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19 Dec



The sun is the chief of the solar system. According to the Vedas the sun awakens us in the morning so that we act aptly all through the day. The sun is said to be the ‘soul’ of all movable and immovable objects. Within the entire cosmos the sun moves about ‘mysteriously’ and is a silent witness of the actions of all living beings. In Greek language the sun is called “Helios”. It means that which is radiant and brilliant in nature. This radiance of the sun is but a manifestation of the intense infinite energy it harbors within its core being. It is because of this that life sustains on planet Earth. According to modern scientists that ball of brilliant light seen by us and is called the sun manifests certain movements. They in turn manifest as flames and black spots or sun spots.


No doubt the sun predominates gigantically in our solar system and yet it is a mere star with reference to the galaxy in which it exists. The distance between the sun and our earth is 1.4 billion and 9.6 million kilometers. Despite this solar rays take merely 8 minutes to reach our planet from the sun. The diameter of the sun is 1.3 million and 92 thousand kilometers. From our standpoint while visualizing the sun from our planet it is very difficult to imagine the sun to be so much more gigantic, heavy and blazing than our earth.

The temperature in every area of the sun is not equally distributed. The surface temperature is 6000 degrees Celsius. It is solar energy that is at work behind the sun’s light and heat principles. Solar energy is the very life force of our planet earth. As a result life proliferates and sustains on earth. This solar energy is a manifestation of the ‘nuclear’ activity of the sun. In that hydrogen gas is converted to helium. In the sun’s core/central region within one second 564 million tons of hydrogen gets converted to 560 million tons of helium gas. Energy of 4 million tons hydrogen manifests from the sun in the form of solar rays. The sun emits 3.8 x 10 raised to -26 Joules energy/second into interstellar space.


For the past 5 billion years the sun has been converting air around it into solar energy which is used up as and when required. Its temperature on the surface region too is not equally distributed. In the sun’s Photosphere the temperature is 6000 degrees centigrade. One layer of its uncontrolled atmosphere is Photosphere. Between these 2 is a layer whose temperature is 4500 degrees centigrade. This is the ‘coldest’ region on the sun. During the duration between the commencement and ending of a solar eclipse it is seen as a magnet freeze.


On the surface of the sun where the temperature is less and there exists only cold and dark gloominess is called Sunspots. The temperature of a Sunspot is less than 2000 degrees centigrade of the temperature of its neighboring gas. It is around 4000 degrees centigrade in the Photosphere. These spots tend to move as couples or more in number and their life spans between a few days and a few months. These Sunspots were first discovered by that great scientist Galilee.

The sun is never known to be clam and serene. This is because movements within it always exist. These movements are so intense at times flames appear on the sun’s surface. According to USA’s material scientist Unin Norman Parlor a continuous flow of hydrogen ions and helium ions are emitted by the sun. In this flow the number of electrons and protons are equal. It is also called solar wind which has a speed of 1.26 to 2.88 million kilometers per hour.


From Sunspots solar flames erupt forth in the form of energy. With its heavy intensity it scatters the particles of solar wind which in turn some times crosses the boundary of planet Earth and appears over here. These energy particles create intense magnetic fields on planet Earth. As a result all modes of communication can get flattened to the ground. In outer space solar flames get spread out in billions of miles area. Until today solar flames were seen in their most terrific form on 28th Feb 1942, 19th Nov 1949, 13th Sep 1971 and April 1990.


At the end of the 20th century i.e. in the year 2000 AD solar movements were seen again in a more intense form. In the year 2000 AD i.e. 3rd and 4th Mar blasts of intensity of billions of hydrogen bombs with the potential of 100 mega tons were recorded on the sun’s surface. As a result of this there was a storm of UV rays in the Earth’s central region. According to that famous outer space scientist R.S. Srivatsava as a result of this episode on that day between 11 am to 1.30 pm the overall situation was very dire because of the X-ray and UV ray storms that lashed out on planet Earth.


According to USA’s J M Fridge and Dr R.S. Srivatsava there are 2 points on the sun’s corona. These points are called 8882 and 8881. In present times these points have suddenly become very active. From both these points about 20 billion tons of corona material is emitted which constitutes a part of its storehouse of rays. It has a speed of 3000 kilo meters/sec. At any time its direction can point at Earth. Ordinarily its speed is 10000 times more. Amongst these one finds gamma and beta rays included too. With reference to these geological incidences Delhi University’s scientist Prof Vishnu Bhatia has clarified that sometimes the earth’s magnetic field agitates high energy particles emitted by the sun. Recently an incident of this type recurred and the earth was saved from great danger.

Very rarely does one see a destructive form of global turbulence but on the sun they have recorded even more intense and ghastly agitations. As a result of this sunspot based activities reach their peak every 11 years. In turn because of this time and again there occurs a change in the shape and form of solar based aura. The temperature of very sensitive magnetic fields found on sunspots is less when compared to other regions. In other magnetic fields (other areas) electrons, protons and ionic electric fields move along tortuous paths. This is why the 11 year wheel of solar activity marches ahead. Every 11th year this activity reaches its peak. On 24th April 1990 AD during such a solar agitation it was noted that certain materials of the NW region of the sun had separated speedily. These materials have spread themselves at a distance of 1million kilometers from the sun.


Due to high activity of sunspots on an average one notes the appearance of a multi colored polar aura. In the North Pole this light is called Aurora Borealis and on the South Pole it is called Aurora Austrealis. The electrical particles of magnetic storms emitted by sunspots get attracted to the magnetic regions of Earth. As a result one can see beautiful scenes related to light on the Earth’s Polar region. The rays emitted from solar turbulences reach the Earth’s Ionosphere. As a result the earth’s magnetic regions get influenced by it. The highest intensity of solar agitations creates further turbulences on the Earth’s Ionosphere. In turn there is a greater probability of magnetic storms manifesting on Earth. What then ensues is an obstruction of radio wave transmissions and thus there is possibility of chaos in the supply of electricity. Our earth has experienced this dire situation umpteen number of times already. These geological incidences had destroyed the electrical supplies of many nations. In Canada the Hydrocubic Electric Machines had been shattered and for hours many regions of Canada and USA had to go without electricity for a certain time span.


At present the sunspots have been increasing since 1996 and they reached their peak in March 2000 AD. When magnetic movements increase on the sun uniformity is noted in its aura but when magnetic movements decrease many colors are seen in its aura that spread out in inter stellar space. A weather scientist of USA’s “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration” Mr. Gary Hackman maintains that the present eruptions on the solar wheel and the resultant dire storm of rays has passed nearby planet earth at a distance of 0.15 million kilometers. It should be looked upon as nothing short of divine grace. If this were not true artificial satellites that have been set up in inter stellar space and their dependent institutions would have been the target of one of the direst world catastrophes.

All such solar movements/activities indicate an imminent widespread change in the world. Eminent world scientists opine that because of such movements a great transformation will duly be witnessed the world over. They say that the shape of earth will no doubt not change but that nature will transform in totality. This can also be seen as a form of transformation of the 21st century which will herald a New Era.


12 Jul


As per modern history right since childhood we are taught that our ancestors were semi civilized Aryans and they resided in Central Asia. From the North West Frontier they entered India. At that time over here for more than 1000 years an Indus Valley Civilization bloomed forth whose residents were chiefly Dravids. The attacking Aryan Race crushed this civilization and pushed the Dravids to southern India. Then within a few centuries these Aryans created the Vedas, spread their culture in entire India and authored the grat civilization of Ganges.

There is no concrete proof which tells us that our ancestors were Berber, barbaric and uncivilized who had come from abroad. In fact European rulers, missionaries and historians harboring enmity towards India planned this illusory scam. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee while warning us all regarding this illusory mesh and who gave us the Mantra of attaining freedom from alien rule told his countrymen that I must warn you all with very harsh words because European scholars are hell bent on proving to you that Indian history is tainted. They wish to erase all your pride and patriotism for India and want to lead you astray. Even today it is not out of turn to remind ourselves of foreigners aspiring to erase our sense of glory towards India.

The bare fact is that there is no concrete proof that Aryans were aliens who attacked India. This thought palace built on falsehood has been razed to the ground by data unfolded by researchers of truth and facts today. It was at first Swami Dayananda Saraswati who vehemently challenged the opinion that Aryans were foreign invaders and not citizens of India. Swamiji made it clear that the word Arya mentioned in the Vedas does not connote any particular race but that it is an ethical inner quality.

After this Swami Vivekananda too with his divine energy introduced the pride and glory of India to his fellow countrymen. He not only possessed experiential wisdom of Indian literature but that he had deeply studied western history and religion. It did not take him long to decipher the vile designs of westerners as far as Aryans are concerned. That is why in a speech delivered in America Swamiji mockingly said: Your western scholars talk of Aryans arriving in the alien land of India and by snatching away the land of aborigines dwelling there and pushing them away they themselves started residing there. All this is but pure humbug and foolish childish imaginations. It is very surprising that even our Indian scholars accept this observation in a blind fashion. Swamiji was pained to note that such terrible lies are taught to our Indian children.

Further ahead Shri Aurobindo Ghosh in his book ‘Secret of the Vedas’ has alerted and cautioned Indian citizens of the unfortunate beliefs of European scholars regarding Vedas. He opines that they do not have any proof for the belief that Aryans had invaded India from the North-West region. According to Shri Aurobindo there is no such proof in the Vedas. Also the differences demarcated between Aryans and Dravids too is deluded and illusory. After studying Tamil deeply he found a deep bond between Tamil and Sanskrit languages and found that both these were branches of a primordial language that is no more.

Ten years after Shri Aurobindo the mathematician and language scholar R Swaminarayan Iyer on the basis of profound studies in Tamil concluded that there is a deep relationship between Tamil and Sanskrit languages. According to him Dravid based verbs were of Indo-Aryan origin which as time lapsed by became quite distorted and became very difficult to identify. South India’s language scholar and mathematician N S Rajaram opines based on his research studies that Dravid languages possess fair bit of similarity with Sanskrit language. In a certain sense Dravid languages have kept its ancient Sanskrit nature more secure when compared to North Indian languages like Hindi.

The father of India’s constitution Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar after studying Vedas studiously concluded that the belief of Aryans invading India has no concrete evidence to prove it. This principle is based on past imaginations wherein facts were twisted in a big way to prove their erroneous belief. In Vedas nowhere has been mentioned a separate Aryan race. In it there is no proof that Aryan race had invaded India. There is no evidence of Aryans gaining victory on Indian origin aborigines and that there was never a racial difference between Aryans and Dravids. There is no mention of skin color difference too. If Anthropology is a science that unfolds the caste of people of world society its research proves that both Brahmins and Shudras labeled untouchables originate from one single race. If Brahmins are Aryans it follows suit that Shudras too are Aryans. If Brahmins are Dravids, untouchables too are Dravids.

Neither in Vedas nor texts of alien lands possess proof that Aryan race had their own region outside India. In reality all regions with reference to Aryans like Saptasindhu, Aryavarta, Bharatvarsha etc exist in India itself. In Ramayan, Mahabharat and Purana texts there is a mention of a high statured well developed civilization in India itself that existed for many thousands of years.

A renowned author Bhagwan S Gidwani in his book ‘Return of the Aryans’ has challenged this historical faith that Aryans of European origin after entering India from the North-West destroyed the Harappa or Indus Valley Civilization. Mr. Gidwani came to this conclusion after studying the well known songs and proofs of archaeology and history for many eras pertaining to Aryans amongst people of about 20 countries of India, Europe and Asia. He has strong faith that Aryans are actually original resident of India.

In 1920-22 digging by India’s Archeology Department in Harappa and Mohenjodaro area has thrown a lot of light on this subject. After many years in other regions too such spots were found which throws light not only on the all pervasive nature of this civilization but also on its well developed nature. This was called the Indus Valley Civilization but as per later research conducted this civilization chiefly resided on the banks of Saraswati River. Hence it is more befitting that it be called the Sindhu-Saraswati Civilization. This continued to exist from 3500-1900 BC. Up till now as per research conducted in 1500 regions this was much more widespread than previously thought of. This civilization had spread out to Iran’s border in the West, in North up to Kashmir and ahead of Hindukush Mountain in Turkmania, Baiktriya, Tajikistan’s foot regions of Pamir Mountains and to the south near Godavri River and in east much ahead of New Delhi it covered an area of 2 million sq km. This civilization was much more gigantic than its contemporary civilization in Egypt or Mesopotamia. Doubtlessly, it was one of the greatest civilizations witnessed in world history.

From all archeological research conducted in the Sindhu-Saraswati region no such proof has come by that says that Aryans had arrived from outside India. It is certainly not proved by the vessels, weapons, writings, art, images etc found here. In fact bang opposite to this civilization has been proved to have a Vedic nature.

In Rigaveda not only one finds a description of ships in the sea but there is also mention of cities along with business and industry which is very similar to that of Sindhu-Saraswati civilization and that it had no relationship with the Berber race of Central Asia. The most special aspect of this civilization was its city development and management whose high stature was seen in Europe after 2000 years lapsed by. It had trade links with alien countries like Oman, Bahrain and Sumer. Its ‘lothal’ got the glory of being the world’s first dockyard and tidal lock.

The coins found here tell us that the religious traditions of this civilization had Vedic leanings. The images of gods/goddesses can be seen seated in Yoga Mudras. Proof of Vedic culture in it can be found on noting that they worshiped fire, meditated on Shakti along with unveiling of images of Nandi, Pashupati and Shiva. Proof that they carried out Yoga practices comes from images of Yogis sitting in meditation and making use of various Mudras. The mysterious Sindhu handwriting script had a bond with Sanskrit language can be proved from various coins dug up from there.

In its widespread form the Sindhu-Saraswati civilization was Vedic in nature whose cultural foundation is conjoined to the Vedas. From the clay of 6000 years nothing has been dug up which proves that this civilization was different from Vedic civilization that is in the form of Hindu religion today. One who vehemently believed that Aryans invaded India, John Marshall too in the book ‘Mohenjodaro and the Hindu Civilization’ has been forced to say that the religion of Indus Valley people so similar to India that in no way today it can be looked upon as separate from Hindu religion. The civilizations of both Mohenjodaro and Harappa are not primordial ones but are well mature ones behind which lies the intense labor of humans for thousands of years at a stretch.

The chief river of Sindhu-Saraswati civilization that is River Saraswati may no longer exist today yet it did exist in ancient times based on proof unearthed from archeological surveys. Via satellite photography this has been proved correct. At the feet of Himalayas it flowed in the Shivalik Mountains. Near Ambala in Punjab it touched the plains. It flowed by the side of the Sindhu River first going to the dessert of Rajasthan, then going to the Kutch dessert area of Gujrat and then merging into the Arabian sea. This was a wide river spanning 3 x 10 km. At one point in time even the Sutlej and Yamuna rivers were its branches. This flow which ended in 10000 BC in the Ice Age was full of brimming waters due to the melting of Himalayan glaciers and ice rocks. After detailed research studies it has been found that River Saraswati many a time changed the direction of its flow due to excess flooding and earthquakes as a result of which Sutlej River starting running towards the Sindhu River and Yamuna started flowing towards the east. From direct proof available it is clear that in between for many centuries the land remained arid as a result of which River Saraswati was partitioned into many branches and by 2000 BC it completely dried up.

In the Vedic Era this was the central region of activities, austerities and spiritual practices of Rishi-Munis (Aryans). In the era of Rigaveda it flowed with full force. Aryans resided on its bank and after getting glorified with its boons and sacred gifts they eulogized River Saraswati. In Rigaveda (2-41/16) it is eulogized as a Supreme Mother and Supreme River.

From Rigaveda, epic Mahabharat and other Puranas the knowledge of the state of this river can be unveiled from pilgrim spots found on its shores. In the Rigaveda it is written that this great river flows from the mountains to the ocean. In Mahabharat it has been written that this river dried up in a dessert. The opinion of Aryans as foreign invaders depicts that all these texts came into existence after 1000 BC which means that it talks of 1000 years post Saraswati River drying up which is totally baseless.

Archeologists have unearthed 700 spots of different shapes of its dried up bed whereas on the banks of Sindhu River only 100 such spots were found. On this basis too it is fully justified too look upon life giving River Saraswati as the chief region of this civilization. These many spots prove one more thing. The existence of houses in the middle of this dried river proves that River Saraswati had commenced drying up before 3000 BC whereas it flowed in full throttle during Rigaveda era. During a terrible famine around 1200-1900 BC River Saraswati was rendered naught. Due to this many other regions too were hampered. The Sumer civilization of Mesopotamia too got destroyed as a result. As soon as Sindhu-Saraswati civilization got destroyed its indwellers at first headed towards the new flow of River Yamuna and then came to River Ganges. Over here they established a new civilization which we all have inherited on the basis of which we can with pride say our original ancestors were Aryans who were Indians. It was they who rendered India more sacred than heaven too.


1 Jul

Ordinarily there is belief prevalent that man himself is the author of his destiny and future situations. Whatever actions we perform today will be seen as reactions in the form of future situations. On this basis in the present tense we can predict the future.

But in this world are born such divine seers who well in advance have the capacity to see, understand and predict the results of collective actions performed by world humanity. Of course not on the basis of ‘Falit Jyotish (Astrology)’ but via subtle powers of spirituality many special humans possess such capabilities that can see future events clearly. In order to reform and instill balance in today’s world scattered and distorted situations the Divine Authority time and again makes special arrangements. On seeing the direction and flow of this Divine Inspiration we can understand that how the wheel of situations will move in future times. Spiritual seers imbued with soul power well in advance understand these future possibilities. These great seers keep the knowledge of a few of these future predictions to themselves and the rest are shared with the world so that people are timely warned to change themselves as per situations that manifest.

Today a lot of movements are noted in the subtle world with reference to changing of times and neo creation of world humanity and the entire world itself. In the past, clouds of distortions have appeared due to worldwide unethical activities and irrationality. Its reaction in future will be seen as bitter ferocious situations. Almighty Lord is in no mood to see his beloved prince that is man and his supreme creation that is this world get destroyed just like that. In order to balance it Lord Mahakal’s controlling management is at work. It is indeed our good fortune that even today there dwell on earth such subtle seers imbued with gigantic soul power who can understand this intense movement of the subtle world along with their reactions, situations, directions and future possibilities. Over here we will list out the future predicted by a few great seers. Time and again their predictions have come true 99% times. Whatever maybe the basis of their prediction but yet it is a fact that when tested minutely they have proved to be correct. On this very basis we must place faith in their other predictions too which will be proved correct at the appointed hour.

What will happen in future? This is not mere curiosity but is very useful too. If we come to know that which will definitely take place in future man will avoid opposing it and thus save his energy. Further by working in tandem with future happenings and can imbibe a comfortable mode of working so as to benefit from the ease and success attained via flowing in an apt direction.

How and in what direction is the future of the human race and the entire world being created? This glimpse can be got from the above predictions. They are all very useful for us. The way today’s rotting social frame and thinking/behavior of world humanity is changing can be understood from these predictions.

A small beginning has already been made by the organization called ‘Yuga Nirman Yojana’ regarding Era Transformation and Neo Creation. On the face of it this movement seems very miniscule yet behind it which principles of the subtle world are at work and how will it evolve in a cosmic manner can be glimpsed in the above predictions. Those hands that have directed this program is today being looked upon merely as an individual human being. But when we delve deep into this future predictions we realize that this so called ordinary human being is actually a divine messenger and prophet of a New Era. If we conjoin the activities of  ‘Yuga Nirman Yojana’ and the personality and mission of its founder Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya to these predictions we can conclude that this program and personality that appears very minute is akin to a tiny seed which in a few years shall play the role of a gigantic tree.

All these seers are such that it is possible that they have hardly heard about the ‘Yuga Nirman Yojana’ and its director. In the subtle world they saw and interpreted situations via their divine vision and made predictions accordingly. If we cogitate deeply these predictions regarding Era Transformation most optimally applies to ‘Yuga Nirman Yojana’ and regarding the method of manifesting Era Transformation, a Divine Messenger has been spoken of. This messenger can be none other than Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya. If this is actually true we will have to say that all of us thousands of individuals have failed to understand the greatness of this movement and its founder.

The time has arrived to understand the nature of future transformations and by working in tandem with it we must understand the Bhagiratha like effort of that prophet full of austerities and as per his directions and teachings we daringly take gigantic steps forward. In it lies our farsightedness and wisdom.

Time and again we have published predictions made by world renowned, honest and self realized divine seers in the ‘Akhand Jyoti’ magazine hence to a great extent we can call them trustworthy. Within them predominate Saint Prananath, John Melard, Orechard, Maharshi Aurobindo, Gopinath shastri Chulet, Mahatma Vishwaranjan Brahmachari, Romain Roland, Cheiro, Variska Silvigar, Anandacharya, Jean Dixon, Anderson, Gerard Chrisey, Arthur Charles Clarke, Prof Harare, Jules Berne, Paramhans Rajnarayan Pattashastri, Kedardatta Joshi, George Baveri, Paraselsus, Daniel, Nostradamus, Father Walter Wayne and others. From amongst these we will give the gist of a few predictions.

Mahatma Prananathji, the Guru of the glorious emperor Chatrasal has made predictions of Era Transformation and the manifestation of an Avatar in the following poetic meter:

Vijayabhinandan Buddha ji aur nishkalank it aay.

Mukti desi saban ko met sabay asuray.

Ek srishti ghani bhajan ekay ek jnana ek ahar.

Cchod bair miley sab pyar so bhaya sakal main jay jaykar.

Akshar ke do chashmein nahasi nor nazar.

Visa so barsay kayam hosi bairat sacharachar.

The editor of ‘Healing Life’ Father John Melard too while agreeing with the manifestion of Era Transformation and appearance of a Divine Messenger writes:

Today world problems are so complex that it cannot be solved by a human intellect or power. World peace is beyond the capacity of human beings. Despite this there is no need to despair because such indications have been noted wherein they say that God has arrived on earth and along with the power of his aides is setting about establishing a New Era. We can say he is definitely an Avatar after gauging his intellectual and soul power. This world transformer cannot remain hidden behind a veil for long.

W E Orechard while elucidating his opinion too writes:

Israelis are waiting for the manifestation of Almighty God in this world but know for sure he has already arrived and not only will their own grief but the strife of entire world will end. God never allows evil, injustice, atrocities etc to reside in this world. Today these distortions have risen so alarmingly that God will perforce manifest in this world.

The well known Indian Mahayogi and one who for his entire lifetime lit the torch of spirituality Shri Aurobindo was imbued with Extrasensory Powers (ESP). He would warn his disciples that miracle like predicting future events was an obstacle on the path of Self realization. Hence he did not predict the future much. And yet he made certain predictions which imbued his followers with power of endurance and energy. In the year 1939 he had said:

In 8 years India will gain political freedom. And yet very shortly India will be partitioned into 2 countries. Both these predictions came true.

Regarding Era Transformation his prediction is very important wherein once he told Mother Yajna Shikha in a blissful tone:

Divine inspirations are shooting forth in my psyche saying India’s glorious state is definitely going to manifest. Some people are trying to force India to imbibe the western culture but I have full faith that a movement will commence in India which by destroying its demonic elements will give it a new direction of righteousness and will thus augment this country’s glory. This movement will help re manifest Satyuga or Golden Era the world over that will ooze with peace and joy.

Mahatma Vishwaranjan Brahmachari while predicting that Shastriji will become India’s Prime Minister had also said sadly:

Shastriji will remain Prime Minister for a short time span only and that he will die outside India. After that a woman Prime Minister of India will be elected. In these days widespread rise and fall will be seen but the most important event in it will be a great spiritual and religious revolution in this country. Although this revolution shall have its center in central India yet it will influence every nook and corner of India. The director of this new revolution will get the credit of binding North and South India culturally. In a few years India shall establish new ideals which will be imbibed by entire world humanity. People while voluntarily giving up taints will imbibe great qualities instead. In future people instead of competing for money and status in society will instead yearn for honesty, integrity, philanthropy, selfless world service, hard work and enterprise.

We must remember that Shri Brahmachariji had predicted heavy floods in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Many of his other predictions encompass the fact even India would have to face either heavy flooding or intense earthquakes. It will also have to face united war against Pakistan and China. Despite all this India will keep progressing. Further in future it will get more recognition than America and Russia. It will be India who will get credit for saving the world from another world war.

One day Barar’s scholarly astrologer Gopinath Shastri Chulet with his divine sight saw that the creator of a New Era in this world has already taken birth and that Era Transformation is a surety. On the very same day, at the same time yet far away from that place his father who was a great orator of Shrimad Bhagwat and who was well known in every household of Barar heard this very divine prediction. Both father and son via letters posted to each other spoke of this same premonition and what was more astounding is that both father and son saw the same divine scene of future at the same time.

Shri Shastriji had predicted that India will gain political freedom between the years 1945 and 1950. This later was proved true. Ten years previously itself he had predicted Gandhiji’s death which also was correct. He had said that in 1970 someone from America will circumambulate moon. This he had predicted in ‘Kalivarjya Prakaran’ while writing that we must not circumambulate earth. He further elaborated that Indian air planes right since ancient times have already circumambulated earth and other planets. All this will be seen very soon whereas in 1970 an American citizen will land on moon. Hence even we Indians must research into space travel. His other predictions like attack by China too have come true. He had faith in his Extrasensory Powers yet he would not believe all these immediately. At that very time (5/9/1926) he etched out an astrological chart of middle times. Tula of Lagna was conjoined to high stature Shani; in Parakram area was high stature Ketu; Guru was in Mukh; in 7th house was Swagrahi Mangal and conjoined to Shukra which tells us that modern science and a new religion will be established. In Labh Bhava there is Buddha conjoined to Swagrahi Surya which tells us that wealth and grandeur will augment in India. This Lagna reminds us of the Janma Lagna of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama and tells us that definitely an incarnation of God/Avatar has already manifested on earth for establishing righteousness even if this will be accepted by people the world over only much later.

On getting this thought he wrote a book called ‘Era Transformation’ which was published in Akola (Maharasthra). In this book on the basis of astrological calculations he wrote that Era Transformation will commence in Pausha Krishna 30 Samvant 1981. As of now is the era junction period. In it the dark age of past will end and the dawn of a New Era will commence. On the one hand this time period is full of upheavals for India yet it also shows signs of great success, grandeur and leadership. In future this country will lead over all other nations as far as knowledge and science are concerned.

The time calculation of eras was made on the basis of mathematics principles of astrology. All scholars of India accepted them as correct and this book had mass appeal. On the one hand in this book a scholarly argument has been aimed against illusory beliefs harbored by Indians of blind faith yet light has also been thrown on the nature of knowledge revolution that would take place in future. He writes:

In this land of India a gigantic revolution will occur. As a result of this-

1)      The method of education will change drastically. Today people study so as to get jobs. But in future such a trend of education will set in wherein people will not study for jobs but will sympathize with servants and lower strata of society.

2)      The nature of God devotion instead of being restricted to using rosaries and chanting Mantras will devote itself to serving poor poverty stricken people.

3)      People will yearn for world welfare service instead of Moksha or salvation.

4)      People will abhor lawyers and attorneys. Science will spread out its research in fields like geology, chemicals, Yantras, mineral-ores, magnetism etc under the leadership of India.

5)      Faith will deepen in true religion and soul sciences.

6)      Various caste divisions shall now come under 4 major categories only. Caste based narrow mindedness will end and its positive influence will be noted in eating, resting, traditions etc.

7)      Vedic Science will spread all over the world.

8)      The basis of a constitution will be as per Smritis written by Manu and Yajnavalkya.

9)      Widow re marriage will not be looked upon as against scriptural injunctions.

10)  People will harbor faith in congregational power.

11)  Instead of building temples of God temples of broken families will be built so as to rehabilitate them. True temples will work for awakening world humanity.

12)  A lot of love, affection and goodwill shall augment in families.

13)  Indians shall design such planes that shall emit no smoke. Fire, wind, rain, sun etc shall work as per mankind’s wishes. The science that establishes contact with dead people shall evolve further.

14)  In every region one will find laboratories and industries blooming forth.

If era transformation presents itself as a historical event of this century it must not be looked upon as amazing. Thought revolution and that too on the basis of a gigantic organization has been accepted by many high stature seers. These sorts of predictions will be given in the following pages from which it is clear that the manifestation of such an era is not far away wherein the world will live joyously on ideals of love, friendship, equality and human values.

Divine seer Romain Roland writes:

I have faith that a major portion of white civilization along with its good bad qualities will get destroyed and then a new civilization will take birth. In clear words Romain Roland has spoken of this new culture as belonging to India and has said that in future Indian culture and religion will be established as a world religion, and world culture. A new world society will be created. I have no worry of life getting tainted. Western countries do not harbor faith regarding immortality of the soul but I do believe in it. Those people who are today being born in western countries and are being influenced by western culture will certainly have to face ferocious hardships.

The famous seer Prof Cheiro too speaks of destruction of white community, end of Muslim civilization, the birth of a new civilization and the ushering in of a new religion. While accepting that planetary position calculations as true he writes:

When sun enters Aquarius an intense influence is seen because its planets are Uranus and Saturn. The ancient knower of this secret science believes this to be the sacred dawn of a New Era. On the one hand Saturn executes destructive activities. Due to the influence of Uranus ancient laws and rules undergo total transformation. The sun enters Aquarius and thus gigantic movements, changes and revolutions are witnessed. This is the creator planet of a New Era. Due to its influence women appear in a new form.

All these situations can be clearly seen today. Even in very traditional countries like Iran, Turkey, Arabia and Jordan women have attained the right to lead a freedom oriented social life just like their male counterparts. Sun has entered Aquarius. All planets have gathered together and hence a New Era will definitely manifest. In it instead of the old culture a divine culture will reign henceforth.

Hungary’s world renowned lady astrologer Boriska Silvigar predicted thus:

India’s glory shall manifest as a high stature world power but in order to attain it India will have to struggle a lot. On the face of it this situation will appear agonizing yet in this country a messenger of God will appear who by gathering thousands of laymen will imbue them with so much valor that these laymen will combat so called materialistic people and will prove the latter’s beliefs as deluding. After this straightforward honest people will lead the world and peace will start creeping into every nook and corner of the globe. In those days fraud, murders and looting will rise alarmingly hence only after gigantic struggle human values will get the nod. Know for sure that this transformation will last very long. Till the year 2000 its signs will be noted. After this the world will ooze with true love, compassion, honesty, charity, goodwill and brotherhood.

Boriska is that very lady who was challenged by an English officer saying that England would never allow India to get political freedom. Despite this Boriska gently smiled and said: After 1944 no authority on earth can induce India to continue living as slaves to foreign rule. India’s fate shall henceforth shine and it is the religious people of India who shall lay down the path of world peace.

Such proof can be found in the Holy Bible too. While commenting on Mathew 24 and Revelation Chapter 6 the famous futurist and saint Father Baxter writes:

A man has appeared seated on a horse with a sword in his hand. The meaning of the sword in hand is that such a great person has taken birth that shall revolutionize the world and in order that people lean towards righteousness he will imbue them with sacred powerful thinking. Those times can be identified by the fact that weapons will become very costly, people’s habits will veer towards sinning and the body will weaken. The god of death will help diminish the rising world population via wars, epidemics, famines and so on. Natural calamities shall rise alarmingly, the movements of sun/moon/various planets will prove to be very perilous for world humanity and at that time such a power will take birth that shall lead the world towards peace and human values.

There is no difference if you compare today’s situations to those mentioned in the Holy Bible. Hence it is not erroneous to say that an Avatar will be born to establish a New Era in this world. Between destruction and struggle the sun of a New Era is smiling. Know for sure, this is that very historic hour. None has the power to obstruct Lord Mahakal’s eternal world management.

Anandacharya was none other than Surendranath Baral born in Bengal in 1883. He gave up the post of a professor in Kolkata University so as to walk on the spiritual path while settling down in Norway. He performed penance over there and published many books. He was the first person to say in 1910 that after 4 years people should ready themselves for a 1st world war. In the last days of July due to a very common incident war commenced and later all those countries that had tension filled relationships with each other jumped into this war. This war will continue till November 1918 and when the war shall end world politics will get centered at one place. Such an organization will be born which shall have majority of world nations as its members. But in place of truth and integrity since diplomacy will prevail, people will not accept much of their decisions.

At that time not many paid heed to these predictions but when it came true later people started accepting their factual nature. At that time a group of journalists of Britain met Anandacharya and requested the latter to throw light on future world situations. At that time he said: very soon you must again ready yourselves for a 2nd world war. In it Germany’s Hitler will predominate and thousands of people will die in a few moments. Only later will peace be established.

After a few years of this prediction Germany attacked Poland in September 1939 and after this war flames burned more terrifically. Thus a 2nd world war set in. In this very war at the dawn of 6th August 1945 atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan wherein more than 0.1 million people died a horrific death.

According to Anandacharya as per an important portion of his prediction 24 years before the 3rd world war and 24 years after it India will pass through times of great upheaval. The first 24 years will be in the form of 24 years after Mahabharat War and the final 24 years will be the dawn of a New Era. I will give up my body very shortly after my country India attains political freedom yet others will see what kind of changes usher in after succeeding in the freedom struggle.

In my country religion will become all pervasive in the form of an organized institution. It will take birth immediately when India attains independence but after 24 years in 1971 it will become a very powerful organization and will be well accepted all over India. On the one hand widespread upheaval will be witnessed in world politics and in Indian politics will predominate actively. That organization which will manifest as religious/righteous uplifting will also get ready a new map of world welfare tasks. The founder and director of this organization will be a householder and will gain renown as one of the greatest thinkers in the annals of world history. This person will design a code of ethics regarding social responsibilities of world humans and also as to how world peace will set in. If all his life’s thoughts are collected and published in a book, the latter will weigh about 100 pounds. At that time people will amazingly marvel that in this material era how useful are these thoughts? But when widespread world hardships are witnessed materialism will get a new direction of thinking through this code of conduct and ethics and hence the latter will be worshiped just as we worship the Holy Bible, Vedas and so on. Today we see people veering away towards material progress only but know for sure that later a time will come when spiritual principles like salvation, soul, God etc will reign in the psyche of world humans. That situation which India faced after the Mahabharat War will be seen to positively transform after the 3rd world war and it will be well managed by this new religious organization.

The American future lady seer Jean Dixon is world famous for her predictions. Till today virtually all of her predictions have come true. In her predictions we get glimpses of world transformations that will be witnessed in future. One of her predictions is as follows:

In one country of Asia, most probably India, a great soul has already taken birth in a rural family who will direct, control, manage a great spiritual revolution. Behind him will be the collective power of other active souls that will transform today’s world tainted situations.

In the same way another American futurist Anderson says that on the one hand where destructive situations are there in the world, despots are ruling the world there a Divine Messenger of God is working for world neo creation. According to him:

A person born in a small village in India has spiritually influenced not only India but the entire world. This person will become the greatest prophet in world history. He alone shall have so much congregational force that even the most powerful country of the world does not possess. He will create a human constitution that will be applied to the entire world wherein the world will have one language, one world nation, one international court of justice and one world flag. Due to the influence of this great effort world humans will compete with each other to imbibe more and more of self control, goodwill, justice, ethics, sacrifice and generosity. The headlines of leading newspaper will publish topics like selfless service, renunciation, enterprise and true philanthropy. On reading this people everywhere will be greatly inspired to work for everyone’s well being. Murders, looting, robbery, fraud, crimes and scams will end once and for all. Till the year 1999 the entire world will positively transform and then for thousands of years life the world over will reign in peace and joy.

He further opined that today this world that cannot even imagine the true nature of religion and culture will witness that this religion will speedily spread out everywhere in the world. This culture and religion will be that of India and this prophet too will be an Indian who today is busy laying the firm foundation of the future world revolution.

A similar prophecy has been made by Holland’s world renowned futurist Gerard Chrisey. He says:

I am seeing that in a very ancient land of the east (India) where serpents and sages are worshiped, there people do not eat meat, have faith in God, their women are loyal to their husbands and that they never divorce. People of this land are true, honest and straightforward. From there I see a holy light rising high. Over there a great saint has taken birth and shall make programs for world welfare. In between a lot of upheaval will be seen the world over, ferocious wars shall be fought wherein certain country’s will get destroyed, air accidents shall be on the rise so alarmingly that very few will travel by air planes. Behind this saint thousands will be at work, mainly women. All these people will congregate and by lighting fire will offer fragrant materials to it (Yajnas) so as to experience joy. Its smoke will ward off pollution in the air. World humanity will pay heed to whatever they have to say. All political leaders perforce will have to gather on one dais. All this will be seen by the end of the 20th century and then the entire world will experience a sense of unity and brotherhood. Everywhere peace and friendship shall multiply. No violence will take place and oppression, lies, frauds etc will no longer be allowed to rule. The harshest punishment will be meted out to those who are wicked, full of tainted activities and harass women sexually. People will drink more milk, the harvest of flowers/fruits will increase manifold and the world will radiate beauty.

If in a certain region a very minor court case is fought people will start wondering as to who that person is in this world that harbors hatred and criminal leanings in his/her psyche. At that time there will be no caste or creed based disparity and men and women will enjoy equal rights. This earth will predominate with one religion and that is the religion of human values. Today people of the world have established the United Nation’s Organization (UNO) but in future the entire cosmos will congregate into an organization called the United Planetary Organization. Its capital will be planet earth. It is possible that this capital will be Mars, Jupiter, Mercury etc it is definite that the boundaries of humanity that are so limited will become more widespread and infinite in nature in future. That day is not far away when akin to villages collecting to form regions, regions collecting to form states, states collecting to form countries and countries collecting to form planets, various planets of the cosmos too will establish a bond of friendship with each other.

The above words have been uttered by the famous American futurist Arthur Charles Clark who while accepting the internationally known Culling Prize had given those prophecies very confidently which proved to come true later.

When Charles Clarke was very young itself, Extrasensory Powers and prophecies manifested in his psyche. He would say: man is not this physical body but is energy in nature. This energy exudes light, brilliance and all those potentials which man yearns to attain from God. This energy of the human psyche is latent as of now yet I see that:

From a country of Asia (India) very soon an intense thought revolution will usher in. this will echo in India by 1971 and 10 years later in the entire world in such a way that man’s latent psyche will perforce awaken. Today those energies which are totally ignored by everyone will in future become a topic of research and experience for people the world over. Science will take up a new direction which will ooze with spiritual principles. The substratum that shall bind the entire cosmos like many pearls strung in one string will be these spiritual energies or Sidhis and divine powers.

Prof Harare was respected as a great religious saint. His prophecies always came true. According to him:

In the 1st half of night when I am in deep sleep a divine person appears in my dream. This Yogi seated near a waterway has a half moon at the point where both his eyebrows meet. His hair is white, his clothes too are white, his skin is fair and he wears shoes that are not made of leather. Surrounding him is a crowd of other saintly people. In the center is a brilliantly burning pyre. These people chant something and offer certain materials to this fire. The atmosphere becomes cloudy with its smoke. World humanity is running towards these people. Amongst them so many are facing hardships, are physically challenged and lack material wealth. This divine person is preaching to all of them by imbuing their psyche with joy and warding off their strife. People forgetting hatred and enmity are mixing with each other like brothers and sisters. Heavenly joy is being showered on them. Slowly this radiant light is heading towards north and is shining like the brilliant sun on some mountain top. The rays of this light gather like rain water clouds and covers entire planet earth with its brilliance. At this point my dream ends.

These utterances are of the world renowned seer Prof Harare which he had spoken in a debate titled ‘A New Era shall arrive’ and its details were published in a magazine called ‘West Mirror’. Prof Harare was born in Israel in a religious Jew family. He was well appreciated in Europe and North Africa for his prophecies that were 100 percent true akin to Anderson and Jean Dixon attaining fame in America, Cheiro in England and Varah Mihir in India.

When people questioned him regarding the above dream Prof Harare said that the dream that I see in the morning generally came true in a few days. Those dreams that I see in the middle of night prove to be true in a year both those dreams that I see in the 1st part of night come true after a few years. Regarding the above dream I harbor a few thoughts as follows:

Such a divine person has taken birth in India who will be responsible for laying down the foundation of a spiritual revolution by the year 1970 without getting world renown for it. But later his influential leadership will spread not only in Asia but in the entire world. His thinking will ooze so much with human values and farsightedness that the entire world will perforce listen to him. When science shall destroy religion and culture in the entire world, at that time this person shall direct a religious revolution and akin to  before Christ’s birth people shall realize the importance of worshiping natural elements like water, fire, earth etc.

The famous French author Dr Jules Berne says:

 The most powerful personality of world history has already taken birth. Very soon he shall transform the entire world. A knowledge revolution will usher in and like ferocious storms it will cover the entire world.

Regarding future transformations he opines:

As per what I see a spiritual revolution shall commence from India. Regarding its management I differ with Jean Dixon in the sense that this person has already taken birth before 1962. At the present moment he must be involved in a major task in India. This divine person will be involved in the struggle for India’s independence and he shall have many followers. These followers shall form a powerful organization and very soon shall positively influence the entire world. Transformations that appear impossible today will very soon succeed easily via their soul power. This transformation shall be the foundation of world peace to be witnessed in future.

In reality it’s a fact that whenever a prophet or Avatar has manifested on earth, very few people have recognized them in those times. Only after they shed their mortal coil did people realize their divine personalities. Regarding this a few decades back in 1939 in Uttarakhand (India) a debate took place amongst saints and sages. The topic was whether those situations have already arrived wherein an Avatar manifests in this world based on planetary positions and calculations? In it a detailed discussion took place regarding the Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar and it was concluded that Lord Kalki has already manifested. The problem was that many famous saints and sages proclaimed that they themselves were Lord Kalki. Hence what should be done? How does one identify the real Lord Kalki? Regarding this some special qualities were demarcated and was decided that anyone possessing these qualities is the true Lord Kalki. This saintly gathering published a small book titled ‘Kalki Avatar’ and distributed the same all over the country. This would help many avoid getting entangled in illusory ‘Lord Kalkis’ so as to identify the real one and thus help in that Avatar’s mission of world neo creation. A few notes from this book:

Lord Kalki will be the leader of a very powerful organization whatever he says and decides on a code of ethics regarding Almighty God and world individuals will be accepted by rationalists and literate people too. He will be the super scientist amongst all world scientists and he will unfold the mysteries of religion and the soul.

On the forehead of this divine person will be seen V shaped moon between the eyebrows. On his throat will be a symbol of half moon conjoined as 2 lines. He will wear Indian clothing. His nature will be innocent as a child, daring as soldiers, youthful all his life like Ashwini Kumaras and a great scholar of Vedas and various scriptures. His father will inspire him to undergo Yoga practices. In his life 24 alphabets will have great importance. Within 24 years of age he shall enter high stature Yoga principles. He will chant a Mantra of 24 alphabets. He will be the 24th Avatar, he will perform penance for 24 years and in these austerities will encompass partial spiritual practices numbering 24 thousand, 2.4 million, 2.4 billion Japa etc. He will conduct a spiritual program of 2400 Yajnas.

According to Kedardutta Joshi:

The material stature of India will rise higher up. A power that shall uproot all vile thinking shall manifest. It will first take birth as a small organization but very soon it will spread the world over as a potent thought revolution.

Signs from subtle space and the above beliefs of astrology say that forces of neo creation and various positive situations have already come into existence with its powers and it is well beyond human strength and intellect to obstruct it.

George Baveri who was a great scholar and Tantric of Egypt’s secret sciences had predicted that a soul who will give light to the world for ushering in the Golden Era or Satyuga has already taken birth in India but his mission shall fully evolve independently only around the year 1932. 14th September 1936 shall be the first day of this New Era. On this day that soul giving up his human garb shall manifest as an Avatar and then despite facing opposition from thousands of deluded people he will showcase his intense and terrific spiritual influence that shall perforce awaken the whole world. After 1965 people will fully perceive his high spiritual stature and after 1970 mainly in India he will be witnessed as an Avatar. Later India will also manage the entire world and will show the world the path to true peace and joy.

In Patna’s (India) Khudabaksha Oriental Library there is a book written in Persian by Bukhara’s famous saint Shahballi. In it is written:

The 3rd world war shall be very horrific. America will lead in it. China will be the 2nd unit. After this war the English shall get totally destroyed and India will become a super power. Of course, for this India will have to struggle a lot. On the face of it this situation shall be very painful but in this world a divine messenger shall arrive who by congregating thousands of lay persons shall imbue them with so much valor that these so called small time people shall challenge hard core materialists and shall prove the latter’s thinking as illusory. After this straightforward honest people shall lead the world and peace and joy shall spread the world over.

Regarding this era’s prophet and Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar South India’s famous saint and futurist Raman Swami Iyer’s utterances and prophecies are very clear. He writes:

Lord Kalki shall arrive neither seated on a horse nor with a sword in his hand and yet these 2 shall be symbols to identify the true Kalki Bhagwan. A horse symbolizes potent energy and the fact that Lord Kalki is seated on it means that he will be so powerful that all forces of the world shall act as per his directions. Lord Rama has used his divine energy to overcome the powerful demon Tantric Ravan. Lord Krishna was an Avatar because on noting his energy even the powerful Kauravas-Pandavas shivered in fear. It is the task of an Avatar to manifest his pure cosmic ego and he is identified by the fact that the most the mighty and highly intellectual person of the entire world pales in front of this Avatar. The meaning of horse over here is that he will be the most powerful person in the annals of world history.

The sword symbolizes cutting something. The heads of enemies are not cut off but that their vile thinking is attacked. In the Kalki Purana (Indian Mythology) it is said that Lord Kalki will fight intellectualism of those (Buddhists too) who today appear highly educated yet they fail miserably as far thinking about spirituality is concerned which is beyond rank materialism prevalent today. Only he shall be identified as Lord Kalki who shall attack the very erroneous beliefs atheism, sense titillation activities and hoarding of excess wealth the world over.

Shri Iyer has said that: Kalki shall be born near Mathura (India). The meaning of Sambhal is a village on the shores of Chambal River. His arena of activities will be in Mathura. His aides will come from various regions. He will be a great worshiper of Gayatri and knower of Savitri principle. He will be adept at cutting thoughts with thoughts. Only he will have the power to reinstate all those beliefs spread in world society. Many other people shall declare themselves to be Avatars. They may even exhibit a few miracles yet they will not be able to neo create anything. Thus like worms of rain they shall appear in our midst and very shortly get destroyed too. Whereas the great saintly Lord Kalki will formulate new thinking, transforming day to day living and rejuvenating Rishi literature. Later people will imbibe this glorious thinking. He will be a householder. Despite owning untold wealth his lifestyle will be very simple like an ordinary householder’s life. His wealth shall be utilized strictly for world welfare tasks. His India based followers after imbibing his ideals shall form such a powerful organization that will help spread his sacred thoughts in every nook and corner of the world. Women will predominate in helping him spread his mission. This extraordinary nature miraculous person shall change residence towards the end of his life. At that time his Raudra or divinely terrific form shall manifest. When people will shiver on hearing his terrific thinking his saintly wife shall take over the reins of his divine mission. With her intense love and affection she will show the right path to all those who are straying. India will progress leaps and bound and it shall influence both Russia and USA. Both these countries will appear ordinary in front of India’s grandeur.

Who shall get the credit of becoming Lord Kalki? Let us leave this decision to circumstances and future times. People have generally recognized people as Avatars during their lifetime itself so it is impossible that they cannot be identified. These Avatars may remain in hiding yet one day they will definitely be unearthed. What is definite today is that a divine authority that is about to transform this era has already incarnated. How is it possible that this Avatar will not manifest to fulfill his resolve of ‘Yada yada hi dharmasya, glanir bhavati bharata’, Abhyuthanamadharmasya, tadatmanam srijamyaham’? Of course it is a different matter as to who will attain his divine love and blessings and who shall get crushed in his ire. Everyone shall perforce walk the path of world well being. Some may do this gladly and others may do so by compulsion.

All great futurists like Paracelsus, Daniel, Nostradamus, Vegelatin and Father Welter Ben prophesize that era transformation shall be the final and most powerful event in world history. None has the power to obstruct it. Following are some important prophecies of these great seers:

  1. The entire world shall be governed from one center. There shall be only one world language and culture. The number of cities shall diminish. Means of communication shall evolve to such an extent that people will be able to transport their thoughts to others living elsewhere like wireless transmission.
  2. The commencement of Satyuga or Golden Era with children less than 25 years old. When old people shall refuse to give up their old beliefs a great saint will be born in India who will set rolling a thought revolution the world over. Due to its influence thousands shall join him and yet those harboring old hard core beliefs shall shy away to give up their withered beliefs. At that time the younger generation shall imbibe apt thinking and thus help commence a New Era. People will be very optimistic. Fraud, scams, scandals and murders shall be totally replaced by love, compassion, sacrifice, honesty and charity and world brotherhood. Righteousness shall be reinstated and unrighteousness shall be totally rooted out. All this should take place by the year 2000 or there about.

As per the Bhrigu Samhita Shri Aseemananda writes:

Even this time the one who will uplift the entire world shall be a Sahasrar Chakra Sidha Mahayogi and like 24th Great Avatar Lord Buddha who akin to Lord Rama and Lord Krishna will be a devotee of Savitri Shakti or Divine Energy. With the power of his penance he will heal many diseases, will ward off the lack of many poor people, people will identify him by themselves and in order to serve him will work zealously. His helpers shall come from regions all over India and shall make efforts to tie everyone with the silken string of a single culture.

According to Shri Aseemanandaji when such a revolution shall manifest people from all over India and the entire world shall get attracted to it and only then shall a New Era manifest in this world. Although this hour shall appear soon yet the entire world till then shall face a lot of struggle and hardships. It can be to the extent that a major portion of the world’s population gets destroyed during this struggle phase.

Today the world is full of vile activities. In order to fulfill political selfish interests so called thinking people are prone to act unjustly and unethically. Unruliness is on an alarming rise the world over. Right since ancient times those character based disciplines which were known to be sacred India’s beauty are now being destroyed. Women who were piously looked upon as mothers are now lewdly and lustfully looked at. The Divine World Soul (God) can no longer endure all this. Yuga Nirman Yojana definitely is the divine wish of Lord Mahakal. Hence we all must see and understand whether those prophecies mentioned have a direct relationship to this or not? Even if it has an iota of truth then thinking and sacredly sensitive people, in order to fulfill this divine mission, must step forward. The above facts have been further strengthened by Nostradamus’ prophecies too.

Nostradamus born in France was a very wise astrologer and seer of the extrasensory world. All his prophecies regarding Napoleon and Hitler have come true. Details of his prophecies can be read in a book called ‘Centuries and true prophecies of D Michael Nostradamus’. As per this book:

A world famous person shall take birth in a highly religious country of the world in the east. This person alone with the help of smaller aides shall cause a thought based upheaval in the world. This historical personality shall give birth to such a worldwide great struggle that in every home and region inner upheaval shall manifest. This great revolution shall take place at the end of the 20th century and start of the 21st century. Later everywhere in the world human values shall rule the roost. People will give up demonic qualities and the world will ooze with heavenly joy.

On the head of this extraordinary great saint of world history shall rest a moon, his mode of dressing shall be very simple and he shall have 2 daughters. Twice he shall change his residence and shall dwell in the north.

The proof of the above prophecy is that HH Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma born in a small village (Anvalkheda) of an eastern country India ushered in such a religious revolution so as to set rolling a war between people’s divine and demonic inner qualities. Small time social workers of All World Gayatri Parivar and Yuga Nirman Yojana by going far off countries have chanted aloud the Mantra of sacred inspirations in such a way that world humanity sheds all its demonic thinking and activities. Via many Ashwamedha Yajnas people not only in India but the world over are imbibing great thinking and activities. Our Gurudeva changed residence only twice and both times he resided in the north region.

In the above prophecies it appears as though the one who has prophesized it actually has visualized the details of our Gurudeva’s family whereas this prophecy was made in the 16th century.


7 May

The research and experimentation departments of Brahmavarchas Research Institute at Shantikunj – Haridwar (India) awaits help from all those individuals who fully understand the goal of Science of Spirituality and have enough inclination to imbibe it and spread it in the entire world.

For philosophical research one will have to study many books. For this Brahmavarchas’ own library cannot do full justice to this task.  For that one will have to search for books in other well-stocked library that are related to our topic of interest.  We think that libraries of well-known Universities will be of immense help to achieve our research target.  In certain cases, even libraries of colleges have good philosophical literature.  Many public libraries too can be of help to us.  By gathering materials that are of great use for us from these institutions, it can be of immense help to us in conducting research in our institute.


For material goals, a lot of research is going on in govt. and non-govt. institutions.  Its primary aim is to benefit materially.  Yet sometimes this sort of research gives us such facts which are of great use in correlating Science and Spirituality.  One can avail of this sort of material from such research institutes by maintaining contact with them on a regular basis.  This activity will definitely help the research wing of Brahmavarchas Institute.

Apart from this certain regional publications print such material which is of great value as far as proclaiming spiritual truths is concerned.  One can send cuttings from such publications to Brahmavarchas Institute that are based on rebirth, fruits of actions, proof of Extra Sensory Potential (ESP) and mysterious events related to Mother Nature. This sort of contribution too is looked upon as a major aspect of Brahmavarchas Research Institute.


There is a great need of exalted thinkers who have the necessary credentials to find such libraries and research institutes so as to gather necessary information from them and then sending it to Brahmavarchas Research Institute. For this end research members are being appointed wherever such research information is available.  Those who are interested should write to Brahmavarchas Research Institute – Shantikunj – Haridwar – India.


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Ceaseless teaching/guidance has been the extremely important specialty of HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma’s life. He kept himself far away from all attractions, media glare, advertisements etc and instead used all his precious time in molding people. At the root of all that he attained from his revered Gurudeva and success in molding the form of ‘Yug Nirman Yojana’ on the basis of executing very difficult austerities, has definitely been his Sankalpa or powerful mental resolve. He became an ideal disciple of his Guru, became Taponisht (one immersed in difficult austerities) and Vedmurti (master of Vedic literature). This is his direct Sidhi or success. Whatever he attained in the form of a precious key was handed over to his beloved disciples and representatives called the very souls of his being. With its medium he showed that if you walk on this path you shall definitely attain the true goal.


Via the artistic method of ‘one eye of loving affection and one eye of tough disciplining’ pertaining to his experiential teaching based on difficult penance, is an example of how a gigantic organization is set up. How the organization must be watered and given fertilizers and how a pause less sequence of selflessly serving volunteers joining this organization is set up. On Gayatri Jayanti Day (2nd June 1990) by taking Mahasamadhi by warding off the bondage of the gross physical body our revered Gurudeva becoming more subtly all pervasive via the subtle and causal bodies of his created certain substratum on the axis of which is standing loftily with head held high in glory the All World Gayatri Family. Do try and understand the main axis of this special teaching and guidance.



HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma in one letter has said very clearly to ‘the souls of my very being’ who joined his divine mission to read it daily at least once. He has also requested that all those positively influenced by his resolves, who have faith in his decisions must not only read them but must always make due effort to put them into practice in daily life. In this booklet all those aspects have been spoken of that are very necessary for the very thinking, great character, social behavior and art of living day to day life.



At first itself Gurudeva Shriram Sharma writes that: Although these inner feelings are mine, they are being written too by my 3 fingers yet the program that is being designed, is about to be executed do not think that these fingers, papers or pen shall fulfill it to completion. In fact to actually execute it is the responsibility of all of you who are my unswerving steadfast volunteers. In management the most important thing is called ‘power of delegating’ or handing over responsibilities to others aptly. Hence HH Gurudeva says to his disciples that the first responsibility of all of them is to do things first themselves as guided by Gurudeva. Just because I am writing all this it does not mean all of you sit action less and silent because all this shall have to be thoroughly done by all of you volunteers. Until the souls of Gurudeva’s being by looking upon all this as their prime responsibility do not take up the task of actually putting into action the program designed by him the disciples’ well being shall not see fulfillment.

Who are the souls of Gurudeva’s being? They are all those who are conjoined to his cosmic body of divine wisdom. In this are included every person of the class of volunteers, readers of Akhand Jyoti Magazine, any ordinary layman joining all programs of the mission in some form or the other, all those influenced by the great personality and activities of Gurudeva due to visiting book fairs/exhibitions and all those who have joined Gayatri Tirth Shantikunj, Brahmavarchas Research Institute, Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (University), Gayatri Tapobhumi Mathura, Akhand Jyoti Sansthan, Yug Tirth Anvalkheda and more than 4,000 Prajna Institutes spread out not only in India but the entire world. The body has fingers, nails, veins, joints and muscles. All these together constitute a physical body. HH Gurudev Shriram Sharma looked upon everyone as a unit of his gigantic cosmic body. Every one initiated by him, those who are his well wishers and the wise intellectual class are the souls of his being. In this booklet he says that: This program is being written by every pore and nerve of the head and heart. Not only is this being written but that arrangements are being made to actually complete it successfully. It maybe that paper and pen may no longer remain. Even if the fingers do not remain yet this missionary task shall never stop. Along with every particle of blood and atom of the brain is at work that divine power/authority that cannot be perceived by our gross physical eyes. This divine power is working in a subtle unseen manner.



This commandment given to us by Gurudeva is so important that it’s profound serious must be understood in a correct context. The entire form of fulfilling this program has already been carved out hence why should any of us worry? We must only listen to the divine speech of Yogeshwar Shri Krishna in the Bhagwad Geeta (11/33): ‘Nimitta matram bhava savya sachin’ (All these valiant warriors have already been killed beforehand by me O Savya Sachin or ambidextrous Arjun! Hence you must merely become my medium or instrument. The other important point to note is that ‘this program shall definitely see successful completion’ and this is positive thinking. We must never think negatively with despair. All that is definitely about to happen, that destiny especially wishes to execute.



Which program are we talking about? What is its form and nature? This is the program of Era Transformation called Yug Nirman Yojana and Thought Revolution Campaign. The program is gigantic and is as big as its name called Era Transformation. Those who truly and profoundly imbibe the deep meaning of these worlds shall definitely get glorified. Innumerable programs and schemes are designed and take shape yet they are at the worldly and material level only. In it the percentage of failure is much more. Our program is that of Almighty God in order to transform this era in the 21st century and a transformation shall set in the psyche of every world human. HH Gurudev Shriram Sharma too lived a life of this great stature. After setting up Gayatri Tapobhumi (Mathura, India) in 1953 he proclaimed that the campaign of Satyuga or Golden Era returning is represented by the campaign of Yug Nirman Yojana. In this movement of Era Transformation millions of people shall contribute in a big way. Transformation shall not be restricted to merely some special class of society or some particular country but that it shall encompass the entire world and era. This is a revolutionary Rishi Sankalpa or powerful psychic resolve of world cultural neo awakening. None can stop this endeavor’s success. Many great people shall participate in it on a war footing. It could be that some shall get due credit for it. And yet this shall be just fate oriented. We must not run after amassing credit for this great task carried out but must labor religiously to see to it that the mission succeeds to the last letter. This teaching is based on Gurudeva’s Karma Yoga of inner detachment. Only then shall the speed of these activities quicken in pace. It is only then that the seemingly impossible to achieve Bhagirath task of Era Neo Creation become possible. 



Gurudeva tells his unswerving volunteer members-the souls of his very being that they must read again and again, understand the role they have to play and change one’s lifestyle accordingly with reference to the program designed on the basis of which the campaign of Era Transformation shall climb various ladders. Why is this most required? The reason is that the largest and greatest contribution must be made by the souls of his very being. Their time, hard labor, means and capabilities fully are going to be used for this great mission. In order that all these precious qualities do not get frittered away in worldly selfish gains revered Gurudeva is trying to caution us that one thing must definitely be understood by us all that it is only when all of us unite together cooperatively that the creation of that great saintly cosmic personality takes place whom we call Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya who is writing these sentences. It is hence that he calls us all his units. After being given such superb credit our daily lifestyle should be in accordance with that lived by this great saint. The qualities of his were those of a true Brahmin, simplicity, a large hearted soul, deep profound thinking and immense compassion towards all. He questions us whether we are ready to take up this great responsibility? It is for us to answer this question satisfactorily.

Now a question can arise in anyone’s mind as to how this great task can get fulfilled? How can we lead it to apt completion? While merely constructing our house we perspire profusely hence how can we shoulder the gigantic task of Era Transformation? One knows not how many volunteers shall be required for this, how many means shall be required and at what level the help of big personalities of high stature shall be required? Regarding this Gurudeva says: All of you need not worry regarding the above. This is because the one who has ordained us to execute all this shall definitely amass all means for carrying out this great divine mission. You all must think only about one thing and that is how each one of you will compete with one another in putting in greatest effort and harboring a sense of self surrender for this mission.



This is the root axis of Gurudeva’s commands that is the gist of Bhagwad Geeta and its main voice. Do not worry at all. Leave this worry to that divine existence who has carved this cosmic gigantic mission. This in fact is the hour of the great festival of a historical world transformation. Such auspicious moments arrive only after millions of years pass by. The means for this mission too shall be given by this divine controlling authority and all directions too shall be God’s. Yes! We must keep in mind that with an attitude of healthy competition in the field of sacred ideals we run the race of running ahead of each other. There are 2 precepts to be imbibed viz. more and more hard labor and self surrender based on one unswerving attitude. Those who pass the test of these 2 precepts, who shall march ahead ceaselessly, shall definitely attain special blessings of the supreme divine authority. This divine authority shall make arrangements of means that shall be rendered operational by such people who shall not shy away from hard work, shall ceaselessly immerse themselves in Karma Yoga and with steadfast one pointed attitude shall surrender their very being for this great mission. The success of any organization is dependent on these 2 precepts.



When HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma talks of self surrender he directly gives an example of Lord Hanuman. His historical data says that when he conjoined to a gigantic power he got credit of successfully executing all important tasks. On this very basis he expects from all of us that we become in no lesser manner of the stature of Lord Hanuman. In our sacred tasks we should never lag behind as far as putting in intense effort and self sacrifice is concerned. If we observe deeply the resolve of God is to correct that which is tainted (Sambhavami Yugey Yugey), Rishi consciousness interprets it, places before us all the means of the subtle and gives us due capability of using the same aptly. Lest we read his directions we shall understand that our journey commencing from a miniscule level shall widen and become as widespread akin to travelling from the small Gangotri glacier to the huge Ganga Sagar or ocean. The way to function for this end shall be very much like that carried out by Lord Hanuman. The biggest special quality of Lord Hanuman has been his sense of total self sacrifice and focused surrender.



When we imbibe the attitude of self surrender it must continue without pausing. When a wife surrenders to her husband her name, clan and future conjoins to her husband. Her surrender is indeed marvelous. Although we have conjoined to our Guru existence, sometime or the other we have resolved to imbibe his ideals in day to day living, our life has changed because of influence of his great thoughts, in the social arena too we are succeeding uninterrupted and yet why is it that the level of intensity of our self sacrifice is not of the stature possessed by Lord Hanuman? For all of us this should be a topic of self introspection. Not only this, the continuity of self surrender must be ceaseless and must go on right till our last breath. Why choose Hanuman only? Why not someone else? Hanuman is the one and only disciple of Lord Shri Ram. He is a direct example of how to walk on the path of righteousness with daring and farsighted discrimination. Hanuman was influenced only by Shri Ram and never by Kalnemi. Hanuman says: Ram kaj kinhey bina, mohi kahan vishram. In this divine mission why should we even think of rest, holiday or going on retreat? If we do so maybe our self surrender is weak or else we are not truly focused on self study and self introspection. The Guru existence is trying to make us alert at this point.



Further ahead Gurudeva Shriram Sharma says that: As to what task needs to be taken up, regarding this time and again directions shall be given. Previously too he has said that: It does not matter whether the fingers that write remain or not, yet know for sure the mission shall go on uninterrupted. Hence do not think that since Gurudeva has shed his mortal coil we shall not get guidance from him. His divine consciousness shall guide us ceaselessly. At least let us get ready to imbibe these divine vibrations. Let us make the penance of our life more intensely radiant. He writes that: Tasks may get fulfilled, may remain incomplete or may change too. It means that do not worry if the role and tasks handed over to us change or that as per demands of time some changes are seen in the mission’s program. All of us are the very souls of Gurudeva’s divine existence and let this united form appear in front of the entire world. The entire All World Gayatri Family is one, united and may this form be seen by one and all. Lest someone is requested humbly to quit a trustee’s post or that someone is shifted to another zonal area to look after the mission’s activities there, none should get agitated or perturbed by all this. Let us not look at this mission’s tasks as merely work but that it should be looked upon as sacred service for world welfare. This certainly is not a government planned program. In fact it is God’s divine mission. Revered Gurudeva is telling us all: Even if the task is breaking up let it happen, but please do not taint the bond and relationship that you share with others. We must have deep faith in this advice of his. A good powerful organization is one which works with a sense of united oneness with each other. Its true wealth is cooperation with one another and trust between all members. There are innumerable spiritual organizations yet the ceaseless journey of progress of All World Gayatri Family is mind boggling. Its key lies in the fact that all of us are the very souls of the Guru’s divine existence.



Gurudeva Shriram Sharma says that while carrying out various tasks (individual spiritual practice, regional programs, giving discourses, managing the Ashram, managing the Shaktipitha, magazine publicity, Wisdom Yajnas, the spiritual practice of creating our own family, various types of social service and contacting the lay public) we must remember at least one thing that is the attitude of self surrender with which we joined revered Gurudeva increasing or not on a daily footing? In no arena should any lack be noted. Self surrender should increase daily and this is what Gurudeva expects from all of us. It is just not his command but that it is the prime duty of all of us to see to it that since we have surrendered our all to him each moment must be lived for him. What is generally seen is that initially when we join this mission with enthusiasm we feel like carrying out innumerable tasks yet as time lapses by this zest starts weakening a lot. This is a subject for the ‘Management of the Organization’ to see that if either someone does not get required facilities or getting influenced by what others say their sentiments of faith are getting hurt or not. The task of augmenting deep faith has to be executed ceaselessly by every soul of Gurudeva’s being.



Further Gurudeva writes that: Do understand the cosmic nature of this mission. Even if the target does not reach the goal yet it shall at least definitely reach that region which can be called wondrous, incomparable, extraordinary and historical. How wonderful is this proclamation? Our Gurudeva is motivating us and is increasing our enthusiasm saying that the task is gigantic yet keep in mind that even if it is so huge yet we shall definitely complete it. Although we must be clear about this determination yet along with it we must keep up our ‘fitness’ levels too in tandem with its cosmic nature. Many radiant advanced souls and organizations shall join this gigantic program in future times to come. Hence we must all gear up for this in readiness. Do not worry if the task is not done fully. It is great even if we come somewhere near the goal. Even this shall be an extraordinary achievement.



Previously too he has promised us yet again he says: No doubt gigantic means are required for this mission. Yet place its burden on the divine controlling existence. Many a times from the standpoint of means required we start comparing ourselves to others. The Guru existence is saying do not worry about this. Keep ready your goal and showcase your potential to execute this task. Means shall come to you unasked, on their own. This is because the divine existence itself who is managing and directing this sacred program. Whatever shall be required shall be made available. Whatever is not required by the divine existence shall be given as time passes by as per God’s orders lest the mission requires it. For example if someone thinks lest such an arrangement was made we could have done this or that and so on. Time is lapsing by. At that time we have to convince ourselves that no lack should be noted in our intense hard work and yet if some particular arrangement is not available then instead of lamenting over it the task should be augmented with whatever limited means are available. Gurdeva Shriram Sharma says you must ensure only that no lack enters your honest hard labor time inner qualities activities and character. Do not think about rest. Think only this much as to how much we can contribute with a sense of self sacrifice and stay ahead in our sacred task. Think humbly and feel glorious in calling yourself a volunteer. In this lies your greatness. All these precepts are even greater guides than even Upanishads for any volunteer.



 If anyone wants to become a volunteer and wishes to march ahead on the path of selfless service to the world, this word is a sure shot key. Spiritual evolution too is possible to achieve on the basis of this axis. All Sidhis and success is attained on this very basis. Our honest hard labor, inner sacred qualities, activities and character must reform more and more in a continuous manner. Never should we think that we have done a lot so let us rest now. (Gurudeva has already given us the example of Lord Hanuman previously). If we wish to examine as to who has actually progressed there is only one test and that is who is marching ahead from the standpoint of hard work, self surrender and zeal put in. how much has he/she advanced as far as imbibing humility and ego free mind is concerned? How much is such a one giving respect to those who are senior and showering affectionate love on those who are his/her juniors? Those who are ready to become volunteers must honor and respect just about everybody. But those who wish to strut about in a bossing manner can never lead in the spiritual realm and never progress as a true volunteer. Although our dignity must remain alive yet anger, incitement and wrath must never seep into our character. In fact a person is truly great only to the extent he/she is more and more humble.



HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma tells the souls of his very being: Do not think of your tiredness and comforts. Do not harbor an ego if you have succeeded in some task but think only as to of how high in stature can we render our sacred thinking, zeal and hard work? How far can we dive? This then is the fiery test you have to pass. In any selfless worker and volunteer’s life 2 paths come face to face. One is that since the burden of work is too much he experiences tiredness. But when we work with a feeling of true self surrender it becomes our spiritual practice. Then tiredness disappears totally. I know so many member volunteers of this organization who despite working ceaselessly for 18 hours at a stretch do not experience fatigue. If self sacrifice is true, never should one feel listless and tired. In many areas there are selfless volunteers at work who in order to render widespread the divine thoughts of the Guru do not bother whether day or night has passed by and hence for them there are no Saturdays, Sundays or any other holidays. For them all days are the same. Yes! If bodily health weakens they by undergoing medical check-ups definitely follow medical advice and take medicines prescribed yet generally tiredness is much less of the body but much more of the mind and brain. This should never happen.



Attraction and our demands for facilities give us problems. So many yearnings entire our minds like lest my office was of this type, lest I owned my own computer, lest I had my own car etc. No doubt these appear in the psyche very naturally. Thus it is for us to draw our own lines. We must demarcate as to what our basic needs are, of how much measure it is and in what minimal measure can the mission’s task be executed in a simple living high thinking manner akin to a true Brahmin. Do not mix up personal comforts and requirements needed for the mission’s activities. Keep self introspecting as to whether the yearning for attaining comforts is overwhelming our minds or not. Further Gurudeva says that whatever you can do not become egoistic about it. In fact egoistic behavior is the biggest foe of any true volunteer. We are the souls of that Guru divine existence who never boasted that he has done so much which others could not achieve. Thus does it look good that we behave arrogantly? The fact that we become egoistic means we are insulting other volunteer members. The most important role to play is to act with joyful hard work imbued with zealous deep thinking. In it we shall always be tested. If our thinking is of high great stature then minor problems shall never render us stressful. If our minds are focused on our activities then we shall be worry free because it is our Guru’s and thus our very own mission. Our Guru says that honest hard work is the spiritual practice pertaining to our body. In it never should there be any deficiency. Never should even erroneously we look upon those working honestly as lowly or small in stature.



Gurudeva Shriram Sharma says that in this lies your glory and success of yourself surrender. Do not allow the true faith of your fellow workers decrease. In fact see to it that faith of all increases by leaps and bounds. Your attitude of self surrender shall be measured and valued on whether you are actually putting into practice all that has been said above. It shall not be gauged on the basis of wealth, material means and charity. The biggest gift to be offered at the lotus feet of the Guru is our illusory limited ego ‘I’. Gurudeva writes that ceaselessly help augment the faith of your co workers and never in a demonic way allow it to decrease even a wee bit. In the spiritual arena it is most important that we truly understand this precept. In politics, social systems and other organizational tasks reviews, allegations, criticisms etc are noted. But in the spiritual realm one increases each others’ zest by embracing one and all lovingly. Faith augmentation goes on without pause. Lest some co worker is erring efforts must be made to aid augmenting of his faith. On the spiritual path such obstacles do crop up that our faith starts shaking. But as Gurudeva says: O Child! Look at me and not this world. The more you look at me the more you shall visualize the Himalaya Mountains of great ideals. You must always climb on it. The biggest effort in the Guru’s task is to ceaselessly help augment faith of your co workers, other disciples of your Guru etc for the task of Era Neo Creation.



In the following 10th precept revered Gurudeva says: Always remember that in the days to come the mission’s activities shall increase gigantically. In fact it shall become manifold. Your high stature alertness and zeal shall be most required for this. While reading these lines all member readers shall experience that in this journey of 26 years spanning from 1984 to 2010 the mission has increased in size humongous. The sequence of national unity conferences, Deep Yajnas etc had already commenced in the presence of Gurudeva. After he shed his mortal coil under the leadership of HH Revered Mataji in the Divine Culture Digvijay Campaign efforts of gigantic stature were made, a chain of Sanskar Festivals was set rolling and by and by the thought flow of International Gayatri Family reached millions of people. The HQ at Shantikunj, Haridwar, Gayatri Tapobhumi and Yug Tirth-Anvalkheda too expanded gigantically. These are attainments in the decade spanning 1990 to 2000 AD. Between the years 2001 to 2010, the mission has spread out deeply in youth power. Dev Sanskriti or Divine Culture University was then established. The research activities of Brahmavarchas Research Institute reached peaks of progress in newer realms. So many youngsters joined this mission. Units like ‘Yuva Mandal’, ‘Youth Group’ (GPYG) and ‘Diya’ movements became active everywhere. This was a very important campaign. The spreading out of Divine Culture University or Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya the world over, the widespread nature of Shantikunj and its organization are rendering true the prophecy of Gurudeva who had said that the mission’s activities shall augment n fold.



Gurudeva says that zeal of such high stature is required which on gauging shall render your psyche self fulfilled experientially. The Guru existence should overflow with joy and the inspiring existence should render you so much with soul oneness akin to Hanuman brimming in Rampanchayatan too had entered. This is such a wonderful high stature motivation. Alert zealousness should be full of a powerful resolve and on joining with sense organ control becomes infinite fold more intense. (Shraddhavan labhatey jnanam tatparaha sainyatendriyaha). Bhagwat Geeta’s (4/39) zeal is such that is full of zest and that does not allow even a minor delay in the task reaching successful completion. Alert zeal should be that akin to Lord Hanuman’s. It was hence that along with Ram, Seeta and all 4 brothers Hanuman too got entry. We must experience such oneness of soul with our Guru, with his mission each moment of our life. We have to carry out such tasks on seeing which our Guru brims with divine ecstasy. We must never even think whether the media industry has noted our work or that it has been appreciated by others or not. Our self surrender to the Guru must reach pinnacles of astounding heights.



In the 11th precept Gurudeva tells us about daily spiritual practice and selfless service. Regularly we must question our inner soul as to whether some error has crept into what we could have achieved, has lethargy and indolence entered silently in our psyche and that whether they have had the opportunity to enter our daily tasks. This then is the daily spiritual practice of life. By ceaselessly carrying out self introspection, watching our minds very closely, executing spiritual practice of divine soul wisdom our errors and taints get washed off. What are these mistakes? The 1st is lethargy and indolence. These generally are not easily noted yet it can devour any disciple or volunteer akin to white ants. The 2nd error is the egoistic attitude that says ‘I am the greatest’. My task is much greater than that given to others. This not only creates a downfall of the volunteer but that it hurts the organization in a big way. Gueudeva writes: Check whether some obstruction has not come in the way of self discipline. Examine minutely whether the ego of believing that one’s own service is much greater than others has raised its hoods or not in a very slinky slimy hidden manner. It is lack of discipline and unruly behavior that destroys any organization. We must remain truly disciplined with reference to those sacred ideals due to which we had joined our Guru’s mission. Egoistic attitude is like that deadly wine which on entering our brain renders it blind in an inebriated manner. In politics this is believed to be an ‘asset’ yet in the spiritual and selfless service realm it proves to be highly destructive. HH Gurudeva has written 2 important letters which all of us must read even if we are not volunteer members. These are titled ‘The superiority of spirituality is heavily dependent on humility’ and ‘Yugshilpi volunteers must save themselves from the heinous poison of arrogant egoistic behavior’. Lest all organizations on reading this imbibe this golden advice then innumerable ideas relating to nation building shall succeed in their endeavor. 



Ultimately in the 12th precept as a promise he proclaims that this cosmic mission shall definitely attain glorious fulfillment. None should ever doubt this. This in fact is a divine world campaign. None can stop it. This is a plan from the divine subtle world for transformation of world humanity. We have to tell this to ourselves again and again and thus understand it deeply. Yet Gurudeva cautions us that at this hour of a fiery test our body, mind and behavior should not get perturbed in any way. High stature tasks are always carried out by high stature great personalities. One attains high stature when we ooze with honest hard work, mental focus, zeal, self sacrifice and an egoless attitude full of humility. Your high inner stature should never diminish while carrying out high level programs. This term ‘fiery test’ which has been used previously must be deeply thought over by all of us. This is a task akin to passing a test by walking in fire. Without going through it the grace of the Guru cannot be attained by the disciple.



If we wish to become high in stature we must pass 4 types of tests:

1)      Honest hard work

2)      Mental focus with zeal

3)      Self sacrifice and renunciation

4)      Egoless nature full of humility


Every day you must ask yourselves 4 questions that are we erring or not. Has our body, mind and social behavior been influenced? Previously Gurudeva has already spoken of hard work and inner zeal. Zeal is synonymous with meditation. Self sacrifice and renunciation means detachment from results and fruits of actions performed. One must totally renounce all types of attachments. No doubt what is required for daily household smooth functioning must be executed. Egoless attitude is akin to that of a humble servant. Only then shall renunciation set in our minds. If we succeed in passing these 4 tests then Gurudeva further says: Steps are being taken ahead on the basis of this trust and expectation from you all. None should lag behind which could lead to a lot of repentance later. We must remember that we are manifestations of a great saint lineage and tradition. Our Guru is imbuing full faith in us. His mission shall definitely get fulfilled. Even if we do not take it up others shall definitely succeed in it. It should not happen that we cry in repentance later. It should not happen that we get trapped merely in superficial rites and rituals. Do we visualize Era Transformation or not? Have we raised our stature higher in Gurudeva’s eyes? We must answer this question to ourselves.

Via these utterances in ‘To the very souls of my being’ HH Gurudeva has given a commandment to all volunteers, members and mission workers what they should do and what they should abstain from. The more we try to understand this profoundly the more true self surrender shall bloom forth in our character. Era Transformation shall definitely take place and know this for sure. In order to march ahead in this direction so as to well define our role in it this discourse has been placed in front of all just before the Centenary Celebrations commence. By studying it deeply we shall get divine energy to walk the path laid down by revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya.

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30 Mar




A mind boggling symbol– Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya (Founder of All World Gayatri Family) in 1968 AD established the symbol of red flame torch in the form of Durga Energy of this era. Preliminarily people may not have realized its deep import but slowly and surely along with the intellect’s advancement the deep nature of it started getting understood.

Various divine energies are special streams of Almighty Lord’s consciousness. Specialists are known to take pride in their special skills which is perfectly fine. Without experience of wholesome pride apt all round usage of special skills is obstructed yet they forget that the lone importance of specialists exists only up to a certain limit. Beyond this periphery exists, a need of a combined focused nature and a unified force.

Water, fire and air have their own independent special qualities. These divine elements within their limits carry out their individual functions very smoothly. Yet in creation of clouds and in cooking of food they get bound by the discipline of working in a well managed cooperative and combined manner. Every hue has its own beauty and utility but in order to paint a lovely picture all these colors zestfully must contribute cooperatively. The incarnation of Durga Energy took place on this very basis. Brahmaji, the creator explained to the demigods that for some very gigantic important goal only the combined focused form of their special skills can succeed. The demigods immediately assented and hence their combined concentrated power manifested as Durga Energy.

In great humans too one can find various divine tendencies and talents. Yuga Rishi helped us all understand that only to a certain limit he can prove to be independently useful and influential in a lone manner but for some great important mission their combined efforts are most required. In ancient eras Durga, a combination of divine powers manifested but today with the confluence of divine thinking the form of this era’s Durga shall incarnate. The red torch is its living symbol. For solution of varied problems of this era various forms of the red flame torch shall manifest akin to their manifestation seen in present times too.

VARIOUS FORMS: In the 1st step via the combination of special talent of people small editions of the red torch have to be made and they are being made such. In the future stage via the specialties of various sects and organizations their larger and more powerful editions shall manifest and are manifesting today. In order to uproot widespread demonic activities in life and all Prajna Groups, Women’s Groups, Youth Groups etc active with a resolve/Sankalpa of carrying out great sacred activities shall be seen congregated under one red torch of era power. After this it shall be seen as an edition of the form of an active organization.

Even in the Prajna Family we can find personalities full of wealth of special skills. Slowly but surely they via the 7 movements are congregating in a unified manner. Within the program of education movement via Indian Culture Knowledge Examination extraordinary glorious people are manifesting via this unified power and shall do so in future too. Within the environment movement noteworthy success of Vriksha Ganga Movement is marching ahead being influenced by this very Durga Energy of this era.

In the 1st phase since energized people of your organization united the above mentioned movements took speed. Slowly energized people of various other organizations too joined hence gigantic editions of era energy unexpectedly advanced forth.

FIVE SPECIAL CLASSES: Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has elucidated 5 classes of brilliantly talented people the world over. They are:






All these have their special stream. All these have been ensnared by demonic elements. Due to this demonic influence gloriously talented people of these 5 classes fail to execute world welfare tasks. Yet in all of them new sacred qualities of Era Energy shall awaken.

In the 1st phase in all these 5 classes via people imbued with goodwill and sacred thinking, era power’s initial qualities shall manifest. Due to their divine influence undesirable elements that have crept into these classes shall be uprooted and desired great activities shall rule the roost. In the future phase since divine thinking shall ooze in all these classes various streams of social revolution shall awaken and be rendered mobile.

The Rishi Institution has made all programs in the subtle world. Via ethical leadership they have to manifest in this visible world. The line of revolution of well being has been readied and they are waiting for honest leaders via whom they shall incarnate in an active manner.

Within the program of Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Birth Centenary Celebrations (NOV 2011) via mediums of spiritual and material applications within our country and every nook and corner of the world, within all 5 classes mentioned above such ethical honest leaders require to be awakened. We must not err by looking upon Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Birth Centenary Celebrations (NOV 2011) merely as a mundane program. During this occasion by imbibing and latching on to divine energies sprouting forth in manifold ways becomes active in well being programs which is a great task. Their good results shall manifest for a long time span to come. Without reaching the divine goal of Neo Creation it shall not stop. Members of this organization and movement must realize that their test is whether they by winning the trust of world public how many great ethical leaders have they got ready that shall aid people’s power in attaining the great endeavor of Era Transformation?



The nature/form of 5 units of the red flame torch placed forth by Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma is been seen manifesting very clearly. While opposing rampant corruption in India Anna Hazare’s Satyagraha suddenly took form of a national movement. It was a sight for the gods to seen the lay public in huge numbers participate zestfully and in a non violent peaceful manner. Members of our organizations telephoned us. The radiant form of the red flame torch is rising blazingly. With reference to this the nature and form of the red flame torch is as follows:

1)      LAY PUBLIC: Amongst the groups that actively participated in Anna Hazare’s movement right from Delhi to important cities of the country, districts and villages all men-women of various states of the country from all classes participated. The desire and wish of each of them was that for erasing rampant corruption a very powerful Lokpal Bill must be passed by parliament. Every citizen of India was ready for self sacrifice in order to attain this goal.

We could visibly witness the unified influence of the public and its assent. Those police officers who in order to obstruct this movement slapped Law 144, arrested Anna Hazare, were forced to give the latter to protest for 15 days in the Ram Lila Grounds and they also helped in making various arrangements.

The result of the above was that that Prime Minister who previously declared the Satyagraha Movement useless had to perforce salute this very movement in the Parliament. Those who tried to dissuade the lay public from joining this movement had to shut their garrulous mouths and virtually all political parties gave the green signal for passing a strong transparent judicial law combating widespread corruption in India.

2)      STRONG HANDS: Shri Anna Hazare emerged as a strong hand of a united public force. The function of our hands is first in importance because even if the body is attacked very powerfully by someone the hands reach out first to protect the body. Even if the hands are wounded its effort to save the body does not weaken. Annaji’s life of sacred principles and penance played the role of the hand holding the red torch very aptly.

3)      THE RED FLAME TORCH: The red torch in the hand is a symbol of a living Sankalpa or power of resolve. In order to uproot corruption it is only a very potent power of resolve that can be compared to a red flame torch.

4)      RED FLAME: The radiant energy that materializes our power of resolve or Sankalpa is called the red flame of the torch. Communal elements that break society may have believed that the force of the movement is slowing down a lot. Hence via wily cunning words they tried to delay everything without making proper decisions. But of course this thinking of theirs was a mere illusion. This energy instead of weakening even a wee bit became intense day after day. Ultimately the government got the warning. Public zest representing the red flame proved their integrity and principled nature.

5)      AURA OF THE FLAME: Within the symbol of the red torch the aura of the flame represents divine help. It does not have any separate existence yet we do get a glimpse of it. Anna Hazareji himself many a times said that some divine power is executing this task. Many great people experienced tangibly that via his hallowed lips the thoughts of Rishi Power is clearly manifesting. Whatever had to be said and done was being guided by a divine authority.

Every person influenced by Annaji’s simplicity spoke of themselves as Anna. Anna not being a particular name had actually become a sacred attitude. Whatever Annaji appealed to people was on the lines of what Rishi Authority desired. He would say that in order to become Anna merely wearing a white cap like him would not suffice. For that they will have to imbibe great sacred activities as a result of which the public was attracted towards Annaji.

6)      OTHER ASPECTS: Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has clearly said that Era Transformation shall take place on a worldwide footing. Some lone institution or organization merely on the force it possesses shall not execute it in a lone fashion. Just as one electricity works in various machines of factories, home equipments etc and that various tasks are carried out with its aid in the same way Era Consciousness too via the medium of various classes, organizations and institutions shall work for this goal. This process shall work at the international level in a fully active manner.

If we glance at past times we shall realize that the influence of Era Consciousness is blooming forth in various regions the world over. Along with India in other countries too there are agitations that are demanding investigations into various scams and punishing the culprits severely. Such activities are speeding up day by day. The USA government is harassed by sizzling information placed forth by Wikileaks. From every nook and corner we are hearing voices against humungous amounts of black money stashed away in Swiss Banks. Behind all this is not a special class of people but is the collective effort of an awakened world public.

In Central Asia within many countries, people were fearfully silent for 30 years at a stretch, suddenly now started agitations against their corrupt governments on a gigantic scale. For great goals the unified public force in every arena of life is taking the form of Era Energy. The world’s brilliantly talented people are now uniting to combat pollution of various types and uprooting terrorism. We can call this various forms of onrush of Era Energy.

Wherever a confluence of sacredness of goals and skillful great personalities shall occur there people shall be chosen leaders by Rishi Authority. This process is manifesting during Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma’s Birth Centenary Celebrations (Nov 2011) which sequentially shall be rendered widespread and very potent.





From none is hidden the true aim of the life of Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma. He incarnated in this world for ushering in God’s scheme of bright world future for mankind. It is for this goal he worked relentlessly in a steadfast manner. It has 3 chief aspects-

1)      SACREDNESS OF DESIRES: For attaining this goal his aspiration was so pious that no difference existed between Lord Mahakal’s and Yuga Rishi’s hallowed wish.

2)      INTENSITY OF ZEST: The intensity of his verve for sacrificing his all to attain the goal has been rare and extraordinary.

3)      Since both the above remained ceaseless for his entire sojourn on earth Lord Mahakal’s divine consciousness uninterruptedly flowed in his life and he was rendered a living image of Lord Mahakal. The divine flow of consciousness of this era’s deity aided conjoining of awakened souls to him with the silken thread of divine love. What does it mean to conjoin? It means conjoining our entire life’s thinking and activities to the mission of great visionary saints, leaders and Avatars. Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma did exactly this and us all who experienced his natural divine affection must also follow in his footsteps.

The size and stature of River Ganga is gigantic and hence the flow of divine water in it too is great. In it not only big boats move about but it has the capacity to give water to surrounding agricultural fields and forests. It could be that in small streams emanating from River Ganga big boats cannot be used yet it can at least irrigate small regions in its vicinity. In small vessels of water, neither can boats move about nor can they help irrigate fields, yet they can at least appease someone’s thirst and akin to Ganga, they the capacity to purify people’s lives. In order that the benefits of Ganga’s divine waters reaches all humans, small rivulets emanating from Ganga and small vessels holding Ganga waters play a great role. The only condition is that they must remain steadfast in the aphorisms of sanctity of character demarcated by Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma.

We all members also take pride in conjoining to Yuga Rishi’s divine mission and yet our joining shall reap benefits only if these following precepts are observed-




From the standpoint of the size of the vessel we may be small akin to small vessels holding Ganga water yet from the standpoint of great qualities of Ganga waters our character similarly too should be great and pious. Lest we are able to do this we can render Yuga Rishi ecstatic and our life self fulfilled.



We members who adore Yuga Rishi in order to celebrate his birth centenary must be full of zest and zeal which is quite natural. The combined manifestation of enthusiasm and zest very naturally takes the form of a stupendous celebration program. With reference to this psychological fact everyone accepts the utility value of such celebration programs.

Despite this one point of note must be kept in mind. Man’s zest is inspired by programs which are its specialty; yet a weakness of humans too gets joined to it. This weakness is in the form of one forgetting the very inspiring life force of the program while focusing on decorating the outside body of the program. Lest this error is not rectified the external form of the program may be wonderful yet its ultimate goal shall lack life force. No doubt we must benefit from the psychological aspect of the program yet no weakness should enter the ultimate inspiring goal of the program. Only then our hard efforts shall attain completeness.

Right since the discussion of this centenary celebration has commenced via the medium of Akhand Jyoti and Prajna Abhiyan Magazines we have tried to focus the attention of our All World Gayatri Family members towards Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma’s life and its divine mission. Over here we feel it is apt to give a gist of this information-


1)      Since we adore Yuga Rishi from the very core of our beings we must try and make him happy. Thus we must place at his hallowed feet our deep sacred faith.

2)      Whatever he asked from us by opening his sacred mouth we must give him with open devoted hearts.


1)      Tasks to be taken up shall be of high stature. For that from the standpoint of high stature labor, focus of mind, self sacrifice and humility people full of wealth of high sacred character must take up the role of leaders.

2)      For worldwide transformation a gigantic public power that carry out big-small tasks albeit regularly is most required.

3)      When both the above unite such a powerful flow of pressure must be created that due to its influence highly cultured pious souls associate themselves with this divine mission and that demonic ghostly activities the world over are rendered naught.


There should be such a gigantic leap as far as the number and great character of this era’s soldiers and sculptors is concerned that in this flow no arena or class remains untouched. For this end all 3 movements shall have to be rendered mobile.

Propaganda: With such deftness and skill Rishi inspired tenets of Era Transformation must be sent to every arena and class that they feel all this is very ethically beneficial for them all. This first step is relatively easier to achieve.

Creation: By convincing great personalities of all classes and arenas to assent they must be rendered active so as to help them imbibe the precepts of Era Creation in their own arena and class. In their own areas of authority using their own techniques they must render active movements like austerities, education, health, self dependence, environment, uprooting of vices and blind traditions and women’s awakening. This 2nd leg is a bit difficult and can be attained only by high sacred character personalities.

Struggle: While overcoming obstacles coming in the way of the path of creativity we must march ahead. For those tasks that do not succeed even via training and motivation great leaders full of sacred Prana Energy must create such a pressure that people shall definitely reform for the better.



1)      An organization should be formed which by reaching far off regions of the entire world must inform and inspire the world public.

2)      Efforts should be made so that great talented personalities of various classes like religious, political, thinkers, artists and rich actively participate in Era Neo Creation.

3)      Readying the new generation- by ceaselessly keeping in touch with educational institutions including primary, middle, secondary, higher secondary, college, university, special training etc we must inspire the new young generation to become partners in ushering in a bright world future.

4)      By imbuing our zest for Yuga Rishi’s Birth Centenary Celebrations in various great tasks we can truly offer petals of our devoted faith at his hallowed lotus feet. This will not only please Yuga Rishi but shall glorify all of us too.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton


17 Mar

Citizens of India very well know that river Ganges originates from the Gangotri glacier. Gangotri town situated in Uttarkashi region which is one of the 4 major pilgrim spots (Char Dham) in Uttarakhand state was burnt to naught due to a curse of Maharshi Vishwamitra. On this very spot Rishi Bhagirath performed terrific austerities in order to liberate his 60000 ancestors. Thus River Ganges that dwells in heaven was happy to manifest on earth.

In this present era akin to Rishi Bhagirath another Rishi incarnated in the form of Ved Murti Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya who by rendering the world renowned sacred pilgrim spot Haridwar his land of activities aided the flow of Ganges of Divine Wisdom (Jnana Ganga) in the entire world. It is because of this that today the world over Shantikunj (All World Gayatri Family HQ) founded and established by him is honored as the Gangotri of Divine Wisdom of the 21st century.

We all are aware how not only our country India but the entire world is combating various problems. If we delve deep into all the problems of the entire world we will realize truly that the single underlying cause of all this is human tainted intellect. Maybe thousands of efforts shall be executed yet as long as a wholesome sacred intellect does not manifest in world humans till then no permanent solutions for these problems can be unveiled. It is only those who possess a pious intellect that can have faith in its unlimited potential. Instead of dying due to various worrisome situations he/she even with very few means shall lives of joy, peace and satiation and shall become a pillar of strength for others too. In our Sanatan Culture the supreme prayer for awakening a great sacred intellect is Gayatri Meditation. Super Mantra Gayatri belonging to the Vedas possesses such a self manipulating mechanism as a result of which man’s tainted intellect is wiped off and instead a sacred intellect develops fully. This fact has been well accepted the world over on the basis of deep research conducted regarding it.

This belief has prevailed since time immemorial but if we study details of 30-40 years previously not everyone was given the right to chant Gayatri Mantra. It is said that Rishis Vishwamitra and Vashishtha had ‘locked’ (Keelit) this Mantra. Only one special class of people was given the right to chant this Mantra. The results are crystal clear. A tainted intellect kept increasing in world humans and disparity and bad will spread like wild fire everywhere. A heavenly situation of the past got converted into hellish situations the world over. The Rishi of this era Ved Murti Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya akin to Rishis Vishwamitra and Vashishtha of yore performed terrific penance so as to end once and for all every objection related to Gayatri Mantra chanting. He by urging the entire world to accept that the Varna or caste system in India is not based on birth but that has its basis in what type of actions we perform further inspired all to undergo Gayatri Meditation and slowly but surely by developing a great sacred intellect one must attain true Brahmin-hood. It is only a great pious intellect that can solve any world problem however complex it is. It is such an intellect that can harbinger heavenly situations on earth. Despite obstacles existing Ved Murti Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya emphatically proclaimed to the world that this world certainly is not headed towards destruction but in fact this world shall reach a zenith of glory. In the year 1986 AD he christened the 21st century as ‘21st century-A bright future’. The sacred land of the activities of this Rishi who via the power of his austerities rendered easily accessible the method of activating a sacred intellect in world humans as shown great Rishis of yore is Shantikunj (All World Gayatri Family HQ, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India) which today is worshiped the world over as the Gangotri Glacier of Divine Wisdom of the 21st century.



This year 2011 AD is being celebrated the world over as the birth centennial of Ved Murti Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya. He was the founder inspirer of a world thought based revolution. Hence this year is also called the Century of Thought Revolution. In the entire country book fairs have been set up wherein literature written by Ved Murti Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya has been exhibited. Not only lay public but even great thinkers, authors, saints, orators etc on seeing these exhibitions of 3200 books written by him are spell bound by their contents. It is definitely mind boggling to note that volumes of literature, of highest stature, that transforms the lives of all in a multifaceted way have been penned by a single individual. Yet akin to Rishi Bhagirath Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma via his power of penance like River Ganges flowing in heaven transformed the entire world positively by ushering in the Ganges of Divine Wisdom which is flowing in the entire world.



Recently in Shantikunj an auspicious inauguration of Khadi Gram Udyog Training Center took place. The chief guest of this auspicious inauguration Mr. Jayshankar Mishra (CEO of Indian Government’s Khadi Gram Udyog Ayog) said beliefs regarding religion and spirituality are now changing at a fast pace. Today my son also does the Tilak, goes to the temple, reads spiritual books and performs worship rites too. Previously 30-40 years back this faith was precariously dangling on a precipice. Educated young people shied away from religion and spirituality in those times. No doubt this transformation has taken for many reasons yet its chief inspirer is the founder of scientific spirituality Ved Murti Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya.

Acharyaji while testing religions on the basis of scientific principles helped influence the world positively with its scientific nature, utility value and amazing effect. He himself lived a life of great ideals and said that instead of following religion blindly from generation to generation it must be imbibed only after testing it on the basis of true discrimination or Viveka. The goal of religion is not to fulfill selfish transient desires but is meant for self purification, developing soul potential and destroying erroneous traditions and blind faith of all sorts.



Today in India there are hundreds of temples and pilgrim spots. Shantikunj which is a cut above all of them has its own unique identity. Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma has not established this as a temple or hermitage/Ashram. In fact he developed as a mint for developing our inner personality in a great manner. From here has commenced a gigantic task of rejuvenating the tradition of mass education via the institute of religion. He used to say that today the world over the epidemic of a disease called vile intellect has spread far and wide. Thus we must reach out to millions of such diseased people and ward off this rampant epidemic of a tainted brain. In order to fulfill this task in 1971 AD he founded Shantikunj (All World Gayatri Family HQ, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India). Later till today incessant training programs are being conducted. Over here daily 3000 participants get trained in various fields. Over here at regular intervals continuous 9 day camps are conducted called Sanjivani Sadhana Camp, Yugshilpi Camp of 1 month, 3 monthly Music Training Programs and a 45 days Camp for Rural Management Training. Apart from this, seminars are held here for teachers, professors, scout-guides, police, government officials and industrial workers.

Chiefly in all camps and Dev Sanskriti University education is imparted regarding the art of living a spiritual life. Along with camps held at Shantikunj Gayatri Mantra chanting programs are compulsory. Over here is the temple of Vedmata Gayatri. It is a part and parcel of the art of living a theistic life. Sacred monuments of Vedmurti Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and his divine consort HH Bhagwati Devi Sharma too dwells here called ‘Prakhar Prajna-Sajal Shraddha’. Faithful devotees experience that bowing down to these monuments gives same results and blessings that they got by doing so when the divine couple were alive in their mortal coil. On the Vasant Parva of 1926 AD Acharyaji had lit a flame torch that day when his Guru from the Himalayas appearing in the form of subtle divine light (astral body) had given him a taste of Self Realization. This imperishable flame torch is ceaselessly kept lit even today at Shantikunj. Every day thousands of visitors who visualize this torch and all those who are imbued with deep faith attain the divine light of inspiration and potent energy from it. Shantikunj has also opened the Dev Sanskriti University from 2002 AD which has got approval from the Indian Government and University Grant’s Commission of India. In this University basic courses, graduation courses and advanced research based courses are being conducted. This in itself is a rare University. Exceptional are its courses and syllabus. It lays great emphasis on rendering its students advanced at the soul level, sanctified as far as the inner personality is concerned and making them more accountable and responsible towards duties regarding world welfare. From Shantikunj-the Gangotri of Divine Wisdom of the 21st century many revolutionary tasks have set rolling. Over here one will find no communal or caste based disparity. Everyone is inspired here to attain true Brahmin sacred qualities. From here commenced the slogan ‘21st Century-Women’s Century’ as proclaimed by Acharyaji. From here all creative tasks are gaining momentum so as to spread out in the entire world. Shantikunj has set up its own Task Force so as to reach out and serve sorrow stricken people experiencing agony at every step in their lives.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit   and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world. KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton