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Gayatri, Gita, Ganga and Gau (cow) are the 4 pillars of Indian culture. Amongst these Gayatri reigns supreme.


All Hindu scriptures, sects, Rishis etc proclaim in unison that Gayatri has a deep import and message for world humanity. In Atharva Veda (19/71/1) Gayatri has been eulogized wherein it is said that Gayatri meditation blesses its devotee with a long healthy life, a strong vital force (Prana), divine energy, fame, wealth and God Realization. Rishi Vishwaamitra says: No other Mantra of the Vedas is as glorious as Gayatri Mantra. All the Vedas, Yajnas, charities, austerities etc put together are a mere shadow of the all powerful Gayatri. Lord Manu says: Brahmaaji (creator of the world) has given us the true essence of the Vedas in the form of the Gayatri Mantra. Once the deep import of Gayatri is understood and imbibed truly, the entire Vedas will be understood by the devotee. Maharshi Yaajnavalkya says: Place all the Vedas in one pan of a weighing scale and the Gayatri Mantra in the other pan. Know for sure that the Gayatri pan will be much heavier.


Rishi Parashar says: He who has not imbibed Gayatri deeply is indeed lowly (Shudra). Rishi Shankh says: Gayatri catches hold of a man’s hand about to fall into the ocean of hell and thus saves him from pain and anguish. Rishi     Shaunak says: Gayatri is that Divine Mother who gives birth to infinite material and spiritual wealth. Rishi Atri says: One who truly understands the deep import of the Gayatri principle shall no longer face any hardship of this material world. Vyaasji says: If one truly imbibes Gayatri it becomes a Kaamadhenu or wish fulfilling cow. The river Ganges washes off our bodily sins and Gayatri sanctifies our psyche/soul. Rishi Bhaaradwaaj says: Gayatri meditation helps us realize God/Self and man attains heaven and salvation (Moksha). Naradjee says that Gayatri is a direct incarnation of Divine Energy. Vasishthaji says: If a very lowly person who performs innumerous illegal and criminal act performs Gayatri devotion, he/she too can attain a very high inner spiritual state. There is such a great amount of literature in religious scriptures that deal with the greatness of Gayatri meditation that if all of them are published a new gigantic book will have to be printed.


Just like saints and Rishis of the past even contemporary wise saints and sages accept the greatness of Gayatri devotion. Mahatma Gandhi (Father of India) says that Gayatri Mantra chanted with a calm and steadfast mind helps one overcome even those obstacles which otherwise appear insurmountable. Lokmaanya Tilak says: Gayatri Mantra inspires us all to give up the path of falsehood, crime, illegality etc and instead march ahead on the path of truth, honesty, ethics and sacred ideals. Mahatma Madan Mohan Malvyaji says: Amongst all the priceless jewels given to world humanity by all saints and sages, Gayatri reigns supreme.


The great Indian poet and Nobel Laureate Raindranath Tagore says: Without any room for doubt Gayatri Mantra can awaken the soul of the entire nation. The great Yogi Shri Aurobindo opines that infinite energy rests in the Gayatri Mantra. Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans said that Gayatri Mantra bestows many Sidhis (divie powers) to its unswerving devotee. His disciple Swami Vivekanand maintains that Gayatri is the crest jewel amongst all other great Mantras. Adi Guru Shankaracharya says that it is impossible for the limited human intellect to describe the true greatness of Gayatri. Swami Ramtirth says that Gayatri wards off ‘Kama’ (desire) and replaces it with ‘Rama’ (God).


Maharshi Raman says: Gayatri gives its devotee both material and spiritual benefits. Swami Shivanandji says: Gayatri Mantra chanting keeps our body healthy and fit, ones character becomes radiant and pure, ones intellect becomes subtle, farsightedness augments and mental focus becomes very sharp.


The founder of Arya Samaj Swami Dayanand Saraswatiji was a great faithful devotee of Gayatri. He laid great stress on Gayatri devotion. Once, Swamiji told the Maharaja of Gwalior: It is more beneficial to perform Gayatri Purascharan (worship) instead of a Bhagwat Saptah (7 day discourse). Shri Dayandji had conducted Gayatri Yajnas on a gigantic scale in many regions with the help of about 40 Brahmins for each program (Anushthan).


Gayatri is the wish fulfilling cow of our material world. Man can fulfill all those desires which are appropriate and most required with Gayatri’s grace. It is also called nectar because it satiates the thirst of ones soul and thus established infinite/eternal peace. Gayatri is so omnipotent that it can overcome ones vicious cycle of birth and death i.e. one attains salvation. A devotee who clings to the ‘skirt’ of Mother Gayatri renounces lowliness and ascends to the peak of both material and spiritual peaks. Hence it is also called Paras Mani (touchstone). There is no restriction whatsoever as to who is eligible to chant the Gayatri Mantra. Thus a householder, mendicant, male, female, children, aged people etc have equal right to chant Gayatri. In short Gayatri is the birthright of entire world humanity. Ignoring this right is akin to neglecting ones righteous duty to execute meritorious deeds.


Gayatri Mantra transforms our psyche in a total and positive manner. As soon as a devotee starts chanting this Super Mantra he experiences certain movements in his/her psyche which in the long run benefits one both materially and spiritually. When Sattva Guna (purity of heart) augments vile qualities, bad thoughts, lowly character and feelings of hatred/enmity start diminishing significantly. Simultaneously positive qualities of the human mind like sweetness of speech, honesty, truthfulness, generosity, self control, humility, purity, zest, zeal, cosmic love, contentment, peace, service, oneness of soul etc augment in the devotee’s psyche more and more as days go by. As a result society at large is impressed by a Gayatri devotee’s character and activities and hence they eulogize this devotee, show gratefulness, harbor faith and respect this devotee. Time and again sincere Gayatri devotees are helped by one and all be it any corner of the globe. Further these divine qualities in a Gayatri devotee’s soul are so nectarine that the devotee swims in the ocean of divine love and supreme peace/contentment in his sacred soul. Such great devotees eternally rejoice in the heavenly love and peace of their cosmic soul.


Sincere Gayatri meditation results in an extraordinary transformation of one’s psyche. In the sense because sense of right/wrong, farsighted vision, spiritual values and a subtle divine wisdom augments all sorrows which have their basis in spiritual ignorance/blindness (Avidya) are destroyed from their very roots. As per ones destiny certain fruits of ones past actions one has to face dire situations in life. On the one hand laymen with ordinary limited psyches face circumstances like loss, agitations, obstacles, illnesses, hardships, separation etc with great suffering. On the other hand a Gayatri devotee full of a strong will power faces these very dire situations with wisdom, immense patience, steadfastness and valor. Such a devotee actually experiences God’s grace under all circumstances and hence smiles whether he/she encounters pain or joy (their psyche is perfectly balanced while facing dualities like profit-loss, pain-joy etc). Hence external circumstances of dualities can never affect the untold divine bliss he/she experiences at the soul level.


The supreme goal of all human lives is attaining a powerful soul force and it is the fruit of Gayatri meditation. Apart from this many material gains too are attained by a Gayatri devotee. These gains include overcoming illnesses, weakness, joblessness, business losses, household quarrels, mental taints, court cases, enemy attacks, lack of marital joy, intellectual weakness, unbalanced psyche, harassment of ones own children, problems of getting ones children married, apprehension of facing a bad future, fear of failing in ones exam, bad habits like drug/alcohol addiction etc. All these and many more material problems faced by us all daily can be warded off successfully via Gayatri devotion and meditation.


Behind all dire situations lies our erroneous attachment to material objects which in turn manifest as problems, taints and inaptness. Gayatri devotion augments purity and focus of our psyche. Further positive changes take place in our eating habits, daily routine, viewpoint and character. Thus this very transformation of ones psyche is the royal path which wards off hardships and strife in our lives. Many a times it so happens that our aspirations, desires, yearnings etc are not in tandem with our individual capabilities and circumstances faced which are the results of our past actions. Hence a wise person who has purified his intellect and psyche renounces unwholesome and illusory desires and thus escapes the painful net of delusion. Of course there are certain situations that one has to face as per ones destiny which cannot be overcome. An ordinary layman will face them crying and wailing aloud but a mature Gayatri aspirant will face them with a calm smile because his/her psyche oozes with infinite divine power to face anguish.


Gayatri worship is also executed to overcome some special hardship faced in life and also to fulfill special requirements. Majority of the times Gayatri worship has succeeded with reference to this. Time and again it has been seen that the one who stares at hopelessness, failure, apprehension and fear performs Gayatri worship with immense devotion experiences Vedmata Gayatri’s blessings. Hence the previous situation of despair and anguish is converted into joy and success. It is because I (revered author of this e-book) have had the good fortune of experiencing many such incidences my faith is indomitable that no Gayatri worship performed with faith and devotion fails in the long run.


Gayatri spiritual practices are those spiritual exercises which definitely augment ones soul force substantially. It is commonly seen that many people learn wrestling and body building exercises so as to combat other powerful wrestlers or win prizes in body building contests. Suppose a budding wrestler loses a wrestling bout it should certainly not be misconstrued that his efforts of learning wrestling have gone in vain. In fact the more he perseveres to toughen up his body the more benefits he will accrue as days go by. Similarly there are many achievements in life like good health, beauty, long life, capacity to work very hard, marital bliss, children of good character, bigger income, no fear while facing foes etc that are no less important when compared to winning a wrestling or boxing bout. Thus assuming that a person performs spiritual practices with a definite aim in mind but this aim is not achieved never rue that ones efforts have gone totally in vain. This is because the divine energy that manifests due to spiritual austerities will get stored in the psyche and will be of great use in future while facing other destinies of life.


The soul itself is the head quarters of all cosmic divine powers (Ridhi-Sidhi). All the powers owned by God have been inherited by God’s ‘princes’ viz. human beings. Although all divine powers exist in the human soul yet they are latent. It can be compared to fire covered by a lot of ash which makes it capacity to blaze very weak. Similarly taints in the human psyche like lust, greed, jealousy, hatred etc is the ash that covers the divine powers present in each individual soul. Gayatri meditation helps destroy this veil of taints and just as when the above mentioned ash is removed the fire which was previously weak starts blazoning forth in full flow. Similarly on destroying the veil of taints in our psyche via Gayatri devotion the otherwise latent powers now manifest in full strength. Those divine glories achieved by great Yogis via intense austerities are attained with relative ease and speed via Gayatri devotion.


In ancient times great Maharshis attained many divine powers like Animaa, Mahimaa and other Ridhi-Sidhis via intense austerities and Yoga based practices. Indian Mythology describes scores of such miraculous powers attained by Yogis etc of yore. And yet it prudent to note, that these Yogic and other forms of austerities had their roots in Gayatri devotion. Even today there exist great saints and sages who manifest miraculous divine powers. All of them agree that apart from Gayatri devotion no other spiritual endeavor can help you achieve your spiritual goal with greater ease and speed. In the past apart from great Sidhas even Chakravartis of the solar and lunar dynasty have followed the path of Gayatri. Brahmins of yore became Gurus of the world due to power attained via daily Gayatri worship and same is the case with Kings of past who ruled the world (called Chakravartees).


Muni Vasishthaji owned a wish fulfilling cow (Kaamadhenu). With its help he could overcome Rishi Vishwamitra’s gigantic army. He was instrumental in ensuring that King Dileep and Dashratha’s (Lord Rama’s father) lineage did not get destroyed. Not only this but that their lineage produced great Kings. All this was due to the grace of the wish fulfilling cow and the cow is none other than Gayatri. King Dileep along with his consort daily served this cow devotionally and drank its milk (grace) reverentially. In this manner Rishis of yore performed many spiritual and Yogic penances which had their roots in Gayatri devotion. Rishi Dadhichee became an infinite aura of Gayatri energy after performing intense penance. Indra defeated the Asuras (demons) with the help of a thunderbolt or Vajra made from Dadhichee’s bones. Gayatri is called a Brahmaastra or divine weapon. Its attack never goes in vain. Gayatri is the wish fulfilling cow of this material world. He/she, who devotionally drinks its milk (blessings) regularly, never encounters suffering, despair, discontent or lack of satiation.


Brahmaji created the 4 Vedas with the help of the 24 letters of Gayatri Mantra. In order to throw more light on the deep import of these Vedas Shaastra, Darshan, Brahmana, Aaranyaka, Upanishad, Smritee, Sootra, Purana, Itihaas etc were written. In this manner Gayatri is the Mother of the Vedas which deal with material and spiritual science. If one truly imbibes the meaning of Gayatri one will become an adept in all Vedic scriptures.


The 24 priceless letters of Gayatri can be used as a test to decide which activities in our daily life will prove beneficial both materially and spiritually on a long term basis. Every letter is like a jewel of immortal message. The divine sound “OM” teaches us that since God pervades every pore of the cosmos do not act in an unwholesome manner and more importantly do not harbor vile thoughts albeit even secretly. “Bhoohu” teaches us to avidly search for those causes that destroy us and replace them with those that uplift us in an all round manner. “Bhuvaha” tells us to carry out our appointed duties very meticulously and after having done that accept the results as God’s grace. One must scrupulously avoid unwholesome actions even if they give material gains for the short term because ultimately the irrevocable Law of Karma (actions) will tighten the noose of hardships round your neck. “Svaha” means develop a balanced psyche that faces dualities like joy-sorrow, pain-pleasure, profit-loss, good-bad etc very calmly and without going overboard due to grief or joy as the case may be. “Tat” means do not look upon the pleasures attained via the body and senses as the be all and end all of life. Sense pleasures are short term gains which have to end at a certain point in time whereas spiritual gains are long term i.e. eternal. “Savituhu” means imbibe wisdom, sacred intellect, good health, legal wealth, wholesome name and fame, world friendship, positive valor etc. “Varenyam” tells us to imbibe truly only that which great in this world of dualities. “Bhargo” tells us to keep pure our body, mind, wealth, home, clothes and behavior at all levels of life. “Devasya” means developing a generous and farsighted psyche. “Dheemahee” means imbibing good qualities, great character, divine glories and high thinking. “Dheeyo” means not blindly following some individual, literature or sect. Give up this herd mentality and imbibe that which is apt and beneficial both materially and spiritually in the long run. “Yonaha” tells us to imbibe self control, penance, wisdom, endurance, tolerance, hard work, economical living and divine powers so as to use them for world well being. “Prachodayaat” tells us to inspire fellow beings, help the weak and downtrodden to higher statures in life, egg others to imbibe ethics/values, imbibe zest and zeal, remain contented and serve all equally in the world.


In all Vedic scriptures many precepts have been enumerated and their gist has been detailed in the above paragraph. If we truly imbibe all the above qualities know for sure that we will become scholarly masters of the Vedas. The 24 letters of the Gayatri Mantra encompasses within itself the scheme, ethics, thought perception and mode of action for leading a divine life. A Guru (preceptor) helps his disciple to walk in this direction on the basis of apt guidance. Thus our life of ideal takes birth with the help of our Mother Gayatri and Father in the form of a realized saintly Guru. Such a disciple is called a Dvija i.e. twice born.


The 24letters of the Gayatri Mantra have been woven so wonderfully that mere chanting of it activates subtle energies in the subtle nerves (Naadis) of the tongue, throat, brain centre and palate. Just as when one hits the keys of the keyboard of a computer corresponding alphabets get typed on the screen so too the moment the tongue chants the Gayatri Mantra various Chakras (Plexus) of the body get activated and they manifest subtle energies. Apart from the Chakras various Bhramars (energy eddies), Kamals (lotus), Granthis (energy knots), Sansthans (centres) etc get awakened. The Naadis (subtle nerves) of the mouth transport the impulses of Gayatri Mantra chanting to the various Chakras (plexus) of the body. Just as when the strings of a guitar or sitar (Indian musical instrument) are twanged a beautiful lilting tune emerges similarly when the Gayatri Mantra is chanted with devotion the latent energies of the bodily Chakras are activated and thus the devotee manifests a divine aura. In this manner Gayatri Mantra chanting subtly commences Yogic practices and when the subtle energy centres of the body are awakened they benefit the devotee both materially and spiritually in an extraordinary manner.


Gayatri devotion has 2 legs: 1) By imbibing the subtle teachings present in the Gayatri Mantra one becomes a true human being and 2) Performing austerities so as to activate subtle divine powers in the soul. Both these aspects are essential to imbibe by a Gayatri devotee. The grace of Goddess Gayatri manifests in the heart of that devotee, whose psyche adheres to righteous living, ethics, high ideals, principles and pious activities in his/her day to day living. Gayatri austerities induce a subtle kind of churning in the devotee’s psyche which manifests divine energy that was present albeit latently. It is this divine energy that helps a devotee face trials in life very calmly and this in turn augments his/her will power by leaps and bounds.


Gayatri is called Tripadaa or3 legged. She has 3 eyes and carries a Trishul (weapon). They represent the 3 principles 1.Bhooha 2.Bhuvaha 3.Svaha. “Bhooha” means wisdom, intellect, discrimination, love and pious actions. “Bhuvaha” means wealth, grandeur, status, high stature, enjoyments and material glory. “Svaha” means health based power, daring, valor, enterprise and hard work. The aim of Gayatri devotion is to imbibe all the above 3 types of powers. The more one progresses in devotion many qualities, actions and characteristics manifest and these are the ones who breed wisdom, grandeur and energy in the devotee’s life. Wherever these qualities manifest material means and comforts too will come unasked along with them.


I have read innumerable religious texts and thus I conclude that none can match Gayatri’s supremacy (although the author without doubt respects all religions and saints of the world). Ancient Rishis and Maharshis had performed Gayatri Super Mantra based penance and thus attained greatness. In my common routine life I have seen so many miracles associated with the Gayatri Mantra that I have unswerving faith in its divine prowess. Up till now I have performed 24 Mahapurascharanas of Gayatri (1 Mahapurascharana means chanting the Gayatri Mantra 2.4 million times in a certain time frame). There were so many profound miracles witnessed by me (personally) that it is best I do not list them here. Under my guidance many have executed Gayatri penance albeit on a low scale and yet they too have witnessed many amazing miracles. Thus it goes to show that even a minor effort of Gayatri devotion never goes in vain.


I know many people who previously lived a life of lack and poverty. To the extent that even their most basic needs of survival were hard to obtain. They were under tremendous financial pressure like debt etc. Their business was amassing nothing but losses. They then took recourse to Gayatri devotion and lo behold! They not only cut their losses but earned so much wealth which could emit envy in other people’s eyes. I have known people who were less educated and on lower job posts get good increments and promotions as a result of Gayatri devotion. Those people whose IQ was very weak attained a sharper brain so as to become good scholars in their respective fields of study. Many students who previously failed in their exams despite hard work passed them with flying colors due to Gayatri worship. People who wanted to overcome mental taints like indolence, agitation, quarreling nature, anger, addiction (drugs, alcohol etc) and other unwholesome habits took recourse to Gayatri meditation so as to experience amazing transformation.


Gayatri devotion related benefits accrue in all spheres of life and these maybe both material and spiritual. Married couples who fought like cats and dogs, mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws who could not stand the very sight of one another etc executed Gayatri devotion. The result was they now lived amicably with a sense of love and respect for one another. Brothers who previously warred against each other for property, wealth etc later lived with true camaraderie like Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana (epic Ramayana) because they surrendered to Goddess Gayatri. Gayatri worship has quelled all forms of household strife. An innocent person who was a victim of false court cases, fraud allegations, murder, crime etc would later face them fearlessly with the grace of Gayatri. Those people who feared enemy attacks for no fault of theirs took recourse to Gayatri meditation and thus they remained unharmed and fearless.


Gayatri has helped so many devotees to overcome trying circumstances in life. There have been cases where patients who were about to be engulfed by the God of Death (Yamaraaj) escaped his net due to Gayatri’s compassionate grace. Many have overcome attacks by ghosts, bad dreams, unconsciousness, coma, weakness of the heart, miscarriage problems during pregnancy etc solely due to Gayatri’s blessings. Leprosy patients have been cured totally. Gayatri devotion helped purify the psyches of many devotees who got bad dreams, faced strife in life etc because of a tainted mind. When the mind was purified all their problems vanished into the thin air. Devotees who suffered from diseases, that were both painful and deadly, managed to overcome them by surrendering to the Mother of the Vedas i.e. Gayatri. Diseases like paranoia, plague, pneumonia and many others have been cured by Gayatri Mantra chanting with faith and devotion.


I have seen devotees of Gayatri overcoming psychosomatic diseases that result due to tension and worries. Those who were agitated mentally because of the death of a dear one, loss of wealth, huge debts, apprehension of failure, huge expenses for ones daughter’s marriage, separation from ones beloved, loss of jobs, poverty, insults, deadly diseases (cancer etc), attack of enemies, apprehension of a bad future etc attained great peace of mind once they commenced Gayatri meditation dedicatedly. In many cases devotees have been helped in many strange ways or that their will power has become so potent that no sorrow or pain could create turmoil in their psyche. Others have been aided by divine inspiration and guidance after their hearts were purified via Gayatri devotion. But what has been common to all of them that they faced hardships of all kinds with grit, determination, valor and a serene smile on their face.


And yet it is best that we become selfless and desire less while meditating on Mother Gayatri with unswerving faith and devotion. Devotees should strive hard to give up this attitude of worshipping Gayatri only if she blesses us by fulfilling our desires. This is because the frail human intellect under the influence of Avidya and Maya (spiritual blindness) is incapable of deciding what is apt or otherwise for himself/herself. Thus it would be wise and prudent on the part of a Gayatri devotee to leave all decisions to Almighty God who is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. God is the only one who knows when and what are the requirements of every creature of the cosmos. Suppose despite intense Gayatri worship some mishap in life is not overcome know for sure that God has some very wise reason to make you undergo that pain. Further the Gayatri worship done certainly does not go in vain and at the appointed hour (when the psyche is mature enough) God will pour his blessings on you. Such blessings attained without pre conditions made by a devotee ultimately leads him/her to God Realization and that means eternal and infinite bliss. Give up pre conditions while performing spiritual practices and you will get infinitely more benefits than what you could have bargained for. The supreme benefit is Self/God Realization and if it had to be attained by shouldering all the sorrows of the world know for sure that the price you are paying is not even an iota of the infinite bliss of God vision.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton



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In the region of Saptasarovar (Haridwar, India), one can find the Brahmavarchas Research Centre on the banks of the holy Ganges river. It has 3 floors and about 90 rooms.  The first floor hosts the divine room of Gayatri Shakti Pith. The second floor hosts the philosophical research and spiritual practice room. The third floor has many scientific apparatus. On the terrace one finds a garden blooming with herbs etc. used for Yajnas (Vedic fire sacrifices).  In the Enquiry Counter one can give /take information regarding research studies. Yajnas are carried out non-stop in Yajnashalas.  There are residential quarters for research scientists of Brahmavarchas.  There is also a library and clinic.  There is a book store for selling books.  This is the bird’s eye view of the map of Brahmavarchas Research Centre.  One always gets attracted by this Centre.


He who is the founder of the Brahmavarchas Research Centre, he who has moulded this Centre seems ordinary when seen superficially, yet when one studies the inner personality of this great saint, one cannot but say that he is extraordinary. The captain of this great ship (called Brahmavarchas) is none other than the (Late) Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya. People involved in spiritual practices, righteous tasks, spirituality, philosophical reading etc. know this great saint very well. For more than 40 years Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya was the editor, publisher of the magazine “Akhand Jyoti” that correlated science with spirituality.  The maturity of this magazine, glory and number of people reading it is incomparable. Our revered Acharyaji has translated the 4 Vedas, 108 Upanishads, Smritis, Aranyaks, Brahman, Sutras and 18 Puranas. These publications have been made available for readers all over the world.  Apart from this our revered Yuga Rishi has authored 600 books.  He is a very well-read saint, a great philosopher and one who has heard discourses of other great personalities of the world. He has carried out amazing creative tasks in the fields of religion and material living.


The true personality of our revered Yuga Rishi overflows with austerities, spiritual endeavour and like a true Brahmin, he abhors hoarding. For 24 years he partook meals of jowar bread and thin buttermilk. Further he executed 24 Mahapuracharanas of Gayatri Maha Mantra by chanting it 24 lakh times.  These gigantic austerities are very rare to witness in this modern world of materialism.  He visited very tortuous regions of the snow clad Himalayan mountains in North India for performing special Yogic practices. A lot has been written about the importance of Gayatri yet one cannot find another book akin to Gayatri Science (written by our revered Yuga Rishi) i.e. Parts 1,2,3 that talks of Gayatri philosophy, at the experiential level.  So far we have printed 21 editions of this Gayatri Science.  It is called the rarest of rare books pertaining to Gayatri studies.


Crores of men have worshipped Gayatri under his guidance and thus have attained many benefits. There were others who approached him for blessings so as to ward off their worldly miseries. Despite being an outstanding scholar and sage, he was straightforward, simple and humble.  At the ripe age of 71 years he was energetic and alert like any zealous youth and thus everyone was convinced that someone extraordinary is dwelling in an ordinary body.  It is under the guidance of such a super great seer, that research is being carried out at Brahmavarchas Research Institute.  Although research is carried out by highly educated scientists and doctors yet they are guided and inspired by our revered Yuga Rishi.  As a result this Institute is a beacon light to millions all over the world.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


14 Nov




The great devotee Yugadrishta Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji was an adept master of Super Science of Gayatri, one who rejuvenated the Sanskar tradition and divine culture, who was an active zealous soldier during India’s Political Freedom struggle, he was a true national saint, a great author, a deep thinker, Guru of millions of devotees and one who devotedly worked for uplifting of women and Harijans (untouchable backward class). His heart was as soft as butter being filled with untold affection towards all. He had imbibed true great qualities of a Brahmin and hence in this section we describe the stupendously glorious life of this Rishi-couple.

Yugadrishta Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has established very important centers and institutions not only in India but in all parts of the world. These include Gayatri Shaktipitha in Anwalkheda Village-Agra, Akhand Jyoti in Mathura-UP, Gayatri Tapobhumi in Mathura-UP, Shantikunj-Haridwar-Uttarakhand, Brahmavarchas Research Institute and Dev Sanskriti or Divine Culture University. These important centers and institutions set up by our Revered Gurudeva are propagating his glorious thinking and programs day after day. Yugadrishta Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has conducted important studies on medical forest herbs offered in Yajna Fire. This mode of therapy is labeled Yajnopathy.



In the district of Agra (UP-INDIA) is a village called Anwalkheda. In this village called Anwalkheda a big Gayatri Shaktipitha has been established and so many visitors arrive here daily even from very far off regions. At the commencement of this 21st century this called Anwalkheda was an ordinary one yet since the past few years this spot being the birth place of a great renowned saint has become a hallowed pilgrim spot. Every day many pilgrims arrive here to visualize this sacred birth place of a great renowned saint. In this village was born a child later named Shriram Sharma. Later he gained world honor in the form of Yuga Rishi Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji. In this birth place of his a pillar of glory has been built and in its backside area a building has been constructed etched with 14 jewels like quotes.

Yugadrishta Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji was born on Ashwin Krishna Trayodashi i.e. Vikram Samvat 1986 as per the Hindu Panchang or almanac. As per the Christian calendar his birth date is 20th September 1911.his revered mother’s name is Shrimati Dhankunvari and revered father’s name is Pundit Roopkishor Sharma. His mother Shrimati Dhankunvari was straightforward, steadfast and imbued with deep faith in Almighty God. She adored serving everybody in a selfless manner. Due to her generous nature people nearby would come to her for help. She would help each and everyone as much as she could.

Yuga Rishi Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji’s revered father called Pundit Roopkishor Sharma was a well known scholar of the Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapurana text (Indian Mythology). His mother Shrimati Dhankunvari affectionately called Tayiji recalled: Before my child Shriram Sharma took birth a lot of cows would arrive in our house. She also said: In my dreams I would see that from the eastern direction air planes would come and shower flowers on our house. Further one Goddess would shower flowers on my lap.

After a few months of child Shriram Sharma’s birth a Sanyasi (ocher robed ascetic) came to his house and kept staring at child Shriram. Tayiji his mother did not like this. She asked: Revered Sir! Why are you staring at child Shriram? The Sanyasi said: Mother! This child is a Sidha saint (God Realized). Saying thus the Sanyasi bowed down in reverence to child Shriram and left his house.

Tayiji said: Child Shriram’s body was thin yet from childhood itself he was very fearless. At our doorstep many snakes, scorpions etc would slither by. He would remove them from the way without any fear at all.

Shriram would head for the forest nearby all alone. He would not get scared by ferocious violent animals also. Tayiji his mother said: Without telling anyone Shriram would go to the forest nearby all alone. When we would come to know we would be very worried. When I would ask someone to search for Shriram that person would tell us that he would be seated under a tree with eyes shut. Sometimes Tayiji would see her son seated in the garden carving ‘Om’ or the Sathiya in the mud.

The young Shriram would love sharing things with others and hence would keep giving others food, clothes etc. One day his mother Tayiji saw that he had given his small scarf to a poor person. She was quite amazed to see this act of her son. She asked Shriram: Son! Why did you give away your cloth to this beggar? He answered: Mother! He was shivering with cold and hence he needed this cloth quite badly.

One day his mother Shrimati Dhankunvari came to know that he had given away all his food to beggars. She asked Shriram: Son! Where is all your food? He answered: Mother! I gave it away because I am learning how to observe Vratas or religious vows. Shriram loved to serve poor, sorrowful people.

Cows on their own would come and stand by child Shriram’s side. He would feed them fodder and serve them. Sparrows, pigeons etc also would fearlessly peck grains in his presence offered to them by him.

One day the young boy Shriram started walking on a lonely path for quite a few kilometers and finally reached a nearby railway station. There one neighbor of his saw Shriram who asked him: Shriram! Where are you going? The answer was: I am going to the lofty Himalaya Mountains. On hearing the boy’s answer the neighbor laughed and took the boy with him to their village.

Sometimes children would sit surrounding the young boy Shriram who would tell them religious stories. The other children would avidly hear Shriram’s discourse.

Shriram’s revered father had a rare collection of ancient Sanskrit literature. Amongst these were a few handwritten ones and some were books written on dry Bhoja leaves. When his revered father had some time to spare he would spend it in reading this rare collection of literature. When the young boy Shriram would see his revered father reading this Sanskrit literature he would become very curious. When on reading these pages his revered father passed some comment the young boy Shriram would wonder as to how these papers taught his father to speak thus? The young boy Shriram in a hidden manner would keep staring at his revered father reading books thus.

One day the young boy Shriram asked his mother: Tayiji! How do the papers in father’s hands speak thus? On hearing this innocent curiosity of her small son his mother smiled and explained to him the mystery of reading aloud. On hearing this mystery the young boy Shriram was very happy. He resolved mentally to attain this knowledge.

After that day the young boy Shriram would very attentively listen to what his father spoke. He would love to hear his father talk thus and experienced immense joy from it. The boy had heard many religious discourses and sacred teachings from his revered father.

One day his revered father sent the young boy Shriram to the local Paathshala (school) for education. On noting the very sharp brain skill of young Shriram his teachers were very pleased. Young Shriram advanced in his studies quite swiftly. When his father Pundit Roopkishor Sharma got news about Shriram’s excellent progress in his studies he was very pleased. He hence decided to perform his son’s Yajnopaveet (sacred thread) ceremony.

One day young Shriram went to his mother Tayiji and stood in front of her. Tayiji seeing his son’s serious face asked: What is the matter? Why are you so serious? Young Shriram replied: Tayiji! I shall not go to Agra city to study in an English medium school because if I go there I shall have to change my lifestyle. No doubt I shall learn the good aspects of Englishmen yet I do not wish to follow their culture, lifestyle and dressing mode. His mother Tayiji on hearing her son speak thus asked in a bit of a worried tone: Beloved son! Tell me then what shall you do henceforth? How is it possible to avoid studying in an English medium school? You shall have to do something or the other. Young Shriram replied: Tayiji! I shall not take up a job. I shall not go to each household to give religious discourses (Kathas). I want to become self dependent and shall teach others also how to earn money in a self dependent manner. His mother just stared at her son dumbstruck!

One day young Shriram said: To learn the art of wielding weapons for self defense only is not wrong at all. It is only when you wield weapons for vile unethical acts that it is erroneous. I shall hence learn how to wield a stick, sword etc. I shall learn this science from Guru Hariya. Young Shriram was told that Guru Hariya belongs to a low caste and hence you cannot make him your teacher. But young Shriram did not budge from his decision and hence started learning the art of wielding weapons albeit for self defense only.

Although young Shriram’s body was thin and frail yet he oozed with amazing zest and strength. In a few days itself he mastered many sciences pertaining to wielding weapons. He also taught it to other friends of his village and very secretively chose a small group of comrades in order to fight for India’s political freedom.

One day young Shriram saw that an Englishman riding on a horse was following a rural girl running fast. This girl was very scared and other people nearby just stood there silently. Young Shriram refused to be a mere coward witness to this. He realized the bad intentions of the Englishman and after hiding nearby he silently threw a brick at the Englishman. The head of this Englishman split apart and the scared girl hid somewhere. Thus she was saved from the dirty intentions of the Englishman. The latter just kept muttering abuses in daze.

Young Shriram would also do a lot of social service. In those days in his village resided a Harijan lady (backward caste) called Chapko. Her hands started showing symptoms of advanced leprosy. Hence she was very sick. When young Shriram got to know of this he went to her house for administering some medical therapy. Till she did not get cured fully he continued to serve her despite stiff opposition from all concerned. The old lady blessed him: One day you shall become a great renowned saint and shall rule the hearts of all akin to an emperor.

After completing studies in the village Madaras (school) young Shriram went to Agra city nearby. In his village was a landlord called Hubbalal. Everyone was very terrorized with atrocities he inflicted on everyone. He was a very wicked person. None liked to even talk to him. After a few days, young Shriram returned to the village from Agra city. He came to know that Hubbalal was very ill. Hence he went to Hubbalal’s house and started serving him.

In Agra city young Shriram organized a social service team. Their task was to serve physically/mentally challenged people and give away clothes, food etc to those in dire need.

When Hubbalal saw young Shriram serving him he said: Son! I have sinned a lot and hence am undergoing its dire reactions. I have terrorized people and hence I am very ill today. Shriram saw a huge crowd of people standing outside Hubbalal’s house and hence he told the crowd: You may hate sins but not the sinner. Thus when a sinner is helpless due to sickness we must serve him.

Young Shriram’s revered father saw that now his son was capable enough to be given the Yajnopaveet (Hindu sacred thread ceremony). The moment this pious thought this crossed his mind he took Shriram to his childhood friend Pundit Madanmohan Malviyaji who at that time resided in Kashi or Banaras. Mahamana Pundit Madanmohan Malviyaji took a close look at young Shriram and was very pleased.

Mahamana Pundit Madanmohan Malviyaji in his presence bestowed the Yajnopaveet (Hindu sacred thread ceremony) to young Shriram and himself initiated the boy in Super Mantra Gayatri Deeksha. He told young Shriram: Gayatri is a true Brahmin’s Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow). Hence you must regularly chant Super Mantra Gayatri, worship and meditate on it.

While returning from Kashi or Banaras city both young Shriram and his revered father were seated in a train. At that time young Shriram asked his revered father: What is the true meaning of what Mahamana Pundit Madanmohan Malviyaji told me? His revered father answered: It means that Super Mantra Gayatri is such a Mantra that it fulfills all our inner desires. Young Shriram took proper note of this important answer regarding Super Mantra Gayatri. Thus the seed of this Mantra firmly got embedded in his mind and it started sprouting as days passed by.

Slowly but surely young Shriram got immersed in chanting Super Mantra Gayatri implicitly following the procedure prescribed to him. Hence daily he started chanting this great Mantra.

The following is an incident on Vasant Panchmi (heralding spring season) in the year 1926 AD. It was early dawn. Suddenly the room in which Shriram was doing his Gayatri spiritual practice emitted sweet nectarine fragrance and in the eastern side a mass of brilliant light was witnessed by him. From this mass of brilliant light emerged a Rishi (saint) like form. This Rishi form said: Do not fear! I know you since many past lifetimes of yours. You do not know who you were in your past 3 previous births. Much previously you were born as Saint Kabir. Then you were born as Saint Swami Samarth Ramdas. After this you were born as Saint Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans. In this present birth of yours you have to execute many tasks.

On hearing about his 3 previous births Shriram got immersed in thoughts of wonder. He felt as though he was in Tandra (half awake-half asleep). The great Rishi saint spoke again: You have to execute 24 Purashcharanas of Super Mantra Gayatri. I am telling you its method. Saying this much this great Rishi saint explained the exact procedure and immediately then disappeared from sight. On that day young Shriram lit the Akhand Jyoti (imperishable flame lamp) and till today this has remained alit.

Slowly the Super Mantra Gayatri Sadhana of young Shriram started progressing further. At this end the freedom movement in India against alien British Rule had strengthened much more. Young Shriram too joined in this struggle. He took part in various activities for this freedom movement in India.

In the year 1928 AD it was winter season. Two butchers were carrying away a lame cow with them. Young Shriram saw this pitiable state of the innocent cow and hence started talking to the 2 butchers. The butchers demanded a fee for releasing the lame cow from their wicked clutches. Somehow or the other young Shriram paid this cash and thus freed the innocent cow.

The youth Shriram took active part in the freedom movement in India and opposed the alien British Rule tooth and nail. In a place called Jarkhi near Anvalkheda village he led a procession opposing the British Government and when he fell down on the ground after being beaten up mercilessly by British police officers he held on to India’s flag by clenching it between his teeth. Thus so bravely he refused to let the flag fall down on the ground despite being wounded badly. The police tried to wrench away this flag from youth Shriram’s clenched teeth but failed miserably.

A Congress conference was organized in Kolkata city. Youth Shriram with his fellow aides set off for Kolkata city to attend this conference. But before they could reach the city some CID personnel following them incognito arrested them at the Asansol railway station.

In this freedom fight, Shriram was imprisoned. In this Asansol jail were other freedom fighters like Mahamana Pundit Madanmohan Malviyaji, Devi Rani Nehru, Shri Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, Shri Devdas Gandhi etc.  Over here in the jail Shriram learned how to read and write in English and that too by using a coal as a pen in order to write on his eating plate made of metal.

After being released from jail youth Shriram focused his attention on creative tasks in his village. Over here he opened a big center for weaving cloth etc. He named it ‘Bunta Ghar’. It was a beginning of rural cottage industry. Even today after about a century has lapsed by people in Anvalkheda village today know the name ‘Bunta Ghar’ and its location.

Plain clothed police officers stationed in Agra district wrote in their report: As of now Shriram is associated with Congress. If he does join its revolutionary wing he can create havoc for the alien British government.

One day youth Shriram seated in his room for spiritual practices was deeply thinking thus: This body of mine shall definitely become old and frail one day and shall die too. Hence what is the true goal of human life? Maybe our mind can find joy by running after material pleasures but these materials can give sorrow and diseases also. Hence it is best that my life is used for great wholesome activities. Every moment of life is very precious.

In those very days of a struggle based life his Revered Gurudeva directed him (subtly) to come to the Himalayas. Hence youth Shriram all alone set off for the Himalaya Mountains to meet his Revered Gurudeva Sarveshwaranandji. In those times journeying into the lofty Himalaya Mountains was very tortuous and difficult. But since behind this journey was a divine resolve (Sankalpa) hence Revered Gurudeva Sarveshwaranandji all along the way helped him (subtly) and called youth Shriram by his side. He gave details of all the programs that Shriram had to carry out in future. Due to this meeting he felt highly energized and encouraged.

It was a very long tiring journey to Himalaya Mountains. At many spots he saw hermitages (Ashramas). He saw the various activities and lifestyle of mendicants, ascetics, Sanyasis etc. Hence Shriram deeply started cogitating over their way of living here. He felt that a huge number of these ascetics etc remained without work, lazy, illiterate and those that destroy any nation’s wealth. Hence Shriram resolved to reform their way of living and attitude.

After returning from his journey to Himalaya Mountains Shriram’s attention got focused on his village’s animal wealth and agricultural endeavors. For apt reformation and protection of these youth Shriram wrote small pocket size booklets which cost hardly a few cents and published them. During this phase he took training as a journalist in a daily newspaper called ‘Sainik’ and he also wrote poetry oozing with patriotism.

In these very days youth Shriram went to visit Mahatma Gandhi at his Sabarmati Ashram and took a close look at the method of working there. He also visited the great poet seer Thakur Rabindranath Tagore at Shanti Niketan established by him. After a few days he visited Pondicherry City where the great Mahayogi Shri Aurobindo resided. At that time Shriram journeyed all over India for a fair length of time. After meeting Mahayogi Shri Aurobindo, Thakur Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi etc went to many other parts of India and thus gauged the state of India as a close witness. He saw that majority of Indians were poor, illiterate and had miniscule information. He hence searched for apt solutions in order to educate them and give them important information regarding many arenas of day to day living. One solution for this according to Shriram was to publish a magazine.

He said to himself that in order to awaken consciousness in the lay public he shall have to endeavor hard. People he felt were not well educated at all. Hence how shall they read huge books? On mulling thus he decided that he would publish small booklets on spiritual and social topics. He also printed pamphlets and took others help to hand them over to one and all.

Shriram would go to the main bazaar area and give water to the thirsty. He would also give out pamphlets on animal disease diagnosis.

Shriram who was now called Pundit Shriram Sharma would write literature in easy to follow language style and they were full of useful tips. All facts written here were very beneficial for peoples all round well being and never would it revolve only around some particular religion. In fact in his writings oozed first hand experiences of day to day living.

All human beings all children of Almighty God! Thus none is higher or lower in stature. Castes, creeds, communities etc have never been Almighty God’s creation. All these differences and disparities are but superficial. In all creatures the soul dwells equally. People hearing this would fully agree: Yes! What you say is absolutely true. Differences amongst us are vain and futile.

In the year 1937 AD the 1st volume of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ was published from Agra City. The very 1st copy of this 1st volume was placed in front of the imperishable flame wick lamp in his sAdhana Room by a girl called Gauri as per Pundit Shriram Sharma’s direction. The girl Gauri made a Swastik sign on it with red vermillion powder and on it flowers, fruits and rice grains were placed.  

This very extraordinary girl Gauri had suddenly arrived at Pundit Shriram Sharma’s house on that auspicious day and till today no one knows from where she had come all alone.

After some time lapsed by in order to establish an office of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ in Mathura city a building was rented. Then this building was given up and a new building was rented in Ghiyamandi area. In this building many ghosts were known to reside. On the upper floor of the building daily a lot of chaos was heard. One night Pundit Shriram Sharma’s Acharya went to the upper floor with a lantern in hand. He spoke to the ghosts: Please live and let us live too in peace. In these 7 rooms on the upper floor you all can dwell and below we all shall reside. The ghosts did not give any reply yet after this episode never were loud chaotic noises heard again.

Then came the time period of a very struggle based 2nd world war. Materials the world over were becoming costlier day by day and so many parts of India arson, looting etc were reported. In these days of strife Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya with a serene mind got immersed in deep thinking, mental reflection and spiritual practices.

In the year 1943 AD his 1st wife passed away. As per commands given to him by his Revered Gurudeva Sarveshwaranandji previously he got married to again to HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji who was his holy consort in his previous births too. She played a great role in Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s life of selfless world service and hence received a lot of honor the world over as Vandaniya Mataji or Revered Holy Mother.

Revered Gurudeva Sarveshwaranandji in the very 1st Darshan (divine vision) itself given to Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya had commanded: I am happy that you are married. In between obstacles may crop up yet again you shall get the companionship of a 2nd wife who was you consort in your previous births too. She shall dwell by your side all your life as a faithful cooperative partner in all your selfless world service activities. This consort of previous births was none other than HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji.

HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji called Revered Holy Mother also was born in to a very affluent landlord family in Agra city. Since her ancestors were known to overflow with compassion, philanthropy, generosity and selfless service to society this landlord clan was highly respected and had gained renown too. Her father respected Shri Yashwant Singh was a very influential landlord in that area. The childhood of HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji brimmed with adoration from family members and was lovingly protected. Right from girlhood she oozed with great pious qualities both within and without. These tremendous qualities matured fully after she got the golden opportunity to become the sacred life partner of Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya.

In those days HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji had to carry out so many chores. Serving cows, feeding them fodder, cooking food for so many guests etc were done by her throughout the day. She would read so many letters written to Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya and make arrangements for the daily spiritual practice of his etc. She would execute all these tasks very devotedly and meticulously.

One day Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya with the help of his well wishers and comrades set up a printing press in the rented building of his. Although this task was new yet he did not shirk from hard work required to operate it. He put all his efforts in each task of this printing press and also took help from family members.

He set up camps for establishing individual contact with people and training them too. Each day he would write so many letters. He established contact with ordinary lay folks. He created awareness and a deep interest in the selfless tasks he advocated for everyone’s overall well being.

In the printing and editing of his magazine he worked so hard. Alongside his Super Power Gayatri practices continued in full throttle. The moment he got time he would get immersed in both reading and writing important useful literature.

One day a co worker asked Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya: What has your spiritual practice or Sadhana got to do with your activities of editing and publishing the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’? The reply was: This too is a practice of evolving life to a higher stature of human glory. Its effect shall definitely be felt after a certain time span passes by. Along with Super Mantra Gayatri chanting and practice Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya executed profound studies and research on Super Energy Gayatri. On the basis of his deep scientific research, mental cogitation and meditation he wrote 3 gigantic volumes titled ‘Gayatri Mahavijnana’ or ‘Super Science of Gayatri’. Thus he placed before the world a refreshingly new philosophy of Gayatri.

The building housing ‘Akhand Jyoti Sansthan’ in Ghiyamandi-Mathura was not very big. The activities of the sacred mission at hand were increasing day by day. Gayatri Tapobhumi too had to be established and hence Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya left for the River Yamuna shore in order to take a look at land to buy there.

A lot of wealth was required for establishing Gayatri Tapobhumi and carrying out huge Yajna programs. Hence HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji voluntarily said: I shall sell all my precious jewelry so that you can buy the required land. Thus our sacred mission shall become more widespread. Hence I request you not to stop your great mission.

In the year 1953 AD on Vaishakh Purnima Day Gayatri Tapobhumi was established on the Mathura-Vrindavan road and a Gayatri Temple also was built. For one month Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya observed Mauna (silence of speech) and lived merely on drinking water. He resolved to make 1000 devotees/Sadhaks write 2.4 million Super Mantra Gayatri with their hands.

In the year 1954 AD in Gayatri Tapobhumi camps on Science of Life and training for it were conducted. In these discourses and camps topics useful for apt human living and training in other useful tasks was given.

In the year 1956 AD in Mathura city a Gayatri Narmedha Yajna was performed. People manifested so much enthusiasm for this Yajna. Thousands of people and devotees participated in this Yajna and when some followers resolved to work all their life for this sacred mission everyone present there realized the mysterious import of this stupendous Gayatri Narmedha Yajna.

In the year 1957 AD a conference under the aegis of All India Gayatri Family was arranged. In this conference in huge numbers members associated with All India Gayatri Family participated in it. They were given information regarding various programs related to this All India Gayatri Family.

In November 1958 AD a Super Gayatri Yajna was conducted wherein 1000 Kundis of Yajna pyres were lit. In it thousands of devotees and followers participated. At that time the main road from Mathura to Vrindavan spanning many miles was filled with tents of pilgrims. In all directions there was a sea of lay public moving about.

In the above Yajna 2 men riding separate cycles, catching hold of a flag in their hand while chanting ‘Victory to Goddess Gayatri’ arrived there. In the same way another devotee riding a horse from Jodhpur city, donning Jodhpur mode of dressing, holding an orange flag with ‘Om’ written on it arrived at the Yajna dais in Mathura. Along the way he was propagating the great teaching of Gayatri.

This Super Gayatri Yajna was very humungous and grand. In it thousands of devotees taking a religious vow (Vrata) took part with zest and zeal. The Yajna area was extremely huge in measure. The lodging-boarding arrangements for devotees had been made on the main road from Mathura to Vrindavan spanning many miles.

The program of this Super Gayatri Yajna went on for many days. Saints, sages, ascetics etc gave religious and spiritual discourses. The devotees observing Vrata participated with deep faith. Without dowry, many marriages were conducted and innumerable people vowed to give up their inner taints and bad habits.

Previous to this Super Gayatri Yajna Gayatri chanting and practices was limited only to the Brahmin class. Hence Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya encouraged people of all castes, creeds, communities, religion etc to participate in this gigantic Yajna. Not only this he made women also take active part in it and they did perform the Gayatri Yajna. In this gigantic Yajna no donation was taken from anyone and none were asked to give something in charity.

At the closing ceremony of this Super Gayatri Yajna when devotees were bidding adieu their hearts were oozing with sensitive sacred emotions. Thus this incomparable experience gave birth to the All India Gayatri Family. Thus a refreshing new environment got harbingered in.

After this 1000 Kundi Yajna Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya left to live in solitude and seclusion but before doing so he handed over the onerous duty of Gayatri Tapobhumi management and editing of the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ in the capable hands of his respected consort HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji.

In its compact form the Samhita Paath of the 4 Vedas were not available in those days. The same condition was that of all 108 Upanishads, 6 Darshans, 18 Puranas, 20 Smritis, 24 Geetas, Aranyaks, Brahman, Nirukta etc. Hence Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya endeavored hard in this direction and he zealously immersed himself in a one pointed manner for compiling this entire Vangmaya (literature), writing some commentaries on them called Bhashyas and editing tasks. At that time HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji had deftly shouldered the responsibilities of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ and Gayatri Tapobhumi. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya then left in the very lonely area of Gangotri-Gomukh glacier in the lofty Himalaya Mountains for 1 whole year in order to execute difficult austerities. After returning from this journey he again commenced his writing activity.

Right from beginning itself Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya firmly opined that Indian Culture had bestowed 2 great boons on entire world human society in the form of Gayatri and Yajna. He strongly believed that a person belonging to any caste, community, creed, gender, region, religion etc had full right to chant Super Mantra Gayatri and perform Gayatri Yajnas. For his entire lifetime he steadfastly latched on to this great generous mode of thinking.

After returning from his 1 year travel of seclusion we followers got to know that Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya had completed translation of Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads and thus its publishing activities were commenced. Due to this great task wisdom a new direction was attained.

In this very sequence a new beginning ushered in the All India Gayatri Family in the form of a 100 point based programs.

Along with these, 100 point based programs Era Neo Creation oriented schools and camps too commenced. Due to these creative education and training on various topics commenced.

For overcoming poverty that was the root problem of a developing nation like India Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya felt that without giving training for becoming self dependent this problem can never be uprooted. Hence for getting trained in setting up small scale industries he made necessary arrangements and also trained people in cottage industry management.

In the year 1967 AD Era Neo Creation Schools were set up. Via these schools training was commenced related to topics useful in day to day living. Thousands of young men and women participated in this training program.

In the year 1968 AD Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya keeping in mind various branches of modern science and beliefs of modern day intellectualism got notes on many important questions related to them from various scholars and experts in those realms. Thus about 20,000 pages giving details on these topics were gathered. This new stream of Scientific Spirituality gave a refreshingly new direction to spirituality from the year 1968-1990 AD. In the year 1978-79 AD so many books were published on this subject and along side scientific research studies too were initiated. In the years 1979-80 AD a camp for deep mental reflection was organized. Once on visiting Gayatri Tapobhumi a very affluent person got highly impressed. He hence went to visit Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya. The affluent man said: You are carrying out propagation of Super Mantra Gayatri very well. I wish that you also propagate Hindu Religion thus. I shall donate a lot of wealth in order to carry out this task. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya replied: I belong to all the religions of the world. I love all religions equally. My chief goal is to awaken world humanity. I am not a preacher of any particular religion. I thank you for your help. That affluent man silently walked away.

This is an episode related to December 1969 AD. At the Patna Junction Shri Vijaykumar Sharma’s mother belonging to Moongher district died. They had come to witness the 100 Kundi Gayatri Yajna organized there. As fate would have it at that very time Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya had arrived at Patna Junction while on his way to Mathura. When he was given this sad news he immediately came to the dead lady’s corpse and said: Son! Your mother is not dead and hence, do wake her up. On hearing this so many thronging that area were dumbfounded since suddenly the dead lady got up and reverently touched Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya hallowed feet. He gave her his blessings and then boarded his train.

An advocate called Shriram Krishna Singh Betiya said: In October 1970 AD myself, my wife and children had gone for a camp in Mathura. On getting an opportunity I talked about our institution’s head-Shri Umakant Jha. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya very firmly said: Today his time is ending. At that time I could not decipher the meaning behind these words. Yet when I reached my home I was told that on that very day Shri Umakant Jha had shed his mortal coil. Hence it is crystal clear that Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya had the mind blowing powers of seeing the unknown and unseen by the gross eyes.

On 20th June 1971 AD Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya left for Shantikunj-Haridwar (India). Thousands of his faithful devotees thronged by his and his holy consort’s side to bid them adieu.They showered their sacred devotional sentiments on their beloved Gurudeva and Holy Mother. As per his revered Gurudeva Sarvaeshwaranandji’s direction Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya left for the Himalaya Mountains in a few days itself.

As per his firm resolve Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya went to meet his Gurudeva Sarvaeshwaranandji. Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji stayed back in Shantikunj-Haridwar with a few aides and followers. At that time this place was not well known. At that time over here dense forests existed.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya felt extremely pained on witnessing that more than half the world population oozes with female power yet the condition of women in India was so abominable. She was a prey to oppression, harassment, illiteracy etc. Hence he focused his sharp vision in this direction and under the guidance of Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji set up camps for young girls in the year 1971 AD. From the year 1975 AD an independent magazine was inaugurated titled ‘Mahila Jagrati Abhiyan’ (women’s awakening campaign). From the year 1975 to 1979 AD educated and trained women conducted very effective programs of women’s awakening.

In the absence of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya, Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji guided unmarried young girls to execute a Gayatri Mahapurashcharan of 2.4 million Mantra chanting executed at Shantikunj-Haridwar. This was the preliminary phase of women consciousness awakening.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s journey to Himalayas ended. After getting new directions from his Gurudeva Sarvaeshwaranandji he returned to Shantikunj-Haridwar. After returning here he gave proper guidance for various creative tasks and thus Shantikunj became more and more widespread.

The branches of Gayatri Parivar and that of Yug Nirman Yojana had spread out in very huge areas. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s received many invitations from foreign countries too. He thought to himself that he should accept this invitation in order to render more widespread the activities of his sacred mission.

In the year 1975 AD Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji inaugurated the ‘Mahila Jagrati Abhiyan’ (women’s awakening campaign). In order to give the message of this new era meant for women the ‘Mahila Jagran’ magazine publication commenced. Along with this literature pertaining to women too got published on a regular footing.

In the ‘Mahila Jagrati Abhiyan’ (women’s awakening campaign) for training women camps were organized. They were also given training for printing press purposes. Arrangements were made to train young girls for 1 year continuously.

In this campaign under the watchful eye of Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji many girls started taking part in Era Neo Creation tasks and they thus rendered widespread creative programs in very far off regions of society.

Due to the inspiration of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya thousands of Gayatri Shaktipithas and Prajnapithas were established. From the religious/spiritual standpoint these Shaktipithas not only were important but from the standpoint of educating and training the lay ordinary public efforts were made to render them very useful. In Prajnapithas Darshan (philosophy) and science are given more weight age.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya after conducting a fair bit of mental reflection and deep cogitation for correlating modern science to spiritual sciences established the Brahmavarchas Research Institution near Shantikunj-Haridwar. Over here he encouraged expert scientists to find out the effect of Yajnas and Mantra Japa chanting via systematic scientific research studies. Thus a new beginning was made.

For devotees imbued with high stature Prajna (focused divine intellect) and executing intense spiritual practices a Gayatri Nagar was established so that they could conduct systematic scientific research studies on scientific spirituality. For educating and training them and also choosing them Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya arranged many training camps.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya commenced the task of creation and research studies on medicinal forest herbs with the help of expert aides and for purifying and sanctifying the environment planted thousands of trees. For purifying and sanctifying water, air, atmosphere etc intense efforts were initiated.

In this modern era the requirement of protecting our environment and ecology is augmenting day by day. Hence Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya created a program for protecting lush greenery and also rendering it widespread. He conjoined this program to usage of forest medicinal herbs (Jadi Buti).

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya focused his attention also on experiments and applications of the terrific energy of Mantra chanting and energy emerging from Yajnas. He made due arrangements for the chemical analysis of smoke emanating from Yajna fire and also designed programs to scientifically research into the effect of Mantra chanting on various forest medicinal herbs (Jadi Buti).

In the Brahmavarchas Research Institute established by Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya latest scientific apparatus, gadgets and scientific research technology were installed. For modern scientific experimentation and applications a very modern hifi laboratory was set up. Along with this a huge library was set up where so many books on various subjects were made available for reading.

By imbuing potent energy in innumerable pious people of society many training camps were arranged so as to render them responsible citizens of society. Thus such training made them capable of carrying out society neo creation tasks. This process of imbuing Prana Energy in sacred people was executed both via the gross and subtle medium.

In this present modern age along with physical bodily diseases mental illnesses also are rising at an alarming rate. Under such conditions Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya pondered deeply over a solution that could put a full stop to this. Hence he made proper arrangements for imparting apt education and training for Asan, Pranayam and Prajna Yoga at Shantikunj-Haridwar. Right since then till today thousands of people are benefitting from such superb training.

In the year 1990 AD (2nd June) Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya as per the proclamation he had made previously became one with his subtle divine existence on the auspicious day of Gayatri Jayanti and thus shed his mortal coil. Thousands of his devotees, followers etc thus were immersed in untold grief and anguish.

Before Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya had actually given up his mortal frame he was undergoing spiritual practices for rendering his inner psyche subtler (Sookshmikaran Sadhana). In 1990 AD (2nd June) on Gayatri Jayanti day he renounced forever his gross physical body and merged his sacred divine soul into that of Goddess Mother Gayatri. The moment faithful devotees got new of his great divine departure from this world they became full of sorrow and experienced untold pain of separation from him.

On 7th and 8th June 1990 Ad at 6 places in India Lakshavedi Brahmadeep Mahayajnas were organized (0.1 million wick flame lamps were lit). Slowly but surely its deep import and stupendous effect was recognized by society in all directions.

As per the holy guidance and directions given by Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji (consort of Revered Gurudeva) in the year 1990 AD a huge meeting was organized to offer flowers of deep faith and gratefulness (Shradhanjali) at the feet of Revered Gurudeva after he shed his mortal coil. For this so many men-women followers, devotees etc arrived both from all corners of India and the world too.

The Postal Department of the Govt. of India released a new postage stamp in the sacred memory of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya. This ceremony was executed by the then Vice President of India Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma on 27th June 1991 AD.

In order that divine culture reaches every household under the watchful guidance of Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji (consort of Revered Gurudeva) a historic swearing in ceremony (Shapath Samaroha) was organized on 8th and 10th June 1992 AD.

Under the holy direction of Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji (consort of Revered Gurudeva) in order to awaken India who was virtually ‘sleeping’ and also to congregate it in unity proclamation for conducting Ashwamedha Yajnas was made on 10th June 1992 AD so as to set rolling the campaign of Divine Culture Victory.

The first gigantic Ashwamedha Yajna took place in Jaipur-Rajasthan from 7-10 November 1992 AD. In this Yajna thousands of people took part and after this, a chain of such Yajnas continued the world over.

On 19th September 1994 AD (Bhadrapad Purnima as per Hindu calendar) Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji shed her mortal coil and forever merged into the divine cosmic soul existence of her icon Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya. After the great departure of Holy Mother there was gloomy darkness and sadness all around.

After the great departure of Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji for 1 year in Anvalkheda village (Agra) Akhand Japa (non stop) of Super Mantra Gayatri was carried out and for Purnahuti (closing rites) special Sadhanas or spiritual practices were performed. In this special program spanning one year participants from various parts of India had arrived.

From 7th November 1992 AD to 30th July 1994 AD both in India and abroad at 27 centers gigantic Ashwamedha Yajnas were performed. In foreign countries this was the very first time that such Yajnas were conducted. In this program both Indian citizens and Indians residing abroad joyously took part and citizens of foreign countries arriving there seriously started cogitating over the scientific angle of Yajnas. For the very 1stPurnahuti (closing rites) the Yajna arena of Anvalkheda village (Agra) was readied with grand beauty and in it many creative programs had been arranged. Both from within India and foreign countries thousands thronged to witness and take part in this grand gigantic program. The program site of Anvalkheda village (Agra) was very wonderful and grand.

The Great Purnahuti (closing rites) of Yugsandhi (era junction) Mahapurashcharan took place in the form of an Ashwamedha Yajna at Shantikunj-Haridwar in the year 2000 AD. In this grand gigantic program from within India and foreign countries thousands thronged to witness and take part in it. This program was indeed one without a second. The program site at Shantikunj-Haridwar was in a very humungous widespread area.












Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya was born on 20th September 1911 AD in Anvalkheda Village near Agra City in India. At this sacrosanct birth place of his a huge pillar of glory has been placed and on one big dais etched writings of all great tasks enacted by him have been placed.

Even today in this village activities pertaining to spirituality, Yoga, Pranayam, physical exercises, congregational Mantra Japa chanting, Anushthans, Yajnas etc are carried out. Over here have been established Shri Dankunvari Inter College, Gayatri Shaktipitha, Swavalamban Center, girls’ high school and university and Mata Bhagwati Devi Samudayik Swastha Kendra (health center). Thousands are benefitting from these institutions. Over here a big building for cows and another to perform Yajnas too have been constructed. At the birth place spot a grand Sun Temple and Meditation Center have been established.





Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya in the year 1940 AD established Akhand Jyoti Sansthan in Ghiyamandi-Mathura. Due to the divine touch of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya many sorrowful, stressed, harassed etc people got imbued with new refreshing Prana Energy and by availing Prasad and food from the sacrosanct hands of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya and his holy consort Revered Mata Bhagwati Deviji became their very own beloved. Only then did they leave after attaining fulfillment thus.

One room in this institution was used by Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya for Sadhana or spiritual practices and hence has been today converted into a worship room. The entire building has been renovated but this worship room is the same as it was previously. Over here literature related to Era Neo Creation, commentaries or Bhashyas of Rishi texts etc were penned here. It is from this house itself that on June 1971 AD Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya and holy consort Revered Mata Bhagwati Deviji had bid adieu to all in order to permanently shift to Shantikunj-Haridwar.

It is from here that publication of books, intense difficult austerities, propagating divine affection everywhere, writing letters to so many lay people who on experiencing such unconditioned love would write back with a sense of devoted gratefulness etc had commenced. Even today the gigantic institute for the publication, propagation, dispatch etc of Akhand Jyoti Magazine is established here in Mathura itself. It is from here too that 100 huge volumes (Vangmaya) of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s stupendous literature based on scientific spirituality is published, dispatched and distributed from here itself.

Over here has been set up an Akhand Jyoti Parmarthik Aushadhalaya (charitable medical center) for the benefit of poor patients.





This Gayatri Tapobhumi institution was established in Mathura city after Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya successfully completed 24 Mahapurashcharanas of Gayatri. Over here has been established writing of 24,000.000,000 of Super Mantra Gayatri, sacred water from 2400 pilgrim spots along with mud of that area. It is worth seeing the grand temple of Goddess Mother Gayatri and that of Lord Mahakal. Over here a Yajnashala has been constructed where an imperishably lit fire spanning 700 years has been established. On the right and left side of the temple the sacred sandals and radiant images of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya and his holy consort Revered Mata Bhagwati Deviji have been placed devotedly. In the spiritual center set up year devotees perform Sadhana or spiritual practices for 9 days and 40 day programs arranged. In the year 1953 AD a 108 Kundi or pyre Yajna, in the year 1956 AD a Naramedha Yajna and in the year 1958 AD a gigantic 1000 Kundi or pyre Yajna was successfully complete over here. It is from here that the world welfare program of Era Neo Creation and Transformation had been commenced and directed.

From the year 1965 AD the Yug Nirman Swavalamban Vidyalaya (school for becoming self dependent) is successfully being run. Without accepting any fees arrangements for performing Sanskar rites, food is given free to all from the huge kitchen of Revered Mata Bhagwati Deviji and free lodging arrangements on the campus also have been made. In the campus itself a Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya Parmarthik Chikitsalaya has been built for free medical treatment and a clean cool drinking water center has been set up to distribute it free to one and all. It is from here that Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s great sacred literature, editing of Yug Nirman Yojana magazine and publishing of Yug Shakti Gayatri in Gujarati language along with its dispatch and distribution takes place.






Shantikunj situated in Haridwar City in Uttarakhand State of India is a center of profound faith for millions of people. It was established in the year 1971 AD by the divine Rishi couple viz. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s and and his holy consort Revered Mata Bhagwati Deviji. This Ashram or hermitage is known as the HQ of All World Gayatri Family.

Over here have been reinstated a grand temple of Goddess Mother Gayatri and images of the Saptarshis or 7 chief Rishis of Vedic Era. In the year 1926 AD Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya had lit the Akhand Deep or imperishable flame lamp over here. Daily and regularly thousands of devotees perform Yajnas over here. Over here practical guidance is given to people to render their body, mind and psyche healthy and well advanced. Those who come here experience the fulfillment of their desires via Darshan and devoted obeisances to the temple of deities and images and monument of Sajal Shraddha Prakhar Prajna and the divine Rishi couple viz. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s and and his holy consort Revered Mata Bhagwati Deviji. A huge garden has been constructed for growing more than 300 rare forest medicinal herbs chiefly seen to grow in the lofty Himalaya Mountains. Over here each month a 9 day Sanjivani Sadhana Camp and 1 month’s Yuga Shilpi Camps are organized regularly.









A research center pertaining to scientific spirituality was set up in the year 1979 AD and named Brahmavarchas Shodh Sansthan or Brahmavarchas Research Institute. This gigantic laboratory adorned with latest computerized technology and apparatus have 3 main departments:

  1. a) A laboratory to research into Yajna Therapy (Yajnopathy)
  2. b) A laboratory that measures effects and influence of spiritual practices on the body, Prana Energy and mind i.e. on our entire life.
  3. c) A laboratory to conduct research on effects of rare forest medicinal herbs on our bodily and mental health. These rare forest medicinal herbs (Jadi Buti) are grown in a huge forest garden.

Twenty four temples of the 24 Divine Energy Streams of Adi Shakti Goddess Mother Gayatri have been set up wherein all principles of Mantra Science and Yajna Science have been installed.

It not only has a scientific spiritual laboratory but also a Reference Library boasting a collection of rare precious books and literature. In this institute an expert set of scientists are offering their great services in a selfless dedicated manner.









As per Indian Culture based on the ancient Gurukul System of imparting education in order to mold world humans as great ones this university was established. It is managed by Shantiknj-Haridwar-Uttarakhand-India.

The fundamental aim of this university is to impart true culture based education and propagate it worldwide. This university shall give golden opportunities to young students to become self dependent and eke out their own income. It shall also prove the participation of future citizens in uplifting of one’s country and culture to great heights of glory and usher in true well being of the world at large.

It shall fufill the goal of rendering students here super great citizens in the true sense of the term, zealous volunteers for various great tasks, radiant patriotic citizens and experts in the subject of study chosen by them. Over here a very modern gigantic library, a grand temple of Lord Mahakal and a huge Goshala or cowshed has been built. Along with degree (bachelors and masters) courses on various subjects diploma courses spanning 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years also are offered.











In the year 1989 AD Gayatri Jnanapitha, Patidar Society and Junavadaj was established in Ahmedabad City (Gujarat-India). This is situated about 8 km from the railway station.

The grand beautiful temple of Goddess Mother Gayatri established here is thrown open for devotees to have holy Darshan from 5 am to 12 pm and from 4 pm to 8.30 pm in the evening. In a wonderful Yajna hall daily Yajnas are performed (fire sacrifice and rituals) and various types of Sanskar rites are bestowed on devotees visiting here. It has its own center for selling literature and a library too. From the Jnanapitha Gujarati language literature is sold and dispatched.

Over here, the Yug Shakti Gayatri magazine is translated into Gujarati language. On this campus a center for administering Homeopathy mode of healing also has been set up. It is from here that the management of the Bhartiya Sanskriti Jnan Pariksha (Indian Culture Knowledge Exams) for the entire Gujarat state takes place.














  1. A) The renowned Mahayogi Shri Devraha Baba Sarkar said: I ceaselessly offer my respects to the Sidha devotee of Gayatri viz. Acharyaji. He always resides in my heart.
  2. B) The great saint of Arya Samaj, Mahatma Anand Swami says: Acharyashri has taken the great task commenced by our founder Maharshi Dayandji further ahead by making available this great science and spiritual practice of Super Power Gayatri to every world human. Acharyashri and Gayatri were one in form.
  3. C) Swami Karpatriji Maharaj who had reinstated the glory of Sanatan Dharma sacredly spoke thus: In this present era Acharyashri can be called the Father of Gayatri. He saw to it that Gayatri belonged to all. Lest Gayatri had remained in the hands of the Brahmin class only possibly the Super Science of Gayatri would have become totally extinct.
  4. D) The great saint Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji said: Those who wish to use Gayatri akin to sacred River Ganga waters must tread the path laid down by Acharyashri. It is easy to walk on and without obstacles. In fact Acharyashri has rendered Yajnas also as easy to avail akin to going to temples for having Darshan of Almighty God.
  5. E) The great saint Swami Kalyandevji said: My relationship with Acharyashri is akin to that between Lord Shri Krishna and his devotee-friend Sudama. People go to Mathura-Vrindavan cities to have Darshan of Almighty God in temples there but I would regularly go to Mathura to visualize the sacred Yajnas performed by Acharyashri there.
  6. F) When the ex President of India Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was gifted an entire set of Rishi literature commented upon by Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya he said: Lest I had received this immortal nectar of wisdom much previously possibly I would never have entered the arena of politics. I would hence have sat at the hallowed feet of Revered Acharyaji and imbibed education in Spiritual Philosophy.
  7. G) A volunteer of Gayatri Parivar gifted a set of Bhashyas or commentaries on Vedas written by Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya to Acharya Vinoba Bhave who then said: Such a wonderful commentary can be authored only by an extraordinary Rishi personality. Can any one else possess such stupendous capability? In the big meeting that Acharya Vinoba Bhave was addressing he kept eulogizing this commentary for a fair length of time. It was Acharya Vinoba Bhave who bestowed the title of ‘Vedmurti’ or an icon of the Vedas on Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya.
  8. H) On 27th June 1991 AD the then President of India-Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma while releasing a postal stamp in honor of our Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya said: Very much like me I look upon Shriram Sharma Acharya as a special profound spiritualist oozing with  radiant talent, imbued with strong will power and possessing immense self faith.

Acharyaji by bestowing modern day logic and proof to both theory and spiritual practices has shown us that path of social transformation for which the future generations to come in many more eras shall always remain humbly grateful to him. I strongly believe that Shriram Sharma Acharyaji’s spiritual personality is totally one with his social reformer based personality.






  1. Do try and at least place one foot of yours on My path.  I will open up all doors of material and spiritual prosperity for you.
  1. Do try and spend some of your wealth for My mission. I will open the vault of Kubera (God of wealth) for your eternal use.
  1. Do endure My reprimanding words.  I will shower infinite grace on you.
  1. Try walking in My direction.  I will look after you eternally.
  1. Try spreading My Message all over the world.  I will make your life and character priceless.
  1. Try Meditating on My character.  I will fill your intellect with priceless pearls of wisdom.
  1. Try making Me your very own.  I will free you from all bondage.
  1. Try shedding tears of love for Me.  I will help you attain the ocean of divine bliss.
  1. Try becoming something for Me.  I will make your life priceless.
  1. Try walking on My path.  I will make you a Messenger of peace.
  1. Try renouncing your ego.  I will make you world famous.
  1. Try singing My hymns and read My books.  I will help you overcome the bondage of this visible world and hence help you attain world glory.
  1. Try becoming My very own.  Thus the entire world will become yours.




Ø      The 3rd World War will not take place.  Today’s wrath will quieten down.  Hot war will be converted into cold war and ultimately an eternal “no war” state of the world will manifest.

Ø      Nuclear war will not take place.  Those sects and organizations of the world who with their might have demarcated lives which partition various countries will in future be wiped off.  Thus no more will the world be divided into various countries and instead a single World Nation will come into being or what is called “A Beautiful Borderless World” will manifest.  No doubt the world may be partitioned but this will only be for smoother governance by a World Parliament.

Ø      There will no longer exist many political parties because the world will be ruled by a one single Human Party.  Those elected representatives from various corners of the world will govern world humanity.  No longer will entrance exams be given importance for choosing important World Government jobs.  Instead these jobs will be given to radiant, skilful, honest and ethical individuals.

Ø      All literature, photographs, films etc. printed in the world today which is lustful, lewd and distorted will in future be banned totally.

Ø      In order to fulfil the requirements of world humanity, a major portion of the materials will be produced via cottage industries and will be sold via cooperatives.  Thus giant industrial concerns will not be able to compete with those cottage industries.  Clothing industries and Metal/clay sculpting businesses will thrive in small villages.  In this way the problem of job paucity will be solved.  Larger industries will produce only those materials which these smaller scale industries, cottage industries etc. cannot manufacture.

Ø      In the coming days a social organization will shoulder the responsibility of laymen and society at large.  Financial management too will lie in the hands of this social organization.  It will look after every need of world humanity.  Personal wealth hoarding and vain expenses will not be tolerated.

Ø      Great saintly Men of this era will solve problems of daily living.  Philosophers and scientists will change their way of thinking in a positive manner.  A new class of thinkers / philosophers will come into being.  Great scientists of the world in future will use their prowess to invent smaller technological apparatuses which will greatly benefit cottage industries.

Ø      The social difference between men and women will end.  Today cosmetics enhance sexual passion and thus women are looked down upon as dolls of beauty.  In future men will live like brothers and women like sisters.  Today success is correlated to your bank balance, which in future will have no importance.  Success in future will be correlated to how much one helps in spreading human values and sacred ideals in the world and thus help world humanity by touching the pinnacle of both material and spiritual glory.

Ø      In future people will find it demeaning to flaunt their intelligence, wealth and success. Instead they will help enhance high leveled skills and seek contentment and honour in aptly utilizing them for world welfare.

Ø      In the future Era of a Divine Intellect (Prajna Yuga), world humanity will overcome Mental and bodily strifes because people will eat, drink and rest as per the laws of nature.  They will be self-controlled and like other creatures, they will listen to inner intuition.

Ø      “Large Family” or “Joint Family” system will evolve as a cooperative administration.  All local activities will take place at one central location in a cooperative manner.  Instead of fulfilling daily activities like cooking, washing clothes, feeding babies, shopping, tuitions, entertainment etc. in an individual manner, everyone will work hard collectively and thus the needs of all will be looked after.  Thus society can save its time, money and hard work.

Ø      The above idealistic design of an individual family and society should not be looked upon as a figment of one’s imagination because it is a prophecy of a great seer of this era which will be proved true in the near future.



4 Nov

“The New Era is arriving at full speed. None shall be able to obstruct it. The great traditions of ancient eras shall be reinstated and vile distortions of middle eras shall be rendered naught. Lord Mahakal is making necessary arrangements for this end and on its basis foundation stones are being laid. This era shall most certainly transform positively. My tiny life is meant to proclaim and give a message regarding this”.

……………….Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

(From SamaSukshmikaran Evam Ujjwal Bhavishya Ka Avataran-2)



These days, denizens of Mathura (India) are experiencing the divine greatness of the director of this era’s revolution viz. Lord Mahakal who is the master of this era. This year was 1958 AD. Only 11 years back India had attained Independence from British rule. On the one hand its citizens were joyous on gaining freedom and yet they were sad regarding the freedom being partial. Despite this there were extraordinary vibrations in the atmosphere. These were days of cold winter. Preparations in full throttle wre being made for a gigantic Super Yajna meant for sowing seeds of Era Revolution. From every nook and corner of India devotees of Gayatri were arriving. Amongst these none was such who had not completed chanting of 0.125 million Gayatri Mantra Japa, intense austerities and observing difficult religious vows. In fact there were many zestful devotees who arrived in Mathura cycling for about 100 miles. From Saurashtra 2 persons named Shashikant and Rishikesh cycled for more than 600 miles so as to reach Mathura. A blind aged devotee called Ajabdatta walked about 100 miles to reach the venue.

Amongst these there were thousands of people imbued with faith in spiritual practices, steadfastness in penance and most importantly aspired to become aides in the divine sports of Lord Mahakal. The zest and enterprise of these enthusiastic people had merged in the air of Mathura city and waters of River Yamuna. In all directions there was discussion of about how Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya was executing an extraordinary spiritual application via this Sahasra Kundi (1000 pyre) Yajna. This is such a mind boggling experiment of churning of the spiritual energy of the sun that due to its influence and reactions one after another new revolutions shall set rolling in the 21st century the world over.

In all 4 directions a lot of discussion was taking place regarding the mundane and spiritual aspect of this Super Yajna. Eight towns were set up for Gayatri devotees of various regions which were spread out right from Gayatri Tapobhumi to Prem Mahavidyalaya. Their names were:

1)      Narad Nagar

2)      Dadhichi Nagar

3)      Vyas Nagar

4)      Patanjali Nagar

5)      Vasishtha Nagar

6)      Yajnavalkya Nagar

7)      Bharadwaj Nagar

8)      Vishwamitra Nagar

These townships named after great Maharshis truly were imbued with the subtle divine consciousness of Rishis. Over here one felt their extraordinary spiritual protection.

When only a few days remained for this Super Yajna of 1000 Kundis or pyres a very close devotee called Badriprasad Pahadiya asked Yuga Rishi: Gurudeva! The preparations of this Yajna are virtually complete. All arrangements are apt. each one is shouldering his/her responsibility appropriately. Under these conditions what will you command me to do? Gurudeva truly loved his disciple Pahadiyaji. The latter lived in Banda in Uttar Pradesh. Later he came to reside in Shantikunj, Haridwar. For his final sojourn of life he stayed here. Initially on hearing this question gurudeva Shriram Sharma remained deeply silent but later with a slight smile he said: Come! I shall hand over to you the most important responsibility of arrangements of this Yajna. You must shoulder it very dutifully and there should be no room for complaints. Please command me O Revered Guru! I will sacrifice my very life and being for it. Yet do tell me what do I need to do? As an answer to Pahadyaji’s query Gurudeva said: You must welcome very important guests; look after their needs and feed them sumptuously. I shall carry out this task with ease. You shall get no complaints for this task. On hearing this Gurudeva said: At first at least ask me who these very special guests are? Pahadiyaji mentally mulled that maybe these special guests could be some minister of the cabinet or state or some very senior government official. Before he could think further Yuga Rishi interrupted saying: For me ministers or high status officials are not so important. For me Rishi Authorities by dwelling in the Himalayas for carrying out ceaseless austerities for world well being is much more important and special.

From amongst these quite a few Divine Rishis are going to come for this Yajna. Now it was Pahadiyaji’s turn to get spell bound. Now he started hearing what Yuga Rishi had to say with more focus. Gurudeva continued: They themselves shall come to meet you. You must give them proper place to stay and feed them with hearty meals. You must not throw away the leaf plates after they finish eating food in it but you must dig a big hole in the ground and bury them there. These pious utterances of Gurudeva rendered Pahadiyaji more cautious and along with this he yearned to hear more since his curiosity was aroused.

On the very first day of the Super Yajna at dawn while Pahadiyaji was strolling on the River Yamuna shores suddenly 5 people who appeared old in age appeared before him. Pahadiyaji failed to realize from where and how suddenly these 5 people arrived. On seeing them he surmised that the height of these 5 people is about 8 feet. Three amongst them were totally naked and 2 of them wore only a loin cloth. Two of them were fair skinned and three of them had a little darker skin. Yet their mat locks were very long, they had a long beard on their chin and their eyes shone brilliantly akin to sun at noon time. Pahadiyaji on seeing them blinked his eyes. One of these 5 spoke and said: O Pahadiyaji! Do not get worried. Beforehand Yuga Rishi has already spoken to you about us. Hence please give us a guided glimpse of the sacred ground where the Super Yajna is to take place. On hearing this Pahadiyaji’s attention got focused again. He bowed down full length at the hallowed feet of these 5 aged men and started walking by their side. For 3 full days Pahadiyaji accompanied these 5 men and very responsibly made proper arrangements for their stay and food as was commanded by Gurudeva Shriram Sharma.

The final day now arrived. Today these extraordinary great seers were to bid good bye. A lot of questions arose in the mind of Pahadiyaji but he was previously advised not to ask anything. But this inner turmoil in Pahadiyaji was easily noted by these 5 divine men. Amongst these, one fair skinned saint asked: O Pahadiyaji! Yuga Rishi has asked you to maintain discipline but he has not bound us with it. We shall definitely satiate your curiosity and answer your questions. First and foremost Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma talks of Lord Mahakal but know for sure that he and Almighty Lord are one and inseparable. In the manifest visible form that person whom the world recognizes as Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya is in fact at the subtle invisible level the cosmic Lord Maheshwar-Mahakal. Era Transformation is his most definite steadfast Sankalpa or mental resolve.

This Super Yajna is the proclamation of Era Revolution that shall be harbingered by Yuga Rishi. The extent to which the gross visible form of this Yajna is widespread, its subtle invisible form is infinitely more cosmic in nature whose influence and result shall not only be seen in the 20th century but shall be witnessed by all in the 21stcentury too. A small portion of this mission shall be executed by Yuga Rishi in this present physical body of his. And the major remaining portion shall be successfully implemented by him after he sheds his mortal frame. After his body is given up the world shall undergo a flood of revolutions and transformations. No arena of life a

nd no region of the entire world shall remain untouched by these revolutions and transformations. Yuga Rishi himself will be the director of this Era Revolution whom you can relate to as Lord Mahakal too. Via him using the medium of 1000 pyre Super Yajna a flow of revolutions shall be created whose one portion shall appear from Yuga Nirman Mission set up by Yuga Rishi. Pahadiyaji was absolutely stunned hearing all this. Later the 5 Rishis disappeared from his vision.

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