manifesto deeply. We must deeply reflect and ponder over it and decide steadfastly that we shall mold our lives using this very cast (manifesto). Instead of preaching to others we must focus our psyche on self/soul neo creation as mentioned in this manifesto. The most influential way in which you can broadcast this to others is that we ourselves imbibe in our lives, all precepts etched in this manifesto. It is only by neo creating ourselves that an important step can be taken in the direction of Era Creation. It is only when many drops of water unite that the ocean is formed. Similarly when many good gentlemanly human beings gather together a great society is formed. It is the widespread form of individual creation which can be witnessed as Era Creation.

A clarification and detailed analysis of the sacred sentiments of Era Creation shall be read by our respected readers in the following pages. When our mind dives deep into these sentiments its collective form shall manifest as a an Era Aspiration and for its fulfillment many demigods, great saintly people and Almighty God taking Avatar as innumerable humans shall incarnate in this world. That Avatar required for Era Transformation shall first incarnate as a sacred aspiration. The subtle form of this very Avatar is Yug Nirman Mission’s Satsankalpa (oath based manifesto). We must gauge its importance with a very serious mind.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit http://www.shriramsharma.com/books www.awgpestore.com    http://www.dsvv.ac.in/ www.akhandjyoti.org   and http://www.awgp.org/ DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton